Daily Gazette

The Daily Gazette. Saturday, May 20, 1899, Vol. 1, No. 86.

McKinney, Texas - 1000 copies.

The marriage of Mr. Jeff NEWSOME of this city and Mrs. M. J. FONDA of Danville, Ill., took place at the residence of Dr. E. E. KING who officiated at 6 p.m. yesterday....Mrs. NEWSOME says she has been married twice before and is looking for her son, George F. HALL to arrive today from Danville, and begin work in a drug store here. From what The Gazette man could learn, Mrs. NEWSOME has “oodles” of money.

Mrs. Martha Ann FIELDS, died last night at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Lucy DULANEY. [For the complete story, see the Obituary pages at this site.]

Mrs. Sallie COUCH and Misses Annie and Lillie NEWMAN, Sister BINGHAM and Ada WOLCOTT are attending the decoration exercises at Rowlette today.

In the Court Circles - News of Interest.
The following probate business has been disposed of:
Application of W. H. WOLFORD for temporary letters of administration estate of J. T. MELTON, deceased, granted and bond fixed at $500. — R. C. WHITE, guardian, estate of Harrison HEDGECOXE, inventory and appraisement approved and ordered recorded. Application for allowance granted and guardian allowed to sell land for not less than appraised value. — J. L. GREER, temporary administrator of the estate of H. R. McKINNEY, report of sale and final report as temporary administrator approved and ordered recorded. — Application of W. S. MATHEWS, administrator estate of W. C. PARKER, for sale of real estate granted. — First annual report of W. H. HURST, guardian, estate of Jessie et al., minors, approved and ordered recorded. — Application of J. L. GREER for permanent letters of administration estate of H. R. McKINNEY, deceased, granted, bond fixed at $24,000 and R. C. MOORE, J. F. GREER and Sam ROSAMOND appointed appraisers. — Application to probate will of e. B. SIMMONS and for letters of administration, granted. Will established according to its terms and provisions and s. J. SIMMONS appointed administrator, without bond and G. J. DAVIE, Henry HARLESS and George POOL appointed appraisers.
Commissioners Court:
John MOORE was appointed public weigher for this precinct. — The court has this afternoon been engaged in examining the report of Tax Collector Yancy POWELL.
Justice Court:
The case of J. S. MOORE, on trial in Justice TERRELL’s court yesterday afternoon, charged with the use of abusive language, resulted in a verdict of not guilty.

To-Day’s Happenings. The Doings of People in and Around the City.
J. A. ROGERS has a nice cottage to rent and wants to buy a second hand ice box.
Attorney r. C. WHITE has had his office re-carpeted, re-papered and otherwise re-novated.
A big picnic is in progress at Prosper today. J. M. MUSE of this city is in attendance.
Capt. J. L. GREER went to Leonard today, being called there by the continued sickness of his wife’s father.
County Attorney HUGHSTON, Hons. H. L. DAVIS and T. S. JACKSON are attending Justice HARDIN’s court at Weston today.
Miss Bobbie SUTTLE is chaperoning her class, the 7th grade in the public school with a picnic at Rocky ford today. Mrs. W. P. SUTTLE also accompanied them.
T. F. MANGUM and F. E. WILCOX are among the attorneys from here attending court at Weston today.
Mate BARNETT still solicits your trade for groceries.
Call on WAKELY, the photographer, for only the best work.
Capt. W. E. SINGLETON of Jefferson arrived this morning for a visit to his daughter, Mrs. Fred LARGENT.
Tom HARRIS, formerly of this place but now of Sherman passed through the city this morning on his way home from a business trip south.
Alderman Jesse SHAIN was in Dallas yesterday.
Jim ANDREWS sells groceries cheap.
Frank ALLEN left this morning for a visit to relatives in Ennis.
The six year old daughter of Hunter BRYANT of Walnut Grove died Thursday.
Master Will COCKE, son of Rev. J. M. COCKE, arrived yesterday from Jefferson.
Major BROWN of Sherman passed through the city this morning on a trip to Dallas.
Ernest PARKER of the Allen Advocate joined the Texas Press Association yesterday.
Dr. H. L. PEARSON returned last night from the meeting of the Dental Association at Waco.
Mrs. Henry GOEMAN left this morning for a visit to her father, Mr. J. R. RATLEY of Durant, I.T.
Dr. Frank EDNY of Little Rock, Ark., ..has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. H. HURLEY.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. CARPENTER, Myer SMITH and Miss Minnie BLANFORD, Eli MORTON and Miss Lena LOVE are fishing for the finny tribe on the banks of Snider’s Lake this afternoon.
Wood McDONALD has just received whiskey from Brown, Foreman & Co., and James Thompson & Bro. of Louisville.

Plano School Question. Citations Served by Deputy Sheriff Warden Today.
Deputy Sheriff WARDEN went down this afternoon to serve citations on the members of the old board, citing them to appear on the 16th day of October in the district court here and answer the charges made against them for unlawfully acting as school trustees, etc. The other side is also busy at work and the members of the council constituting the old school board, have served notice on the recently elected trustees that they will on next Monday, before Judge DILLARD at Waxahachie, move to vacate the order heretofore made commanding them to turn over the school property and franchises to the new board.

Our New Teachers. Those Who Will Teach the Young Idea How to Shoot Next Term.
The following teachers were elected by ballot, and on the first ballot Misses Bobbie SUTTLE, Allie RODGERS, Wilma EDWARDS, Edwina ALSUP, Maggie LEDDY, Josie PARKER, Mattie HOUSTON, Ida BALL, Miss Ollie PLEMMONS and Miss Effie SMYERS. These teachers are paid $50 a month. Prof. DOUGLASS was elected principal and Lillie DOTTY teacher of the colored schools and Mrs. LINDSEY supernumerary.