Children of Michael Hartman Family

Children of Michael (1793-1872) & Elizabeth Shoemaker HARTMAN (1795-1878)

Thanks to Bob Petrie for information on the Devendorf and Broomhall families.


Elizabeth Hartman DEVENDORF (1817-1880+)


1850 German Flats, Herkimer Co., NY page 103A
dwelling 324, family 346
Henry Devendorf age 36 boatman
Elizabeth age 32 
Mary age 9
Madison age 7 (male)
Cornelia Hopkins age 20 teacher
Mary hopkins age 18 
Alexander Hartman age 21 carpenter
Michael Hartman age 22 carpenter
Orin Simmons age 24 carpenter
Harriet Watson age 43

11 July 1860 , Brownville, Jefferson Co., NY page 756
Henry Diefendorff age 47 Inn Keeper b. NY
Elizabeth age 41 NY
Mary age 18 Teacher NY
Madison age 16 NY school
Henrietta age 9 NY school
Ormenta age 6/12
Marion Alian 18 Domestic NY
Jones A Duke age 20 mechanic Mich.

* This one is questionable...
1880 Herkimer, Herkimer Co., NY page 180A
Horace Burrill age 29 NY NY NY clerk in store
Etta Burrill age 27 NY NY NY keeping house
Benjamin Burrille son age 5 NY NY NY
Mary Burrill age 3 NY NY NY
Elizabeth Burrill age 1 NY NY NY
Elizabeth Devendorf mother in law age 62 NY NY NY

Margaret HARTMAN (1822-1908) & George BROOMHALL (1812-1890)


1850 # 322 German Flatts, Herkimer Co., NY page 102/3
George Broomhall age 37 b. England lumberman
Margaret age 28 b. NY
Frances age 3 NY
Leroy age 2 NY
George age 9 mos NY
Catherine Hartman age 18 NY
# 324
Henry Devendorf age 36 NY boatman
Elizabeth age 32 NY
Mary age 9 NY
Madison age 7 NY
Cornelia Hopkins age 20 teacher
Mary Hopkins age 18
Alexander Hartman age 22 carpenter
Michael Hartman age 21 boatman
Orin Summons age 23 carpenter
Harriet Watson age 43 

# 325
Michael hartman age 50 labor
Elisabeth age 49 none
Mary age 31 none

9 Jun 1855 German Flatts, Mohawk, Herkimer Co., NY State Census
George Broomhall b. England age 41
Margaret wife age 28
Frances dtr age 10
Lester G son age 5
Catherine Hartman sister in law age 16

1860 German Flats, Herkimer Co., NY Census
page 835
George Broomhall age 48 b. England
Margaret Broomhall ae 32 born NY
Fanny age 15 b. NY
George age 10 b. NY  

30 Jun 1865 German Flats, Mohawk, NY census page 71
George Broomhall head age 51
Margaret age 42
Fanny daug age 19
Lester son age 15

1870 German Flatts, Herkimer Co., NY Census
page 150b
same page as parents Michael & Elizabeth Hartman
George Broomhall age 55 b. England
Margaret age 45 b. NY
Lester age 20 b. NY
Catherine Hartman  age 35 b. NY
Kate Casey age 15 domestic servant b. NY

1880 German Flatts, Herkimer Co., NY page 92D
George Broomhall self age 68 ENG ENG ENG  malster
Margaret Broomhall wife age 58 NY GER NY housekeeper
Catherine Hartman sister age 40 NY GER NY boarder

1900 Mohawk, Herkimer Co., NY page 222
Margaret Broomhall b. Jun 1822 age 77 widowed  NY NY NY
Fanny B  Elwood dtr b. June 1845 age 54 married  31 years, 3 children, 2 living, NY ENG NY
Edgar C Elwood son in law b. Mar 1853 age 47 m. 15 years  capuliet
John F Smith grandson b. Apr 1870 age 30 single NY NY NY  lock tender on canal
Magaret F Smith grandaughter b. Jul 1872 age 27 single NY NY NY
Nelson Rosie domestic b. Mar 1870 single NY NY NY

1880 German Flats, Herkimer Co., NY page 92D Fanny A Smith self widowed age 34 NY ENG NY John F Smith son 10 NY NY NY school Edith Smith dau 5 NY NY NY school Mary Slatterly servant single 20 IRE IRE IRE 1920 German Flats, Herkimer Co., NY page 230 Col. Frank West head age 69 b. NY RI NY Fanny B West wife age 73 b. NY ENG NY

