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1964 Alaska Earthquake Fatalities      


By Coleen Mielke



"Mayday!  Mayday!  Mayday!
This is the Motor Vessel CHENA calling ANYONE!!

On March 27, 1964 at 5:36 PM (Alaska Time), an earthquake that lasted 4 minutes and 37 seconds,
struck south central Alaska; it was the strongest earthquake ever recorded in the United States,
measuring 8.4 on the Richter Scale and 9.2 on the Moment Magnitude Scale.

I was 14 years old and I will NEVER forget it!!!


Two kinds of tsunami waves destroyed many coastal communities in Alaska that day.
Waves generated by massive tectonic plate movements on the ocean floor created gigantic waves
that traveled at tremendous speeds over great distances.
People as far away as
Oregon and California lost their  lives due to tsunami's generated in Alaska on 3/27/1964

The second type of wave was a  localized tsunami wave, which was the result of
underwater landslides and sediment slumps (near the shore) in the bays and harbors of Alaska.
Those waves came ashore almost immediately and were responsible
for the majority of lives lost in Alaska. Powerful aftershocks plagued
Alaska for more than three weeks after "The Big One".


This memorial plaque, honoring those lost on Kodiak Island, was donated by
Koniag Inc. They used my research to compile their list of names.


When you search the Internet for specific Alaska earthquake fatality statistics, you
are going to find a wide variety of numbers. Some sources list only those that perished
 in Alaska; other sources add those who perished hours later due to tidal
 waves in California and Oregon.

I have tried to include the names of everyone who died as the result of the
1964 Alaska Earthquake, including those who lost their lives while helping others

 and those that died from earthquake generated trauma such as heart attacks.
also included two babies that aren't on other lists; one that died of exposure right
after the earthquake and one that was born prematurely and couldn't get necessary medical
help because of the earthquake. I've also included the names of 4 Alaska National Guard
members who died when their plane crashed right after take-off. The men had just
delivered humanitarian aide to the devestated town of Old Valdez.

The following information is privately owned, please DO NOT
re-print or re-publish it IN ANY FORM without
MY written permission, Thank you.

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If you find a name in BLUE that means I have
additional information on that specific person at: alaska earthquake stories.html

Alexandroff, Chief Simeon

Kaguyak, AK

Last seen holding on to overturned skiff - body never found. Husband of Rena Melovedoff. Mother: Sasha Alexandroff. Kaguyak is on Kodiak Island.

Anderson, Eddie
Kodiak, AK Reported missing/ Never found
Anderson, Rudy
Kodiak, AK Reported missing/ Never found
Anderson, Mary
Kodiak, AK Body recovered from sunken boat near the the King Crab Cannery
dock at Kodiak (3 days after tsunami)
Arrigoni, Adolph John
Crescent City, California
Native of Italy. Drowned in his home in Crescent City, California.
Father of Josephine Jurichich.

Tyonek, AK
Baby born pre-maturely (morning after earthquake) radio out of commission due to earthquake and they could not call the doctor.
If you know the surname of this family, please let me know.

Baker, Clayton James 1918-1964
b. Montana
Anchorage, AK Handicapped as a child by Polio. Died at his home in Turnagain Heights. Son of William Baker and Ruth Agnes Briggs Baker. Buried in Montana
Barnes, David George 1934-1964
born: South Dakota

Whittier, AK Son of George and Catherine (Rice) Barnes.
Father of Vicki, Micki and Ricki who also perished;
Bodies never  found - Memorial Stone in Custer Cemetery, S.Dakota
Partner of Lewis Michelson who also perished,along with his 3 children: Teresa Lee, Randy and Keith Michelson.
Barnes, Micki Lee

Barnes, Ricki Dean

Barnes, Vicki Lurree


1958 1964
Whittier, AK

Whittier, AK

Whittier, AK
Child of David George Barnes,  body never found

Child of David George Barnes, body never found

Child of David George Barnes, body never found
Bledsoe, Clarence Paul 1920-1964
b. Wash.
Kodiak AK WWII Veteran. Son of Howard F. and Vera (DeWeese) Bledsoe, Husband of Hazel Louise Braddock. Buried in Seattle
Blendheim, Alfred 1903-1964
b. Norway

