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Iliamna, Nondalton and Lake Clark, Alaska area census records 1900-1930 .


Extracted by Coleen Mielke

[email protected]

The following information is taken from hand written census records. There are
going to be errors on this page, not only spelling errors made by the original record
keeper, but errors of my own in translating the penmanship
Please keep that in mind.

I have not corrected any spellings
this is the information just as I found it.

My notes are in RED

NEGHELING VILLAGE 1900    (this record only used single names)

Andrew age 25  head of house Kuskwogmiut
Anna age 21 wife Kuskwogmiut
Anuska age 48 mother  Togiagmiut
Nickoli age 19 brother Kuskwogmiut
Elinia age 15 daughter-in-law Nushegamiut
Anuska age 13 daughter-in-law Nushagamiut
Ivan age 11 son-in-law Nushagamiut
Legolia age 9 son-in-law Nushagamiut
I____?? age 27 head of house Nushagamiut
Annuska age 24 wife Nushagamiut
Balarka age 5 months  daughter
Vascilia  age 31 head of house Nushagamiut
Gluba age 27 wife Nushagamiut
Ogelina age 8 daughter
Simeon age 80  head of house  Kania Tribe  
Malia age 55 wife Kania
Sophia age 22 daughter Kania
Legoriage 16 son Kania
Yacob  age 28 head of house  Kania
Malia age 19 wife Kania
Ivan age 23 head of house Kania
Amelia age 20 wife  Kania
Anuska age 13 daughter Kania
Goffia age 11 daughter Kania
Peter age 65 head of house Kania
Malcham age 29 son-in-law Kania
Martha age 22 daughter Kania
Nathaldia age 2 niece  Nushegamiut
Peter age 30 head of house Nushegamiut
Anna age 24 wife Nushegamiut
Dadonia age 5 daughter Nushegamiut
Aradina age 1 son Kuskwogmiut
Elina age 60 mother-in-law  Nushegamiut
Stephen age 29 head of house Kuskwogmiut
Anuska age 27 wife Nushegamiut
Zacharius age 8 son Nushegamiut
Vascila age 5 son Nushegamiut
?Legotra? age 1 daughter Nushegamiut
Dahlia age 15 niece Kuskwogmiut


Evan, Peter age 63 widow  Aleut
Evan, Tatiana age 15 daughter Aleut
Evan Alexander age 8 son Aleut

Simeon, Evan age 43   Aleut
Simeon, Annesa age 31 Wife  married 9 years   4 children/3 living
Simeon, Simeon age 7 son
Simeon, Annuska age 4 daughter
Simeon, Nastashia age 1 daughter

Michael, Evan age 36  Aleut     married 12 years
Michael, Olea age 38 wife   6 children/2 alive
Michael, Maria age 9 daughter
Michael, Afanacia age 3 daughter

??Uchumudak, Andrew age 61married 12 years   Aleut
??Uchumudak, Wastecia??  wife   7 children/5 alive         Aleut
??Uchumudak, Agafia age 17 daughter
??Uchumudak, Chacarly age 13 son
??Uchumudak, Maria age 7 daughter
??Uchumudak, Peter age 2 son
??Uchumudak, Anna age 90  widow  mother

Wassellie, Alexander age 37  Aleut
Wassellie, Maria age 17 wife Aleut
Peter, Ignasi age 30 lodger Aleut
Peter, Naginty age 33 lodger Aleut

Pavila, Peter age 84 widower Aleut
Pavila, Agafia age 16 daughter Aleut
Pavila, Katrina age 7 daughter Aleut
Pavila, Evan age 29 lodger Aleut
Pavila, Zackarr age 13 lodger Aleut

Yarko, Wassillie age 40 Aleut
Yarko, Lueber age 35 wife married 12 years  Aleut
Yarko, Ogalina age 15 daughter
Yarko, Sophia age 2 daughter
Alexander, Ogalene age 12 niece
Alexander, Nicholas age 19  nephew
Peder, Alexander age 33 lodger
Evan, Evan age 25 lodger

ILIAMNA LAKE      1900

Richter, Marshall b. 1817  Kani (*probably Kenai?)  parents b. Kodiak Island
Richter, Mary b. 1870  wife   b. Mulchatna River
Richter, Stephanita b. 1896 step-daughter b. Lake Clark

Richter, Ephem b. 1866 Iliamna    father b. Kodiak Island  mother b. Kuskokwim
Richter, Agaphia b. 1875 Mulchatna   father b. Mulchatna mother b. Cook Inlet
Richter, Ivan b. 1892 Iliamna
Richter, Marpha b. 1895 Iliamna
Richter, Stephan b. 1899 Iliamna

Richter, Vassilie b. 1861 Illiamna   father b. Kodiak Island           mother b. Kani
Richter, Mary b. 1872 Kuskokwim   father b. Kuskokwim    mother b. Lake Clark
Richter, Michael b. 1887 Iliamna
Richter, Nicoli b. 1888 Iliamna
Richter, Mary b. 1892 Cook Inlet
Richter, Stephen 1893 Iliamna
Cris  b. 1892 (adopted orphan)  b. Iliamna  father b. Kuskokwim mother b. Lake Clark
Mary b. 1880 (adopted orphan) b. Illiamna  parents b. Iliamna

Andrew (one name only) b. 1875 Lake Clark  fathr b. Kani  mother b. Kuskokwim
Anna  wife b. 1881 Mulchatna    parents b. Iliamna
Gerasin b. 1897 Iliamna

Michael (one name only) b. 1864 b. Iliamna   father b. ?     mother b. Cook Inlet
Mary b. 1875 Mulchatna         parents b. Mulchatna
Gariela (son) b. 1884  Lake Clark
Agalina (daughter) b. 1892 Iliamna
Dalia (daughter) b.  1894 Iliamna

Vassili (one name only) b. 1870 Kuskokwim       parents b. Kuskokwim
Nastasia  wife            b. 1882 Mulachatna   father b. Iliamna   mother b. Mulchatna

Augaria (one name only - widow) b. 1870 Lake Clark   father b. Kuskokwim  mother b. Lake Clark
Feador (son) b. 1895 Iliamna        Parents born Lake Clark
Gariela (nephew) b. 1872 Lake Clark    father b. Iliamna  mother b. Mulchatna
Simeon (nephew) b. 1884 Mulchatna
Ivan (nephew) b. 1892 Iliamna
Fama (nephew) b. 1894 Iliamna

Ivan (one name only) b. 1882 Mulchatna  father b. Iliamna  mother b. Mulchatna
Alexandria (wife) b. 1886 Kaskenak       Parents born Kaskenak
Andrea (servant) b. 1882 Nushagak       Parents born Nushagak

Richter, Alex b. 1871 Iliamna     father Kodiak Island   mother Kuskokwim
Richter, Vasilisia b. 1880 Mulchatna          parents born Mulchatna
Richter, Anna b. 1895 Iliamna
Richter, Michael I b. 1896 Iliamna
Richter, Michael II b. 1899 Iliamna
Vasili (servant) b. 1882 Nushegak
Nicoli (servant) b. 1872 Iliamna

