The Democrat 1901

The Democrat, 1901

Orrin Robertson, Editor & Prop’r., Clinton Thompson, Publisher.

The Democrat, July 11, 1901, Vol. 18, No. 23.

Thompson & Wilson, Prop’s.

Local News.
W. H. RUCKER, Nevada merchant is here on business today.
E. P. COX of Foote was in town Monday for first time in several weeks. He had been sick.
Misses Winnie and Sallie STIFF, Mrs. Leva HENRY and daughter Dana, are visiting Glen STIFF and wife in Pilot Point.
Mrs. M. WADE and little son left Tuesday for Eureka Springs for a few days vacation.
Mrs. W. E. BOSTWICK and little daughter are visiting at Hubbard City.
G. J. S. WALKER has returned from a trip to Weatherford.
Dr. M. S. METZ has been appointed..a member of the state board of Homeopathic medical examiners.
R. H. COLEMAN, late of the Plano Courier, has been re-elected president of the State Baptist Young People’s Union.
D. E. THOMAS, [is] one of our esteemed Biggers readers.
Ben HILL and family left for Colorado to recreate.
Mrs. THOMPSON of Westminster visited Mrs. Dr. LONG in this city, Sunday.
Mrs. Kate BURNITT is visiting her son, F. G. BURNITT and wife in this city.
Misses Effie HORN and Mary WILCOXSON have returned to Farmersville.
Mrs. G. E. FELTON and daughter, Miss Ella, left Tuesday for Eureka Springs.
W. C. BURRUS, wife and niece, Miss Mary STEWART, left Monday for Boulder, Colo.
Miss Estelle LANSDALE went to Culleoka Sunday and next day began her summer term of school there.
Mrs. Rod NEATHERY and little daughter of Farmersville are the guests of her father T. J. MELTON and family.
After a several week’s absence Bob KITCHING has returned from a trip to his old home at Alexandria, Tenn.
We were sorry to learn from W. G. MONROE yesterday of the continued illness of his little 3 year old son, Sam who has fever. Mr. MONROE lives at Biggers.
Rev. H. H. SULLIVAN and wife left Monday for Salt Lake City, Utah to visit relatives.
Uncle Wash FORD, the veteran Allen citizen and Poland China hog breeder, mingled with friends on our streets yesterday. Although he is eighty past, Uncle Wash is as erect, nimble and jovial as the average man of forty.
Mrs. James MADDOX of Weatherford, formerly Miss Annie WHITE, ...once resided in McKinney.
Charles F. DANCER of Lebanon was in the city Monday.
Phil PARISH of Denton was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. BLAKEMAN the latter part of last week.
Newt WARDLOW of Farmersville was in the city the Fourth.
Miss Mary McKAMEY of Plano visited Miss Birdie BUCK here last week.
Miss Nannie MOORE has returned from a visit at Denton.
Miss Mamie DOWELL has gone to Boston to pursue her studies in elocution.
Will DENISON living south of town had a bicycle stolen at the big picnic.
L. W. MAYHEW is numbering the houses throughout the city.
Mrs. Tom FOSTER and son Houston have returned from a visit to relatives at Duncan, I.T.
Miss Mattie HINSLEY of Roland visited her brother, T. M. HINSLEY and wife.
Mrs. Harris JOHNSON and daughter, Miss Allie, and niece, Miss Lula SEARCY, are visiting in Tecumseh, O. T.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. BAGLEY returned to Melissa Friday with Mrs. Marshall PULLIAN.
Deputy Sheriff Sam PAFFORD arrested a negro boy named Will CHAMBERS near Weston on a charge of theft.
John COCKRELL is confined to his bed with fever.
Sam j. DAVIS left for Galveston where he sailed for Boston.
Martin E. GERRISH arrived home from an extended trip of several weeks to Canada and Boston, Buffalo, New York and St. Louis.
W. H. GRAVES, J. H. COSBY and Gordon RENFRO, Culleoka citizens passed through McKinney Friday. Will CLEMMONS and Joe DALe also of Culleoka, returned from there the day before.
Sheriff PAFFORD took John EDMONDS and Will DUCKWORTH to Dallas Thursday and turned them over to the custody of a state penitentiary agent. ...EDMUNDS was convicted of burglarizing H. T. JORDAN’s store at Allen and DUCKWORTH goes up for criminal assault.
J. S. COCKRELL and family are visiting his brothers, John and A. B. COCKRELL in this city. Mr. COCKRELL was a citizen of this county until six years ago...we were sorry to learn that he lost three children by slow fever last fall.

The infant son of Editor E. J. PARKER of the Allen Advocate, was interred in the family burying ground in this city [McKinney] Friday afternoon.

Lock MOORE is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Capt. C. M. WIYGLE, near this city.

The Fourth Celebrated.

The parade headed by the bank formed on College Hill and marched through town to the old City Park where the picnic was held. A big white float drawn by white horses with liveried coachmen followed the band containing six young lady maids of honor. These young ladies were: Misses Florence WARE, Florence TALKINGTON, Florence MELTON, Bessie HAMILTON, Goldie WARDEN, and Lura BASS.
Drs. W. T. HOARD and W. B. HUNN and Misses Betsy WILEY, Clara BOOKE and Kate PAGE were selected as judges who viewed the parade.
J. L. WHITE presided and led off on the speech making. Miss Maggie Mae SHAIN, sponsor of the band welcomed those present. Other speakers were Hon. W. S. TERREL, Editor Tom W. PERKINS. Capt. W. L. BOYD read the Declaration of Independence.
The field day exercises were witnessed by hundreds of people.. Among the winners: Eustace KING, Ernest WILSON, Charles BUSH, Mack CLINE, Charlie ABBOTT, Ernest WILSON, Spencer SMITH, Douglass MORLEY, Ed RHEA, Kent JONES, Will BURRAGE, Will TINNING, Lesley BRAY, George O’NEAL. Prize givers were: W. P. SUTTLE, Wm. PURNELL, The Daily Courier, Wm. PENNINGTON, Guy RAMBO, J. D. STIFF, J. P. CROUCH, D. GOODIN, O’NEAL & Co.

Probate Notice.
To all persons interested in the guardianship of the estate of Charley WOMBLE, a minor, James A. WOMBLE, guardian, has filed in the County court....his final report showing the condition of said estate.

Citation by Publication.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of Collin are hereby commanded summon C. H. be and appear before the ...Justice answer the petition of The Cook and Bernheimer Co. of West Virginia...for $188.10...

Citation by Publication.
Rto the Sheriff or any Constable of Collin are hereby summon Sid answer wherein Mary YEARGIN is plaintiff and Sid YEARGIN is defendant ...wherefore plaintiff prays ....she have judgment dissolving the bonds of matrimony...

Collin County Gleanings.

Cottage Hill:
Mrs. Ed. STELZER of Celina was the guest of Mrs. J. F. WESTER last Sunday.
Lee ROGERS and family have returned from their trip to the Indian Territory.
Claud FRANCES and Ed WESTER went to Walnut Grove Sunday.
Miss Mary DENTON of McKinney is visiting her cousin Miss Bettie AUSTIN.
John WARREN, A. T. ROPER, T. J. POWELL, Owen WEBSTER, Bob McCOY, Hamlet STIVERS, T. M. O’BRIEN, Chas. BLEDSOE, John and Lee O’BRIEN have gone to Ft. Sill, O. T.
M. L. HANKINS and brother Loss of Denton county are visitng their cousins, Messrs. Levi, Hodge, and Tot ADAMSON.
Quite a number of yung people were entertained at the home of Chas. SHAW last Saturday. Music was furnished by John DARNELL, Lewis STIVERS, Buck O’BRIEN, Silas PELL, Mr. GREEN, and Mr. ARMSTRONG.
.....on the afternoon Charlie SMITH led to the altar Miss Dota Mai AUSTIN. Rev. CROWDER pronounced the ceremony. Miss Dota is one of our prettiest and most accomplished young ladies and is loved by all who know her.

Little Creek:
N. M. MOTT of Melissa and Miss Lizzie Roberts of McKinney were guests of T. J. MOTT’s family last week.
Marion TOTLETT will start for Haskell city tomorrow where he will visit relatives.
Jim BATES has returned from Childress where he had been attending the normal.
Bro. BRUNDRIDGE preached an excellent sermon at this place Sunday evening.

New Hope:
Miss Gertie HART of Bethany spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Miss Julia MALLOW.
Willis RASOR of Bethany was in our midst Sunday.
Miss Malinda BOMAR spent Sunday at John COCKRELL’s at McKinney.
John BOMAR and wife have returned from a visit in Wise County.
Miss Artie BEARD has a music class in our community.
Miss Dora MALLOW spent a few days with friends at Bethany last week.
Mrs. Daisy SMITH is spending the week with her brother-in-law, Mr. SMITH, near Lucas.
Andy WRIGHT has the smallpox in a mild form.
Misses Lizzie HIGGENS and Rose WELCH of McKinney visited Miss Bessie MALLOW last week.
Claud BELL of Wallis Chapel was in our midst Friday.
Miss Bessie MALLOW visited Miss Mary HAMMONDS at McKinney Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. DERNY have a new baby boy.
Mr. CROCKETT’s little child was very sick but is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. DUVAL have a boy baby.
B. M. FOWLER has been quite sick but is better at this writing.
Misses Bain WEBB and Ora CHANDLER have gone to Oklahoma.
Lotie PEARCE and Lula WEBB are attending the normal at McKinney.
Mrs. Clyde BURGES is sick.
Mr. JAY’s little son is sick.
[written by D. NAYLOR]

Prof. BARNETT and wife of Lone Oak are visiting the latter’s mother, Mrs. STAMPS.
Fred WILSON and Miss Bessie SHROPSHIRE were married Sunday at Liberty. Bro. ROBERTS performing the ceremony.
Rev. G. B. AIRHART is holding a meeting here with good interest and good congregations.
Alex ROBERTSON returned Monday from a visit to relatives in Palestine.
Messrs. Jim SMITH, Alex CHILDRESS and others left Thursday morning to make a draw for land in the Territory.
Mrs. Florence CULWELL and her father left a few days ago for Mexico.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam PAFFORD of McKinney are visiting in the city.

Oren BOONE is quite sick with intermittent fever.
Misses Alta BRYAN, Lizzie and Alta CHAMBERS of Chambersville, visited Miss Leona ORENDUFF last week.
Mrs. Vade BURKETT has been quite sick for the past week.
Miss Verda BOONE of Haskell is visiting her uncle, Frank BOONE.

Farmersville Items:
A. H. ELLISTON and family leave tomorrow on their trip to California.
Jess MOUNGER formerly of this county spent a portion of the week in the city.
T. A. CURTIS and wife arrived in the city Saturday from Mt. Pleasant, called here by the serious illness of Mr. CURTIS’ father.
F. C. THOMPSON of the McKinney Democrat is away on a vacation.
The seven month’s old child of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. WILCOXSON died Sunday evening last and was buried the following evening in the Odd Fellow cemetery.
Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. Robert Housman DITZLER and Miss Eulali RIKE at the Methodist church.
Misses Sallie HARDIN, Hattie NEATHERY, Mary HUBBARD, Mattie and Bettie GRAy left on the evening train for Boulder, Colorado.
Crow WINSETT, charged with theft was carried to McKinney Tuesday by R. Van BROWN. WINSETT is charged with having a hand in the theft of the revolvers at M. D. PHILLIPs’ store recently.
Sunday last...the announcement was made that Mr. John HENDRIX and Miss Pearl CHAPMAN were married at the residence of Squire L. A. SEARS on Oct. 13, 1900.

Verona Violets:
Mrs. Charles MORROW is on the sick list this week.
Mrs. M. N. STROUP has been ill for the past two weeks but is improving.
Wright CALLOWAY and wife and Joe Green of the Indian Territory visited relatives here last week.
A. G. DUNN and family of McKinney were here recently.
Mrs. Leah EDELEN of the Indian Territory is visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary ANDERSON.
Misses Ida and Sarah KING spent a few days in McKinney last week.
Claude, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. E. DUNN died Friday after a long siege of illness and was buried Saturday.

Princeton Pick-Ups.
Miss Hattie WALLER has been visiting Miss Lucy MALLOW.
Alma WILSON is in McKinney today on business.

Last Wednesday the 3rd Jesse THOMAS son of Dan THOMAS was married to Miss Sarah KENDLE, daughter of Mark KENDLE.
Prof. DRY has given up his summer school at this place on account of bad health and Miss Ella BALL of McKinney has been employed to finish the term.
Bob RILEY has been sick the past week but is up again.
Mrs. C. C. STONE is very much improved.
Bill MONROE’s child is still very sick.
A. C. WILLIAMS attended quarterly conference at Princeton Saturday.
Prof. SAMUELS attended Sunday school here.
Mrs. Will ODELL spent the day at Mrs. Bill MONROE on Thursday.
C. C. STONE, wife and children spent Saturday night and Sunday with the latter’s father, James RILEY.

Prof. W. A. THOMAS is teaching a singing school at the C. P. Church....his class will be in good training for the Collin County Singing Convention...

Bethany Batch:
S. M. HART went to Grayson county to pay his father in law John WILEY a short visit.
B. O. CARPENTER is building a new porch on his house.
Misses Dora and Belle HART were shopping in Plano Tuesday.
Miss Dora MALLOW is visiting Misses Dora and Belle HART here.
T. C. RASOR’s barn burned last Friday night. Cause unknown.
Misses Ella RANEY and Dora HOWARD of this place are spending the week at Allen.
N. E. SMITH of Plano and Bro. of Mineral Wells were in this community today.

Mr. TILDEN and Oscar STRANGE of Ana are visiting their father Dr. STRANGE.
Cal STEWART and Tom ODELL have been visiting in Denison and Sherman.
Miss Simmie NOBLE of Celina will be the guest of Mrs. A. L. LANHAM this week.
The ice cream supper given at Mr. and Mrs. GRAGGS last Saturday was well attended.
Herbert BIGGERSTAFF and wife, Mrs, Ellen BUNCH and her three boys are visiting in the Nation.
Miss Dora GRAGG visited her sister, Miss Edna GRAGG last Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. LAIR of Anna were guests of Dr. STRANGE Friday.

The Baptist Fifth Sunday meeting met with the Willow Springs church. The attendance was not as large as was expected. Those present from other places were: Rev. G. W. McCALL of Plano, A. R. EPPS of Mt. Olive, ---- WALDEN of Allen, Revs. G. O. Key and T. A. PARVIN of Anna, W. H. CONILL of Culleoka, Revs. E. E. KING and J. S. CAMERON of McKinney, Mr. DEWITT and wife of Princeton, Rev. J. H. FOSTER of Wylie and others.
T. G. WHITE, our village blacksmith has bought a lot from J. H. COOK.
G. M. MARRIOTT is on the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. COOK are visiting John WINDER. John is one of our Lucas boys who is doing a thriving business in Trenton, Fannin County.

John MAXWELL is keeping an ice house.
Mrs. ANDERSON has been quite sick the last few days.
Harvey ATON and Ben SAYE took a flying trip to Corsicana yesterday.
Miss Mary Lena PHIPPS has gone to the Indian Territory to teach school.
Miss Maud DAMRON and Charlie McCALLUMS were married at the home of the bride last Friday.
Uncle Dick SAYE has just brought hom a beautiful bride from Whitewright.
The first wedding at the new Baptist church was that of Mr. Johnie WILLIAMS and Miss Jessie COFFEY who were married by Rev. KING. Attending couples were Miss May FAGG and Walter HALLUMS, Miss Pearl EDWARDS and Charlie FAGG.

McDonald School House:
Friends of Miss Eddie TALENTS visited her last week.
Will PARKER of Plano visited his parents last week.
Mrs. CONDAR is very sick.
Miss Lizzie MURPHY is on the sick list.
Jim STRICKLAND returned home Saturday from the Philippines, having been away two years.
Wylie STOCKWELL got his leg broken two weeks ago but is getting along nicely at this writing.

Sallie May, little daughter of Miles WILLIAMS is quite sick with fever.
Lizzie BANDY has the slow fever.
Mrs. Fannie HATLER of McKinney is visiting her daughter Mrs. Wade WILSON this week.
Prof. HALL and family of Climax visited W. L. CAMPBELl and wife Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Cal WILLIAMS visited Will O’GUINN and wife near Princeton Sunday.
D. W. BAGWILL and family visited relatives near Delba, Fannin County.
Walter B. WILSON and lady of McKinney, visited relatives here Sunday.
Asbury BRYANT and mother visited Mr. and Mrs. B. B. BRYANT near Ethel, Grayson county last week.
Mrs. AULT and daughter, Mrs. RUSSELL of McKinney, visited Mrs. Matt NEEDHAM a few days last week.
Dr. HUNTER of Melissa was in our community Saturday.
Our summer school is progressing nicely under the management of Prof. Walter WALLIS.
Probate Notice.
To all persons interested in the guardianship of the estate of Elmer, Charley, Audrey, Lester, and J. C. WOMBLE, minors, James A. WOMBLE, guardian has filed in the County court of collin county his final report.....

Home from the Philippines
since our last issue a large number of Collin county boys have returned home from the Philippines where they have been soldiering for the past two years. Among them were: Lester WALLACE, Homer HARRIs, Arthur MORGETT, Jack and Jim CROCKETT, Charlie LOVE, John BREWER, and James A. STRICKLAND. Walter LEWIS of Rhea Mill did not return but accepted a good position over there from Uncle Sam. John BREWER brought back a large collection of interesting curios.

