McKinney Democrat
The Democrat 1884- July, 1901

Orrin Robertson, Editor & Prop’r., Clinton Thompson, Publisher.

[The following abstracts include only Collin County references in The Democrat. Omissions are indicated by .... Transcriber’s notes are in brackets.]

The Democrat, November 13, 1884, Vol. 1, No. 41.

Election Returns:

For Representative: MUSE, 2,958; MACK 2,520; BISHOP, FLOATER, 5228.
County Judge: PAGE, 2,575; WOLFE, 3,075.
County Attorney: BEVERLY, 3,190; JOHNSON, 2,346.
Sheriff: BECK, 929; RIKE, 845; MOULDEN, 650; WARDEN, 656; SHELBURNE, 741; HOUSEWRIGHT, 332; JONES, 851; McKINNEY, 18; SAYE, 562.
Treasurer: BAGLEY, 3,541; ALLISON, 2,121.
Collector: OGLESBY 3,717; TAYLOR, 1,054.
Assessor: WOODS, 817; MULKEY, 383; SMITH, 826; BEVERLY, 469; YOUNGER, 105; LOCKNANE, 759; McLEARY, 834; BRISTOL, 690; ROGERS, 387; KERR, 216; RAY, 131.
County Court Clerk: WADDILL, 3,889; CHAMBERS, 1,688; COX, Dist. Clerk, 5,518; BYRNE, Surveyor, 5,350.
Commissioner Prect. 1: COFFEE, 726; WEATHERFORD, 66; BROWN, 524; HAND, 489; SEALF, 104; BENSON, 223; LEWIS, 219.
Commissioner Prect. 2: [2 names unreadable] WILCOX, 85; HARRIS, 73; WOODALL, 105; VERNON, 335; BUMPASS, 132.
Commissioner Prect. 3: ASTON, 159; PORTMAN, 370; JENKINS, 378.
Commissioner Prect. 4: DANIELS, 326; BROWN, 463; ROACH, 326.
Justice. Prect. 1: GRAY, 496; WILKINS, 416; ARMSTRONG, 293; TAYLOR, 65; HAYES, 171; WATTS, 61; MASSIE, 40.
Justice. Prect 2: CARVER, 62; CHAPMAN, 384; GOBER, 297.
Justice. Prect 3: LAIR, 323; COFFEE, 234.
Justice. Prect. 4: WATSON, 205; ROBERTSON, 291; BROWN, 34.
Justice. Prect. 5: PEARCE, 518; VANCE, 305; HUFF, 90.
Justice. Prect. 6: MOORE, 357; COURTNEY, 116.
Justice. Prect. 7: KEENE, 260; DAVIE, 161.
Justice. Prect. 8: SOLOMON, 184; SCARBROUGH, 83; SMITH, 81.
Constable. Prect. 1: ATKINSON, 214; LUCAS, 315; HERNDON, 273; SNYDER, 66; ENLOE, 109; PHILLIPS, 569.
Constable. Prect. 2: BEBEE, 35; ANDREWS, 103; HAWKINS, 108; SMITH, 63; HORN, 106; HALL, 121; HARTMAN, 35; KEEN, 270.
Constable. Prect. 3: McKINEY, 153; NICHOLSON, 186; ARMSTRONG, 14.
[Unreadable] Prect. 5: KENNEDY, 124; KLEPPER, 389; McCREARY, 202; SMITH, 147, NELAND, 65.
Prect. 6: WITT, 277; FOX, 190.
Prect. 7: BUSH, 129; GAY, 150; BOUNDS, 150.
Prect. 8: DIXON, 143; LANE, 45; McMENNAMY, 107; WILLIAMSON, 90.

Democrat [this newspaper] Agents: F. W. MACK – McKinney; MOUNTCASTLE & Co. — Allen; G. T. PIGG — Celina; G. W. LUCK — Weston; FOY — Nevada; O. C. MULKEY — Nevada; Joe FOREMAN — Plano; B. F. WARD — Plano; M. P. McMINN — Copeville; John A. WALDEN — St. Paul; J. F. GULLEGE — Lebanon; TARPLEY & SCHRADER — Rock Hill; Dr. J. D. LONG — Gray Hill; E. H. BLAIR — Millwood; E. W. CAMPBELL, P. M.— Little Elm; J. H. BURNS — Lone Elm; Eli MOORE — Lake Mills; N. C. BROWN — blue Ridge; J. W. WARDEN — Blue Ridge; L. FARISH — Farmersville.

Prof. J. T. TEEL, teaching at Anna, spent Sunday in the city.

Mr.A. J. TAYLOR who went to Gainesville last week, has returned.

A. K. WORK, attorney at law, has been away at Dallas for several days.

Pack O’BRIEN has returned from Gainesville, where he went on business.

J. H. ALLEN and ... Miss Olivia ALLEN have .....[unreadable] pupils attending their school.

We are glad to hear that Miss Bettie FITZHUGH, who has been sick so long is now getting well.

The following [Collin County] preachers were in the city this week on their way to attend conference at Sulphur Springs: Rev. T. J. MILOW, Plano; Rev. H. S. P. ASHBY, Weston; Rev. Wm. ALLEN, Rock Hill.

Lee MACK, Jr., 12 years old, son of J. B. and Kate MACK, died at home on Monday, 10th at 1 p.m. Congestion was the cause of his death, which occurred after an illness of three days. He was a good boy and we deeply sympathize with his bereaved parents. Their loss is his gain.

The Democrat, July 9, 1896, Vol. 3 , No. 23.

Crisp Local Items Concerning People and Home Events of Interest to All:

Jim CROCKETT, wife and mother are visiting in Wise county.
A. E. LAWRENCE and wife were grape hunting on Elm a couple of days last week.
Miss Annie NEWMAN returned last week from a few Lebanon.
Little Miss Mary DENTON has returned from ....Weston visiting relatives.
Miss Birdie Paschal of Denton is the guest of the Misses CLARDY.
Mrs. Ca??? BLEWETT and daughter, Miss Blanche, are visiting relatives at Richardson.
County Supt. Of schools W. W. SHEPHERD was in Wylie Thursday.
Miss Norma PAGE was the guest of Plano friends last week.
Capt. T. K. BLEWETT has returned from a business tour of Dallas...
Mrs. Dr. Will BRISTOL is very ill at her residence at Rheas Mill.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. COLE and children have gone on a pleasure trip of two or three weeks to the Indian Territory.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. B. McCULLAR on the 3rd inst. A fine 9 pound baby girl.
Mr. Dock RECTOR, of Veal’s Station, Denton county, visited his sister, Mrs. L. M. TALKINGTON, in this city this week.
Ernest DUNN, an accommodating young meat cutter of our city, is now politely serving customers at CLARDY & WILSON’s Meat market.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. FERGUSON [have] a beautiful residence in North McKinney.
Miss Desda, daughter of Dr. REEDY of Bonham, is the guest of her sister, Miss Clark REEDY in this city.
Emmett CHAPMAN of Farmersville, spent several days in McKinney this week.
S. T. HAMMOND and family are visiting old friends and neighbors of their former home at Frankford.
Vernie GRAVES is visiting Melissa friends.
Little Misses Etta MCKINNEY and Helen McDONALD went to Dallas Monday.
Miss Ella BRADY is suffering from a severe attack of fever.
Miss Annie BURKS of Smithville is visiting her sister, Mrs. John NALE, in this city.
Misses Kate and Mame PAGE are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. ADAMS in Greenville.
Hon. And Mrs. M. H. BARNETT returned from a visit to Sherman.
Tom ANDREWS and wife are at Hot Springs for an indefinite season.

Resolution of Respect. Whereas, an allwise Providence has summoned our ...Brother, Jordan O. STRAUGHAN after a long, useful and exemplary life upon earth to a higher and grander sphere of existence, be it resolved..... that the usual badge of mourning be worn by the members of this lodge for the period of thirty days.

