Boyd High School, McKinney, Texas 1935

The Lion Roar. Boyd High School, McKinney, Texas. January 18, 1935, Vol. 7, No. 4.

The Lion Roar Staff.
Billy G. THOMPSON, Editor; Mary Ann GOODNER, Copy Editor; John Edgar McKinney, Managing Editor; Glen Walker MASSIE, Advertising Manager, Martha Bea HOUSTON, Advertising Manager, Roy CALDWELL, Business Manager, Horace NEILSON; Reporters: Poppy BASS, Margaret HARPER, Boyd WILLIAMS, Billy EUBANKS, Woodrow DAVIDSON, Shirley SCOTT.

Casual Comments.
Marion MOSELEY is our bid for the title “Joe College!”
Jerald DERRYBERRY, the fellow with the animated gleam in his eyes, has decided that love is just like prosperity – it’s just around the corner. But Jerald has yet to pass around the corner.
Attention Mr. ROLLINS: The Billy THOMPSON who is so influenced by your agricultural surroundings has been norseback riding to your great surprise. And the much talked about “hoss” in your class room bears the name “Prince”.

John Mack HARRINGTON, seventeen-year-old son of County Judge and Mrs. J. Frank HARRINGTON, who was wounded in the right arm in a hunting accident Monday afternoon is recovering at the McKinney City Hospital. John Mack is a Low Senior of the McKinney High School is a yell leader. He was struck in the arm by a charge from a shotgun, the gun discharging as he was placing it in an automobile after completion of a hunting trip. His condition is not now serious and his many friends hope for a rapid recovery.

Louis JOHNSON went to Dallas during Christmas holidays.

Kathryn WANDRY spent the Christmas holidays visiting in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Dorothy LONG went to Dallas December 28.

Miss Poppy BASS visited in Dallas during the Christmas holidays.

School Board Enjoys Dinner by Cooking Class.
The second year Domestic Science class entertained the school board with a diner Thursday night, January 10. The members of the board are Mr. Hardy EUBANKS, Mr. Will J. RHEA, Walter B. WILSON, Mr. Avery DOWELL, Mr. J. H. MERRRITT, Mr. Gibson CALDWELL, and Mr. Alfred SCOTT. Mr. Jack Ryan, superintendent of the McKinney schools, was also honored with the school board.

Football Boys Enjoy Banquet.
.... Carroll ADAIR, football captain acted as toast master and master of ceremonies. As he called upon each letterman to make his talk, he had a rhyme to go with each name. Other speeches of the evening were made by the coaches, ATKINS and HOLLIS, Mr. Fitzhugh NEWSOME, Mr. L. D. ROBINSON, and Mr. Jack RYAN.
After the banquet everyone was cordially invited by Mr. Roy BROCKMAN to attend the Ritz theater.

Seniors Present Program.
High Seniors on Senior Day presented a program in the auditorium of Boyd High School at which time Marion MOSELEY, president of the class, presented the key to the Low Senior Class, which was represented by the president, M. W. YOUNGER. The will was read, and a gift on the curtain fund was presented to Mr. ROBINSON by the secretary-treasurer, Ruth MARCOM.

Plans For Typing Team Are Underway.
..... The following students have excellent records during the first term, and although not assured of places on the team, from all indications for [are those] from which the team will be chosen: Frances KINDLE, Hubbert EVANS, Cleo BURGESS, Mammie Ruth GERRON, Juanita TALKINGTON, Elizabeth MOORE, Frances BOZEMAN, Maggie Faye DeARMAND, Eva Lou CASSION, Max PERKINS, and Evelyn LOWERY.
The department is proud of the records made by its five previous teams and points with pride to the students of past years who strove to make a creditable showing. Among these students are Floy Jane WEEKS, who is working in the business manager’s office at Baylor University; Ethel BAXTER, a worthy and excellent student, who assists the teachers in the training department of [North Texas State Teachers College] in their work; Louise HAMRICK, student in C. I. A.; Max SKELTON of California; Edith TRANTHAM, who holds a responsible position with Sears Roebuck of Dallas; Oleta ADDINGTON, one of our present graduating class; Durward TIMMONS, present assistant trainer of the team; and Virginia TINSLEY, holder of a blue ribbon and one who assisted in winning the cup at Commerce two years ago.

Commencement. Boyd High School Auditorium Jan. 18, 1935.
Class Roll.

