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This home page was created for descendents of Everett and Erma (Sharp) Rector.   Much of the information was taken from a manuscript titled The History of the Ewell Sharp Family, compiled by W. Sharp Burnett.  This book appears to have been privately printed and shared with family members.   I came across it after the death of my Grandmother, Erma Sharp Rector, in 2000.  I've never met W. Sharp Burnett; however, I'd like to thank her for all her hard work in gathering all the information about the Ewell Sharp Family.   It's been a treasure trove of information which I'm very happy to have.  I've also used information given to me by family members, including my Grandmother, Erma Sharp Rector, and my Great Aunt, Neva Sharp Hill.    Some Sharp family researchers, Michael Blaine Sharp, Gayle Frenna, and Geoffrey Sharp have been extremely helpful in providing missing information and correcting mistakes. In addition to the links found below, there are also links to the following family names:  Barrier, Burk, Dobbs, Finley, Gibson, Hurt,  Bertram, Blevins, Burnett, Hicks, Means, Rector, Ryan, Smith, and Upchurch

?possibly Richard Sharp

James "Jim" Sharp and Flemin Means

James "Jimper" Sharp and Mary Polly Gibbons Smith

Ewell Sharp and Luella Dobbs

Thomas Lee Sharp and Polly Ethel Barrier

Ermon "Erma" Laura Sharp and Everett Newell Rector

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