Richter, Gusmar b. 1862 Cook Inlet    father b. Kodiak Island   mother b. Kuskokwim
Richter, Mary b. 1880 Iliamna           parents b. Iliamna
Richter, Ignatia (son) b. 1891 Iliamna
Richter, Alexie (son) b. 1900 Iliamna
Gariela (adopted) b. 1882 Lake Clark  father b. Mulchatna  mother b. Iliamna
Dalia (half-sister) age 78   b. 1822 Cook Inlet   father b. Kodiak Island  mother b. Kani

Richter, Ivan b. 1856  Iliamna  father b. Kodiak Island  mother b. Kani
Richter, Vasilisia b. 1868 Iliamna      father b. ?       mother b. Cook Inlet
Richter, Katherine b. 1895 Cook Inlet
Richter, Sacharies (adopted) b. 1879 Iliamna    father b. Cook Inlet  mother b. Kanik

Sava (one name only) b. 1870 Iliamna      parents b. Iliamna
Katherine b. 1868 Iliamna                     parents b. Iliamna
Beador b. 1880 (son) b. Iliamna

Alexie b. 1875  Iliamna           parents b. Iliamna
Nicoli b. 1895 (son) b. Iliamna

Peter (one name only) b. 1875 Lake Clark    father b. Kani     mother b. Kuskokwim
Madrona b. 1875 Lake Clark            father b. Mulchatna mother b. Iliamna
Mary (adopted) b. 1883 Lake Clark   father b. Kuskokwim  mother b. Lake Clark

Moses (one name only) b. 1867 Mulchatna    parents b. Mulchatna
Foronia b. 1866 Kustatan   parents b. Kustatan
Yudaka b. 1889 Lake Clark
Sava b. 1892 Iliamna
Vasili (adopted) b. 1890 Lake Clark    father b. Iliamna  mother b. Kustatan

Stephanita  (widow) b. 1867 Iliamna   father b. Kuskokwim  mother b. Lake Clark
Pantilieman b. 1886 Iliamna   father b. ?   mother b. Iliamna
Agafia b. 1892 Iliamna         father b. ?    mother b. Iliamna

John (only one name) b. 1870 Iliamna  parents b. Mulchatna
Mary b. 1872 Iliamna  parents born Kodiak Island

Ivan (only one name) b. 1855 Kuskokwim  parents b. Kuskokwim

Pinell, Theodore b. 1880 Oregon  parents born in Finland
Wiranen, Chas b. 1887  Finland
Sabutsky, Chas b. 1883 Finland
Partanen, Alex b. 1871 Norway    parents born in Finland

Goolithook, Evan b. 1879  Aleut
Goolithook, Ographina b. 1889 Aleut
Goolithook, Petra b. 1905 son  Aleut

Gregorie, Furder? b. 1991  Kaniagmiut
Gregorie, Dalia b. 1884  wife    Kaniagmiut     5 children / 4 living
Gregorie, Uslikeah? b. 1899  daughter
Gregorie, Stepan b. 1900 son
Matfar, Pavla b. 1894  lodger       Aleut
Kegluthum, Gabriel b. 1894 lodger  Aleut

Johanson, Nels b. 1871 Sweden  to USA 1891
Severson, Hans b. 1869 Dakota        parents born Norway
Conliffe, James b. 1869 Connecticut   parents born England

Rasmussen, Thomas b. 1874 Norway  to USA 1896
Rasmussen, Peter b. 1906 Alaska  son  (Kaniagmiut) son

Jensen, Carl b. 1874 Denmark    to USA 1900
Jensen, Annie  unk birth date   Kaniagmiut  4 children/3 living
Jensen, Karasen age 11 Kaniagmiut
Jensen, Michael age 3  Kaniagmiut
Jensen, George age 1 month  Koniagmiut

Flyum, Alex age 36 b. Norway  to USA 1894
Flyum, Annie age 27  Kaniagmiut  6 children/4 living
Flyum, Dahlia age 9
Flyum, Maria age 1 month

Hansan, Christian 42

Nilson, Christian age 39 born Denmark to USA 1897
Nilson, Martha age 31 record says Eskimo but it's crossed out and listed as Aleut

Anderson, Peter age 50
Anderson, Agalia unk birth date      Kaniagmiut
Anderson, Michael b. 9/1904 Alaska
Anderson, Maria b. 2/1908 Alaska

McLean, John F. age 46 born New Jersey  parents born Ireland
Dutten, Otis W. age 51 b. Indiana father born NY mother born VT
Walker, Walter age 39 b. Indiana  father born Illinois  mother born Indiana
Brown, Frank age 35 born New York   parents born England

Kachley, Jonas age 45 b. Ohio  parents born Virginia
Lawrence, John age 29 born California  parents born Norway
Foss, Rertines? age 50 b. Norway  to USA 1879
Foss, Christina age 50 b. Norway to USA 1888
Foss, Samuel age 28  son  b. Dakota
Foss, Harold age 21 son   b. Dakota
Hendrickson, Sophia age 28 lodger b. Australia   father b. Scotland mother b. Australia
Webster, John age 32 lodger b. Sweden to USA 1889
Rasmussan, John age 46

Rickteroff, Kosma age 60 Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, ?Dahiska?  age 16 wife Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, Peter age 9 son
Meska (or Weska), Evan age 13  lodger

Gregorie, Nicholas age 30 Kaniagmiut
Gregorie, Marie age 25 wife Kaniagmiut
Gregorie, Tatiana age 18 sister Kaniagmiut
Gregorie, Stepaneta age 13 sister Kaniagmiut
Gregorie, Wassalissa age 3 daughter Kaniagmiut

Rickteroff, Wa???den  age 35 Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, Michael age 16 son Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, Michael C. age 14 son Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, Sophia age 12 daughter Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, Doria age 7 daughter Kaniagmiut
Zackarr, Wanka age 24  lodger Kaniagmiut
Zackarr, Kodia age 18  lodgers wife  Kaniagmiut

Naketa, Simeon age 35  Kaniagmiut
Naketa, Yavdaksa?? age 23  Kaniagmiut  4 children/1 living
Naketa, Kodia  1 month old  daughter  Kaniagmiut

Kolyaka, Alex age 40 Kaniagmiut
Kolyaka, Oaglena age 24 wife  Kaniagmiut   3 children/3 living
Kolyaka, Nicholia age 19 son
Kolyaka, Sophia age 3 daughter
Kolyaka, Ugania age 2 daughter

Woontaha,  Michael age 65 Kaniagmiut
Woontaha, Maria age 60 Kaniagmiut    married 40 years    8 children/ 4 living
Woontaha, Gorrulka?? age 30 son
Rickteroff, John age 30 lodger  Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, Natasha age 27 lodgers wife Kaniagmiut    married 8 years  4 children/3 living
Rickteroff, Marfa age 10 daughter
Rickteroff, Epheme age 4 son