North and South Farmersville. Populist voters ...are called to meet ...for the purpose of electing 22 delegates to the county convention... [Signed] R. D. HICKMAN [and] G. GOTCHER.

Blue Ridge. To the populists of precinct No. 3... you are hereby called to meet...for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Commissioner... [Signed] T. A. PRUETT [and] J. F. CAVES.

Marriage: July 7 Elder John...[unreadable] McKinney united in marriage Dr. T. G. BOORMAN and Miss Sallie WALLACE at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. A. WALLACE on South Chestnut Street.

Obituary: Adam T. WILSON [see Collin County Obituaries] List of Letters remaining unclaimed in the postoffice at McKinney, Tex, July 9, 1896:
BLACKWELL, Jas.; BAKER, Billie; BAILEY, Miss Addie; BARNARD, Isiah; BRYAN, Miss Nannie 2; BOWMAN, Miss Mattie; CRAIG, Mrs. M. K. 2; CHEEK, Miss Rella; CHARLEY, Miss Yeate; COLLINS, Towey; FINCH, J. D.; GREGORY, Mrs. Susan; HENSY, P. M.; HUTON, Mrs. Bell; GARA, Mike; WORTH, Luna; LEWIS, J. E.; LIVELY, Susie, Miss; LOWARD, E.; McDONALD, Miss Dora; McKELEY, David; McMEANS, Joel; MARKHAM, Proctor R.; MARKHAM, Mrs. Mary; MORTON, Ed; NEAL, J. F.; NORTON, Jno; WENS, Miss Clarie; PANE, Mrs. Cate; PAREY, Miss Cora; RANNEY, J. E.; RHEA, S. P.; REAVES, Miss Hattie; RICHARDSOn, Miss Noaulaga; FLOYD, Roe; SHRADER, Mrs. Mary; TIDBALL, Thomas; SMITH, Sydney; SMITH, Rev. H. M.; THOMAS, Mrs. Esta; WALKER, Tullis C.; WANSDAY, Mrs. Felles; WELLS, James A.; WEAVER, Miss Dell; WINNIFORD, H. D.; WALDEN, Miss Elizabeth; WILSON, Miss Myra; WILMETH, W. T. [Signed] Mrs. M. A. CAMERON, Postmistress.

Whites Grove.
Mrs. KITE is better at this writing.
Miss Daisy BROWN is visiting relatives and friends at McKinney.
Henderson McMAHAN, W. ROBBINS, John HERRON, ? , Aubra McMAHAN, started .....[unreadable]
Frank TELFORD is on the sick list this week.
Mrs. Annie SCOTT spent the latter part of last week with her mother.
Jem BONHAM and Miss May FRAZE, Arthur, MEL>>>> of McKinney and Miss Mollie SCOTT, Charley PAYNE and Miss [unreadable] attended the picnic Saturday.
Mrs. McWHIRTER of McKinney is visiting her mother, Mrs. BAILIFF, this week.
Miss Lula and Hattie McMAHAN were shopping in McKinney on Friday.
Bro. VANCE was absent Sunday, on account of his protracted meeting at Cottonwood meeting.

We are sorry to learn of the illness of Uncle Grafton WILLIAMS at his home near Whites Grove. Mr. WILLIAMS settled on the farm on which he now resides in 1843 and had made the same his home continuously during the 53 years since.

Notice to Creditors. I, Mary E. HUNTER...appointed by the county court ... as executrix of the estate of John P. HUNTER, deceased, hereby notify all persons having claims against the present the same to me..... My postoffice is Altoga, Collin county...

Miss Myrtle BARNETT of Whitesboro, is a guest of Mate BARNETT and family in this city.

Miss Bertha SMITH is teaching a summer term of school at Higgins school house.

Mrs. W. W. SHEPHERD and children are visiting at Wylie.

J. W. McCRAW is in Farmersville on business this week.

Miss Maxey, daughter of Sam LEWIS is recovering from a severe illness of fever at her father’s home near Rhea Mill.

Mrs. Giles HOUSTON informally but most pleasantly entertained a few of her young lady and gentlemen friends Thursday evening at her residence on Hunt street..... the following [were] present: Jim FORBES and Miss Eula PLEMMONS, Sam WELCH and Miss Lula ALLISON, Dr. BRYANT and Miss Mary GOODNER, Ed BOMAR and Miss Eula STIMSON, Walter KEEN and Miss Tory BURGER, Bob CHAMBERS and Miss Josie DAVIS, Dick ALLEN and Miss Myrtle BURGER, Mack WEBSTER and Miss Pearl NELSON, Less WHITE and Miss Bessie NELSON, Walter WILSON and Miss Josie, TALKINGTON, Geo. HUGHES and Miss Della ALLISON.


Miss Eula STIMSON, Miss Myrtie BURGER, Walter B. WILSON and Scott ALLISON were elected delegates to the annual Epworth League conference.... Jontie ROGERS and J. H. FORBES alternates.
Miss Sue BARNES represented the Woman’s Parsonage and Home Mission Society of the McKinney M. E. church at the district conference.
Revs. D. J. MARTIN and SULLIVAN went out to the Wilson chapel meeting yesterday to assist Rev. .Joel S. GRAVES in the ministration of ...Baptism to about twenty-three subjects.
The Baptists are holding a successful series of meetings... Revs. LOW and DUNN are doing the preaching.
The Junior rally at the county C. E. convention at Plano is going to be one of the main features. The rally will be presided over by Mrs. Anna WARE.

Delegates to the state and senatorial conventions selected by the populist county convention in McKinney:
Precinct No. 2. L. L. MILLER, R. T. BALLINGER, A. J. KEMP, J. L. MAYS, M. N. STROUP. Alternates: J. R. SELF, J. GOTCHER, J. A. SPAUGH, L. HOLT, John FOSTER, J. T. HOWARD.
Precinct. No. 3. C. M. HARRIS, J. F. CAVE, J. SPORTMAN. Alternates: G. H. WAKEFIELD, W. F. PRICE, Abe WALKER.
Precinct. No. 4. A. D. STELZER, E. A. GAYNN. Alternates: L. ;H. ADAMSON, J. E. BATEMAN.
Precinct. No. 5. E. C. FORBES, F. P. SKELTON, J. BISHOP. Alternates: A. H. McCARLY, A. W. McDONALD, T. R. SPIVEY.
Precinct. No. 6. John NEELY, T. B. CARROLL. Alternates: W. S. COLLINGSWORTH, Mr. REESE.
Precinct. No. 7. J. W. YOUNGER, J. O. McMIHN, B. F. IVEY. Alternates: W. S. COX, W. T. THOMPSON, Eli FIELDS.
Precinct. No. 8. C. F. TROTTER, T. A. PRUITT, Dr. W. T. FULLER. Alternates: N. R. WILLIAMSON, J. H. WILLIAMSON, C. PATE.

Mystery Solved. A horrible discovery was made this morning [in Plano] by Bob PATTERSOn, a ten year old boy and his younger sister. While walking along the bed of Spring creek...they found lying in the middle of the stream....a pair of pants with a gold watch and chain...and noticed some bones in the breeches legs. They ran to where Morgan GANT was at work in a field and told him about their discovery. Upon examination of the watch [GANT] found the name of Sidney MOORE....Mr. GANT came to town and notified city marshal ROWLAND of the find. .... no doubt that the act was suicide.

From Bowlby.
Wm S. MATTHEWS finished threshing yesterday. [Others who are finished]...J. B. BLACKWELL, J. P. ;DUNCAN, H. SNIDER, John STRIPLAND.
John CLINE who has been sick for several weeks with typhoid fever, died last Sunday and was buried at Walnut Grove. Rev. WHITE conducted the funeral services.
Mrs. W. P. CRUTCHER is on the sick list this week.
Lewis BRAKEBILL has typhoid fever.
Mrs. Walter SIMPKINS is up after a short illness of slow fever.
John POTTS and family spent last Sunday with John TURNER’s family.
Wess PERKINS and his two daughters are visiting his sisters, Mrs. Henry SNIDER and Mrs. Sam HUNTER.
Jim HICKEY and family spent last Sunday with Ed McKINNERY of Wilmeth.
Mrs. Mattie ROWE is at her father, R. M. HICKEY’s residence very sick with typhoid fever.

