Democrat 1905 The Democrat, July 13, 1905
[The front page is missing, and other pages do not have the Volume/Number.]

South McKinney.
John WELCH cut down Mr. BEAVERís second crop of clover. Mr. BEAVER is about ready to plow up his clover and fall back on cotton and corn.
Mr. DOWLIN has finished moving a house for Rev. WHEELER. He bought it from Mrs. McDONALD. It is located just north of Mr. WILDERís residence.
The new house of Mr. OSMENTS just south of Mrs. MORGANís is about completed.

Regional Community News.

J. W. WEAVERís brother is visiting him.
C. N. WEBB has been sick.
Miss Leta FLANIGAN is visiting to Dallas.
Walter POE has gone to Oklahoma.
Miss Lotie PEARCE is visiting in Greenville.
Miss Hazel KENDALL of McKinney is visiting Miss Julia VERNON.
Jack STIFF and Roll HORNE were here Sunday.
Rev. COALE called in his appointment at Liberty Sunday.
Mrs. Mary COX spent Sunday night with Mrs. ROBBINS.
Rev. COALE spent Thursday night with C. FARNSWORTH and family.
S. L. LANIER had the misfortune of losing a horse last week.
Miss Ray DORCHESTER of Sherman visited her friend, Miss Alma BURGE recently.

Water Ridge:
Mrs. Sue BILLINGSTON and children of County Line spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. SPARKS.
Mrs. J. R. DILLON and daughter, Miss Eva, visited in Richard community with her brother Jim ODEN recently.
Will NIXON was in Nevada on business Monday.
Mrs. Parthenia CAUGHRON spent Friday with friends at Snow Hill.
Jeff HILL was in Lavon on business recently.
Fillman MAYFIELD and wife visited relatives at Climax last week.
Mrs. WOODALL and children of Womble have returned home after a visit to her mother, Mrs. E. A. MILLER.

Mrs. Bob SKELTON and little daughter, Opal, returned home from Vernon.
Mrs. Joe CURTIS is sick.
Misses Ola and Clarsie HAYNES and Miss Verna KNIGHT spent Thursday and Friday with their friend, Mrs. Curtis TABER near Parker.

S. A. MCGOWAN and Tom REDMAN gave Greenville a visit this week.
Tom NORMAN and Ment FRY visited friends at Wesminster Sunday.
Albert CRESWELL put a new roof to his house last week.
Mrs. L. D. RICHARDS visited friends in Merit and Greenville last week.
Master Selba BENEDICT of Greenville is spending his vacation with relatives in Pike this summer.

Fitzhugh Mills:
Geo. MAGNESS and wife of Lick Springs have been visiting their daughter Mrs. Roy DONALDSON.
F. W. LAWSON was sick last week.
Will KEYS and family spent Saturday in McKinney.
Little Misses Viola and Etta WALDRUP were the guests of Miss Essa LAWSON.
Miss Anna MARTIN visited friends here Sunday.
Sebe MYERS and wife have been visiting relatives in McKinney.
Mrs. H. T. TRANTHAM has been ill for the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim HOARD of McKinney were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sebe MYERS.
Misses COREL and Essa LAWSON attended church at Lowery Crossing Sunday.
Mrs. STEVENS of Viney Grove is visiting Mrs. F. M. VEVELL of this community.
Will EDWARDS of McKinney was in this community Monday.

