Bethel Cemetery, Frisco TX 6

The History of Bethel Cemetery - Frisco, Texas

Bethel Cemetery was established in 1850. The land for the cemetery was donated by William Rogers, son of Ralph Rogers and Judith Lyle. Ralph Rogers was born March 8, 1760 and died April 1836. Five of the sons of Ralph and his wife traveled to Texas from Tennessee in a covered wagon in 1847: William born Oct 10, 1811, Joseph B. born Jan 16, 1813 died Nov 29, 1880, Clayton born Feb 21, 1817, Edward born Feb. 23, 1820, Andrew Whitely born Oct 13, 1823. This trip took fourteen weeks. The Rogers family settled along Panther Creek about two and a half miles north of the present town of Frisco. TX. The family came from a community in Tennessee named Bethel, and they named this new settlement Bethel. The settlement soon had a school, a church and a camp ground. The church eventually moved to Frisco and is now the First Methodist Church of Frisco.

William Rogers married Frances (Fanny) Brooks, his brother Clayton married Elizabeth Brooks, Joseph B. married Nancy Brooks. William and Frances had three sons and eight daughters. One son died very young so William saw the need for a cemetery. He donated three acres of land on a hill near the settlement and Bethel Cemetery was established in 1850. The first recorded burial was Frances Rogers on Feb. 1, 1863, The second recorded was John Rogers and the third was Sally Venable. Benjamin Naugle was the fourth recorded burial on Aug 3, 1871.

Here is a partial list of those known or suspected to be buried there -

Please note that I am aware that this list is incomplete. I am not the author of this list. This list comes from the cemetery map done in the 1940s and contains names of plot owners as well as names of those people believed to be buried there.

We are compiling a list of the people buried in this cemetery and hope to include additional information. We hope the completed project will include names and dates, headstone photos, mapped by family plots, obituaries when available and whether or not a death certificate exists within the county or state. If you would like to submit a decendancy chart, a story, a photo, or any other material of interest to this book/cd, I'd be grateful.

You can send them to The Chronicle Editor

For the list of headstones found on our visual survey in 2002 and which we are continually working on - Click here
It is only a working draft copy of what will be in the book/cd.


--------lot & plot ---------- name ----------------------------------------
6 Acker, Inf of Charles & Ethel
6 22e Acker, Jessie May
6 22c Acker, Mary Frances Davis
6 22d Acker, Zack Taylor.
Adamson, James M
Aguirre, Esther Guardiola
8 22c Alexander, Elbert
8 21c Alexander, T.    
Almaguer, Michael
10 22a Anderson, Zelda V.
Andrews, JCA
Andrews, Sarah A Quisenberry
10 02c Andrews, William L
Ashley, Lucille Rogers
1 04b B, A.F.
Baby, Georgie I
Baccus, Edith Donnell
Bailey, Edgar Cameron Jr
5 09a Ball, J. P.
8 21a Ballard, Mrs. Bill
10 19b Ballard, Mrs. W. A.
10 19c Ballard, Vaninse Kid
10 19a Ballard, W. A.
8 20d Ballard, William A
6 18a Barrett, Cecil
6 18b Barrett, Frances Elizabeth
12 17e Barrett, infant
6 18c Barrett, Joseph Oscar
Barrett, Will
Bates, Infant
9 09b Beck, Inf.
9 09a Beck, Mrs
Bell, Allen
1 13a Bell, Eli A.
1 10d Bell, George Taylor.
1 10c Bell, Inf of J. C.
1 10a-e Bell, John E. 
1 10b Bell, Mary A..  wife of J.E.
    Bell, William H
12 30b Bentz, Laura Norther
12 30a Bentz, Sam     S.L.
8 10c Bidstrup, Allen  Bidstrum?
1 11c Bishop, Cora Mashburn,
1 11b Bishop, Inf W. F. & wife
1 11d Bishop, William. F.
8 32a Black, Jeff
Black, Ruby Beatrice
Boles, Infant
Boles, Janie Simms
3 15d Boles, Mrs Mary
3 18b Boles, P. W.
10 18e Bone, Mattie  
Bonner, Beulah Duncan
9 29d Bounds, Dona Davidson
9 29c Bounds, Dr. Robert Wiley
10 04c Bowles, Eveline
3 04f Bradbury, Inf. J. A.
6 13b Branch,  2 Inf. of Drew&Mary
6 12c Branch, Dau.of Walter/Georgia
6 13c Branch, Jim
6 13a Branch, Mary F
9 23b Bratton, Inf. L.  B.
9 21e Brewer, J. A.
Brinkley, GB
1 12c Brooks, Annie B.
1 20b Brooks, Jesse  F.
Brooks, Leota B
1 12b Brooks, Margaret J
1 12a-d Brooks, Mrs. W. P.   Lot
1 12a Brooks, W. P.
Bruce, Alexander Stephen
Bruce, Carrie I
11 21a Bryant, Inf Lafeyatte
1 21e Burchett, Inf Alvin
12 06c Burgner, Abraham Lincoln
12 06a-e Burgner, Henry  Cline
Burgner, James Theodore
Burgner, Sarah A
12 06b Burgner, W. C.
