1851 Notes for Reiff, Camusglassellan, & Faochag

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1851 Notes for Reiff, Camusglassellan, & Faochag

These notes are based primarly on my transcription of the 1851 Census for Reiff, with data from other sources mixed in where appropriate. My main genealogy page includes links to the rest of the transcriptions and notes, with some general introduction; index.htm

The photocopy of the microfilm that I have worked from is quite fuzzy in places, I have looked at later censuses, and received good background from other people with ancestors at Reiff. See; CONTACT INFO.

This census recorded people who spent the night in the homes enumerated 30 March, 1851.

There are doubtless errors here not just in reading the data, but in interpreting it. Please, send me your data or corrections at [email protected], and I will add it!

Though all these households were enumerated as part of Reiff, in other censuses and documents the first two households are given as the small hamlet of Faochag, and the next four as Camusglassellan.


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Faochag 51-65

Roderick MacKenzie     Head         Widr  79      Crofter of 2&1/2 Acres
Hugh       Do          Son          Mar   30      Fisher
Janet        Do        Daur in law  Mar      26   Wife
Kenneth     Do.        Son          U     26      Fisher
Henny MacKenzie        Grand Daur             3
Rachel    Do           Grand Daur             1
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared at Faochag 41-22 in the 1841 census. In 1861 they are at Faochag 61-30.

Roderick's parents were Murdo McKenzie and Mary McLean. His death is registered 18 March, 1859, aged 86 years. The informant was his son Hugh, who said his fathers occupation had been as a miller.

Roderick's wife Henrietta (McLeod) died sometime between the 1841 and 1851 census, her granddaughter Henny's name is an obvious dimunitive.

Roderick's siblings include Murdo at Reiff 51-75, Hector at Reiff 51-89, Isabella "Bell" MacLennan at Reiff 51-77, another brother, John, has died since the 1841 census at Reiff 41-20, his son Roderick is now head of household at Reiff 51-79, and last known sibling was Margaret, married to John McLean at Altandhu 51-98.

Janet is a daughter of Donald Kerr in Reiff 51-74 and his first wife, Rachel McLean, she was christened 27 October, 1819. In the 1841 census she was servant to a McLeod family at Tanera 41-13.

Clearly Hugh and Janet named their second daughter after Janets mother. At least three of Janet's siblings emigrated to Tasmania aboard the Sir Allan McNab in 1853, see McNab 519 and McNab 521. Neil Kerr at McNab 518 was her cousin.

Hugh and Janet were married 18 March, 1847. An 1860 death registration for a one day old un-named child gives their address as "Riff", but the 1862 death registry for their 6 year old son Donald has them living at "Fuchag (sp?), Riff".

Hugh and Janet have a son Murdo born later in 1851, that Murdo is an ancestor of Ron MacKenzie at B.C. (CONTACT INFO)

25 August, 1853 Kenneth marries Janet's sister, Margaret Kerr. Kenneth and Margaret emigrate to Tasmania a few months after marrying, along with a number of their relatives as mentioned above. See the notes at Reiff 51-74, Reiff 51-75, and Mcnab 521.

Duncan at Reiff 51-71 is a son of Roderick, Janet at Reiff 51-80 and Isabella at Polbain 51-36 are daughters. At Faochag in the 1841 census were apparantly three children of Isabella and her husband John McKenzie, though the ages are not a clear match, the names match three of their children then missing at Polbain, now present there, one of those children, Murdoch, an ancestor of Jenny Self (CONTACT INFO).

A son of Roderick, John, is a gt-gt-grandfather of the late Barbara Kolle of Melbourne Australia. John emigrated in 1848 with his wife and three children.

Faochag 51-66

Alexander Macrae       Head         Mar   49      Labourer of Land
Margaret Macrae        Wife         Mar      47
Isabella   Do          Daur         U        22
Donald     Do          Son                16
Nancy     Do           Daur                   9
Mary   Do              Daur                   2
Notes on this Household:

The census states that Alexander was born at "Midlothian Edinburgh", and the rest at Lochbroom.

This family was in the 1841 census at Badentarbat 41-8, cannot find them on later ones. In 1841 there was a McKenzie family at this croft, see Faochag 41-21, and in 1861 there is a McLeod family, see Faochag 61-31.

I suspect that Alexander was father of the three MacRaes at Altandhu 51-92. One of those, Catherine is mentioned in the OPR christenings 24 April, 1831 (at Altandhu). And Lexy there is a dimunitive of the feminine form of Alexander; Alexanderina. John MacRae in that household is listed as born at Glenshiel.

The I.G.I. lists the birth of Ann Macrae to father Alexander 20 March, 1842 at Avoch in ROC, which *might* be the Nancy above.

Camusglassellan 51-67

Malcolm MacLeod        Head         Mar   32      Fisher
Catherine  Do          Wife         Mar      32
Catherine  Do          Daur                   4
Mary      Do           Daur                   1
Notes on this Household:

Malcolm's widowed mother Catherine is next door at Camusglassellan 51-68 with three of his siblings. They all appear on the 1841 census at Camusglassellan 41-1. In 1861 this family is at Camusglassellan 61-29.

Malcolm was christened 5 March, 1816, and his marriage to Catherine McLeod, also from Riff, was recorded as 5 March, 1845.

Catherine was a twenty year old servant in the 1841 census with the McKenzie family at Reiff 41-5, her family in that census was next to Malcolm's, at Camusglassellan 41-2. In this census her Widowed father and a sister are at Camusglassellan 51-69.

Camusglassellan 51-68

Catherine MacLeod      Head         W        68   Crofter's W. of 2 Acres
Janet       Do         Daur         U        27
Mary         Do        Daur         U        25
Rory         Do        Son          U     23      Fisher
Notes on this Household:

Since the last census at Camusglassellan 41-1 Catherine's husband Murdo has died, and her son Malcolm has started his own family next door at Camusglassellan 51-67.

Catherine's death registry 15 February, 1855 lists her age then as 66, all lived at "Riff". Her parents were Donald McLean and Ann MacKenzie. It lists five children to her and Murdo;

  1. Margaret, 47
  2. Malcolm, 45
  3. John, 43
  4. Donald, 40
  5. Roderick, 30

Catherine's death registry says she was buried on Tanera, rather than at Badenscallie like most Reiff people. Perhaps she was from one of the Summer Isle families.