Miss Willie HEAVEL is spending this week with her niece Mrs. Scott RICHERSOn of New Life who is very sick.
Mrs. N. E. WADKINS is sick.
Dr. John MANTOOH has returned from a visit to Tioga.
Dr. RUTLEDGE of Melissa was in this village Saturday.
Welford LACY and sister, Miss Ada and Gordie CAREY went to Donna Saturday.
Mrs. Lela HEIGHT of McKinney visited her grandmother, Mrs. COWAN last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bud RAY have a fine boy stopping at their home.
Mrs. Sue STAPP is visiting relatives in Greenville.
Rev. B. A. HALL has returned home again.
Bud HATTLER is at home again.
Prof. T. T. WEBB who is attending the normal in McKinney was in our little town Saturday.
Little Mabry STRODE is visiting Mrs. COWAN this week.
W. S. KING and family visited relatives at Ardath last week.
The Methodist pastor, Rev. MORELAND with the help of Rev. VANER, an Evangelist, will begin a tent meeting here.
[Participants in Methodist church childrenís services] Etna VANCE, L. CAMERON, B. A. HALL, Minnie TERRELL, Jessie KING, Oscar DOBBS, Jessie DOBBS, Homer CATE , Gladys HEARD, Vallie LACY, Ora LAWSON, Minnie ANDERSON, Edna COLLINS, Kate FARLEY, Leslie VERMILION, Clint DOBBS, Ethel VERMILLION, Ora EASLEY, Virgie and Hattie McCOY, Lee WADKINS, W. T. DUNN, Gladys CAREY, Laura PARKISON, Bertie PARKISON, Annie ROWBOHERN, B. A. HALL, Dave WADKINS, W. T. DUNN, J. D. WALKER, Ella BRASWELL, Cora CALDWELL, Wilford and ??llie LACY.
Miss Mary May McDOWELL, one of Altogaís choicest young ladies has been elected teacher of the intermediate department.
Miss Myrtie JETTON of Whitewright is visiting her cousins, Ferbin and Susie McGEE.

I. T. COLEMAN is building a nice residence.
Charley SMITH will leave Monday for Canyon City to attend the reunion of confederates and cowboys, and then go to Hereford to visit his children..
Edwin DOGGETT, of McKinney was looking after his business interest here Saturday.
J. Perry BURRUS was over from the county seat Saturday.

Sister Grove
Cora THOMAS is sick.
Miss Ethel WILCOXSON of Verona was the guest of Eula and Ethel MORROW last week.
Fleet BYARS has returned hom after visiting his sister, Mrs. Alpha FOSTER at Greenville.
Lonzo MORROW was in Verona Saturday.
Bill HAVENS and wife visited relatives in the county seat last week.
Misses Allie and Mary CURTIS entertained a number of the young people Saturday night.
Joe BECK was here last Thursday from Plano.
Jesse and Howard NORMAN of Boggy was [sic] here on business last Thursday.

New Life
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DUNN of Durant, I. T., visited the latterís parents Mr. and Mrs. J. W. GREEN last week.
Miss Daisie RICH is sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Scot RICHARDSON have a new boarder stopping at their home.
Mrs. J. W. GREEN is up again after being sick last week.
W. J. BURTON has been elected to see after Veronaís telephone lines.

Wallis Chapel
Mrs. H. O. WALLIS returned home Friday after a monthís stay in Terrell.
Mrs. F. F. DUFF has been real sick.
Jim BARNETT of McKinney was in our community last week.
Mr. BONE and family of Walnut Grove passed through our community in route to Blue Ridge.
H. O. WALLIS went to Dallas Friday.

Bill SHORT and family from west of McKinney visited J. S. HENLEY and family Sunday.
Miss Addie BRIDGEFARMER visited the Misses JONES Sunday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robt RUTLEDGE, June 29th, a fine boy.
Mr. GAMBRILL and son visited J. W. GEORGE Sunday.
Joe ALLEN and wife of Princeton visited the latterís parents, Mr. and Mrs Bill ODIE Saturday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. George SHELTON, July 1st a baby girl.
D. C. EFIRD of Lampassas county is visiting here. He formerly lived in this community.
Miss Bessie MONROE is very sick.
Mrs. Will FIELDER and children visited her mother, Mrs. DECKER.
Rev. DUNN filled his regular appointment at the Baptist Church on Sunday.
Miss Allie GEORGE is sick this week.
Miss Ethel MONROE visited Miss Ida SMITH Sunday.
Mrs. Charles RUTLEDGE is sick this week.
Henry MYRICK of Lowery crossing visited Clarence BRIDGEFARMER Saturday night and Sunday.
Gen ODIE and wife moved to McKinney Friday.
J. D. RILEY is visiting his daughters Mesdames LEWIS, HENBY, and STONE this week.