10 11b Byrum, Nettie, Mrs. Will
7 03a Calloway,  Ida May
4 04c Calloway,  Inf Edward Z(Thos. Elmer)
7 06d Calloway, Claudia
9 15a Calloway, Gene
    Calloway, H H  
06e Calloway, H.R.
06e Calloway, Ida
Calloway, Inf Elmer & Zona
1 22e Calloway, Nonnie B
Calloway, Sylvia
Calloway, Thos. Elmer Jr
1 22d Calloway, W Porter
Calverley, Charles Al
Calverley, Willie Sonntag
Canfield, Carrie E
2 21a Canfield, Robert
2 18c Canfield, Willie Amos
5 01b Capelain, Inf. W. A. Capelain
Carter, Jesse
9 23a Carter, Jno.
8 27a Carvoner, Janice
8 27b Cavener, H.C.
Cavener, Jennie
8 09d Chambers, Ida Lee, dau-J.G.& F.F.
7 03b Chandler, Granrna
7 06a-d Chandler, Harvey
7 06a Chandler, Jiim  (James W.)
7 11d Clark, Alvin  Cullum
Clark, Edith
10 09b Clark, Francis S.
Clark, Lanson
7 13e Clark, Mary wife;J. A.
7 14d Clarke, Andrew J.son A.C.& M.F.
7 14f Clarke, Edward Ivy
7 14e Clarke, Mattie s-AC&MF
7 11d Clarke, Mrs Mariah Frances
7 14c Clarke, Robert   s-AC&MF
7 13f Clarke, Salome dau J.A.&Mary
12 25e Clay, Oma
Clement, Cora L
4 23c Clement, Grand Ma
4 24c Clement, J. J.
Clement, Swannie 
9 01b Cliff, Kate Denison
Colbert, Jackie
3 04e Conder, Oma Dallas
Condrum, inf of Roy
3 04c Condrum, Inf Roy
Condrum, Oma D dau of Roy
9 17d Connally, Harrell
Connolly, Lenora Eliza Harrell
Connolly, Otis Allen Coleman
Cook, Maggie
Cooper, Augusta M
8 23c
7 1b Cooper, Inf. Bill (Ben)
Cooper, Irma Baxter
7 1e Cooper, Sallie F.  (Sarah F.)
Copelin, inf of Joe
Copelin, inf of WA
Craft, Bayton
6 24b Craft, Bryon  (Brackston B.)
6 24a Craft, Esten  (Esrom)
Craft, Jay U
Craft, Paul E
Craft, Peyton
Cross, Andrew Johnson
Cross, Hattie Lou Jackson
Cross, Lee Andy
Cross, Sallie Ann
Crowder, Dorothy Elizabeth
    Crowder, Douglas Ogle
5 11e Crowder, Herschel Rex
Crowder, Lena Louise
5 11c Crowder, R. D.
Crowder, Thomas Saye
3 18a Crumley, A. J.
3 15c Crumley, Mrs Martha
1 01b Dago, (R.R.)
6 17a Dalton, Dora Lee
6 17b Dalton, Pet. Alexander
7 02f Daniels, Dick
Darnell, Andrew J
Darnell, Mary
Darnell, Roena E
8 07c Davidson, Robert Wilson
8 07b Davidson, Ruby
Davis, Carter
9 05b Davis, Dick
9 14a Davis, G. O.  - George
10 05g Davis, Inf dau; S.R. & O.E.
10 05f Davis, Inf Twins dau: SR & OE
Davis, Jarrell Weston
Davis, Jennie
10 05h Davis, Jennie E.
10 02g Davis, John
Davis, Madge S
Davis, Martha E
Davis, Mattie L Carter
Davis, Nat
Davis, Ora Elizabeth
10 02d Davis, Robert
9 22d Davis, Robert Francis
10 05b Davis, Samuel R.
10 02e Davis, Thos
9 22b Davis, Thos. Eli
DeLeeuw, Flossie Bell Willhite
Deleeuw, Jacob
Delgado, Victor Manuel
1 02c DeLopely, Simmons
9 01a Dennison, Velma I
7 02d Derrick, Thomas M.
Dodson, Audrey Mae Keel
Dodson, Therin O
10 02f Donnell, Cynthia J
10 01b Donnell, Edith Baccus
10 01a Donnell, Josephine
8 05e Donnell, William W.
12 23c Doss, Polly
12 24a Doss, Polly
6 03c Doss, T. S.
8 03e Douglas, R. L. Dr
2 21e Douglas, Floyd
8 03b Douglas, James Vernon
8 03a Douglas, Lee Clifton
2 21d Douglas, Lloyd
8 03d Douglas, Paul Haygood
7 19d Douglas, Robbie M.
8 03c Douglas, Robert Ross
8 03f Douglass, Eliza F
7 19c Douglass, McLean Rogers
Douglass, Thomas H
Duncan, Albert Bartley
Duncan, Albert Thomas
5 13c Duncan, Bulah - Beulah
Duncan, Emma Lou
5 13a Duncan, Inf son -Sidney & Beulah
Duncan, John B
6 11b Duncan, Lawrence B
3 12g Duncan, Mary Frances
5 10b Duncan, Mary Frances
5 06c Duncan, Mary S. wife-D. P.
