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This page contains the family history of Rick Allen Coila and Bridget Colleen Buckley. As an ongoing effort, pages and information will be added as we discover it.

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Verification and Reliability

While some of the information in these pages has been verified, some of it has not been proven yet. We consider verified any information which comes directly from the source (for example my grandmother telling me her birthday is considered verification of that fact) or from written source documents. For our purposes, any written verification is enough to post the information, including official records (such as birth certificates), newspaper clippings, or even handwritten records (such as in a family bible or baby book.) Where two or more conflicting records occur, we try to judge the most correct version. For example my great grandmother's birth certificate is deemed more reliable than a handwritten notation of her birth by her grandaughter. We encourage genealogists to verify all information to their own satisfaction before reporting it as fact. We are willing to share our own source documentation with any interested family members, and welcome correspondence with other descendants of these lines. We also would LOVE any additional photos, clippings, or information that anyone from these lines might care to share. Thanks for visiting our site and have fun meeting our ancestors!

We can be contacted at Ailuri@aol.com