Port Ashton, AK
Drowned while trying to secure his skiff on Evans Island (Prince William Sound).
Boddy, Dan Percy 1916-1964
b. Michigan
Valdez, AK Was a truck driver from Fairbanks, waiting on the dock to load freight from the MV Chena. Son of Edward Boddy and Mary Tait. Husband of Irene, father of Michael, Sylvia and Nancy.
Brossow, Alfred "Fred" 1920-1964
b. Wisc.
Seward, AK Body never found - Pfc. 60th Arm. Bn. 9th Armoured Div. AK World War II (received Bronze Star). Son of John Charles and Lillian (McKay) Brossow. Some sources say he was on a boat called the Vicky Lynn. Parents: John Charles and Lillian (McKay) Brossow. Father of Duane Robert Brossow. 
Brown, Freddy Oliver 1919-1964
b. Kansas
Valdez, AK Son of William and Rose Anna (Menard) Brown.  husband of Mary Ellen Hopkins Brown. Worked for the State of AK. Buried in Valdez
Bushor, Jack "Jackie" Leroy Jr. 1956-1964
Kodiak, AK Son of Arlene L. (Boyer)(Bushor) Wallace and Jack Bushor Sr. Step-son of Airman Gordon Wallace. Body found at Kalsin Bay. Buried in Pennsylvania.
Beyer, Charles W. Sr.
Cordova, AK Eyak Lake area, found dead of heart attack after his house was washed off of its foundation.
Carriker, Lowell Duane Rev. 1930-1964
b. Missouri
Valdez, AK Pastor of  of Assembly of God Church, body never found. Husband of Bonnie. Son of Virgil Carriker and Ruby Gertrude Kaschmieder; children: Jan 7 and Leland 3.
Chimovisky, Alex

b. Nuchek
Port Nellie Juan, AK
Lived with son, Emmanuel, who was caretaker at Port Nellie Juan. Alex was son of the Chief of Old Nuchek. Port Nellie Juan is on Prince William Sound. *Often included with the Chenega victims*
Chimovisky, Anna

Port Nellie Juan, AK
Wife of Alex Chimovisky; staying with son, Emmanuel, at Port Nellie Juan on Prince William Sound. *Often included with the Chenega victims*
Chimovisky, Emmanuel
Port Nellie Juan, AK
Caretaker for closed cannery buildings at Port Nellie Juan on Prince William Sound. *Often included with the Chenega victims*
Clawson, Agatha Winifred "Gay"


Crescent City, California Co-owner of the Long Branch Tavern near Crescent City, California. Wife of William Clawson. Drowned when boat overturned while trying to escape tsunami. Maiden name Reynolds.
Clawson, William Eben


Crescent City,
Co-owner of the Long Branch Tavern near Crescent City, California. Husband of Agatha Winifred Clawson. Drowned on his 54th birthday when his boat overturned while trying to escape the tsunami
Cunningham, Dennis

Age 15 Valdez, AK Was standing on the docks when the tsunami hit. Son of Sharon Lawrence.
Curry, Maurice Newton 1893-1964
Kodiak, AK Seventy year old Maurice Curry was walking with 12 year old Richard Vosgien, when they were hit by a tsunami wave and both drowned. Maurice and his 3rd wife, Helen Schrup, lived at Kalsin Bay.
Damon, Frances (Goodrich) 1926-1964

Whittier, AK Lived in Soldotna: arrived in Whittier 1½ hours before tsunami, body never Found. Father: Clarence Eugene Goodrich. Mother:Anna Fosset.

Mother of: Lawrence Eugene Damon. Her parents donated 160 acres for the Damon Memorial (in Soldotna) in honor of their daughter Frances and grandson Lawrence.
Damon, Lawrence Eugene  1948-1964
b. Nevada

Whittier, AK Lived in Soldotna: arrived in Whittier 1½ hours before tsunami, body never Found; son of Lawrence Eugene Damon and Frances Goodrich Damon
Day, Leonard in his 50's?
Whittier, AK Winter caretaker for lumber company. One week before retiring to Oregon.  Body never found (husband of Alberta) 
Day, Alberta In her 50's?
Whittier, AK Wife of Leonard Day, body never found
Deis, Mary Eva

Dirksen, Isaac T.


b. Indonesia

Seaside, Oregon

Bolinas Bay, California

Died of heart attack when wave struck her home; she is buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery Portland, Oregon: Daughter of Anton and Rosalia Deis

Was fishing in Bolinas Channel when a tidal wave surge swept him off of a reef and his hip waders filled with water and he drowned. Husband of Bobbie Louise (Knight)Dirksen.
Edwards, Earl Floyd 1907-1964
Crescent City, California Employed by Timber Transport. Husband of Juanita Edwards. Drowned when boat overturned.
Edwards, Juanita Pearl 1921-1964
Crescent City, California Wife of Earl Edwards. Worked at the Long Branch Tavern. Drowned when boat overturned. 
Elbe, Emil Ludwig 1911-1964
b. Kansas
Seward, AK Railroad conductor; died of heart attack while running from tsunami. Sgt. U.S. Marine Corp WWII. Buried at the American Legion Cemetery in Seward. Parents: Charles and Caroline (Thowe) Elbe.
Eleshansky, Sally

Eleshansky Sr., Steve

Eleshansky, Ronda 




Chenega, AK

Chenega, AK

Chenega, AK

Wife of Mickey Eleshansky  Maiden name Selanoff Found dead on the beach at Knight Island by her husband, 2 days after tsunami.