Duncan, Roxie Marie
5 06b Duncan, Sarah C
5 13b Duncan, Sidney
5 10a Duncan, Thomas
5 06a Duncan, William
5 06a-c Duncan, William
Dunfield, Ann Sonntag
Dunfield, Ernest
4 06c Dunfield, Frank B
Dunfield, Kimberly Anne
7 03d Earland, Josie Nelson
7 03c Edwards, Inf. Cecil
8 13b Eller, George T.
8 14a Eller, Granny Mrs. Zad
8 14b Eller, Inf Albert D.
8 13a Eller, Mary
10 05a Eller, Peggy Jane
8 22d Elliott,
Elliott, Alice
8 26c Elliott, Claude
5 16a Elliott, David F. / Daniel F
8 23a Elliott, Gene
8 18c Elliott, Inf of Will
8 31c Elliott, J. A.  "Jim"
8 31a-c Elliott, J. W.  lot
8 19a Elliott, Jno.
8 23b Elliott, Mary
4 03b Epley, Bertie M.
3 21a Epley, Elizabeth
3 21b Epley, W. F.
5 01c Farmer, Bessie
Farmer, Inf son of CB & LM
Farmer, inf son of LR & Lydia
3 04g Farmer, infant of Reno
7 10e Fater, Inf. son: M & P.A.
Fern, Rudolph Neda
Field, Annie Belle
Fisher, Donald
Fisher, Mack
10 21a-d Fisher, Mack   lot  Mack/Minnie
Fisher, Minnie Higginbotham
Flanagan, Edith A
Flanagan, Mona Belle
11 33b Foster, Leonard D.
Foster, McMahon
11 33d Foster, Mrs William
Foster, Washington N
11 33c Foster, William
10 23b Fox, Ida May Harris
10 23a Fox, James William "Bill"
5 14a Freeman, A. F.
Freeman, Monta
4 19b Gabay, Ed Inf
Gaby, Harry Tillman
4 22d Gaby, Inf.son of J. T. &/Cynthia
4 22b Gaby, John Tillman
Gaby, Sindy
Galindo, Trinidad
Garcia, Rosa E
7 07d Gibson, Josie
7 07a-d Gibson, U.U.
7 08c Giles, J. L.
7 08e Giles, J. T
7 08a Giles, Louisa; wife of B. W.
4 25a Gill, W. M.
10 17c Glendenning, Virginia
10 16b Gordon, Mrs. Gip
Grady, Jesse C
12 08d Grady, Mrs J. C.
Graef, Egon Roland
6 19a Grant, B. 
Graub, Mrs FB
7 1d Gray, Sallie  Ellin Cooper
9 21b Grayson, Inf.  N.B. Grayson
5 17a Griffin, Louise E
5 17b Griffin, Virgie
Griffin, WH
10 09d Gulledge, Stephen Albert
Gunstream, A Jerome
7 20f Gunstream, Annie C
7 20g Gunstream, Eula Mae
Gunstream, Inf AJ & Lena
7 20a Gunstream, Inf of A.J.
7 20h Gunstream, Lou Rena,
7 20i Gunstream, Sarah Lou, wife AJ
Guthrie, Vera K
6 01a Haggard,
Hagood, Walter M Jr
12 29b Hall, J. M.
12 29c Hall, Mrs Eliza
1 03b Halsell, Inf  RL and Wife
1 03a Halsell, Inf, son of RL & Wife
1 03a-e Halsell, R. L. Lot
1 06b Hames, E. A.
1 06d Hames, Elizabeth A.
1 06e Hames, Thomas F.
1 06a Hames, Thomas F. Jr.
6 04c Hand, 2 Infants
Hand, Georgia Henry
8 10a Hand, Inf M. and wife
6 04e Hand, Inf of M. & Geo.
8 10b Hand, Inf. M. &  wife
6 04d Hand, Inf. of M.
2 19d Hand, Jasper
6 04a Hand, Maurice
Hand, Maurice B
6 04b Hand, Mrs M
6 03d Hand, Paul
6 08b Hand, Paul
4 27d Hard,
4 28b Hard,  Inf Josh
4 28a Hard, Annie Lee, Inf Josh
Hard, Bessie Dean
4 28c Hard, Joshua Sidney
4 27b Harp, Mrs. Jesse J.
Harrell, George M Rev
10 07a Harris, D. E.
Harris, Foster C
Harris, Infant
Harris, Mary Ann
3 22c Harris, Mattie C.
8 12d Harris, Minerva Jane
10 07b Harris, Sarah A
3 17b Harrison, Effie M. Rogers
3 07a Haun, J. B.
3 06b Haun, J. T.
10 26a Haygood, Inf of Walter/wife
5 08a Haymen, Inf Virgel/wife
Haynes, Inf of Virgil
12 24d Haynes, Sallie
12 24c Haynes, Willie son of Austin
3 04b Hays, Allen Lee
7 09d Heath, Albert B.
7 10d Heath, Billy
7 10c Heath, Bryan
7 09a Heath, Inf
7 10f Heath, Inf
7 09b Heath, John W.
7 10b Heath, Marcus
7 09c Heath, Mrs. Louella
Henderson, Jimmie L
Henry, Alice
6 21c Henry, Capilier, Joe, Inf
6 21b Henry, Inf. Tjoni&Srcow
6 21a Henry, J. S.