Miss Bessie WELCH is sick.
Little Russel NEWMAN fell on a hoe and cut his wrist badly.
D. A. KELLEY is visiting his parents, E. W. KELLEY and wife this week.
W. C. LEWIS has gone to Sulphur Springs, to spend a few days.
Miss Audrie TUCKER of Edman, Okla, is visiting Miss Winnie LEWIS.
Mrs. Dora BAXTER has gone to Hopkins county to visit a month.
C. C. BURGE is in McKinney today.
Dave LEWIS went to Denton yesterday.
Little Oscar and Carl LEWIS went to Celina today.
J. C. OUSLEY and wife of Celina spent last Wednesday night with Mrs. I. P. PAYNE.
Mrs. DAVIS of Vineland spent a few days in this community last week.

Miss Laura CARRINGTON of McKinney visited her brother, Geo. CARRINGTON and wife, a few days last week.
Misses Grace and Maria KERR have been visiting in McKinney the last few days.
Miss Annie WEDDLE and son Scott of McKinney are here visiting relatives.
Miss MALLOW of McKinney is visiting Miss Winnie LEWIS.
Orist HALL is visiting his brother Henry HALL.
Mr. and Mrs. NEEL of McKinney spent Sunday with their daughter Mrs. Eula SCOTT.
Miss Lena HORN who has been visiting in Little Elm, returned home last Tuesday.
Eli HORN and wife visited their daughter, Mrs. DYSART, Monday.

John BOONE of Woodlawn is a visitor at the home of Frank BOONE.
Little Willie Mae CLAVCOMB fell Thursday and broke her arm.
John GEORGE and bride of Woodlawn spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Perry GEORGE.
Mr. and Mrs Frank BOONE are the proud parents of a fine boy which arrived last week.
The sick are Mesdames MULLEN and WOODARD and Messrs. WILSON and Rhoddy STIFF.

Our mail carrier, Buck NELSON, failed to come Saturday owing to the high water.
Ben LEWIS is in Dallas having his eyes treated.
Tom SEXTON and wife are the happy parents of a fine baby girl.

Mrs. WOLFORD was in McKinney last week.
Mrs. Jim HAMILTON and children of McKinney visited home folks here last week.
Mrs. YOUNG and children visited the family of Rev. D. L. COALE of Weston last week.
Walter SPRADLEY visited in Melissa Friday.
Frank ARMSTRONG was in McKinney Friday.
Uncle Jim WETSEL was in Allen Thursday.
C. M. CHRISTIE was in town Thursday.
Mrs. John H. WITT who has been very sick at her home west of Allen, is improving.
Jim BUSH was in McKinney Saturday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher ERECKSON, July 8th, a nine pound girl.
Miss Winnie CROWDER of McKinney visited her sister, Mrs. W. J. Lewis west of town last week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. F. BRADEN, a fifteen pound girl.
Mrs. Charles CHAPMAN was in McKinney Monday.

Lone Elm:
Mrs. SMITH of Stoney Point is here attending the bedside of her cousin, Mrs. Nola SUTHERLAND who is sick.
The death angel visited our community...and took from Mr. and Mrs. H. S. ROBINS their precious little babe. It was buried at Chambersville, Rev. COALE conducted the funeral. The baby died while Mr. and Mrs. ROBINS were visiting relatives in Hunt County.

Heard Land:
Wallace MORRIS and family visited D. W. WALKER last week.
Cleve AUSBURN of Viney Grove No. 2 visited at the home of Joe SIMMONS last week.
We are glad to report Mat DEANE and Mrs. R. A. CAMPBELL who have been sick, greatly improved.
Miss Bettie DEAN of McKinney has returned home after attending the bedside of her father.
L. L. COOPER of this place visited his parents in Sherman.
Mrs. Florence SELLERS is sick.
Merrill and Marvin CAMPBELL spent Saturday night and Sunday with their cousins, Arthur and Clint PHILLIPS.
Tom DENNIS of Paris arrived here Saturday to join his wife who is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. WALKER.

New Hope:
John AULT was in McKinney last week.
Miss Willie STIFF of McKinney has been employed by the trustees as teacher for the New Hope school for the term 1905-06.
A. D. DRAKE has ordered a new cane mill.
Merrill RUTLEDGE pitched a game of base ball against Melissa Thursday.
Ethel RUSSELL of McKinney and her little cousin were guests of little Isaac and Ruth AULT Sunday.
Rev. HOLMES who has been holding a meeting at Mt. Zion left G. W. MORRISí Monday for his home at Melissa.

