Custers and Friends

Custers and Friends
Garrett County, Maryland


Emanuel Custer, III
born March 1, 1839
died June 29, 1906

occupation: farmer

Emanuel was born in Maryland and died at Hoyes, MD as indicated on his Death Certificate.

Will of Emanuel, Jr
(his Grandfather)
Family Album
Cemetery at Hoyes United Methodist Church

Emanuel Custer, III


Emanuel Custer, III

Homer Delphia Custer

Charles A. Custer, Sr

Charles A. Custer, Jr

Barbara E. Custer Vaillancourt

Homer Delphia Custer

Francis Maude Friend
Death Certificates:
Homer D Custer
Francis Maude Friend

Francis Maude's maternal Grandparents:

John H Friend (12/26/1832-10/20/1904)

Savilla Savage Friend (1837- 10/8/1912)

John H and Savilla Savage Friend
Death Certificate - John H Friend

Joab Friend and Mary Jeanette Friend

Death Certificate of Mary Jeanette (Jane) Friend

Francis Maude Friend's parents, Joab Friend and Mary Jeanette Friend are pictured at left.

Mary Jeanette (1859-1923) is the daughter of John H and Savilla Friend.

Charles A Custer, Sr, son of Homer Delphia Custer and Francis Maude Friend, married Martha Clara Ogger, pictured at right with her granddaughter Deborah (1959-1982), daughter of Charles A. Custer, Jr and Mae Audrey Cecil Custer.

Death Certificate Charles, Sr
Birth Certificate Charles, Jr

Martha Clara and Deborah

Martha Clara's SSN Application (1937)

Martha was born in Michigan in 1904.
She died in 1974.

Having started this page with the photograph of Emanuel Custer, III in uniform, it seems appropriate to conclude with a copy of the Honorable Discharge of his great-grandson, Charles Arthur Custer from the United States Navy in 1946.

From his Notice of Discharge, we learn that Charles was born in Highland Park, Michigan on April 26, 1926. He entered naval active service in May 1944 and was honorably discharged in July of 1946, having achieved the rank of Fireman First Class.

Charles A Custer's death certificate reveals even more for us. In civilain life, he worked primarily in the auto parts business. He is of German ancestry and was educated through the 10th grade.



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