Father of Steve Eleshansky Jr. Father of Ronda Eleshansky
Husband of Dorothy Selanoff. He was holding baby daughter (Ronda) and trying to run up the mountain to safety, but the tsunami got to them before they could get high enough.

Daughter of Steve & Dorothy "Tiny" Eleshansky
Erb, Frank Henry
Point Nowell, AK Only person at fish camp, disappeared and presumed drowned. Point Nowell is on Knight Island Passage.
Evanoff, Jack 1892-1964 Chenega, AK Brother of Willie Evanoff and husband of Nellie Evanoff.
Buried in Cordova.
Evanoff, Nellie 1906-1964
b. Kniklik
Chenega, AK Wife of Jack Evanoff. Buried at Cordova.
Evanoff, Sally 1912-1964 Chenega, AK Wife of Willy Evanoff   daughter of Anna Vlasoff
Evanoff, William

1898-1964 Chenega, AK Village Chief in 1948
Brother of Jack Evanoff and husband of Sally Evanoff
Fenner, Mabel M.

Kodiak, AK  Died of heart attack 3/29/1964.
Fields, Joan V. Age 25 Crescent City, California Fiancé of Gary Clawson 7/26/1938--3/28/1964
Drowned when boat overturned.
Finke, Lester Floyd 1914-1964
b. Iowa
Seward, AK Swept off of a dock, Body never found
Son of Fredrick and Anna Katharina Finke. Three children.
Granger, Douglas Arthur 1912-1964
b. Wash.

Valdez, AK Son of Arthur Hotchkiss Granger and Cora Janette McMillan. Husband of Glenna Jane Day, father of Terry and Oma Jean. Step-father of Becky. Ex-husband of Lucille Ann "Callie" Holmes. Brother-in-law of Robert Percy Harrison who also died that day.
Gregorieff, Paul Age 50
Valdez, AK Longshoreman, by shifting freight on "Chena" Husband of Mary (Vlasoff) Gregorieff. Son of Larry and Natalia Nellie Gregorieff
Growden, James Wilson Sr. Age 28

Valdez, AK Teacher & coach at Valdez High School. Husband of Ellucia Hodge.Father of David Lee, James Wilson and Rhonda Lynn Growden. Son of William Nelson and Gwendolyn (Fisher) Growden. Born in Ruby, AK and raised in Fairbanks. He died one day before his 29th birthday.

Growden, David Lee Age 4
Valdez, AK Son of James Growden Sr.
Growden, James Wilson Jr. Age 2
Valdez, AK Son of James  Growden Sr.
Harrais, Margaret Keenan  Age 92
Valdez, AK She died 3 weeks after the earthquake, of pneumonia, due to water in her lungs from the wave that washed her house away. Came to AK in 1914 as a teacher. Widow of Martin Harrais.
Herrington Jr., Donald
Seward, AK Crew member of the oil tanker AK Standard. Was last seen hanging onto a barrel in the water. Never found.
Harrison, Robert Percy 1913-1964
b. Canada
Valdez, AK Longshoreman unloading the freighter Chena on dock at Valdez. Son of William James Percival Harrison and Pearl Etta Nahrgang.Husband of Fay Day.  Father of Bonnette, Steve, Andrea and Cyndie. Brother-in-law of Doug Granger who also died that day.
Hatch, Jesse Lee


Seward, AK Had been out seal hunting with Frank Walunga in a 14' wooden skiff; the 2 men were last seen 12 minutes after earthquake by Dr. Starr and Bob Hayes who said hunters refused aide. Bodies never found. Son of Peter Ken and Annie (Swanson) Hatch. Husband of Charlotte Lorraine Walker. Was  named after Jesse Lee Children's Home in Seward (where his parents met). WWI veteran.
Henderson, Harry Alden 1915-1964
Anderson Bay, AK