George F. TURLEY ...exhibited to us .. A copy of the Ulster county Gazette published Jan. 4, 1800. Mr. TURLEY came into its possession through his father and grandfather, and prizes the old publication very highly as a family heirloom.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clint THOMPSON, July 3, a 10 pound girl. Mother and babe both doing well.

By order of the session of Walnut Grove Cumberland Presbyterian church, a campmeeting will be held there, beginning Friday night before the first Sunday in August....Rev. J. A. HORNBEAK, the present pastor will be in charge of the meeting and Rev. J. H. WOFFORD of McKinney is expected to assist.

The Democrat, June 27, 1901, Vol. 18, No. 21.

Local News.
Mrs. John C. COOKE has visitors from Ft. Worth.
Floyd, the 14 year old son of J. S. NELSOn, suffered the loss of a finger in an accident Monday. The member was caught in a bicycle cog wheel.
Mrs. T. B. WILSON and children Estelle and Add have returned from the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo.
Grover ASHBY and Alvin STEWART, two boys charged with theft, were brought over from Farmersville Monday by Marshal Van BROWN of that city. They plead guilty before Judge FAULKNER and were fined ten dollars each.
J. W. CUNNINGHAM and son were genial callers at The Democrat sanctum Tuesday. They live two miles east of Melissa. Mr. CUNNINGHAM and the SHRADER brothers were playmates in the days of their boyhood in Coffee county, Tenn. where they were raised.
T. H. EMERSON who has been a hopeless invalid for the past two years, died this morning of paralysis. He will be buried tomorrow by the Masons.

A Double Wedding.
A double wedding occured at the New Wade Hotel Tuesday. The contracting parties were Charles SCOTT and Miss Mary TYNER and J. H. KING and Miss Zora SCOTT. Dr. J. H. McLEAN officiated. Both couples were from near Farmersville. One of the brides and one of the grooms were sister and brother.

Chas. R. BATTE, a prominent young business man of Mt. Pleasant, and Miss Josie O’NEAL, daughter of Geo. M. O’NEAL, one of McKinney’s leading dry goods merchants, were happily married in this city yesterday. Rev. SCALES, of Pittsburg officiated.

Mrs. Jesse BOND of this city was married yesterday to Mr. Walter MANNING of Bellevue.

At the home of the bride’s father, Capt. Lon BLIZZARD, at Hartshorne, I. T., last evening, Miss Ruby BLIZZARD was married to Mr. A. TAFT of New York. The bride is a niece of Dr. J. E. GIBSON of this city where her parents formerly resided.

R. WOODSON of Fort Worth and Miss Nettie BROOKS were married at the home of the bride’s parents in East McKinney last evening. Dr. E. E. KING officiated.

Joe STEADMAN of Tyler and Miss Frankie BLANFORD of Greenville were married Sunday. The bride is well known in McKinney where she formerly resided. She is a sister of Mesdames Robert. E. CARPENTER and Frank MACK, both of McKinney.

Murdered His Wife. A shocking murder took place in south McKinney, when Rev. John LONG, a negro preacher, deliberately cut his wife’s throat from ear to ear. [For details of this story, refer to the African-American surnames section.]

R. J. PAFFORD of Cottage Hill, was arrested in Denison Monday evening on a charge of raising post-office money orders.

Jack ASBURY, Herbert GRAHAM, and Leonard COLE, three well known McKinney boys, decided a few days go west and grow up with the county. At Pueblo, Herbert and Leonard concluded they had seen plenty and returned home. Jack proceeded on....and is at work in Leadville, Colo.

District conference of the McKinney District is in session at Blue Ridge. The following ministers and delegates left here yesterday to attend: F. A. ROSSER, Jno. H. McLEAN, W. T. BEVERLY, J. A. ROGERS, J. L. TODD, Mrs. W. T. BEVERLY, Mrs. STACY, Rev. D. J. MARTIN, Rev. W. D. MOUNTCASTLE, Messrs. Amos FORTNER and T. H. HUGHSTON, Rev. J. H. HUNTER, and Tom McKAMIE, and John McKAMIE.

List of Letters
Remaining in the post office at McKinney, Texas June 27, 1901.
Ladies: Mrs. Corrie, BOOKER, Mrs. BOWEN, Miss Grace HENDRIC, Mrs. John JOHNSON, Miss Mattie O’NEAL.
Gentlemen: W. P. ADKINS, Will DOUGLASS, E. B. GREATHOUSE, Dud LEE, Hary LAIN, Thomas LANE, Jasper N. POWELL, G. W. PORTER, R. T. POWERS, James R. WEEMS.
[Signed] H. E. SMITH, Postmaster.

Summer Normal Opens: Hawthorne College – Attendants:

F. G. Jones, conductor of the Normal presided; Dr. J. H. McLEAN pastor of the Methodist offered prayer; Mayor J. M. PEARSON delivered an address; short talks were made by Col. J. L. DOGGETT, G. P. BROWN, W. T. BEVERLY, Capt. T. F. MANGUM, J. L. FAULKNER, Tom W. PERKINS and Dr. McLEAN.
Profs. S. H. HORNE of this city and J. H. BRIGHT of Blue Ridge are assistant instructors. Those enrolled to date are:
McKinney — Levi DORN, Gertie BLANKENSHIP, Minnie L. BLANKENSHIP, Aurauda LEEDY, Edna COLLIER, Lillie DAUGHETEE, Norma I. PAGE, John COFFMAN, Lizzie BECK, Mrs. Haidee PUETT, Geo. H. CHANCE, Grace YARBROUGH, W. D. HIGHT, T. M. WILSON, T. D. SIMPSON, E. W. MUSE, Sarah DOGGETT, Francis E. HORTON, Byra ROSSER, H. K. WIMMS, W. A. PARKER, E. H. RABUN, Oscar E. WILLIAMS, and Eugene REED.
Verona — T. A. STROUP.
Wylie — A. F. McDONALD, O. D. CONLEY, Ed. R. BURCH, James McDONALD, I. F. BROOKS, Bessie CLOYD.
Whitewright — A. H. MELUGIN.
Princeton — Effie REED, H. C. HERRING.
Copeville — B. H. DALTON.
Altoga — Noliah LOVELADY.
Roseland — Laura BIGGERSTAFF, Lotie PEARCE.
Sachse — Jimmie HARRISON.
Farmersville — Lillie CLARK, W. W. SHEPHERD, E. C. FORBES.
Melissa — Iva WALLIS.
Chambersville — Lula WEBB, W. S. SMITH, O. C. GILES.
Murphy — J. M. MOSELEY.
Grove — H. M. COSBY
Weston — Mike WATSON.
Celest — Ava EWING.
Lucas — Ruth SNEED.
Anna — Baxter D. D. GREER, Zack SMITH.
Culleoka — J. W. AKIN.