Rickteroff, Epheme age 50  Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, Agafia age 40  married 14 years    6 children/3 living
Rickteroff, Evan age 20 son
Rickteroff, Marfa age 17 daughter
Rickteroff, Warwara age 3 daughter
Rickteroff, Daria  age 100  lodger (born 1809)

Pedro, Matrona born 1859 widow  Kaniagmiut
Aduket, Andre born 1879 brother-in-law Kaniagmiut
Aduket, Annie age 10 niece

Mysee, Foramia??  age 59   Kaniagmiut  married 21 years  4 children/4 living
Mysee, Richard age 20 son
Trefan, Wasele age 48 lodger Kaniagmiut
Trefan, Maria age 27 lodgers wife Kaniagmiut  married 11 years  6 children/4 living
Trefan, Gavalilla age 19 son
Trefan, Wasili age 8 son
Trefan, Alexandra age 6 daughter
Trefan, Agafia age 2 daughter

Rickteroff, Theodosha age 35  married 10 years      6 children/ 4 living
Rickteroff, Wassalina age 5 daughter
Rickteroff, Gavalilla age 10 months son

Dehkitti?, Evan age 50 Kaniagmiut
Dehkitti?, Maria ge 30 wife Kaniagmiut       6 children/2 living
Dehkitti?, Wasili age 21 son
Dehkitti?, Ignacio age 6 son
Dehkitti?, Ozinia age 3 daughter

Simeon, Stapanita age 70  Kaniagmiut        6 children/3 living
Simeon, Mondilla??  age 37 son
Zackarr, Sullivan age 22 lodger

Rickteroff, William age 66  Kaniagmiut       married 38 years
Rickteroff, Maria age 55 Kaniagmiut           12 children/5 living
Rickteroff, Michael age 24 son
Rickteroff, Stephen age 19 son
Rickteroff, Paraskovia age 9 daughter
Rickteroff, Goulka age 30 lodger  Kaniagmiut
Rickteroff, Maria ge 21  lodgers wife Kaniagmiut  married 4 years   2 children/0 living
Zackarr, Harmoska age 22 lodger

Foss, Bird S. 62 b. Norway immigrated 1879
Foss, Christina 62

Foss, Samual B. 38 b. North Dakota
Foss, Harold 32 b. North Dakota

Sours, Korraisian 22 (female) b. Alaska
Sours, Annie (mother) 31 widow
Jenson, Mike (brother) 13
Jenson, Nicholia (brother) 10
Jenson, Alena (sister) 8
Richteroff, Pariscovia (sister) 5
Peterson, Garsaw (brother) 3 years 2 months

Richteroff, Madrona 70 widow
Richteroff, WaraWara 9 stepdaughter

Richteroff, William 82
Richteroff, Mary 60 wife
Richteroff, William M. 36
Richteroff, Steven 28
Richteroff, Parscovia 18

Mysea, Wasileasa 40  Head of house
Mysea, Richard 26 husband
Kolyaka, Sofia 18 widow daughter
Richteroff, Daria 16 daughter
Richteroff, Ugaria 8 daughter
Mysea, Anesea 3 years 4 months daughter
S____lysha, Alex 3 years 3 months nephew

Richteroff, Michael C. 24
Richteroff, Michael 20

Richteroff, Evan 27
Richteroff, Stephanita 23
Richteroff, Vera 15 sister
Outaha, Wara Wara 4 years 3 months step-daughter
Richteroff, Marfa Lillian 8 months daughter

Kolyaka, Aluska 42 widow
Kolyaka, Sofia 14 daughter

Delkittie Garilla 38
Delkittie, Mary 30
Delkittie, Annik 9 daughter

Gregorie, Nicholia  50 widow
Carlscoff, Katchania 29 daughter
Gregorie, Gregore 3 years 7 months daughter

Nekata, Simeon 42
Nekata, _____? 38 wife
Nekata, Catherine 9
Nekata, Necata 7
Nekata, Agafia 5
Nekata, Ephim 3

Regan, John M. 44 Wisconsin
Regan, William B. 40 Wisconsin

??Holyaka, Nicholia 26 widow

Roehl, Fred J. 60 Germany
Roehl, Mary 38 Alaska
Roehl, Mary 18
Roehl, Charles 16
Roehl, Sofia 14
Roehl, Fred 12
Roehl, Henry 9
Roehl, Wilhem 5
Roehl, Bertha 3 years 10 months
Roehl, Emma 7 months

Phillips, Fred 46 Canada
Phillips, Ruth 45 Canada
Phillips, Frederick7 Washington
Phillips, Walter 4 years 11 months Washington

Redmire, Marith 33 divorced       b. Norway  immigrated 1901

Duryea, William E. 60 New York
Duryea, Elbert 50 New York


Note: This record was very faint and hard to read, there is a serious chance for errors here.
Where I wasn't certain about what was written, I noted it by marking it in RED

?Stadoni, Ivan  age 35
?Stadoni, Agafia 25
?Stadoni, Daria 4

?Stogohesia, Pete 40 widower
?Stogohesia, Simeon 14
?Stogohesia, Nicolai 7
?Stogohesia, Zachar 6

Doucock, Ivan 35
Doucock, Olia 30
Doucock, Afanasee 12
Doucock, Agafia 10
Doucock, Ephim 4

Onegenuk, Andrew  45
Onegenuk, Matlunda?  27
Onegenuk, Cousina 18 son
Onegenuk, Sasa 8 daughter
Onegenuk, Marka 6 son
Onegenuk, Agafia 4 daughter
Onegenuk, Catherine 3 daughter
Onegenuk, Ivan 1 son

?Banena_____, Evan 36
?Banena _____, Phenesia 30
?Banena _____, Nicholai 12
?Banena _____, Simeon 10
?Banena _____, Alex C. 5
?Banena _____, Yavdikoya 4
?Banena _____, Marfa 3
?Banena _____,  Steven 1

Wasillie, Apalutuch  55 widow
Wasillie, Jofia 10
?Stutaich, Alex C.  29 boarder

Hanouchaw, Alex C.  40
Hanouchaw, Annie 30
Hanouchaw, Nicholai 5
Hanouchaw, Nastasia 3

Nohnichlea, Ignitie 40 widower
Nohnichlea, A______ 7 daughter
Nohnichlea, Simeon     1  son
?S__________, Annie 80  widow  boarder
Andrew, Naginty   7  boarder


Andrew, Evan 42
Andrew, Anesia 50
Andrew, Andrew 7

Olympic, Naginty 38
Olympic, Leana 32
Olympic, Ilia  14  son
Olympic, Nicholai 13 son