Fisherman from Valdez. Harry, his boat and his fishing cabin were swept out into the ocean by the tsunami, never found. Anderson Bay is near Valdez.
Hillsberry, Lavella 1928-1964
Crescent City, California Native of Blackfoot Idaho. She died when she tried to warn friend; she was found amongst the debris in Elk Creek, California
Jackson, Arvilla child
Chenega, AK Daughter of Dora (Ribaloff) Jackson
Jackson, Cindy child
Chenega, AK Daughter of Dora (Ribaloff) Jackson
Jackson, Danny child
Chenega, AK Son of Dora (Ribaloff) Jackson
Jackson, Dora 29 Chenega, AK Mother of Cindy, Danny and Arvella. Daughter of Sam and Anna Ribaloff
Johnson, Sam
Valdez, AK
Jones, William "Bill" 1916-1964
Kodiak, AK Lived in Seward, but was on boat called Sunrise near Kodiak. The tsunami rolled the boat and Bill's body was never found. Husband of Frances Sarah Shea and father of: Vonnie, Claudianne, Debra, Tara, Dennis and David.  Bill was son of George W. Jones and Marian Humble.
Joslyn, Chester George 1912-1964
Valdez, AK Longshoreman at the Valdez Dock. Son of Clark and Cora (Stubbins) Joslyn.
Joy, Billy Eugene 1941-1964
Point Whitshed, AK Washed out to sea; was using a clam shack on the beach, three miles south of Cordova.
Kleparek, Gary Lynn 1945-1964
Ft. Richardson,
Died in surgery after head injury from falling concrete at the Ft. Richardson Skyline Service Club. He was a Pfc. in Co. B, 33rd Signal Bn., Fort Richardson Army Base. Son of Mrs. Naomi G. Swanson of Ohio.
Knight, Leora Ellen 1907-1964
b.North Dakota
Anchorage, AK Leora Ellen (nee Oliver) Knight, wife of Virgil Eugene Knight and mother of Carol Knight. During earthquake, the ground opened in front of her house and she fell in and was crushed as it closed back up. Her husband, who also fell in the crack, lost his leg. Daughter of Maurice Herbert Oliver and Ellen Maud Hulbert.
Knutesen Jr., Stanley  1950-1964 Valdez, AK Son of Stanley Knuteson Sr and Enola Mary(Shumaker) Swept off of dock in Valdez.
Kompkoff, Daria 1912-1964
b. Tatitlek
Chenega, AK Wife of Willie Kompkoff
Maiden name Levshakoff
Kompkoff, Willie 1898-1964 Chenega, AK Husband of Daria Kompkoff
Kompkoff, Julia Ann 9
Chenega, AK Daughter of Nick & Mary (Ribaloff) Kompkoff
Kompkoff, Norma Jean 3 Chenega, AK Daughter of Nick & Mary (Ribaloff) Kompkoff
Kompkoff, Richard 1939-1964
Chenega, AK Drowned  by third tsunami wave while trying to help the Vlasoff family.
*He was the son of Willie and Daria Kompkoff
Kompkoff, Joanne 3½ years
Chenega, AK Daughter of Joe and Avis Kompkoff of Chenega.  
Her body was found on Knight Island two weeks after tsunami.
Buried at Cordova.
Kraiger, Howard H. 1903-1964
b. Michigan
Valdez, AK Crushed by shifting freight on the "SS Chena". Son of Elmer and Lenora Kraiger, husband of Jennie Eva Thorstenson. Buried at Cordova.
Kulstad, Georgia "Pat"
Valdez, AK Wife of Robert Kulstad, night watchman for the Valdez dock, mother of Roger Kulstad (they lived in a trailer on the dock).
Larsen, John "Sutt" 1931-1964
Afognak, AK He was the Skipper of a boat called the Spruce Cape when it broke apart. Son of Louie and Olga (Naumoff) Larsen. Other crew on the boat that died were Harry Nielsen, Eli Wasilie and Ted Panamarioff. Larson's body found at Spruce Cape.
Layton, Virgil Connoly 1913-1964
Kodiak, AK Died 3/29/1964 doing salvage work at Kodiak harbor with the vessel Hekla. Husband of Stella Moniz Layton. Father of Madeline Magnusson
McKenzie, Louis Charles age 8 Newport, Oregon McKenzie family was from Washington but they were
camping at Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon
Parents: Monte and Rita Kay McKenzie

McKenzie, Robert Russell age 7 Newport, Oregon McKenzie family was from Washington but they were
camping at Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon
Parents: Monte and Rita Kay McKenzie
McKenzie, Richard Andrew age 6 Newport, Oregon McKenzie family was from Washington but they were
camping at Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon
Parents: Monte and Rita Kay McKenzie

McKenzie, Tamara Nannete age 3 Newport, Oregon McKenzie family was from Washington but they were
camping at Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon
Parents: Monte and Rita Kay McKenzie

MacGruder, Oran Gilbert 1890-1964
Crescent City, California Former stage coach operator.He was caught in the flood and died of heart attack. Husband of Ann MacPherson (Ralph) MacGruder.
Manson, James William "Jay" b. 1893 Quarff, Scotland
Old Harbor,AK

Husband of Nellie Peterson (married 1938 Unalaska).
Lived on Sitkalidak Island in Old Harbor area. Lived alone with his dog. Was seen in a row boat between tsunami waves, but never found after that.
Martines, Joseph S. Age 35
Anchorage,AK Died in the Aurora Hotel (Anchorage) when a chimney fell on him. He was from Mexico and came to AK every summer to work. He had a wife and 4 children in Mexico City. Buried in Anchorage.
McClure, Donald Sgt. Age 36 Crescent City, California Eel fishing on Klamath River with best friend Sgt. Stuart Harrington when tsunami hit and pushed them two miles up river. McClure rescued Harrington by getting him onto a log; when 2nd wave it and McClure drowned. His body was found a month later, 20 miles from where the Klamath River empties into the ocean. Body found by a fisherman on the drag-boat "Sally". Husband of Hisako McClure, father of Dorris, Shirley and Jackie.

