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The 2002 BLACK REUNION was held on June 22-23, 2002
at the Civic Center in Elk City, Oklahoma
The building opened soon after 9:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. The first to arrive each day was the "main stay" of the Black Reunion, Mahota Maxine BLACK HAPEMAN, Pampa, Texas. Maxine is the daughter of George Leonard BLACK, the oldest child of George Liddon BLACK and Mollie Lee ADCOCK BLACK. Over 80 people enjoyed the food catered by a group from Watonga, Oklahoma. There was a fantistic Auction to raise funds for the next gathering! Because of health problems Maxine reluctanty turned the reins over to Jerry BLACK who will do a great job organizing the JUNE 2003 Reunion!
Everyone had a wonderful time remembering Old Times and sharing NEW news!
See you next year!

WILLIAM HENEGAR BLACK was born 1839 in Alabama...
His parents George Washington BLACK and Margarette LIDDON BLACK and his younger brothers
Columbus BLACK and Marcus BLACK, moved from Alabama to Arkansas where the other children were born.

William Henegar married Margaret Elizabeth "Mollie" BOHANNAN
abt 1865
Their six children are
William Hambleton BLACK ~ George Liddon ~ Martha Malissa ~ John Henry ~ Laura Ann ~ Mandy Roselee

Arkansas Flag Oklahoma Flag  Kansas Flag Texas Flag

traveled from ARKANSAS to OKLAHOMA
and some on to KANSAS, TEXAS and CALIFORNIA

First Record of the Parents of
William Henegar Black
1850 Census Arkansas, Pulaski County
Big Rock Township

Household Number 376-376
George Black 29 Male
Margarette 27 Female Tenn
Marcus 9 Male Alabama
Columbus 7 Male Alabama
George 4 Male
Not found on 1850 Census
Janie born 1848 Ark - died 1848 Ark

Additional children born after 1850 to
George Washington and Margarette BLACK
Mitchell, Caroline, Harriett
these three died young in Arkansas
and Rigdon Leroy
Andrew Jack Black


Husband: William Henegar BLACK
Birth: 30 Aug 1839,, ALABAMA
Census: 1850AR, Pulaski, Big Rock Twnship
Census: 1860AR, Montgomery, Mt Ida, Mazarne Twp
Marriage: abt 1865, Montgomery, AR
Father:George Washington BLACK (b 1821)
Mother: Margarette LIDDON (b 1822)
Wife: Margaret Elizabeth "Mollie" Bohannan
Birth: 17 May 1847,, Arkansas
Father:John Bohannan (b abt 1825 TN)
Mother:Milisa (b 1845 AR)
Children of William Henegar Black
* 1 William Hambleton BLACK
Birth: 14 Jun 1867,, Arkansas
** 2 George Liddon BLACK
Birth: 22 Feb 1869Amity, Pike, Arkansas
Spouse: Mollie Lee ADCOCK
*** 3 Martha Malissa BLACK
Birth: 24 Mar 1871 Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas
Spouse:John Hazelton Yarbrough
**** 4 John Henry BLACK
Birth: 4 Jan 1873,, Arkansas
***** 5 Laura Ann BLACK
Birth: 2 Mar 1875Ash Flats, Pike, Arkansas
Spouse: James Yarbrough
****** 6 Mandy Rosalee BLACK
Birth: 8 Sep 1877,, Arkansas

VERY SPECIAL...This photo sent by Ilene Johnson (grand-daughter-in-law of Martha Melissa Black Johnson)
LEFT to RIGHT: (Daughter of Martha Melissa BLACK YARBROUGH) Leona YARBROUGH and Melissa's
brother and sister George Liddon BLACK, Oklahoma and Laura BLACK GOLAND, Porterville, Tulare, California.
Photo taken 1955 in Oklahoma City...Leona Yarbrough daughter of Malissa Black Yarbrough,..Laura Black Yarbrough and brother George Liddon Black
received July 2003

Martha Melissa BLACK married John Yarbrough, d 1942 Oklahoma, parents of six children
Laura BLACK married James Yarbrough, Arkansas d 1893 they had two children, married Darrell Andrew Carpenter d 1929 in Oklahoma and had 13 children,
married Frank O Goland and lived in California.
George Liddon BLACK m Mollie Lee Adcock d 1913 Oklahoma, parents of 9 children, m Ida Beauchamp d 1947 Altus, Oklahoma

Photo of George Liddon Black Family taken about 1912
Berlin, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma.....
property of Maxine BLACK HAPEMAN, Granddaughter of George Liddon

Left to right BACK ROW.... Robert Bailey "Bob" BLACK, space for Arthur BLACK 1899-1900,
William Harley "Bill" BLACK, George Leonard BLACK,
MIDDLE ROW.... Laura Alberta "Birdie" BLACK, in front Howard Lonzo BLACK, father GEORGE LIDDON BLACK,
Joe E BLACK, mother Mollie Lee ADCOCK BLACK holding baby Effie Margaret BLACK and Bessie BLACK