Henry, JS
6 21d Henry, Mrs.
9 26c Herron, Inf.
5 03d Heurmond, Mattie (Sister McW)
Hickman, Mailean Hill
Hickman, Wm. "Bill" Lafayette
7 14g Hicks, William T
10 26b Higgenbotham, Annie M
10 26c Higgenbotham, Lola May
4 09a Higgenbotham, M. C.
4 05c Higgenbotham, Mrs Belle Kelley
10 26e Higgenbotham, Nancy Eliza.
4 05a-e Higgenbotham, Walter & M.C.
4 09a-e Higgenbotham, Walter & M.C.
4 09b Higginbotham, Alice Parmer
10 26d Higginbotham, Jasper. H.
Higginbotham, Walter Scott
9 24d Hill, Ada
Hill, Alice
3 12a Hill, Anne  ET
Hill, dau of JB & Ella
5 19a Hill, Emma V
Hill, Emma Venati
9 24a Hill, Etoile
Hill, Eula F
9 24c Hill, Fannie Ella
Hill, Florence
5 20b Hill, Hugh H
9 24e Hill, Ida
2 05e Hill, Inf Dau of R.K & Florence
3 12b Hill, Inf son & dau of C.T. & AET
3 07f Hill, J. G.
Hill, Joab B Dr
9 24b Hill, Joab Dr.
Hill, John H
5 24d Hill, John Loren son-J.H. Alice
5 24c Hill, Jona
    Hill, Kate M
Hill, Lenny Burton Sr
    Hill, Lottie L
3 12e Hill, M. O.
Hill, Mary Rose Gunstream
Hill, Oren Milton
Hill, Oren Ralph
Hill, Robert Kelly
3 07e Hill, Roxana
3 15b Hill, Ruth
3 15a Hill, W. A.
    Hill, William Leroy  
Hill, William O
Hill, Zona
Hintchey, John B
8 19d Hintchey, Mack B.
8 19e Hintchey, Reuben P.
8 20b Hintchey, Sarah N Vaughn
10 09c Hoge, Harriett J 
1 04a Holland, Inf son of George &wife
10 18b Hoover, C. S.
Hoover, Miller
11 33a Hope, Claude
Hove, Jim J
4 12d Howard, Eugene
4 12c Howard, J. R.
12 31d Howard, J.M.
6 09a Howard, James S.
Howard, M F
12 32a Howard, Mrs. J. M.
6 09b Howard, W. F.
12 01a Howe, "Jim" J.
11 32d Hughes, Betty Joe
12 31a Hughes, Inf M.Z.
9 31a Hughes, Jackie Colbert
5 05c Hyatt, Mrs Geo
11 38d Infant
5 11a Ingram, Lily B. wife-Glenn
8 34a Isom, G.W.
8 34c Isom, Miss   14 years old
8 34b Isom, Mrs. G. W.
5 03a-d Jacobs, Mark A.
Jacobs, Martha A
12 33a James, Mrs Frank
James, Addie Northern
12 34b James, Billy Robert
2 20a James, Charles Ogle
James, Edward Evin
10 08a James, Eliza Eunice
10 04b James, Elizabeth
12 23b James, Elizabeth
9 19a James, Ellis
12 34a-d James, Ellis
James, Emma J
12 33a-d James, Frank family lot
12 33c James, Geo. Frank
James, James Ellis
12 33b James, Lena dau of Frank wife
James, Lillie Dale
James, Mamie H
James, Mary Elizabeth Doss
James, Mary Virginia McCorkle
James, Minnie Wallace
10 08b James, Mrs. Eunice Langford
James, Paul lot
10 04a James, Smith
12 23a James, William G.
James, William Galen
Jamison, Asa H
Jamison, Effie May Harrison
7 09e Jamison, Mrs. Telitha
Jancen, WG
Jancen. Elizabeth
Jansen, Eliza Eunice
Jansen, Elizabeth
Jansen, Mrs Eunice
Jansen, Smith
3 16e Jay, Julia Anne Spencer
121 25d Jewell, Bessie
Johnson, Beaulah Obera McKorkle
7 13d Johnson, Frances; wife of Wm,
Johnson, Jack D
7 13a Johnson, Martha E dau;Wm F.
7 13c Johnson, William
1 02d Jones, Grandma
9 05c Keel, Mrs. H. O.
9 09c Keel, Oscar
6 15c Kellette, J. W.
Kellette, Maggie
6 16a Kellette, Miss Maurita
5 07d Kelsay, Fannie R
5 07a-d Kelsay, John George
3 08d Kerr, Alfred F
3 08e Kerr, Hattie H
Kerr, Nellie Greer
7 14i Kerr, Samuel J
Landers, Leona
5 29d Landow, Geo.
5 29g Landow, Inf Geo.
5 29h Landow, Inf of Geo.
5 29i Landow, Inf of Geo.;
5 29f Landow, Sarah
Lane, Caddie M
Lane, Charlie Elmer
8 30b Lane, James A.
8 30a Lane, Lillie
Lane, Little son of JA
Lane, Louisa T
Lane, Thomas Burton
7 05b Lemmond, Carl
7 05d Lemmond, Eunice M - Mrs. J. T.