Real Estate Transfers.

J. W. JOHNSON to Mrs. Fannie JOHNSON, Wm. Davis sur, $1500.
J. A. BEGG to Sam LAZARUS, Collin county school land, $315.
W. A. BECK to Sam LAZARUS, Collin county school land, $36.10.
T. L. GARRISON to Ewing BOWD, Westminster $100.
T. C. MARTIN to W. L. FAGG, Westminster, $30.
Ewing BOYD to T. L. GARRISON, Westminster, $100.
T. S. LETSON and wife to City of Farmersville, $1.00.
W. T. JORDAN to city of Farmersville, $1.
Sallie LETSON to City of Farmersville, $1.00.
E. M. BROWN to City of Farmersville, $501.
W. B. YEARY to City of Farmersville, $1.00.
Hugh McCLELLAN, executor estate of R. C. WHITE, dec’d to Geo. W. CHADDICK, Thos JOUETT and Jno. BURK sur. $1500.
J. H. COOK to T. G. WHITE, Jas ANDERSON sur. $75.
S. A. WALTERS and wife to A. D. SNYDER, D. VANWINKLE sur, $250.
R. B. GORDON and wife to J. D. REYNOLDS, Wm. BOREN sur, $1150.
J. M. BEASLEY and wife to J. H. RICHARDS, Wm. BOREN sur, $3300.
Susan B. SALLIE to McCarty MOORE, Wm. DAVIS sur, $1350.
W. B. BOYD to W. L. LOVELADY, Farmersville $500.
M. ADAMSON and others to J. GROSS, H. CULWELL sur, $2528.50.
J. M. WHITFIELD to G. L. BAKER, W. R. GARNET and R. PHALEN surs, $1300.
D. C. PARDUE and wife to J. L. MOULDEN, $30.
J. A. POLAND to Mrs. S. E. BEAM A. ALEXANDER sur, $90.

News has been received...of the death of Wm. GREVER at his home in Wise County. The deceased formerly resided in this county in the Vineland community.

H. J. SLAUGHTER of Van Alstyne and Miss Bettie WALLACE were happily married at the home of the bride’s father, John P. A. WALLACE July 9. The bride is one of McKinney’s most estimable young ladies.

The preliminary hearing of Lum HALL, aged 25, charged with killing his mother, June 22 was commenced in Justice W. S. TERRELL’s court yesterday.

Dr. A. J. JETER of Plano and Miss Anna SPRADLEY were married last night at the home of the bride’s father, J. R. SPRADLEY in Allen. Rev. Z. V. LILES officiated. The bride is a sister of Mrs. T. A. COLEMAN of this city. Dr. and Mrs. JETER will reside in Plano.

Alfred W. WHEELER and Miss Leslie PREDDY were married at the home of the brid’s sister, Mrs. F. J. BRAY in this city. Rev. E. E. KING officiated. ....[they] will live in Sherman.

Permits to Pair.

H. J. SLAUGHTER and Miss Bettie WALLACE.
M. A. GLASS and Miss Omega LOVE.
Robt. H. DITZLER and Miss Eula Ethel RIKE.
F. R. WILSON and Miss Bessie SHROPSHIRE.
B. W. WILLIAMS and Miss Ida DIXON.
D. M. ANDERSON and Miss Annie KING.
Will JONES and Mrs. Jennie SUTHERLAND.
C. A. SMITH and Miss Julia Ann POE.
J. R. WILLIAMS and Miss Jessie COFFEY.
G. E. McDONALD and Miss Gertie HAWKINS.
C. R. McCOLLUM and Miss Maud DAMERON.
E. A. SIMMONS and Miss Ida B. DEAN.
Alfred W. WHEELER and Miss Leslie M. PREDDY.
Marion F. COTNER and Miss Huldah PAGE.

The Democrat, July 18, 1901, Vol. 18, No. 24.

Thompson & Wilson, Prop’s.

Miss Betsy WYLIE has returned from Corsicana.

R. L. PARKER has returned from the territory, where he registered for a drawing in the land soon to be opened for settlement.

Sol DeBOW of Ardath, was in town Saturday. He had just retuned from Abilien where he went prospecting.

T. C. YOUNG, superintendent of the Bois d’Arc pin factory at Culleoka, was a business visitor to McKinney, Monday.

John RAZOR, of Allen was in town Tuesday. He says he has 600 acres of corn.

Jim FIELDS, wife and daughters, Mesdames, J. G. ANTHONY, and Robt. LOVE left Monday for Colorado. The latter’s little son, Earl, accompanied them.

Miss Linnet MOORE, of Chambersville, has returned from an extensive visit qt Austin, Tex, and Gallatin, Tenn. Her cousin Miss Birdy McGEE came with her to make Texas her future home.

Collin County Gleanings.

Princeton Pick-ups:
Birtie WARD has typhoid fever.
The infant of Sam MORGAN is very sick at this writing, also the baby of W. L. O’GWIN.
Miss Lizzie BURTON of New Life is visiting her aunt, Mrs. G. D. LOWE.
Mr. ROBBINS and wife of Bethany visited relatives here Saturday.
Miss Oltie CHAPMAN of Farmersville visited her sister, Mrs. R. L. DAVIS, last week.
Master Doyle WILSON is sick.
Miss Hattie and Annie WILSON are visiting relatives in Palo Pinto, Texas.

Rhea’s Mill:
Bob CASKEY, wife and children of McKinney passed through our town last week enroute to Tioga Wells to spend a few days.
Rev. BONE preached a good and interesting sermon at the Grove, yesterday.
Prof. BELL will close his singing school at the Grove Wednesday with a concert.

Jeff and Jim CARSON’s youngest children met with a very painful accident recently. The former by pulling a cup of hot coffee on it; the latter was badly bitten on the neck by a dog while playing with it.
Homer CATE scalded his left hand badly last Friday.
Mrs. POPHIN and Miss Virgil SMITH of Nevada were visiting relatives for the last few days.
Miss Maggie CANNON of Nevada will visit friends here for awhile.
Miss Sallie STROUP and sisters, Hettie and Nettie, attended the meeting last week.
Rev. William DUNN has moved back to his farm.
Rev. Euclyd DUNN and family from the Nation are visiting his parents, W. H. DUNN and family.
G. O. CATE and daughter, Miss Bethie attended the baptising at Melissa this afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. STEWART are visiting at Claude.
Lon TALKINGTON, Joel BELCHER, and Charlie WATKINS have gone to the Territory on a pleasure trip.
Nat TALKINGTON is on a prospecting tour to Abilene.
Dow FRANKLIN, Fletcher BARNES, and Willie FLIPPEN leave Wednesday for a pleasure trip to the Territory.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd WEEKS entertained the young folks with a nice social Saturday night.
J. J. SMITH is digging a cistern for Sam HARRIS.
Miss Addie KERR has commenced her music class.
J. G. KERR and the cow got mixed...the cow was celebrating independence day. Jimmie is carrying his arm in a sling and suffers from a fractured collar bone.

School is progressing very nicely under the management of Miss Ella BALL.
Ray KIRKPATRICK of McKinney spent the night in our community recently.
Mrs. W. J. SPENCER and daughter Anna and Miss Glennie JONES of McKinney visited at Mrs. Lizzie WILLIAMS last week.
A. C. WILLIAMS and wife spent Sunday, at Rhea Mills with the former’s father and mother Mr. and Mrs. G. M. D. WILLIAMS.
Sam and Luther WILLIAMS of Rhea Mills spent Sunday in our communtiy.
Mrs. John WILLIS is on the sick list.

Allen Anthems:
R. B. WHISENANT shipped two cars of hogs to Houston Tuesday. Milton went with them.
Ovia OLIVER left for Irvington, Ky., for a visit to his folks at home. Mrs. Ed CHRISTIAN accompanied him for a visit to her parents at Horned, Ky.
John WITT and his two sons, John HOGAN and Arthur, accompanied by Dow MARSHALL and Tom ARMSTRONG, are on an inspection tour of the land of promise in Oklahoma.
Mrs. Joe ROBINSON, residing on the WILEY farm, near L. W. PERDUE, was badly hurt yesterday afternoon by falling from a wagon. She was standing up in the vehicle when the mules suddenly jumped forward.
Work on the new gin is progressing...HIGGINS & PADGITT, of McKinney, have the contract and are assisted by Jim CARSON, Elias HIGGINS, Jim ECHOLS, and Henry WILSON.

Branch Bits:
Henry BRANTLY and son, Clack, of McKinney are painting J. J. HALL’s new house.
M. M. SANDERS has purchased a new buggy.
Mrs. L. C. TOHEY and children of the Territory are visiting her mother, Mrs. Emma OSBORN.
The big man, Eli STURGES, and daughter, Miss Maud, of Plano, are with us now.

Gilbert CRUTCHER, Ed DUNCAN, Clay DUNCAN and Boss WASHBURN all went near Lewisville grape hunting. They had good luck in getting plenty of grapes.
Ed McKinney and family and Willie CRUTCHER and wife of Johnson County are all visiting the family of T. R. CRUTCHER this week.
Andrew LEWIS has purchased Will LEWIS’ farm.
Mrs. John WRIGHT has been very sick.
Several from Chambersville and other places attended the preaching of Aunt Betsy BRYANT’s funeral at Bowlby by Rev. GOTCHER, of Farmersville, Sunday.

Rhea’s Mill:
Capt. RHEA has been confined to his bed, but is about again much improved.
J. C. RHEA and son of McKinney were in our town today.
George JOHNSON and Duncan HOLDER of New Hope and Bob HOLDER of McKinned passed through our town on their way to Tioga Wells.
Mrs. Duncan HOLDER and little daughter of New Hope is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. M. D. WILLIAMS.
A horse fell on G. M. D. WILLIAMS and little son, Roy, last week. Both were severely but not seriously bruised.
Mesdames LEWIS, MOHON and GILMER of Walnut Grove called on Mrs. G. M. D. WILLIAMS one day last week.

Rev. DAY of Princeton preached to a large congregation Sunday evening.
The ice cream supper at Mr. DAVIS’ Monday night was well attended.

Wallis Chapel:
Walter B. WILSON, one of the Democrat editors, attended Sunday school here.
Miss Estelle WILSON of McKinney visited her cousins, Misses Effie and Moitie WALLIS, last week.
Mrs. Alice WILSON and son, Ernest, of McKinney, were in our community Sunday.
D. W. BAGWILL of Ardath attended Sunday school here Sunday evening.
Mrs. Susie WALLIS and daughter, Miss Ora, visited Mrs. HENDERSON and daughters, Misses Newell and Zula, Friday at Ardath.
Mrs. Ethel OWNBEY has returned home from a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. BELEW, in the Territory.
Miss Fanny BOMAR of New Hope is visiting Miss Ora WALLIS this week.
Mr. MITCHELL and daughter, Miss Emma, visited relatives at Blue Ridge Thursday.
Miss Sallie BLEVINS has returned to Mr. WRIGHT’s from her sister’s in Arkansas.
E. L. WALLIS is among the sick this week.
Mrs. ROSS of Milligan was buried in the Stiff Chapel cemetery last Thursday.

McDonald School House:
Mr. RAINS is critically ill. Also Mrs. CONDOR remains seriously sick.
Tom MILSTEAD and wife..visited the latter’s father, John TALLANT here Saturday night.
Messers BLAKE and BEAVER left Saturday on a prospecting trip to Oklahoma.
Dick SCALF and family visited Dave FISHER’s, North of McKinney, Saturday.
Misses Asy and Mollie BARRETT are attending a big meeting at Melissa.
Geo. THOMAS and family of Wetsel visited in this community last week.
Austin INERY and Webb HOLMAN have gone to Denton on a business trip.

New Hope:
Misses Artie BEARD and Julia MALLOW took dinner with Mrs. S. P. COFFEY Saturday at McKinney.
Dr. MALLOW and wife of Lebanon were guests of A. C. MALLOW and family Saturday night.
Messrs. Henry BATES, Frank CABE and Misses Bessie MALLOW and Lula BATES attended church at Melissa, Saturday night.
Turner WEST of Westminster was in our midst Monday.
Mrs. A. C. MALLOW is on the sick list.

W. J. WELLS and daughter Nannie of Verona were guests of J. H. JOHNSON Saturday night.
Mrs. W. A. DAVIS was in Chambliss Saturday.

School District 100:
Dick KIRKLAND stuck a nail in his foot, making a very painful wound.
Miss Minnie JOHNSON has been sick but we are glad to say is better at this time.
On Saturday, July 13, Uncle Alf CHANDLER, one of our most esteemed citizens, celebrated his 80th birthday with a big dinner to his family and a very few intimate friends....

Permits to Pair:
J. A. HARDIN and Miss Katie KLAPPER.
C. W. WARDLOW and Miss Katie Bell BURGHOUSER.
Dr. A. J. JETER and Miss Annie SPRADLEY.
James JACKSON and Miss Cordie WIGGINS.
Frank MOTE and Miss Jennie HUDSON.

At the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. Henry J. SLAUGHTER of Van Alstyne and Miss Bettie WALLACE of McKinney. Rev. J. B. GOBER officiating. The bride is the daughter of Capt. And Mrs. John P. A. WALLACE one of the oldest and best families of Collin County. Among those present from Van Alstyne were Miss Inez SLAUGHTER, Mr. and Mrs. Tom MASSIE, Zach SLAUGHTER and Dr. Joe SLAUGHTER.

List of Letters.
Remaining in the postoffice at McKinney, July 11, 1901.
Ladies: ATKINS, Mrs. Mary; BERRY, Miss Maggie; BANKS, Miss Doll; BLAND, Mrs. Mary; BLANC, Mrs. Mamie; BUTLER, Miss Roxie; HOLMAN, Mrs. Sarah Eliza; IVINS, Miss Lular; McDONALD, Miss Lula; PYEATT, Miss Beulah; SINCLAIR, Miss Sallie. Gentlemen: FAULKNER, Wells; HARDEN, Henry; HUGHES, R. G.; JONES, T. C.; KIRBY, Pake; OUSLEY, Johnie; SMITH, T. R.; SCOTT, Tom; WHYTE, Walter; WOLFE, J. E.
H. E. SMITH, Postmaster.

Local News.

Miss Mona TUCKER is visiting at Wolfe City.
Miss Helen ROGERS is visiting in Greenville.
J. A. McKEY came in Friday night from Manitou.
Mrs. J. W. PAFFORD went to Lebanon Friday to visit her sick daughter, Mrs. SANDERS.
Mrs. T. J. MELTON has returned fro a visit at Amarilla.
Will THOMAS has gone to Wichita Falls to accept a position.
Mrs. W. B. NEWSOME and son, Tom, left Thursday for Colorado.
Mrs. J. T. LEWIS and children have returned from Richardson.
Mrs. Robt. E. CHAMBERS and Miss Florence WARE are visiting at Oklahoma City.
Mrs. G. H. LUCAS is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. B. HAMMOCK at Hempstead.
Eber MERRITT has returned from Beaumont where he has been engaged in stenographer work.
A. E. BUCK of this city was one of the horse show judges at the Greenville carnival.
Revs. F. A. ROSSER and Jno. H. McLEAN attended the State Epworth League Conference at Dallas.
Bob WEST and Misses Anna DOWELL and Maude FOY represented McKinney at the State B. Y. P. U. convention at Bonham.
J. A. CRUTCHER of Bowlby informs us that he is cutting a large portion of his corn for fodder.
Misses Ollie PLEMMONS, Daisy GERRISH and Midge MELTON assisted in instituting an Eastern Star Chapter at Plano Thursday. W. R. ABERNATHY also went down.
. Constable BISHOP arrested John STERLING eight miles southeast of town on a charge of affray to which he plead guilty.
Mrs. J. B. POND has returned from a visit to her daughter in Dallas.
The horse of H. R. HAMMOND, ran away Monday evening and demolished his buggy.
Jim NENNEY and Joe ANDERSON went to Dallas for the purpose of tendering their services to Uncle Sam in the capacity of soldiers.
F. F. CHRISTIE of Allen has accepted a position with J. P. CROUCH in McKinney.
Good BINGHAM and Guy MORGETT are among the McKinney boys who have recently joined the United States Army.
Al BOMAR and wife have moved from their farm near Nevada to this city. We regret that Mr. BOMAR is in continued ill health.
Steve CATHUM is foreman of a crew of carpenters who are building an eight room residence for Mr. ROBBINS two miles east of Allen.
Ex-county clerk M. W. KEEN was here from Prosper Monday.
Mrs. J. R. GOUGH and daughter Annie and Misses Sallie ANDREWS, and Mary WILSON arrived home Friday ...from Boston.
Eli HORN of Vineland, says he helped A. C. WEEKS cut some millet last week which he thinks made fully two tons to the acre.

Joe PRICE, aged 18 years, son of John PRICE died at the family home. [For more information, see Obituaries

Dr. SPENCER’s barn at Weston was ...struck by lightning...

Probate Notice.
To all persons interested in the guardianship of the estate of Elmer, Charley, Audrey, Lester, and J. C. WOMBLE, minors, James A. WOMBLE, guardian has filed in the County court of Collin county his final report...issued the 8th day of July, 1901....