Andrew, Wasillia 50  widower
Andrew, Pete 6

Hobson, John M. 52
Hobson, Catcheana  45
Hobson, Catherine 15
Hobson, Steven 12
Hobson, Sofia  9
Hobson, Maisie 6
Hobson, Evelyn 1

Severson, Hans 50
Severson, Madrona 32
Severson, George 8
Severson, Mary 5
Severson, Edward 3
Severson, Annie 1 month

Carlscoff, Stephen 30

?Antolynandi, Evan  45
?Antolynandi, Daria 36
?Antolynandi, Antone 14
?Antolynandi, Leatimer 4
?Antolynandi, Andrew 3 months

?Slakte______, Evan 40
?Slakte ______, Yavidihich? 26
?Slakte ______, Martha 11 months

Zacher, Evan 60 widower

Cusma, Leatimer 38
Cusma, Annie 32
Cusma, Alexandrea 7

Baluta, Alex C. 41
Baluta, Mary 38
Baluta, Annie 15
Baluta, Alex C. 12
Baluta, Nastasia 9
Baluta, Evan 3 months

Delkettie, ?Frediga?  47
Delkettie, Auga 42
Delkettie, ?Georer 23
Delkettie, Masutha? 13
Delkettie, Daria 3

?Carlsecoff, Marka 33
?Carlsecoff, ?Y_______? 45
?Carlsecoff, Nicolai 11
?Carlsecoff, ?Y_______? 9

Evanoff, Zachar 34
Evanoff, Rastasia 39
Evanoff, Martha 16
Evanoff, Ephim 14
Evanoff, Maria 5
Evanoff, Sour 1 month

?Carl _____, Alex C. 28

Baluta, Nicholai 33
Baluta, Alexandria 28
Baluta, Annie 8
Baluta, Trephon 3
Baluta, Corasiam 28 (brother)
Rasmussen, Yavdikia 24  widow  (daughter)
Rasmussen, Stephenetia 8
Rasmussen, Thomas 5
Rasmussen, Peter 13  (stepson)
Brooks, Catherine 15 (stepdaughter)

Auheton, ?Sinha?  49
Auheton, Agafia 46
Richteroff, Marfa 8 granddaughter

Sours, ?Yapo?  40
Sours, Mary 38
Sours, Caveriala 14

Sours, Evan 56
Sours, Annie 54

Iliamna Village   1930

Foss, Harold        age 40   born: North Dakota   Parents born: Norway
Foss, Christine     age 73  (mother)  born Norway

Millett, Hugh H.    age 37   born: Washington   father born: Nova Scotia mother: Oregon
Millett, Marie A.   age 28   (wife) Aleut  father: Germany   mother: Aleut
Millett, Gertrude   age 5    (daughter)
Millett, Jessie     age 3    (daughter)
Millett, Julia      age 1    (daughter)

Johnston, Walter H.  54  b. Indiana       Public School teacher
Johnston, Nellie M.  50  b. Minnesota     Public School teacher
Johnston, Francis     9  b. Washington    (son)

Hinckley, Salem T.   age 79  b. Maine     Prospector

Rickteroff, Michael  age 34  b. Kenai     Fur business
Rickteroff, Katrina  age 23  b. Kenai
Rickteroff, William  age  5  b. Kenai
Rickteroff, Jennie   age  1  b. Kenai
Mysee, Vasline?      age 52  b. Mulchatna (mother)
Mysee, Lagaria       age 18  b. Kenai     (half sister)
Mysee, Alicia        age 13  b. Kenai     (half sister)
Mysee, Alec          age 5 months  born Kenai  (nephew)

Nekati, Simian       age 41  b. Nondalton
Nekati, Widahy       age 37  b. Nondalton
Nekati, Hilda        age  6  b. Nondalton

Gregoritsch, Nicolai age 54 (widower) b. Iliamna
Gregoritsch, Nicolai Jr. age 15 b. Iliamna

Delkettie, Lorilla  age 43  b. Mulchatna
Delkettie, Mary     age 34  b. Iliamna
Delkettie, Trefon   age  9  b. Iliamna

Rickteroff, Evon    age 36  b. Iliamna
Rickteroff, Stephanita age 34
Rickteroff, Wawara  age 15
Rickteroff, Frank  age 6
Rickteroff, Evon Jr. age 2
Rickteroff, Lily age 10

Zacher, Wonnka  age 38  b. Iliamna
Zacher, Agaffi  age 17  b. Iliamna
Zacher, Paul    age 13  b. Iliamna
Zacher, Xenia   age 9   b. Iliamna

Roehl, Charles  age 26  b. Iliamna    father: Germany   mother: Aleut
Roehl, Valeen   age 28  b. Iliamna    father: Russia    mother: Kenai
Roehl, Charles Jr.  age 6
Roehl, Edwin age 5
Roehl, Bertha 3
Roehl, Heinie  3 months
Roehl, Bertha  13 (sister) b. Naknek   father: Germany   mother: Aleut

Roehl, Frederick age 22  b. Naknek     father: Germany   mother: Aleut
Roehl, Vera  age 24      b. Iliamna    
Roehl, Frederick Jr. age 18 months
Roehl, Pauline  age 5 months
Roehl, Henry J.  age 19  (brother)  b. Naknek      
Roehl, Emma      age 10  (sister)   b. Shemya

Sours, Chris M. age 33 b. Iliamna parents from Kenai
Sours, Sophie   age 24 b. Naknek  father: Germany   mother: Aleut

Foss, Samuel  age 48   b. North Dakota  parents from Norway
Foss, Sophie  age 27   b. Iliamna
Foss, John S. age  9   b. Iliamna
Foss, Dorothy S. age 7  b. Iliamna
Foss, Benjamin age 4    b. Iliamna
Foss, Hazel    age 1    b. Iliamna

Carlson, Theodosia  age 50   b. Iliamna

John, Evon  age 51  b. Nushagak
John, Annie age 52  b. Iliamna
John, Anastasia 20  b. Newhalen  (daughter)
John, Matlunka  13  b. Newhalen  (daughter)
John, Alexey    10  b. Newhalen  (son)
John, Wassilli   9  b. Newhalen  (son)
John, Ogoolina   8  b. ? (hard to read)

Millett, Oliver B. age 65  b. Nova Scotia  Father: New Hampshsire Mother: Nova Scotia
Millett, Theresa   age 63  b. Oregon  Father: Kentucky  Mother: Missouri

Sava, Pete  age 50  b. Mulchatna   parents from Kenai
Sava, Daria age 45  b. Iliamna
Sava, Cartia age  10   b. Nondalton

Karshakoff, Alexey  age 31  b. Nondalton   parents from Kenai
Karshakoff, Marfa  age 24  b. Iliamna   parents from Kenai
Karshakoff, Efim  age 7  b. Iliamna
Karshakoff, Anisia  age 3  b. Iliamna
Karshakoff, Nicolai  age 3 months  b. Iliamna
Eusma, Mary age 4  (boarder)

