Welcome the March 2006 Guestbook entries. Periodically I pull off the messages from the message board and go to McKinney to do a little research. Im happy to share my findings with all of you. I also will place these in the query section of our Society Quarterly in hopes that a connection will contact you. Here are the latest queries:

Name: James Hunter jrh52@msn.com Date: 2006-03-10 What is your postal address? 2009 Malone, Denton,TX 76201 Surnames in Collin County? Hunter/ Howard Comments: I am looking for any information on a John and Comina Hunter and family that moved to Collin Co in the 1850s. Would like to find out where John and Comina are buried. Also any information on Virginia E Howard who married John Ruffis Hunter in 1875

I did not find a death or marriage record for any of these 4 people. There was a death record for JP Hunter 11/21/1924 and a John Willis Hunter 1/6/1907. In the 1860 census John and Comina are listed in McKinney with 9 children ranging from 22 to age 1. Many of their neighbors are later buried at Ware cemetery.


Name: Sally Garner salyeann@mway.com Date: 2006-01-31 What is your postal address? 1809 24th st, Galveston TX 77550 Your website? n/a Surnames in Collin County? Galey Comments: in vol 19 on page 52 is which Galey?
Minnie Galey - this is an index to probate records indicating there is a file with her name on it - in 1910 - could be hers or she was an heir. The Cemetery Inscription book c 1972, Pitts, lists Galey's at Bethleham cemetery JHM; J Lee; Johnnie, son of JHM & FA; Roena.

Name: Jimmie Poland jim35007@yahoo.com Date: 2006-01-21 What is your postal address? Jim Roland, White Deer Texas, PO Box 483, 79097 Surnames in Collin County? Roland Comments: My dad was born in Graybill 1899. I know Ezequal and John Roland my distant uncles. I would like more info on Roland family if possible. thank you

More information is needed to place these people. What kind of information is needed? Among other records, I found John M Roland married to Anne Shreader in 1884. I found a headstone for Mahala Roland, wife of Ezekial Jan 26 1832. no death date at Elm Grove cemetery.

Name: Donna Boliver donnaboliver@centurytel.com Date: 2006-01-21 What is your postal address? 514 N. Shady Shores Rd., Lake Dallas, Tx 75065 Surnames in Collin County? Pate, Butler, Higgins Comments: I am tring to find a marriage record between Louis Butler & Mary Bell Higgins 1888 and birth record for Jessie E Butler b 4 Dec 1888, Collin co. If you can help Thank you, Donna

I found a marriage between MB Higgins and LJ Butler V18-463; also Jessie Edith Butler born 12/4/1888 V1 857 223; also a marriage for Jessie Butler to TJ Pate V1 15 298.

Name: Doris Daniel ddaniel2@prodigy.net Date: 2006-01-01 What is your postal address? 1130 Lindo Dr. Mesquite, Texas 75149 Your website? none Surnames in Collin County? Cyer Comments: I am looking for Arzella Cyer family born 3 Jul. 1913 died 2001 the only thing I have found is she is listed on on the 1930 census in Collin County born about 1914. Can you help me with my children's great grandmother's family ?

Do you have any more information?

Name: Laura Louise Abernathy Robinson thefamilygenealogist@myfamily.com Date: 2005-12-02 What is your postal address? 905 Pryor Dr. West Memphis, AR 72301 Your website? Memory Lane @ MyFamily.com (private) Surnames in Collin County? Abernathy/Lane Comments: I am interested in how W.P. and Louella Abernathy obtained my great-grandfather, Cicero Egbert Lane (aka Bert Abernathy), is there some family relation? Any info on Bert and Maggie Irene Huebsch marriage and life in Anna or Collin County. Any information on Bert's natural father, Alex Lane from Howe, Grayson County, TX. Have some info on Alex's wife Martha Haning and some on Maggie Irene Huebsch

We have corresponded before and I did extensive research and found nothing pertaining to this adoption. I found a marriage for Bert and Maggie in 1911. Vol 1 16 138. Maybe related info: a marriage for Lonella Nocholson and William Perry Abernathy in 1887; a birth of William Perry Abernathy 8/15/1906; a marriage for William P Abernathy to Freda Abercrombie in 1931; a death for William Preston Abernathy 12/24/1932; a death for Loxie Luella Abernathy 10/5/1943; a death for William Perry Abernathy d 2/4/1953.