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Welcome to my new blog, “Il etait une fois”, which is the French equivalent of “Once upon a time”. As I am currently residing in France, this seemed like a fun and fitting title for this blog.

My genealogy adventure started in the mid 1980’s, thanks to the information provided by my Aunt Helen Manning Michel and Aunt Ruth Manning Kostic. It is however only recently that my research has advanced significantly thanks to devoting more time (usually the wee hours when all are sleeping), and to the ever expanding resources available on the Internet.

I am thrilled, excited and proud to share the information I have gathered. I am even more hopeful that you will share stories of your own as they relate to the characters in our family history. Together we can grow this family tree by embellishing it with stories and photos to bring it to life for all of us. After all this is a family tree, and for it to truly blossom it needs all of us to nourish it. I hope it will be an incentive for you to share your anecdotes and dig through your old documents and family memorabilia so we can preserve these precious memories for our future generations.

I would love to hear from you, so please contact me!

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