Real Estate Transfers.

J. W. BROWNING and wife to T. E. SHIRLEY, 19 acres, Babb Sur. $352.
M. C. PORTMAN and wife to A. E. QUISENBERRY, Jas. S. BECK sur., Plant. $5.00.
Gulf Colorado & Sante Fe. Ry Co. to J. E. SWINDLE, lots 3 and 4, Wylie, $65.
F. M. GILBOUGH to R. HOUSEWRIGHT, lot 2, blk. 9, $100.
B. S. ESTES to Ben T. ESTES lots 4 and 6, blk, 1, McKinney, $1893.
S. H. WILSON and wife to Mary A. AUSTIN, 240 a. ROBINSON & WILSON surs, love and affection.
Jasper N. SACHSE to Frank M. SACHSE, 13 a., Wm. SACHSE sur, $10 and transfer of title.
A. J. LANEY et al to G. H. RODGERS 1 a., Jno BURT, sur $61.90
J. E. JONES to North Texas Construction Co., 2 acres, S. M. RAINER sur, $4500.
H. MONTGOMERY and wife to W. A. HOUSER et al, 50 a. B. BLAND sur., $1800.
W. A. HOUSER et al to B. D. Rogers, 50 a, B. BLAND, sur, $1750.
S. H. GRAHAM and wife, to J. T. COUCH, lots 12 and 13 blk 5, GERRISH addition to McKinney, $200.
W. M. SHIRLEY and wife to J. T. COUCH, lots 4 and 5, blk 4., GERRISH addition to McKinney, $200.

The Democrat, July 25, 1901, Vol. 18, No. 25.

Local News.
Miss Willa GRIFFIN fell from her bicycle Friday night on College Hill and fractured her skull.
Mrs. W. S. MATHEWS and children have returned from a visit to Ft. Worth. They were accompanied by Mrs. Mathews’ father, E. F. EDWARDS.
The Frisco road has just made a settlement with Mrs. Mary SHIPLEY and R. C. SHIPLEY and others having an interest in the estate for the right-of-way through their farm.
Know GREER was brought here from Anna Saturday and lodged in jail charged with assault to murder W. T. POGUE and son.
Mrs. and Mrs. A. G. CHANDLER visited Prof. J. B. DODSON and family in Oak Cliff this week.
George CARRINGTON, Will KENNDELL and Jim NENNEY have returned from Dallas, having failed to pass the examination for entrance into the army.
Rev. J. M. COCKE left yesterday for Waxahachie to attend the cumberland Presbyterian Chautauqua which continues to August 5.
Mrs. BACKER, dressmaker for the J. D. STIFF Dry Goods co., has gone to New York to assist Mr. STIFF in busing a dress goods stock.
Dr. H. L. PEARSON is on a trip in South Texas.
Dr. M. S. METZ is at Austin on business.
Constable Joe BELDEN brought down a prisoner from Melissa Tuesday.
Mrs. J. L. EASTHAM and children have returned from a trip to Dallas.
John BARBER was sent to the county road yesterday to work out a fine.
Wm. ALLEN is recreating at Tioga.
Mrs. FLOYD is visiting in Tarrant county.
Mrs. M. G. ABERNATHY is visiting at Fort Worth.
Mrs. W. B. WALDEN is visiting her father at Wylie.
Prof. S. S. STROUP of Verona was in the city Thursday.
Mrs. Robt. MOULDEN went to Murphy Friday to visit relatives.
A little, new son is stopping with Mr. and Mrs. John S. BRISTOL.
Miss Pauline WILSON has returned from a visit at Bedford, Tex.
Tuck HILL has sold a fine Durham bull to B. M. HART of Lone Oak.
Misses Birdie BUCK and Allie COLEMAN have been visiting Plano.
Mrs. T. M. HINSLEY has returned from a visit to Vineland.
Thanks to J. F. CAVE of Trinity for renewal cash on the Democrat.
Miss E. V. PEYTON and little nephew, Peyton Adams have returned from Tioga.
Dr. and Mrs. G. A. FOOTE, accompanied by the latter’s mother, Mrs. LEE, left Thursday for Colorado.
Editor Tom W. PERKINS and family have returned from a health-seeking sojourn at Tioga Wells.
Frank DUNN, notary public at Altoga, called on The Democrat Thursday.
Robt. GOOSTREE attended the W. O. W. Picnic at Garland Thursday.
Mrs. Wm. PURNELL and children, accompanied by Miss Alice TOLBERT, are visiting relatives in Mississippi.
Will MAXWELL, barber at Weston was in the city Thursday.
Mesdames T. F. MANGUM and W. H. SIMS with their little daughters went yup to Sherman Thursday.
Upon the arrival of W. A. SMITH from the Territory, it was decided to bury his brother, V. C. SMITH, who the Rowlett Cemetery.
Ed. E. McMURRAY of Verona was a business visitor at the county site Thursday.
Dr. COMBES of Rock Hill left Thursday evening for the East.
Misses Lula ALLISON and May JOHNSON left Monday for a visit at Weatherford.
Little Miss Mabel TALKINGTON of Vineland is visiting with McKinney relatives this week.
Mrs. J. A. EVANS and children have gone to Odessa, Tex., to join Mr. EVANS and make that their future home.
Capt. W. L. BOYD has been among the sick for a few days.
Contractor John M. MARTIN and wife have gone on a visit to their old Tennessee home.
Mrs. Laura BYRD and Mrs. Walter MICHAEL of Cottage Hill were shopping in the city Tuesday.
Fred OWENBY and wife of Altoga were the guests of the latter’s sister, Mrs. G. H. CHANCE and husband in this city Saturday.
T. B. WILSON, E. W. KIRKPATRICK, and Col. Aaron COFFEE left Monday for College station to attend the farmer’s congress.
J. H. CABLE carried the mail Monday on the Rock Hill-Lebanon route.
J. H. SNEED and family left Tuesday for a trip to Waxahachie to attend the Chautauqua assembly. Miss Mary BATSON accompanied them.
Will QUISENBERRY, Lebanon merchant and stockman, transacted business in McKinney Tuesday. His little nephew, Ray RECTOR, accompanied him.
J. C. THOMAS, a carpenter of Shreveport, La., visited his daughter, Mrs. Burt LEHMAN, this week....
The McKinney cotton compress is being extensively improved...Dudley PERKINS is the manager.
Will CAMPBELL, charged with the theft of a bicycle at the Fourth of July picnic at McKinney, plead guilty before Judge FAULKNER, Friday, who fined him $10 and one day in jail.
A. W. McDONALD and son, Marion, were here from Wylie Monday.
Hon. A. B. WOODARD of Fayetteville, Tenn., is visiting his uncle... W. M. BAGLEY of this city.
W. H. WEBB, who lives five miles north of McKinney, exhibited some of the finest corn we have see this year, Saturday, on our streets.
L. FOLLSOME and family are visiting at Paris.
Mrs. Dr. E. L. BURTON and little son have returned from Bonham.
Mrs. C. R. McKAMY of Frankfort is visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. W. GREER.
Rev. G. H. STEEN returned from Brookston where he helped in a big meeting.
T. B. BEARDEN and family drove up to Van Alstyne in their buggy Saturday to visit his uncle, Dr. WEST.
Miss Addie RECTOR returned to Rector Saturday after a McKinney relatives.
Fred EMERSON, W. H. BERTRAND, Will BENGE and Will OATES attended the big Plano shoot Friday.
Cline STIFF of Vineland sold a standard bred colt, 3 years old, Saturday to Hoke CARLTON of Bonham for $350.
Miss WALDENE, daughter of Rev. G. A. RUSSELL, formerly of this city but now of Gainesville, is the guest of Mrs. J. W. PURCELL.
The Misses BERRY, living just north of town, have returned from a visit to their sister, Mrs. J. L. HILL at Weatherford.
J. H. WILLIAMSON greeted old friends on our streets Saturday. He had just returned from another trip to the Territory...
While in town Saturday, J. E. BATEMAN, of near Celina, informed us that a little flood fell at his place the evening before.
Uncle Tandy QUISENBERRY of Foncine was in town Saturday. He and son Kid, and George CHANDLER had just returned from a fishing trip on Clear creek.

Lieutenant Colonel W. S. SCOTT has arrived on a visit to his father, Capt. T. M. SCOTT of Melissa. [He] saw much active service in the Philippines.

Mrs. Belle KELLY left Tuesday for the Northern and Eastern markets to be gone until Sept. 1st selecting an extensive stock of dress goods and trimmings for the big White Dry Goods firm of this city.

Albert MIZE and John LEASE, two well known Roseland citizens, had a serious difficulty Thursday in which the former was clubbed and the latter badly cut with a knife. LEASE lived on MIZE’s farm and the difficulty came up....over business transactions.

Miss Lillian BUSH, daughter of Leslie BUSH of Allen, was married last week to Eld. SHULTZ a young minister of the Christian church at Galveston. There were parental objections to the match and the wedding took place at Dallas to the surprise of their many friends and relatives.

Citation by Publication.
To the Sheriff of any Constable of Collin are hereby commanded to summon Sid appear at the District answer a petition ...wherein Mary YEARGIN is plaintiff and Sid YEARGIN is defendant. Plaintiff prays that the defendant be cited and the plaintiff ....have judgment dissolving the bonds of matrimony....26th June, 1901.

Citation by Publication.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of Collin are hereby summon C. H. MILLER appear before the Justice answer the petition of The Cook and Bernheimer Co., for the account of $188.10.... 28th June, 1901.

Real Estate Transfers.
[Much of this list is blurred on the microfilm and some names unreadable.]
[unreadable transaction]
D. E. BOMAR and wife to J. M. JONES, W. J. S. RUSSELL, $130.
Tobe McDONALD and wife to H. D. GILBERT....[unreadable]
[2 transfers unreadable]
J. R. GOUGH.. to E. G. ROBERTS...Wm PRICE....[unreadable]
J. R. GOUGH to [rest is unreadable]
J. P. PRICE and wife to E. E. HOLT...M. MOWERY, sur. $40.
L. B. MILLER to Joe W. MILLER....between Plano and Wylie $150.
Mart BARNET and wife et al to Jno. TAND et al... Geo. W. BARNET and Jno. M. SALMONS surs., $6430.
F. M. HILL and wife to D. W. HILL... $255.
J. W. SELLERS and others to Levi DORN, 25 acres, M. MOWERY sur., $313.
J. M. HAGGARD to J. H. TAVENER [TAYENER?] 2 tracts of land. Z. BURRIS sur., $750.
A. R. ELAM and wife to T. E. BALL 56 acres, D. SPENCER sur, #1500.
T. E. BALL and wife to L. L. McCRAW, 56 acres, D. SPENCER sur, $1702.50.
R. A. MURDOCK et al to L. L. McCRAW, 46 a, D. SPENCER sur, $861.
R. H. CARDWELL and wife to R. A. MURDOCK 46 a, D. SPENCER sur, $830.50.
G. W. BLAKENY et al To R. H. [rest is unreadable].
Melissa ROBERTS to W. M. ROBERTS 129 a, ...$4000.
Bethany W. B. MATHEWS, lot, 16, Bethany cemetery, $15.
J. B. ROBERTS and wife to H. T. FARRELL, Collin county school land $325.
M. A. GAY and wife to W. H. H. CALDWELL 2 47-100a, W. BARKER, sur, $650.
J. W. BOREN to John HUNTER, 47 a, Wm. BOREN sur, $1275.
R. J. HARPER and wife to J. E. LEE, Wylie, $150.
G. H. WAKEFIELD and wife to J. H. JONES one heir’s part of 78 a, Wm. KITCHEN and W. E. THROCKMORTON sur, $149.50.
Andy WAKEFIELD to J. H. HONES, one heir’s part 78 a, $75.
E. T. WAKEFIELD and wife to L. A. SCOTT, one heir’s part of 78 a, $75.
Mrs. R. J. LOWE to L. A. SCOTT, one heir’s part of 78 a, $100.
C. P. WAKEFIELD to L. A. SCOTT, one heir’s part of 78 a, $100.
W. P. WAKEFIELD to L. A. SCOTT, one heir’s part of 78 a, $100.
N. W. WAKEFIELD and wife to L. A. SCOTT, one heir’s part of 78 a, $202.50.
J. H. COFFMAN and wife to OSBURN & MORGAN, lots 4 and 6, Melissa, $1250.
S. K. PAFFORD to Eula Lee PAFFORD 1/7th interest in 230 a, CULWELL & HART, sur, [unreadable]...
R. J. PAFFORD to S. K. PAFFORD, 1/7th interest in 230...$300.
W. G. BLANKENSHIP was notified by telegram yesterday of the serious illness of his aged father at Walnut Ridge, Ark., and left at once for that place.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee TALKINGTON and daughters, Misses Florence and Mary, left yesterday for a few days visit at Lebanon and Rector. Miss Carrie TALKINGTON of Vineland accompanied them.

Mrs. Mollie Hill, a widow lady, suicided in M’Kinney last night. [for full story, see Obituaries page at this site].

Hymenial. Al G. CHANDLER, one of the most widely known business men of McKinney and Miss Willette LOVE were married on Wednesday night of last week at the home of the bride’s parents, Capt. And Mrs. W. H. LOVE. Eld. R. R. HAMLIN officiated and many invited guests were present.

Collin County Gleanings

Van Alystyne:
Miss Jennie CARTER of Millwood is the guest of Miss Sallie CARTER.
Rev. T. B. McCOMB and F. E. ROBERTS are having their residences repainted.
Messrs D. S. THOMPSON and Lyman HUMPHRESS are now owners of the telephone system in the city.
Mike Collum, colored, died suddently at his home in this city Monday evening. He was 78 years of age and was one of the original slaves of Uncle Billy McKinney.
...the death of Mrs. Carrie McKinney, wife of S. L. McKinney [for complete story, see Obituary page at this site.]

J. B. HONAKER has returned from the Territory where he purchased two hundred tons of fine [unreadable]....
Mrs. Page and daughter Miss Emma, of Cripple Creek, Col. Are here on a visit with the family of S. H. SHIPMAN.
The cases against Jay HORN, et al, charged with rioting on a train which were set for hearing at Greenville were postponed until September. The cases against the same parties for assault on r. C. DIAL will be called at the September term of court at McKinney.
Sunday morning at nine o’clock at the home of the bride in this city, Miss Katie B. BERGHAUSER and Mr. Chas. W. WARDLOW were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Rev. T. H. [unreadable] performing the ceremony. After the ceremony, ....Mr. And Mrs. WARDLOW went to the home of the parents of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. WARDLOW where they were tendered a reception. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. BERGHAUSER and is a charming young lady.

Miss Lizzie GALLAGHER of Grapevine, Texas is spending a few days with her uncle, C. GALLAGHER.
E. S. MARRIOTT and family, Dallas PHARR and two sisters, Misses Cora and Linnie G. MARRIOTT and family and Dick, Sr. are seeking better health at Mineral Wells.
L. C. BURCH of near Wylie attended church in Lucas last night.
Tom BURCH and family of Wylie visited at J. W. COOK’s yesterday.
Messrs Frank KERBY of McKinney and Charlie Smith, Misses Minnie HOUSTON and Eva FRANCIS of Blythe Chapel were callers at J. M. GALLAGHER’s yesterday evening.
Work has begun on the new phone line from Lucas to Dump (St. Paul). John EAKINS has the contract to dig the post holes.

Miss Laura Dicken is very sick.
Uncle Mart BRADEN visited relatives at Murphy this week.
Uncle Johnny SNAVELY has returned from Virginia where he has been visiting relatives.
Marion GRISSOM has been very sick but is improving now.
Henry DICKEN and wife visited relatives at Van Alstyne Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Alice BERRY, after teaching a successful music school, has returned to her home near Van Alstyne.
Miss Clida FLEMMINGS died Saturday July 13 of fever and was buried at Wylie cemetery the following Sunday.

School District No. 100:
Mrs. Morgan MOORE of Faldasta is visiting her sister, Mrs. JOHNSON.
Miss Minnie JOHNSON [ rest is unreadable ].
Sam BABB and wife have gone to Greenville, Tenn., where they will make their future home.
Dr. Todd LARGENT of McKinney was out this way on business one day this last week.
Dick KIRKLAND who stuck a nail in his foot is able to be around again.
Miss Flora FAULKNER of Ardath is visiting Miss Maud SIMMONS.
Miss Mary COLEMAN of McKinney is visiting her grandfather, Uncle Alf CHANDLER.
Eld. J. S. CAMERON of McKinney has just closed a successful meeting at Bowlby.

Our merchant C. W. STEPHENS and T. J. WOOD left last Friday night for the new country in Oklahoma.
Revs. J. M. COCKE of McKinney and G. M. HALL of Copeville are holding a meeting at the C. P. church this week....
Prof. W. A. THOMAS’ singing school closed Thursday night.

Grove Growings:
[This section of the paper is torn and folded. Names included that can be read are as follows:] W. M. KERR and wife of Vineland....... Bro. HORN and HOLMES....... J. E. HUNTER of Melissa.... W. G. KERR celebrated his 62nd birthday.... Mr. Lawson KERR and family of Vineland attended the SNEED-BOWMAN wedding Sunday.