Record of George Liddon Black

George Liddon Blackb 22 Feb 1869d abt 1957
Mollie Lee ADCOCKb 23 Nov 1870d 27 Feb 1913
1. George Leonard Blackb 14 Oct 1892,, ARd 7 Mar 1966
Spouse:Clara Eunice HUNTm 24 Dec 1913
2. William Harley "Bill" Blackb 6 Jun 1896d1 Nov 1935
Spouse:Lois Irene Russettm abt 1920
3. Robert Bailey "Bob" Blackb 15 Mar 1898d
Spouse:Oney REEDm 1920
4. Arthur Blackb 1898d 9 Sep 1900
5. Bessie Blackb 26 Dec 1902d Jul 1936
Spouse:Clarence WARRENm 1919
6. Alberta "Birdie" Blackb 17 Apr 1904d Apr 1984
Spouse:James Storym 1920
7. Joe E Blackb 13 Jun 1906d 30 Dec 1983
Spouse:Mary Myrtle SIMPSONm 10 Jul 1935
8. Howard Lonzo Black b 27 Apr 1908d 30 Apr 1984
Spouse:Avle Lorene STONEm 1930
9. Effieb 11 Mar 1911Living 06/02
Spouse: Harvel KENMOREm 25 Dec 1926

The baby in the Photo above,
Effie BLACK KENMORE and husband Harvel KENMORE
photo taken before 1994

photo property of Maxine Black Hapeman, Pampa, Texas

gold bar

I first heard of Forrest BLACK from a memory of EllaVie Black WHITE b 1910, daughter of Stephen Marcus, son of Rigdon Leroy, son of George Washington BLACK. And I was trying to connect them to GEORGE LIDDON. Apparently, with new information from Gary, this family is from Columbus. Brothers Wm Henegar and Columbus BOTH named their first son GEORGE! There are lots of George s, Rigdon s and William s in the BLACK generations!
At the BLACK REUNION Jun 22,23 2002 in Elk City, Beckham, Oklahoma, Mahota Maxine BLACK HAPEMAN daughter of George Liddon BLACK, son of Wm Henegar BLACK said she knows this family very well and has spent the night with several in Bethany, Oklahoma. George Liddon and George Walter would be lst cousins and the children lst cousins once removed. Jeanette

Record of George Walter Black's Children
son of Columbus BLACK, brother of WM HENEGAR BLACK

George Walter Blackb Mar 1, 1867d Nov 26, 1928
Buried together Beth. Cem.m Dec 4, 1887
Ida Clay Russellb Sep 25, 1872d. Feb 27, 1945
1. Lillian Blackb Sep 5, 1889d Oct 21, 1978
Spouse:Asa Wilbur Wilson m Sep 29, 1907
2. Oda Blackb. Sep 17, 1893d Sep 11, 1956
Spouse:Seth Luther Adamsm. Nov 15, 1912
3. Homerd Howard Black b Apr 6, 1896d Dec 15, 1970
Spouse:Eunice Edna Vawterm May 4, 1915
4. Robert Jewel Blackb Oct 23, 1898 d Oct 5, 1967
Spouse:Grace May Hicksm May 14, 1920
5. Forrest Wayne Blackb Mar 1, 1901d May 18, 1974
Spouse:Edna E. Smithm May 22, 1921
6. Clara Ida Blackb Apr 14, 1903d
Spouse:Averill Smithm Aug 14, 1922
7. Vernal Marcella Blackb Jul 7, 1905d May 29, 1976
Spouse:Marion W. Doddsm Jan. 8, 1930
8. Irma Jean Black b Dec 14, 1907 d Dec 28, 1960
Spouse:Hardwick B. Shookm Dec 25, 1927
9. Paul George "Buster"b Apr 27, 191027 Oct 1992
Spouse: Ruby
10. Lovalee Blackb Oct 5, 1912d Aug 11, 1974
Spouse:Harold Arthur Oliveym Dec 19, 1932
11. Eithel Blackb abt 19161916

DOCUMENTATION FOR FAMILY OF MARCUS BLACK #2 SON OF GEO WASHINGTON BLACK Application for Social Security dated Nov 17, 1960, born March 29, 1879. His parents Marcus and Penny Fulton Black Gibbs. Address Rt l, Box 28, Wilburton, OK


Mulberry Cemetery, Roger Mills County, OK
Buried here are Wm Henegar BLACK
and Grandson Arthur
died 09-09-1900, age 11 months

Martha Melissa BOHANNAN Black
1846 - 1922 Buried Mt Olivet Cemetery
Pauls Valley,Garvin,OK

Mary Lorene BLACK, daughter Rita 3 yrs
father Wm Henegar BLACK
his Mother Mary Levina TAYLOR BLACK
her Bro-in-Law "Uncle" A J BLACK

Rigdon Leroy BLACK's younger
Brother Andrew Jack 1858 - 1953
buried Buffalo Cemetery
Sayre, Beckham, Oklahoma

Son of A J BLACK
James Rigdon BLACK 1888 - 1967
World War 1, Buffalo Cemetery
Sayre, Beckham, Oklahoma

Andrew Jack BLACK 1858 -1953
Rigdon Leroy BLACK 1854 - 1930

Rigdon Leroy BLACK
wife Mary Levina TAYLOR
daughter Bertha
son John Henry

Rigdon Leroy BLACK
wife Mary Levina, daughter Minnie
her husband Samuel HENDRICKS
Rigdon b 1907, Willie b 1908
Jay b 1911
(Lottie 1905 and Winnie 1906)

her Four BLACK daughters
Minnie Hendricks and Lou Carothers
Bertha Davis and Ella Coburn

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