Wassenkari, Walter R.  age 34  b. Washington   parents from Finland
Wassenkari, Ole E.     age 30  b. Washington  (brother)

Hatton, C. M.  age 28   b. Washington          parents from Canada


Seversen, Hans  age 60  b. Minnesota          parents from Norway
Seversen, Madrona  age 40  b. Mulchatna       parents from  Kenai
Seversen, George   age 17  b. Nondalton
Seversen, Mary     age 15  b. Nondalton
Seversen, Edward   age 12  b. Nondalton
Seversen, Annie    age 10  b. Nondalton
Seversen, Alexandria age 8 b. Nondalton
Seversen, Martin   age 4   b. Nondalton
Seversen, Walter   age 1   b. Nondalton

Bailey, John  age 34  b. Utah
Bailey, Myrtle age 29  b. Michigan

Andrew Peter  age 30  b. Nondalton
Andrew, Mary   age 25  b. Nondalton
Andrew, Olga   age  1  b. Nondalton
?Teenkteenk, Catherine  age 10  (boarder) b. Nondalton
?Teenkteenk, Efim age 15  (boarder) b. Nondalton

Koloviar, Evon  age 35  b. Nondalton
Koloviar, Marie age 30  b. Nondalton
Koloviar, Nicoli  age 7 b. ?
Koloviar, Catherina age 4  b. Newhalen
Wassilia, Wassilia age 15 (boarder)  b. Newhalen
Wassilia, Gregory  age 10 (boarder)  b. Newhalen
Nazagh, Antone  age 20    (boarder)  b. Newhalen
Evon, Maxim  age 25       (boarder)  b. Newhalen
Andrew, Niketa age 15     (boarder)  b. Newhalen


Appaletuk, Wassilia  age 55 (widower)  b. Nushigak
Agnelan, Alec age 30 (son-in-law)      b. Newhalen
Appaletuk, Okoolina age 28 (daughter)  b. Newhalen
Appaletuk, Anastasia age 18 (neice)    b. Newhalen
Appaletuk, Sawa age 10 (nephew)        b. Newhalen
Appaletuk, Lubova age 12 (neice)       b. Newhalen
Appaletuk, Okoohna age 8 (neice)       b. Newhalen
Appaletuk, Gregory age 4 (nephew)      b. Newhalen

Kiatoluk, Alec age 35  b. Nushagak

Agnelan, Ignatti  age 40  b. Newhalen
Agnelan, Annie    age 34  b. Newhalen
Agnelan, Yafia    age 12  b. Newhalen  (daughter)
Agnelan, Nicolai  age  7  b. Newhalen  (son)
Agnelan, Nikila   age  5  b. Newhalen  (son)

Andrew, Pete  age 30  b. Nondalton

John, A.B.  age 40  widower  b.Kokhanok
John, Nicoli  age 18 (son)  b. Newhalen

?Keelukuluk, Daria  age 17  b. Newhalen
?Keelukuluk, Andrew age 30  b. Newhalen
?Keelukuluk, Stephanita  age 9 (daughter)
?Keelukuluk, Wassilie   age 4 (son)

Delkettie, Fita  age 52  b. Lake Clark
Delkettie, Olga 40 b. Mulchatna

Foxye, Niketa  age?   b. Seldovia

Noartuk, Nikita  age? b. Iliamna

Kalsikoff, Stephen  age 35  b. Kuskokwim
Kalsikoff, Anastasia age 19  b. Kuskokwim
Kalsikoff, Elena age 3  b. Nondalton
Kalsikoff, Marka age 10 months b. Nondalton

Delkettie, Toolia age 21  b. Nondalton
Delkettie, Stephanita age 17  b. White Fish
Delkettie, Nicolai  age 2  b. Nondalton

Olympe, Nikita age 22  b. Kokhanok

Ahleeluk, Maxim age 20 b. Kokhanok
Noartuk, Evan  age 15 b. Iliamna  (partner)

Koosma, Maxim  age 44 (widower)  b. Lake Clark
Koosma, Sophie age 10  b. Newhalen
Koosma, Alec age 9 b. Iliamna

?Munanigyok, Tuis Jr.?  age 25  b. Iliamna

Evanoff, Zachar  age 78  b. Cook Inlet
Evanoff, ?Yovdekai?  age 20  b. Kuskokwim
Evanoff, Anicia age 6 b. Newhalen
Evanoff, Zachar Jr. age 5 b. Newhalen

Balluta, Antone age 25  b. Nondalton
Balluta, Sophie age 20  b. Kuskokwim
Balluta, Daria age 2 b. Kuskokwim
Balluta, Daria  age 49 (widow) (mother) b. Kuskokwim
Balluta, Latimer age 19 (brother)  b. Nondalton
Balluta, Nicolai age 7  (brother)  b. Nondalton
Balluta, Yavda age 5    (sister)   b. Nondalton

Evon, Jacco age 50  b. Mulchatna
Evon, Mary  age 34  b. Kuskokwim
Evon, Anna  age 75 (widow)  b. Kuskokwim
Evon, Wassili age 6  (nephew)  b. Kuskokwim
Evon, Koosma age 4   (nephew)  b. Kuskokwim

Balluta, Nicolai age 40  b. Kuskokwim
Balluta, Alexandria age 40  b. Kuskokwim
Balluta, Annie age 19  b. Nondalton
Balluta, Madrona  age 1  b. Nondalton

Kalsikoff, Nicolai age 20  b. Nondalton
Kalsikoff, ?Yovdikyea?  age 58 (widow) (mother)  b. Kuskokwim

Koktelash, Evan age 55  b. Mulchatna
Koktelash, ?Yovdikaye?  age 31  b. Kuskokwim
Koktelash, Marfa  age 11  b. Nondalton
Koktelash, Annie age 9  b. Nondalton

?Kankedun, Simeon  age 60  b. Nondalton
?Kankedun, Agafia  age 40  b. Mulchatna
Balutta, Marfa  age 20 (boarder)  b. Nondalton
Balutta, Mary   age  3 (boarder)  b. Nondalton

Nudulalsh, Evon  age 51  b. Lake Clark
Nudulalsh, Marie age 45  b. Kuskokwim
Nudulalsh, Nicolai age 17  b. Lake Clark
Nudulalsh, Mike age 10     b. Lake Clark
Nudulalsh, Leeza age 5     b. Lake Clark
Nudulalsh, Evon  age 3     b. Lake Clark

Hobson, John age 62  b. Iowa
Hobson, Tatiana age 62  b. Kuskokwim
Hobson, Stephen age 22  b. Kuskokwim
Hobson, Macey   age 18  b. Kuskokwim (son)
Hobson, Tatiana age  8  b. Nondalton

Trefon, Tavlilla age 34  b. Kuskokwim
Trefon, Katrina  age 25  b. Kuskokwim
Trefon, Mary     age  8  b. Nondalton
Trefon, Trefon   age 7   b. Lake Clark
Trefon, Evon     age 5   b. Lake Clark  (adopted son)

