The Semi-Weekly Courier, August 25, 1899 & August 18, 1899. Surname References in two issues of The Semi-Weekly Courier, August 25, 1899 & August 18, 1899. C. C. Watson, Editor. C. R. Ball, Publisher

[The following abstracts include only Collin County references in the Semi-Weekly Courier. Omissions are indicated by .... Transcriber’s notes are in brackets.]

Semi-Weekly Courier. April 29, 1898. Vol. 1, No. 12.

Lebanon Paragraphs.

Mrs. Felix QUISENBERRY is on the sick list.
Mr. Jeff McCANTS of Melissa Sundayed here.
Mrs. DAVIS, who is on the sick list, is not any better.
Mrs. Laura LARGENT and family of McKinney visited relatives here last week.
Eld. Ben FORBES is conducting a series of meetings at the Christian church here.
Miss Bessie CLARK returned Saturday from a pleasant visit to friends at Decatur.
Mr. Will O’GWIN and wife of Princeton are visiting his sister, Mrs. MALLOW, of our city. The Baptist meeting, conducted by Bros. MORGAN and HOLLAND, closed last Thursday night with six additions to the church.

Card of Thanks. To the chief and members of the McKinney Fire Department... During the recent fire...when our home seemed utterly doom, you saved it from the flames at the risk of your own lives. I desire to express my appreciation..... R. C. KIMBROUGH.

Wednesday eve the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. T. f. MANGUM was the scene of a merry gathering.... The guests were: Misses Fannie BROOKE, Stanley QUISENBERRY, Maggie CAMERON, Mary McDONALD, Estelle LANSDALE, Migget MELTON, and Messrs. John HILL, Cas. SMITH, Com.OATES, Oscar SMITH, Chas. DUER and Harry WHITE.

Mr. Amos RUTLEDGE, living 3 miles east of town died of typhoid fever at his home Wednesday. Mr. RUTLEDGE was a popular young man of 22 years and leaves a young wife as well as many friends... The remains were intered at Millican cemetery yesterday.

Tuesday afternoon the fire alarm was turned in from College Hill and as usual the city teams were out of place and powerless to reach the scene before the residence of John BARNES was a mass of flames. The residence was one of the nicest cottages in the city and elegantly furnished...

Advertised Letter List. Remaining unclaimed in the McKinney postoffice Aug. 23th, 1899.
Ladies: ALLEN, Mrs. A. B.; BROWN, Mrs. M. B.; BERRY, Mrs. Allice; DICKENS, Carrie; FITZGERAD [sic] , Dora; HALL, Susie; JONES, Miss Gussie; JORDON, K. ER>; LAIN, Mrs. Boroda T.; LAWLER, Miss Annie; McKINNON, Mrs. M. A.; MAYO, Mrs. Mathey; NUTLER, Mrs. Wm; NULL, Florence; TUCKER, Mrs. Susie; THURMAN, Mrs. H.; WAKEFIELD, Miss Addie. Gentlemen: BROOKS, R. P.; COCHRAN, Lowe; COOK, Austin; FANT, H.; FULLER, W. E.; GUNSTREAM, Jerome; HOLLOWAR, J. R., JACKSON, Robt. L.; LEWIS Willisam; LOUGH, B.; MALONE, Abe A.; MITCHELL, J.; MILLER, C. C.; MORRIS, Geo. W.; MOSS, C. L.; PAGE, T. D.; RYNE, C. C.; SALTER, S. L.; THOMPSON, James.

Erudia Events.

Miss Alice LUSTER is quite sick at the home of D. T. ACKER.
Messrs. DUNCAN and THOMPSON who have been quite sick, are convalescent.
D. B. SHRADER, B. L. ROGERS, Albert SHELTON, Z. T. ACKER, and L. N. BAUGH visited McKinney today.
Rev. FAULKNER is conducting a successful meeting at the Christian church at Lebanon, assisted by Rev. FORBES.
W. B. SMITH and son, Byron, and L. N. BAUGH are contemplating a hunting and fishing trip in the Territory soon.
Miss Estelle WALTON of Kingston, who has been visiting Miss Maud MILLER, returned to her home yesterday accompanied by Miss MILLER.

Bonds Made.
A. ?. LAWRENCE of McKinney under a grand jury charge for gaming gave bond for $200.
Tom CAMPBELL of Farmersville, charged with disturbing public worship gave bond for $200.

Fire Near Plano. A tenant house on Olney DAVIS’ farm about four miles northwest of this city, occupied by Robert BLAKELY was destroyed by fire yesterday.

Baptist Meeting. A protracted meeting is now in progress at the Baptist church conducted by the pastor, Rev. G. W. McCALL.

Collin County Confederate Pensions.

