"The most painful event"

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This article was published in the 15 April 1864 edition of the Inverness Advertiser.



One of the most painful events with which Lochbroom has ever been visited occurred near one of the Coigach Summer Isles on Friday, the 1st inst. On the forenoon of that day, two fishing boats, each containing six persons, left Scoraig, Little Lochbroom for the purpose of bringing home seaware, with which the people here are generally in the habit of manuring their crofts. Both boats reached the islands in safety, but one of them almost immediately returned home, as, on account of the tide being to high at the time, there was little, or no ware within their reach. Unfortunately, the other boat remained behind, but as the day was by no means stormy, no suspision was excited as to the terrible fate of the crew until the approach of night, when a boat was dispatched to look out for them. The search was all in vain, as neither man nor boat could be seen, but a few clung to the hope that some of the crew might still be alive on some of the islands, and early on Saturday morning the search was renewed by four boats. The result of this was that two oars and a sail block belonging to the missing boat were discovered in a narrow creek in one of the smallest of the islands. There was now no doubt left that the boat had floundered, probably in a squall not perceivable on shore, and that the six youthful human beings who had left home "full of lusty life" had found a watery grave. The following is a list of the missing crew, viz:-- George and Angus Maciver, brothers, aged respectively twenty-one and eighteen; Angus and George Macleod, also brothers, and full cousins to the Macivers, aged thirty and twenty-five; and two unmarried young women whose parents died some years ago. They have, however, left behind them two brothers and one sister to mourn their untimely and melancholy end.

Death Registrations include the two MacKenzies not named above; 29 year old Mary, and 17 year old Catharine, their parents noted as having been John MacKenzie and Ann, maiden surname MacRae, Informant their brother John MacKenzie.

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