Lemmond, Gladys L
7 05c Lemmond, James. T.
Lemmond, Willie Carroll
7 05a Lencemond, Girl
6 11a Lester, Alice   -  Alcis
6 10d Lester, Elizabeth
    Lester, Child
12 02d Lester, James Mahan
6 10c Lester, Lewis S
12 03a Lester, Mrs. Tina
6 09d Lester, Ruth dau-R. L. & Tenia
2 03a Lewis, C. F.
6 01d Lindsey, Marshall
10 16a Locknane, Charlie M
8 21e Locknane, James William
Locknane, MP
Locknane, WJ
Logan, Mrs
8 22b Logan, Oda M.
8 22a Logan, Ora C.
London, child of George
London, George
London, Sarah J Spencer
Mack, Arthur Lee
Mack, Evelyn Marie Thomas
12 14c Mahard, A. P. Jr.
12 13a-d Mahard, Andy,   Lot
12 13a Mahard, Eula, wife of Andy P.
Mahard, Hosea
12 02c Mahard, Inf Hosea son  AP&SE
12 02b Mahard, Inf son of AP&SE
Mahard, infant
12 12c Mahard, John Hodges
12 14b Mahard, Maggie Cunningham
Mahard, Sarah Elizabeth
9 19b Maloney, Addie A
Mangan, Dean Francis
12 17a Marrell, Clarrisea
8 02b Martin, Allie Lourena
8 02a Martin, Clifford Haygood
8 02c Martin, Leonard Allen
Mashburn, Cora
Massey, Donna
7 10Aa Massie, J. C.
Matejka, Frances Hope
5 12c Matthews,
6 24c Matthews, Inf. Jake & Janie
4 28e Matthews, Mrs Janie
7 10Ab Mauly, Donia
3 09a-d Mayes, E. E.
3 09b Mayes, Edgar Ernest
3 09d Mayes, Mack
3 09c Mayes, Willie F
3 13b McCarty, Son of Arthur 
1 11a McConnell, Child
5 02d McCormick, BM, Inf son.S.N. & Jamie
4 17b McCormick, Inf son H.C & Mattie
4 17c McCormick, Inf son H.C.& Mattie
McGill, William G
McGuffin, Bessie Jewel
McGuffin, Oma Clay
5 04d McGurdy, Arthur E
5 04e McGurdy, Edith
5 04a McGurdy, Rhodie F.wife-M.A.
McLaughlin, Beverly Diane Scallon
5 02b McMahan, Harvey K
5 02a McMahan, Mrs M,
McWhorter, Bonnie Wood
5 12b McWilliams, Albert
5 03c McWilliams, David A.
McWilliams, Dona Alice
5 03b McWilliams, Joseph  C.
5 03a McWillliams, Mather Albert
11 31b Merrifield, Elizabeth A; wife of A.
4 26e Merrit, Father of A. J. & Bob
9 27a Miller, Aurther. E.
Miller, Eleazar Clement
9 26d Miller, Inf.  of A.E. and Theresa
9 25e Miller, James T.
9 28b Miller, Joe T Jr
9 29b Miller, Jr. Jon. T.
Miller, Martha Elizabeth
Miller, Rachel I
9 28c Miller, Rev. S. W.
9 28a Miller, Sam T.  
Miller, Sammie S
Miller, Theresa A
Miller, William Edward
Mills, Charles Jr
Mills, Charles W
Mills, inf dau JW & Dora
7 1f Mills, Inf. of Patty
Mills, Martha Ann
4 16a Mitchell, Mary Thelma dau. of Will
12 19c Monday, Dorothy
12 24b Monday, Jack son of Lem
Monday, Jasper N
Monday, John R
12 19a Monday, Katharyn
12 27d Monday, Lemuel
Monday, Mildred C
Monday, Newt
12 28c Monday, Priscilla
Monday, Ray Leon
Monday, Vernon
12 18c Monday, West
12 19b Monday. Verum
8 28b Montgomery, J. A.
Montgomery, Jesie/Josie Louise
8 28a Montgormery, Inf dau J.A.& Ruby
Moore, Phyllis J
11 38b Moore, Shaw son W.T. &Kate
Moore, Tommy W
Moore, WF
Morrell, Clarissa
4 26d Morris, Dutch
Morris, JR
8 21b Morris, Mrs. L. L.
4 26c Morris, R.C.L
Morrison, Elizabeth A
11 31d Morrison, Geo. S.
5 05d Morrison, Jewell
11 31c Morrison, Odus L.son GS&NG
Moss, Seth Quinton
Mundy, Priscilla
2 09a Nash, Allen
8 26a Nash, Janice
Naugle, Alva M
Naugle, Arvezena - Mother
Naugle, Ben J - Father
Naugle, Emma
Naugle, Frances
Naugle, Jacob J
Naugle, Lilla H
Naugle, LL
Naugle, Margaret R
6 27a Naugle, Rev. Eugene L.
Naugle, W Alvin
Naugle, Wm. C
8 17c Nelson, Alberta Wood
Nelson, Charles Johnson
Nelson, Hubert L
8 17d Nelson, Inf son
Nelson, Mary Etta
3 18d Nelson, Wife of Charlie
7 12e Neuman, Mir
Newman, Jason M w/Mary
Newman, Mary S
Newman, Minnie Clark
Newman, Wm. E
4 26a-e Norris,  Wm.