Marion W. MOSELEY, Ruth Maureen MARCOM, Charles W. GRAVES, Mary Ruthe BOWMAN, Alston COMBS, Oleta ADDINGTON, Tom NORMAN, Rosemary FORTE, Leonard BRIDGES, Sadie Maye POLLARD, Basil LUSK, Bobbie STEPHENSON, Charles E. GRAVES, Burnis Aline MARSHALL, Howell E. COMMONS, Rubylee CANTRELL, Jack COPE, Kenneth SHORT, John Arthur APPLE, Eldon Ardelle MELTON.


Oleta ADDINGTON, 17 is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. ADDINGTON, 407 Chestnut Street. She was born in Collin County in 1917 and has attended local schools during her eleven year school career.... Miss ADDINGTON has not decided as to what her profession in life will be, but plans to attend Texas University at Austin to prepare herself for some profession

Basil LUSK is the popular son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. LUSK, 1416 West Street. He was born in Dallas County, September 24, 1916. Basil attended the Allen school prior to coming to McKinney....Hunting and swimming are his hobbies. ... Basil was a member of the McKinney High Lions football team for two seasons. He also had a leading part in the Senior Class play. Basil has not decided what his profession will be.

Rosemary FORTE, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. FORTE, 1001 Greenville Street, is a native McKinney girl. ....She enjoys dancing as a hobby. Rosemary was one of the mainstays on early McKinney girls basketball teams. She lettered four years in that sport. She has not decided as yet what her profession in life will be, but she hopes to have decided by the time she finishes college. She has chosen North Texas State Teachers College at Denton as the place to secure her future education.

Ardelle MELTON, eighteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. O. MELTON, was born March 5, 1916, 15 miles northwest of this city. He now resides on route 1, Allen... Ardelle attended the Bloomdale, Cottage Hill, Central Ward, and the L. A. Scott Junior High Schools before entering Boyd High. He enjoys Bookkeeping more than any of his other studies. His hobby is raising bantam chickens.... Ardelle was a member of the Dramatic Club. He participated in the County Track and Field meets. He has not made a decision as to whether or not he will enter college after graduation, but plans to follow his father’s profession as one of the successful farmers of Collin County.

Tom NORMAN [is] another of the outstanding athletes in McKinney High School during the last few years. 19 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. NORMAN, 405 Sherman Street, Tom was born in Leonard, Texas, October 23, 1915. He has attended the Leonard and Farmersville schools. Tom is a great lover of water sports and swimming is his hobby. He was a prominent member of the Dramatic Club and also took part in the recent senior play. Tom lettered on the football team in 1933 and received nominations for the all-district team. He plans to attend Texas A. & M. at College Station where he will study Engineering.

Mary Ruthe BOWMAN was born October 8, 1916 at Wylie being the charming eighteen-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. BOWMAN, 106 Hunt Street. She attended the Wylie and Plano schools before coming to McKinney....She enjoys playing tennis and is an enthusiast of all sports in McKinney High. She has not yet decided on her life’s profession. Mary Ruthe hopes to attend C. I. A., at Denton, when she completes her local school career.

John Arthur APPLE...was born May 1, 1917, being at the time of his graduation, 17 years old. John is the son of Mrs. Virgie APPLE, 1115 North Tennessee Street, of this city. .... In the recent Senior play, he was one of the leading characters....He is a member of the Dramatic Club. John has never competed in any [school] athletics, but is a fine baseball player and hopes to play this sport under the tutelage of “Uncle Billy” Disch at Texas University. John plans to study Journalism. He desires to follow that work as a profession in life.

Kenneth SHORT is another native McKinneyite. ... Kenneth was born September 21, 1915. His father, Frank SHORT, resides at 1106 Hall Street. Kenneth did not have many opportunities to distinguish himself in the class activities since he worked outside of school every day. However, he is one of the best liked members of the class. Kenneth likes to swim and hunt, and has them as hobbies. He has not decided whether or not he will attend any higher institution of learning after graduation.

Leonard BRIDGES, 18, was born in McKinney, November 5, 1916, the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. BRIDGES. Leonard has lived here all of his life. Economics is his favorite study. Leonard has been a hard-fighting football player. For his future education he plans to enter Texas Tech at Lubbock.

Rubylee CANTRELL [is] one of the most attractive young ladies of the graduating class. Rubylee is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. CANTRELL, 802 North Bradley Street. She was born in Valdasta in 1917. Rubylee is quite prominent in all student activities and is a member of the Latin Club. For two years, she was one of the representatives of McKinney High’s debating team. She has not fully decided as to her vocation in life, but plans to attend North Texas State Teachers College at Denton, where she will complete her higher education.

