Businessmen of McKinney in 1880 - Brief Biographies

Businessmen of McKinney in 1880 - Brief Biographies

From the The McKinney Advocate, April 3, 1880 Vol. 4, No. 1, Whole No. 157

R. M. BOARD and H. M. MARKHAM. The former is a native of Virginia, was educated in Breckinridge county, Ky., has resided in this county 25 years. Dr. MARKHAM is also a native of Virginia; was raised and educated in Kentucky; practiced medicine in this county 25 years. Both of these gentlemen are well-known in the county.

Z. E. RANNEY business manager Union Mills, was born and educated in Connecticut; came to Texas in 1849, has resided in Collin county 20 years, during which time he acquired a fortune; is a rich bachelor and ought to marry.

Dr. E. N. McAULAY is a native of N. C.; was educated at Davidson College, practiced medicine in Texas and North Carolina 14 years; has been in this country 7 years.

H. A. McDONALD, a native of Missouri, received common school education, came to Texas in 1857; after the war went to Southern Texas, and returned to Collin with the advent of central road.

M. B. WELCH, wholesale and retail grocer; Mr. Welch was born in Illinois, and educated in Mt. Vernon, Ohio; came to Texas in 1867. He has been in business in this city 4 years.

H.. ALEXANDER and J. ARON were born in Prussia and educated in free schools; came to Texas and commenced business together at Jefferson, Texas; came to McKinney in 1879 and have continued their business until they have built up a large trade; both old bachelors, but if rumors are correct, they will soon become happy benedicts.

TURBIT & WARE. Peter TURBIT was born and educated in Ireland; came to America at an early age; commenced business in McKinney in 1873. James WARE was raised and educated in Missouri; came to Texas in 1873.

George WHITE was born in Massachusetts and educated in New York; came to Collin county in 1847; engaged in surveying and acquired a large amount of valuable lands, throughout the county; has held several offices of trust in the county; of late years has devoted his time and much means to upbuilding of the stock and agricultural interests of the county. Read his excellent article upon cotton.

Wm HARRISON of the firm of WILKINSON and HARRISON is a native of Virginia; after the surrender of the confederate army, he went to St. Louis and engaged in mercantile pursuits, until more than a year since he and his partner established their house in this place. He is a man of enterprise and has done much for the trade of this point by accommodating his patrons.

D. GOODIN was born in Indiana; commenced business ?7 years ago; has been in Texas 4 years; understands his trade well and guarantees satisfaction.

J. S. STOVALL born and educated in Barron county, Ky.; commenced business in 1847; came to Texas in 1866 to McKinney in 1869.

E. M. BARKLEY the senior member of the firm of BLAKE & Co., is a native of Missouri; was educated in Lexington, Ky., and St. Louis, Mo.; engaged in merchandising in early life, commenced business in McKinney in ‘79. Mr. BLAKE, their N. Y. buyer is well known as a man of excellent taste.

H. W. ARDINGER of the firm of Ardinger & Co., is a native of Ky.; has been in the mercantile business for many years; came to McKinney in ‘72, and established a large trade; is a man of taste, experience, and enterprise.

A. & W. HUNSTABLE , were born and educated in Michigan; were brought up by their father in boot and shoe business; came to McKinney in 1871, and by industrous [sic] habits and indomitable energy have built up a very large trade. They have recently added to their business, many improvements, for the purpose of increasing the manufacturing of boots, shoes; skilled workmen themselves, and hiring only skilled assistants, they are prepared to give satisfaction.

Francis EMERSON was born and educated in Ireland; came to America in 1834; did business in Illinois and Wisconsin; came to Texas in ‘58 and did business in Dallas; came to McKinney in ‘65, is a large real estate owner; he and his sons T. H. and T. T. are engaged with him in the banking business; they own the only bank in the county and do a very large business.

A. J. KRAUSE & Co. P. TURBIT and A. J. KRAUSE compose the firm. KRAUSE was born and educated in Pennsylvania. Has seen a good deal of the world, commenced business in this place in 1870; Is an old bachelor and wants to marry.

W. L. BOYD was born and educated in Illinois; has been engaged in merchandising all his life; commenced business in McKinney as a member o the firm of WEST, MURRAY & Co., in 1865, afterwards became sole proprietor and has continued a prosperous business at the same stand ever since.

J. H. JENKINS was born in Morgan Co., Ill.; came to Texas in 1842; came to Collin county in 1855, commenced the practice of law in 1859.

T. P. McLEAN was born in Nova Scotia; is proprietor Merchant & Farmers’ Mills, which he built in 1876; is a blooming old bachelor and anxious to marry.

Dr. G. A. FOOTE was born in Virginia and educated in Mississippi; graduated in Mississippi Medical College in ‘45; practiced medicine in Collin county 21 years, has a acquired a large fortune since his residence in the county; retired from practice ten years since.