McKinney High School 1935

The Lion Roar, Boyd High School, McKinney, Texas. May 14, 1934, Vol 6, No. 6.

[There are photographs of Walter B. WILSON, President of the McKinney School Board, Jack R. RYAN, City Superintendent of McKinney Public Schools, and the McKinney (Boyd) High School Building on the front page of this publication.]

The Lion Roar Staff.
Max B. SKELTON, Editor; Rebecca WILSON, Assistant Editor; Glenn Walker MASSIE, Business Manager; J. D. GAULDIN, Sports; W. T. HARTMAN, Features; Mary Ann GOODNER, Society; M. W. YOUNGER, Jokes.

.....below [is] a list of the members of the McKinney School board, the members of the Boyd High school faculty, the officers and roll of each class in senior high school.

School Board Members.
Walter B. WILSON, president; J. H. MERRITT, vice-president; Will J. RHEA, Gibson CALDWELL, Avery DOWELL, A. Hardy EUBANKS, Alfred M. SCOTT.

City Superintendent.
Jack R. RYAN, superintendent. Miss Alta FRANCIS, secretary.

High School Faculty.
L. D. ROBINSON, principal; B. Frank SKELTON, mathematics; Earl SLAUGHTER, mathematics; E. Y. WOLFORD, commerce; Noble J. ATKINS, math, science, and coach; C. M. DUVALL, science; W. R. HOLLIS, language, history, and mathematics; D. C. Rogers, manual training; Ruth DOWELL, English; Mrs. Jack R. RYAN, mathematics, language; Miss Lizzie Nell CUNDIFF, history; Miss Ruth SNEED, history; Miss Imogene PERRY, language; Miss Florence Lee HARRIS, English; Miss Susie CARLISLE, home economics; Miss Katherine THOMPSON, language; Miss Bessie Mae HAMILTON, English, Miss Virginia SAUNDERS, librarian.


Class Officers.

President: Edwin D. DICKENSON; Vice-President: Bobby BASS; Secretary-Treasurer: Helen GIST; Class Sponsor: Mrs. Jack R. RYAN.
Class Roll.
Sara ABERNATHY, Ethel ALLEN, Bobby BASS, Ethel BAXTER, Orlena BERRY, Katherine BROWN, Robert BROWNLEE, Marcella COFFEY, Christine COOK, Robert COWAN, Meda Cate CUNDIFF, Joe Ray CUFFMAN, Willie Faye CUNNINGHAM, Dorajean DAVIS, Edwin D. DICKENSON, Elva Clyde DUNN, Frances ERWIN, Billy Nell EUBANKS, Marjorie FARLEY, Robert FORTE, Glen FORD, Claude FRANCIS, Keith GARLAND, J. D. GAULDEN, Marian GIBSON, Helen Mae GIST, Carl GRACY, Louise HAMBRICK, W. T. HARTMAN, Anne KERBY, Conan KERBY, James KIRBRIEL, H. W. KINSER, Jim Haydon KITCHING, James P. LANE, Ruth LEWIS, Annie Louise LITTLEJOHN, Mabel MANTOOTH, Eva McCLURE, Paul McCARLEY, George McKINNEY, E. C. McMURRAY, J. C. McCOWAN, Janet MILLER, Annie Pearl MOORE, Lorene MORROW, P. G. MURRAY, Weldon MYRICK, Dana Lee NEELY, Cloyee NEVIL, William PORTER, Alton PREWITT, William RHEA, Dale SIMPSON, Elsie Pearl SKELTON, Max B. SKELTON, Lois SMITH, Polly SNAPP, Elisabeth STEWART, Winfred TAYLOR, Georgia TERRELL, Lou Alys WALKER, Juanita WALLIS, Miriam WATERS, Rachel WHEATLEY.
Low Eleven. Class Officers.
President: Marian MOSLEY. Vice-President: Oleta ADDINGTON; Secretary-Treasurer: Ruby Lee CANTRELL; Class-Sponsor: Miss Imogene BERRY.
Low Eleven. Class Roll.
Oleta ADDINGTON, John APPLE, Mary Ruth BOWMAN, Aline BRASWELL, Ruby Lee CANTRELL, Howell F. COMMONS, Alston COMBS, Jack COPE, Rosemary FORTE, Margaret GEREN, Charles E. GRAVES, Charles W. GRAVES, Dulan HARLEN, Lloyd HOUSE, Basil LUSK, Ruth MARCOM, Aline MARSHALL, Fred McKINNEY, Troy McLEOD, Ardell MELTON, Marion MOSELEY, Harrison MUSE, Tom NORMAN, Sadie POLLARD, Alice RUSSELL, Florence STRICKLING, Francis WATKINS, and Winnie Alyne WATSON.