Mt. Zion:
Mrs. Lizzie MASSIE is sick.
Little Rosie May MILLIGAN is very sick, also little Jewell DUGGER, Lena MASSIE, and Edna DUGGER.
Mrs. Tennie SHAW of Denison is visiting her mother, Mrs. Joel LEWIS.
James LEWIS of Rhea Mills visited his sister, Mrs. A. J. MASSIE last week.
James DUGGER and Bob MASSIE are making preparations to make sorghum molasses.
George M. DUGGER was here last week visiting his brothers, James LEE and Ben of this place and John T. DUGGER of Long Neck.
Mrs. Joe PULLEN is at Denison visiting her daughter, Mrs. Thom HUDDLESTON.

Miss Allie McCARLEY of near Blue Ridge visited C. H. BELLOWS last week.
R. E. McHONE was in Trenton Friday.
J. F. FLOWERS visited in Melissa Friday and Saturday.
R. L. McCLURE was in Blue Ridge Saturday on business.
Cord and Dorris JACKSON are moving their hay press to Southmayd.
Hue HILDRETH of Blue Ridge was in Moreland this week.
Mr. CURZY of Arkansas was the guest of W. C. BRINLEE Sunday.
W. L. PENION and wife have returned home from GUNTERís ranch where they have been visiting the formerís father for two weeks.

...the little six year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. HARDIN, Juddie, was only sick a few days. He died Sunday and was buried Monday in the Forest Grove cemetery.
The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Joe HARDIN was also buried Monday evening in Forest Grove.
Mrs. ASHBY of Blythe Chapel spent last week with her son Gorde STIFF of this community.
John CHASTAIN visited friends in McKinney last week.
Mrs. Leslie HARDIN is very sick at the home of J. C. HARDIN.
Mrs. DECKER spent last week with her son Frank DECKER of Blythe Chapel who has been very sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom DAVIDSON visited Marion DAVIDSON and family of Enloe Thursday.
Mrs. Will MARTInís two sisters of near Weston visited her last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest McCOWN and little daughter, Ola, of Enloe spent last Sunday night with the latterís parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. WALLIS of this communty.

An infant of Mr. and Mrs. Jim MARRIOTT was buried at this place last Sunday, also two children of Messrs. HARDIN of the Bishop Community.
Little Gladys MASSEY is very sick.
Miss Pearl KERR has been sick.
Tom KERBY has gone to Amarillo.
Misses Myrtle CARUTH and Josie COFFEY spent Monday night with Miss Fannie MAXEY.
Miss Mura FORD spent Sunday night and Monday with Miss Pearl KERR.

Coals Chapel:
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. TALENT have been visiting home folks the past week.
Mrs. Will DICKERSON who has been very sick is better at this writing.
Mrs. BENNETT of Greenville is visiting her brother-in-law R. A. BARRETT, and family.
Mrs. CRUSE and children of McKinney have been visiting their aunt, Mrs. R. A. BARRETT.
Mrs. Eph MYERS is sick this week.
Miss Ora and Connie BARRETT were visiting relatives in McKinney last week.
Mrs. A. C. MYERS visited at her father-in-lawís Mr. Eph MYERS last Friday.
Miss CUNNINGHAM of McKinney has been secured to teach our school this year.

Cottage Hill:
A Choral Union has been formed with the following: R. W. GRIBBLE, Mrs. Willie STAMBAUGH, F. W. FRANCIS, F. M. PERKINS, Louis STIVERS, Miss Nora WESTER, Miss Mary NETT SHIELDS, Miss Dona FRANCIS, Ida MORRILL, Lillian PERKINS and Lena WESTER.
Prof. Chas WILSON and family have returned from Oklahoma to make this there home.
Miss Georgia SHIELDS left last week for Stratford, Texas to visit her aunt, Mrs. WHITESCARVER.