Obituary. John Wesley KIRBY. [See Collin County Obituaries] Local News.
Miss Verda BOONE of Haskell is the guest of relatives here.
R. C. MERRITT left Saturday for Beaumont where his firm has a law office.
Miss Jimmie JENKINS left Friday on a visit to Durant, I. T.
J. M. BRYANT and wife, of Chambersville are recuperating at Mineral Wells.
Miss Maggie LEDDY is visiting her brother, Charlie LEDDY and wife at Greenville.
J. D. BOONE and family have returned to Scurry county after a visit to relatives here.
Miss Addie RECTOR is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Lee TALKINGTON, and family.
Robt. WIESMAN has bought a fine new dray wagon.
Mrs. Dr. J. C. N. SMITH and daughter, Miss Estelle, went over to Farmersville Friday.
Miss Lillian TUCKER arrived home from a moth’s visit at Norman, O. T.
J. S. COCKRELL and Arthur TAYLOr, two Murphy citizens, were in town Friday.
B. B. BRYANT, of Ethel, Grayson county, was in town Saturday.
Messrs S. T. HAMMOND, W. D. GOOSTREE, A. B. and John COCKEREL, W. G. and George DRAKE returned Friday from a fishing trip to Duck lake.
Mrs. C. C. FROST has recovered from a seige of sickness and gone out to her mothers, Mrs. Kate MILLIGAN to visit.
Billie ANDREWS, is traveling through West Texas on horseback leisurely viewing the country.
J. E. MURRAY was in to renew for two copies of The Democrat.
Dr. E. L. BURTON has purchased a residence o South Tennessee street from Jim FIELDS.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. CLAY of Tib, northeast Collin, favored The Democrat with a very agreeable visit Monday.
Mrs. M. M. NELSON has returned from a week’s visit to Mrs. Giles g. HOUSTON at Gainesville. Her nephews, Masters Benjamin SMITH and Robert BROWN accompanied her.
Mrs. M. C. WALLIS of Wallis Chapel, is spending the summer with her daughter at Ellis, Mo.
Frank Lockhart had a narrow escape from serious injury his father’s saloon. A shotgun in the hands of Tom CHAPMAN was accidentally discharged, the contents passing uncomfortably close to Frank who was standing near.
Misses Estelle LANSDALE, Ella FELTON, Midge FERGUSON, Addie RECTOR, Florence and Mary TALKINGTON, and Mrs. Walter B. WILSON formed a merry party which drove out to L. R. TALKINGTON’s at Vineland and spent Monday.
E. K. (Dad) RAMBO came up from his farm at Biggers Thursday and mingled with friends on our streets. Dad was formerly in business in McKinney. He has hundreds of friends throughout the county.
Tom PHELPS and family of Grove were at church here Sunday.
Our hustling road overseer Jim GRAHAM has had all the weeds cut from our road.
J. W. SMITH and wife, C. E. STAMP and wife and little daughter of St. Paul (or Dump) {sic} attended church in Lucas Sunday.
Dallas PHARR will leave here for Blue Ridge to attend district conference as a delegate from Princeton circuit.

The next Fifth Sunday Meeting of the Christian churches of Collin county will be held at Allen. Dr. W. F. WOLFORD [is in charge of registration]. [Participants in the program will be]: A. L. CLINKINBEARD, A. NICHOLS, J. B. FAULKNER, R. C. HORN, T. E. SHIRLEY, R. R. HAMLIN, E. H. HOLMES, F. S. HALTUM, C. B. HUNTER, Cord SPURGEON.

Collin County People Living in West Texas.

M. C. COPE (son of the man for whom Copeville was named), Joe EVANS from near Verona, Frank ELKINS formerly of Allen, Capt. Ben F. JONES formerly lived at Rhea’s Mill, John A. WALDEN ex-county clerk of Collin county, Dr. Moses JONES, formerly in business at Allen, Mrs. R. C. CRANE, formerly Miss DOUTHITT of Collin county is in Abilene, family of the late Bob PARKER from west of McKinney, Geo. W. McDANIEL a son-in-law of Mrs. PARKER, Mr. ROLLINS who conducted the first store at Old Mantua, Mr. HARDISON who lived at Vineland, Charlie LARGENT lives at Merkel, F. M. JOHNSON formerly lived on Mr. FINCH’s place near McKinney, Mrs. A. T. CLARK (formerly Bettie McDUFFIE)who was born and raised near Vineland, E. C. TARVIN from east of McKinney, O. T. HILL from near Lebanon, Lon Martin of near Stiff Chapel, J. L. KIRKLAND lives on the farm of Armp HILL near Abilene, Tom FOSTER of McKinney and Ed TACKETT of Plano are prospecting.

Courts of Collin County

District Judge – J. E. Dillard; District Clerk – W. T. COX; County Judge – J. H. FAULKNER; County Clerk – J. P. MOULDEN; County Attorney – Wallace HUGHSTON; Tax Assessor – S. H. GRAHAM; Tax Collector – Yancy POWELL; Sheriff – J. W. PAFFORD; Treasurer – D. E. NEATHERY; County Superintendent – J. H. HILL; County Surveyor – W. G. BARNES; Commissioners: Precinct 1 – S. H. FOX; Precinct 2 – J. T. HOWARD; Precinct 3 – W. N. OSBORN; Precinct 4 – H. R. CHADDICK.

Local News:

Joe MAYES has returned from medical school at Galveston.
W. J. BURTON, of New Life, marketed some fine hogs.
Mrs. G. F. BOLTON has returned to La., after a visit to her mother, Mrs. John W. HAMILTON,in this city.
Rev. Pat LANCASTER, Primitive Baptist, preached Tuesday night at the Christina church.
Mrs. J. B. ROGERS and Mrs. Dr. ROGERS left Monday for Marlin, Texas on a visit to relatives.
W. B. FRANKLIN and J. W. POWELL were callers on The Democrat Tuesday. The former lives at Bethany and the latter south of Plano.
J. Perry BURRUS, wife and babe, Mrs. HYNDS and Miss Emma KING left Monday for Manitou, Col.

Masonic Election:
St. John’s Lodge No. 51 A. F. and A. M. elected officers as follows....
J.M. MARTIN, W. M.; John JOHNSON, S. W.; J. L. FRANKLIN, J. W.; W. B. NEWSOME, Tres; R. F. DOWELL, Sec.; V. M. KEEN, Tiler.

Permits to Pair.

Walter N. DOBBS and Miss Jimmie May BYERS.
Jas. DAVIS and Mrs. Jennie NEWELL.
Jessie TARPLEY and Miss Georgia PATTERSON.
M. W. JONES and Miss Stella Mae EUBANK.
Harvey CAMERON and Miss Emma RUTHERFORD.
Willie BURNS and Miss Jennie McKINNEY.
James T. KING and Mrs. Jane BACCUS.
Herbert I. MACUMBER and Miss Mary V. FORD.
Foster B. WHISENANT and Miss Sarah A. BRYAN.

Collin County Gleanings.

School District 100.
Jim MONTGOMERY’s baby is very sick and is not expected to recover.
Mr. SIMMONS and daughter, Miss Pearl, were visiting j. A. FAULKNER at Viney Grove Sunday.
Ed KIRKLAND and Miss Maud SIMMONS called on Miss Minnie JOHNSON Sunday.
Miss Maggie DAVIS of Foote is visiting in our community.

Clear Lake:
We are grieved to pen the death of little Miss Maggie HILL, of this community. She was loved by all who knew her, she was about 11 years of age and her death was caused by slow fever.

W. A. HOLDER sold his wheat to Price BUSH for 75 cents per bushel.
B. C. CARROLL has put up screens and otherwise improved his cold drink stand on main street.
Dan ODLE, for fourteen years a citizen of this county, left with his family for Grayson county and will locate near Howe.
L. W. BUSH loaded his entire crop of wheat on two wagons yesterday and took it over to Will Moore’s place to have it threshed.
Tom FAULKNER has done some good work with his road gang here.
The following planters of this community have hauled their entire grain crop to Will MOORE’s thresher which is being operated by Jim MOORE: W. E. WILLIAMS, J. W. CARRINGTON, Charley RODGERS, Dave WILLIAMS, Will LEACH, H. JONES, O. and J. SMITH, W. A. MELTON, J. N. BUSH, Gid WATSON, L. W. BUSH, H. E. SINGLETON, S. P. BUSH.