Janet also dies in 1855, a week before her mother on 6 February, listed as unmarried. She was also buried on Tanera.

Roderick "Rory" was christened 5 March, 1816.

Camusglassellan 51-69

Murdoch MacLeod        Head         Widr  70      Crofter of 2 Acres
Flora   Do             Daur         U        26   HouseKeeper
Notes on this Household:

Murdo and Flora ("Flory") appear on the 1841 census at Camusglassellan 41-2, with Murdo's wife Kate, and Norman, who now lives next door at Camusglassellan 51-70.

Murdoch's death is registered as 6 October, 1858 at Camusglasellan aged 86. His parents were Norman McLeod and Elizabeth, whose maiden name was also McLeod! Informant of the death was his son Murdoch, who is missing on this census, but appears in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-27. Young Murdo's wife Christina is in this census with her widowed mother, Catherine Ross, at Reiff 51-78.

A daughter of Murdoch, Catherine, married in 1845 to Malcolm MacLeod from the neighbouring family, they are in this census at Camusglassellan 51-67.

Murdoch's late wife Catherine, "Kate", is shown in death registration of their daughter Catherine to have had maiden surname MacLeod.

Camusglassellan 51-70

Norman MacLeod         Head         Mar   35      Subtenant only occupying
                                                  a house
Ann     Do             Wife         Mar      27
Roderick  Do           Son                9mo
Notes on this Household:

Norman's widowed father Murdoch, and his sister Flora, are at the previous Camusglassellan 51-69, Norman lived with them at the 1841 census at Camusglassellan 41-2.

The O.P.R. has the wedding of Norman McLeod, a Fisherman from Reiff, to Ann McLeod of Culnacraig, daughter of Murdo McLeod a Tenant there, 29 January, 1848. Ann was in the 1841 census with her family at Culnacraig 41-3, her Widowed father and other relatives are in this census at Altandhu 51-107.

Roderick is still living with Norman and Ann in the 1861 census at Camusglassellan 61-28.

Reiff 51-71

Duncan MacKenzie       Head         Mar   43      Crofter of 2 Acres
Ann      Do            Wife         Mar      39
Janet    Do            Daur         U        17
Mary     Do            Daur                  12   Scholar at home
Peggy     Do           Daur                   9   Scholar at home
Ketty     Do           Daur                   6   Scholar at home
Euphemia    Do         Daur                   4
Donald    Do           Son                 2
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared at Reiff 41-5 in the 1841 census, and in the 1861 census they are at Reiff 61-26.

While looking up her own not directly related McKenzies, Cela Beale in New Zealand (CONTACT INFO) obtained Duncan's death certificate. It shows his death as 9 March, 1888 at age 80.

Ann was maiden name McKenzie. She came from Lochinver, across Enard Bay from Coigach, in the Parish of Assynt, County of Sutherland, and she was still alive at time of the 1891 census.

Duncan's widowed father, Roderick, is at Faochag 51-65.

Duncan's sister, Janet, is the widowed Head of the Ross family at Reiff 51-80, another sister, Isabella is wife of John McKenzie at Polbain 51-36.

A brother of Duncan's, John, is a gt-gt-grandfather of the late Barbara Kolle in Melbourne Australia. John emigrated in 1848 with his wife and three children.

Murdoch at Reiff 51-75 is Duncan's uncle. Since the last census Duncan's uncle John has died, but he has first cousins through John at Reiff 51-79. Hector at Reiff 51-89 is another uncle. Isabella "Bell" MacLennan at Reiff 51-77 is an aunt.

An aunt of Duncan, Margaret, married John McLean in the neighboring village of Altandow. Her death registration in 1855 gives her age then as 90, and listed her eight children, see Altandhu 51-98.

Young Mary above marries 12 February, 1863 to Hugh Morison at Fodderty. In 1841 Hugh was at Badentarbet 41-2, in this census his parents and two siblings are at Achnahaird 51-60.

Reiff 51-72

Murdoch MacLeod        Head         Widr  90      Crofter of 2&1/2 Acres
Ketty    Do            Daur         U        50
Alexander   Do         Son          U     42      Fisher
Donald      Do         Son          Mar   36      Fisher
Chirsty     Do         Daur in law  Mar      30   Fisher's Wife
Peggy       Do         GrandDaur             9mo
Ann        Do          Servt                 14   Herding Cattle Servt
Notes on this Household:

Seems Murdoch has aged 30 years since the census 10 years ago, when he appeared at Reiff 41-7, aged 60 years! He is my (Donald MacDonald-Ross - CONTACT INFO) gt-gt-gt-grandfather through his daughter Elizabeth, who appears in Reiff 51-87 with her husband Donald McDonald. Murdoch is also gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather of Roderick Dykes MacLeod in Scotland (CONTACT INFO) and Donald MacLeod in New Zealand (CONTACT INFO), through his daughter Ann mentioned below.

Murdoch's death registry of 4 August, 1856 gives his age as 94, and lists his parents as John and Christina, both surnamed McLeod! Murdoch's wife Margaret McLean has died since the last census, her death is not in the Civil Registration which began in 1855, so she probably died sometime from 1851 to 1854.

The Parish Register records the christening of Alexander 3 March, 1811, and Donald 16 November, 1813.

Donald and Chirsty ("Christina") were married 8 March, 1849, the registration shows Chirsty was from Achnahaird, a daughter of Murdo McLeod there. In the 1841 census Chirsty was with her family at Achnahaird 41-7, her Widowed father and other relatives are in this census at Achnahaird 51-54. Donald and Chirsty appear in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-14, with the above mentioned Peggy ("Margt."), five other children, and Donald's siblings; Catherine and Alexander, both unmarried and mentioned above.

It is interesting that Chirsty's 1870 death registration notes her parents as having been Murdo McLeod and Margaret, Maiden Surname McLeod, same as the names of Donald's parents!

Murdoch McLeod in Reiff 51-76 is a son of Murdoch's. He and his wife Rachel were with Murdoch and his since dead wife at the above mentioned Reiff 41-7. He is listed as "Informant" on his father's death registration.

Ann "McLeod or Urquhart" in Reiff 51-83 and Chirsty MacKenzie at Tanera 51-8 are daughters of Murdoch. Two other children of Murdo have since the 1841 census married and settled elsewhere in Coigach; George McLeod is at Ardmair 51-41, and Flora Campbell is at Achnancarian 51-11.

