The photo is the 1st grade class at Frisco TX 1909
Description: My mother, Everal Alma Tarpley has the "X" over her head. She was born 5 July 1902, in farmhouse just over into the Denton County line. Her father, Sterling Francis Tarpley, moved his new family off the farm, into Frisco, and went to work for J. I. Case Tractors. Her mother, George Ella Smith Tarpley, had also been born in Little Elm, Denton County, 1884, the daughter of Lucy Ella Beale and George Andrew Smith.
submitted by Frances Miers Muller

Just for the fun of it, I did a search on all the children in Frisco born in 1901,1902 and 1903.
Does anyone recognize any of these kids in the photo?

child, parents, birth
Douglas O Crowder; Richard D, Lena, abt 1902
Jessie Davison; Doria, abt 1901
Monroe Davison; Doria, abt 1903
M Clain Douglas; Robert L, Eliza F, abt 1902
Lena Edwards; Joe, Josie, abt 1902
Ottie Eppley; Martin, Edna, abt 1901
Ester Farmer; Renna, Lydia, abt 1903
Bessie Gudglife; Jeff D, Lizzie, abt 1902
Ray Hamilton; William, Etta, abt 1903
Hugh H Hill; John H, Alice, abt 1902
Robert Jackson; Ed, Ella, abt 1903
John Kiley; George, Fannie, abt 1902
Ray McConnel; Owen H, Effie, abt 1902
Alton McFall; John W, Minnie, abt 1902
Clinton Robertson; William, Lucy, abt 1903
Mazell Rodgers; Tom, Bessie, abt 1902
Jack Rodgers; Isaac S, Sudie, abt 1903
Laura Rowe; Theodore A, Armanda , abt 1901
Mercy Rudolph; Katie, abt 1903
Audry Shrader; Forrest P, Susie, abt 1903
Everal Tarpey; Sterling, George, abt 1903
John B White; John B, Eva, abt 1901