Liberty Locals:
Rev. HARDIN filled his appointment here yesterday.
A young man is stopping with Virg HARTMAN. All doing well.
Jack ROMAN’s family visited at Tom HAMORS’ yesterday.
Nellie, the little daughter of Walter YEARY, is quite sick.
Messrs. J. P. and Gene HOUSER returned from a trip to the Territory last week.
E. C. FORBES and Miss Lillie CLARK are attending the summar [sic] normal at McKinney.

Bethany Batch:
J. A. HART has returned to school at Gainesville.
Dr. MALLOW and wife, now of Lebanon, took in the ice cream supper last night.
Mr. MAYAL’s little child is very sick.
Will BROWN and family of Allen are in this community today.
J. V. HIRT’s wife was sick last week.
B. O. CARPENTER and family who went to Calhoun county last winter have returned to thir home here, also Giles KELLEY and family.

Van Alstyne:
Mrs. Henry LEWIS and daughter of McKinney attended the SCALES-GARVER wedding Tuesday.
The 18 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Joe HANEY died and was buried Monday at Coffman Schoolhouse graveyard.
Rebecca CROW, colored, died of cancer last Friday at the home of her daughter, Aunt Mandy ANDREWS. She was 75 years old.
Joseph PARVIN, two miles east of town, threshed 786 bushels of wheat off of 47 acres.
Wednesday suit was filed in district court at Sherman, by C. M. GUINN for $40,450 from the Houston & Texas Central railway for alleged painful and permanent injuries received by being struck by one of defendant’s trains in this city on May 4 of this year.

Princeton Pickups:
Mr. and Mrs. HAVENS gave the young people a party Friday night.

John WILSON and sister, Kate, attended an entertainment given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Newt BOMAR of New Hope.
J. A. MALLOW and family visited relatives at Lucas.
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. LOWE and daughter Mary Lizzie, visited at W. J. BURTON’s near Verona Saturday.
Mrs. Ed McDOWEIL of Floyd visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. TURNER.
Mrs. R. D. CALDWELL of Climax spent Monfday with Mrs. R. L. DAVIS.

Miss Rebecca JENKINS has been very sick.
George BERRY and wife visited D. S. LASATER and family Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Jane MILAM of Hunt County visited her sister, Mrs. YOUNG.
Dr. BOORMAN’s new house and barn are in course of construction.
Dr. ALDERSON and wife have returned from their visit to his father in Grayson county.

L. L. HAND has started his hay press.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. L. HAND a boy, on the 15th inst.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter WEAVER a boy, on the 16th inst.
Capt. J. F. RHEA spent yesterday with his sick father at Rhea Mill.
Alex. WHITE is working on the new railroad.
Coy, the little five-year old daughter of Mrs. J. T. THOMPSON in lighting some paper got her face badly burned.
Capt. F. G. LEWIS has returned from a trip to Dallas.
Mrs. BURGES has been very sick but is some better now.
John BRANCH will leave on a prospecting trip soon.

Mrs Bud BOYER is very sick with fever.
Robt. RAY, wife and little son visited J. W. BONE and wife a few days last week.
Prof. J. A. WRIGHT visited friends here Sunday.
Steve LATHAM is building the gin here for STRAUGHAN & WILSON.
B. B. BRYANT and family of Honey Grove are visiting his mother here this week.
Wallace WILSON got his fine saddle mare cut on the wire fence Monday.
John MONROE, wife and little daughter visited relatives at Wilson Chapel Sunday.
Miss Fannie WILSON is sick at this writing.
Al BOMAR and wife of Nevada visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Bill BOMAR Sunday.
Benn WILSON and wife gave a dinner Sunday. Those present were W. T. MITCHELL and family, w. A. STRAUGHAN and family, John WILSON and Miss Lula MARTIN, Joe WILSON and Miss Cora MARTIN, Gene MARTIN and Miss Fannie BOMAR, Geo. STRAUGHAN and Miss Rachel YOUNGER, John, Kate and Hattie WILSON, and Wallace WILSON.

Lavon Cullings:
Miss Lillie WEBB has returned from Sherman after several week’s visit. Her sister, Mrs. WHOOPER accompanied her home.
A little daughter is stopping with Clem GALLAGHER and wife since Sunday.
Dempsey BROWN has returned from Sherman where he attended Austin College.
Miss Bessie BIRCH of Wylie visited Mrs. Dr. FREEMAN on day last week.
Pat BROWN and lady bought them a housekeeping outfit at Wylie and have gone to housekeeping in the house vacated by Oscar HIX.
Miss Oda WILLIAMS left Wednesday for a visit to her brother at Marshall.
Mrs. Vince GALLAGHER and children of Wylie visited a few days with Mrs. Clem GALLAGHER last week.
Charlie WEATHERALL happened to a bad accident one day last week. His horse ran away with the cultivator and got him under it cutting him up very badly.
Mrs. Burt MILLER is over from Toyse to see her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. THOMPSON.
Jessie EDWARDS and Miss Lonie VEASY fooled the old folks and went to Greenville and were married Monday morning. Miss Adie went with them.
Henry WEATHERALL came up from Lancaster in response to a message and remained here several days.
Miss Lillie WORDEN of Royse is visiting her mother, Mrs. Ed TASLOR, this week.
Mrs. Lottie HALL was buried at the old ELINS graveyard Sunday morning. She was a sister of Criss DAUGHERTY.

Verona Violets:
Miss Ida KING is on the sick list.
The infant of Dr. WOODALL was buried in the Verona cemetery today.
Miss Effie St. CLAIR is in McKinney taking a course in music.
E. E. McMURRAY is having an addition built to his residence.
The little son of E. DUNN is very ill.
Mark BAILEY and Ed COREY went to the Territory last week on a pleasure trip.
Pinkney MILLER and Miss Carrie HAYES of Climax attended prayer meeting Sunday night.
Miss Jimmie ELMORE of McKinney visited Jennie SMART last week.
Mr. JONES and family of McKinney were mingling with relatives in our community last week.
John HILGER and Clyde TEMPLEMAN of New Life attended choir practice here Friday night.
Prof. F. E. BUTLER and family of Whitewright were the guests of M. N. STROUP and family.

Charles SIMMONS and Miss Hattie HALLUMS were recently married.
N. E. MOORE and Walter THOMPSON were in town Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. BYRD, Uncle Geo. CARROLL’s daughter, and son-in-law are visiting here.
Henry GUTHERIE left today for Dallas.
Mr. WADKINS and Sam HARINGTON are having a new store built.
Bennie ANDERSON went to Como Saturday.
Allie GILES is teaching a singing school at the college.
W. E. FOSTER has gone to the Territory to teach school.

New Life:
Misses Minnie and Annie GAY visited relatives here Sunday.
G. D. LOWE and family of Princeton visited at Mr. BURTON’s also Miss Sallie STROUP.
Robt. STAPP is having some additional rooms added to his house.
Fletcher ANDERSON of Verona spent Saturday night with Joe BURTON.
Rev. N. H. VANCE preached at this place Saturday night and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee HENDRICK visited Green McQUERY Sunday.
Prof. Levi DORN was in this community last week.

Wallis Chapel:
Rev. CRANE of Melissa was in our community Friday evening.
Mrs. Ethel OWNBEY is visiting her mother in the Territory.
Misses Verda BOONE of Haskell and Ora WALLIS were the guests of Miss Cora MARTIN and Emma MITCHELL Saturday afternoon.
An entertainment was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. WALLIS Friday night which was quite an enjoyable occasion.