Carlson, Brun  age 51 (widower) b. Norway
Carlson, Ida Marie age 3  b. Lake Clark

Trefon, Wassillie age 33 b. Lake Clark
Trefon, Mary age 23 b. Kuskokwim
Trefon, Trefon age 3 b. Lake Clark
Trefon, ?Faromia? age 6 months b. Nondalton

Trefon, Alec age 19 b. Nondalton
Trefon, Mary age 53 (mother) (widow) b. Mulchatna
Trefon, Peter age 15 (brother) b. Lake Creek
Trefon, Katrina age 11 (sister) b. Lake Creek

Dutton, Otis Monroe age 72  b. Indiana
Kockley, Jonas Elmer age 68 b. Ohio (partner)

Wolff, Charles  age 54  b. Michigan

Kolyaka, Nicolai age 37 b. Iliamna
Kolyaka, Agraphina age 33 b. Kuskokwim
Kolyaka, Alexey age 54 (father) (widower) b. Iliamna
Kolyaka, Sophie age 4 (daughter) b. Iliamna
Kolyaka, Daria age 3 (daughter) b. Nondalton
Wassillie, Nicolai age 12 b. Kuskokwim (step-son)

?Skoben?, George S. age 65  b. Wisconsin
Stephenson, Arthur age 33 b. Washington


Foster, Burrell age 37 b. Kansas
Foster, Adonna age 37  b. Idaho
Foster, Beryl Jean age 2 1/2  b. California

Flynum, Alec  age  ?  b. Norway
Flynum, Annie age  ?  b. Iliamna
Flynum, Alec Jr. age ? b. Iliamna
Flynum, Cathrine age ? b. Iliamna
Flynum, Norah age ?    b. Iliamna

Nielson, Peter John age 36  b. Denmark
Carr, Annie (Flynum) age 17 (widow)(common law wife) b. Iliamna
Carr, Adele age 3 (daughter of Annie) b. Iliamna

Groat, Guy Clinton age 48 b. Minnesota
Groat, Agnes age 26  wife b. Nushagak
Groat, Guy Clinton Jr. age 3 b. Naknek
Groat, Lillian A. age 1 1/2  b. Naknek
Rosseau, Wilfred age 12 (boarder) b. Naknek
Woods, Emma age 9 (boarder) b. Iliamna

Zachar, Hamuska age 33 b. Iliamna
Zachar, Nastasia age 40 b. Iliamna
Zachar, Simeon age 15 b. Newhalen
Panilla, Gregory age 22 (step-son) b. Kokhanok
Matfee, Dahlia age 10 (boarder) b. Iliamna

?Meetrie, Koosma age 27 b. Naknek
?Meetrie, Annie age 20  b.  ?
Sours, Posilla age 26 (boarder) b. Iliamna

Mike, John age 30 b. Kokhanok
Mike, Exinia age 29  b. Kokhanok
Mike, Gregory age 3  b. Kokhanok
Mike, Mike  age 80 (widower) (father)  b. Kokhanok
Mike, Eleena age 14 (sister) b. Kokhanok

Olympe, Govililla age 45  b. Iliamna
Olympe, Anicia age 28     b. Kokhanok
Olympe, Nakinoli age 13   b. Kokhanok  (son)
Olympe, Evon age 6 (son)  b. Kokhanok
Olympe, Mary age 4 (daughter) b. Kokhanok
Olympe, Alec age 3 (son)  b. Kokhanok
Olympe, Emma age 2 (daughter) b. Kokhanok
Wassilli, Timogee age 15 (boarder) b. Kokhanok
Mondalia, Stephenita age 6 (boarder) b. Kokhanok

Sava, Stephen age 29 b. Iliamna
Sava, Dahlia age 24 b. Kokhanok
Sava, Oguleena age 2 b. Kamishak

?Penikilikbuk, Evon age 65  b. Newhalen
?Penikilikbuk, Anisia age 45 b. Kokhanok
?Penikilikbuk, Alec age 15 b. Kokhanok
?Penikilikbuk, Wassilli age 9 b. Newhalen
?Penikilikbuk, Okuleena age 8 b. Kamishak
?Apunuchibak, Peter  age 60 (widower) (boarder) b. Iliamna

Olympe, Mike age 45  b. Iliamna
Olympe, Mary age 24  b. Newhalen

?Amkoneslawk, Evon age 35  b. Kokhanok
?Amkoneslawk, Nastasia age 24 b.  ?
Patshleer, Andrew age 50 (widower) (boarder) b. Kuskokwim

?Kosselanuk, Evon age 70  b. Kokhanok
?Kosselanuk, Anicia ge  65 b. Nushagak

Andrew, Zackar age 35  b. Kokhanok
Andrew, Pedosia age 20 b. Iliamna
Andrew, Nastacia age 13 b. Newhalen
Andrew, Tatiana age 10 b. Kokhanok
Andrew, Frenka age 8 b. Newhalen
Andrew, Serafina age 6  b. Newhalen
Andrew, Evon age 6 months b. Newhalen

Zachar, Em  age 22 b. Nushagak
Zachar, Eugenia age 20 b. Naknek
Zachar, Panilla age 3 (son) b. Kokhanok

?Teeokeeuk, Evon age 65  b. Newhalen
?Teeokeeuk, Oolia age 60 b. Newhalen
?Teeokeeuk, Katherine age 17  b. Newhalen
?Teeokeeuk, Efim age 10 b. Newhalen
?Teeokeeuk, Stephen age 7 b. Newhalen
?Teeokeeuk, Annie age 35 (sister)  b. Kokhanok

Sava, Annie  age 45 (widow)  b. Kokhanok
Sava, Posilla age 20(son)  b. Kokhanok
Sava, Gregory age 15 (son) b. Kokhanok

Guli, Jacco age 31  b. Nondalton


Pankow, Frederick age 44 b. North Dakota
Pratt, Harry  age 42  b. Pennsylvania
McCamment, Ed age 42  b. Ohio
Duyea, William  age 50  b. New York
Johnson, Annie age 43 b. Iliamna
Johnson, Nicolai age 20 (son) b. Iliamna
Johnson, Elma age 18 (daughter) b. Iliamna
Johnson, Virginia age 14 (daughter) b. Iliamna
Johnson, Guasta age 8 (son) b. Iliamna
Johnson, Walter age 7 (son) b. Iliamna

Andlee, ?Amkchukanuk  age 57 (widower) b. Kokhanok

Evon, Pete, age 30 b. Nushagak
Evon, Anisia age 18 b. Kokhanok
Evon, Chukaluk age 5 (son) b. Kokhanok
Evon, Simeon age 4 (son) b. Kokhanok
Evon, Evon age 4 months (son) b. Kokhanok

Hammersley, R. K.  age 38 b. Oregon
Murray, Samuel L. age 27  b. Wisconsin
Grant, Alec age 70 b. Quebec, Canada

