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Hope, Alaska 1900  

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Note: Some of the following information was difficult to read. When I wasn't sure, I underlined the word. When two occupations are given, the first one is the persons pre-Alaska occupation and the
second one is his present occupation.

McCracken, Andrew b. 3/1860 Kentucky (to AK 1898) prospector

Hoben, Harry b. 11/1877 Canada  (to AK 1898) (to USA 1893) laborer
Roll, George b. 9/1866 Germany (to AK 1896) (to USA 1881) merchant
Patellin, Emilian b. 8/1869 Alaska    clerk   (last residence Kodiak) Father: Illinois Mother: Alaska
Patellin, Michael b. 1831 Alaska    uncle  laborer (last residence S.F. Calif.) Parents born Alaska
Hendry, James b. 8/1844 Missouri  (to AK 1896) miner
Beedy, Joseph  b. 2/1880 Kansas (to AK 1896) miner
York, Richard b. 1861 California  (to AK 1896) miner
York, Robert M. b. 1885 California (to AK 1898) son
Holmes, Andrew  2/1864 Norway (to AK 1897) (to USA 1882)  laborer
Holmes, Bertha b. 11/1870 Norway (to AK 1897) (to USA 1895) wife
Woodaman, Fred J. b. 2/1857 Canada (to AK 1895) (to USA 1876)  ship builder - miner
Walker, Horace b. 10/1855 Pennsylvania (to AK 1886) miner
Walker, Jennie b. 5/1875 Alaska   Kuilchana  tribe (**probably Quilchana)
Walker, William b. 9/1890 Alaska  son
Walker, Louis b. 9/1894 Alaska      son
Walker, Charlie b. 12/1899 Alaska  son
Walker, Fred b. 7/1892 Alaska       son
Baraghan, S             b. 6/1877 Ireland  (to AK 1898) (to USA 1893)  weaver - miner
Baird, A          b. 2/1857 Canada  (to AK 1896) (to USA 1878) miner
Riley, Matthew b. 4/1855 Canada  (to AK 1898) (to USA 1874) miner
Passwater, Geo. W. b. 2/1872 Indiana  (to AK 1898)  attorney - miner
Norton, Frank B.   b. 12/1854 Pennsylvania  (to AK 1899) miner
Durig, Fr         b. 7/1860  Ohio  (to AK 1896) miner
Kook, Albert  b. 8/1863 Germany (to AK 1898)  (to USA 1889)  miner
Bucklin, Christ  b. 1/1869 Germany  (to AK 1898) (to USA 1894) miner  partner
Sterles, Frank  b. 1/1862 Wisconsin  (to AK 1898)  RR agent - miner
Thomas, Wm. E. b. 1873 Canada  (to AK 1898) (to USA 1884)  teacher - miner
Knight, All           b. 1858 Michigan  (to AK 1897)  druggist - miner
Palmer, Julius  b. 1/1866 Canada  (to AK 1896) (to USA 1868)  plasterer - miner
Palmer, Bella   b. 1879  Alaska   wife  (Knik Tribe)
Palmer, Nellie  b. 4/1898  Alaska  daughter
Snyder, John  b. 1/1869 Ohio  (to AK 1896)  farmer - miner
Peterson, Chas L.   b. 7/1866  Sweden  (to AK 1888) (to USA 1888) miner
Johnsen, Andrew  b. 8/1846 Sweden  (to AK 1897) (to USA 1871)  sailor - miner
Petterson, John      b. 11/1848 Sweden  (to AK 1898) (to USA 1895) sea captain - miner
Johnson, Swan  b. 12/1864 Finland  (to AK 1899)  (to USA 1880) amalgamator - miner
Parmenter, Albert  b. 11/1868 New York  (to AK 1898)  shoemaker - miner
Howard, Alfred  b. 11/1848 New York  (to AK 1896)  farmer - miner
Howard, Ma          b.12/1849 Illinois  (to AK  1898) wife
Wolcott, Frank P.  b. 9/1855 California  (to AK 1894) miner
Bachoff, Chas  b. 1865 Germany  (to AK 1898) (to USA 1875) miner
Thomas, Osmond  b. 1856 Norway  (to AK 1895) (to USA 1868) miner
Collins, Samuel C.  b. 7/1854 Indiana  (to AK 1896) miner
Collins, Anna  b. 12/1852  New York (to AK 1896) wife
Mathison, Robert  b. 6/1851 Scotland (to AK 1898)  (to USA 1860) stock raiser - miner
Mathison, L             b. 4/1865  Texas  (to AK 1899)  wife
Mathison, John  b. 4/1881  Texas  son
Mathison, Chas   b. 8/1883 Texas son
Mathison, Bessie  b. 6/1885 Texas  daughter
Mathison, Robert E.  b. 10/1891  Texas  son
Carter, Chas  b. 9/1852 mass.  (to AK 1896) miner
Slayback, Geo  b. 8/1859 New Jersey  (to AK 1895) miner
Barnes, Reubin  b. 1/1847  Maine  (to AK 1896) miner
Coon, Geo   b. 10/1862 Mass.  (to AK 1896) bridge builder - miner
Hirchey, John  b. 6/1865 New York  (to AK 1896) miner
Callaghan, Thos.  b. 9/1830 Ireland  (to AK 1899) (to USA 1868) miner
Hall, Herman  b. 12/1846 New York  (to AK 1895) miner
Finlan, Ab           b. 2/1833  Ohio  (to AK 1898) miner
Peterson, Chas  b. 11/1863 Sweden  (to AK 1898) (to USA 1888)  sailor - miner
Paulson, Peter  b. 2/1872 Norway  (to AK 1896) (to USA 1872) miner
Maddough, Isaac  b. 8/1854  Canada  (to AK 1897) (to USA 1886) miner
Hansen, Joe  b. 3/1870 Wisconsin (to AK 1898) miner
Fisk, Lester  b. 4/1871 Illinois (to AK 1895) miner
Afanansee  b. 1850 Alaska (Knik Tribe)  fishing and hunting
Afanansee, Mary  b. 1870 Alaska (Knik Tribe) wife
Afanansee, William b. 1888 Alaska   son
Stephan  b. 1872  Alaska (Knik Tribe) adopted son
Pedro     b. 1881   Alaska (Knik Tribe) adopted son