The three children of C. B. McTEE who were very sick last week, are improving.
S. S. STROUP and wife of Farmersville and Miss Minnie GIST of Tioga visited at M. N. STROUPís last week.
Leonard CALLOWAY is visiting his uncle, M. F. CALLOWAY.
J. L. ANDERSON transacted business in Tioga recently.
Miss Nannie WELLS is visiting relatives in Jack county.
Mrs. F. H. ANDERSON, who has been visiting her parents D. KING and wife, has returned to her home at Tioga.
G. W. TURNER visited his mother who is sick at Fayburg.
Mr. CROLY who lives at Gene BURTONís is reported sick.
Mrs. SAMPLES has about recovered from a bout of sickness.

James Henry SHAW is very sick. ....his brother Tommy SHAW of Gunter visited him here last week.
Mrs. Pies SPECK is sick.
Lightning struck the residence of e. C. FORBES during the rain Saturday, but no serious damage was done.
Dudley HALL is visiting his sister Mrs. GAITHER of Kaufman this week.

East McKinney:
Lawrence GAINS is here from Dallas on a visit to his uncle, Cullin GAINS. He formerly lived here.
W. A. SMART and wife have returned from a visit to their daughter Mrs. Scott RICHARDSON who has been very sick.
Mr. WALLACE and family visited Mrs. WALLACEís mother, Mrs. CANIDAY and sister Mrs. Alice CHESNER last week.
Will WALLICE and wife and two daughters of Wylie have been visiting Mrs. Wallaceís mother, Mrs. Alice BOYER, and sister Mrs. Marvel VERMILIAN and aunt, Mrs. W. A. SMART.
Mrs. Sarah HODGES left for a visit to relatives in ....Tennessee.
Miss Jennie SMART has returned home from a visit to her friend Miss Mae McDONALD at Altoga.
Mrs. Sallie Howard, stopped over to visit her sister Mrs. Will WRIGHT, before she returned to her home at Vineland.

Chester McCOLLUM of Bois díArc visited his friend, Kirk ROBINSON recently.
C. A. FINLEY has returned from Denison where he visited relatives.
Miss Orpha TRANTHAM has returned from Southmayd where she has been several weeks visiting her brother and family.
J. W. BLANTON attended the monthly UCV meeting in McKinney.
T. L. FINLEY has returned from a pleasant visit to relatives in Denison, Paris, and Ardmore, I. T.
W. T. RUTHERFORD, wife and daughter, Miss Allie visited relatives here recently.
John BOMAR and family of New Hope were in our community Thrusday...
Mrs. Rachel STRAUGHAN and little son, Oliver, are visiting Mrs. A. A. McNatt in Greenville.
Jesse RALSTON and family visited north of McKinney last week.
Miss Victoria KIRKPATRICK of McKinney was a pleasant visitor Friday.
T. V. LITTLEJOHN is here for a few days visit to home folks.
Ben RICHARDSON was water-bound Saturday and spent the night with Geo. COFFMAN and family.
Edgar TRANHAM has returned from a visit to relatives in Grayson county.

Lowery Crossing:
George Hardenís little boy died at his grand-parents Mr. and Mrs. Bob WALLIS yesterday evening in this community.
Tom MYRICK is visiting his brother Ollie at Blythe Chapel this week.
John WILLIS and wife visited their daughter Mrs. Leslie HARDIN who is very sick, Sunday night.
T. T. MYRICK and family visited Jim KIRBY and family Sunday.
Perry MACK is visiting his parents in this community.
Walter FURR has returned home after a few weeks stay in Palo Pinto County.
Frank DECKER, wife and little son Luther are the guests of Mrs. DECKER this week.
Att RAMBO is very sick this week.
Jack RUTTLEDGE and wife visited Jim TURNBO and family at Culleoka Sunday.

Ash Grove:
Tom MULLINS baby who has been sick for a month, died last week. It was buried in the McLARRY cemetery.
Mrs. J. W. WILMETH has visitors from Missouri this week.
Miss Altie RICHEY of McKinney visited Miss Lena THOMPSON last week.
Prof. J. H. BRIGHT, who has been visiting his brother J. L. BRIGHT, has gone to Dallas.
Mrs. T. G. BROWN visited her daughter Mrs. T. L. CURRY recently.
Mrs. Bert BODSFORD who has been sick for some time is better.
Mrs. J. H. YOUNG, who has been in McKinney for medical treatment has returned home.
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. ROBBINS, formerly of this community but now of Chambersville, sympathize with them in the loss of their baby which died while they were visiting in Hunt County.