4 25d Norris, Edgar Wiley
Norris, Jesse R
Norris, Lester
4 26bl Norris, Martha V
Norris, Naomi C
    Norris, Volney Clifford
4 26a Norris, Wm M
7 19b Northcut, G. L.
Northcutt, John T
Northcutt, John T
Northcutt, Lula B
Northcutt, Mary E
5 22b Northcutt, Mrs W. S.
5 23b Northcutt, Mrs. Jno. T.
5 22a Northcutt, W. S.
12 29e Norther, Dad
Norther, S
O'Carrell, Lea wife of Wyly
1 16e Ogle,  Mrs Ruth
1 16a-e Ogle, Dr. J. M.   lot
1 16d Ogle, J. W
8 11d Orphant, Emma Hurley Shearer
Outland, Jack L
3 19b Ovarrcel,Lea, wife of Virgel
8 34d Overall, Inf son
Overall, Lee Ann
10 20a Overall, Minnie M.
7 12a-e Overall, W. H.
7 12d Overall, Will
10 24a Overall,Chileapal:son W.H.&Minnie
1 22a Pardue,Jean
Parks, Raymond Franklin
11 37a Parvin, Asa son; W A. &L.F.
11 38a Parvin, Catherine S.
12 08a-d Parvin, Geo. T   Lot
12 08b Parvin, George T.
11 36c Parvin, Hosea
11 37d Parvin, Hosea
11 36d Parvin, Howard
12 07d Parvin, Inf dau of GT &SF
12 07e Parvin, Inf son of GT & SF
Parvin, Infant GT & SF
11 37c Parvin, Isabell: wife of Hosea
Parvin, Jimmie son of GT & JS
Parvin, Jimmy S wife of GT
12 02a Parvin, Jms.H.son of WA&LF
Parvin, John H son of LF & WA
11 38a Parvin, Katherine Stockhouse
12 07f Parvin, Lizzie dau of GT & SF
12 8a Parvin, Mrs S.F.  wife of Geo T.
11 37b Parvin, Sarah Ann: wife of Hosea
5 01a Pearson,Inf.  G. B.& L.M.
7 17a Pemberton, Frederick
7 17b Pemberton, Inf
7 17d Pemberton, Nellie, Mrs T. J..
4 24d Perdue, Inf. of E. L. &L. B.
Perdue, Jesse Daniel
Perdue, Rosie E
7 04a Petius, Inf.: Charles and Wife
1 19a Philips, Eugene
4 01c Philips, J. C.
4 01d Philips, Jewell
Philips, John B
9 05d Philips, John D .
9 06a Philips, Lilly L
1 18a-e Philips, Louis    lot
Philips, Mrs J B
Pitsinger, infant of Charles
8 22e Poe, Dave
Ponce, Frank A
Ponce, Linda I
Pool, Mary Alice
5 12a Powell, Inf.son-Abe&Maude
Quillen, Annie Bell
Quillen, Charles Edward
10 02b Quisenberry, Sarah
1 15e Rainwater L.W.
1 16a Rainwater, Mrs Sarah Etta w/ L.W.
6 19d Ramshay, Inf. of Katie&Joe
6 19c Ramshay, Katie B
10 09e Rector, Charles
10 09f Rector, Isabell;  wife of Charles
10 09a Rector, Jamie dau: Dock & Jamie
Rector, Willie A  dau NH & CJ
10 02a Rector, Willie son of W. H.
5 15d Reed, Blanche
5 15e Reed, Harvey/Henry
Richardson, A R
Richardson, Estelle
Richardson, Ira Davis
8 06c Richardson, Lily wife of Ira
Richardson, Martha Elizabeth
Richardson, Reed, Ella Jane
8 15f Richardson, Thomas L.
8 15e Richardson, Velma
10 16c Rippey, Jack
10 16d Rippey, Mrs. Jack
Roberson, J D
7 11a Roberts, Inf J.B; Bates&Tennie
7 11b Roberts, Inf. Bates&T
3 03f Roberts, Luvell
3 lot Roberts, Vernon Lavell
Robertson, Infant son Bates &Tennie
Robertson, JB
5 14c Robertson, Tennie Clark
3 05a Robinson , Elbert
3 05a-e Robinson, Elbert
4 25d Robinson, Grandma M.
3 05b Robinson, Harriet Elizabeth
4 25c Robinson, J D.
    Robinson, John E
Robinson, Lonnie S
Robinson, Margaret L
Robinson, Zora A  (wife of JE)
3 18c Rogers,
4 13c Rogers, ? tow
9 25 a-e Rogers, A. P.. lot
Rogers, Addison Pierce
8 05c Rogers, Albert N. s,B. L. &R.E.
5 21b Rogers, Alvin
8 05a Rogers, B. L.
Rogers, Betty L
Rogers, Carmel I sr
8 10e Rogers, Carmel Mrs
7 13b Rogers, Caroline Isabel;wife/J.B.
8 04e Rogers, Clarence Inf.WJ&Betty
5 18b Rogers, Clayton
8 04a Rogers, E. F.
