The McKinney Daily Gazette. December 25, 1903, Vol. 5, No. 239

Tom W. Perkins, Publisher. Sumner Lansdale, City Editor. Mrs. Lena Morton, Society Ed.

Is An Artist.
G. W. MITCHELL, The Blacksmith on West Louisiana Street.

Everybody knows G. W. MITCHELL, the blacksmith, whose shop is located on West Louisiana street. Mr. Mitchell has been in McKinney for the past six years, the latter three of which he has been in business for himself. He is a woodworkman [sic] of superior ability and a carriage manufacturer and repairer of merit, but where Mr. MITCHELL does his most artistic work is in the horse shoeing line. ...when he finishes shoeing an animal, it is done with the greatest perfection of the farrier’s art.....

Judge J. M. PEARSON. Collin County’s Able District Judge and Popular Citizen. [There is only a picture of Judge PEARSON on this page, no article.]

Col. J. L. WHITE, Cashier Collin County National Bank[There is only a picture, no article.]

Rev. J. Orson MILLER, Chaplain, Elks’ Lodge.[There is only a picture, no article.]

SHORT LOCAL STORIES – News and Gossip gathered by Reporters, Condensed for Readers.

M. A. ADAMS of Farmersville orders the Weekly Gazette.

Sweet pickles in bulk at Joe Barnes.

W. A. JACKSON of the city of Mexico is visiting his brother, H. C. JACKSON and family.

John CAMPBELL of Birmingham, Ala., arrived yesterday for a visit to his wife’s sister, Mrs. B. F. PIOR.

Mrs. M. F. BRACKNEY of Sherman is visiting her mother, Mrs. M. A. CAMERON and other relatives.

Mrs. D. J. MOFFETT of Pilot Point and Mrs. J. H. HARDIE of Greenville are guests of the latter’s sister, Mrs. J. A. HELD.

For Sale. Four shoats, see Jesse COOK.

Miss Florence WARE, who teaches music in Burnetta College, Venus, Tex., is at home to spend the holidays.

For Sale. My residence building lot on Tucker st., with iron fence around it. Apply to Ray WALLACE, North College street.

Mrs. J. R. PADGITT is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. W. WALKER, at Garland.

For Rent. Nice four room house on South Tennessee street. See J. G. FITZHUGH.

Jim WILCOX is at home from Baylor University, Waco, to spend the holidays.

Notice. From this date cash must be paid for all wood bought from A. J. AYCOCK’s wood yard. W. H. TOMLINSON, manager.

Ran McDONALD, stenographer in the department of the state entomologist at the A. & M. College, is here to spend the holidays at home.

Moved. From South Tennessee street, No. 39, to North Tennessee No. 20 to J. M. BALL place, Mrs. M. A. AUSTIN, where you can get first-class board and lodging by day, week, or month.

Lee ELZEY of Coalgate, I. T., is here to spend Christmas with his sister, Mrs. C. W. GOODIN.

Miss Virginia DOOLIN of Sherman will arrive this morning for a visit to Miss Rosabel HYNDS. Mr. Amos K. BASS of Caddo. I. T. will arrive to visit his friend, Sam HYNDS. They will be guests at the Christmas ball tonight.

Miss Mattie HOUSTON left yesterday for a visit to relatives in Campbell.

Miss Maude UMPHRESS of Van Alstyne, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. H. L. DAVIS, returned home yesterday.

E. C. SHERER arrived yesterday from Coalgate, I. T., to join his wife who is visiting her mother, Mrs. Mattie WEBB.

Mrs. H. A. BUCK of Ash. I. T., accompanied by her little daughter, has arrived for a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. KENDALL.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam HINMAN and baby of Sulphur Springs arrived last night to spend Christmas at the home of the former’s brother, Ed Hinman.

Misses Louise ATKINSON, Byrd ROSSER, Willie STIFF, Agnes McKINNEY, Mena PERSOHN, Alta HARRIS, Lillie DAUGHETEE [sic] and Estelle LANSDALE who teach in various portions of the county are at home to spend the Christmas Holidays.

Miss Lockie GRIFFIN went to Denison yesterday to spend Xmas with her sister, Mrs. Will LOONEY.