Mr. W. S. MATTHEWS is visiting her mother, Mrs. EDWARDS at Ft. Worth.
The ..four months old boy of Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON died last Saturday from whooping cough...
L. F. CHELF and wife visited at Foncine Sunday.
Sel DIES and family visited in this community last week.
A fishing party composed of R. A. CROMER, W. M. BREAKBILL and family, J. G. CRUTCHER and family, SEL DIES and family, J. A. CRUTCHER and wife, Mrs. Jim HICKEY and children, and E. D. CRUTCHER and family, went fishing on Wilson Creek Friday.
Miss Bessie MATTHEWS and Mrs. Ethel DUNCAN were shopping in McKinney Saturday.
Monroe PIERCE and wife visited at J. S. CRUTCHERS, Sunday.

Jackson RHODY has his new store and residence about completed.
Mr. Bob JOHNSON who recently bought out W. J. WILDERís farm has bought the residence of Mark SIMMONS in the south part of town.
Mrs. COX and daughter, Cleo are visiting at the home of their brother and uncle, Mr. HULMES.
Jess McGEE and family former residents of this place now reside near Sanger, Texas.
Sidney MATTHEWS and Miss Belle JERNIGAN, Jim JERNIGAN and Miss Bernice McSPATTON, Herbert McLARRY, and Miss Pansy JERNIGAN attended the singing convention at Cannon Sunday.
The little child of Mike GAUSNELL is very sick now.
Misses Minnie and Beatrice KING of Oklahoma, are visiting their brother, Guy KING.
Buried at Mt. Olive. The remains of Harrison MOORE of Denison, but who died while visiting relatives at Colbert, I. T., were shipped here this morning on the 7:35 train, and were taken to Mt. Olive cemetery. Mr. MOORE formerly lived in Collin County ....but moved to Denison. He was fifty-nine years of age, and had been married twice. He leaves five children.

Marriage Licenses.
D. D. TALENT and Miss PRINCE Smith.
G. C. DODSON and Miss Nettie GRIFFIN.
John GEORGE and Miss Laura ELDRIDGE.
D. A. SAYE and Miss Ruth JOHNSTON
R. A. NIPP and Miss Nellie SHAW.
R. P. MACK and Miss Clara TEST.
Austin J. LOVE and Mrs. Cora POE.
John GEORGE and Miss Laura ELDREDGE.
F. P. MACK and Miss Clara TEST. [same as above??]

Childís Death. The little 2 year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron FIELDER, who reside southeast of McKinney, died Monday and was buried this afternoon in Higgins cemetery. Eld. R. C. HORN sold some fine applies today to Price STIFF, the groceryman.

R. N. GAUSNELL of Westminster is a new reader of The Democrat. Glad to welcome him.

Representative T. G. MURRAY circulated a petition here asking for the appointment as bookkeeper in the State Comtrollerís office, of Mrs. Mary VAUGHAN of Farmersville, the widow of the late J. Frank VAUGHAN.

Probate. Giles McKINNEY guardian estate of Nannie BENNETT et al. Was authorized to expend $30 each for Roberta and Pat BENNETT, if necessary for ensuing 12 months for their support and education.
Jim Kirby was charged with violating the local option law and a verdict of guilty was rendered a fine of $25 and sentence of 30 days in jail assessed.
Si BUTLER charged with violating the local option law was...guilty and assessed his fine at $50 and a jail sentence of thirty days.

