St Peter's Catholic Church Baptisms - Rome, Oneida County NY 1837-1863

St Peter's Catholic Church, Rome, Oneida County, NY Baptisms

St Peter's Church was established and started keeping records in 1837. Most of the early parishioners were of Irish descent.
The records below are from St Peter's Early Baptismal Record Books

* Please note that records were interpreted as read; early handwriting was hard to read and misspellings were common. This record is meant to reflect the records as they appeared in the books, and may not match your family records. No living persons are documented here for protection of privacy.

Data includes the names of child or baptismal candidate, Names of Parents of children, dates of birth and baptism if given, names of Witnesses or sponsors (sometimes only 1), Name of Priest, and sometimes there were comments.

Data in bold print is either too difficult to read or in the case of a female may be her assumed maiden name [for example, John and Sarah Smith] the female's maiden name was not listed so Smith is used. Sometimes the priest recorded an entry in the wrong box, such as a marriage notation may have been written in the wrong lines and these have been left as they appeared.

3,670 Baptisms from 1837 - 1863 [sorted Alphabetically by surname]

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3,269 Baptisms from 1863 - 1900 [sorted Alphabetically by surname]

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