Cottage Hill News.
Will PERKINS and family visited relatives at Gray Bill Saturday and Sunday.
Rev. ROBERTS filled his appointment at our church Sunday.
Garner NEWMAN and Miss Grace POWELL, Frank O’BRIEN and Miss Vernon MICHAEL attended Sunday school at Union last Sunday.
Harry WILSON of Allen visited his brother Charlie Saturday and Sunday.
Dink ELLER and sister Miss Linnie of Celina visited their uncle Joe ELLER Sunday.
Lee ROGERS and family have gone on an extended trip to the Indian Territory.
Mrs. Mary BAKER formerly of this place died at her home near Durant, I. T. last week and was buried at Cottage Hill cemetery Saturday.
Mrs. Laura BYRD visited Mrs. James BIGGS of Roseland last Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Mary DENTON of McKinney is visiting at Brice AUSTIN’s.
Mrs. Florence CULWELL is visiting at Elmont.
Prof. Will CULWELL’s school will close Friday week.
Miss Lizzie THOMPSON visited her father’s family last week.
Mrs. Sam PAFFORD of McKinney was here Monday.
The little four months old baby of Lusian and Zula CULWELL died Sunday morning and was buried at Cottage Hill Monday.
Charlie WEBSTER and Miss Ela ADAMSON gave an ice cream supper last Thursday night at the residence of Mr. ADAMSON in honor of Lawrence PAFFORD who has gone back to Culleoka to teach school.

Jef BOZARTH and family visited their daughter, Mary FLEMING, Saturday and Sunday last.
Hiram CHILDRESS and wife of Weston visited C. P. FLEMING and wife Sunday.
Miss Willie FINLEY is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Delia MITCHELL, at Cottage Hill this week.
Miss Dora GRAGG of Lone Star visited friends and relatives a this place last week.
John WATSON and daughter, Miss Clemintine are visiting in West Texas at present.
Gid BARGER is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Bettie BLAKE at Valley View.
Mrs. Mary Dunlap BAKER, nee MALLONE was buried at Cottage Hill cemetery, June 23.

Bill MONROE has a sick child.
Misses Cora and Sallie LAWSON of Fitzhugh Mill attended Sunday school at this place Sunday.
Mrs. C. C. STONE is very sick with slow fever.
Charlie BRIDGEFARMER has been very sick for sometime with slow fever, but is improving.
Real Estate Transfers.

Wiley Cemetery, Co. to J. C. SEABOURN, lot 3 blk 14, cemetery, Wylie, $15.
R. K. MOSLEY to H. H. STEVENS, W. D. THOMPSON sur, McKinney, $1200.
J. W. ROACH and wife to Mrs. N. L. CROZIER, Z BURRIS, Con Partition Deed, $____.
F. M. SNOW and wife to W. H. VANCE, $40.
L. A. SCOTT to McKinney Ice & Coal Co., lots 1 and 2, blk 19 and lots 1, 2, and 3, blk. 7, to McKinney, Sm DAVIS sur, $16,000.
J. S. JONES to G. W. STEVENS, 30a, M. I. GEMINEZ sur, $600.
G. W. STEVENS and Wife to J. S. JONES, M. I. GEMINEZ, sur, $650.
Jno. W. POOL to Jas S. JONES, M. I. GEMINEZ sur. $1200.
J. E. ERICKSON and wife to Mrs. A. H. CRAFT, lot 3, Plano $600.
R. A. HUGHLETT to Mrs A. H. CRAFT, lots 4 \, 5, and 6, ½ of lot 7 blk 12, Plano, $700.
D. F. GERRISH to McKinney Cotton Oil Co., lots 1 and 7, blk ___ Allen, $794.
J. A. SEIGLER to J. L. GAILEY 11 ½ acres, J. L. WRIGHT Sur $177.
Jas. S. HAGINS to Harry MYERS ½ a, S. BECK sur, $375.
Sherman Oil & Cotton Co. to A. HUGULEY, 3/4 a, Plano, $650.
A. HUGULEY and wife to N. W. HAYES, lot 2, blk 29, Plano, $750.
D. W. LIGHT to T. H. SKAGGS, 20 a, A. H. GEE sur, $400.
G. V. HARRISON to D. W. LIGHT, 735 a, J. CARBELLA and A. H. GEE surs, $4000.
A. H. GEE to G. V. HARRISON 127 a, A. H. GEE sur, $10.
Jas W. FIELD to E. L. BURTON, lot in McKinney, $1000.
R. BACCUS to H. BACCUS 40 a, H. COOK sur. $1500.
F. M. DOUGLAS to Sam LAZARUS, 3 2/10 acres W. C. LEWIS sur, $200.
David LIGHT to Sam LAZARUS, lots 16 and 18, sur 14 Collin co. school land $700.
Robt BLAIN and wife to Sam LAZARUS, lot 1, sur 15, Collin Co. school land $275.
M. L. CROZIER to W. T. KENEDY (Guardian Deed), ½ int in 161a, J. M. BOUNDS sur, $1288.
A. CROZIER to W. T. KENEDY, 161 a. J. M. BOUNDS sur, $4508.
Bessie YOUNG by J. T. YOUNG, Guar. To W. T. KENY, 1/10 int. in 161 a, $640.

Injured in Train Wreck at Greenville.
Mr. Joe A. LEE of Weston was hurt on the right knee; W. M. CALHOUN of Blue Ridge received a cut over the left eye from being pitched through a window

W. P. HONAKER, familiarly known as “Uncle Patton,” died at Farmersville last week of paralysis. He was born in Virginia in 1827 and settled near Farmersville at what was known then as Sugar Hill, in 1858, before Farmersville was started. His place was a stopping place for travelers and home seekers in the early days.

The Democrat, July 4, 1901, Vol. 18, No. 22.

List of Letters.
Remaining in the postoffice at McKinney, July 4, 1901.
Ladies: FUREY, Miss Norh; GARNETT, Mrs. Addie (2); LANDOM, Miss L. G.; MATHEWS, Miss Eula; MILLER, Mrs. Sallie; NELSON, Mrs. Mary; O’NEAL, Mrs. Sarah; ROBERTS, Mrs. Laura; SCOTT, Mrs. Lewis; WATTS, Mrs. Kate; WHITE, Miss J. W.
Gentlemen: BELLOWS, A. A.; CARTY, Lemiel; ERWIN, Frank; EVANS, S. H.; FARRAR, E. E.; FURR, Jas. G.; HARRIS, J. H.; LESTER, Charley; McKINNEY, G. D.; MONROE, W. G.; O’NEAL, Reynolds; TRUITT, W. H.

Permits to Pair.
W. E. WOOD and Miss S. J. BOZEMAN.
J. C. THOMAS, and Miss Sarah KENDLE.
J. M. HODGES and Miss Mary E. MADDOX.
W. L. SANDERS and Mrs. Ella Corine MAGEE.
J. J. LEACH and Miss Laura NORTHERN.
J. W. PAFFORD and Mrs. Kate YEAGER.
J. R. SAYE and Mrs. Lula B. WELLS.
C. B. SMITH and Miss Doda Mai AUSTIN.
W. A. STEWART and Miss Francis BAKER.
W. O. REED and Miss Laura A. SUTHERLAND.
Marshal LEONARD and Miss Emma JASPER.
W. W. WOODSON and Miss Nettie BROOKS.
Turley PAYNE and Miss Mollie FULLER.
Chas. R. BATTE and Miss Josephine O’NEAL.
C. H. SCOTT and Miss Mary TYNER.
John KING and Miss Zora SCOTT.

