Surname References in available issues of The McKinney Daily Courier, April 1898 - March 1901.

Surname References in available issues of The McKinney Daily Courier, April 1898 - March 1901.

[The following abstracts include only Collin County references in the McKinney Daily Courier. Omissions are indicated by .... Transcriber’s notes are in brackets.]

McKinney Daily Courier. April 29, 1898. Vol. 2, No. 40.

Grocerymen Agree to Close Their Doors at 7:30 p.m. till August 1st. Elder S. K. HALLAN circulated this agreement...We the undersigned grocery men agree to close our doors for business at 7:30 every day except Saturday’s and first Monday’s. [Signed] ROGERS & STACY; McMULLEN & FORBES; COX & BERRY; J. H. CROUCH; G. W. FOX; J. P. WEBSTER; GOOSTREE & HOUSTON; Mate BARNETT; G. H. LUCAS; KENDELL & LARGENT; J. B. RHODEN; J. M. ANDREWS; T. J. MELTON; J. D. McKINNEY; W. E. DITTO; Jesse SHAIN; I. D. NEWSOME & Co.; HEARD & PIERCE.

Henry WARDEN returned from Denton....

Announcements of Candidates: For Justice Peace Precinct No. 1 — W. L. YARBROUGH, W. S. TERRELL, J. T. ANDREWS; For commissioner No. 1 — E. E. MAYES; For District Judge — J. E. DILLARD; For Representative — Tom. W. PERKINS, John R. SMITH; For County Judge — Frank E. WILCOX, J. H. FAULKNER, D. P. JOHNSON; For Sheriff — J. W. PAFFORD; For County Attorney — Geo. HARDIN, Wallace HUGHSTON, H. L. DAVIS; For County Clerk — W. M. SHIRLEY, Pat MOULDEN, J. A. WALDEN, J. T. LACY; For Tax Collector — Yancy POWELL, A. W. KNIGHTON; For County Treasurer — J. C. SAUNDERS; For District Clerk — E. R. HALL; For Superintendent — W. W. SHEPHERD, W. M. ERWIN; For Surveyor — Ed KEEN.

Mrs. GUTGESELL Dead. Mrs. Frank Gutgesell, who has been suffering with pneumonia for some two weeks, died at the residence of Mrs. Sue MARTIN last night. Her condition has been considered precarious for several days. The remains will be interred at Pecan Grove cemetery this evening at 4 o’clock. She leaves a husband and a little girl about 10 years old...

An Old Citizen Gone. News reached here from Murphy this morning that Grandmother MOULDEN, the aged mother of ex-Sheriff, J. L. MOULDEN, died at her home last night. She was 82 years old and was one of the first immigrants to Collin county.

Hon J. R. GOUGH of McKinney, is one of the tried and true democrats and will be lieutenant governor of Texas... from the Van Alstyne News.

Local Happenings.
Silas WALKER left this morning to visit home folks in Durant, I.T.,
W. J. ADAMS is now soliciting accident insurance.
Prof. W. M. ERWIN, of Melissa, attended the K. P. Lodge last night.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. THOMPSON visited in Sherman yesterday.
Dr. H. L. PEARSON has gone to Chicago to take a post-graduate course in dentistry. Miss Pearl THORNTON will be at office from 2 to 3 each day.
Master Horace PARDUE is very ill today with fever.
Little Normal PARDUE is much better today after a week’s illness.
Oll STIFF has returned from a week’s stay at the STIFF ranch in west Collin.

McKinney Daily Courier, July 9, 1898, Vol. 2, No. 101

Election Judges in the two local boxes: North Box — Hugh McCLELLAN, Mack HARRIS, Jas. MERRITT, Jas. H. BALL, J. L. LOVEJOY, R. L. WADDILL, J. K, P. SHRADER, Norman WILSON, Henry WARDEN, and Dink CLARDY. South Box — G. R. SMITH, B. W. RHINE, F. E. P. SHRADER, W. M. BAGLEY, E. R. HALL, J. C. SAUNDERS, H. A. McDONALD, J. H. BINGHAM and J. R. PARKER.