Verona Violets:
W. J. CALLOWAY and wife are visiting relatives in the Territory.
Luther HUGGINS of Water Ridge attended church here Sunday.
Miss Maggie CANNON of Nevada visited Miss Sallie STROUP last week.
F. H. ANDERSON has returned from the west...
Willard HUDDLESTON and Miss Alice MORELAND were in Verona and not long since.
Edgar McGEE visited our town several times last week.
Drs. DOBBS and MANTOOTH of Altoga passed through Verona Saturday.
Miss Effie ST. CLAIR who has been taking music in McKinney is visiting her father and mother this week.
Miss Lizzie GRISHAM of Copeville visited home folks Saturday and Sunday.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. STROUP July 13.

Miss Ora STRAUGHAN is visiting friends in Greenville.
Miss Grace RICE of McKinney is visiting relatives here.
Thomas CAMPBELL son of W. L. CAMPBELL returned home from the Phillippine Island [sic] last Sunday.
Mrs. Ben WILSON is visiting her sister in Palo Pinto this week.
J. T. WILLIAMS and family and Will PARSON and family are visiting Miles RUTLEDGE near Emory, Raines County, this week.
Mr. DENNIS and family visited friends in Denton county this week.
Miss Zora THOMPSON returned home after a wee’s visit with her grand-parents in Hunt County.
Miss Fannie WILSON is visiting relatives in McKinney this week.
Bill BOMAR has gone to Tioga Wells for his health.
Wm. KING and Web BAGWILL with their families and accompanied by Mrs. Walter b. WILSON of McKinney have returned from a pleasure trip in wagons to several points in Grayson county.

Little Creek:
Grandma WATKINS has returned from San Marcos...
Dan and Edd [sic] BROOK are visiting in southern Texas.
Jink BRUNDRIDGE is on the sick list.
Prof. TURNER has returned from CHILDRESS where he has been attending the normal.
Mr. and Mrs. D. SWAFFORD of Nevada were guests of Rev. BRUNDRIDGE’s family yesterday.
The party given at Mr. and Mrs. BLAIR’s Monday night was well attended.
Mesdames ROGERS and BROWN will start for Scurry county Wednesday where they will visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John STIMSON.
Miss Myrtle BLAIR was the guest of Miss Mattie MOTT yesterday.

Blue Ridge:
Mrs. Effie HART has been visiting her parents at Durant, I. T.
Jim BARNETT and family spent Sunday at Altoga.
Mrs. BELEW has been very sick but is better.
Rev. WILLBANKS has closed his meeting at Altoga.
Jim BARNETT, Jim WILSON, Will CALHOUN and Will BAKER left Monday on a prospecting trip to the western countries.
Mr. and Mrs. CALLOWAY of Verona visited their son at this place last week.
Hugh HILDRETH and wife have been visiting relatives at Gatesville.
Mr. BELEW visited his daughter in eastern Texas.
Dr. RUTLEDGE visited his brother at Denison last week.
Will WILIAMSON of Mill Creek I. T. is visiting friends in town.
An infant of George AIKINS died Saturday morning.
Miss Mila HART is visiting her sister in southern, Texas.
Rev. BLACKBURN and family are visiting relatives in Cooke County.
Dr. HOUSER and wife attended the wedding of their niece, Miss Jimmie SUMROE and Joseph GRAHAM last Wednesday at Kingston.
Mr. and Mrs. RECTOR of Whitewright are visiting relatives in town this week.

New Life:
W. D. CAMERON’s child is quite sick with slow fever.
Fletcher ANDERSON of Verona is attending school here.
Mr. RUSHING has gone on a visit to the Territory.
J. W. ST. CLAIR of Blue Ridge is in this community today.
On Friday July 19th the angel of death visited the home of Ed. CARTER and claimed for its victim Laura, the wife and mother. She leaves a husband, two children an aged mother, and some brothers. The entire community extends sympathy to the bereaved.

McDonald School House:
George TALLANT of Hillsboro was the guest of his father, John TALLANT, last week.
Mr. RAINES died the 16th. His remains were interred in the Wilan chapel cemetery...
Miss Jenkins of Greenville is the guest of Miss Helen ROGERS.
Mrs. CONDAR is no better at this writing.
Jim PARKER and family visited Grandpa BLACK Sunday.
Mr. MAGNUS got his arm broken Saturday.
There will be a series of meetings.... at this place conducted by Revs. MACK and ENLOW.

Permits to Pair.
John R. WILKINS and Mrs. Lizzie ASTIN.
J. A. BRIMER and Miss Lizzie WAITS.
J. H. LEWIS and Miss Callie HINSLEY.
T. J. SNEED and Miss Oda BOWMAN.
C. B. WATSON and Miss Minnie Fay DONALDSON.
A. G. CHANDLER and Miss Willete LOVE.
W. R. ROGERS and Mrs. Eliza IVEY.

County Court.
The case of the state vs. Will BRINLEE, charged with carrying a pistol, was tried, but argument was postponed.
The case of the state vs. Lee BUMPASS, charged with aggravated assault, was tried. The defendant is charged with thrashing his young sister-in-law Dolly MALLOY. A verdict of not guilty was rendered.
Walter HILEMAN, charged with carrying a pistol, was tried and a judgement of not guilty rendered.

The following probate orders were made:
R. H. FOSTER guardian of the estate of Geo. A. SCOTT, minor.
J. A. MASSIE appointed administrator of the estate of S. M. MASSIE, deceased...
W. H. HURST, guardian of the estate of Jesse HURST, et. al, minors....
Application of Mary C. KING to probabe the will of Samuel KING, deceased, granted....S. D. BOWSER, H. C. JONES, and D. J. DUDLY appointed appraisers.
Application of W. A. BECK for the guardianship of the estate of Anna Clyde BECK, et al, minors granted..... R. A. McLARRY, S. H. ABBOTT, and W. H. TAYLOR appointed appraisers.
Application of Mollie B. ARNOLD for guardianship of the estate of Natallie ARNOLD, et al, minors, granted and bond fixed at $200.

The jury list for the week is as follows: Will FOSTER, G. M. OSBORNE, J. F. CRAIG, Hugh GRAVES, T. M. PHELPS, F. M. GRIFFIN, S. H. HALL, G. W. CAVES, Charley RUSSELL and S. P. COFFEY.

Normal Notes.
Owing to sickness in his family, Prof. HORN could not fill his place Tuesday and other teachers were substituted to conduct his classes.
Excellent addresses were made last week by Dr. E. E. KING and Hon. E. W. KIRKPATRICK.
The interest in Miss WATT’s primary work continues unabated.
Prof. W. W. SHEPHERD, Ex-County Supt, after doing four weeks of hard work has returned to Farmersville to make preparation for the opening of the public schools...

T. J. SNEED and Miss ODA BOWMAN were married, Sunday evening at the home of the bride’s father J. C. BOWMAN at Lucas. John KERR of Vineland, and Miss Maud HUNTER were attendants. Rev. Mack COOK officiated. The groom is a brother of Jerome H. SNEED of this city.

List of Letters.
List of letters remaining in the postoffice: Ladies: EMERT, Mrs. Lizzie; MARTIN, Miss Dellar; ROBERTS, Mrs. Lillie; STINNETT, Mrs. T. A.; STRODE, Mrs. S.M.; SMITH, Miss Carrie;
Gentlemen: As???, Grover; BARNES, T. S.; BEARD, [unreadable]; BURNS, W.; HARDIN, He???; RILEY John; RILEY, Pat.

Jail Inmates.
Jailor Andy ATKINSON is boarding the following inmates of Collin County’s bastile:
Gabe HALL – Assault to murder; Bob COX — Robbery; Alice TODD — burglary; Lewis THOMPKINS — burglary; Harvey WELLS — rape; Rev. John Long — wife murder; Frank CLIFTON — Horse theft; Bead EASTON — Arson; John DORCESTER — theft.

The Democrat, August 1, 1901, Vol. 18, No. 26

Local News.
A. J. KEMP was here from Farmersville this week.
Bob CRUSE and wife are visiting at Oklahoma City.
J. F. BONE is clerking for T. J. MELTON the new grocer.
Rev. G. H. STEEN is holding a meeting at Farmers Branch.
Mayor J. M. PEARSON was at Mexia this week on business.
Ike DILLOW had a runaway while returning from Allen Monday, but no serious damage.
Mr. SMART and family have returned to Stephensville after a visit to J. M. ANDREWS and family.
Tom FOSTER has bought the pretty home of Jasper HAND in west McKinney at a handsome price. Mr. FOSTER contemplated moving elsewhere, but after prospecting extensively over the state he concluded that McKinney could not be beat...
J. B. JONES, living 2 miles east of Allen, was in town Tuesday.
Miss Mosey JENKINS returned to Greenville yesterday after a two weeks visit to Mrs. R. J. BENSON in this city and Mrs. D. L. ROGERS south of town.
Hugh H. STEPHENS has returned from quite an extensive trip through Oklahoma and the Indian Territory.
Rev. G. W. DAY is holding a big meeting at Wilson’s Chapel.
Esq. L. A. SEARS, Newt WARDLOW and Mr. BILLINGER of Farmersville attended county court Tuesday.
Tom HARRIS was here from Sherman this week. His mother Mrs. E. HARRIS accompanied on his return.
Mrs. Dr. GIBSON and niece, Miss May JOHNSON, have returned from a visit to Weatherford.
Rev. G. M. HALL, who preached at Bowlby boarded the train here Monday morning for Farmersville enroute to Copeville.
Tip JONES of Copeville, the efficient and popular sergeant-at-arms of the Texas legislature, was in the city Tuesday.
R. W. DURHAM, of New Life, paid us a very welcome visit Monday...
Bradley C. CHILDRESS, of Celina, was in town Monday, being on his return home from Sister Grove where he had taken his wife, Saturday, who will make a two week visit with her mother, Mrs. W. C. STANFORD.
Miss Lucy DOGGETT has returned to Chicago.
Miss Kate THOMAS has returned from Kirksville, Mo.
Will JONES, the barber, has a fine new son at his house.
Miss BUCK of Sherman is the guest of Mrs. E. H. BOWLBY.
Eld. J. B. FAULKNER has been holding a meeting at Lebanon.
Prof. HORN is the doting father of a brand new little son at his home.
Mrs. Wm. HYNDS arrived home Friday evening from her trip to Colorado.
Miss Willie KING left Friday evening on a visit to Greenville and Celeste.
Gid DOWLEN came down from Anna Friday morning.
Mrs. J. H. FERGUSON and daughter, Miss May, left Thursday for Sulphur Springs, I. T.
Mrs. Mary SHEPHERD returned to Plano Thursday evening after a visit to the family of Capt. J. H. JENKINS.
Misses McBRIDE and TUCKER of Winnsboro, are the guests of the former’s sister, Mrs. Ben BOYDSTON in this city.
Ed LYNN has been quite sick for several weeks of bronchial pneumonia at the home of his father on South Tennessee street.
J. T. MALLONE of Roseland paid The Democrat a business visit Thursday.
J. P. TURNER and family of Rock Hill, John LEWIS and family of Rhea’s Mill, and Shelby ADAMS of Foncine, left Monday for Tioga Wells to spend a week.
Weedin FRANKLIN, Joe CLOYD, Walter WILEY, and Bob ROBERTSON have returned from Ft. Sill where they registered for a drawing in the Indian land allotment.
A farmer from near Wylie in town had an epileptic fit near the southwest corner of the square. He was taken to Sam LAYNE’s and given attention until he recovered.
Marshal Todd WARDEN arrested a young man Friday named August Smith who was wanted in Sherman to answer several misdemeanor charges.
Miss Lillie DOUGLAS of Van Alstyne has been visiting Mrs. Ben OATES in this city.
A baby boy is now making his permanent abode with Mr. and Mrs. Will BOONE.
A $6 pension has been granted John L. WATSON of Pilot Point. Hannah E. MALABY, of Farmersville has also been allowed a widow’s pension.
J. Perry BURRUS and wife have returned from Colorado.
Mrs. Della HOWARD and niece, Miss Alice KIRKPATRICK, are visiting relatives in Denton.
Mrs. S. M. SHORTER of Denison is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. H. SLATER, at White’s Grove.
Revs. CRANE of Melissa, and BONE of Walnut Grove, have closed a successful meeting at Rock Hill.
Miss Nora ORENDUFF, of Trinity, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Dr. A. J. CALDWELL for some time in this city, left Saturday for Buffalo.
Rev. J. H. McLEAN returned Saturday from the Sherman district conference at Preston.
While enroute to Nevada by private conveyance, County Attorney Wallace HUGHSTON and wife had a narrow escape from serious injury. Their team ran away, overturned and badly damaged their buggy, but the occupants escaped unharmed.
Dr. LONG has returned from Oklahoma.
Mrs. REOIS, of Terrell, is visiting her father Ike GRIFFIN and family.
John WILLIS plead guilty to the charge of disturbance at Wilson Chapel and was fined $9.70.
Capt. T. M. SCOTT, of Melissa, and son, Col. W. S. SCOTT, a regular army officer, who is visiting him, were in McKinney Saturday....
Prof. S. H. HORNE has tendered his resignation as principal of the McKinney public schools, a position to which he was recently re-elected. We understand he intends to go to Oak Cliff and join Prof. J. B. DOTSON in establishing a private school.

Ten Years Ago.

....items of interest from papers published in McKinney ten years ago. This week we give you some items from an issue dated Sept. 1st, 1892:
BALDWIN and JETT, charged with the killing of J. B. JETT, east of town [McKinney] were released.....
The Collegiate Institute under Prof. MOSELEY was preparing for its fall term....
Jack STOVALL left of South Texas where he went into business. He is now [1901] in Tennessee in general merchandising.....
Mr. Tom FINLEY living near Cross Roads was just recovering from a spell of typhoid fever....
Mr. Bunk WEBB of the firm of W. M. HYNDS & Co., loaded and shipped out 14 carloads of oats.....
Bob PADGITT was able to be down town after having been sick for ten weeks.....
Some stock belonging to Mr. DODD near Walnut Grove were killed because of glanders......
The following McKinney young ladies [unreadable words- but seems they were away at college] HERNDON, (now [1901] Mrs. Alex RHEA) - Sherman; Miss Bessie WILEY– Staunton, Va.; Miss Ella NEWSOME (now Mrs. Dr. WOOTEN) and Miss Willie MELTON (now Mrs. Dr. NEATHERY) – Baylor; Miss Lizzie CROUCH (now Mrs. Dr. BRYANT) – Belton; Miss Luddie FOOTE (now Mrs. Turner EMERSON, Jr.) – Chilton, Mo.; Miss Alma HILL (now Mrs. Cebe HOUSTON), Annie HILL, [and] Allie DOWELL (now Mrs. Fred BURNETT) -- Hamilton College, Lexington, Ky......
HARPER & RODERICK, H. W. ARDINGER, MURPHY, PERRY & Co., CARPENTER Bros., Henry C. HERNDON, J. S. and S. D. HEARD and SEAY & WEBSTER were the principal advertisers in the paper on that date....
The Third party ...held their county convention at HEARD’s opera house and the convention ws called to order by Col. R. D. ALLISON. E. W. KIRKPATRICS and J. T. BRAUCH were nominated for representatives; R. S. SNEED for tax collector; A. S. (Reely) GRAVES for treasurer; Henry SLATER for assessor; r. A. BAILEY for county clerk; W. M. BARROn for district clerk; John BOYLE [DOYLE ?] for county superintendent. Weather reported hot and dry.

From Rockwall.
Mrs. BRYANT is very sick with fever.
Mrs. Joe CHRISTOPHER has returned home from Paris.
Walter ROBERTSON and wife of El Reno, O. T., returned home last week.
Mrs. Lou CARTHY is on the sick list.
Mrs. S. W. HECK has been sick for some time but is better at this writing.
Prof. CUMBO gave a lecture on the disaster of Galveston at the League school house Saturday.

Confederate Re-Union.
[This event is covered extensively in the McKinney Weekly Enquirer issues at this site. Please refer to those issues for coverage.]

Collin County Gleanings.

Princeton Pick-Ups:
Wallace WILSON and sister, Miss Mame, visited relatives here Sunday.
Mrs. A. A. MEAD, attended the SNEED-BOWMAN wedding at Lucas Sunday, July 21.
Mr. McCRACKEN of Milam, Tenn., is visiting Ed WEST at this place.
Misses Hattie and Anna WILSON have returned from a visit to Palo Pinto.
G. W. LOWE and family, Chas. WILSON and Misses Lula and Ella BURTON attended services at Pleasant Grove Sunday.
N. A. BURTON and sister, Miss Lizzie, went to Wilson’s Chapel Sunday.
Lawrence MALLOW is at home now.
Death has visited our town and taken for its victims, J. H. LEE and the two-weeks-old infant of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. MORGAN. Mr. LEE was stricken with typhoid fever while on a visit at Bells, Tex., and was brouht here on the train and taken to his son’s home, where kind friends did what they could for him till death relieved him, Monday, July 22nd. He was a member of the Baptist church here.

Whites Grove Whittlings:
Miss Lizzie GERRISH will spend the week at Lebanon.
Miss Lillian BELL of Parvin is visiting the family of her brother J. T. BELL.
Misses Elsie COLEMAN of the Indian Territory and Miss Etta DUNN of McKinney are visiting Miss Lottie GERRISH.
Mr. SLATER has lost a fine mule and recently suffered the loss of a fine cow.
Miss Jennie HUEY visited at Rhea’s Mill last week.
Prof. SUTHERLAND is teaching a successful singing school at Mt. Olive.
Rev. LILES is holding a series of meeting at the Grove.