8 05b Rogers, Elizabeth
5 18a Rogers, Elizabeth
7 21e Rogers, Emma dau;JB &E.D.
4 02c Rogers, Evie
Rogers, Eva (n/Jodie & Gladys
12 16c Rogers, Fanny
Rogers, Freddie
8 14g Rogers, George W
4 02e Rogers, Gladys
Rogers, Harriett B
8 13d Rogers, Inf Clayton & Nancy J
Rogers, inf WL
8 13e Rogers, Inf, Clayton & Nancy Jane
8 04c Rogers, Inf. WL &Bettie
5 21a Rogers, Inf. Zada
12 16d Rogers, Inf.of Wm. & Fanny
4 14c Rogers, Inf/ B. H. & Catharice
4 02d Rogers, Jodie
Rogers, John B
3 17a Rogers, John T.
7 21b Rogers, Joseph B.
7 21c Rogers, Jus. Beauc
8 04d Rogers, Lawerence Inf.WJ &Betty
7 14a Rogers, Matthew B.
8 04b Rogers, Mattie Inf. W.J
9 25b Rogers, Mrs Maude M.
Rogers, Mrs Tom
8 08d Rogers, Mrs. W. L.
8 13c Rogers, Nancy J.  wife Claton
7 21a Rogers, Nancy; wife of J. B.
Rogers, Paul Sone
8 08c Rogers, Rev. W. L.
Rogers, Rilla
7 21d Rogers, Sarah M dau;JB & Nancy
8 05d Rogers, Susan V.
4 13b Rogers, Tom
Rogers, Una
4 13d Rogers, Victoria
4 13e Rogers, Walter
12 16b Rogers, Wm.
Rojas, Julia
Rolfe. John
4 07e Rudolph, Clarence
4 07c Rudolph, Daisy, wife of W.S.
Rudolph, inf of Clarence
4 07a Rudolph, Janie, wife of Clarence
Rudolph, Jessie Max
Rudolph, Josie
4 08f Rudolph, Katie
Rudolph, Mattie P wife of (Max Alvin)
Rudolph, Max
4 08e Rudolph, Max Alvin
Rudolph, Mildred Irene
Rudolph, Neda Fern
Ruiz, Jesse
Rush, Cassie Lou
1 08e Rush, Frank D
1 08d Rush, Inf so  of J. R. &wife
1 08b Rush, Inf son of J. R. & wife
1 08c Rush, James P.
1 08f Rush, John W.
2 15a Rush, Will
Saenz, Enrique
8 29a Sanders, Inf bob
5 25d Savage, Donna
5 25c Savage, Stone. S.
1 01c Sawyer, Inf.
10 04e Saye, Capt. WIlliam  Leeper.
Saye, Ethel (wife of Dr WL jr)
Saye, W L jr DR
Schroeter, Adelle
9 24f Sellars, Mary E.
Selman, Martha Joe
8 12b Shearer, Emma
8 12a Shearer, Mary
8 11b Shearer, Mary Eller
8 11e Shearer, Salmon
8 12c Shearer, Soloman
Shelton, Austin L
6 23d Shelton, Mrs. Eula Acker
11 26d Sheppard, Laura A. dau P.O.&S.J
Sherwood, Braneford
Sherwood, Matthew Neeley,
12 20a Showdey, Mrs. June Arelia
5 28f Shrader, Ada R, wife -D. B.
5 28c Shrader, Audrey
3 23b Shrader, Daniel Booker
Shrader, Fount P
5 28a Shrader, G. H.
Shrader, Joe
5 28b Shrader, Mary I
3 23a Shrader, Mrs. Ross
Shrader, Rosa Bell
Shrader, Samuel
Shrader, Sarah Eliz
Shrader, Sue Hume
Shrader, William Henry
2 05c Simms, W. B.
2 05a Simms, Inf Dau. of W. B.
2 02e Simms, Inf. Janie
2 04d Simms, Inf.Son
2 05b Simms, Richard Earle
Simms, Sarah M
Sims, Hettie M
Sims, John F jr
Sims, John Franklin
Sims, Mrs Lillian L
2 Lot 5 Sims, W. B.
9 16b Sipes, Inf  Fred Obert
Sipes, Jimmie H
9 16a-d Sipes, R. M.   lot
Sipes, Richard M
7 10a Slavey, Margaret.
1 02b Slayton, Annie E   Mrs.J. F.
6 26a Slayton, Charley C
6 26b Slayton, Joseph. F.
Smith, Charline Henno/en
Smith, Cora L
Smith, Glena Ann
Smith, Jess
Smith, Margaret Ann Rogers
Smith, Mattie Acker
7 19a Smith, Minnie
4 15d Smith, Mrs Jess
Smith, Will M
10 14a-d Smith, Will M.  lot
10 15c Smith, William B.
Sneathen, Beaulah
Sneathen, Bettie  w/ William A
8 06a Sneathen, Dolly
3 16i Sneathen, Elizabeth J -Mrs. GW Sr
3 16c Sneathen, Geo. S. Jr.
3 16h Sneathen, Geo. W. Sr.
Sneathen, Hugh Anderson
3 11b Sneathen, Inf. J. W.
3 11a Sneathen, Inf. of W. A.
3 11a-e Sneathen, Johnnie W.