Marion MOSELEY is the active, efficient, and well-liked president of the graduating class. He is another native McKinney boy who was born in this city, April 2, 1917. He is the son of Prof. And Mrs. J. W. MOSELEY, his father being principal of the East Ward School. He played an important part in the recent Senior play. ....he was manager of the local football team. As a profession in life he has chosen to be a physician. He plans to enter North Texas State Teachers College at Denton, immediately after graduation.

Charles W. GRAVES, Jr. is a native McKinney boy. He was born in this city, January 1, 1917, being the eighteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. GRAVES, 1207 West Tucker Street. .... Music is his hobby, and Charles is quite adept to playing the clarinet. He is one of the officers of the graduating class. For two years Charles was a member of the Lions football squad. He plans to attend Texas Christian University at Fort Worth where he hopes to map out his life’s profession.

Sadie POLLARD is another one of the well-liked young ladies of this midterm graduating class. She was born December 17, 1917, and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. POLLARD, Farmersville. She attended the public schools at Frisco. Miss Sadie liked Bookkeeping better than any of her studies and will probably select that type of work as her profession. She has always been a ‘live wire’ in all student activities and has participated on the girls basketball and volleyball teams. She plans to attend college after graduation, but has not decided as to what school it will be.

Howell E. COMMONS is the graduating class bid as the best athlete in Boyd High this year. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. COMMONS, 1301 Oak Street, and was born in McKinney October 14, 1916. His favorite subject was Physics, taught by the congenial Professor C. M. DUVALL. .....Howell lettered two years in football and track and was one of the outstanding tackles on the District Six grid team. ..... He plans to attend Texas A. & M. to prepare for that profession [Engineering] upon the completion of local school work.

Aline MARSHALL [is] one of the most popular young ladies of the graduating class. She is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom MARSHALL, 404 South College Street, of this city. Aline was born November 21, 1917, in McKinney. She spent several terms in the Dallas schools, but has been a student of local schools for the past nine years. Horseback riding is her hobby. Miss MARSHALL has always been active in all school events as well as those of her class. As a profession she plans to become a stenographer or a bookkeeper. She has not definitely decided whether or not she will attend a college after graduation.

Bobbie STEPHENSON, 18 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob STEPHENSON, 1102 North Coleman Street, is another native McKinney girl. She was born in this city May 2, 1916. However she has only attended the local schools for the past two years. Previously she was a student of the Dallas and Fort Worth schools. Bobbie’s hobby is swimming. Miss STEPHENSON has never participated in any form of athletics, but is a strong supporter of all local athletic teams. She has not decided as to what her aim in life will be or what institution of higher learning she will attend.

Ruth MARCOM, seventeen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. MARCOM, 908 North College Street, this city, is one of the outstanding students in the McKinney High School. She was born in Anna, Texas, December 28, 1917. She has taken an important part in all class activities. Tennis is her favorite sport, however, she is a strong booster for all athletic teams. She has not chosen her life work as yet, but hopes to have decided by the time she has finished college. At present, her plans are to attend C. I. A., at Denton, or Baylor University, at Waco.

Jack COPE, 17 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. COPE, 209 Short Street, was born in Copeville, Texas, February 20, 1917. Jack has attended the McKinney schools for the past eleven years. Mathematics is his favorite study. Jack has golf as a hobby, and he plays a good game at that sport. He is... a prominent member of the Dramatic Club. Jack has not decided as to what profession he will follow, or to what higher institution of learning he will attend, following his graduation.

Alston COMBS is the twenty-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. COMBS, Route 6, McKinney. He has attended the McKinney schools for six years. Trigonometry was his favorite subject. Alston was very popular with all the students during his schooling at Boyd High. He plans to become an engineer and will prepare himself for that profession by attending Texas A. & M. at College Station.

Charles E. GRAVES, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. GRAVES, is another one of the graduates who has attended the local schools for all of his education. Charlie was born over at Blue Ridge, June 4, 1914. Charlie says Manual Training is his favorite study. He is president of the high school band, and music is his hobby. Football and tennis are the two sports he participated in during his high school career. He hopes to become a mechanic in the aviation industry as soon as he has prepared himself. He plans to attend Texas A. & I. At Kingsville after his high school graduation.

Low Eleven Class Groups.
The low eleventh class sponsored by Miss CUNDIFF, has already selected its invitations and ordered its rings. Under the leadership of M. W. YOUNGER, president, Rebecca WILSON, vice-president, and James BEAVER, secretary and treasurer, the class is divided into five groups each headed by a captain for the purpose of carrying out various projects to make money for the low seniors.

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