Presumably Ann McLeod, the servant above, is some relation of this family, she looks to have been in the 1841 census with her own family at Polbain 41-17, that family in this census at Polbain 51-42, That family had some roots in Reiff.

Reiff 51-73

Alexander MacLeod      Head         Mar   61      Crofter of 3 Acres
Ann        Do          Wife         Mar      60
Catherine   Do         Daur         U        34
William     Do         Son          U     32      Fisher
Donald      Do         Son          U     28   Pauper Being (sp?) his youth
Roderick    Do         Son          U     18      Fisher
Roderick    Do         Servt              12      Herd Servt
Notes on this Household:

I think this family appears on the 1841 census at Reiff 41-6.

Most of these people are in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-6.

Alexander dies in 1861, and his death registration says that Ann's maiden surname was also McLeod, and that his parents were Alexander McLeod and Christina Ross. Ann's own death is registered 1875, her parents noted as having been Donald MacLeod and Isabella, maiden surname MacKenzie.

Donald was christened 29 November, 1824.

The Parish Register 10 February, 1853 records the marriage of William McLeod, a Fisherman at Riff, to Margaret McLeod of Riff, daughter of Donald McLeod, a Tenant there. Margaret is in Reiff 51-81 with her family. In the 1861 census William and Margaret have moved in to their own home at Reiff 61-25.

Reiff 51-74

Donald Kerr            Head         Mar   64      Crofter of 3 Acres
Ann     Do             Wife         Mar      60
Murdoch  Do            Son          U     32      Seaman
Rachel   Do            Daur         U        21
Alexanderina  Do       Daur         U        16
Donald MacLeod         GrandSon            6      Scholar at home
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared at Reiff 41-11 in the 1841 census. In the 1861 census they are at Reiff 61-8.

Donald was a brother of Mary (Kerr) McKenzie in the next household (Reiff 51-75). Mary's death registration in 1860 lists her parents as Alexander Kerr and Christina McLeod, and Donald named one of his daughters Alexanderina. Donald also had brothers at Achiltibuie; Roderick at Achiltibuie 51-86, and Alexander.

Ann's death registration 30 November, 1877 lists her parents as John McLeod and Anne McLeod, "afterwards McKenzie", showing her mother married twice. Another death registration, 12 June, 1887, of Mary the Widow of Duncan McLean at Altandhu lists parents with the same names, likely Mary was a sister of Ann, see Altandhu 51-97.

Ann was Donald's second wife, they were married 16 March, 1827.

Donald was first married to Rachel McLean 23 November, 1815. Rachel above was the first daughter of Ann, the second wife, and was christened 16 November, 1828, the same day Murdo McLean and John McKenzie, both of the neighboring village of Altandow, christened their daughters Rachel as well!

A daughter of this family, Mary, is the wife of the McLeod family at Reiff 51-88. Donald McLeod above is her son. The O.P.R. gives Mary's christening as 18 October, 1815.

Another daughter, Janet, married 18 March, 1847 to Hugh MacKenzie, and is at Faochag 51-65. Janet's sister Margaret married Hugh's first brother Kenneth 25 August, 1853.

A few months after Margaret and Kenneth marry, they emigrate to Tasmania aboard the Sir Allan McNab, see McNab 521.

With Margaret and Kenneth aboard the McNab go two of Margaret's unmarried siblings, Alexander and Chirsty, see McNab 519. Alexander is in this census as a visiting "Tailor" to a Graham family at Achiltibuie 51-84. Chirsty is a visitor to her sister Isabella, who married John McLeod and is at Ristol 51-1.

Alexanderina ("Lexy", christening registered 11 August, 1834) marries 15 January, 1857 to Duncan McLean, who appears in this census at Reiff 51-89 as "Duncan MacKenzie or MacLean". Duncan and Lexy are in Altandhu in the next census at Altandhu 61-17, and show up in the 1871 census at Reiff 71-62.

O.P.R. lists registration of christening of Murdoch 4 December, 1816, he does not show up in later censuses.

Reiff 51-75

Murdoch MacKenzie      Head         Mar   60      Crofter of 3 Acres
Mary     Do.           Wife         Mar      63
Anable   Do.           Daur         U        40
John     Do.           Son          U     28      Sailor
Rory     Do.           Son          U     21      Aggriculturer Labourer
Mary    Ross           GrandDaur             12   Scholar
Georgina Do            GrandDaur             12   Scholar
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared on the 1841 census at Reiff 41-8, and in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-9.

The 1861 census has no sign of Mary, but Anable listed as wife! Clearly an error by the enumerator.

Murdoch's parents were another Murdo, and Mary McLean.

Murdoch has a brother Roderick at Faochag 51-65, a brother Hector at Reiff 51-89, and a sister, Isabella "Bell" MacLennan at Reiff 51-77. Another sister, Margaret is at the neighboring village of Altandhu, where she is the Widow of John McLean, see Altandhu 51-98.

Another brother of Murdoch, John, has died since the 1841 census at Reiff 41-20, his son Roderick is now head of household at Reiff 51-79.

Duncan at Reiff 51-71 is Murdoch's nephew, and Janet at Reiff 51-80 is his neice, both through Roderick.

Another Murdo, son of the Murdoch above, married 13 April, 1848 to Catherine McLeod, daughter of Roderick McLeod and Catherine Stewart on the Isle Ristol. Murdo and Catharine are in this census at Ristol 51-4. Children of that couple included Alexina, a grandparent of Alistair McLeod, who now lives in Inverness, where he works out of the library as official genealogist for the Highland Council! (CONTACT INFO)

Mary's maiden name was "Kerr", she was a sister of Donald at the previous household (Reiff 51-74), and of Roderick Kerr at Achiltibuie 51-86. Her death registration 9 September, 1860 aged about 77 lists her parents as Alexander Kerr and Christina McLeod.

John above marries 11 August, 1853 to Janet Stewart from Ullapool, and emigrates a few months later to Tasmania aboard the Sir Allan McNab with a number of Reiff McKenzies, Kerrs, and his niece Georgiana Ross above, see McNab 520. Gwen Smith in Tasmania (CONTACT INFO) is a descendant of John and Janet with an interest in genealogy and has sent me a copy of the passenger list from the Sir Allan McNab which I have used as basis for the mcnab.htm file.