High Ten. Class Officers.
President: M. W. YOUNGER. Vice-President: John LOWERY; Secretary-Treasurer: Rebecca WILSON; Class Sponsor: Miss Mary Ruth SNEED.
High Ten. Class Roll.
Freda ACUFF, Caroll ADAIR, Tootsie ANDERSON, Norma ASHLEY, Harrold BALLARD, James BEAVER, Wilson BERRY, Leonard BRIDGES, Basil BRYANT, Cleo BURGESS, Doris CHAMBERS, Lois CHAMBERS, Beaver CHANDLER, Leo CROCKETT, Mildred DAY, Dorothy DINSMORE, Jim Anna DOUGLAS, Sarah FRAZIER, Johnnie FUNDERBURGH, Annie Ruth FURR, Wilbur GANTT, Johnny Mack HARRINGTON, Martha Bea HOUSTON, Maurice HOWELL, Tom LARGENT, John LOWERY, Glen Walker MASSIE, Juanita MAGERS, Tom McBEE, Katherine MELTON, Francis McGARR, James MERRITT, Fitzhugh NEWSOME, Ethel NUTTALL, Lorene PAYNE, Oreta READY, Ruby Mae REYNOLDS, Freeman RICKERSON, Alfred Mally SCOTT, Mildred SPURGEN, Mozelle SPURGEN, Juanita TALKINGTON, Virginia TINSLEY, Addie TRUETT, Louise WEEKS, Parris WHEATLEY, Rebecca WILSON, Lois Faye WRIGHT, M. W. YOUNGER, Ruth Elizabeth BLACK, Jack KNIGHT, Harrison MUSE, Lula Emily MELTON, Vera Bell MITCHELL.

Low Ten. Class Officers.
President: Jack SIMPSON; Vice-President: Virgil BARKER; Secretary-Treasurer: Neva McBEE; Class Sponsor: Miss Bessie Mae HAMILTON.
Low Ten. Class Roll.
Eudelle BANDY, Marie BARNETT, Dora BURGE, Maggie Fae DeARMOND, Ida Mae ENLOW, Jannora FULTS, Cleo GAULDEN, Gwendalin HENDRICKS, Maurine ISBELL, Zora JOHNSON, Polly JOPLIN, Marie JENKINS, Francis KINDLE, Ione McBEE, Neva McBEE, Mildred McMIME, Mozello RENFRO, Mary K. SNIDER, Maggie STEPHENSON, Geraldyne STEWART, Mary Frances WALLACE, Marnelle WELCH, Ruth WEST, Virgil BARKER, Binkie COUCH, Joe L. HOOPER, Jerry HERNDON, Harold KISSINGER, Tom MOTT, Billy NELSON, Jack SIMPSON, Billy THOMPSON, Boyd WILLIAMS, Johnnie WILSON, George WILSON, Jack KERBY and Billy MOORE.

