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This home page was created for descendents of Everett Newell Rector and Erma Laura Sharp.   I have been able to document some, but not all, of this data. I've chosen to put up some undocumented information for informational purposes. I've tried to make it clear when the data is problematic. I welcome all corrections. A lot of the information in this site was taken from "The Rector's of Wayne County, Kentucky", written by Clara Rector Barnes Smart, and published by The Wayside Press, Charlottesville, VA in 1975.   She was the daughter of Nancy Rector and Artemus Barnes.  Her extraordinary efforts in collecting information about the ancestors and descendants of Samuel and Rutha Simpson Rector were a precious gift to the Rector clan.  I dedicate these Rector web pages to her:  a woman I never had the opportunity to meet; but whom I've had many opportunities to admire.   I must also thank my cousin, Gary Rector, who has helped me in so many ways with his thoughtful comments, corrections, memories, and careful research.

     I am indebted to the Germanna Foundation. Their efforts to document the genealogical history of the Germanna settlers has been extraordinary.    My 1714 Germanna ancestor surnames include Rector, Fischbach, Hitt, and Otterbach.    In addition to the links listed below in the index, some other links are Tuggle, Beck, Sherrill, Ramsey, Bertram, Hicks, Hurt, Vickery, Broyles, Owens, Shearer.  I'd also like to thank Lee Rector for allowing me to link to Ruth Y. Rector's website for additional information about other descendents of Samuel Rector.

What does the name mean?

Hans Richter and Katherina Seyler
Jacob Richter and Anna Maria (last name unknown)
Johannes Richter and Anna Nee
Christophel Richter and Anna Catharina Becker
Hans Jacob Rector and Anna Elizabeth Fischbach
Jacob Rector and Mary Ann Hitt
Jesse Rector and ?
Samuel Rector and Rutha Simpson
Jesse Rector (2) and Nancy Brammer
Daniel Webster Clay Rector and Laura Huffaker 
Christopher Wayne Rector and Virginia Emmarine (Emma) Frost
Everett Newell Daniel Rector and Ermon "Erma" Laura Sharp  

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