Mary and Georgina Ross above are daughters of a child of Murdoch and Mary named Christina or "Chirsty", who married William Ross in the Parish of Alness in Easter Ross. Their births are registered at Alness 15 June, 1839. Chirsty and William had at least one other child, John born 7 January, 1838 (see 81 John Ross). I suspect these children were adopted out to family members, including the grandparents at Reiff, after the death of Chirsty, either in childbirth of the twins, or in the cholera epidemic that swept Easter Ross in the late 1830s.

As mentioned above, Georgina also emigrated to Tasmania aboard the Sir Allan McNab in 1853. She goes with a daughter of this family, Catherine (see Tanera 51-9), then later joined her uncle John's family in Tasmania. See McNab 522.

Rory ("Roderick" in 1841) above was christened 16 November, 1828, he married a Janet (surname unknown!) between 1861 and 1863, and they have five children by time of the 1871 census, where they can be found at Reiff 71-63. Roderick was listed as Informant on his mother Mary's death registration.

Another son of Murdoch and Mary, Alexander, has left Reiff since the last census. According to the MacLennan family history that Roddy MacLeod has (CONTACT INFO) Alexander had four MacKenzie uncles who went to Newcastle or Sunderland where they had a small shipping company. I suspect Alexander went to work for them, as in 1856 he is given a lifesaving medal and scroll as Captain of the schooner "Ocean Child" of the Port of MacDuff.

Gwen Smith in Tasmania (CONTACT INFO) says MacKenzie descendants there say Alexander married a woman named Margery Robinson, the I.G.I. shows a marriage in 1848 at Glasgow of an Alexander McKenzie to a Margory Robertson which I think is them, as the four children whose births are registered to that couple appear in the 1861 census with Alexander's parents!

Gwen has sent me a photo of the framed scroll describing Alexander's heroism which I have transcribed and put it in a file reward.htm. That file now includes scans of the scroll sent by Greg Wighton in Tasmania, and of a different printing held by a gt-gt-grandson of Alexander, scanned by Chris Brookes in Germany (CONTACT INFO). Also in that file is info on the descendants of Alexander McKenzie, sent by Chris.

Reiff 51-76

Murdo MacLeod          Head         Mar   42      Crofter of 2 Acres
Rachel MacLeod or MacKenzie
                       Wife         Mar      39
John MacLeod           Son                 9      Scholar
Ketty   Do             Daur                   7
Ann     Do             Daur                   5
Donald  Do             Son                 3
Infant                 Daur                  4mo
Notes on this Household:

Murdo and Rachel appeared in the 1841 census at the home of his parents at Reiff 41-7.

This family appears in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-7 with a ten year old daughter named "Barbara", the infant above, and two younger children.

It is interesting that at death of Murdo's father in 1856 this Murdo was Informant, "at Wick", presumably like many of the Coigach crofters he seasonally went to the fishing.

Murdo's widowed father Murdo, with three of his siblings are at Reiff 51-72. His sister Elizabeth is the wife in the McDonald family at Reiff 51-87, his sister Chirsty MacKenzie is at Tanera 51-8, and his sister Ann is the wife at the Urquhart family at Reiff 51-83.

Rachel is a niece of Bell "Isabella (McKenzie) McLennan" in the following household. Her parents, John McKenzie and Barbara McLeod, have died since the last census (see Reiff 41-20), but she has four siblings at Reiff 51-79, the 14 year old nephew there, Murdo, is son of her sister Catherine, that Murdo marries in 1878 to his first cousin Barbara, the infant above.

Reiff 51-77

John MacLennan         Head         Mar   70      Crofter of 3 Acres
Bell   Do              Wife         Mar      70
Alexander Do           Son          Mar   33      Fisher
Margaret  Do           Sons Wife    Mar      22   Fisher's Wife
Kenneth   Do           Son          U     26      Fisher
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared in the 1841 census at Reiff 41-19. See notes there regarding the pre-Reiff history of this family. John and Isabella are both still alive at the 1861 census, they are then at Reiff 61-15.

By 1861 both Alexander and Kenneth are set up in neighboring households to their parents; Reiff 61-16, and Reiff 61-17.

Roderick "Roddy" Dykes McLeod lives near Inverness (CONTACT INFO), and is descended from Kenneth above. Roddy's second cousin, Donald MacLeod, is in Auckland New Zealand (CONTACT INFO), between the two of them, I have received lots of useful info.

Donald and Roddy have sent me details from from a family manuscript Roddy has, written in 1939 by Neil MacLennan, a grandson of John and Bell through their son Kenneth. It appears Isabella above was maiden surname McKenzie, and John was also known as "An Gobha Ban".

Donald has found John's death registration 10 February, 1864 listed his father as "Alexander", which agrees with death registrations of John's half siblings at the nearby village of Camuscoille, but difers with the manuscript which says his name was "John".

Donald found Isabella's death registration 1 March, 1863 aged 84. It lists her parents as having been Murdoch McKenzie and Mary McLean. Siblings of Isabella include Margaret, who married John McLean in the neighboring village of Altandhu (see Altandhu 51-98), John who died before this census, but whose family is at Reiff 51-79, Roderick at Faochag 51-65, Murdo at Reiff 51-75, and Hector at Reiff 51-89.

Roddy says John and Isabella had eight children, his info is as follows (christening and marriage data in brackets is from the Parish Register);

  1. John, 1807-1883 (died in Canada)
  2. Christina, 1809-1839 (she had been second wife of Donald MacDonald, see Reiff 51-87)
  3. Isabella, 1810-? (christened 10 November, 1810, see Reiff 51-91)
  4. Catherine, 1813-? (married Murdo MacLean, see Altandhu 51-103)
  5. Murdoch, 1814-40 (christened 26 February, 1815)
  6. Alexander, 1817-? (christened 4 July, 1817, see above)
  7. Mary, 1821-? (christened 10 February, 1821, married 30 June, 1843 to Kenneth McLean at Altandhu, see Altandhu 51-102)
  8. Kenneth, 1824-1905 (gt-gt-grandfather of Roddy, see above)

Roddy says that Isabella had two sisters; Anne married in Altandhu who was gt-grandmother of John McLean (Altandhu 1962 "Johnny Shoemaker"), the other sister, Mary, went to Assynt. I think the listing of Ann was an error, she may have died before start of Civil Registration in 1855, but there are no death registrations that note her as a mother.