Hugh Dowell is Dead. It is with deep sorrow that the Courier announces the death of Hugh DOWELL. Though in the vigor of young manhood, disease seized upon him unawares and despite the power of remedies most skillfully applied, with tender hands and loving hearts, after 22 days of suffering with typhoid fever his strength yielded to the grim messenger... this afternoon. Hugh was known to everybody andn was a universal favorite with all classes. He was an estimable young man and it is hard to realize that he is dead. Interment will take place at Pecan Grove cemetery.

Local News.
Miss Lillie PATTILLO of Mt. Vernon is visiting Misses Birdie and Myrtie BUCK.
Mrs. Doc TURNER and children spent Sunday in the country with relatives...
Mrs. F. W. MACK, who has been quite much improved at present.
A. C. MALLOW fell from a load of hay a few days ago and sustained ...severe injuries.
Master Fred MACK has returned from the country after a few day’s ...on a hay baler.
Mrs. R. E. CARPENTER and children accompanied by Miss Minnie BLANDFORD, left the city yesterday for a few days’ outing in the country.
Master Fred HAMILTOn is reported as being in a very precarious condition.
Mr. John CAWHOM and family are visiting at Mr. Will RICHARDSON’s.
Rev. W. T. BROWNING, the walking evangelist leaves .... for Plano and Dallas.
Mrs. S. O. SCOTT, returned home to Melissa today from McKinney.
Five of our patriotic young men left this evening to fill out the vacancies in Company C., rth regiment as follows: Bob BRUINBIE, Martin LOVE, Sam CECIL, Oll STIFF, and a Mr. JACKSON of Plano.
Mrs. Belle KELLEY left today for West Point, Miss. before going to New York.
Mrs. A. G. CHANDLEr is still quite sick.
P. T. Clark and family of Denton are visiting the family of R. L. RAY.

New K. P. Officers. Defiance Lodge No. 28, K. of P., have elected the following officers: c. C., Dr. T. W. WYLIE; V. C., E. R. HALL; Prelate, Dr. J. W. LARGENT; M. of W., W. B. HARRISON, M. of F., Henry WHITE; M. of E., Giles McKINNEY; M. of A., T. G. SHREVES; O. G., Harry McDONALD; I. G., Henry BLAKE; K. of R. & S., J. M. MUSE.

McKinney Daily Courier, February 8, 1901, Vol. IV, No. 285

Mrs. Brasell Dead. Melissa, Tex. Feb. 8. Mrs. Will BRASELL of this place, died today of pneumonia after a lingering illness of several weeks. She was seriously sick at the time of her husband’s death, two weeks ago, and since then she has been gradually sinking until the end came this morning. Five children are now orphans....

Resolutions of Respect. Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst Bro. T. C. BOONE, who was a charter member of Empire Lodge No. 68 and had been an Odd Fellow for more than forty eight it resolved....that we hold in sacred memory our bible, not only for its own sake, but because it was presented to this lodge by Bro. BOONE. [Signed] J. M. COCKE, T. F. MANGUM, J. R. GOUGH, Committee.

