McKinney Gazette The McKinney Gazette. January 6, 1887, Vol. 1, No. 34

Clinton Thompson, Editor and Propr.

The Wreck Near Plano.
Plano, Dec. 23. A disastrous wreck occured about 3:25 this morning at Spring Creek Bridge, two miles south of Plano. A north bound freight, running at the rate of fifteen miles an hour, jumped the track several hundred yards south of the bridge, caused by a stake in a flat car of lumber breaking, and throwing the lumber under the trucks causing them to leave the track, and ran in the way till the car struck the bridge, ditching one car of whisky, one car of sugar, one car of lumber, one flat car with a buggy on it, one empty box car and the caboose, all of which went through the bridge. Charley BROWN, rear brakeman, was thrown from the cars and almost instantly killed.

Wedding Bells.

SMITH-RODGERS. Mr. Geo. R. SMITH was married to Miss Jennie RODGERS, at the Christian Church, last Thursday afternoon, the 30th ult. Elder C. W. SEWELL officiating. The groom is a young attorney of marked legal ability who stands well in business and society circles. [Among those giving gifts are the following]: Miss Lucy PATTIE, Ed McCHESNEY, Mrs. W. T. BEVERLY and Miss Olvia ALLEN, G. W. SHRADER, Mrs. Anna McMAHAN, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. JOHNSON, J. C. COLEMAN and K. R. CRAIG, J. C. COLEMAN and K. R. CRAIG, Miss Florence WARE, Mrs. Lou SHIRLEY, Miss Sallie FIELD, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. McDONALD, Mrs. W. T. BEVERLY and Miss Olivia ALLEN, Lucile SCHILLER, Virgil and Goethe, W. J. J. SMITH. Mrs. Jennie Wood and Miss Sue WARING, and J. C. COLEMAN.

SHRADER-SMITH. Mr. James K. P. SHRADER was married to Miss Flora T. SMITH, at the residence of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Dr. B. M. E. SMITH, Wednesday, December 29, Elder C. W. SEWELL officiating. These young people...are well known to the people of McKinney the bride being the daughter of the late Dr. B. M. E. SMITH and the groom the son of G. H. SHRADER of Rock Hill. [Among those giving gifts are the following]: J. K. P. SHRADER, Miss Etta WILEY, Mrs. J. P. NENNY, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. MARTIN, J. ARON, Mrs. J. B. RODGERS, Miss Nena SMITH, J. C. COLEMAN, Clarence SMITH, Miss Maud OATES, Cassie NENNY, Miss Cora CUMMINS, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. SHRADER, Miss Effie FELAND, Bob BRISTOL, Buck SHRADER, Will BRISTOL, Mrs. P. B. MUSE, Mrs. B. M. E. SMITH, C. S. BATTLE, Miss Katie WINNIE, Miss Sallie BATTLE, Harry SMITH.

Hackberry Blooms.
Hackberry and Bloomdale districts are such near neighbors, and the people are so intimately connected that one cannot gather berries from the one without spoiling the blossoms of the other.
C. E. ROYSTER is superintendent of the Sunday School at Bloomdale.
L. M. TUCKER was elected president of the Bloomdale Literary Society Friday night.
J. A. SMITH had a fine saddle mare to break her neck by falling over a fence while running down grade.
H. B. BASS has moved from our community to the farm of Mr. COFFEY in the Milligan neighborhood.
Charley BATTLE of McKinney wanted to buy a possum for Christmas.
The Free Masons of this community had a call meeting at the residence of D. J. FRANKLIN last Monday.
Ely HORN’s team run off on Saturday the 18th which brought him to the conclusion that fat horses could not be trusted to drive themselves through a gate.
Omp HILL has built a new cow pen and Lewis TUCKER has patched the hole in his crib.
Mr. HALL, living with W. H. HORN, Sr., received a painful bruise on the knee a few days ago by a kick from his mule. We agree with Josh BILLINGS, who remarked. If I was going to conduct the funeral services of a mule, I would take my stand in front of his corpse.

News from Rock Hill.
On Christmas Eve we were invited and went to see the Christmas Tree given by Miss Maggie SONE, to her scholars, at Bethel Church. Misses ROGERS, FERGUSON, and others unknown to the writer read essays. A nice speech was made by Mr. WHITE. [Signed] Vera, Rock Hill.

Wilson School House Items.
A social was given the young folks at the residence of J. P. WALLACE, during Christmas week. Among the guests were Miss Tollie WILSON, William ANDREWS and Wash TAYLOR of McKinney...
Mr. MOORE and lady, of the Chambers neighborhood, accompanied by Miss Maria TUCKER were visiting relatives here during the holidays.
Miss Maria and Miss Onie WALLACE are talking of going to California in the near future.