Roddy also mentions that Isabella had two brothers who married in Reiff, and four who went to Sunderland or Newcastle, where they had a small shipping concern.

Rachel in the previous Household (Reiff 51-76) is a niece of Isabella's.

Alexander's wife Margaret was surnamed McLeod, they married 20 February, 1851. Margaret was originally from village of Achnahaird according to the wedding registration, though her mother "Bell", and brother Angus both appear in this census at Reiff 51-84, and they were all together in 1841 at Reiff 41-13. Alexander and Margaret have three sons by time of the 1861 census, where they can be found at Reiff 61-16.

Also in the 1861 census Kenneth shows up with his wife Mary Urquhart, three children, and Mary's unmarried sister Euphemia "Henny" Urquhart at Reiff 61-17. Mary and Henny show up in this census at Reiff 51-83. The O.P.R. has the marriage of Kenneth McLennan, a fisherman at Reiff, to Mary Urquhart 3 February, 1853.

The family history written Neil MacLennan in 1939 says of Kenneth MacLennan;

"But he bought a 40 ton drifter, sail of course, for fishing, the "Tonsor of Rieff(sic)" ("Tommy"). There were three of these then in Reiff which made successful fishings as far as Wick and Stornoway." (I think this would have been in the 1850's)

Reiff 51-78

Catherine Ross         Head         W        80   Crofter of 2 Acres
Margaret   Do          Daur         U        55
Roderick   Do          Son          U     42      Fisher
Chirsty    Do          Daur         Mar      30
Hanna MacLeod          GranDaur     U        20
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared at Reiff 41-12 in the 1841 census.

Catherine's maiden surname was noted in the death registration of her son Roderick as "McLennan", and in the death registration of daughter Christy as "McLeod". Rather than Catherine's husband being married twice, I think the Informant of one of those two deaths was mistaken; Informant of the death of Christy was not a close family member.

Catherine's husband Roderick Ross died before the 1841 census.

Hugh, Catherine's son, has died since the 1841 census, but his widow and five children are at Reiff 51-80.

Margaret is a widow of someone surnamed McLeod, Hannah is her daughter. they are in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-13, both surnamed Ross!

Roderick marries late, 12 January, 1854, to Margaret McKenzie from the village of Loggie, and has two children, another Roderick (1860-87), and Hugh born 1862. See Reiff 61-12.

Chirsty is a newlywed, she married Murdo McLeod 27 March, 1851 (three days before this census!). Murdo is missing, but was with his family ten years before at Reiff 41-2. His father, another Murdo is in this census at Camusglassellan 51-69. In 1861 Murdo and Chirsty are together at Reiff 61-27.

Reiff 51-79

Roderick MacKenzie     Head         U     55      Crofter of 3 Acres
Murdoch     Do         Brother      U     50      Fisher
Neil        Do         Brother      U     46      Fisher
                     -- page break --
Bell   MacKenzie       Sister       U        30   House Servt
Murdoch MacLean        Nephew             14      Herdman
Margaret MacLeod       Niece                  7   Scholar
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared in the 1841 census at Reiff 41-20, and shows up in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-11.

Since the 1841 census, Rodericks parents have died, their names are confirmed when Neil dies in 1862. His death registration lists the parents of these siblings as John McKenzie and Barbara McLeod.

John McKenzie, father of these siblings, has three brothers and a sister in this census; Murdo at Reiff 51-75, Roderick at Faochag 51-65, Hector at Reiff 51-89, and Isabella MacLennan at Reiff 51-77. A second sister Margaret, married John McLean in the neighboring village of Altandhu, see Altandhu 51-98.

Isabel "Bell"'s christening was registered 18 January, 1816.

Another sibling of this household was John, who emigrated with his family to Canada in 1837. Hugh Kirkbride "Kirk" McKenzie in Germany descends from John, his wife Peggy has lots of data on the family (CONTACT INFO).

Murdoch MacLean, the nephew above, also appeared with this family in the 1841 census, he is still with them in 1861. His mother Catherine was also a sister of Rodericks, not noted in Murdoch's marriage registration as deceased, but has not been identified in any census. Murdoch's father (Catherine's husband), had been a Duncan MacLean (the Parish Register notes the marriage 2 January, 1829 of "Duncan McLean Aultandow to Catharine McKenzie Riff"). Murdoch marries 4 April, 1878 to his first cousin, Barbara MacLeod. Barbara as a four month year old infant is in this census with her family, including Rachel MacLeod, sister of Roderick and the other these siblings above, at Reiff 51-76.

No idea how young Margaret was related, but there was another McLeod child (Janet) with the family in 1841. Margaret is still part of the household in 1861.

Reiff 51-80

Janet MacKenzie        Head         W        37   Crofter's (W) of 1 Acre
Ann     Ross           Daur                  10
Eliza    Do            Daur                   8   Scholar
Roderick Do            Son                 6      Scholar
Janet    Do            Daur                   4
Hugh    Do             Son                 1
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared in the 1841 census at Reiff 41-9, and is in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-20, except for young Janet, who shows up at Reiff 61-27 as a servant to her aunt Christina Ross, and Christina's husband, Murdoch McLeod.

Janet's husband Hugh must have died within two years of this census, given the age of Janet's youngest child. They are ancestors of todays Ross family still at Reiff.

The mother of Janet's dead husband Roderick Ross, was Catherine Ross, maiden surname McLean. She, with a bunch of other Rosses, is at Reiff 51-78.

Janet was daughter of Roderick McKenzie and Henrietta McLeod, she was christened 21 March, 1816. Henrietta was dead by 1851, but Roderick is at Faochag 51-65.

Janet's brother Duncan is at Reiff 51-71, and her sister Isabella is wife of John McKenzie at Polbain 51-36.

Janet has an uncle Murdoch at Reiff 51-75, and her uncle Hector is at Reiff 51-89. Her uncle John has died since the last census, but her first cousins through him can be seen next door at Reiff 51-79. Isabella MacLennan at Reiff 51-77 is an aunt, and another aunt, Margaret, is married to John McLean in the neighboring village of Altandhu, see Altandhu 51-98 where she is Widowed, and listed with her maiden surname.