3 16d Sneathen, Myrtle
Sneathen, William A
Snow, inf of Tom
Sone, Bessie May
Sone, L D
Sone, Mary F
Sone, Sarah H
Sonntag, Ada M
4 20b Sonntag, Carl William
Sonntag, Clara Elizabeth
Sonntag, Docia Craft
Sonntag, Elizabeth
Sonntag, Emil Walter
Sonntag, F H
Sontag, Amelia Augusta
Sonntag, Gottfried
Sonntag, Minnie
Sonntag, Mrs C W
Sonntag, Mrs F H
Sonntag, Mrs Ulmer O
Sonntag, Ray F
5 22a-d Sontag Lot
5 26a-d Sontag, J. G.
5 21c Sontag, J. Herman.
4 20d Sontag, May Belle
4 20c Sontag, Mrs C. W.
Sontag,Alfred Benjamin
10 25a Soul, L. D.
10 25c Soul, Mary F.
10 25b Soul, Sarah: wife of L. D.,
10 25d Soul. Birdie dau T.M.&M. J.
12 9a Spencer, Clay son of WA & Ellen P
5 29c Spencer, Elizabeth
5 29a Spencer, Ida Mae
5 29e Spencer, Robert L
Spencer, Sarah J
5 29b Spencer, Tisdale, sr
12 14e St.John, Inf.  of A. C.
3 22b Staley, Emma L.
Staley, Josephine Victoria
3 22d Staley, W. B. Jr.
3 22a Staley, W. B. Sr.
Staley, Wm B
1 15d Stanton, Georgia Grace
1 15a-e Stanton, S. S.  lot
1 15a Stanton, Webb
Starnes, Addie A (wife WH)
3 19c Starnes, Bessie B.  dau W. H.& Addie
3 20c Starnes, James M.
4 02b Starnes, Margaret
3 20a Starnes, Miss Rilla
3 20b Starnes, Oliver
Starnes, Tava (next to Wiley)
4 02a--e Starnes, Uyles
3 20a-c Starnes, Virgie
Starnes, Wiley
    Starnes, William Henry
Sterns, Margaret
6 25b Steward, Inf. Alice Mae J.A/.Ida
10 18d Stewart, Mrs
10 18a Stewart, Mrs. Robert
5 20c Stoddard, Mrs. J.
5 20d Stoddard, Z. S.  
8 23b Strickland, Mrs. Robert Cooper
Stroud, Allie Mae d/ JA & Ida
5 15a Stroud, Mrs. Elmer
4 28d Stroud, Mrs. Pat
10 10b Sullivan, Annie Belle dauP.B.&C.E.
10 10c Sullivan, Charles Edward
Sullivan, Michael A
Sullivan, Richard B
12 01b Swanzy, Margaret L.
12 1a-d Swanzy, O. D. lot
2 01a Swindall, Inf. Lydia (Clark)
8 01a Tarpley, Geo. B.
Tarpley, Mary Francis
8 01a-b Tarpley, Mollie
Tarpley, Mrs SF
5 27a Tarpley, Mrs. H. F.
8 01b Tarpley, Sterling Lake
5 27b Tarpley, William Lake
6 03b Taylor, Aubrey
6 03a Taylor, Hazel
Taylor, Marlys G Williams
Taylor, Ronald Lee
Taylor, Sarah Louise
9 030a Thompson, Clara E.
3 04a Thompson, Mrs L. A.
Thurman, Mattie
2 13b Turee, Wm. H.,son of T. J. & Lillie
8 14c Vance, William C.
Vandeventer,Tommy Glenn
8 19f Vaughan, R. P.
8 09b Vuewood, Brauford,Inf JF & Mary
8 09c Vuewood, Matthew Neely
1 04c W., A. N.
Wagoner, Lucy Adella Shrader
6 02a Wagoner, Wm. J.
4 11c Waldrum, Son of E. H.
3 13h Walker, John W. Son of H. C.& NL
1 04d Walters,
10 17b Ware, Margaret
Warren, Anna Bell "Ann" Bolin
Warren, Robert M
3 16a Watson, Inf. son of W. H.
3 13a Webb, dau of  C. S.
Webb, Samuel McKinley
10 03b Webb, Sarah K
10 03a Webb, Wm. H.
12 06a West, Rev. B. L.
7 16b White, Alvin
White, Cala
10 06a White, Inf CC
10 06b White, Inf CC
10 07c White, Lola
7 16c White, M. R.
White, Robert A
Wight, Algis Lester
Wight, Annie
Williams, David A
Williams, Joan Dale (dau) w/Howard
Williams, Joe C
Williams, mother of Alfred M
Williams, Thomas Clinton
Willis, D. P.
Willis, Mattie L.
1 09a Wood, Charles E.
10 12a Wood, Dillard E.
Wood, Emma E
1 05a Wood, J. R.
9 20d Wood, Mildred
Wood, Milton Tracy
10 12b Wood, Mrs. D. E.
10 05e Woodrum, Elizabeth wife Wm.
10 05d Woodrum, William
Woosley, Jimmie R
9 17a Wright, Annie  wife of R.C.
Wyatt, Mrs George
Zmorzynski, Henrietta
Zmorzynski, Stanley

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