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With the design of this web site I hope to bring
the whole of our family together.

By adding access to family members and other's interested in our family history.

To gain as much information as possible from a wide range of sources.

Information contained here in comes from many sources. I have checked and double checked (sometimes triple checked), however I am unable to guarantee accuracy in every case!!
Please should you have addition information or corrections at any time, contact me.


Hi to all, Welcome !

We have been blessed with five lovely (most of the time) children, Four daughter and a son. We have 19 lovely (all the time)grandchildren. , and 7 lovely, lovely great-grandchildren.

We are blessed to have our mom 96 years young who is a joy to all that have any contact with her.

After 10 years in the Air Force where we lived in Washington, New Mexico, Arkansas, North Carolina, Illinois. We settled in Utah where we were both born. After 25 years my husband retired as Food service Manager at the Utah school for the Deaf and Blind. I retired from Weber State College (now University) and McKay-Dee Hospital where I was Commucations Director.

We enjoy being with our family, and friends golfing, fishing, and Family History. Most of all we enjoy spending time at our cabin (the humming wheel) in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We enjoy seeing all kinds of wild life, especially humming birds (would you have guessed)

More often that not we are just plain tired !

Enjoy your time here!!

Let us hear about you!

A special thanks to Dale Wing and the Ogden Family History Center for providing a class where I could learn and develop this web site.

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updated:5 May 2005

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