Mrs. ENGLES is visiting in Dallas.
R. E. CARPENTER is in Dallas today.
Fred TUFTELLER has gone to Corsicana.
Mrs. Dr. WILEY has returned from Dallas.
J. T. COUCH is in Farmersville on business.
W. E. SINGLETON left today on a trip to Jefferson.
Sam ALLISON left this evening on a visit to Merkle.
Z. R. McDONALd is in Dallas today on legal business.
Albert DONNER has returned from an extended trip to the east.
Charlie Harrison of Nashville, Tenn., is a guest of J. S. MOORE and family.
Mrs. W. B. MAYDWELL of Greenville is the guest of Mrs. Ben BOYDSTUN.
Berry MUNGER returned from Sherman today where he attended court as witness.
Dr. James HICKS of Farmersville returned to his home today after a visit here.
Miss Birdie BUCK is spending a few days with friends and relatives in Farmersville.
Rev. STEEN returned this morning from Forney.
J. L. FRANKLIN has returned from Dallas where he attended the I. O. O. F. Grand Lodge.
Capt. And Mrs. W. E. SINGLETOn of Jefferson are guests of their daughter, Mrs. Fred LARGENT.
Miss Amye FARRELL has returned to her home at Plano after a pleasant visit to Miss Fannie ALLEN.
Miss Florence WARE went to Melissa today.
Mrs. WE. B. LARGENT has returned from Dallas where she attended the state meeting of the I. O. O. F. and Rebekahs.

The following [are participants in the program] of the services at the U. M. C. A. rally Sunday night, Feb. 10th: Rev. J. O. MILLER, Rev. STEEN, Capt. MANGUM, J. R. GOUGH, Capt. W. N. BUSH, J. L. GREER, Rev. J. M. COCKE. Dr. E. E. KING.

Miss Bessie HAMILTON is on the sick list.
The baby boy of Dr. and Mrs. E. L. BURTON is sick of measles.
The two cases of measles at the home of Mr. and Mrs. TUCKER on north Tennessee are well.
W. G. STONE, proprietor of the McKinney Planing Mill had had electric lights placed in his machine shop.
Jake BLAKEMAN has opened up a wholesale grain office.
Miss Ruth SNEED, who is conducting the school at Baccus school house near Lebanon, has dismissed her school on account of smallpox breaking out in the community.
Ed Hinman is the genial proprietor of the Palace barber shop.

Mrs. W. E. DITTO entertained the Edelweiss Club and a few friends this afternoon...Besides the members of the Edelweiss Club, the invited guests were: Mrs. W. T. BEVERLY, Mrs. J. A. ROGERS, Mrs. J. L. GREER, Mrs. L. W. WILEY, Mrs. H. A. WILEY, Miss WILEY, Mrs. Benj. E. THROCKMORTON, Mrs. J. E. WILEY, Mrs. J. H. BALL.

Melissa Dots. Joe BEYETTE has la grippe. Marshal GRAVES is on the sick list. Little Harry HATLER is quite sick. Mrs. Henry MORGAN has the grip. J. W. SPRADLEY of ALLEN Sundayed here. Miss Willie Mae SCOTT, is reported on the sick list. Charlie PATTIE of Van Alstyne was here Monday and Tuesday. Miss Fannie SCOTT has gone to Blue Ridge to visit her sister, Mrs. Dr. Jim RUTLEDGE. Miss Lillian BEAN entertained a few friends at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. SHIRLEY. When the time came to say goodby all felt sad because Miss Lillian goes to Howe, Texas, to keep house for her father.

McKinney Daily Courier, February 16, 1901, Vol. IV, No. 292

Lev. J. M. COCKE and family will soon occupy the GULLETT residence near the C. P. Church.
There is a well developed case of measles at Miss Jennie EDGE’s boarding house in the person of Humphries DEAN.
Tax Collector POWELL and his able assistants are enjoying the luxury of electric lights in their office.
The father of W. F. SCOTT of Melissa, died last night at the residence of his son after a lingering illness of several weeks. Deceased came to this country from Illinois and has lived around Melissa continuously....he was something over 80 years of age.
A most elegant entertainment was had at the home of Mrs. J. E. WILEY at a 6 o’clock dinner given in honor of Mrs. Henry A. WILEY of New York. Those in attendance were: Mesdames, J. S. HEARD, L. A. SCOTT, J. E. GIBSON, C. P. HEARD, W. E. DITTO, J. L. TODD, J. H. BALL, J. L. GREER, W. T. BEVERLY, J. W. DOCKINS, T. W. WILEY, H. A. WILEY, AND Richard ALLEN.