High Nine. Class Officers.
President: Poppy SEARS; Vice-President: Martell Smith; Secretary-Treasurer: Billy GOODNER; Class Sponsor: Miss Katherine THOMPSON.
High Nine. Class Roll.
Jack ALLEN, Ira ANDERSON, Helen ARGO, Mabel ASTON, J. W. BATES, Jr., Emegen BAZTER [sic] [BAXTER ?], Billy BALL, Eva Ellen BERRY, Francis Wade BIGGERS, Tom BOMAR, Christine BROWN, Roy CALDWELL,. O. L. CANTRELL, Harold CARMEN, Pauline CARR, George CARTER, J. W. CARLEY, Marion CROCKETT, Wo9drow DAVIDSON, Windell DENNIS, Charlcie DRAKE, Edith FULTS, Florence GENTLE, Billy GOODNER, Mary Anne GOODNER, Mary Joe HAMILTON, Virginia HANKINS, Margaret HARPER, Hazel HARRISON, Edna Earl HIGHT, Anna Ruth HOLT, Melba June HORN, Lois JOHNSON, Wanda KENNEDY, Raymond LARGENT, Dorothy LONG, Virginia LONSFORD, Raymond MITCHELL, John Edwin MALLOW, Wellington McALEXANDER, June MOORE, Bruce MORELAND, Horace NEILSON, Juanita NALILAT, Carl PALYNE, Duruard POE, Billy RAINEY, Daphne READY, Emma Lou ROSE, Roy SANDERS, Frank SAVAGE, Faye Delle SCOTT, Poppy SEARS, Mauryene SKELTON, Mary Blanche SMITH, Mary Francis SMITH, Martell SMITH, Wildred SMITH, Orlene SNAPP, Evelyn STANLEY, Durwood TIMMONS, Tommie WALDEN, Ruth WALTERS, Katheryn WANDRY, Hazel WATKINS, F??? Lee YOUNG, Emory TREADAWAY.

Low Nine. Class Committee.
Billy EUBANKS is chairman of the committee which manages the business affairs of the Low 9 class.
Low Nine. Class Roll.
J. C. ADDINGTON, John AIKEN, Virginia BOMAR< L. W. BUNCH, L. B. BURGESS, William H. CARRELL, Weldon COFFMAN, Mary COMPTON, Joe Boy CONNOR, Juazetta COUNTS, Charles CROMER, Thelma CROWDER, Durwood CURRY, Woodrow DOUGLAS, Jerald DERRYBERRY, Lyman EDWARDS, Everett ELISS, Billy EUBANKS, E. H. FARLEY, J. W. FUN, Clarence GANTT, Clyde GANTT, H. D. GATLIN, Grandis GEORGE, I. G. GOLDEN, James HARRIS, Irene HAWKINS, Hattie HIGHT, Hugh HOOPER, John KLUTZ, Eugene LOVELL, Mattie Lou MARSHALL, George MORRIS, Emily PETERS, Allie REEDER, Harold REDDELL, Ralph RUSSELL, James SIMS, Mary THOMPSON, J. TUCKER, Leon USSERY, Sibyl WATKINS, and Addison WILSON.

Approximately 1,500 McKinney public school children tripped lightly on the greensward of Newsome field Monday night under the floodlights to inaugurate in grand style the first high school May Fete. ..... The Fete, inauguarated and sponsored by Prof. Jack R. RYAN, city superintendent of the public schools and the efficient corps of McKinney Public School Teachers aided by the parents was carried out to perfection. Much credit rightfully goes to the directors, Miss Carrie Jean DAVIS and Mrs. Paula FINCH, who worked faithfully getting in readiness the gigantic production.
Chief interest centered in the beautiful ceremony, in which Miss Catie CUNDIFF, of Allen, a member of the High Senior class, was crowned Queen. She was escorted to the beautiful stage in the center of the field. Miss Janet MILLER, one of the city’s most gifted vocalists, sang a beautiful vocal number.

Two heralds – Aubrey HAMILTON and Frank W. SMITH – nattily dressed, marched out and took their places on the stage, announcing the different events. The heralds announced that Mother Nature’s children would be introduced in groups, each representing a certain month in the year as follows: January – Snow Flakes and Snow Balls by J. H. Hill (Central) Ward school; February – Minuet, L. A. Scott Junior High School; March – Irish dance, Boyd Senior High School; April – Japanese dance, J. W. Webb (East) Ward school; May – Roses and Butterflies, J. L. Greer (North) Ward school; June – Poppies, daises and bees, Fanny Finch (South) Ward school; July – Sunbonnet and Overall dance, J. H. Hill (Central) Ward school; August – Fairies and brownies, Fanny Finch (South) Ward school; September – Autumn leaves and breezes, J. L. Greer (North) Ward school; October – Indian dance, L. A. Scott Junior High School; November – Boy Scouts and Red Cross drill; December – Sleigh bell dance, J. W. Webb (East) Ward school.

