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Shapwick Transcript Index

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Shapwick

Baptism Marriage Burial
1780-1789   1780-1789
1790-1799   1790-1799

In the year 745, one Sulla stiled the handmaid of Christ, gave seven Manors to the Abbot of Glastonbury of which one was Shapwick and they were called the Abbot's Seven Sisters. These are recorded in the Doomsday Book under the name Shapwick.

On the 28th January in the year 1329 AD, the Abbot of Glastonbury applied to the Bishop of Wells for permission to remove the Shapwick Church from the place now called Old Church near Bearway Farm and to build a new church in the village.

The Church of the Blessed Mary at Shapwick was consecrated on October 13th 1331, replacing an earlier church located at a different place in the village.

In 1861 the chancel was restored and the roof and nave completely overhauled and repaired.