Delia Hartman LEWIS (1825-1880 +)


17 Sept 1850 Herkimer, Herkimer Co., NY page 21
Harvey Lewis age 32 Butcher NY
Delia age 25 NY
Josephin age 6 (Female)  illegible
Helen age 5
Alice age 1
Percis Leiws age 60 female

18 Jun 1860 , Herkimer, Herkimer Co., NY page 1073
Harvey H Lewis age 42 Jailor  NY
Delia age 36 NY
Helen age 14 NY
Alice age 12 NY
Emma age 5 NY
Mary age 2 NY

21 Jul 1870 Herkimer, Herkimer Co., NY page 189
Harvey Lewis age 52 Butcher NY
Delia age 47 NY keeping house
Emma age 15 at home NY attended school
Mary age 12 at home NY  attended school

1880 German Flats, Herkimer Co., NY page 93B
Delia Lewis self age 55 housekeeper NY NY NY
Emma Lewis daughter age 22 NY NY NY

Alexander HARTMAN (1827-1880+) & Laura BATES b. 1853


27 Aug 1850 German Flatts, Herkimer Co., NY Census, page 103A
Alexander (aged 22, a carpenter)
and his brother Michael (aged 21, a boatman)
were both boarding in the home of Henry & Elizabeth Devendorf

1870 2 Wd Murphreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN  Census
page 12b, dwelling 43 family 47
Alex Hartman 42 dentist b. NY
Laura 27 b. TN keeping house
Willis age 9 mos b. TN
Thomas Bates age 47 preacher b. TN
Louisa Bates age 37
William Bates age 19
James  Bates age 17

1880 Murfreesborough, Rutherford Co., Tenn page 219A
A. Hartman male age 53 NY NY NY Dentist
L C Hartman other female age 28 TN TN TN keeping house
W V Hartman son age 10 TN NY TN at school
Annie Hartman dau age 7 TN NY TN 
Grace Hartman dau age 8m TN NY TN at home
Georgia Bates sister l age 23 TN TN TN at home

1910 Obannons, Jefferson Co., KY Census
page 94a
dwelling 45, family 46
Emmet C Allen age 37 married 1 time for 12 years b. Tennessee
Annie E Allen wife age 36 married 1 time for 12 years b. Tennessee
Edith V Allen dtr age 10 b. TN
Laura C Hartman mother in law age 66 married 1 time for 40 years had 3 children 2 still living. b. Tennessee
James H Allen age 78 father b. NJ m. 50 years
Sarah E Allen age 65 mother m. 50 years b. TN

1920 16Pct, Dallas, Texas page 163
Emmet C Allen head age 47 TN  NJ TN (illegible proputor  motor tracto)
Annie E wife age 40 TN NY TN
Edith dau age 20 TN TN TN

A handwritten account by Mildred  Vaughan
Bouton which says the following:

"Grandfather Lemuel Vaughan  married Mildred Thomas as 1st wife against
wishes of her father. Married second Rebecca ?. By his first wife  he had two  sons:
1. William Lewis Vaughan born August 19, 1811 died June 29, 1845,  buried
Old Cemetery at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Married Dec. 11, 1838  Melissa Ann
Brock born October 26, 1821. Had only one child, Laura  Clementine Vaughan
born May 13, 1842 died 1915 married Dr. Alexander  Hartman (dentist) b. Jan
7, 1827 d. April 23, 1909 issue 3. William Lewis  Vaughan's widow married
2nd. _ _ Bates." (courtesy of Patricia Treadwell.)

Michael Hartman (1829-1880+)


The Bible Record is dated 1872 and lists michael from the state of Illinois.
This is the only Michael hartman in Illinois in 1870 who was born in NY state.

1860 Bloomington, McLean Co., Ill page 658
Michael Hartman age 32 engineer b. NY

1870 Lyons, Cook Co., IL Census
page 580
Michael Hartman age 38 b. NY RR Engineer
Anna age 31 b. TN
Charles age 9 b. IL
Eleanor age 2 b. IL

Mary Hartman BROOKS (1831-1880+)


Kate L HARTMAN (1836-1880+)


1855  German Flats, Mohawk, Herkimer Co. census
Catherine Hartman aged 25 lived in the household of her sister, Margaret Broomhall

18 Jun 1860 Herkimer, Herkimer Co., NY page 1075
Kate Hartman aged 25  milliner  b. NY

1880 Catherine Hartman aged 40 boarding in the household of her sister, Margaret Broomhall
in German Flatts, Herkimer Co., NY

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