Ann above marries Duncan Stewart at Badinscally between the 1871 and 1881 (see Badinscally 81-13). Apparently they had no children. Though Ann was with her mother and three siblings in the 1861 census, in 1871 she was servant to a MacLeod family at Culnacraig 71-109.

Eliza remains unmarried through to the 1891 census.

The daughter Janet "Jessie" marries Alexander McLeod (see Reiff 51-85), and has six children by 1891.

Roderick marries Margaret "Maggie" McDonald from Reiff 51-87, and as she was sister of my gt-grandmother Chirsty, all their decendants at Reiff today are my cousins! Tragically, he drowns in 1887 with two of his wive's brothers, and his cousin also named Roderick Ross, leaving Maggie with five young children. The other Roderick is not yet born at the time of this census, but his father is the Roderick Ross at Reiff 51-78.

Unsure what happens to Hugh.

Reiff 51-81

Isabella Macleod       Head         W        63  Crofter of 8 Acres
Ann     Do             Daur         U        29
Margaret    Do         Daur         U        21
Mary        Do         Daur         U        19
Mary MacKenzie         Niece                  5
Notes on this Household:

In the 1841 census this family appeared at Reiff 41-17. Donald, the husband, has died since then.

Alexander McLeod in Reiff 51-88 is a son of Isabella.

Isabella and Mary show up in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-24, along with Mary's husband Norman McLean. Norman is in the 1851 census at the village of Camuscoille as a 25 year old unmarried fisherman. His parents there, Donald McLean and Margaret Nicolson were gt-gt-grandparents of Donald MacLeod in New Zealand (CONTACT INFO).

Isabella's death is registered as 1869 at Reiff, a Widow though her late husband not named, the 1841 census say he was a Donald MacLeod. The Registration does name Isabella's parents; Murdoch MacLeod and Margaret, Maiden Surnamed MacLeod.

Ann was christened 18 January, 1816, she marries 11 December, 1851 to Neil Kerr, a Labourer at the village of Achiltibuie. They are among the emigrants from Reiff to Tasmania who leave on the ship Sir Allan McNab in 1853. The passenger list includes an infant son named Donald (see Mcnab 518)

Margaret was christened 21 January, 1827. She marries William McLeod 10 February, 1853, a Fisherman at Riff. William is in this census at Reiff 51-73, the two of them are in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-25, with four young children.

23 May, 1845 Janet, another daughter of Isabella who was with the family in the 1841 census, is shown in the Parish Register as married to William McKenzie from Achlunachan (probably the small community of Achlochan beside Achiltibuie). Most probably young Mary McKenzie was a daughter of Janet.

Reiff 51-82

Chirsty Maclean        Head         W        80   Wool Spinner Bal.. (sp?)
Ketty    Do.           Daur         U        50    Do  Carder
Notes on this Household:

The previous census had these two at Reiff 41-16, with quite different ages! Apparently, from the 1841 census, Chirsty's maiden name was McLeod.

Neither show up in the 1861 census.

Reiff 51-83

Murdo Urquhart         Head         Mar   56      Crofter of 2 Acres
Ann Urquhart or MacLeod
                       Wife         Mar      54
Ann Urquhart           Daur         U        25
Mary  Do               Daur         U        23
                     -- page break --
John Urquhart          Son          U     21      Fisher
Margaret  Do           Daur         U        19
Donald   Do            Son          U     17
Euphemia Do            Daur                  15
Ketty Do               Sister                53
Notes on this Household:

This family appears in the 1841 census at Reiff 41-10, and are in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-19.

Murdo and Ann were married 25 December, 1820. Murdo dies 13 October, 1867.

Ann is a daughter of Murdoch McLeod in Reiff 51-72, her sister Elizabeth (my gt-gt-grandmother), is wife of the MacDonald family at Reiff 51-87, her sister Chirsty MacKenzie is at Tanera 51-8, and her brother Murdo's family is at Reiff 51-76. She dies 13 October, 1884.

Young Anne above was christened 17 March, 1822, she dies unmarried 18 April, 1903.

3 February, 1853 Mary marries Kenneth MacLennan (see him at Reiff 51-77), and has three young children at Reiff 61-17, with her sister Henny as a General Servant. She is gt-gt-grandmother of Roderick Dykes MacLeod (CONTACT INFO). Mary died 18 April, 1902.

John was christened 21 January, 1827, he dies unmarried 24 March, 1913. John led a colouful life! See shok.htm

Donald was christened 18 May, 1831, he later marries Annabella MacKenzie of Ullapool (place of residence at time of marriage given as "Rhuo"), and has nine children; See Camusglassellan 81-2, and Reiff 91-16.

The Parish Register records the christening of three of the above children;

Euphemia appears in other documents by the dimunitive of her name, "Henny", and in the 1891 census at Reiff 91-22, unmarried at 54 years age as "Henrietta". She died unmarried 16 November, 1922, though she does have 8 April, 1865 a daughter born named "Maggie Ross".

Catherine "Ketty" above, Murdoch's sister, dies 3 May, 1870.

Reiff 51-84

Bell MacLeod           Head         W        55   Wool Spinner
Angus  Do              Son                18      Scholar
Notes on this Household:

This family appears in the 1841 census at Reiff 41-13, since then Isabella's husband John has died.

20 February, 1851 the Parish Register records the marriage of Alexander McLennan of Riff to Margaret McLeod of Achnahaird. Alexander is at Reiff 51-77. I am certain that the Margaret referred to is the daughter "Peggy" of this family who appeared in the 1841 census, especially as she named one of her sons Angus. Perhaps these McLeods originated pre-1841 at Achnahaird. In 1861 Alexander and Margaret are at Reiff 61-16, with three sons.

Cannot find Bell or Angus in later censuses.

Reiff 51-85

Murdo MacLeod          Head         Mar   60      Crofter of 3 Acres
Annabella  Do          Wife         Mar      50
Janet      Do          Daur         U        26
Murdo      Do          Son          U     16
Chirsty   Do           Daur                  13
Alexander   Do         Son                10
Ann        Do          Daur                   7
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared in the 1841 census at Reiff 41-15, and is in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-18.

The Parish Register records the marriage 9 March, 1818 of Murdoch MacLeod from Ruiff to Anabile MacLean from Altandu.

