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Chief Nicoli of Point Possession, Alaska .



D. H. Sleem's Map (partial) of Central Alaska 1910

Most history books agree, that in 1778, Capt. James Cook's party planted a flag along Turnagain Arm laying claim (for England) to all of the land drained by the waters of Cook's Inlet. That "Act of Possession" as it was called, became POINT POSSESSION (locals call it "Point Station")

The Native residents of Point Possession chose this area (a little over 4,000 acres) as part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Point Possession Inc. recently sold it back to the U.S. Government; it will be part of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

1900 US Census for Point Possession  (there are LOTS of spelling errors in Census Records)

Nicholi   b. 1858   Knik Tribe      fishing and hunting
Nicholi, Dahlia b. 1870 Knik Tribe  wife
Nicholi, Pete b. 1892 son
Nicholi, Anna b. 1897 daughter
Nicholi, Chanagan b. 1900  son
Nicholi, Mekila  b. 1882  brother  Knik Tribe
Nicholi, Antone  b. 1884 brother   Knik Tribe

Stephan   b. 1858   Knik Tribe     fishing and hunting
Stephan, Yelenia b. 1870  wife  Knik Tribe
Stephan, Nicholi b. 1893 son
Stephan, Dahlia b. 1897 daughter
Stephan, Duskin b. 1900 son

Yeshem  b. 1865  Knik Tribe   fishing and hunting
Yeshem, Katrena b. 1870  wife  Knik Tribe
Yeshem, Inga b. 1896  daughter

1910 US Census for Point Possession 
Nicholi, Point Possession  age 50  married 19 years  Aleut
Nicholi, Dora  wife  age 37  married 19 years
Nicholi, Anna daughter  born 7/1897 Aleut
Nicholi, Theodore son born 2/1900 Aleut
Nicholi, Evan son born 1/1901 Aleut
Nicholi, Gerlilia daughter born 9/1902 Aleut      (this one was hard to read, might be wrong)
Nicholi, Hassdia son born 1/1905 Aleut           (this one was hard to read, might be wrong)
Nicholi, Coustingan son born 5/1907 Aleut
Nicholi, Duranda nephew born 10/1899 Aleut

Nicholi, Mechila born 11/1876  Aleut
Nicholi, Stepanita wife born 12/1890 Aleut
Nicholi, Olga niece born 7/1893 Aleut
Nicholi, Metra nephew born 5/1897 Aleut
Nicholi, Daliah niece born 10/1901 Aleut
Nicholi, Rufena niece born 2/1907 Aleut

Nicholi, Antone born 8/1881 Aleut
Nicholi, Ellena wife born 4/1886

The epidemic of 1918 hit Point Possession hard and many were lost. I suspect that is why I can't find a 1920 U.S. Census for Point Possession, however in 1930 and 1940, the Nicholi and Kallandar families were living in Anchorage:

1930 US Census for Anchorage

Doris Nicoli age 52 widow
John Nicoli age 26 son
William Nicoli age 22 son
Mike Nicoli age 20 son

Julius Callander 47 born in Norway came to USA 1905   (correct spelling is Kallandar)
Cora (Nicoli) Callander 25 wife
Fedora Callander 8
Anna Callander 7
Mary Callander 6
Lora Callander 5

1940 US Census for Anchorage   (correct spelling is Kallandar)

Julius Kallender 59 born Norway     occupation: cutting wood for ARR  $2,300/year
Cora Kallender 35
Anna Kallender 17
Mary Kallender 16
Dominia Kallender 15
Clara Kallender 11
Peter Kallender 9
Virginia Kallender 8
Gilbert Kallender 7
Julius Kallender 6
William 31 brother-in-law
Gus 29 brother-in-law

The above Julius Kallandar family was living in Hope in 1942; according to his WWII draft registration Julius was born 9/15/1880 in Oslo, Norway.

There was obviously some connection between the families of Point Possession and Knik Village. An early gold miners journal records that "Point Possession Nicoli"  brought three tons of coal to Knik (from Tyonek) an sold it to Knik people.

Another journal entry said that in 1908, "Point Possession Nicoli boys came in a sloop" for a dance at Knik. In 1911, "Rufe Stephan came up from Point Possession in row boat".

Point Possession Nicoli purchased a "Buffalo gas engine" from someone in Knik (in 1913) for $265. He then hired a Knik man named Tom Merideth, to install the engine on his sloop.

The book, Shem Pete's Alaska by James Kari and James A. Fall, 2003 has extended information and photos of the people of Point Possession.

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