Hello welcome to "our family"! This was created with several purposes, one of which is to share what I've come across in my travels to the past. Another is to assist others in their quest though our direct line may not intersect. Also I've had the pure pleasure of meeting cousins to help me stay on the correct road to the past thus making "our family" grow! Please note if your looking for your name and don't see it...I didn't forget you...I chose to protect your privacy!! While your visiting all I request is to be gentle in your judgments of my path. My time has been invested in documentations not professional web page designing. As you look through the sources, any documents that you see are available to those that request. Some of these documents are from census and church records where the copy available to me is one that would not come across very well over the Internet. So without further a due.... enjoy your rest stop of family researching travels! If you like, send me a note of how your rest unfolded! God bless and good luck in your travels to the past.

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