The following applications were approved by the commissioners’ court this week: Chas. H. WEAVER, Joe L. SCOTT, Robt. A. ALISON, Nancy CANNON HOGINS, Henry M. DANIEL, Benjamin F. WARD, Levy ROBERTS, Robt. L. SEARS, Samuel COOK, Louis A. DUBBERLY, H. B. SCOTT, Nicademus COLLIER, Henry C. NOWLIN, H. H. SULLIVAN, Thomas COX, H. H. OWENS, A. J. LUCAS, Thomas A. BAILEY, G. W. PARKS, Jesse M. SHIPWORTH, Jacob WILLFORD, J. H. RUDY. Widdows: E. J. WISEMAN, R. P. ROLAND, S. M. CARSON, Mary J. FITZHUGH, Martha J. NEELY, E. J. ROBINSON, M. C. MATTHEWS, J. C. PULLEN, Isabella REAVES, Sarah A. WOMACK, and N. A. WILLIAMSON.

Local News.

Ed LARGENT is in Dallas today.
Dr. GREER of Rhea Mills is in town today.
Glenn STIFF of Pilot Point is here today.
Miss Annie DOWELL is on the sick list today.
W. H. HURLEY is in Plano on business this afternoon.
Miss Birdie BUCK is visiting in Houston and Galveston.
Mr. Al CHANDLER is up again today, after an attack of fever.
J. T. NALE will repair your furniture better and cheaper than anyone else.
Little Miss Ettie McKINNEY is quite sick with typhoid fever.
Mrs. Berta Boles of Seymour is visiting Mrs. Joe LAWRENCE.
Hon. W. T. BEVERLY and G. P. BROWN paid Sherman a professional visit this morning.
Bud HANCOCK leaves this afternoon for Sherman where he had a position with the Eagle Flouring Mills.
Abner BUCK sold yesterday a fine poland china hog.
Bob WALDEN returned yesterday from an extended trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, and El Paso, Texas.
We are very sorry to state that Mrs. E. R. STIFF continues very low on account of a parylitic stroke received yesterday, with scarcely any hope of recovery.
Mrs. J. D. PAGE and daughter, Miss Mayme, and Mrs. GREENBERRY ADAMS have returned from Greenville where they have been attending the bed-side of a sick relative, Mr. Geo. ADAMS.
Sheriff PAFFORD returned from Dallas having in charge Ike BRENHAM, a white man, charged here with drunkenness, and Henry LEONARD charged with theft.
A. G. CHANDLER is on the sick list.
J. H. FERGUSON has returned from South Texas.
Miss Pearl MOORE has returned from a visit in Southern Texas.
R. E. CARPENTER is in Rock Hill on business today.
J. A. GANT, the hustling hotel man of Plano, was in town on business today.
Hon. Dud COTTRELL of Plano was in the city on legal business this morning.
Miss Alice THOMAS returned yesterday from an extended visit to friends at Ardmore.
Mrs. Sarah WOMACK and son, J. E. WOMACK of Plano were before the commissioner’s court this morning on pension business.
Mr. Jno. MALONE and family of Celina, left today for a trip to Alvin and Galveston.
Miss Eugenia COLE who has been attending the campmeeting at Walnut Grove returned home yesterday.
Judge and Mrs. T. C. GOODNER and two sons returned last night from an extensive trip in the mountains of Colorado and Utah.
Messrs. Britt BOONE, Blaine DeARMOND, Ira STIFF and Frank HONEYCUT returned this afternoon from a tour of Northwest, Texas.
Deputy Sheriff Newt WARDLOW of Farmersville came over this morning, having in charge one Ike TURNEY charged with drunkenness and disturbances.

Hawthorne College, McKinney, Texas. Offers to young men and young ladies a college education.... [Signed] H. G. REED, F. G. JONES, J. H. NEWTON.
The 11 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. John FIGLEY, living east of town, died of congestion last night and was burried at Millican cemetery this afternoon.

Monday morning while playing in the orchard, Master Nat COLLIER fell from a box and sustained a compound fracture of his left fore-arm and the elbow on the same arm seriously dislocated. The injuries were considered very critical by Dr. BURTON, who set the limb, the break, and dislocation being so close together. Nat is only 8 years old but displayed wonderful power of endurance and complained very little.

Card of Thanks. H. H. CROUCH and family express their most sincere thanks to the many friends who rendered...assistance during the illness and death of their little son, Hiter Hobart.

Another Death. Typhoid fever claimed another victim last Wednesday. Master Frank, the 8 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. BROWN, who has been very low for several weeks died. The funeral occured from the family residence. Burial at Pecan Grove cemetery.

Semi-Weekly Courier. August 18, 1899. Vol. 1, No. 12. C. C. Watson, Editor. C. R. Ball, Publisher.