Local News.
Mrs. J. C. PENN and Miss Etta O’NEAL are visiting in Dallas.
Mrs. L. A. SCOTT and daughter Miss Velma, are spending the summer at Eureka Springs.
Mrs. Harriet N. THOMPSON and daughter Lena of Fairfield are visiting relatives in Greenfield, Ill.
Mrs. WILSON and grand-daughter Evelyn ERWIN left Tuesday on a visit to relatives at Lexington, Miss.
Henry STIFF, one of the county’s old settlers at Stiff’s Chapel, was in town Tuesday.
Mrs. Scott ALLISON has returned from Norman, O. T.
Walter HILEMAM [sic] charged with theft, waived his examining trial. Mrs. Mattie STEWART visited Verona relatives Sunday. The Misses GERRISH accompanied her.
J. D. HEDRICK and wife of Navarro county are guests of the latter’s brother Jerome H. SNEED in this city.
W. I. BRYAN of Chambersville an A. & M. graduate has accepted a responsible position in the Forney High school.
Marshal Van BROWN brought a prisoner named Crow WENSETT over from Farmersville Tuesday and lodged him in jail.
Mrs. JASPER of Plano, Miss MATHEWS of Dallas, and Miss KELLER of Farmersville were guests of Mrs. Wallace HUGHSTON this week.
A little daughter took up her abode at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burt LEHMAN Monday evening, July 1. Burt is foreman of the Democrat office, but is so happy over the event that he threw up his job temporarily and is letting this issue of the Democrat get out as best it can.
Mrs. Tom DINSMORE entertained a number of young friends Tuesday night at her home in Fairfield. The following couploes were present: Mena PERSOHN and Lee RHEA; Allie JOHNSON and Jim RHEA; Alice KNOTT and Chas. HARRISON; Maggie HIGGINS and Ernest WILSON; Bessie COLE and Emmet DINSMORE; Florence DINSMORE and Wylie FEAST; Maud DINSMORE and Chas. TURNTINE; Mary HAMMOND and Chas. COLE. Frank SHERBINE with his big Edison phonograph was on hand to help entertain.
Da. A. TATE of near Princeton recently returned from a wagon trip to Ellis county.
Will Thomas is visiting his sister, Mrs. BERT LEHMAN for a few days.
Miss Ida SPANN, is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. E. CANTRELL in this city.
J. T. WARREN of Weston subscribed for The Democrat.
J. G. CLOSE of Chambersville paid our sanctum a very pleasant call Thursday.
Mrs. McINTOSH has returned from Vashti, Clay county.
Mrs. R. B. RAY has returned to Vernon after a visit to her brother, Capt. E. R. STIFF, here.
J. C. OUSLEY of Celina, and Mother-in-law left here Friday for Eureka Springs.
Will R. ABERNATHY participated with the Masons in laying the cornerstone of the new courthouse at Waco last week.
Sheriff BAFFORD arrested Emmett KIRBY near Foncine Thursday. KIRBY was charged with assault and battery on Coke MAYES.
Mrs. T. M. WILSON and children went over to Greenville Thursday.
Miss Sallie FOX attended the TAFT-BLIZZARD wedding at Hartshorn, I. T. last week.
Miss Lizzie HATLER of McKinney visited Miss Bessie ROBERTS in Van Alstyne last week.
Miss Georgia WOLFORD of Anna is staying at the home of J. T. CROUCH and receiving instructions in music.
J. R. SPINCER of Farmersville remits for the Democrat.
Mrs. W. J. THURMAN and Miss Maud HOUSMAN left Saturday on a visit to Kansas City.
Mrs. J. T. CARLISLE has gone to Seattle, Wash. To spend the summer.
J. N. RENFRO and T. B. BOLES, both of Culleoka, gave us a call Saturday.
Mrs. O. LEDY and daughter, Miss Maggie are visiting at Abilene.
Tommy JONES, now of Sanger, greeted old friends on our streets Saturday.
Henry GOEMAN and wife have moved back to McKinney from Pittsburg.
J. A. McKEY and Benge QUISENBERRY left Saturday evening on a trip to Denver and Salt Lake City.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank CRIM and family of Vineland left Sunday on a trip in a wagon to Ardmore, I. T.
Preston GRIFFIN has returned from Knoxville, Tenn., where he has been attending the State University law school.
W. H. GRAVES, of Culleoka, passed through McKinney Saturday evening enroute home from the French Mineral Wells, 3 ½ miles northwest of Pilot Point.

Collin County Gleanings.

Miss Lucy MALLOW is spending the day with Miss Hattie MALLOW of Verona.
Jean Martin of Ardath spent Saturday night here.
Mrs. John BOX and daughters Dora and Maude, also Mr. and Mrs. J. A. WALLER of Verona, spent Saturday night at J. A. MALLOWS.
Born to Mr. and [Mrs.] W. L. Ogwin, June 25, a boy
The six months old child of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. BUCHANAN died Wednesday night and was buried Thursday at Milligan graveyard. The child was sick for only a short time.
The following Woodmen of this place attended the unveiling of a monument at Melissa: N. A. BURTON, W. E. WEST, W. A. HARRELSON, W. E. DARK, W. S. GUFFEY, Jim WILLIAMS AND John K. WILSON.

G. A. JACKSON has returned from Durant, I. T.
G. L. BIGGS and others are on a fishing trip to red River.
The ice cream supper Tuesday given by Mr. and Mrs. C. B. TOUCHISTONE [sic] was largely attended.
W. N. LOWRY has returned from Bosque county.
Ed. PATTERSON and wife of Merit visited Mr. and Mrs. H. W. THOMPSON Saturday and Sunday.
A. J. SMITH and Miss Clara VANBEAVERS, your scribe and Miss Lidia VANBEAVERS and a number of others attended the ice cream supper at Altoga.

John HOBBS has gone to Virginia to visit relatives.
G. W. CLOSE has come back from an esxtended visit to Tennessee.
R. L. LAFEVER has gone to McKinney to work.
W. S. SMITH, Bud TAYLOR, Mick WATSON, W. I. BRYAN and Misses Lotie PEARCE and Luta WEBB are attending the normal at McKinney.

Blue Ridge:
Miss Helen WYLIE of Farmersville is visiting Mrs. J. W. St. CLAIR.
Willie BURNS and Miss Jennie McKINNEY of this place were married Sunday, June 23.
Paul COPELAND was in McKinney Wednesday.
Mrs. J. C. COPELAND has been very ill the past week.
Horsie CHILDRESS and Miss Linnie JEFFCOATS left Sunday night for Paris where they intended to get married.
Miss Carrie HAYES of Climax is attending the protracted meeting this week.
Miss Effie DORSE from Whitewright is visiting her sister, Mrs. HAYTER.
Dr. HAYES and wife of Climax attended church here Saturday and Sunday.

School District No. 100
Eld. ALSOP is holding a meeting at Vineland which commenced Friday night.
Arch OBRIEN is on the sick list, also little Gradie CHANDLER.
Weeden FRANKLIN and Miss Mary COLEMAN of McKinney called on Miss Kate CHANDLER one evening this past week.
Dr. Todd LARGENT and lady of McKinney were driving out here Sunday.
A. G. CHANDLER and Miss Willet LOVE of McKinney called on Mr. CHANDLER’s father, Uncle Alf CHANDLER, one evening the past week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. C. TAYLOR a boy. The youngster tips the beam at 15 pounds.
Uncle Joe DAVIS of Foote was in our community Sunday.

Harry, little son of c. D. BOYERS is sick at this writing.
W. M. WILSON, J. S. DeBOW, and Lucius DeBOW left today for Taylor county to be gone a month. They are prospecting.
Mrs. CRANE and little daughter of Melissa, are visiting relatives here.
The following Sunday school officers were elected for the next quarter: W. S. KING, W. N. STRODE, Miss Ora STRAUGHAN, Miss Zora THOMPSON, D. W. BAGWILL.
W. J. MITCHELL and family of Wallis Chapel visited Mr. and Mrs. Andy THOMPSON.
Mrs. Bud BOYERS died June 26 at the home of Miles WILLIAMS. Interment in Stiff’s Chapel graveyard.
Miss Pearl RICE of McKINNEY is visiting Miss Fannie WILSON this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank SMITH of McKinney visited relatives here Tuesday night.
Miss Lide MORELAND is visiting her aunt in Hill county.
Mr. and Ms. CAMPBELL of Donithan co., Mo., are visiting their son, W. L. CAMPBELL.