Cottage Hill News:
Rev. ROBERTS is conducting a protracted meeting at Cottage Hill church. Rev. FUQUA of Van Alstyne is assisting him.
Misses Bettie and Myrtle WILLIAMS of Alvord are visiting their sister Mrs. W. G. O’BRIEN.
Will PERKINS has been quite sick for two weeks but is now convalescing.
Douglas DARNELL and Will WEBSTER visited relatives at Decatur last week.
Johnie LEWIS and Miss HINSLEY of Franklin community were married at Rev. J. R. DARNELL’s last Tuesday afternoon.
Rev. GRIBBLE and daughter visited his son Robert last Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Will KENNEDY and sister, Mrs. QUISENBERRY, of Lebanon visited Mrs. :Joe MICHAEL of Byrd’s Corner last week.
Mrs. Bertha ADAMS who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Lee ROGERS of this place has returned to her home near Durant, I. T.
Mr. MITCHELL, deputy sheriff of Celina and Miss Sarah CASHION were married at Rev. DARNELL’s residence Sunday afternoon.
Lem HARLOWE and wife visited the latter’s brother in Indian Territory last week.

Messrs. Wesley FAGG and Oscar MANGRAM, of Pike, made a brief visit here Sunday.
G. J. ANDERSON had relatives visiting him from Red River county for the past two weeks.
J. W. GRIFFS moved to Whitesboro Tuesday.
B. F. SIMMON’s daughter and family who have been visiting him returned to Klondike today.
Prof. ROSS and wife are now at home, they have been visiting in Hopkins county.
J. R. WILLIAMS and wife are visiting relatives in Montague county.
Miss Eunice GARRISON of Cooper has been visiting here.

School District No. 100
Mr. and Mrs. SIMMONS are visiting in the Willow Springs community this week.
Jim KIRKLAND and Jim MONTGOMERY went to Elm this week.
Ed KIRKLAND and Ed REYNALDS, have been repairing the Melissa gin.
Born — To Mr. and Mrs. Dan JOHNSON, a girl.
Eld. HALL of Nevada will preach at Bowlby Sunday.
Miss Mary COLEMAN of McKinney ws visiting her grandfather Uncle Alf CHANDLER, Saturday.
Mrs. Eli HORN of Vineland is very low with typhoid fever.
Prof. REED, Jr. of McKinney has been employed to handle the beech and teach the young idea to shoot [sic] Bois d’Arc next term.
Mrs. SHACKLEFORD of Allen is visiting in this community.

Branch Bits:
Rev. JOBE has closed his meeting at Grassy Lake school house with 18 additions. Revs. NEWSOME and KEY have also closed their meeting at the same place with 9 additions to the Baptist church.
M. M. SANDERS and son Will, went to Farmersville yesterday after lumber.
Mrs. T. C. OAKLEY is on the sick list.
J. T. BRANCH and W. P. OSBORNE went to McKinney yesterday.
Mrs. MARTIN is visiting her daughter in Sherman.
Mrs. Annie GIBSON and Miss Maggie OAKLEY, Mrs. Ella DUNYAN and Miss Addie GRIFFITH went to Cottonwood Sunday evening to preaching and were the guests of Miss Mattie PRICE of that place.
Mrs. OSBORN’s daughter, Mrs. TOBEY, is visiting here.
Miss Ida MARTIN spent Monday with Mrs. Lilburn SANDERS.

Bethany Batch:
Will CARPENTER and family visited Corsicana a few days ago.
J. C. HART and wife visited their sick son, W. R. HART, in Gainesville week before last.
H. COTHES spent a few days at Tioga Mineral Wells.
A Mr. CARTER and Miss Laura WILSON of this place were married in McKinney a few days ago.
Mrs. S. S. HART of McKinney visited relatives here last week.
N. E. HART and little brother went to Gainesville last week and brought W. R. HART and family home with them.
T. C. REASE who had his barn burned a few weeks ago will soon have a better barn...

Wallis Chapel
Mr. KENDELL and family of Biggers visited Mr. WILSON and family.
Al BOMAR of McKinney attended Sunday school here, also Joe HIGHT and sister, Miss Laura.
Thomas MITCHELL of this place and Miss Ora STRAUGHAN of Ardath visited friends in Van Alstyne last Tuesday.
Miss Effie WALLIS was the guest of Miss Audrie HENDERSON last week.
Miss Linnie MARTIN and brother, Lud of Graham are visiting relatives here.

Tom BOUNDS returned from the Territory Monday.
Prof. BELL is teaching a singing school in the school building here. He has about fifty pupils.
Alex ROBERTSON left Monday afternoon for a trip to Canyon City.
The ice cream supper given at Dr. AVANTS for the benefit of the church passed off quietly everyone expressed themselves as having a nice time. $13.00 was cleared.
Mrs LUCK of Whitewright is visiting friends here.

Tom BOMAR, son of Mr. and Mrs. George BOMAR is sick at this writing.
Mr. BURTON wife and family of near Blue Ridge visited Andy THOMPSON and wife last week.
Al BOMAR and wife of McKinney visited his father, Bill BOMAR and family Sunday.
Will TICKNOR and wife of McKinney visited Sam HENDERSON and wife Sunday.
W. M. WILSON and family visited relatives in McKinney last Thursday night.
R. G. WELCH and family returned home Sunday from the Nation.
Ben BOMAR, Milt CLEVELAND and Joe JOHNSON returned from El Reno where they went to register.
Homer MARTIN of Melissa was in our community Sunday.
Rev. Fay E. WALLIS began a protracted meeting at this place Sunday night.
Prof. J. I. WRIGHT of Farmersville was in our community Sunday.
Miss Verda BOONE is visiting Miss Ora STRAUGHAN this week.

During the electrical story last Thursday lightning struck a tree in F. G. LEWIS yard and shocked several of the family. It also struck on of the lightning rods on Mrs. M. J. HICKEY’s house and was conveyed into the ground.
Walter WEAVER and family and Henry SNIDER and son left on a trip to Oklahoma.
Joel MANTOOTH and wife and Aus THOMPSON and family are visiting in Ardmore, I. T.
Capt. J. F. RHEA has lost several of his cattle here lately with.....Texas fever.
Rev. J. S. CAMERON’s meeting closed last Wednesday.
J. A. CRUTCHER and son, Dee, J. B. HICKEY and L. L. HAND made a flying trip to Tioga last week.
J. A. SMART and wife moved to McKinney yesterday to make their future home.
Ray DUNCAN has the fever.
Will LEWIS has returned from a prospecting trip to Tioga and surrounding country.

Elds. HORN and Eugene HOMES have been conducting a meeting at Alla Christian church for the last two weeks.
E. MITCHELL and Sarah CASHION of Celina were married Sunday evening and came to Alla church Sunday night.
John GRAGG is very sick this week.
Dr. STRANGE’s wife died Saturday night at 10 o’clock. Her remains were interred in the Whitesboro cemetery.

List of Letters.
Remaining in the postoffice at McKinney, Tex., Aug. 1, 1901.
Ladies: BROCK, Mrs. Maude; DUNN, Mrs. Mattie, McDONALD, Mrs. Ollie; PITTS, Miss Hattie; SMITH, Miss Emma; SMITH, Mrs. Marge; WOODS, Miss Matte; BROWN [sic].
Gentlemen: BROWN, Will; BAGWELL, Joe; BRYAN, J. T.; CLARK, W. C.; FARIAS, Matias, GRAHAM, Robt.; HOLTS, John; JONES, Edwin; KENDALL, E. L.; ROACH, George; WADKINS, T. N.; WILLIAMS, G. M. D.

News has reached Farmersville that Mark HORTON, a farmer residing five miles north of that place, was found dead in a wagon near Emory Friday morning. He and Tom HEATON started from Farmersville to Raines county in a wagon, and HORTON being unwell, lay down in the wagon bed. HEATON had driven nearly to Emory before he discovered that HORTON was dead. He leaves a wife and five children.

Real Estate Transfers.
J. L. McGEE and wife to W. N. ARRINGTON, 50 a, D. VANWINKLE sur, $1550.
W. N. ARRINGTON and wife to G. R. ALEXANDER, 50 a, D. VANWINKLE sur. $2500.
Joe M. BOUNDS et al to Mrs. Mattie BLANTON, one heir’s part of 10 a, P. WILSON sur. $10.
Fred SCHIMELPFENIG to Mrs. Mary C. KING, part lot 18, Plano, $1291.85.
R. I. SAUNDERS to W. W. BUTLER, 75 a, Samuel STOWE sur, $1900.
G. W. WATSON and wife to W. W. BUTLER, lot 8, W. J. S. RUSSELL first addition to McKinney, $750.
G. J. STYCE and wife to Susan A. SALLIE, et al, 30 a, B. OLIVER sur, $900.
W. W. BUTLER and wife to R. I. SAUNDERS lot 8, McKinney, $600.
Lawrence WOODARD and wife to G. A. BUMPASS, 100 ft off south half lit 1, Farmersville $100.
G. A. BUMPASS to Mark BUMPASS, lot 89, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Farmersville, $25.
Barna B. GREER et al to Lilla BEDELL undivided entire int. in 210 a, Jno. R. McCULLOUGH sur, $750.
W. M. PARR and wife to W. F. PARR, 88 a, M. HEARN sur, $3000.
E. H. PENDLETON and wife to R. T. BILLINGER, lots H and L, Farmersville, $400.
W. F. PENDLETON and wife to W. M. WINDOM, lot of land, W. B. WILLIAMS sur, $75.
J. W. CHAPIN and wife to J. W. LOKEY, 94 a, S. PUGH sur, $3000.
M. S. METZ to J. H. LYNCH, part of lot 36, McKinney, $200.
W. L. YARBROUGH to M. S. METZ, part lot 36, McKinney, $300.

Permits to Pair.
W. L. COOK and Miss Hattie CLAY.
E. J. MITCHELL and Miss Sarah A. CASHION
S. W. H. STEELE and Miss Hattie WRIGHT
J. W. BAUGH and Mrs. M. A. STREET
N. W. OSWALT and Miss Maggie ABBOTT
C. B. SCALF and Miss Lizzie MURPHY
J. M. LINDSAY and Miss Ollie HANNA.

Another Good Meeting.
The regular meeting of the picnic association was held in the court house Friday night. President Jesse SHAIN presided and Hugh McDONALD acted as secretary. Committee was appointed [to solicit citizens to bring “loaded” baskets. Committee for town: Giles McKINNEY, Price STIFF, A. G. CHANDLER, Avery DOWELL and Sam BURKS. Committee for country: J. D. McKINNEY, Jonas BASS, Gabe STAGGS and W. D. GOOSTREE.

The following Collin county citizens were winners in drawing at El Reno:
John H. BONNER, McKinney
Will P. GRIFFITH, Fayburg
Henry WILSON, Westminster
Sterling P. COFFEY, McKinney
E. E. STOCKTON, Farmersville

Death Follows Brief Illness. Mrs. Dr. W. J. FINCH died July 25 after a very brief illness. [for complete story, see Obituary page at this site

Tom Walker, aged 23 died July 26 at his father’s home at Madill, I. T. Tom resided [for several years] in McKinney. [for complete story, see Obituary page at this site].

Unknown man killed by a central train near Plano. Later – the unknown man killed by train No. 4 on the Central Friday night near Rowlett Creek bridge was identified Saturday by the section foreman he had been at work for on section 44. His name was James HACKETT. The county authorities refused to take charge of his remains, therefore he was given a burial Saturday afternoon by the railroad company.

County Court.
In the case of A. J. WHEAT vs. T. E. BALL, defendant’s demurrer to plaintiffs petition was sustained.
D. T. PARDUE [sic] vs. R. S. PURDUE [sic] suit on note, verdict in favor of plaintiff for $150.
State vs. George SHOTWELL, violating local option law, jury failed to agree.
Third annual report of J. L. AUGLE, guardian of the AUGLE heirs, minors approved.
Application of Lizzie M. GRAHAM, guardian of the estate of Cliflie GRAHAM, minor, granted.
Application of W. G. ALLISON, for guardianship of the estate of W. D. ALLISON granted and bond fixed at $2000.
Application of A. J. CRABTREE for guardianship of the estate of Minnie KIRKPATRICK, et al, minors granted and bond fixed at $1500.
The jury in the case of the state vs. J. A. CARSON, charged with permitting his hogs to run at large, found the defendant guilty.
Joe REDWINE, charged with slander, was tried by the court and found not guilty.
George SHOTWELL was tried by a jury on a charge of violating the local option law, found guilty...
Arthur McINTOSH was tried for violating the local option law and declared guilty.
The application of N. A. BURTON to probate the last will and testament of S. W. BURTON, deceased was granted....J. T. BAKER, S. H. HOUSMAN, and Jim MALLOW appointed appraisers.
In the case of Alex COMBEST charged with disturbance, judgment was rendered acquitting the defendant.
Bus WILSON, charged with fornication, was tried and found not guilty.
Probate Docket:
Final report of J. S. DOWELL, administrator of the estate of M. A. FIELDS, deceased, final report approved.
Final report of W. T. MOORE, executor of the estate of Mrs. C. [rest is unreadable].
Final report of J. H. L. ???GLISH guardian of the estate of Ida Bell KELLEY, minor approved.
Third annual and supplemental final report of C. P. COLLINS, administrator of the estate of A. S. CRAVENS, deceased, approved.
First annual report of W. F. WOLFORD, administrator of the estate of John T. MELTON, deceased, approved.
Joel W. ELLER, administrator of the estate of Washington ELLER, deceased, report of sale of land, approved.
R. M. DOUGLASS, guardian of the estate of G. P. LOUIS, minor, account for final settlement approved.

Collin County Gleanings.

Van Alstyne:
Miss Ora STRAUGHAN of McKinney is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. SLAUGHTER.
John CARTWRIGHT received a car load of prairie hay from the Territory this week.
Mrs. Georgia MORTON of McKinney is seriously ill of typhoid fever at the home of her parents, Capt. And Mrs. G. W. KIDD.

Farmersville Items:
Rev. CANNON returned Friday from Weatherford...
W. G. DITZLER has severed his connection with GRAHAM Bros. at Greenville and has accepted his old position with SIMINGTON & BELL in this city.
D. K. ALLISON returned Tuesday from Western Texas.
Dr. and Mrs. D. H. HANCOCK passed through here Thursday morning enroute to St. Louis where they will make a short visit...

The Democrat, August 8, 1901, Vol. 18, No. 27

Local News.
The Democrat was honored with a brief call from Miss Maggie OAKLEY of Branch.
Masters Ray and Paul KEMBLE have returned to Sherman after a visit to their aunt, Mrs. C. W. GOODIN.
Harry LAWSON of Fayburg met his father, W. H. LAWSON of Sherman, in McKinney Tuesday.
Eld. S. K. HALLAM, under whose pastorate the beautiful brick Christian church of McKinney was built in 1897, has accepted a call as pastor of the Christian church at Denton.
Bob BRUMLEY, now of Plano, recently visited a sister near town whom he had not seen for 15 years. The latter is Mrs. Agnes AUSTIN who is at present visiting her sister, Mrs. J. G. BARNES near McDonald School House.
John H. PARKER, living on J. L. WHITE’s land in the McDonald school house community has some extraordinarily good corn this year.
George HUGHES had a narrow escape from serious injury while buggy riding Sunday evening. His horse became frightened and threw him out of the buggy, entangling him in the harness. He was dragged some distance and badly bruised before he could extricate himself.
Miss Cora CALDWELL of Climax and Mrs. BOMAR of New Hope honored the Democrat with a very cheerful visit.
Rev. T. L. FULBRIGHT, of Farmersville is holding a meeting at Lebanon>
Mrs. T. E. LOVE has returned to Weatherford after a visit to Mrs. A. E. DAW.
Miss Ida M. Given of Cleburne is the guest of her sister, Mrs. R. R. HAMLIN in this city.
Charley LEDDY and wife of Greenville, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. LEDDY.
Mrs. A. G. GRAVES went up to Sherman on a visit Friday.
Mrs. R. E. CHAMBERS has returned from Norman, O. T.
Miss Nennie SMITH has returned from a visit at Detroit, Texas.
Mrs. BOGAN and daughter, Miss Grady, went up to Melissa Friday.
Mrs. W. F. MOORE is the guest of her father Judge T. C. GOODNER and family.
W. M. BAGLEY came down from Melissa Saturday.
T. P. (Pres) DUNCAN and wife formerly of McKinney but now of Dallas, are rejoicing over their first born – a fine little daughter.
H. L. MUNCEY of Slidell and Geo. W. POWELL, Little Elm, were lucky winners of 160 acres each in the Kowa-Comanche land drawing last week.
Mrs. A. A. McNATT and Miss Willie HARRIS arrived from Greenville on a visit to the former’s parents, M. W. YOUNGER and wife, about four miles northeast of town.
Eld. CLINKENBEARD of Melissa preached at the Christian church in this city Sunday in the absence of its pastor, Eld. R. R. HAMLIN who is holding a meeting at his church in Melissa.
John T. NALE is the happy father of a big new girl at his home
Tom BURKS, aged 20, died at Plano Thursday of typhoid fever.
Miss Bell MATHEWS is visiting her brother, J. G. MATHEWS in Dallas.
Miss Wilma EDWARDS has returned from Denton where she attended the Normal.
W. M. BRAKEBILL of Walnut Grove marketed some fine peaches in McKinney.
Mrs. SHARADER and daughter, Mrs. E. T. HOWELL of Rock Hill left on a visit to Sherman.
Mrs. Ed E. McMURRAY of Verona arrived Monday from a visit to relatives and friends at Garland and Dallas.
Miss Mary EDGE returned to her home at Tioga Wells accompanied by her aunt, Miss Frances EDGE.
S. P. COFFEY, John R. BLACK, and Milt CLEVELAND left Friday for El Reno, O. T. to look after their claims which they drew in the Indian land allotment.
W. N. STRODE of Ardath called on The Democrat Friday.
Eld. Foy WALLACE and A. J. THOMPSON called on The Democrat office briefly, Friday.
Edna Mae, the little daughter of Ed HINMAN, painfully burned herself Friday by upsetting a kettle of hot starch which poured out on her. Mr HINMAN lives in Fairfield.
W. G. BLACKENSHIP has returned from Ark., where he was called by the sickness of his aged father who died. The deceased was 81 years old.