H. R. CHADDICK is in Plano.
Mrs. H. Stevens is visiting in Dallas.
A. L. SHIRLEY of Melissa was here today
W. M. ERWIN of Melissa was here today.
Dr. J. T. TAYLOR of Plano was in the city today.
Mrs. W. M. NELSON is visiting in Greenville.
Miss Fannie BUSH and sister are visiting in Denison.
W. F. TICHNOR and wife are visiting friends in Allen.
Mrs. T. B. BARNETT and little son are visiting in Farmersville.
Van O’NEAL of Mt. Pleasant is here with his father, G. W. O’NEAL.
Miss Mattie GRAY of Floyd who is teaching in the Allen school is visiting her parents at home.
Messrs. Geo. Fox, J. L. WHITE, and W. B. HARRISOn have returned from a fishing trip to Club Lake.

Clubs Doings of the Week.[members mentioned]
The Edelweiss. Mrs. BURRUS, Mrs. HILL, Mrs. DITTO
Rush Light. Miss DOWELL, Miss MERRITT, Miss Lessie HAMILTON.
Hartmonie Club. [no names mentioned]
The Dorcas. Miss Lottie DORSEY. Miss Pearl ELLER.
University Club. Mrs. Will PIERCE. Mrs. GIBSON, Mrs. PIOR, Mrs. PARDUE
Tuesday Club. Miss MARSHALL, Miss Clara ABERNATHY, Miss EUBANK, Miss WILEY. Mrs. J. E. MACON.

McKinney Daily Courier, March 4, 1901, Vol. IV, No. 305

Mrs. J. D. PAGE received a telegram Saturday announcing the death of her sister Mrs. S. T. Riffle, of Augusta, Kansas.
J. G. PROVINCE left for Waco today where he will make his future home....
School Superintendent HILL is in the west part of the county inspecting the schools.

Program of the Collin County Teachers’ Institute, March 16th 1901. [People mentioned]: J. B. WARREN, Miss Ida BALL, S. J. CRESWELL, J. C. TUCKER, I. D. FOWLER, Miss Josie PARKER, M. M. HUST, Noel POND, C. C. CROSS, E. R. BURCH, C. P. HUDSON, and Miss Emma KING.

Dr. RUTLEGE of Melissa is in the city.
W. R. ABERNATHY spent the day in Farmersville.
W. J. ADAMS has gone to Ft. Worth on business.
Hillary BALL made a business trip to Melissa today.
H. L. DAVIS made a business trip to Sherman today.
Co.. De ARMOND made a business trip to Dallas today.
J. S. SPRADLEY and wife of Allen were in town shopping today.
J. C. PICKRELL left yesterday to spend two weeks in Tioga for his health.
Miss Adele RHINE returned from a visit with relatives in Paris.
Assistant County Atty, G. W. BROWN is in Farmersville today on legal business.
Deputy Sheriff Wm. WARDEN went to Oak Cliff yesterday.
Ex County Supt. ERWIN returned home to Melissa last night.
Miss Willie HARRISOn returned Saturday night from a visit with her sister in Sherman.
Mrs. W. BROWN and children arrived home today from a visit with relatives in Wylie.
Henry BLAKEMORE of Farmersville, has returned home after transacting business here today.
Mrs. J. E. HINMAN and children left yesterday for a week’s visit in Greenville.
Prof. Sam rowland of Boone County, Arkansas has arrived on a visit to J. E. HINMAN and other friends here.

At the Court.
Fred Wilson vs. Tom BUTCHER and Joe HUEY was argued this morning before the court but a decision has not yet been given.
The following probate orders were recorded.
H. CLARKSON, guardian estate of Melissa CLARKSON, bond and oath approved...
Thos. A. FOWBUSH guardian estate of M. A. FIELDS, application to sell land granted.
T. H. MAY vs. estate of Dillard ATHEY, application for letters of guardianship granted...
E. P. KING executor estate of Rebecca Ann CAMERON, final report approved...