Local News:
Rev. I. W. CLARK, presiding elder of the McKinney District was real sick yesterday.
Miss Etta OíNEAL who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. C. R. BATT in Paris has returned home.
Mrs. T. W. PERKINS and children have returned from a visit to relatives at Winnsboro.
Mrs. Bessie BARROW of Farmersville went to Sherman today.
Mrs. L. A. SCOTT and daughter, Miss Velma, son, Alfred, and Mrs. E. I. BURTON are on the program of the State Mayorsí Association.
Mrs. Charles J. DENTON of Wylie is spending the week in McKinney with her husband, Prof. DENTON. She is a guest of Mrs. John MARTIN who was a former schoolmate of Prof. DEATON in Tennessee.
Miss Lura MASSIE went to Dallas today.
Miss Emma KING left this afternoon for Belton.... she will be teaching in the Jones Training School this next term.
Gippie CARPENTER and little sister, Miss Nellie, have been visiting at the home of their uncle, B. O. CARPENTER in Plano.
Mrs. Lillie HARRIS of Plano is visiting her father, Bud NEWMAN and sister, Miss Annie, in McKinney.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. HUGHES returned today from a visit to Sherman.
Mrs. M. H. GARNETT went down to Dallas this morning.
City Recorder U. P. CLARDY went to Dallas today.
Born to Mr. and Mrs Richard ALLEN last night, a beautiful little baby girl.
Miss Nora ORENDORFF of Melissa is visiting her sister, Mrs. Lula CALDWELL.
Mrs. Walter BARROW of Van Alstyne visited here today.
Miss Cassie NENNEY left this afternoon for a visit to friends at Howe.
Mrs. W. T. BROOKE of Frisco is in the city visiting her daughters, Mesdames John HILL and Robert WARWICK.
Sheriff T. M. BEVERLY and sister-in-law, Miss Louise ATKINSON and Misses Alice and Sadie KIRKPATRICK have gone to Houston.
Mrs. J. J. RENOIS and children have arrived to visit Mrs. RENOISí sisters Mrs. Bettie LOONEY and Miss Lockie GRIFFIN and other relatives.
Masters Lee and Alfred HIGGINS are entertaining a friend from Dallas.
David MURPHY, cashier of the Anna bank came down last night and aided in conferring degrees at a meeting of St. Johnís Lodge here.
The condition of Francis EMERSON, who has been very sick for two weeks, is no better today, if anything he is growing weaker.
Master Kirk WEBB who has been visiting his uncle J. W. MIDDLETON in Grayson county has returned.
Jno. GREENWOOD, a prominent farmer of Prosper, was in McKinney today.
Wesley YOUNG [is] Allenís enterprising young druggist and accommodating business man.
Mrs. W. W. TICKNOR and little sone, Hal and Earl are visiting Mrs TICKNORís father, B. L. ROGERS near Frisco.
Tom CHAMBLISS, who has been sick for several days, is able to resume his duties.
Attorney Bob SHELTON was here today from Plano.
Mr. and Mrs. James McKEY are visiting relatives in Dallas.
Capt. J. H. JENKINSí condition remains unchanged. Mrs. JENKINS is able to be up at times.
Mr. and Mrs. C. DOHONEY attended the Christian meeting at Anna yesterday.
Capt. James F. RHEA, who has been visiting his father, Capt. W. A. RHEA and family has returned to his ranch near Lawn in west Texas.
Rev. W. H. RICHARDSON ...recently moved from this city to Nashville, Tenn.
Walter DOWNS and family returned home today [from Nebraska].
Mrs. J. W. PAFFORD has returned from Abilene.
L. M. TALKINGTON and wife came home today from Tioga and Denton,
Mrs. FARIS of Rockwall has returned home after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. BRANTLY.
Our young friend J. D. (Duncan) HOLDER, living east of town, hands us one dollar to renew his subscription to The Democrat.
W. J. ADAMS is doing some carpenter work for J. R. HORN at Vineland this week.
Mrs. M. A. CAMERON returned from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. M. F. BRACKNEY in Sherman.
Miss Ruby SHANKLES visited in Van Alstyne today.
Mr. E. W. JARNIGAN is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT in Van Alstyne.
Laverna, the little son of Mrs. Bettie LOONEY is real sick.
J. L. ANDERSON of Verona mingled with McKinney friends yesterday.
Rev. J. W. pastor of the Baptist churches at Prosper and Celina.

District Court.
In the suit of Mittie LANHAM vs. J. W. ST. CLAIR, guardian, an aggreed judgement was rendered for $295.
Perry TUCKER (col.) Was granted a divorce from Mahalia TUCKER (col.).