Rhea’s Mill Locals.
Warren DUNLAP and his sister, Miss Effie of Anna, spent Christmas in our community.
Miss Mollie PAFFORD has been visiting in our neighborhood.
Misses Erma CANNON and Jean RHEA are in McKinney this week.
Ezekiel DUNN took Christmas at Fayburg, visiting his brothers.
Mr. J. F. WILSON received as a holiday gift, a saddle of venison from Messrs, Brooks GOODAL and Harmer HALIDAY.
Turkey dinner at Mr. WILLIS’ Christmas Day.
There was a social at the residence of Mrs. HORN’s on last Friday evening.
Mrs. J. C. RHEA received a handsome fruit cake from J. A. MAHAN of Moberly, Mo.
School closed for the holidays the 23rd. The Christmas tree at this place was a success. Misses Lenora RUBOTTOM and Ella PAFFORD were the most fortunate ones.
Miss Maggie NAYLOR of this place is visiting friends and relatives at Lloyd in Denton County.
W. S. ROLLINS has bought C. W. THOMAS’ farm.
The Rhea’s Mills Academy, under the management of Prof. J. W. MILLER, with Mrs. E. L. MILLER, assistant and Miss Irma CANNON as musical director now in a most flourishing condition. The trustees are Messrs. W. A. RHEA, J. W. PAFFORD, and S. J. LEWIS.

Wetsel School House Dots.
Santa Claus presented Mr. SCALLON with a fine patent plow.
Mr. Alex WETSEL also received a very valuable present at the Willow Springs Christmas tree.
Miss Lula MARSHAL and Miss Minnie WHISNANT, of Allen spent Christmas with the family of Mr. W. B. MARSHALL in our community.
Bob HUEY and Jim CARRINGTON are on a visit to Tennessee.
Mr. L. ELLA and Mr. RHEA are going to leave us soon. They are fine boys and we are sorry to lose them.
Robert MURRAY is quite sick.
Prof. HORTON is here on a visit.
John MILLER is painting his house.

Ed. ALLEN, who had been sick for several weeks past, is now able to be up again.

Mrs. DOSS has taken charge of the Sterrett House, west of the postoffice.

Go to Hershel HOWARD for fresh celery.

Attempted Assassination.
While attending a Christmas tree at the Higgins’ School House, on Christmas night, Hamp RUTLEDGE was struck on the head with an unknown weapon in the hands of Frank DEMAREE, who has since been arrested and lodged in jail. RUTLEDGE, when struck, was standing with his wife in the passway, the house being crowded. The would was at first thought to be serious, but at the present writing he is fast nearing recovery. Domestic jealousy is thought to be the cause of the trouble.

Social Event.
One of the nicest and most pleasant entertainments of the holidays was that given by Mrs. W. T. BEVERLEY to Misses Sallie and Alice FITZHUGH and Daisy CAMERON for their friends on New Year’s evening.

The barn belonging to a Mr. ELLIS, living a few miles southeast of McKinney, was entirely destroyed by fire a few nights since, including considerable feed and one horse. Mr. ELLIS himself was badly burned while trying to extricate the horse.

The case of Collin County against Geo. W. CAMERON’s bondsmen will come up Monday in the district court.

Burgulars [sic] broke into the residence of W. R. DOWELL in the south part of town, a few days since. They were frightened off by cries of some of the inmates.

H. E. REXRODE, an old and highly esteemed citizen of this county, and for some time a citizen of McKinney, died last Sunday at 5 o’clock p.m., after a long and painful illness. Mr. REXRODE was a quiet, unassuming man, and was liked by all who knew him. His wife died a few weeks ago. His family has the sympathy of our entire community in their sad bereavement.

Personal Mention.
F. M. REDMAN, of Rhea’s Mill was a visitor in our office this week.
Mr. W. L. HAYNES of Lebanon, hasn’t forgot the way leading to our office.
Billie ANDREWS, after spending the holidays in McKinney, has returned to school at Thorp Springs.
C. M. BIRD, near Rhea’s Mill has just completed an elegant new dwelling.
Misses Carrie and Mollie HUDNAL have been in the city for several days, the guests of Mrs. J. L. WOOD.
Mr. J. L. FARLEY of Melissa was in to see us a few days ago.
Tom ANDREWS and Frank WILCOX have been spending the holidays at home. They returned to Austin Saturday where they are studying law in the State University.
Silas BOYD and wife, with their little daughter, Eula and little son, Shimer, have returned from a pleasant visit to Decatur in Wise County.
Misses Bessie and Mattie TRENT and Ida EIZEY, of Sherman were the guests of Misses Cora WILSON and Floyd WARDEN during the past week.
Mr. G. W. KERR and Mrs. E. M. KERR were surprised to receive a “wonderball” from their children and grand-children.
Mr. J. W. HOWARD of Plano, has purchased a house and lot in the south part of McKinney from Mr. G. M. EDWARDS. Mr. EDWARDS has purchased a lot on Wilcox street from Judge MALTBIE.