One of the children of this family, Rachel, who appeared in the 1841 census is servant to a McLean family at Letters on the far side of Ullapool now (see 51rachel). She was christened 22 January, 1827.

Rachel became the second wife of Donald McLeay of Letters in Lochbroom Parish 25 February, 1852. Donald was a half brother of Mary McLeay, who marries a John McKenzie at Letters, and is a gt-gt-gt-grandmother of Catherine "Cela" Beale in New Zealand (CONTACT INFO).

Alexander marries Janet Ross (see Reiff 51-80), and next appears in the Reiff censuses at Reiff 81-7.

Ann was christened 9 July, 1843.

Annabella has two siblings in this census; Alexander McLean at Altandhu 51-110, and Catherine McKenzie at Reiff 51-89.

Reiff 51-86

Donald MacLean         Head         Mar   56      Crofter of 1&1/2 Acre
Margaret Graham or MacLean
                       Wife         Mar      51
Roderick MacLean       Son                15      Scholar
John      Do           Son                12      Scholar
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared on the 1841 census at Reiff 41-3.

Her death registry in 1855 says Margaret was a widow then, and says she lived the last three years at Altandhu. It also says that Donald's occupation had been "Carpenter". It lists their three children as;

  1. Girl, died at 9 weeks in 1833.
  2. Roderick, 20
  3. John, 16

And is signed by Roderick. That registration gives Margaret's parents names as Roderick Graham and Erio(sp?).

Marg Ward (CONTACT INFO), is in contact with a descendant of this family. It appears that after the death of their mother the two boys emigrated to New Zealand. The boys seemed to have had some connection to the McDonald family in the next Household (Reiff 51-87), they settled near Marg's ancestor, John McDonald, and Marg has discovered some of the unnamed photos in her own old family albums are duplicates of ones held by the McLean descendants!

Reiff 51-87

Ketty Macdonald        Head         Mar      73   Crofter's Wife Having 2 acres
Donald   Do            Son          Mar   44      Fisher
                     -- page break --
Eliza MacDonald        Son's Wife   Mar      34   Fisher's Wife
Ketty   Do             GrandDaur             16
Margaret Do            Do  Daur              14
Murdo    Do            Do  Son             8
Donald   Do            Do  Son             4
Chirsty Do             Do  Daur               2
Peggy    Do            Do  Daur              3mo
Notes on this Household:

This family appeared at Reiff 41-18 in the 1841 census. In the 1861 census they are at Reiff 61-23.

Three generations of my (Donald MacDonald-Ross - CONTACT INFO) ancestors are in this Household, as Chirsty later became my gt-grandmother!

John McDonald, the husband of Ketty above, was a visitor at Altandhu 51-92 on the night of this census. That was the schoolhouse for the district, and it is difficult to guess his business with the schoolteacher. His grandchildren in this household are not listed as "scholars". Likely he either was asking the schoolteacher to translate and read or write a letter in English. John was the oldest person in the community (my other gt-gt-gt-grandfather Murdoch McLeod at Reiff 51-72 though listed as 90 as opposed to John's 89 has conflicting ages in other sources), and it was possible he was spokesman for the community, the Marquis of Stafford was evicting many Coigach people at the time.

The Parish Register records the birth of three children to John McDonald at "Ruive", and the marriage of a fourth, and the Assynt Register includes the marriage of a Macdonald from Reiff. I assume these are all siblings of Donald above;

  1. Murdoch, christened 28 April, 1811,
  2. Malcolm, christened 16 November, 1813,
  3. John, christened 4 July, 1817,
  4. Janet MacDonald from Riff married Hector McKenzie from Isle Ristol 12 March, 1830,
  5. Isobel Macdonald from Reiff married Murdo Mackenzie (son of Alexander) from Achnacarnan, Assynt, 17 February, 1815.

Ketty's parents are listed on her death registration in 1861 as Hugh McLeod and Catherine, whose maiden surname was also McLeod!

Donald was married three times, first to Margaret Graham of Reiff 21 March, 1832, Ketty above were her daughter. He married secondly to Christina MacLennan, her family is in this census at Reiff 51-77. When Donald remarried after the 1841 census, to Eliza McLeod, to honour his first two wifes his next daughters were named Christina and Margaret (Chirsty and Peggy above) Confusing having two children named Margaret in the household, but they seem to have managed by referring to the younger one as "Peggy", until the older one left home.

Eliza, my gt-gt-grandmother, was a McLeod, her father Murdoch is at Reiff 51-72 with other relatives, her mother, Margaret McLean, has died since the 1841 census. Ann Urquhart at Reiff 51-83, Christina McKenzie at Tanera 51-8, and Flora Campbell at Achnancarnian 51-11 are sisters, Murdoch McLeod at Reiff 51-76, and George McLeod at Ardmair 51-41 are brothers of Eliza.

Ketty (the granddaughter of Ketty), was christened 30 September, 1830.

Young Ketty, Margaret, and Chirsty all move later to Tarbat Parish in Easter Ross, where Ketty ("Catherine") marries William Corbett 14 July, 1854, Margaret apparently ends up in the poor house, and Chirsty marries 12 December, 1870 Andrew Ross, my gt-grandfather.

Murdo above was christened 9 July, 1843, he disappears from the records after this census, I suspect he is the 20 year old teacher staying with a Graham family in 1861 at Ullapool 61-156.

Young Donald above emigrates to New Zealand sometime in the 1880s, along with two younger brothers, John, and Alexander (both not yet born at time of this census). Marg Ward (CONTACT INFO) is a grand-daughter of John, and says Donald was known as "Donald Brown McDonald", I assume the "Brown" was a nickname. Marg says Donald did not marry, and had a butchers shop.

Marg Ward is in contact with a descendant of the McLean family in the previous Household; Reiff 51-86. The two boys there emigrated to New Zealand and settled near John McDonald's family. The boys seemed to have had some connection to the McDonald family, Marg has discovered some of the unnamed photos in her own old family albums are duplicates of ones held by the McLean descendants!

The 3 month old baby, "Peggy", marries Roderick Ross, who is at Reiff 51-80, and has five children before Rodericks tragic drowning in 1887 with her brothers Hugh and George (born 1857 and 1859), and Rodericks cousin, another Roderick Ross.