The Queen was immediately preceded by three pages – Kenneth PATTERSON, Forest WELMAKER, and Henry MYRICK. The trainbearers were little Misses Ruby Lynn SLAUGHTER and Frances Ann McCASLAND. Don Weaver DAVIS was crown-bearer and little Jimmie ROLLINS carried the scepter.

The musical features of the program were presented by the High School orchestra directed by Prof. Ralph E. FRAZIER; the high school Glee club, directed by Miss Lillian RICKMAN, and the Harmonica band, directed by Miss Venita MORROW, these three units marching on the field and taking their places near the stage where they rendered delightful music at intervals during the evening program.

May Fete accompanists were: Mrs. Ross ORENDUFF, Miss Mary Katherine SNIDER, and Miss Eugenia DOWDY.

Princesses, duchesses and maids of honor to the Queen and their escorts were: Evelyn KUYKENDALL, John Allen DYER; Dorothy HACKNEY, Alfred ALLEN; Katherine HAYNES, Hubert EVANS; Ethelene GAMBLE, Leon SHIPMAN; Alga Mae BAUGH, Roy BROCKMAN; Martha Nan EDWARDS, James TARVIN; Imogene WHEATLEY, Harry Green; Dorothy Lynn SEARS, Otis BURKE; Margaret STEVENS, A. L. FARLEY; Eloise YOUNG, Jim Williams; Poppy BASS, John Edgar McKINNEY; Mary Corine FRYER, Whit MELTON, Mary Corine FRYER [sic], Jim RAINEY; Juazetta COUNTS, Harold REDELL; Grandis GEORGE, Addison WILSON; Faydelle SCOTT, H. A. BROWNE; Poppy SEARS, John Pinkney COUCH; Cleo GAULDEN, George WILSON; Rebecca WILSON, Alfred Malley SCOTT; Annie Ruth FURR, Leo CROCKETT; Ruby Lee CANTRELL, Carl GRACY; Alyne MARSHALL, Chas, W. GRAVES.

Maids of Honor.

Out-of-Town Attendants.
Shirley Jean TAYLOR, Walter PORTER (Melissa); Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Robert MELTON (Allen); Emajean HAGGARD, S. J. MATTHEWS, Jr., (Plano); Jane WEBB, Edwin RATCLIFF (Nevada); Lorene KENNEDY, R. W. CARPENTER (Frisco).


RAY & ROBERTS Co., Insurance and Loans.

Claude FRANCIS Seed Store (South Allen’s Market).

Louie at the Court House Stand.

Tom SCOTT Life Insurance.

A. M. SCOTT & Co., Insurance - Loans.

MASSIE’s Fast Ambulance - Phone 8, Day or Night.


Biggest Little Store - Men’s Spring Outfits – Bob GORDON.

ENGLAND’s Tailor Shop - Cleaning and Dyeing.

L. Dow HENDRICKS - County Superintendent Re-Election.

Erwin C. CRAUS - Class of 1915 - Justice of the Peace Re-Election.

N. D. READY - Candidate for Tax Collector-Assessor.

SCOTT & COLE Co. Invites you to trade at their new station. Corner of La. And Chestnut.

Byron ENGLAND – Candidate for Local Representative.

Johnnie RECORD – Constable Precinct No. 1, Re-Election.

G. J. S. WALKER – Sheriff, Re-Election.

Mrs. Pearl STROTHER, County Clerk, Re-Election.

Frank KERBY – Commissioner Precinct No. 4, for Re-election.

BABCOCK Bros. Auto Supply.

ALLEN’s Market and Delicatessen.

CABELL’s Colonial Ice Cream – Double Dip Cones and the best cream in town.