In an effort to learn more about my family history, I've decided to start documenting what I know. Since most of the historical information is readily available on many websites.  My goal is to gather it in one place and share with family members. It would be especially nice to have photos. That being said, I will not post photos and information about living people without their permission. So far I have researched 11 generations in the Codd family starting with my father FRANCIS WILLIAM CODD

The second part of my search is on my mothers side THE LOOKER AND COLMAN family tree . So far I have found up to five  generations in the COLMAN FAMILY and  11 in the LOOKER FAMILY. I still have a long why to go. The text that is highlighted should have links to them but some of them are not in use at the moment until I get more info on that person.  Click here for list of family names.

In my family tree there is Alice Colman, the world’s first female pavement artist. She was married to my great grandfathers brother Robert Durk Colman. See full story in the above red link , Alice Colman.