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This web site is being created for my family and extended family.
  Hopefully the knowledge of our past will bring our family together in the future and 
old "lost" relatives will be found and friendships be rekindled.


It has been a long time since I updated this site.  I will now begin again!  (9/1/2013)
Please send any updates to my email address

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What's New!
09/23/13 Added photos - Kristi Cuccioli
09/23/13 Added photos - Jesscia Smith and family

09/17/13 Added photos - Ida Frischman (my great,great grandmother!)

09/17/13 Added names - Judith Ann Estrin & Family
09/17/13 Added names - Jack Zarember & Family  
09/16/13 Added multiple pictures of Rothstein family
09/16/13 Added photos of Lorraine Postell
09/16/13 Added photos of Karen Cuccioli
09/16/13 Added photo of Ben and Rose Rothstein
09/16/13 Added photo of Fannie Ball                                      
09/16/13 Added photo of Ann Ruffman

09/08/13 Added photo of Barbara Zimmerman's Jr. H.S. Graduation
09/06/13 Added Full Name Index

09/01/13 - Removed hover buttons on all pages due to Java problem.  Replaced it with hot links.
10/26/09 Added names- Barry S. Fried & family

10/20/09 Added narrative - David  Goodstein family
10/16/09 Added names- Daria & Sophie Goodstein

01/12/07 Added photos - Donna Mohn and family

01/12/07 Added photos - April Wilson (Alekna) and family

 Carl and Beth's Family Tree



Due to the nature of genealogy and because of privacy concerns limited information is displayed in the trees enclosed in this site.  If you want more information about a particular person please contact me by clicking here and filling out the comments section in the Guest book.


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