At the home of the bride in Oliver, Tennessee, Mr. O. B. SAMPSON and Miss Edna BUTLER. Mr SAMPSON is an energetic and popular salesman in the big dry goods establishment of C. E. CARTER and no yung man stands higher in this community.

Permanent Library Association Instituted Friday Night. The board of trustees of the Public Library Association of McKinney met and effected permanent organization with the following officers... Mrs. Ben BOYDSTON, E. W. KIRKPATRICK, Miss Mamie DOWELL, Miss Emma KING, Mrs. Cliff EMERSON, J. C. RHEA, John S. HEARD, J. L. GREER, J. M. PEARSON, J. L. WHITE, T. F. MANGUM, Jesse SHAIN; Mesdames Cliff EMERSON, J. L. LOVEJOY, T. W. WILEY, M. H. GARNETT, E. L. BURTON.

Among the Winners. The following Collin county citizens were winners in drawing at El Reno and Lawton:
From Fayburg: Will P. Griffith;
From Westminster: Henry WILSON;
From Farmersville: E. E. STOCKTON;
From Frankford: W. J. HURLEY;
From Pike: S. J. McGOWAN.

All interested are requested to meet and assist in cleaning off the WILLIAMS Graveyard, 4 miles west of McKinney, Thursday, August 15. Let everyone attend and help in this duty we owe to the memory of our beloved dead. [Signed] Dave WILLIAMS, E. W. KIRKPATRICK.

Will Give Up the Child.
Mrs. NEW of Allen, decided to give up little 4-year old Viola HILL, daughter of Mrs, Mollie HILL, who committed suicide in this city, July 25. She took the child, which is her niece, to raise. The child’s father had instituted legal proceedings to recover its possession, and Sheriff PAFFORD had the child taken from Mrs. NEW, its Aunt, on a writ of Habeas Corpus. He turned the child over to its father Sunday. [See below and see Obituary page at this site for Mollie Hill.]

Controversy Over Child.
When Mrs. Mollie Hill, the grass widow who committed suicide in this city July 25 by swallowing strychnine, died, her aunt, Mrs. NEW, of Allen, took her little 4-year old daughter, Viola, home with her to keep. Its father, J. E. HILL of Milford, Ellis county, applied to Judge DILLART at Kaufman for a writ of habeas corpus for the possession of his child which was granted. Sheriff PAFFORD went to Allen Thursday and got the child which he is keeping until August 15 when Judge Dillard will inquire into the matter and award its custody to the person he thinks most entitled to it.

A cutting affray took place near Lowery’s Crossing Thursday night, as a result of which Oscar WALLACE was seriously cut with a knife near the heart and Gordan STIFF was arrested charged with the crime.... [and brought] here by Deputy Sheriff John LOCKRIDGE. It is said Sidney SMITH and Will WALLACE, brothers of the first two named parties, became involved in a difficulty about some rented land.

Permits to Pair.
James A. WISDOM and Miss Mary A. GIBBS
Wylie HACKLER and Miss Mamie MORRIS.
J. W. NELSON and Miss Stella HOWELL
John CROUCH and Miss Allie TAYLOR

For Cattle Theft.
Constable G. F. DIXSON, of Blue Ridge, brought P. B. GOODMAN in, Saturday whom he arrested on a charge of cattle theft.

Real Estate Transfers.
F. G. COLLIER to Wylie Gin Co., lots 5 and 6, Wylie, $3500.
W. B. HONAKER and wife to W. P. HERRON 1a, Farmersville $550
J. P. WYLIE (Guar.) To W. P. HERRON, lot in Farmersville, $103.40
B. F. WEIR and wife to Ed GRAVES, 66 a, E. B. REED sur., $2000
C. D. TUSSEY and wife to C. A. CALLIHAN, 22a, B. E. BLACKWELL sur, $600.
Jasper HAND and wife to T. H. FOSTER, 2a, W. D. THOMPSON sur., $2400
J. B. CANNADAY et ux to I. A. E. BOX, 40a, John BURKE and D. VANWINKLE, surs, $2095.
T. B. CHAPMAN et al to E. M. GLASS, trustee, tract of land, W. B. WILLIAMS sur, $1.00
D. F. DOUGLAS to Jesse Jay ½ int. in tract, R. ALLEN sur, $750
D. F. DOUGLAS to Jesse Jay ½ int in 45a, R. ALLEN sur., $750
H. L. SCOTT and wife to J. A. GARRISON, all of one undivided int. in 130 a, near Millwood, $50
T. P. HIGHTOWER and wife to Thos. RUTH, E half lots 6 and 7, blk 20, Wylie $225
T. P. HIGHTOWER to Mrs. F. J. RUTH, W ½ lots 6 and 7, Wylie, $225
W. E. HIGHTOWER to T. P. HIGHTOWER, lots 4, 5, and 6, Wylie, $475
W. T. HOOTEN and wife to W. T. WOODY 50a, D. CHERRY sur, $2100
Annie T. SHIRLEY to R. C. STRICKLAND, 32a, G. B. PILANT sur, $1500
J. R. BROWN and wife to J. W. BAKER, 47a, Ed BRADLEY sur, $864.80
J. H. BURNS and wife to James JACKSON, N part lot 6 and S part lot 7, blk 7, Wylie, $250
S. H. GRAHAM and wife to E. A. HOOKS, lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, blk 6 and lots 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8,blk 8 and lot 3, blk 9 in GERRISH addition, McKinney $......
H. E. POTEET and wife to J. B. PALMER, tract of land, D. ANGLIN sur, $180
T. C. POGRAM et al to H. E. POTEET, 10a, D. ANGLIN sur, $100
James POTEET and wife to H. E. POTEET, tract of land, D. ANGLIN sur, $100.

[This page is badly torn and the beginning of this article is missing.] was a Sunday school picnic – nothing more, nothing less. The representatives of Cottage Hill were Edgar WESTER; Master David McCOY who impressed us while he recited “Our Young Hero”; Miss Ida HARLOW; Cland FRANCIS.
Union Sunday school was represented by the following: Edgar OUSLEY, Miss Ollie KING, Miss Lela FRANCIS, Gilbert TIDWELL.
Rev. SCALES from Union, Prof. LEE from Lone Elm and Rev. ROBERTS from Weston made interesting and appropriate talks upon the importance of Sunday schools.

Collin County Singing Convention at Parker. The Collin County Singing convention met in Parker the 2nd inst in annual session and for the first time in our history this community had arrangements perfected for the entertainment of delegates and visitors. We will meet at Verona next year. Officers for the ensuing year are... D. W. LEIGH, W. A. THOMAS, Miss Cora CALDWELL, Dr. A. S. WOOD, Prof. S. S. STROUP, Miss Donnie HALEY, Misses Mary BRIGHAM and Nola TURNER, Elmer SPURGEON.

Y. M. C. A. Contest, List of Events and Awards to be Presented:
Standing board jump – box of candy by Bon Ton
Running board jump – big watermelon by Price STIFF.
Standing high jump, one pair light slippers by W. P. SUTTLE
Running high jump, pair bicycle shoes by WHITE Dry Goods
[event unreadable] nice neck tie by STIFF Dry Goods Company
[event unreadable] pocket knife by City Drug Store
Sack race, solid gold ring by LARGENT Bros.
Three-legged race, boys base ball mit by Chas Bush.
Pole vault for height, nice pair of cuff buttons by D. GOODIN
Pole vault for length, cloth brush, McKinney Drug Company
Putting shot, silk suspenders, W. S. KNIGHT
Diving for length, sweater by HAMMOND & SNEED
Diving for height, umbrella, by [unreadable]
Turning flip, foot pump by J. P. CROUCH [Signed] Adams CALHOUN, Gen. Sec. Y. M. C. A.

Rev. J. M. COCKE Resigns. After a pastorate of nearly two years and a half of the C. P. church of this city, Rev. J. M. COCKE has resigned to accept the larger work of superintendent of missions and church extension for the Eastern Division of the Texas Synod.

County Court.
J. W. COX vs. H. & T. C. R. R. damages for killing a cow, verdict for plaintiff for $45.
The suit of MOORE and ROLLOW vs. J. W. GRAHAM, was completed Thursday. The jury returned the following verdict: ....for the plaintiff in the sum of $486.71, value of note and attorneys fees....and for the defendant in the sum of $585.17, actual damages and $51,61 exemplary damages..
The suit of L. I. CARTER vs. J. M. ANGEL, for the value of a horse which plaintiff loaned defendant and which it was alleged, died from the effects of any injury sustained while in defendant’s care was tried. Verdict was rendered in favor of the defendant.
The suit of W. M. EDWARDS vs. Tom DOTSON was completed. The jury brought in a verdict in favor of the defendant for $100.72>
The case of BURNS Bros. vs. J. W. PATTERSON, suit on breach of contract, was settled by agreement.

Collin County Gleanings.

New Hope:
Miss Ollie WRIGHT has the smallpox.
Elmore HART and Miss Dora MALLOW attended the basket dinner at Wilson chapel Sunday.
Miss Artie BEARD is visiting in Van Alstyne this week.
Misses Willie GOOSTREE and Helen MURRY were the guests of Mrs. Wood McDONALD Saturday night.
Claude BELL of Wallis Chapel and Miss Leona ORENDUFF of Trinity visited Miss Dora MALLOW Sunday evening.
Elmer BEARD of Van Alstyne was in our midst Thursday.
We are proud to say that Miss Blanch DAVIS is improving.
Miss Bessie MALLOW is spending the week at Bethany.
Wood McDONALD’s house caught fire Sunday but no serious damage was done.
A number of our young folks attended the memorial service of Edgar STRAUGHAN’s Sunday.
Miss Clara RAGSDALE is visiting friends at Bethany this week.

Farmersville Items:
Mrs. E. L. DARWIN, who taught school here a year of so ago, drew a claim in the government land drawing.
Constable S. H. SHIPMAN has been in the country most of the time recently attending his father who is seriously ill.
Prof. W. W. SHEPHERD and J. P. HOUSER returned Tuesday from a visit to the Mineral Wells recently discovered in West Collin.
J. N. SHELTON and Albert GRAHAM carried the remains of Mr. ROUSS to five miles south of McKinney for interment. He died near Climas, Texas.
Dr. A. J. FASSETT was unanimously elected pastor of the Baptist church in this city.
John G. DAVIS, south of town, has leased his hland at the Harris old tank on Bear Pen to some oil prospectors of Corsicana.
Alderman J. S. HENDREX happened to a deplorable accident. While milking a young cow with her first calf, he was badly gored, having his collar bone broken in two or three places and also two ribs. J. T. LACY was passing and rendered valuable assistance together with Fred PENDLETON in rescuing Mr. HENDREX from the vicious brute.
The remains of Mark HORTON were shipped here from Emory Friday for burial. ...the deceased, in company with Tom HEATOn, started from here in a wagon for Emory. They came to a crossroads saloon and bought some liquor of which HORTON drank right freely, and after resuming the journey, HORTON became sick and lay down in the wagon, and went to sleep. HEATON observed that HORTON’s face was in the sun, stepped back and caught hold of his hands and plled him in the shade when it was discovered that he was dead.

Mr. AKERS of Dallas county has moved to Lucas.
T. G. WHITE has moved into his new dwelling on South street.
J. M. GALLAGHER and G. E. MORROW attended the singing convention at Parker.
Wiley HACKLER and Miss Mamie MORRIS were married at St. Paul last night in the presence of a large crowd of friends and relatives. Rev. HUDGINS officiating.
Dr. MORROW and J. T. BRANCH of Branch, Texas, attended church at St. Paul last night.
J. W. SMITH of St. Paul was at Sunday school in Lucas.

McDonald School House.
Mrs. Colling and niece Miss WINNINGCOFF of Sherman are guests of Walter ROLF.
Jake BURRUS and wife of Decatur are visiting John BARNES.
Mrs. CONDAR is convalescent at this writing.
DINK MEADOWS and wife of McKinney attended services at this place Sunday.
Charlie SCALF and Miss Lizzie MURPHY were married last week.
John NEAL and family of Plano visited his mother and sister last week.
Miss Lizzie GULLETT of McKinney is a guest of Mr. TALLENT’s.
Miss Eddie TALLANT and brother George will teach school at Farris commencing Sept. l.
George DRAKE and family took a trip to Denton last week.
Prof. CROSS will teach at this place next term.

Mrs. G. B. AIRHART visited among us last week.
Miss Lucy BROWN of Weston was here Thursday night.

Rhea’s Mill:
Jim LEWIS and family attended camp-meeting at Bethel yesterday.
Dr. GREER and family, J. W. FLETCHER and family, Walter WILLIAMS and sister, Harry SNIDER and others from Rhea’s Mill took in the big picnic at Cottage Hill Saturday.
Lawson KERR and family attended services at the Chapel last night.
Jim LEWIS and Miss Sallie KERR, Andrew LEWIS and sister, Ella, attended the picnic at Cottage Hill Saturday.
Elmer HEBBS of near the Grove was buried in Walnut Grove cemetery yesterday.

Wallis Chapel:
F. F. DUFF has returned from a visit to relatives in Indiana.
Miss RUCKER and Misses CURTS and Emmet KENNEL of Chambersville dined at E. L. WALLIS’ Sunday.
Miss Iva WALLIS has returned home from McKinney where she has been attending the normal.
Lee CLEMENT, family and mother are visiting relatives here.
Dr. HUNTER of Melissa was in our community Monday.

Blue Ridge
Mr. and Mrs. Crowley and son of cold Hill Ark. Are visiting relatives in town.
Miss BOWLING, Andy BARNETT, Oliver HART and Lero BARNETT attended the picnic at Whitewright Friday.
Miss Mary COMER spent a few days with friends in Farmersville last week.
J. C. COPELAND and family, J. C. CONNER and family, Misses Fannie SCOTT, Lucy CALLAWAY, Sallie MOYERS and Clodia McFALL attended the picnic at Merit last Wednesday.
Rev. BLACKBURN is conducting a meeting at Climax.

Branch Bits:
W.J. MUNCY and wife of near Celina visited here Tuesday night.
Walter and Jim PARKS, Taz CALTON and Lee OSBORN were in McKinney First Monday horse trading.
Cris OAKLEY has been visiting friends and relatives near Celina.
Miss Lula OAKLEY, niece of T. C. OAKLEY, is visiting friends and relatives here.

Grove Growings:
Glen SNEED has returned from a month’s sojourn in Colorado.
Geo. KERBY is suffering from neuralgia in his head.
Jas. FAULKNER, our enterprising merchant of Grove is visiting his parents in Clay county.
Master Tommie MORGAN of Melissa visited relatives here last week.
Mrs. Pete WETSEL and children of Bellvue are visiting home folks at Grove this week.

Cottage Hill:
Mrs. D. M. KELLY is visiting relatives at this place.
Miss Ethel ELLER is attending singing school at Weston.
Miss Bulah HARPER of el Paso is visiting her cousins, Nettie and Lillie AUSTIN.
Tom OAKLY and family of Branch attended our picnic last Saturday.
Mrs. Laura BYRD visited Mrs. John OUSLEY of Celina last week.
Clarence BYRD and Misses Myrtle and Bettie WILLIAMS attended the ice cream supper at Anna Saturday night.

Ed BURGE returned Saturday from a trip to California.
Clyde BURGE is improving fast now.
Mr. JAY and wife have a new girl baby.
Mrs. Robt. ALLEN is quite sick.
Rev. ROBERTS is holding a protracted meeting at Liberty church.
Glenn JONES of McKinney is visiting Miss Alma BURGE and Dollie SMITH.
Miss Myrtle PEARCE of Pilot Point is visiting Mrs. John COX.