Stephan  b. 1865 Alaska (Knik Tribe)   fishing and hunting
Stephan, Mary b. 1870 Alaska (Knik Tribe) wife
Stephan, Dahlia b. 1898 Alaska  daughter

Alexander, Pete   b. 1882 Alaska (Knik Tribe)  fishing and hunting

Kusema b. 1862 Alaska (Knik Tribe) fishing and hunting
Kusema, Anna b. 1874 Alaska (Knik Tribe) wife
Kusema, Elina  b. 1892 Alaska daughter
Kusema, Pedro  b. 1894 Alaska son
Kusema, Emma b. 1/1900 Alaska  daughter

HOPE 1910
Goodchild, John b. 2/1869 Wyoming
Gegerson, Alfred b. 3/1877  Norway immigrated 1885
Togman, William A. b. 8/1859  Indiana  parents from Germany
Styles, Frank J.  b. 1/1844  Wisconsin    father  New Brunswick mother Maine
Miller, Harry L.  b. 5/1869
Richards, Joseph b. 9/1873
Richards, Alexandra b. 1/1887 wife         Aleut
Faday, Lizzie b. 4/1897  adopted daughter    Aleut
Headburg, John b. 1/1868 Sweden  immigrated 1898
Headburg, Nastache b. 11/1886            Aleut
Headburg, John b. 12/1907 Alaska
Headburg, Lillie  b. 1909 Alaska
Hirshey, John b. 6/1866  New York      parents from Germany
Hirshey, Theresia b. 11/1876 Germany
Parezo, Thomas b. 8/1851 Illinois
Matheson, R. B.  b. 6/1851 Scotland
Matheson, Larinia R. b. 4/1865 Texas
Matheson, John b. 5/1881 Texas
Matheson, Chas S. b. 8/1883 Texas
Matheson, Bessie B.  b. 6/1885 Texas
Matheson, Robert L. b. 10/1891 Texas
Hall, Herman D. b. 12/1834  b. New York
Morrison, Robert b. 1/1881  Pennsylvania
Knight, Altamon b. 9/1859 Michigan
Slayback, Geo. D.   b. 8/1859 New Jersey
Taylor, Winfield  b. 10/1864 Nova Scotia  immigrated 1882
Roll, George b. 9/1866 Germany
Roll, Louise b. 4/1875 Texas   parents born Germany
Thomas, Osmond T. b. 10/1856  Norway  immigrated 1869
Peterson, Charley  b. 7/1866 Sweden  immigrated 1887
Peterson, Martha  b. ??               Aleut
Peterson, Hellen b. 1/1907 Alaska
Peterson, Frank b. 11/1909 Alaska
Kielin, J.   b. ??   Sweden
Dunlap     b. ??    ??