Miss Alice GOODNIGHT is visiting friends at Valley View.
A good social was the home of Joe MAXEY Friday night.
John LUSTER is at Tioga Wells for his health.
Miss Clyde ELKINS of McKinney is visiting Mrs. Jas. TEEL.
Dr. RUTHERFORD and wife of Wills Point visited their aunt, Mrs. KEEN, last week.

Will EARTHMAN has gone to Oklahoma Territory to spend a few weeks threshing.
John MILLER and wife spent last week in Indian Territory.
Ben PRICE and Miss Ala MILLER, Mack PHILIPS and Miss Do?? LLOYD of this place attended the Holiness meeting.
Uncle Billy FAIR is sick at this writing.
Miss Ardie DICKSON of McKinney is visiting her sister near here.
Bob WATSON and Ben PRICE have gone to work on the new railroad.
Miss Lee TAYLOR, Miss WHIT and Miss Ethel WHITAKER were in this vicinity Sunday.
Rev. SCALES will begin a big meeting at this place Friday night.

Charlie SMITH and Miss Dote AUSTIN were married Sunday, June 30 on Honey creek bridge. Only a few friends witnessed the ceremony.
F. M. DOUGLASS of VanAlstyne was in town one day last week.

Wallis Chapel:
George WILSON of McKinney attended Sunday school here Sunday evening.
Miss Clara MOORE and Misses Julia and Tillie OWENBY were in McKinney Sunday.
Randolph WALLIS is visiting relatives in Terrell.

Installation of Officers. On Friday evening Lebanon Lodge No. 837 had a public installation at which the following were installed:
W. G. WOLFE, WB. D. SHOOK, W. A. QUISENBERRY, L. J. GULLEDGE, G. B. PEARSON, J. P. SHULTZ, E. D. BACCUS, D. WORK, J. H. WADE, M. L. HUFFMAN, E. T. ROACH. The following visitors were present: W. A VINES and daughter of Plano, T. F. HUGHSTON, T. F. MANGUM, P. L. WHITE, J. T. HUFFMAN.

Real Estate Transfers.

Horace H. THOMPSON to J. E. JAMES, $600.
P. R. JORDAN and wife to W. H. NORMAN 35 a. s. WALKER sur. $600.
L. WOODARD and wife to H. M. ROLLINS lot 5 blk 3, $170.
M. T. HARDIn and wife to H. M. ROLLINS, lot 2, blk 3, $130.
Odd Fellows’ Cemetery to H. M. ROLLINGS, lot 103, blk. 2, Farmersville. $25.
E. H. EVANS and wife to C. P. RIVERS, S. M. RIVERS sur, $206.
Jno. W. KIRBY and wife to F. E. SCOTT, 39a, Jno. W. KIRBY and BOWLES surs, consideration, love and affection.
Jno. W. KIRBY and wife to Geo. D. KIRBY, 39a, KIRBY and BOWLES surs, love and affection.
Jno W. KIRBY and wife to W. D. KIRBY, 39a BOWLES and KIRBY surs, love and affection.
Jno. W. KIRBY and wife to Mrs. M. E. MATHEWS, 39a, C. BOWLES sur, love and affection.
John W. KIRBY and wife to John C. KIRBY, 39a, KIRBY and BOWLES surs, love and affection.
W. RIST and wife to J. W. KIRBY, 160 a, BOWLES sur. $800.
T. P. YEAGER and wife to H. W. HARLESS, 8a, J. OSGOOD sur, $203.75.
H. H. BELEW and wife to H. W. HARLESS, 9a W. ROGERS and J. OSGOOD surs, $148.
T. C. PERRY and wife to F. M. WARDEN, $2800.
F. M. WARDEN and wife to J. P. CROUCH lot in McKinney, $1500.
L. C. WINES and F. SAIGLING, lot in Plano $30.
W. C. COOK and wife to J. L. MONTGOMERY, 59 a. W. ROBERTS sur. $2550.
Roberta R. ROONEY et al to Mrs. Helen McDONALD, lot in McKinney $790.
J. W. BUSBY and wife to J. I. BLALACK, 30a, E. C. DAVIDSON sur, $1255.
J. N. MILLER to J. E. JONES, S. M. RIEVES sur, $890.
S. STINEBAUGH and wife to A. J. BARNETT, lots 7 and 8, Nevada, $65.
A. J. BARNETT and wife to W. A. HALL, lots 7 and 8, blk, 4 Nevada, $400.
W. J. CAVEN and wife to N. A. BURTON, lot 3, blk 25 Princeton, $50.
N. A. BURTON to Ella E. BURTON, lot 3, blk 25, Princeton, $50.

Collin County Gleanings.

Walter FAGALA of Allen is here.
Miss Pearl BECKUM of Princeton is visiting Miss Cora CALDWELL.
Misses Ester, Ethel, and Esma WRIGHT of Farmersville are visiting friends here this week. Mrs. Lina CALDWELL is visiting in McKinney this week.
Mrs. Henry SLATER of White’s Grove was in our city last week.
Charles HEARLDSTON and Charles WHITEHEAD have gone to Pilot Point.
Miss Della LAINEY visited in Farmersville last week.
Verna FAGALA and wife, Dave FAGALA and sister, Miss Annie of Valdasta spent Sunday with B. D. FAGALA and wife.
Buck CANNADY has bone to Virginia and Tennessee for a visit to relatives and friends.
Since our last report the death angel has made several visits and Mrs. Dave DUNCAN, the little babe of Will RECER and Grandmother SIMS answered to roll call and launched out into the great beyond.

Obituaries: A. G. (Good) GRAVES; Martha J. PRUETT; W. C. STANTON. [See Collin Obituaries] Mrs. Charles MONROE died at her home in this city Monday morning after a brief illness of congestion and was buried in Wilson Chapel graveyard. The deceased was 24 years old and had only been married about a year. She was a daughter of Ham RUTLEDGE.

Collin County Summer Normal: New Names have been Enrolled.

Roseland — T. W. LANHAM; Blue RIDGE — J. T. VESTAL; Plano — J. B. HUGULEY; McKinney — C. P. FRANCIS, C. C. CROSS, Miss Alice LEWIS, Miss Lixxie GULLETT; Pike — R. E. BEASLEY, Miss Abby WHEELIS; Chambersville – W. I. BRYAN; Anna — Miss May GREER.; Lebanon — Miss Clay HAGGARD; Grove — Miss Janie COFFEY.

J. W. PAFFORD Sheriff of Collin county, and Mrs. Kate YEAGER of Lebanon were married Sunday afternoon at the home of Rev. J. H. BONE of Walnut Grove.

I. O. O. F. Installation

Allen News Items.
H. WOLF has bought a 100 acre farm in Tarrant county.
Jasper WHARTON and wife have gone to Parker county to see his father.
One of J. S. SPRADLEY’s children was sick Saturday.
Jesse HALL and family, formerly of near Allen have located near Troy, I. T.
Pony HOLMES and wife have a very sick child. It is thought to have scarlet fever.
The little child of Charlie MAYABB and wife is sick.
W. T. HALL and wife, residing north of the county capital, visited Ollie HALL and family near Allen Saturday and Sunday.
Evans BERRY loaded one of his threshing outfits here the first of the week and went to El Reno, Ok. Huck PHILPOT, Claud. SMITH and John LEACH were among those who went along with him.
Dud ROUNTREE has gone to Denton county with his machine to bale hay. The following Collin county boys will help him: Jim POOL, Manley BEARD, Charlie CHASTINE, Murl KIRBY, Charley SMITH, John DUGGER and Dallas PHARR.
George HELMS , a brother-in-law to Homer and Clifford WHITTEN of near Allen, was killed on the 14th inst. At Columbus, Georgia. He ...fell against a circular saw. He left a wife and three children.
Mr. Charles L. MILLER of Ferris, led to Hyumen’s altar Miss Clara DOUGLASS of this city. Rev. Z. V. LILES, pastor of the Methodist church pronounced the words. The wedding occurred at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Mollie DOUGLASS.