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NC0404 : A view over the shoreline at Altandhu and onwards across Loch an Alltain Duibh to the Summer Isles by John Allann
A view over the shoreline at Altandhu and onwards
across Loch an Alltain Duibh to the Summer Isles

  © Copyright John Allan and licensed for
  reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

This file, and the files that link from it, is part of a larger project transcribing and annotating all the 19th century Coigach censuses, with input from dozens of descendants. My home page with history and gazetteer of the district, and links to files on the surrounding communities, is at; "Some Coigach Genealogy"

Altandhu is a Gaelic name, meaning a small black (or dark) stream. Neighboring villages are Reiff to the north-west, Old Dornie to the south, and across the peninsula by road Achnahaird.

The school for the area was in Altandhu (the building still stands), a book was written in the early twentieth century by a son of a schoolteacher there, I hope to add publication data for that later.

The family mix at Altandhu was different to the surrounding mix of mostly McLeods and McKenzies, with 12 of the 18 households in the 1841 census having McLeans! Most of the Reiff families included a McLean from Altandhu in their tree. My own gt-gt-gt-grandmother, Margaret McLean, wife of Murdo McLeod at Reiff 41-7 was likely from Altandhu.

My fourth cousin, Donald MacLeod in Auckland New Zealand (CONTACT INFO), has begun a study of the relationships of the families at Altandhu, Donald has supplied the census transcriptions in most of the following files, and has done much of the research that will eventually find its way into the associated notes files.

More notes in these files originated with information in emails and letters to me from other people with roots there. I have collected email addresses and websites for all my Coigach contacts in a file; CONTACTS AND SOURCES

Any suggestions for additions or edits to this or the other files please email me, Donald MacDonald-Ross, at;

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This file, and others dealing with history and genealogy of Coigach, links from my homepage at:

Any suggestions for additions or edits please feel free to email me,

Donald MacDonald-Ross, at:

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