The Local Prognosticator.
The Gazette writer extends the compliments of the season to every one who next year will appear in the role of a candidate.:
Congressman C. B. RANDELL will be a candidate to succeed himself and without any opposition.
T. M. CAIN of Emory who has been the member in the State Senate from this district for two years will be a candidate to succeed himself.
There are no definite announcements for State Legislature. Among those being urged to run is Hon. H. L. DAVIS of this city who will be a hard man to beat.
W. Y. CARVER will be a hard fighter for this place if he yields to the solicitations of friends and makes the race.
G. E. CARPENTER, a prominent planter and lawyer of Plano is a winner, so his friends say, and he may run.
Judson L. WILBANKS of the Gazette is being mentioned in connection with the office. He is a splendid young man.
Judge PEARSON of the Fifty Ninth Judicial district composed of this and Grayson counties will have no opposition.
Judge WILCOX will not have any opposition for re-election. He having made Collin county an able judge will be merited with a unanimous re-election.
Mort SHIRLEY will be retained as county clerk without opposition.
R. Van BROWN will have no opposition for e-election to the Collector’s office.
As Keeper of Collin county’s money as Treasurer the woods are going to be full of ‘em. J. A. GARRISON, the popular real estate man who moved here from Millwood two years ago, will run a good race, if he decides to listen to his admirers. Judge BECKHAM of Blue Ridge has served as justice of the peace for four years, and is being favorably mentioned as a candidate. H. R. CHADDICK has a host of friends who always stand by him. Joe ROGERS, a popular clerk for NEWSOM and BROOKE, has a host of supporters who are ready to stand by him in a race for the treasurer’s office. Lonnie SEARS, office deputy in the sheriff’s department has a big following... Pat GRAHAM whose eminent fitness and irish wit always lands him for whatever he wants, may mix matters for the treasurer’s office. W. N. OSBORNE, Commissioner from Melissa is prominently mentioned...Big hearted Mac SMITH of Prosper is going to be in the race...
The Assessor’s office, though election to this position entails a lot of hard work will have its share of aspirants. J. W. McELWAIN...will be in the fight. Henry MORGAN hails from Melissa with a strong support from different parts of the county. Judge BERRYMAN of Plano is being talked of as though he might run for assessor. For getting votes you can’t down L. L. MILLER of Farmersville and he will make a strong race. J. K. P. SHRADER may come in for this place...Pat MOULELEN always gets votes enough to land him and it is probable that he will ask for this position. Milt WHISNANT of Allen ..is quite favorably mentioned. Capt. W. H. BUTTS is a war horse from Celina, and there is no office too good for him. E. R. HALL is not slow when it comes to the count and he may scare the other fellows before the campaign ends. Mac E. PHILIPS of Nevada will be a strong man in the race. Lee BOUNDS of Celina is very popular and will get a good vote if he should run.
Prof. J. H. HILL is serving his second term as county superintendent and will not be a candidate for re-election. Prof. W. S. SMITH, who has been teaching the Chambersville school for the past seven years, is in the race and is a young man of sterling worth. Prof. Z. A. C. HARRIS of this city has long been identified with the schools of the county. Prof JONES has them all guessing as to his intentions. Prof. C. T. COBB of Allen is an educator of experience who will probably contest for this position. Prof. J. T. JOHNSON of Plano has won many friends since coming to Collin county.
Ed GEREN [sic] of Nevada is announced for District Clerk.... I. E. RIEVES, the popular city Recorder of McKinney will be a formidable candidate for clerk of the District court. W. T. COX, the present incumbent, has friends who say they are going to keep him at the same desk for next two years. Reverend George Washington TAYLOR has announced his intention of running for District Clerk.
Clarence MERRITT will have a smooth sail for re-election at County Attorney. He will have no opposition.
Tom M. BEVERLY will be a candidate for re-election as Sheriff. Ex-Sheriff Gabe BECK is being urged by a large number of friends to make the race for sheriff next year and he may consent. Pat JONES of Farmersville is prominently mentioned as a candidate for sheriff.
Newt BURTON has made the district a good commissioner and will be regarded by a re-election without opposition.
Judge ANDREWS and Constable Johnnie McKinney have won the plaudits of all and will have no opposition in the next campaign.