McCoy, Ross Alvin  1918-1964
Valdez, AK Body never found. Son of Fred McCoy and Mary Ethel Shannon.  Husband of Jean Avis Barrie Ross
Mead, Perry Avery III Age 12 Anchorage, AK Child of Dr. Perry Avery Mead Jr. & wife Wanda (Merrell) Mead.  Body never found. 
Mead, Merrell Perry Age 2 Anchorage, AK Child of Dr. Perry Avery Mead Jr. and wife Wanda (Merrell) Mead. Body never found.
Michelson, Lewis Age 35 Whittier, AK Father of Teresa Lee, Randy and Keith Michelson who also perished. Partner of David Barnes who also perished with his 3 children Micki, Ricki and Vicki.
Lewis Michelson died on his birthday: 3/27/1964.
Michelson, Teresa Lee Age 6 Whittier, AK Child of Lewis Michelson (never found)
Michelson, Randy Age 5 Whittier, AK Child of Lewis Michelson (never found)
Michelson, Keith Age 2 Whittier, AK Child of Lewis Michelson (never found)
Moe, Victor Edwin 1922-1964
Seward, AK Was at Seward small boat harbor when tsunami hit.
Buried in the Seward City Cemetery
Son of Fritcof Hakanson and Marva Wolkoff
Mueller, Donald Age 38 Valdez, AK Died on Valdez dock (never found) Son of Victor H. Mueller and Blanche Bertha Rohlf.
Nielsen, Harry 1936-1964
Afognak, AK Was a crew man on a boat called The Spruce Cape, when it broke apart. Other men on the boat were John "Sutt" Larsen, Eli Wasilie and Ted Panamarioff. Harry Nielsen's body never found, he was the son of Nelse Nielsen and Enola von Scheele Nielsen.
O'Leary, Donald Morse 1935-1964
b. Circle, AK
Valdez, AK Life long resident of Fairbanks, son of Maurice O'Leary and Elsie Catherine (Rasmussen). Husband of Roberta "Bertie" Persinger O'Leary.
Osmonovich, Mike 1918-1964
b. Nevada
Seward, AK Pvt. U.S. Army WWII. Drowned in tsunami, never found. Son of Nickola and Mary (Gayer) Osmonovich/ Croatian
Panamarioff, Theodore "Ted" 1900-1964
b. Kodiak
Afognak, AK Was from the village of Ouzinkie. Was on a boat called the Spruce Cape when it broke apart. Husband of Ada Lena (Carlsen) Panamarioff, son of Timothy Panamarioff. Other crew that died on the boat were John "Sutt" Larsen, Eli Wasilie and Harry Nielsen. Panamarioff's body never found.
Parks, James 1901-1964
Crescent City, California Drowned when a wave floated his trailer off of its foundation and it overturned on Front Street in Crescent City, California. He was a shoe repairman.
Pettikoff, Sammy

Reed, Frank Oscar


Shuyak Strait, AK

Cape St. Elias, AK 

Disappeared on boat right after earthquake, assumed drowned in tidal wave.

Coast guardsman with broken leg, drowned while other Coast Guard friends tried to rescue him. Cape St. Elias is on Kayak Island