Chohpak, Pete age 32  b. Nushagak
Chohpak, Anecia age 24 b. Kokhanok
Chohpak, Zachar age 6 b. Kokhanok
Chohpak, Evon age 4 b. Kokhanok
Chohpak, Simeon age 7 months b. Kokhanok

Mike, Pete  age 20  b. Kokhanok

The following entry didn't seem to be attached to any family:
Balluta, Andrew  (son) age 0/12  b. Kenai


Foren, Martin age 30 b. Sweden
Orling, Axel age 45  b. Sweden
Hover, Russell age 39 b. Washington
McConnet, Edward age 39 b. Ohio


Duryea, William age 60  b. New York


Hoover, Ralph S. age 39 b. Washington
Martin, Forren age 31   b. Norway


Pratt, Henry O. age 38  b. Pennsylvania

Evanoff, Zackarr age 46   married 21 years
Evanoff, Anna age 45     0 children
Evanoff, Garillal? age 8 adopted son
Evanoff, Ovdutia age 16 adopted daughter

??Karsma, Anna age 69       5 children/2 alive
??Karsma, Peter age 35 son
??Karsma, Olga age 30 daughter-in-law
??Karsma, Nicholas age 10 grandson
??Karsma, Micharr? age 3 grandson

Rickteroff, Nicholas age 72
Rickteroff, Maria age 25  wife   0 children
??Karusakoff, Marfa age 26 nephew

Kausma, Leatimer age 25  Kaniagmiut
Kausma, Anna age 20  Aleut    married 6 years      0 children
Kausma, Yavdada age 30 sister     5 children/1 alive
Kausma, Nicholas  age 1 nephew
Kausma, Muksee age 22 brother

Michall, Evan age 30

Evan, Alexander age 26   married 6 years
Evan, Maria age 24     3 chidlren/2 alive
Evan, Anna age 5
Evan, Alexander age 1
Michall, Matrona age 20  sister-in-law   2 children/2 alive
Michall, Totian?  age 5 niece
Michall, Furder?  age 6 months  nephew
Evan, Karessim age 21 brother-in-law
Andre, Evan age 29  lodger

Wassillie, Andre age 30
Wassillie, Daria ge 20    3 children/2 living
Wassillie, Antone age 4
Wassilie, Anna age 2
Wassillie, Yavdakar  age 86 widow  mother
Evan, Christina age 20 lodger

Evanoff, Matwa age 30  married 10 years
Evanoff, Helina age 15  1 child/1 living
Evanoff, Anna age 6
Evanoff, Ann age 45 widow  mother    8 children/1 living
Karushoff, Stepan age 20 nephew
Karushoff, Alexander age 15 nephew


Carlscoff, Marka age 33
Carlscoff, M____? age 45 Wife
Carlscoff,, Nicholai age 11 son
Carlscoff, Yavidhiak? age 9 son

Hobson, John M.  age 52 b. Iowa
Hobson, Catcheanaa age 45 Wife
Hobson, Catherine age 15 daughter
Hobson, Steven age 12 son
Hobson, Sofia age 9 daughter
Hobson, Maisie age 6 daughter
Hobson, Evelyn age 1 daughter

Severson, Hans  age 50 b. Minnesota
Severson, Madrona age 32 Wife
Severson, George age 8 son 
Severson, Mary age 3 daughter
Severson, Annie age 1 month daughter

Carlscoff, Stephan age 30

Antolyanali, Evan age 45
Antolyanali, Maria age 22 wife
Antolyanali, Nicholia age 5 son

Baluta, Andrew age 45
Baluta, Daria age 36 Wife
Baluta, Antone age 14 son
Baluta, Leatimer age 4 son
Baluta, Andrew age 3 months son

?Kaktelash, Evan age 40
?Kaktelash, ?Yavidihiak age 26 wife
?Kaktelash, Martha age 11 months daughter

Zachar, Evan age 60 Widower

Cusma, Leatimer age 38
Cusma, Annie age 32 Wife
Cusma, Alexandria 7 daughter

Baluta, Alex C. 41
Baluta, Mary age 38
Baluta, Annie age 15
Baluta, Alec C. age 12
Baluta, Nastasia age 9
Baluta, Evan age 3 months

Delkittie, Fred____  47
Delkittie, Auga age 42 Wife
Delkittie, Georg___ age 23 son
Delkittie, Masutha age 13 son
Delkittie, Daria age 3 daughter

Carlscoff, Marka 33
Carlscoff, M_____ 45 Wife
Carlscoff, Nicholia age 11 son
Carlscoff Yavidhiak? age 9 son

Evanoff, Zachar 34
Evanoff, Nastasia age 39 Wife
Evanoff, Martha age 16 daughter
Evanoff, Ephim age 14 son
Evanoff, Maria age 5 daughte
Evanoff, Sour age 1 month  son

Carlscoff, Alex C. age 28

Baluta, Nicholia 33
Baluta, Alexandria age 28 Wife
Baluta, Annie age 8 daughte
Baluta, Trephon age 3 son
Baluta, Corasian age 28 Brother
Rasmussen, Yavidehiak?  age 24 Widow
Rasmussen, Stepenetia age 8
Rasmussen, Thomas age 5
Rasmussen, Peter age 13 Step-son
Brooks, Catherine age 15 Step-daughter

Auheton, Sinka 49
Auheton, Agafia 46 Wife
Richter, Marta age 8 Granddaughter

Sours, Yapo? 40
Sours, Mary 38 Wife
Sours, Caveriala? 14 Son


NOTE:  These records were really hard to read, so
for the names that I wasn't so sure about, I put a RED question mark (?)

Kalsikoff, Stephen 35   born Kuskokwim
Kalsikoff, Anastasia 19  born Kuskokwim
Kalsikoff, Elena 3  born Nandalton
Kalsikoff, Marka 10 months born Nondalton

Delkettie, Toolia 21  born Nondalton
Delkettie, Stephanita 17 born Nondalton
Delkettie, Nicolai 2  born Nondalton

Olympic, Niketa 22  born Kokanak?   Aleut  

?Alleeluk, Maxim  20 born Naknek

?Noartuk, Evan  15  born Iliamna  

Koosna, Maxim 44 widower  born Lake Clark
Koosna, Sophia 10 daughter born Newhalen
Koosna, Alec 9 son born Iliamna

?Munanigyok, Tuist? Jr.  25  born Iliamna

Evanoff, Zachar 78  born Cook Inlet
Evanoff, ?Jovdekai  20  wife  born Kuskokwim
Evanoff, Anicia 6 daughter born Newhalen
Evanoff, Zacher Jr. 5 born Newhalen

Mysee, Richard  38  born Iliamna

Koosma, Latimer 45 born Lake Clark
Koosma, Annie 35 born Newhalen
Koosma, Alexandria    born Nondalton