Commissioners Court. Commissioners FOX and HOWARD visited road gangs No. 1 and 2 near Weston yesterday and other members of the court attended the funeral of W. b. MERRITT at Melissa this morning. — J. T. HORNE was appointed public weigher for Plano. — J. T. DUGGER was appointed presiding officer of an election to determine whether or not a special tax of 15c on the $100 of property shall be levied in Long Neck school district.— A similar election was ordered to be held in school district No. 56. J. N. DEAN was appointed presiding officer. — A new road to be known as the Stiles MILLER road near Weston was ordered to be opened.

Will MERRITT Dead. Expired at 8 o’clock Wednesday after a long illness – was burried at Melissa.. W. B. MERRITT died at the home of his mother on College Hill Wednesday at 8 o’clock. He has been in very bad health for several years and was seized with fever at Terrell several weeks ago, and seeing no chance for his recovery, his relatives brought him home two weeks ago and nursed him tenderly till the last.
He was once one of the most promising yung lawyers of the McKinney bar, but mental trouble wrecked his flattering prospects and it became necessary for him to take treatment.
The funeral occurred at the grove at Melissa cemetery Thursday at 9:30 o’clock.

Funeral of W. B. MERRITT. A lengthy procession left the residence of Mrs. MERRITT on College Hill at 7:30 o’clock yesterday, following the remains of W. B. MERRITT to the Melissa cemetery. Other friends along the route joined in...and when they reached the cemetery hundreds of people forming a procession nearly a half mile long were following... Rev. DOUGLAS conducted the services and scores of voices sang hymns appropriate to the occasion.

Advertised Letter List. Remaining unclaimed in the postoffice.
Ladies: Mrs. Sade AVEN; Mrs. J. W. BROWN; Mrs. Maggie BANKS; Miss Retty CLARKS; Mrs. G. W. EORBES; Mrs. J. W. GRAY; Mrs. Mable McKINNEY; Allie MILLER; Miss Dora PLAIN; Miss Razzie ROBERTSON; Miss Bessie SLAUGHTER; Mrs. Sallie TURNER; Mrs. L. L. THOMPSON; Mrs. Martha WILLIAMS.

Death at Plano: It was reported on the streets Thursday that Mr. Clif HAGGARD a young man living near Plano died early this morning. No other particulars could be learned. Mr. HAGGARD is a popular young man about 25 years old and was unmarried.

Mr. GRIBBINS is preparing to commence the work of draining the city.

Death at Celina: Mrs. R. L. CLAYTON, wife of Dr. R. L. CLAYTON, died at their home at Celina at 10 o’clock Wednesday after a painful illness caused by a complication of diseases. Dr. CLAYTON and his wife have lived at Celina for two years, having moved there from near Denton and they enjoy the love and esteem of all who knew them. Burial at Denton Thursday.

A Death at Princeton. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alma WILSON died of fever Tuesday at their home at Princeton. The bereaved parents have many valued friends in McKinney who extend their ...sympathy...

Commissioner S. O. SCOTT came in from Melissa Wednesday and stated that more encouraging news had been received from Surveyor Mort SHIRLEY who is very ill at Eureka Springs, Ark. He is still very sick but is much improved from his condition last week.

Geo. B. ADAMS’ condition is reported critical. His old family physician, Dr. WILEY of McKinney, was called in consultation today and it was decided to change the treatment as a last resort for his recovery. Mr. ADAMS is a former citizen of McKinney and has many relatives and friends here...

Road Gangs Full.
E. H. PARKER was arrested Tuesday by Deputy Sheriff HENDRICKS and plead guilty this morning to the charge of swindling and went to the road gang for 30 days.
County Attorney HUGHSTON informed a Courier reporter that this case gives the road gang guards all the men they can handle.

Lebanon News.
Mrs. DAVIS is on the sick list. — Miss Ethel BROCKMAN is visiting her aunt, Mrs. QUISENBERRY. — Miss Bessie CLARK is visiting friends in Decatur. — Bros. MORAN and HOLLAND are conducting a series of meetings here. — Mr. M. J. HUFFMAN and wife attended the campmeeting at White rock Sunday. — Misses Lizzie and Mattie DONNEL of Van Alstyne are visiting Miss Bessie GRANDBERRY. — Misses Bertie BASS and Guthie MATTHEWS of Plano Sundayed with Miss Nevada McBRIDE. — Mr. Ed MALLOW and family of Melissa are visiting his brother, Mr. M. E. MALLOW of our city. — Miss Clara MALLOW has just returned from a pleasant visit to friends in McKinney and Melissa.

Miss Vic POWERS is real sick at her home with Mr. and Mrs. Good GRAVES.

Local News.

