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New book on the shelves

The Society continually buys - or gets donated - books for the Genealogy section in the Haggard Library basement, located in west Plano, on Coit between Park and Parker Rds.
One that we found in a used book store may be of interest to people with Northeast Texas connections who have lost ancestors.
The book is Deaths, Murders and other Tribulations
Fannin, Lamar, Grayson, Red River and other counties in Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma

Edited by Patricia Armstrong Newhouse in 1984, the book contains articles from newspapers and clippings from personal collections, many of which are not available to the general public.
You may want to look at it as this may be the only place you'll find your elusive ancestor!

The book is indexed and I have taken the liberty of copying the names from the index, but please don't ask for lookups.

Abernathy Ables Adams Allen Alred Amick Anderson Andrews Armstrong Ashcraft Ashmore Atkinson Bailey Baird Baker Baldwin Ball Ballinger Barker Barry Baughn Bayse Bean Beasley Beaubien Beaucamp Bedford Belcher Bell Bennett Bernard Berry Bettes Bevil Biggerstaff Biting Black Blackmon Blair Blake Blanton Block Bodell Bogan Bond Boswell Boucher Bowen Bowerman Bowles Bowling Bowman Brackett Bradley Bradshaw Brady Bragg Brame Bray Brent Bridge Bridges Brigance Briggs Bright Brilhağrd Broadfoot Broady Brock Brown Brunett Buchanan Buie Bullard Bullet Bullington Bumpass Burge Burrell Burris Buster Butler Bynum Cabeen Cambell Campbell Cantrell Cappleman Carlton Carney Carnley Carothers Carpenter Carr Carroway Carter Cash Cater Cates Caurdill Chaney Chapman Chasteen Chism Claiborne Clark Clayton Clouett Coates Cobb Cogburn Coker Cole Collins Colquitt Combs Connor Cooper Corder Cornelius Coston Cowart Cravens Crews Crittenden Croft Crossthwaite Crow Crutchfield Cunningham Curley Dale Dalton Damron Daniels Davidson Daviews Davis Day Deadman Denton Diamond Dickerson Dillard Dinwiddle Dismukes Dixon Dodd Dodson Dooley Dorough Dover Driver Drummond Duffy Duncan Dunham Dunhoen Dyer Eades Earl Earp Easterwood Edmunds Elam Elkins Elliott Erwin Esau Estill Evans Evetts Farris Fay Felty Fender Fewell Fisher Fitzwater FLatt Flynn Ford Foreaker Foster Fowler Franklin Frederick Fulgham Fulgram Fulse Furgerson Gadd Gafford Galbraith Gamble Garner Garrison Gates Gayers Gee Gilbreath Gillespie Gillispie Gilmer Gilstrap Gist Gordon Gorslien Goseton Goss Gossett Gray Green Griffin Guior Guire Gutherie Gwaltney Hackley Haddock Hal Hale Hall Hamilton Hamlet Hamm Hammond Hancock Hardy Hargrove Harper Harrel Harris Harrison Hart Hawkins Hayes Hazelwood Head Hefferman Hefflefinger Hempsell Hensley Herrings Hickey Hickman Higgs High Hill Hilliard Hindman Hockaday Hodes Hoge Hogg Hogue Holcomb Holt Hooks Hotema House Howard Howell Hudson Huff Huffman Hull Hulsey Hunter Irwin Jackson Jacobs Jacoway James Jarrell Jeernigan Jernigan Johnson Joiner Jolley Jolly Jones Joueyy Joyce Keene Kennedy Kiffin Kilgore Kincaid King Kinsworthy Kirby Kirk Kleuser Knapp Koehler Lahue Lain LaMaster Lamb Lambeth Lane Langston Lankford Lantrip Larue Latta Leathers Lee Leeman Leftridge Lenox Leslie Lester Leverett Leverick Lewallen Lindsey Linton Lipscomb Little Livingston Lizader Logan Long Love Lovelace Lowrey Luttrell Lyday Lynn Lyon Lyons Macrae Mahaney Majors Manton Marshall Martin Massey Matthews Mayes McAllister McBee McClure McComas McConnell McCreary McCuistion McCullough McDade McDaniel McDowell McFarland McGaughey McGee McGi11 McGlasson McGrady McHam McHenry McKee McKnight McLaughlin McMahon McMinime McPherson McQeen Meade Mears Medford Merrick Merrill Michael Milford Miller Mitchell Moody Moore Moreland Morgan Morris Morrison Moss Moulden Mull Mullins Munster Murrell Myers Nail Nash Neagle Neathery Newhouse Newman Newton Nichols Noble Norman Nowell O'Brien O'Connor Osgood Owen Page Palmer Parker Parkhi11 Parks Parrish Parsons Patterson Patton Paulk Paulke Paulus Payne Peace Peacock Peal Pearson Peniel Pennell Perdue Perkins Perrin Peterson Phi1ipi Phillips Pickens Pierce Piner Pinson Pirtle Pittsford Poggman Pope Porter Potts Powel1 Powers Prater Preston Price Pritchett Quantrell Rainey Ranning Ratliff Rattan Rayfield Read Reed Reeder Reeves Rei11y Reynolds Rhames Rhodes Richards Richardson Richeson Riddling Roach Robbecke Roberts Robertson Roddy Roden Rodgers Rogers Rollins Roosevelt Ross Rosser Russ Russell Rutherford Ryan Saffarans Salmon Samuels Sassowski Satterfield Sawyer Schreiber Schwaroch Schwertz Scott Scruggs Searcy Sears Segler Selfs Seth Shannon Shaw Sheets Shelby Shelton Shields Shirley Short Shrum Sigman Simmons Simonds Simpson Singleton Sisson Smart Smiley Smith Snow Spencers Spillers Spotts St.Clair Stafford Stark Stegall Stephens Stevens Stewart Stone Stover Strange Strong Stroups Stuart Sublett Sullivan Suttles Sutton Sykes Tabor Tadlock Talley Taylor Teel Terrell Terry Thomas Thomason Thompson Thornton Thuston Tiner Titson Totten Trent Trout Turbeville Turner Tyler Upchurch Vance Vandergrift VanPelt Vauter Venable Vickers Viles Vuille Wages Waggener Waits Walcott Walker Walton Ware Warren Warrent Watson Weaver Weldon Wells West Wheeler Whisenhunt Whitaker White Whitfield Whitley Whitten Widlow Wilder Wilkins Williams Williamson Willis Wimer Windom Wingo Winsett Wise Wiseley Wiskliffe Witcher Witty Wood Woodall Woofruff Wright Wycoff Yarbrough Yates Yeates Young Younger

Happy Hunting!

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