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This website was made by Tony Cole in search of family & ancestors.

Ancestors that I'm searching for.

Aden,Bone,Bowes,Chavenoux,Cole,Conley,Conyers, Corbet,Darcy,De Strother,Del Strother,Doyle,Duffle Fairchild,Fenwick,Fossaker,Fussell,Giles,Grey,HaleHorton,Johnson,Johnston,Jordan,Mare,Meade,Myers, Perkins,Richey,Savage,Selby,Strother,Swinbourne, Wallington,Willis,

Anyone that can help are just needs to search a surname above can see it at the frist link below. Tony Cole Pedigree link.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Tony Cole Pedigree link (http://www.freegenealogy.com/family/colefamily/)
Family search help (http://www.familysearch.com)
census online all states,countys and parish (http://www.usgenweb.org)

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