Reiff 51-88

Alexander MacLeod      Head         Mar   45      Fisher
Mary       Do          Wife         Mar      34
John       Do          Son                 2
Roderick    Do         Son                6mo
Notes on this Household:

Alexander was a son of the Isabella McLeod at Reiff 51-81. In the 1841 census he was with his family at Reiff 41-17.

In the 1861 census at Reiff 61-1 Alexander and Mary are with five of their children.

Alexander and Mary married 7 March, 1848 at Assynt, Mary is a daughter of the Kerr family at Reiff 51-74. Her christening is recorded in the Old Parochial Register 18 October, 1815. In the 1841 census she was a servant to the McDonald family at Reiff 41-18 (previous Household on this census!)

Reiff 51-89

Hector MacKenzie       Head         Mar   65      Crofter of 2 Acres
Catherine MacKenzie or MacLean
                       Wife         Mar      67
Duncan       Do        Son          U     21
Alexy MacLean          Distant Friend U      37   House Servt
Mary MacKenzie           Do     Do            9   Scholar
George MacLean         Visitor      U     60      Sailor
Notes on this Household:

This family was in the 1841 census at Reiff 41-4.

The family appears in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-4. Catherine is "Widow of a Runner of Post" then. Lexy is listed as her unmarried daughter, and Mary as a grand-daughter, both surnamed McKenzie.

Donald MacLeod in New Zealand (CONTACT INFO) has obtained Hector's death registration 4 August, 1860 at "Laid of Riff", it lists his parents as Murdoch McKenzie and Mary McLean, and so he has lots of relatives at Reiff! His brother John has died since the 1841 census, but John's family is at Reiff 51-79, his brother Roderick is at Faochag 51-65, his brother Murdo is at Reiff 51-75, his sister Isabella MacLennan is at Reiff 51-77, and another sister, Margaret, is married to John McLean in the neighboring village of Altandhu, see Altandhu 51-98.

The Informant on Hector's death registration was his son also named Hector. Only possible listing of him is in the 1841 census as a ten year old in Faochag 41-21.

Catherine's death registration in 1861 gives her parents names as Donald McLean and Christina McLean, which confirms the spelling of her name above. Moreover, Lexy Maclean, the "Alexy" above, was christened 8 January, 1812 at Altandhu, with the mother listed as "Widow of John MacLean".

The Parish Register also records 7 March, 1817 the wedding of Hector MacKenzie from Altandu, to Catherine MacLean, a widow from Altandu.

My surmise from the data is that Catherine McLean married John McLean, and that John died late in 1811, before the birth of his daughter Alexy. And that Catherine then married Hector MacKenzie in 1817.

A son of this Household, Murdo MacKenzie, is in the next Household at Reiff 51-90 with wife Ann McLean. Ann's parents are noted as a John McLean and Catherine, Maiden Surname McLean, clearly not a case of half siblings marrying, as Ann is noted born after Catherine above was Widowed and remarried to Hector MacKenzie.

The christening of Kenneth (not present on this census) to father Hector McKenzie was recorded 2 March, 1824, and the christening of Duncan above was registered 30 September, 1827.

Likely George was a brother of Catherine who was maiden surnamed McLean, as the enumerator did not use the term "brother-in-law". However, he might have been a relative of Catherine's first husband, John McLean, or of Hector's mother, Mary McLean.

Mary MacKenzie above is noted in the 1861 census as a grandaughter of Catherine, her noting above as "Distant Friend" to Hector MacKenzie, rather than a granddaughter, suggests her mother was a daughter of Catherine's first marriage, possibly she was an illegitimate daughter of Lexy.

Catherine has two siblings in this census; Alexander McLean at Altandhu 51-110, and Annabella McLeod at Reiff 51-85.

Reiff 51-90

Murdo MacKenzie        Head         Mar   32(sp?) Fisher
Ann MacLean or MacKenzie
                       Wife         Mar      35
Notes on this Household:

Murdo is a son of the Hector and Catherine in the previous Household, Reiff 51-89. He was with them in 1841 at Reiff 41-4. Murdo and Ann with two daughters are in the 1861 census at Reiff 61-5.

Murdo and Ann's marriage was registered in the O.P.R. 25 June, 1850. The register says he was a fisher from Reiff, and she was the daughter of John McLean, a crofter at Altandhu. Since the 1841 census at Altandhu 41-4 her widowed father John has died, but three of her unmarried siblings are at Altandhu 51-104, and a sister and aunt are at Altandhu 51-108. Her mother had been a Catherine, Maiden Surname MacLean, not the same Catherine who was Murdo's mother.

Reiff 51-91

John MacLeod           Head         Mar   48      Crofter of 8 Acres
                     -- page break --
Isabella MacLeod       Wife         Mar      38   Crofter's Wife
Ann      Do            Daur                  14   Scholar at home
Peggy    Do            Daur                  12
Roderick   Do          Son                 9      Scholar at home
Murdo      Do          Son                 7      Scholar at home
Chirsty    Do          Daur                   4
Notes on this Household:

In the 1841 census this family was at Dornie 41-4, though Isabella's family, the MacLennans, were then at Reiff 41-19, and are in this census at Reiff 51-77.

Isabella was christened 10 November, 1810. She married John 12 February, 1835. A submission to the Mormon's I.G.I. on film 1985409 lists the marriage as "ABT 1842", and the place as "of Coigach, Sutherland, Scotland". Same film gives the birth of Roderick as "ABT 1843" with the same bad address. I guess that Roderick marries into some family that has Mormon descendants, who submitted the information in 1985 without access to the original documents.

John dies 12 December, 1864 at Laid of Reiff. his death registration notes his parents as having been Donald McLeod and Ann, maiden surname McLeod. He was a cooper at Reiff, no doubt busy making barrels for the herring the village boats caught. Isabella and John had seven children.

John and Isabella have a son Donald in 1856, who dies at 1&1/4 years age 15 January, 1858. Donald's death registration gives his father John's occupation as cooper. The address reads "Laid of Riff". The Informant of the death was his brother Roderick.

In the 1861 census John and Isabella, with their unmarried son Roderick, are at Reiff 61-3.

Ann shows up in 1861 as the wife of Donald McLean next door at Reiff 61-2, with her sisters Margaret and Christina.

Young Murdo is missing in 1861.

As well as two brothers with her parents, Isabella has sister Mary at Altandhu 51-102, and sister Catherine at Altandhu 51-103.

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