Reft, Albert Andrew 1920-1964
b. Karluk
Kodiak, AK He died trying to save a friends boat at the docks, his body was ever found. Son of John Reft of Estonia and Katie (Bishard) Reft. Survived by wife Tina (Katelnikoff) Reft. Father of 10 children. 
Robinson, Richard Jay 1936-1964
b. Idaho
Valdez, AK Son of Rex Johnson Robinson & Ruth Stoddard Robinson and husband of Sharon Robinson. Branch President of the Valdez LDS Church.  He was unloading freight from a ship when tsunami hit; his body was never found. Three children: Lynne, Richard Jr. and Gregory.
Rustigan, Mary Louise "Bobbie"
Age 44 Anchorage, AK Wife of Baxter Rustigan, mother of Rusty, Bonnie and Robert. Killed by the falling concrete facade of the new J.C. Penny Bldg. in Anchorage. Buried in Anchorage.
Schmidt, William Elmer "Dutch"  1898-1964
Valdez, AK Son of John and Caroline (Ritter) Schmidt. Ex-husband of Lula Belle Day. Father of Oma Lea, Roger William, Wayne Edmund and Mary Jane Schmidt. Longshoreman swept to sea after first wave. Husband of Dorotha Thelma Whelan.
Schultz, Eugene Albert 1927-1964
Kodiak, AK Music teacher in Kodiak. Died in tsunami at Chiniak Bay. Husband of Rose Marie. Son of Leo and Frieda (Laging) Schultz.  World War II Veteran. Grave Stone in Spring Valley, Minnesota.
Schultz, Rose Marie 1938-1964
Kodiak, AK Died in tsunami at Chiniak Bay. Wife of Eugene Schultz, maiden name Cavaness
Selanoff, Jeanne child Chenega, AK Daughter of Charlie & Kathy Selanoff; sister of Karen Selanoff
Selanoff, William (Billy) child Chenega, AK Was walking on the beach when the tsunami hit.
Son of Charlie & Kathy Selanoff; brother of Karen Selanoff
Selanoff, Thomas Paul baby/twin Chenega, AK Son of Paul Selanoff and Junie Elashansky
Selanoff, Robert Jr. baby/twin Chenega, AK Son of Paul Selanoff and Junie Elashansky
Simmons, Robert Martin  1921-1964
Seward, AK Out fishing on his boat, body never found. Son of Olive Lay Simmons & Lester Benjamin Simmons Husband of Louise Ellanna (Oukuk), Brother of Barbara
Simmons, Louise Ellanna (Oukuk) 1938-1964
Seward, AK Maiden name Oukuk. Born on King Island. Body never found, wife of Robert Martin Simmons.
Spadaro, Frank Age 73 Seward, AK Retired railroad yard foreman. Was at the Seward small boat harbor when tsunami hit, body never found.
Stapp, Sr. Sterlin Ovel 1924-1964
Valdez, AK Swept off of Valdez dock, never found.
Son of Virgil Roland Stapp and Ada Elizabeth Williamson
Stuart, Debra Lynn 1954-1964
Valdez, AK Daughter of Earl (Smokey) and Sammie Marie Stuart
Stuart, Earl Lincoln "Smokey" 1931-1964
Valdez, AK Son of Dallas Berton & Dorothy Pearl (Bond) Stuart
Husband of Sammie Marie (Matheson)Stuart and father of Janice, Debra and Larry Stuart.
Stuart, Janice L. 1955-1964 Valdez, AK Daughter of Earl (Smokey) and Sammie Marie (Matheson) Stuart
Stuart, Larry Paul 1951-1964
Valdez, AK Son of Earl(Smokey) and Sammie Marie (Matheson) Stuart
Stuart, Sammie Marie 1934-1964
Valdez, AK Wife of Earl "Smokey" Stuart. Mother of Janice, Debra and Larry Suart
Styer, Lee Marlin  1945-1964
Anchorage, AK Ran out of the J.C. Penny store to check on his brand new car, when part of the store collapsed and fell on him (buried in Ohio). He was the only son of Leroy and Alice (Hayden) Styer.
Tabasco, George T. "Joe" About 50?
Valdez, AK Swept off of Valdez dock during tsunami. Former mechanic at Chilkoot Barracks for Company F, 7th Infantry.

Taylor, William George "Bill" 1918-1964
b. Oregon

Anchorage, AK Died in Anchorage International Airport Tower.Son of George Washington Taylor (who came to Alaska in 1897) and Elizabeth (Keedy) Taylor. WWII Veteran.
Buried in Anchorage.
Totemoff, Phillip Jr.

Thompson, Ralph E.

Chenega, AK

Valdez, AK
Son of Shirley; Grandson of Willie Kompkoff

Third mate on the SS Chena, had a heart attack during the earthquake, died next morning
VanBuskirk, Jack Theodore 1926-1964
b. Wash.
Valdez, AK Son of Ralph & Frances Elba Onalee (Harris) Van Buskirk

Husband of Betty A. Stinnett and father of Esther and Mark.
Vlasoff, Anna b.1898 d.1964
Chenega, AK Mother of Sally Evanoff,  body found on beach, washed out of her house when first tsunami wave hit. Buried in Cordova.
Vosgien, Richard Paul 1951-1964
Kodiak, AK Richard (age 12) and Maurice Curry (age 70) were walking along the beach at  Kalsin Bay on Kodiak Island, when they were killed by a tsunami wave. Richard was the son of Art and Bessie Berdina (Harris) Vosgien.

Wallace Arlene
Wallace, Jack
(see Bushor)


