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This article was published in the 4 April 1862 edition of the Inverness Advertiser.

LOCHBROOM. --Not for scores of years (we almost said never,) have the inhabitants of this Highland parish been in such poor circumstances. The west and north-west coasts of the Highlands in general have been in anything but a desirable condition for the last few years, both sea and land failing them. In the parish of Lochbroom this is particularly felt. Fishing --on which they chiefly depend-- has completely failed for the last three years. On account of the heavy rains with which they have been visited for two or three seasons past, their land crop has also turned out a decided failure. In the village of Ullapool this destitution is most particulary felt, some of the inhabitants being actually in want of the common necessaries of life. Fuel is scarcer than even in the poorest alleys of Inverness. Some evictions which took place some time ago on the Dundonald estate tended to heighten the distress, as the unfortunate outcasts were turned adrift upon Ullapool, without a house to cover them, or the means of providing themselves with one. Money is an article which the people of Lochbroom have at present only in remembrance. It is to be hoped that the incoming season may be more propitious.

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