Miss Neva HIGGINS is quite sick at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Andy THOMPSON.
Mrs. J. E. WILSON and children of McKinney are visiting relatives here this week.
Mrs. A. A. McNATT of Greenville is visiting her parents M. W. YOUNGER and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. HAMILTON of Clay county is visiting at W. L. CAMPBELL.
Miss Newell HENDERSON visited Miss Maggie CANNON at Nevada last week.
Will WALLIS and Miss Ida BOYERS, Willard HUDDLESTON and Miss Hattie MORELAND, Joe WALLIS and Miss Zula HENDERSON attended singing convention at Parker.
Milt CLEVELAND happened to the good luck to draw a claim at Lawton and has gone ti file on same.
Miss Willie HARRIS of Greenville is the guest of Misses Rachel and Maggie YOUNGER this week.
Ed LOWRY of Mt. Zion and Sim HIGGINS of McKinney attended church here Sunday.
Ed BOMAR, wife and little son, Royce, Al BOMAR, wife and little daughters Ruby and Frankie of McKinney visited Bill BOMAR and wife Sunday.
J. C. CALDWELl, wife and family visited their daughter, Mrs. Cal WILLIAMS Saturday and Sunday.
Tom CAMPBELL and Miss Maud WHEELER were married last Friday, Rev. CRANE of Melissa pronounced the words which made them man and wife.
John K. WILSON of Princeton attended church here Sunday night.
Eld. Fay E. WALLACE closed his meeting at this place Sunday night.

Willie ODLE, son of Bill ODLE, fell out of a peach tree a few days ago and broke his arm.
Ham RUTLEDGE has been very sick the past two weeks but is very much improved at this writing.
Bill MONROE’s little boy is still very sick.
Mrs. Will BAILEY is very sick at her father’s W. F. FINLEY.
Oscar WALLACE received some very severe cuts from a knife in a fight with some other parties down in the bottom, Thursday.
Mrs. C. C. STONE is much improved after quite a spell of sickness.
Mrs. A. C. WILLIAMS was on the sick list last week.
Higgins school is progressing very nicely under the management of Miss Ella BALL.
We have learned that Turner HIGGINS of McKinney has purchased the Dr. ABBOT place joining the M. E. church and will make it his future home.
Mr. and Mrs. John LINSLY of McKinney spent a few days in this community with relatives.
Mrs. John WILLIS was among the sick again last week.
Babe RUTLEDGE’s little boy was very sick last week.
Rev. DEWITT preached at the Baptist church Sunday.

New Life:
Lon BARUN of Bethlehem visited his brother here Saturday.
O. J. STROUP and family visited his brother M. N. STROUP of Verona.
Messrs. RUSHING, BALLEW, BUTLER and RABUN and families are attending the Baptist meeting at Verona.
D. W. LEIGH and little niece Roberta LEIGH of Cooper, Texas, visited at Mrs. BURTON’s last week.
Fletcher ANDERSON of Verona spent Sunday night with Joe BURTON.
Mr. DORSEY of Grayson county is visiting his father-in-law James THOMPSON.
Lee HENDRICK and wife are visiting Grun McQUERY.

Miss Sallie THOMAS and Miss Pearl JOHNSTON who have been visiting relatives and friends near Allen returned Sunday.
Dr. ALDERSON and wife were paid a pleasant visit by his father, mother, brother and wife last week of Grayson County.
Will GRISSOM who has been visiting his uncle, Tol GRISSOM returned to his home in Oklahoma.
Miss Jane MILAN of Floyd, Hunt county visited friends here last week.
Joe BANDY and sister Miss Lizzie of Ardath visited Miss Ester LASTER Thursday.
Mr. HANSON and wife who have been visiting his parents in Eastern Texas returned home.
Mrs. Addie GREER is very low at this writing.

The Democrat, August 15, 1901, Vol. 18, No. 28

Local News.
Joseph G. and James E. ROBINSON, two prominent Roseland citizens, were at the county capital yesterday.
Harry Q. SMITH of Smith Bros’ firm, fell while adjusting an electric fan in their drug store and badly sprained his arm.
Mrs. C. D. REYNOLDS of Alvord is visiting her daughter Mrs. Rev. J. S. CAMERON in this city.
Walton FAHM and lady of Dallas were the guests of the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. PARKER in this city.
James W. FIELDS has returned from Colorado. He left his wife and daughters, Mesdames Bob LOVE and Joe ANTHONY at Manitou for a few weeks longer.
G. O. CATE, wife and daughter, Miss Ethel of Altoga, were in the city yesterday.
Claude C. BUCK has arrived from Oklahoma City to visit his mother a few days.
Tom WATSON, one of this section’s best known farmers and oldest citizens, is preparing to erect a nice residence in the Russell addition and make his future home in McKinney.
J.H. BONNER, the McKinney blacksmith, who drew a claim in the Lawton district, has just returned after filing on same.
M. W. YOUNGER informed us that an inch and a half rain fell the evening before at his house.
J. M. BRUNDRIDGE and J. E. WATKINS are new additions to The Democrat’s list of subscribers at Millwood.
County Superintendent J. H. Hill informs The Democrat that this year’s apportionment will be $5, same as last year.
Tom F. BRANCH and family of Wylie passed through town Tuesday.
Grandma (Betsy) ROBERTSON returned home from Colorado City, Col. after a year’s stay there with her son and daughter. The latter is Mrs. G. H. TUCKER.
Esq. J. T. COLEMAN is seriously ill at his home near Walnut Grove. He is among the earliest pioneers of west Collin and is known to almost every old time citizen in the county.
L. M. STEWART and wife, of Vineland, came in Monday from a ...visit to his sister Mrs. Kent K. KERR at Claude.
The jury commission, composed of S. A. ROSEMAN, of Anna; J. A. GARRISON, of Millwood, and R. A. McLARRY of this city have adjourned after selecting a list of jurors for the September, December and February terms of county court.
Mrs. D. HELMSTETTER, of Miss Florence DINSMORE will be at the head of the Fair’s millinery department again this coming fall and season.
Miss Etta ONEAL is visiting in Greenville.
Mrs. J. H. HILL has returned to Weatherford.
Mrs. Mate BARNETT and son Wre are visiting at Whitesboro.
Geo. CARTER of Greenville visited his uncle, A. P. CARTER, here last week.
Wm. PURNELL, proprietor of the Mississippi store, has returned from the market.
Miss Anna HOOD of Plano, attended the picnic. She was the guest of Mrs. Robt. E. CHAMBERS.
Mrs. J. C. RHEA, Maude POWELL, Misses Mary RHEA and Mac MARSHALL left Monday for Manitou, Colo.
Marshal Todd WARDEN brought Sewell RAY down from Sherman Friday. RAY is the negro who recently broke out of the calaboose.
F. M. BEVEL, living a few miles southeast of town, also sold a bale of cotton in McKinney.
Miss Frankie OATES is visiting in Farmersville.
Mrs. Pony JACKSON is visiting at Buffalo Springs.
Mrs. John FAIRES is visiting her son, Joe, in the Territory.
Miss Laura Moore is visiting at Gainesville and Montague.
E. W. MUSE has accepted the principalship of the Allen school.
S. E. McCHESNEY has gone on an extensive visit to his old home in Kentucky.
Miss Ella HOBBS has gone to Muscogee, I. T. to make her future home with a married sister.
Mrs. B. Tom SMITH and children have gone to Mexico where Mr. SMITH has accepted a railroad position.
Prof. T. W. LANHAM, of Roseland, heard his distinguished cousin, Congressman, S. W. T. LANHAM, speak here Thursday.
R. S. BERRY, foreman of the Denison Weekly and Daily Herald attended the funeral of his mother in this city.
Olney DAVIS had a good horse stolen from the hitch rack in Plano Saturday night.
Sam E. BATEMAN of Celina, who is attending commercial college in Dallas, was up to see that McKinney’s big picnic passed off...
Sol DEBOE, of Ardath, marketed some hogs here Monday for 5 cents a pound.
Hugh KIRKPATRICK and Dr. W. B. HUNN came in from Lawton where each was lucky enough to draw himself a 160 acre homestead in the Indianlands.
Four WOODY brothers, ranging in age from 55 to 70, passed through McKinney in a hack Monday enroute to visit their brother, Uncle Hugh WOODY, a pioneer of this county who lives a few miles north of Farmersville. Two of them live in Parker County and two in Wise.
Gus WILSOn cam in from his trip to the Pacific. Ed BURGE went with him but preceded him home a few days.
Sam J. DAVIS, of this city, is on an extensive pleasure and sight seeing trip in the north.
In Justice TERRELL’s court, G. W. BLANKENSHIP was awarded a verdict of $40 against J. M. ACUFF for shooting a cow.
Esq. Lonnie A. SEARS of Farmersville enjoyed the big picnic. Esq. SEARS is personally and officially one of the most popular citizens East Collin ever produced.
J. E. WRIGHT, wife and little daughter, Pearl, of Parker attended the picnic. Mr. WRIGHT gave The Democrat a welcome call.
Otho GALLOWAY was arraigned before Esq. TERRELL, Friday on a charge of attempt to burglarize the store of Mr. DRAKE a few miles southeast of town.
In our Cottage Hill picnic write-up last week, the name of a. W. RUNNION of Weston, and Miss Beulah HARPER of El Paso were untintentionally omitted.
Miss Ida SPANN who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Ed. CANTRELL, in this city left Monday for home at Vienna, Ill. They are daughters of Judge Span of Vienna.
S. C. THOMPSON of Farmersville, attended the big picnic.
Levi DOUN left Friday for Gage, O. T., to visit..with his mother and other relatives.
Ham NEAL a well known farmer and bee man living south of Farmersville, attended the big picnic.
Esq. John BECKHAM, of Blue Ridge, attended the picnic Thursday.
W. M. McMENAMY and J. L. JOHNSON left Friday for Tioga, La, to work in a big saw mill.
Miss...Edith MORTEN of Farmersville [was a] guest of Mrs. M. WADE the latter part of the week.
G. W. CARROLL and daughter, Miss Pearl, of Westminster, attended the big picnic.
W. A. STRAUGHAN of Ardath was in Monday..and is one of the star peach raisers of Collin county.
T. J. BURRUS has arrived from Weaver, Hopkins conty to assume the management of the Princeton gin...
Postmaster J. H. COSBY and W. H. GRAVES, of Culleoka were visitors of The Democrat on Friday.
Paul MAGUER of Hale Center, Hale county, came in Sunday evening on a visit to his mother, Mrs. Sallie PUCKERT. Paul left McKinney three years ago a frail boy, but he returns a robust man.
Mrs. Harriet N. THOMPSON and little daughter, Lena, arrived home Sunday evening from a visit to relatives in and around Greenfield, Ill.

Collin County Gleanings.

Farmersville Items:
Mrs. Latta and daughter, Miss Vena, visiting Mrs. D. E. NEATHERY.
Greenville’s first bale of cotton was marketed by W. A. NEYLAND.
The first bale of cotton of the 1901 crop was marketed here Thursday last. It was brought to town by Jim BRALLY, living one and one-half miles from Copeville and was bought by Steve NEATHERY.
Dr. Jas. WILLIAMS and W. Y. CARVER accompanied Sam CARVER to Terrell where he will be confined in the asylum.
Prof. I. D. FOWLER leaves tomorrow to look after his claim in the Kiowa and Commanche [sic] country.
Mrs. L. B. MORRIS has received notice to the effect that she had received a judgment of $250 for injury sustained in boarding or alighting from a street car in Dallas last fall.
James WISDOM and Miss Mary GIBBS were married Wednesday night at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. GIBBS, south of the city. Rev. BYARS of Josephine, officiating.
Jim BYBEE came in Wednesday and surrendered to Constable SHIPMAN on a charge of aggravated assault, having struck Uncle Dan HOUSER with an old bladeless hatchet.

The Democrat was the recipient of a ...visit Friday from T. J. MOTT of Millwood, and daughter, Miss Hattie, accompanied by Misses Lizzie and Pearl ROBERTS of Wilmeth.

A. A. CORRY has purchased 160 acres of land off the H. W. HARLESS farm.
Messers TOWNSEND and TIPTON, proprietors of a large dry goods company of Rockwall, were here Tuesday prospecting with a view of opening a branch house here.
John CRENSHAW and family who have been visiting the former’s father returned last Thursday.
J. W. MEADOWS of this place and L. Z. BROWN of the Sabine neighborhood have been notified that they were among the lucky ones at Uncle Sam’s lottery and that each one had drawn 160 acres...
Revs. S. W. MILLER and Nat F. CRAFTON have been holding a tent meeting on the school grounds since last Sunday.

Mrs. Leona PATTERSON is visiting relatives here.
Roy DOUGLASS of Van Alstyne was in our midst Sunday.
Mrs. Florence CULWELL and her father have returned from a trip to Mexico. Her little son who has been sick for six months is no better.
S. L. ADAMSON has returned from a business trip to Tioga.
Miss Mary DENTON and her uncle of McKinney were in the city Saturday.
T. C. BOUNDS and Miss Floy LEACH were married at the Wade Hotel in McKinney Wednesday evening...
Lawrence PAFFORD is home again from Culleoka where he has been teaching school.

Van Alstyne
Mr. Webb NELSON and Miss Stella HOWLE called for the blessings of their heavenly Father upon their union which was solemized on Sunday last. Rev. E. G. ROBERTS officiating.
Mrs. Georgia McCORKLE, president of the Rebeccas Assembly of Texas, returned home this week from [travel] in the interest of the order.
Mr. John DUNHAN and Miss Emmal HINTON, two popular young people of the Elmont community were united in marriage Sunday afternoon. Rev. J. M. LAWHORN officiating.
The Chambersville band under directorship of Professor W. S. SMITH delighted our people with music during the two days picnic....
At the Baptist church on Sunday last at high noon, Rev. A. S. HALL solemnized the marriage ritual which united the lives of Mr. Tom MOSS of Greer county and Miss Ida GEORGE.....the groom is a brother of Oscar MOSS of this city and the bride is a sister of Mrs. Oscar MOSS.

Branch Bits
Misses Maggie and Lula OAKLEY visited at Mrs. Jane CALTONs and Miss Susan LAFONs Wednesday.
T. C. OAKLEY and nephew Crit OAKLEY finished making woven wire fence for J. T. BRANCH Thursday.
Misses Lula, Bertie, Cornie, Maggie and little Vera OAKLEY were visitors at W. J. LEDBETTER’s school Thursday evening.
Sam LANE and family, Litburn SANDERS and wife, Mrs. MARTIN and daughter Miss Ida all attended the picnic at McKinney Thursday.
Crit OAKLEY, Jim OSBURN, T. C. OAKLEY and daughters all attended religious services at Culleoka Friday night. Rev. DAY preached.
Will SANDERS returned from Denton county Saturday where he went after his house-keeping outfit, having moved back to old Collin.
W. P. OSBORN and family, Mr.MULLIN and family all went to preaching at Culleoka Sunday.
Henry DUNN’s baby has been very sick this week.

Bethany Batch:
Mrs. H. COTHES is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Sam J. MOULDEN of near Waco.
Our protracted meeting has begun. Rev. NICHOLLS of Plano is assisting Rev. FAULKNER our pastor. The singing is very good. Jimmie FAULKNER is our leader.
Mrs. W. R. HART has gone to Wylie on a visit.
Miss Clara RAGSDALE of near McKinney, is visiting Miss Allie COTHES this week.
Carl WEEKS of Vineland was among us last Sunday.
Miss Ethel LEWIS of Vineland visited here last Sunday.

Miss Maggie CANNON has returned to her home after a two day visit here.
Dr. A. V. RUTLEDGE made a professional visit to our village last week.
Prof. LEIGH and little niece spent last Wednesday night with G. O. CATE and family.
Misses Myrtie SMITH and Nina PARKER, Messrs. Burt NICHOLS and Elmer SCRIBNER called on Miss Bithie CATE recently.
The delegates that attended the convention at Parker were Willard HORDDLSTON [sic], Miss Alice MORELAND, Will WALLACE, and Miss Ida BOYER.
Mrs. G. G. LOVELADY and family have returned to her home after a two weeks visit to relatives accompanied by her sister and family, Mrs. SMITH and brother T. C. COTE.
Dr. John MANTOOTH and Miss Bethie CATE, Dave WATKINS and Miss Hattie MORELAND attended church at Vernon Sunday night, also Frank DUNN and Roe LAWSON.
Little Miss Bulah DAVIS has just recovered from scarlet fever.
Mrs. Lizzie Dunn HITCHCOCK is sick at this writing.
Little Paul Kimsey MATTHEWS is on the sick list.
Mrs. I. T. MORELAND has been indisposed for several days.
Bro. Levi DUNN will commence a series of meetings ...Sunday night..if not providentially hindered.
We now have a union Sunday School in the village, John HALE Supt., Mrs. Lizzie HITCHCOCK, Secretary.

Allen Anthems.
....Joe Clark living three miles south of Lebanon had his barn burned with a large quantity of hay and other stuff lost Friday night.
Bob HENDRICKS started with a car load of hogs from his house three miles east of Allen this morning, and had only gotten about half way when night came on account of heat. He was driving them on foot.
F. B. RICKERSON went to Sanger last week.
Emmet CALDWELL of Nevada is visiting here at present.
Allie ROBBINS of Kentucky arrived today to attend the bedside of his father H. M. ROBBINS who is ill at this time.
Bryant CARROL while engaged in umpiring a game of base ball at Plano recently was struck with the ball over the left eye and severely hurt, but is getting along nicely at present.
Train No. 16 killed a fine yung cow yesterday belonging to G. A. WILKERSON.
Mrs. G. W. GREEN is quite sick with slow fever.
S. M. McGUFFIN of Lebanon was here yesterday.
Lee GULLEDGE the Lebanon merchant passed through Allen this morning on his way to St. Louis.
Mrs. E. F. YOUNG, Mrs. Sarah TEEL and Douglass YOUNG Sundayed in Allen.
L. B. GARRISON and wife are the proud parents of an eleven lb. boy.