Personal and Otherwise.
Miss Maggie CARRINGTON of near allen is visiting friends and relatives in the city.
Mrs. Ida Ball HARRISON, of Greenville spent the holidays with her brothers in McKinney.
Duke HARRISON of Greenville was over to see his girl last week.
Mr. W. L. MOORE has gone to San Diego, Cala. [sic] where he will go into business.
Mr. James WILSON, alias “Nickel Jim,” of the Collinsville Times was taking Christmas in our city last week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. RHINE have the sympathy of the entire community in the loss of their darling little boy, Record, who was taken away by the Angel of Death, a few days since.
Thursday morning, Dec. 30th, G. W. PATTERSON, was married to Miss Lydia BAXTER by the Rev. COWAGE.

We were pleased to receive a call from Dr. James Law. LESLIE, one of Van Alston’s most substantial and highly respected citizens.
Look out for W. D. DAVIS’ wagon and team and plow in charge of C. CROSSGROVE, for all kinds of dray work, garden breaking, etc.
G. T. ARMSTRONG this week announces for re-election to the office of Mayor of McKinney.


The McKinney Gazette. January 13, 1887, Vol. 1, No. 35

Clinton Thompson, Editor and Propr.

News from Rock Hill.
Our little village is in a state of excitement over a wedding which will take place in the Methodist Church at 9 o’clock, Wednesday morning next. The contracting parties are Mr. J. GUNSTREAM and Miss Lou RODGERS of this vicinity.
On Friday last, as our friend, Mr. J. J. THOMPSON was enjoying his pipe in his bachelor quarters near Rock Hill, he was pleasantly surprised from a visit from Mesdames SHKRWOOD [sic], SNEATHEN and RODGERS, who soon informed him that they had come for the express purpose of storming him. They were soon joined by the pleasant family of our polite postmaster, Mr. J. A. RODGERS and quite a number of gentlemen from the surrounding neighborhoods, all bent on having a good time.
Died. On Wednesday last, near Rock Hill, Miss Sallie KIMBROUGH. She had been a consistent Christian for fifty years. While it has pleased God to take her from us, we would bow in humble submission to His divine will, feeling that our loss is His eternal gain...

The Y.M.C.A.
Directors: Dr. A. SIMS, J. P. NENNEY, M. W. JOHNSON, W. M. ABERNATHY, J. A. L. WOLFE, J. L. WHITE. Young Ladies Auxiliary to the Y. M. C. A.: Mrs. C. N. ABOTT, Miss Sallie BATTLE, Mrs. J. T. JOHNSON, Miss Sarah BERRY, Miss Mary BALL, Mrs. W. L. BOYD, Mrs. J. A. L. WOLFE, Mrs. Anna WARE, Miss Etta WILEY, Miss Norma RIFFE, Mrs. H. L. HOWARD, Miss Cora CUMMINS, Miss Marie ARMSTRONG, Miss Tillie MAYES, Miss Rose HARRIS, Miss Floyd WARDEN.

Personal and Otherwise.
Mr. J. W. St. CLAIR of Verona was in to see us.
Hon. W. W. MERRITT has been appointed Postmaster for this city.
Mrs. WITHROE and grand-daughter Miss Norma RIFFE are visiting friends and relatives in Dallas.
John LAWRENCE of Sherman after spending the holidays in McKinney, with his sister, Mrs. James MEEK has returned home.
Mrs. Tom BALL has returned home from Ladonia, where she spent the holidays with her parents.
Mr. Jonah VARNER for quite a while in the employ of R. M. BOARD has returned to North Carolina.
Yancy POWELL has been appointed as general agent for the Missouri Pacific at this place.
Mr. J. L. TODD, for a long time connected with the firm of G. C. MOUNTCASTLE has entered the employ of the Collin County Dry Goods Co.
Our young friend, Clarence w. SMITH has purchased Joe JOHNSON’s interest in the Drug firm of Smith & Johnson.
Last night, Dr. WILEY was on a professional visit in the country Southwest of the city, [and] his fine saddle horse got loose. Any person finding the animal will confer a favor on Dr. WILEY by bringing him to McKinney.
The Gazette was pleased to receive a call, Wednesday evening, from J. M. TEVIS formerly a citizen of this county, but now of Weatherford.
Jim MATTHEWS has begun to look younger and sells farm machinery with a vim, expecting in a short time to have that little MATTHEWS, just recently stopping at his house, take charge of the business and give its father a rest.

It is with regret that we announce that that genial gentleman, Mr. Oscar L. BIEBINGER is lying very sick with typhoid fever at his residence. We hope to see him recovered in a short time.