Miss Adelle RHINE is visiting relatives in Paris.
Fred TEFTELLER left yesterday for a visit to Bonham.
Mrs. R. L. PARKER is visiting relatives in Sherman.
Geo. FOX paid Dallas a business visit this morning.
Mrs. Brown GRAYHAM has returned to her home in Farmersville.
R. C. WHITE is attending the old settler’s picnic at Sherman.
Misses Claire DOWELL and Jimmie JENKINS are visiting in Melissa.
Miss Winnie MITCHEL of Greenville is visiting Miss Mamie DOWELL.
J. H. BALL returned yesterday from a business visit to Greenville.
Jack STEEL came in yesterday from Gainesville to look after the sewer system here.
Miss Winnie BELLER has returned from Temple where she has been visiting relatives.
Mrs. T. M. McDANIEL and Miss Willie MITCHEL left this morning for a visit to friends in Dallas.
Mrs. J. L. TODD left yesterday evening for a month’s visit to her parents at Lenore, Texas.
Albert DONNER came in from Palestine to visit his parents and family here.
Sam LANE has resigned his position with J. P. NENNEY to accept a position with G. E. ABERNATHY.
Mrs. A. B. MAYES and daughter who have been attending the Bethel camp meeting have returned home....
R. N. ADAMS returned from Greenville where he had been to see his brother, Geo. ADAMS, who is critically ill there. He reports him much improved.
Prof. And Mrs. S. H. HORNE have returned from a visit to Austin and San Marcos where Prof. HORNE has been interesting himself with the educational institutions.
Rev. C. E. MORGAN returned from Elmont, Grayson county, where he has been conducting a revival meeting.
Little Mary THOMPSON is real sick.
Mrs. J. H. WALTON has returned from a trip to Dallas.
Mrs. Dr. COMPTON of Allen was shopping in the city today.
A. J. GUNSTREAM one of Erudia’s hustling citizens, is here today.
Miss Carrie DUDLEY of Plano is the guest of Mrs. Wallace HUGHSTON.
A. T. ROBERTSON, a prominent planter of Weston was in town today. Mrs. Dr. LESLIE of Van Alstyne has returned home after a business visit here.
Capt. PERRY of Celina and Dr. HOUSER of Blue Ridge were business visitors here today.
Miss Lake FARIS returned yesterday from a ten days’ visit to friends in Gainesville.
Frank HUNICUTT of Van Alstyne was in the city last night and out with cerenaders.[sic]
Mr. J. D. COX is having his steam saw repaired and will be ready to saw wood in a few days.
Mrs. C. A. BURK of Van Alstyne is the guest of her mother, Mrs. MORTON, at the Foote House.
W. J. S. RUSSELL, Bill GRAY and Alex HUNTER will each begin the erection of neat cottages in the first Russell addition soon.
Mrs. J. W. JACKSON left this morning for a visit to Bonham.
Miss Florence MELTON left last night to visit friends in Anna.
Miss Mary EMERSON has returned from a visit to relatives at Dallas.
Mrs. BOND and children left this morning for a visit to friends in Sherman.
Mr. J. A. BULLOCK is a guest here of his brother, A. C. BULLOCK.
Mrs. NETHERY of the guest of Mrs. Henry PARVIN.
The Howell family of Lloyd are visiting at Mr. Will CASKEYS and Mrs. Buck WILSON’s for a few days.
Little Miss Mary MUNGER returned from a visit to Stony Point yesterday with fever.
Mrs. Bettie DOUGLASS and Misses Fannie and Katie BUSH left this morning for Walnut Grove to attend the camp meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. CHAMBERS of Norman, O.T., arrived this evening their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. DAVIS.
Mr. J. T. LEWIS and son, Carr, went to Richardson this morning to attend the bed side of Mrs. LEWIS’ mother who is critically ill there.
Miss Fannie JACKSON returned yesterday from a visit to her parents at Ladonia.
Mr. and Mrs KIRKYNDALL who have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. J. L. GREER have returned to Leonard.
Marshal BURKS and Policeman WEBB rounded up five gamers and a pistol carrier last night.
Edgar M. BOARD left ...this morning to visit the millinery trade of North Texas.
Mr. W. D. FARIS ...has been visiting his brother, Eld. Dr. FARIS. Dr. T. W. WILEY, city health officer, says that the people are not keeping their premises in proper sanitary condition.
The McLARRY cemetery near Wilmeth will be cleaned of weeds and rubbish tomorrow.
Mr. Joe LARGENT returned from an extended trip to the mountains of Colorado.

Another Sad Death. News reached this city [McKinney] of the death of Miss GRIFFIN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom C. GRIFFIN. Miss GRIFFIN was traveling in the north with the family for...her health and when they reached Ryan, I. T., she became suddenly worse and died yesterday. Miss GRIFFIN was a popular young lady of about 20 years and was loved by all who knew her. The remains were brought home and intered at Rowlett cemetery.

Mrs. E. J. GRAY, an aged lady of 70 years, died at home near Spring Creek Tuesday, and was buried at Spring Creek cemetery...She had been feeble for some time and to old age is attributed her death.