Kalsin Bay, AK
Arlene L. Boyer (Bushor)(Wallace) drowned along with her son Jack Bushor, at Kalsin Bay on Kodiak Island. They were trying to get back to Naval Station . Wife of Airman Gordon Wallace. Buried in Pennsylvania with son.  
Walunga, Frank Tahlan
Seward, AK Had been out seal hunting with Jesse Lee Hatch in a 14' wooden skiff; last seen 12 minutes after earthquake by Dr. Starr and Bob Hayes, but hunters refused aide. Bodies never found. First wife: Gladys Tatoowi (died 1953). Second wife: Myrtle James b. Keouk, AK. 
Ware, Geriann Dee 1963-1964 Whittier, AK Daughter of Jerry and Judy Ware. Second tsunami wave crushed the family trailer and pulled mother and baby apart. Baby found alive in snowbank, but later died. Buried in Anchorage, she was 6 months old.
Wasilie, Eli  1938-1964
Kodiak, AK Born in Karluk, son of Willie Pete and Vera Wasilie. Was a crewman on a boat called The Spruce Cape, when it broke apart. Other men on the boat were the skipper, John "Sutt" Larsen, Harry Nielsen and Ted Panamarioff. Eli Wasilie was from Larson Bay, his body was never found.
Wheeler, Phillip  1915-1964
Valdez, AK (assumed) Son of George A. Wheeler and Edith A. Peak
Wisdom, Alva Marvin  1910-1964
b. Oregon

Seward, AK Swept away by a wave as he was clearing tsunami debris that blocked an escape route (out of Seward) to higher ground. Ex-wife: Helen Barger (1 son: Duane Wisdom) Alva Marvin was buried in Seward
Williams, Milton Thomas Jr. "Bud" 1921-1964
Valdez, AK United States Navy WWII aboard the USS Delta.
Husband of Lois Lee (Gilliam) Williams. Father of Linda and Toni.
Wright, Bonita Ione 1962-1964

Crescent City, California Daughter of William Eugene and Kathern Ilene (Merz) Wright. Drowned while she, her baby brother and mother tried to flee their home near South Beach, Crescent City, California. Age 2

Wright, William Eugene  1963-1964 Crescent City, California Son of William Eugene and Kathern Ilene (Merz) Wright. Was pulled from his mothers arms by the water as they tried to flee their home near South Beach, Crescent City, California .   Age 10 months

Wyatt, Donald Age 31 Kaguyak, AK From Los Angeles.  He was a geologist.  He & his wife, Joyce were camped 2 miles from Kaguyak Village. His body was found floating in the lake (he was buried in Kodiak). Kaguyak is on Kodiak Island.
Zeedar, Inakenty "Nick"

Age 49
Kaguyak, AK "Nick" Zeedar, Simmie Alexandroff, Victor Melovedoff & Max Shelikoff tried to get a large skiff that they wanted to use to transfer the women and children to safety. Nick & Simmie were lost. Nick's body was found on the beach, covered by a broken section of the roof. Kaguyak is on Kodiak Island
Zeedar, Baby 1964-1964
Akhiok, AK Baby of Senafont and Jennie (Peterson) Zeedar (of Ahkiok Village),
died right after earthquake but before tsunami arrived, probably
from exposure. Akhiok is on south end of Kodiak Island.
(Name provided by Leandra Zeedar, Jennie's granddaughter)

Zook, Gerald
Lee Hibner
Age 27
Valdez, AK

Born in Wrangell, AK, son of Nettie Prescott and  Lyle Hibner. Step-son of
Bill Zook. He died on the Valdez dock but his body was never found.

Carroll, Thomas Patrick
South Dakota
Adjutant General Carroll of the Alaska National Guard and 3 others (on a humanitarian relief mission to Valdez)  died when their Fairchild C-123J Provider crashed immediately after take off in a heavy snow storm and sank into Valdez Harbor.
Norris, Thomas Earl
Lieutenant Colonel Norris (Pilot) and 3 others (on a humanitarian relief mission to Valdez)  died when their Fairchild C-123J Provider crashed  immediately after take off in a heavy snow storm and sank into Valdez Harbor.
Rowe, James Ardin
Air National Guard Major Rowe (Co-pilot) and 3 others (on a humanitarian relief mission to Valdez)  died when their Fairchild C-123J Provider crashed  immediately after take off in a heavy snow storm and sank into Valdez Harbor.
Ayers, Kenneth Wayne
Air National Guard (Flight Engineer) Ayers and 3 others (on a humanitarian relief mission to Valdez)  died when their Fairchild C-123J Provider crashed  immediately after take off in a heavy snow storm and sank into Valdez Harbor.

CHENEGA (23* dead)
The small Alutiiq fishing village of Chenega, perched on the edge of Chenega Bay in Prince William Sound, was completely destroyed by three localized tsunami waves that came ashore within minutes of the 1964 earthquake. The waves washed away every house, demolished the dock, destroyed their boats and drowned 23* of the 75+ residents. The only building that survived was the school house because it was on high ground.

The people of Chenega were earthquake savvy, so when the earth started shaking that day, they turned off their oil stoves and headed for higher ground.

Parents told their older children to run up the mountain which was directly behind the village. Adults with babies and pre-schoolers, tried to carry them up the mountain, but were quickly hit by tsunami waves which pulled the children out their arms, never to be found again. Twelve of the 23 Chenega fatalities were children.

The records actually show 26 Chenega deaths due to the earthquake. Twenty three died IN Chenega and 3 others (the Chimovisky family) died at Port Nellie Juan (19½ miles from Chenega) where they were working as cannery caretakers.