Little Creek:
Miss Cora DAVIS of Little Rock, Ark., is the guest of Rev. BRUNDRIDGE’s family.
Joe LEEPER and Marvin HARLESS of Farmersville was [sic] in our vicinity Sunday.
Miss Belle DODSON spent last week at Lavon with Miss Addie VEASY.
Miss Ruth STAFFORD has returned from Commerce where she has been visiting relatives for the past two months.
Sam SKIPWORTH and Miss Sue WEATHERALL were married at Lavon Sunday evening.
Mrs. HUFFMAN has been very sick for two weeks but is better at this writing.
“Grandma” WATKINS is visiting her son Jim WATKINS near Nevada.
Miss Mattie BURMETT of Nevada was the guest of Miss Laura WATKINS a few days recently.
T. J. MOTT and family spent last week visiting relatives near McKinney.
Mr. and Mrs. ROGERS have returned from Scurry Co., where they have been visiting relatives.
Prof. TURNER is at home again after teaching a successful singing school at Cotton Wood.
R. L. BROWN has gone to St. Louis on business.
Bro. ELETCHER [FLETCHER ?] closed a most successful meeting at South Church Monday evening after baptizing 22.
Miss Hattie MOTT is on the sick list.

Miss Florence CARROL of this place is visiting Miss Lillie HARPER in Denton Co.
S. A. HARRINGTON has sold out his interest in the store with Mr. WATKINS.
Miss Katie ANDERSON is visiting relatives in Dallas this week.
Rev. Geo. HULLINGER and family have gone to Parker Co. on a three weeks visit.
Dr. GIADU and family and Miss Cora REYNOLDS of this place attended the picnic at McKinney.
G. W. CARROL and daughter, Miss Pearle made a brief visit in McKinney Wednesday.
J. R. WILLIAMS and wife have returned home.
Miss Emma COFFEY, who has been visiting in Hillsborro for the past month returned home.
Mr. CARROL has sold his house and lot to e. S. WILLIAMS and will move to Hopkins.
Miss Ollie WATKINS, who has been very low with slow fever for some time is slowly improving.
Ben ANDERSON of Como, made a short visit with his parents of this place last Monday and Tuesday.
Prof. C. O. STUBBS has had his residence painted.
Miss Minnie THOMPSON of this place is sick with the slow fever.
Charlie SIMMONS and wife, Charlie LAWRENCE and wife, Mark SIMMONS and Henry ROLAND left Friday for a two weeks visit with relatives in Montague Co.
B. F. SIMMONS and family returned home Thursday.
Rev. RAMSEY has sold his house and lot to Mr. GILMORE of Anderson Co. Mr. ANDERSON [sic] [RAMSEY ?] will move to Palestine.
Mr. HARRINGTON’s folks have returned from a two weeks stay in Wise Co.

Clear Lake:
A. F. EGGERS is stepping high as a turkey gobbler. Cause the arrival of a 6 12 pound girl at his house. Mother and child are getting along nicely and with careful attention A. F. will finally recover.
R. L. PALMER is almost ready for ginning.
J. S. WOLFERT has gone west on a pleasure trip.

May Bell the little daughter of W. M. WILSON is sick at this writing.
Mrs. Alma WILSON of Princeton visited relatives here Saturday and Sunday.
John RUSSELL and family of Greenville are guests of W. N. STRODE this week.
Clint TARVIN has been employed by STRAUGHAN and WILSON to run their engine through the cotton season.
Omer the little son of Milt Cleveland is quite sick at this writing.
Tom HUDDLESTON and wife left Saturday for Mineral Wells where they will visit relatives.
Dr. GREEN of Carterville, Ga. Located in our village.
Mrs. DEBOW and grand-daughter little Miss Ora DUGGER are visiting relatives here this week.

Rev. Levi DUNN of Nevada will begin a meeting Sunday night.
Misses Hettie and Nettie STROUP, L’ter RECER and Mrs. Dora VERNON attended church here Sunday evening, also Messrs Luke RECER of Johnson and Misses Ida BOYER, Newell, Zula and Audra HENDERSON and Messrs Charles BOYER and Monroe of Ardath, Messrs Will and Joe WALLACE of Stoney Point and Miss Ester VIMMILLION.
Misses Ella MOORE and sisters Ora and Willie have returned home after several days visit to relatives and friends.
Mrs. WHITESON visited her sister Mrs. L. CAMMERON [sic] last week.
Mr. FARRELL who died near Valdasta was buried here Sunday at ten o’clock.

Grandpa SHIPMAN, Mrs. Frank STRIPLIN and little Eva CASHION are on our sick list this week.
A pretty little blue-eyed Miss is stopping in the home of Edgar CASHION.
Messrs. W. A. GRAY and John STRIPLIN recently returned from a pleasant visit to Sulphur Springs, I. T.
Mrs. D. W. THOMAS and daughter, Mrs. WILLIS of Durant I. T. are attending the bedside of the former’s father, Jeff SHIPMAN.
Mr. ROUSE, one of our old time citizens, died last week and the remains were carried to Forest Grove for interment. He leaves a wife and several children.
B. C. CHILDRESS and family returned to Celina Thursday after a pleasant visit to the latter’s mother, Mrs. W. C. STANFORD.
Misses Kate GRAY and Cora CALDWELL attended services at Verona Sunday.
Messrs. Josh and James OSBORNE of Cleburne are visiting their mother, Mrs. W. A. GRAY.
Misses Buna and Stella FAGALA visited in Johnson community Saturday.
Miss Malinda BOMAR of New HOPE was the guest of Miss Cora CALDWELL two days last week.
Miss Esther WRIGHT of Farmersville was the guest of Miss Kate GRAY Wednesday and Thursday.
Robert LAFEVERS of Chambersville was mingling with old friends here last week.
Buck CANNADY and family are visiting friends in Weston.
W. K. STANFORD of Celina is visiting home folks this week.
Mrs. Sam GRAVES of Pilot Point is visiting relatives here this week.
Miss BAUMGARDNER of Lebanon is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Charles WATSON.

Lavon Cullings:
Mrs. Dr. FREEMAN and Miss Winnie BROWN were visiting relatives in Whitewright the past week.
Bud WEATHERALL of Lancaster came up to attend SKIPWORTH and WEATHERALL wedding.
Misses Bettie and Ethel LEEPER of near Leonard are visiting friends and relatives this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert MILLER of Rovse were over Sunday.
Wedding chimes were ringing in out little city Sunday evening and took one of our fair maidens. Miss Susie WEATHERALL was happily married to Mr. Sam SKIPWORTH, Rev. G. M. HALL officiating. The following couples went with them: Marion TOLLET and Miss Maude DODSON, Eugene WEBB and Miss Nancy TRANTUM, Drew BROWN and Miss Erma THOMPSON, Gabe WILLIAMS and Miss Claudie BOYD. Afte the ceremony the contracting parties repaired to the residence of the brides sister, Mrs. W. T. BROWN where refreshments were served. The bride is the youngest daughter of George WEATHERALL.

Lee CLEMENT, of Brumlow, Wise county, and nephew J. F. BARNETT of Melissa whom he is visiting, were in the city Monday. Mr. CLEMENT was born four miles northeast of town where his father, Leroy CLEMENT, a Collin pioneer, lived. The latter will be remembered by our older citizens, also the tragic death of his brother, who was killed by Indians on Honey Creek.... He is also a grand-son of Maj. BOGARD, another name revered among our early timers. His sister, afterward, Mrs. R. E. MOORE of near Melissa, who is now dead, was the first girl baby born in McKinney where his father moved soon after the town was founded.

Mrs. CLAYTON, who with her husband was traveling in a wagon from a visit to her father’s near Waxahachie to their home near Honey Grove, was seriously burned, Monday, by falling into a camp fire. They were camped near Princeton. Messrs John DUGGER and S. H. HOUSEMAN came in Monday night to meet the injured lady’s father who had been telegraphed for. Mrs. CLAYTON’s condition is serious, she was taken to the home of s. C. BROWN and given prompt medical assistance.

The Gun Club Shoot.
The McKinney Gun Club shoot at the picnic was an interesting feature to many. The winners in the various 10 rock events were: W. H. BERTRAND, W. B. OATS, Fred EMERSON, Mr. RAY of Plano, W. C. HARRISON, Gano CARPENTER, W. H. SIMS, G. M. RAY of Plano.

List of Letters.
Remaining in the postoffice at McKinney, Tex. Aug 8, 1901.
Ladies: McDOWELL, Eva.
Gentlemen: BALLEW, J. E.; BRUSE, W. M.; BREWER, John; COLLINS, Tom; DAWSON, Authur; DODSON, C. S.; EVANS, W. B.; GALLOWAY, Ashil; GLASS, Guess; IVINS, P. B.,; MESSICK, J. R.; SPRAGINS, Homer.

List of Letters.
Remaining in the postoffice at McKinney, Tex. Aug. 15, 1901.
Ladies: ALLEN, Mrs. Alice L.; HIGGINS Gertrue; HUGULEY, Mrs. Sallie; SIMMONS, Sarah; SWINK, Mrs. A.M.: THOMPSON, Mrs. Allie; TAYLOR, Mrs. Molindia; WALKER, Miss Mary; WOOD, Miss Mamie.
Gentlemen: ALSBURN, Henry; BELL, H. A.; CHANDLER, William; CHARLES, J. C. (2); COLBERT, Mit; FANNING, Luda; GALLUP, G. W.; HAMMOND, W. O. N.; ROBBINS Harvey M.; REDY, J. B.; WHITE, John; WALLACE, Alma.

Y. M. C. A. Contest.
The following were winners in the contest at the picnic: CLINE, DOWLEN, CLINE, CLINE, McLEANS, Milton NENNEY, CLINE, FOSTER, Guy RAMBO, BEVERLY, McLEAN, McLEAN. [Some given names were not included.] Permits to Pair.
W. T. REEVES and Miss Dora L. HILLIN
C. E. ENGLISH and Miss Bell HAYS
Joe REDNINE and Mrs. Eliza McCOLLUM
T. C. BOUNDS and Miss Floy LEACH
Wylie STOCKWELl and Miss Sallie NEAL
Houston VanDEVENIER and Mrs. Martha T. HARRIS

Real Estate Transfers.
J. H. BLANKENSHIP to B. E. THROCKMORTON, Lot 41, blk 28, McKinney, $600.00
R. K. MOSELY and wife to b. F. GEARHART 102a, $5250
B. MOTE and wife to Henry HAYS 35a, W. E. THROCKMORTON, B. OLIVER surveys, $525.
J. H. LYNCH to E. B. KEETON part of lot 36, McKinney, H. L. Davis addition $350
W. B. COMBEE and wife to A. F. KIMMEY, lots 15, 16, Nevada, $250.
J. W. STINSON and wife to R. J. WILLIAMS ½ int. in 191a, D. ANGLIN survey, $2865.
T. J. HIGGINS and wife to S. H. ABBOTT, all blk 28, W. J. S. RUSSELL survey, $850
S. H. ABBOTT and wife to T. J. HIGGINS, 30a, E. M. JONES survey $1500.
J. F. FLOWERS to H. H. FLOWERS, 96a, W. W. ROBERTS, survey $2500.
C. F. GEORGE to W. K. HENDRICKS 8a, H. HOHN survey, $80.
A. FRANKLIN to L. D. FRANKLIN 183a, D. J. FRANKLIN survey $1200.
W. P. HERRON and wife to J. P. SOUTH, 51a, I. WATERS survey, $1300.
W. P. HERRON and wife to S. E. SMITH, 51a, I. WATERS survey, $1450.
W. E. SMITH et al to J. H. SMITH, 46a, J. L. RIGHT survey, $1250.
J. R. SELF and wife to T. M. LANHAM, 65a, S. WALKER survey, $1735.
J. F. BIRDWELL and wife to Jno. HOWARD 42a, C. W. NOYES & L MOORE surveys $1890.
Jno. A. COVEY to S. H. COLE et al lot in Millwood, $130.
G. W. WATSON and wife to A. B. BRYANT 49a, S. D. TERRY survey, $1750.
G. M. RUSHING and wife to J. W. DUKE, ½ acre, Nevada, $475.
S. E. LEVERETT to DUKE & LOVE lots 4, 5, blk, 7, Nevada, $400.
MOORE & ROLLOW to N. P. DUKE, lot, W. M. WARREN’s second addition to Nevada, $300.
C. C. YEATTS to S. E. LEVERETT, 1 lot Nevada, $100.
A. T. BRYANT and wife to Jno. SUMMERFIELD, 60a, Collin Co. school land, $3570.
M. B. TEAGUE to J. P. ACHLEY 1 ½ a WRIGHT survey, $175.
J. R. ELDRIDGE and wife to T. H. WILSON ½a Plano, $285.
W. F. PARKER and wife to J. R. ELDRIDGE 1/2a, S. BUCK survey, $250.
L. S. CRAVER and wife to J. H. BLANKENSHIP, lots 1, 2, blk 217, Princeton, $110.
Chas. E. SAIGLING to C. F. SAIGLING, lot in Plano, $400.
T. J. BOORMAN and wife to D. E. EFIRD and wife, lots 11 blk 2, also lots 9, 20, blk 3 Princeton, $105.
E. E. GRAHAM and wife to Jas. M. BARRON, C. K. NANCE survey, $600.
Mrs. Lizzie M. GRAHAM (Guar.) To Jas M. BARRON ½ int. in 25a, C. K. NANCE survey, $600.
R. B. TURNER et ux to R. B. WHISENANT 167 a, J. H. COLLINS survey, $6178.
B. MOTE and wife to J. H. RATTAN, 73a, Wm. KITCHENS survey, $3123.
W. ELLER to S. H. ABBOTT, 40a, R. SKAGGS survey, $805.
S. L. ADAMSON and wife to Jno. S. STALCUP, tract of land, T. STALCUP survey, $2600.
R. B. YOUNG et ux to M. BUMPASS, 51a, E. B. REED survey, $1600.
E. DeSHIELDS, et al, to J. R. HOLLOWAY, part lot 4, blk 8, RIKE’s addition to Farmersville $975.

Ex-Confederate Re-Union Picnic Notes.
Mayor McFARLAND of Plano mingled with the throng the first day.
A. J. LUCAS at old veteran from Farmersville, took in the reunion and swapped yarns with the boys.
J. A. STRICKLAND and Miss Mattie MURPHY were married on the picnic grounds by Eld. Jno. M. McKINNEY. May their married life be a ‘continuous picnic throughout.”
Mrs. Elizabeth SHAKELFORD, of Sherman, attended the picnic and was the guest of her grandson Oscar M. GODDARD. This was her first visit to McKinney for nearly 50 years.
Doc. RECTOR, who enlisted in Capt. J.[unreadable name] in McKinney in June 1861 and served in the same throughout the war, attended the reunion and picnic. He is now a resident of Veal’s Station, Tex.

The remains of Mrs. J. R. BERRY, who died Wednesday night, Aug, 7 at Honey Grove ....were interred in the family burying ground in Pecan Grove Cemetery.[For the complete story, see the Obituary page at this site.] A Number of Rejections. Illiteracy the bar to many who want to join the army. Out of 18 applicants for admission to the United States army at the McKinney sub-station only three men have been accepted so far by Corpl. DOHERTY and Dr. E. L. BURTON. The three accepted were Jack CROCKETT and James FEAX. Both sent to San Diego, Cal., for the foot service, and Andrew RAINWATER who was sent to San Antonio of the mounted service. Most of the rejections are due to illiteracy.

Doc TURNER has sold his two farms in West Collin and will quit the walks of a farmer after he gathers this year’s crop. Bent WHISENANT of Allen bought the old FIELD’s place while J. P. TURNER of Rock Hill is the purchaser of the PARVIN farm in the flats.

D. C. BOUNDS and Miss Floy LEACH, both of Weston were married in the parlors of the new Wade hotel in this city on Wednesday night of last week. Eld. Jno. M. McKINNEY officiating. Both young people are highly esteemed in their locality, the groom being the present constable from the Weston precinct.

Robert WILSON of Allen sold some of the finest onions we have seen this year to Price STIFF this week.

County Court.
Lizzie M. GRAHAM, guardian of the estate of Cliftie M. GRAHAM, minor, report of sale of land approved.
Supplemental final report of J. S. DOWELL, administrator of the estate of M. A. FIELDS, deceased, approved and administration closed.
Second report of J. C. FRYE, guardian of the estate of Virgie FRYE, et al minors, approved.
H. W. HARLESS, guardian of the estate of J. H. HARLESS, et. al minors, bond and oath approved.
Ida B. DOWELL, executrix of the estate of J. P. DOWELL, deceased, inventory and appraisement approved and bond fixed at $28,220.
Mrs. Mattie WEBB vs. Dink ESTES, judgement for $156 in favor of plaintiff.
In county court Tuesday the application of J. W. McKINNEY for letters of administration of the estate of Jeff McKINNEY, deceased, was granted and administrator’s bond fixed at $2,400.