HOPE 1920
Preston, Elijah J. 66  Illinois
Goodchild, Jack 55 California
Clark, Charles E. 19 Texas
Martin, Ferdinand 72 widower New York
Parezo, Thomas 68 widower Illinois
Roll, George 52  Germany         immigrated to USA 1881
Roll, Louise M. 52 Texas
Tayler, Winfield 55 Nova Scotia
Logman, William A. 60 Indiana
Ivanoff, Olga 32 Alaska
Ivanoff, Clarence 6 Alaska
Ivanoff, Doris 4 Alaska
Ivanoff, Ray 1½ Alaska
Josephson, Charles 56 Sweden        immigrated to USA 1875
Clark, Hud? 43 Texas
Clark, Ginette 37 Texas
Clark, Elsie 15 Texas
Clark, Carl 12 Texas
Miller, Harry L. 49 Scotland          immigrated to USA 1890
Mathison, Robert L. 28 Texas
Mathison, Inis L. 31 Kansas
Byrne, Lucille 10 step-daughter  Colorado
Hirshey, John 53 New York
Hirshey, Teresia 43 Germany
Coon, George 57 Mass.
Mathison, Charles 37 Texas
Mathison, Maud 36 Iowa
Prickett, Arthur 16 step-son Washington
Haun, Henry W. 38 California
Haun, Rosella 34 California
Haun, Pearl 14 California
Haun, Lloyd 11 California
Haun Myrtle 6 California
Haun, Edgar E. 34 brother California
Haun, Thomas 68 Missouri
Haun, Charles 11 son California
Perrin, Albert E. 46 New York
Perrin, Lavina R. 55 Texas
Carson, Elmer 58 Indiana
Wolfe, William 63 Ohio
Wolfe, Betty 62 Kansas
Knight, Altoman 63 Michigan
Holly, Margurite 36 Utah
Thomas, O. T. 63  USA

HOPE  1930
Coon, George 68 born Massachusetts                             parents: Mass.
Polisak, Joseph 48  born Austria                                   To USA 1907
Sobol, thomas 58 widower b. Austria                             To USA 1899
Herrin, Albert 55 b. NY                                               parents: NY
Herrin, Lavina R. 64 b. Texas                                        father: Texas   mother: Missouri
Clark, Hubbard 57  b. Texas                                         father: Texas   mother: Missouri
Clark, Annete 47 b.  Texas                                            father: Texas   mother: Missouri
Cogman, William A.  70  b. Indiana                                 parents: Germany
Taylor, Winfield 65 b. Canada                                       parents: Canada
Krunookapich, Peer 51  b. Montenegro                             parents: Montenegro
Wolfe, William D. 69 b. Indiana                                    father: Pennsylvania  mother: Ohio
Carson, Elmer E. 68 b. Indiana                                       father: Pennsylvania  mother: Ohio
Miller, Harry R. 60 b. Scotland                                     father: Scotland    mother: Ireland
Hirshey, John 63  b. New York                                      parents: Germany
Hirshey, Theresa 53 b. Alsace Lorraine Germany            parents: Alsace Lorraine Germany

Amodt, Charles 55 Norway         immigrated to USA 1895
Brown, John H . 54 Iowa
Kamarek, Albert 53 Illinois
Connolly, Mike 56 Canada
Anthony, John 66 widower Rhode Island