Chenega's survivors were taken to Tatitlek, Cordova or Anchorage and never moved back to Old Chenega. Twenty years after the earthquake, Chenega was re-established (at a new location) on Evans Island.

VALDEZ   (37 dead)

Twenty eight adults and children were on the Valdez dock watching the "M.V.CHENA" unload it's freight when the earthquake struck. The crew was  happily throwing candy and oranges to the children on the dock.

The earthquake quickly turned the glacial sediment along the waterfront, into "liquid mud" and a huge 4,000' x 600' section of it slid out into Port Valdez, displacing the water and collapsing the dock, warehouse, packing plant, cannery and bar; it also threw everyone from the dock down onto the muddy ocean floor. Almost instantly, a 30' wave of mud and water rushed back into the waterfront, burying everyone and everything.

The next 30' wave reached the business district of Valdez and heavily damaged 40% of the businesses. The Union Oil tanks ruptured and caught fire and the water, sewer and phones were crippled. The entire town was damaged beyond repair in less than 10 minutes!! Three years later, the town of Valdez was moved to a safer location, 4 miles away.

Four more men lost their lives, indirectly due to the earthquake, when they crashed their plane on take-off 4/25/1964. They were Alaska National Guard members who were in Valdez delivering humanitarian aid to the devestated town of Valdez. Their deaths brought the total number of lives lost in Valdez to 37.

SEWARD  (12 dead)

Both kinds of tsunami waves hit the town of Seward. Less than a minute after the earth started shaking, a 3,500' section of the waterfront (at the south end of town) slid into the bay, creating a 30' localized tsunami. The underwater land slide carried away the cannery, the boat dock, the Army dock, part of the railroad dock and the Standard Oil dock. To give you an idea of how massive this land slide was: a 200 ton wharf crane, at the railroad dock was swallowed up by the underwater slump and NEVER found again.

Subsequent waves spread burning oil (from the Standard Oil Company tanks) toward the loaded railroad tank cars and the Texaco tank farm, which then exploded, spreading fire all over the town of Seward.

Waves destroyed the small boat harbor and shuffled (for the lack of a better word) the 125 boats moored there; some boats were pushed far inland, onto dry ground. Railroad tracks were stripped off of their rails and tank cars were tumbled like pickup sticks. Remarkably, only 13 people died in Seward.

ANCHORAGE  (8 dead plus 1 from Ft. Richardson)

Parts of Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, saw substantial damage; not from tsunami waves, like other parts of central Alaska, but from 4½ MINUTES of ground movement which turned the Cook Inlet clay and sediment (that Anchorage is built on) into a liquid which caused large landsides, like the one that destroyed three blocks of Fourth Avenue. Another problem area was over behind the old Alaska Native Hospital, where a section of the bluff (650' wide x 12' deep) fractured and moved north, taking out a fuel storage tank and lowering part of the hospital parking lot by 25'. The south wing of the Government Hill Elementary School dropped 30' and the east wing of the school split lengthwise and collapsed. The front of the new five story J.C.Penny building collapsed as did the new six story Four Seasons apartment building on L Street; the 60' tall air traffic control tower at International Airport also collapsed.

Major ground movement destroyed 75+ Anchorage homes and killed 4 people in the exclusive Turnagain Heights area (off of Northern Lights Blvd.) where many prominent families lived on a high bluff overlooking the Inlet. When the shaking started, the entire 8,600' x 1,200' bluff slid nearly 1,000', breaking homes in half and burying others. Today that area is called Earthquake Park.

WHITTIER  (13 dead)
The devastation in Whittier happened at lightening speed during the 1964 earthquake. Even
before the earth stopped shaking, three 40' localized tsunami waves came ashore (90 seconds apart), killing 13 of Whittler's 70 residents and depositing two ton boulders on shore. The waves demolished the railroad depot, the Columbia Lumber Company and tipped over the Union Oil tank farm which then exploded and sent burning oil out into the Bay and filling the town with black smoke.

KODIAK ISLAND  (22 dead)

Tsunami waves came ashore at the city of Kodiak about every 55 minutes for almost 10 hours. The first 30' waves were the largest, but the smaller ones were none the less deadly. The waves pushed 50 and 100 ton crab boats over the harbor breakwater and deposited them 2 to 3 blocks into town. Downtown, buildings were pushed off of their foundations and relocated from one block to the next. Forty percent of Kodiak's business district and thirty percent of its fishing industry facilities were demolished. The small boat harbor was destroyed, as were 158 homes. Thirteen people were killed in the town of Kodiak, 3 in Kaguyak village, 3 in Afognak village, 1 in Old Harbor and 1 in Kalsin Bay.

In Seward, Alaska
 The power of the earthquake tossed these
 railroad cars like pick-up-sticks
You can see the burning oil storage tanks in the distance


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