The Churches of Collin County

From the The McKinney Advocate, April 3, 1880 Vol. 4, No. 1, Whole No. 157

The Methodist Church

The M. E. church south of Collin county is embraced with the limits of North Texas annual Conference. The church in the county comprises: McKinney Station, T. R. PIERCE, P.C.; Honey Creek Circít., H. H. SULLIVAN, P. C.; Farmersville Circít., W. R. MANNING, P. C.; Trinity Circít., C. R. FLADGER, P. C.; Plano circít., W. S. MAY, P. C.; McKinney Circít., J. P. NEWSOM, P. C.; Ĺ Pilot Grove, B. T. HAYSE, P. C.; 1-3 Bethel, M. H. CULLOM, P. C.; 1-10 Plsít. G [Pleasant Grove?], J. E. ANGEL, P. C.

The presiding elders, portion of whose districts are embraced in the county are: Revs. W. H. HUYHES [sic], R. HOWERS, AND J. M. BINKLEY.

This began its organization, in all probability as early as 1841. Of the noble, self sacrificing men who labored here at an early date, we cannot now speak. They endured privation and braved dangers to prepare for us to come in and enjoy this beautiful land. All honor to their memories.

The following statistical exhibit to the year ending in November 1849 has been carefully compiled from annual reports made at the last session of the North Texas Annual Conference. According to the rules of the church no union church houses or Sunday schools are embraced in the reports.

Itinerant preachers 9; local preachers 26; No. of adult members 2330; Sunday schools 12; officers and teachers 94; No. in school 813; No. of churches 11; value of churches and church property $22,421; No. of parsonages 3; value of parsonages $1150; baptisms infants 130; baptisms adults 372.

Liberal and charitable in its views, earnest and energetic in its workings, the church in Collin county is destined to achieve great good in conserving and elevating the morals of the citizens and spreading scriptural holiness broadcast among the people.

The Christian Church

The Christian church has had a strong membership in this county from before its organization, the gospel having been introduced early by Elders, J. B. and F. C. WILMETH, J. A. CLARK, Dr. B. F. HALL, Dr. N. O. H. POLLY and others. It now has about fifteen congregations with an average of one hundred members to a congregation.

There are good houses of worship at McKinney, Plano, Mantua, Weston, and at several country congregations. The Christian church built the first house of worship in McKinney. It was blown down over a year ago, but has been replaced by a more elegant structure.

The church now has in the county over a dozen resident preachers, among them J. B. WILMETH, J. R. WILMETH, R. C. HORN, J. B. FAULKNER, who reside near McKinney; P. T. SMITH, Plano, Wm. [unreadable], Mantua, and J. D. DARNELL, [unreadable]. The church is generally prosperous and growing in numbers throughout the county. The following is a list of the congregations of the Christian church in Collin county: McKinney, Plano, Decatur, Simms Neighborhood, Graves, Farmersville, Clymer [?]School house, Millican School house, Melissa, Mantua, Weston, Corinth, Pleasant Ridge, Bethany, Hackberry, Wilmeth School house, Willow Springs.

The Baptist Church

We have been unable to secure the statistics of the church, but append the following [church locations....:

Rowlett, Stoney Point, Lebanon, Pleasant Valley, Weston, Highland, Farmersville, Allen, Plano, Liberty, Bethel, McKinney, Millwood, Rock Rest, Sabine.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Many members of this church were among the early settlers of Collin county, and some of the first ministers who preached here were Cumberland Presbyterians. Since this time they have organized congregations in various portions of the county and have had regular service at the different places of worship. Some of the congregations have church houses of their own, others worship in churches owned by different denominations and school houses. They now have organizations at Melissa, Weston, Walnut Grove, Pleasant Valley, Corinth, Millwood, [unreadable].....

These churches have regular pastors and services at least once a month, and oftener at some. The membership of the church is increasing from emigration and from conversions. Some of the most flourishing congregations of this county are of this church.

Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian church was organized by the Rev. W. K. MARSHAL on the 27 of September 1874 with twenty two members. Rev. W. K. MARSHAL preached once a month for the first year. Rev. J. FACKLER [?], commenced preaching to the church in October 1875 and preached twice a month for the second year. During the second year, the church building was commenced and completed. When Mr. FACKLER [?] received and accepted a call to the church of Sherman Texas. Rev. J. S. MOORE was then called and accepted the pastorate of the church and entered on his work March 1877. He continued pastor for two years when he received and accepted a call to the church at Sherman, Texas. The church has been without a pastor for one year. Rev. J. G. FACKLER has accepted a call and will return to McKinney in a few weeks.