"Three young men drowned"

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This article was published in the 24 February 1871 edition of the Inverness Advertiser. Some notes on the people mentionned follows the transcription.


An accident of a very melancholy nature occured at Achnahaird on last Friday, whereby, three young men, named Angus Macleod, and Angus and John Mackenzie, aged respectively 34, 29, and 23 years, lost their lives. It appears that early in the morning they set out for the fishing grounds to lift lobster creels, and, that when returning to port, after having re-set the creels, the sea being running very high on the shore at the time, the boat was swamped. Macleod was the principal support of a widowed mother, and the Mackenzies were brothers. The sad event, happily of rare occurence in this quarter, has cast a general gloom over the whole district; and much sympathty is felt for the poor parents, so suddenly, unexpectedly, and sorely bereaved. None of the bodies has, as yet, been cast ashore.

Angus MacLeod has not yet been found in the 1861 census, however in 1851 he was at Achnahaird 51-50 with his parents and six siblings, in 1841 he was at Achnahaird 41-4. His widowed mother and other relatives are in the 1871 census at Achnahaird 71-92.

The two Mackenzies were in the 1861 census with their parents and five siblings at Achnahaird 61-4. In 1871 the family lives in the Household enumerated after the MacLeods, at Achnahaird 71-93.

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