Balluta, Alexey 47  born Kuskokwim
Balluta, Mary 42  born Lake Clark
Kankedun, Annie 25 daughter born Nondalton
Balluta, Evan 11 born Nondalton
Balluta, Mike 5 born Nondalton
Balluta, Alexey 2
Kankedun, Pete Simeon 29 (son in law) born Kuskokwim
Kankedun, Trefon 5 born Nondalton

Balluta, ?Tra_____m  38  born Lake Clark
Balluta, Liza 25 born Kuskokwim
Balluta, Annie 7 born Kuskokwim
Balluta, Daria 5 born Kuskokwim
Balluta, Seraphen 2  (son) born Nondalton

?Kostelack, Pete 25 born Kuskokwim
?Kostelack, Eleana 27 born Nondalton


Balluta, Atone  25  born Nondalton
Balluta, Sophia 20 born Kuskokwim
Balluta, Daria 2 born Kuskokwim
Balluta, Daria 47 widow  (mother)  born Kuskokwim
Balluta, Latimer  19  (brother)  born Nondalton
Balluta, Nicolai 7 (brother) born Nondalton
Balluta, Tovda  5 (sister) born Lake Clark

Evan, Jacko  50  born Mulchatna
Evan, Mary 34 born Kuskokwim
Evan, Anna  75  widow (mother)  born Kuskokwim
Evan, Wassilli 5 (nephew) born Kuskokwim
Evan, Kosma 4 (nephew) born Kuskokwim

Balluta, Nicolai 40 born Kuskokwim
Balluta, Alexandria 40 born Nondalton
Balluta, Annie 19 born Nondalton
Balaluta, Madrona 1 born Nondalton

Kalsikoff, Nicolai 20 born Nondalton
Kalsikoff, Yovdikoya 48 widow  (mother) born Kuskokwim

Koktelad, Evan 55 born Mulchatna
Koktelad, Yovkikoya 31 born Kuskokwim
Koktelad, Marfa 11  born Nondalton
Koktelad, Annie 9 born Nondalton

?Kankedeu, Simeon  60 born Nondalton
?Kankedeu, Agafia 40 born Mulchatna
Balluta, Marfa 20 (boarder)  born Nondalton
Balluta, Mary 3 (boarder) born Nondalton

Nudulash, Evan 51 born Lake Clark
Nudulash, Marie 45 born Kuskokwim
Nudulash, Nicolai 17 born Lake Clark
Nudulash, Mike 10 born Lake Clark
Nudulash, Leeza 5 born Lake Clark
Nudulash, Evan 3 born Lake Clark

Hobson, John 62 born Iowa
Hobson, Tatiana 62 born Kuskokwim
Hobson, Stephan 22 born Kuskokwim
Hobson, Macey 18 (son) born Kuskokwim
Hobson, Tatiana 8 born Kuskokwim

Trefon, ?Tovlilla?  34 born Kuskokwim
Trefon, Katrina  25  born Kuskokwim
Trefon, Mary 8 born Nondalton
Trefon, Trefon 7 born Lake Clark
Trefon Evan 5 (adopted son) born Lake Clark

?Carlou, Brun 51 widower born Norway    immigrated 1898
?Carlou, Ida Marie 3  born Lake Clark

Trefon, Wassillie 33 born Lake Clark
Trefon, Mary 23 born Kuskokwim
Trefon, Trefon 3 born Lake Clark
Trefon, Foromia 6 months born Nondalton

Trefon, Alec 19 born Nondalton
Trefon, Mary 53 widow (mother) born Mulchatna
Trefon, Peter 15 (brother) born Lake Clark
Trefon, Katrina 11 (sister) born Lake Clark

Dutton, Otis Monroe 72 born Indiana
Kockley, Jonas Elmer 68 born Ohio
Wolff, Charles 54 born Michigan

Kolyaka, Nicholai 37 born Iliamna
Kolyaka, Agrifina 33 born Kuskokwim
Kolyaka, Alexey 54 widower (father) born Iliamna
Kolyaka, Sophie 4 daughter born Iliamna
Kolyaka, Daria 3 daughter born Nondalton
Wassillie, Nicolai 12 (stepson)  born Kuskokwim

?Skaben, George S. 65 born Wisconsin
Stephenson, Arthur C. 33 born Washington


Matfar, Michale age 49  married 12 years   Aleut
Matfar, Helena age 35 wife  Aleut
Matfar, Evan age 8 son
Matfar, Anna age 3 daughter

Gregorie, Sarvwa age 45  Koniagmiut
Gregorie, Anuska age 25  wife Aleut  married 5 years   2 children/2 alive
Gregorie, Pavilla age 6 son
Gregorie, Tatianna age 2 daughter
Matfar, Maria age 46 widow  mother-in-law    Aleut
Matfar, Evan age 16 brother-in-law     Aleut

Pavilla, Illea age 49  Aleut
Pavilla, Nastasia age 35   Aleut   married 18 years  8 children/7 living
Pavilla, Anuska age 17 daughter
Pavilla, Ognafina age 7 daughter
Pavilla, Daria age 2 daughter
Pavilla, Andrew age 31 brother     Aleut
Pavilla, Maria age 25 sister-in-law Aleut  married 12 years 2 children/1 alive
Pavilla, Anesia age 8 niece

Metree, Andrew age 33 Aleut
Metree, Matrona age 23  married 9 years  5 children/3 living
Metree Kausma age 8 son
Metree, Esak age 5 son

Metree, Peter age 47   Aleut
Metree, Anuska age 24 wife  married 4 years  3 children/2 living
Metree, Evan age 5 son
Metree, Finka age 1 son
Metree, Katrina age 66 widow  mother 7 children/5 living

Nakitoc, Peder age 50
Nakitoc, Ogalena age 40 married 24 years    10 children/ 4 living
Nakitoc, Michael age 16 son
Nakitoc, Pavilla age 22 son
Nakitoc, Simeon age 6 son
Simeon, Wassillie age 32 son-in-law
Simeon, Anuska age 23  daughter
Simeon, Agafia age 5 granddaughter
Simeon, Sessipada age 2 grandson
Evan, Serafina age 60 lodger
Evan, Evan age 17 lodger
Pavilla, Gavililla age 20 lodger

Naginty, Peter age 22
Naginty, Helina age 21  married 6 years   3 children/2 living
Naginty, Ilia age 5 son
Naginty, Nicholai age 2 son

KUSKATAN   1910____(Kustatan?)
Partial record provided by Russian Priest from Kenai

Kalifuska, Nicolai age 43 Aleut
Kalifuska, Steve age 19 son  Aleut

Schamatok, Nicola age 31 widower Aleut
Schamatok, Arifena age 7 daughter
Schamatok, John age 6 son
Schamotok, Paul age 4 son

Bridgekna, Pete age 64 Aleut
Bridgekna, Annie age 59 Aleut
Bridgekna, Walter 23 Aleut
Bridgekna, Sergate age 16 Aleut