Big Pecan Sale.
G. W. KENNEDY, a substantial citizen of the Plano community, recently sold to HILL & WEBB 1790 pounds of pecans at a good price per pound. He has 1000 pounds yet to market.

Jim DOWELL, who buys cotton for the McKinney Cotton Old Mill gin, informed a Gazette man that he paid 4.27 ½ for seed cotton, the highest price here this season.

Messrs. W. H. BERTRAND & Co., have direct private wires to all of [the New York Exchanges] [ This is a long article explaining the workings of the stock market. There is a photograph of W. H. BERTRAND accompanying the article.

For Rabbit Hunt. Citizens of Lucas Planning a Big One.
W. S. COFFEY was here from his farm near Lucas and informed [us] that arrangements are being made for a big rabbit hunt in that community Wednesday, the weather permitting. The farmers of the community had agreed to allow hunting on their farms, rabbits to be the only game killed. There will be a barbecue and refreshments on the side.

Elks and Their Doings in McKinney – Year’s History.[Accompanying this article are separate photographs of: W. H. SIMS, W. Avery DOWELL, W. S. TERRELL, Tom W. PERKINS, W. B. NEWSOME, Jas. P. THOMAS, Oscar E. SMITH, Judge M. G. ABERNATHY, Robt. J. GOOSTREE and Fred G. BURNETT, M. S. METZ, W. R. ABERNATHY, and two others whose names are unclear to this transcriber.]
.....Mr. Fred G. BARNITT, a popular member of the will-known firm of Smith Bros. & Co., having belonged to the organization was elected Exalted Ruler. He is now Past Exalted Ruler.
The lodge is under control of the following officers. W. H. SIMS, the genial good natured agent of the postmaster....Judge ? G. ABERNATHY, one of the leading lawyers of our city. Jas. P. THOMAS, delivery clerk at the postoffice. M. E. GERRISH, the accommodating book-keeper and teller at the Collin county national bank. Will LAKE, who can be found with the popular firm of ONEAL & Co. Robert J. GOOSTREE, the dealer in staple and fancy groceries. Rev. J. Orson MILLER, than whom there is no more pleasant gentleman in McKinney and who is rector of the Episcopal church in this city. Dr. M. S. METZ, the whole-souled physician.
The following were elected trustees: W. A. DOWELL, manager of J. P. DOWELL Hardware store. W. B. NEWSOME, retired capitalist and useful citizen. W. S. TERRELL, ....[unreadable]

Dr. W. M. GLENN.
...the well known vetinary [sic] surgeon has been in business here for the past thirty -five years. He breaks all kinds of horses from the Mexican mustang to the ...Missouri mule.

C. E. SAIGLING.[A photograph of Charles F. SAIGLING accompanies this article.]
The firm Crouch-Saigling is composed of C. F. SAIGLING, Charles E. SAIGLING, and L. W. CROUCH. It has grown from a small beginning to one of the leading wholesale and retail hardware firms in the state. On the 1st of January of this year, J. P. CROUCH, who had been president of the company for twenty-five years, resigned his position and the firm was reorganized with Charles E. SAIGLING at its head. Mr. SAIGLING, being only 26 years of age is of that typical American stock which knows no failure when it comes to business success.

He has been in business in McKinney for four years and in that time has used the immense quantity of thirty thousand pounds of chile meat, fourteen hundred boxes of crackers and eight thousand pounds of beans. His banner year was 1901 when he used 10,000 pounds of chile meat and 400 boxes of crackers. Everybody who has eaten Charley’s chile can testify to its genuine merit....Charley is a good natured, hail-fellow-well-met and never fails to give you a pleasant smile for which he charges nothing. You will miss half of your life if you come to McKinney and fail to eat a dish of Charley RUSSELL’s chile and get a glimpse of his smiling countenance.

The Gazette’s special representatives, who toured Colorado during the summer of 1903.[This is a composite photograph of the four ladies named below]
Mrs. Jim FITZHUGH, Misses Rosabelle HYNDS, Maude ALLEN, and Florence MELTON. [Photos by Pennington.]

C. B. RANDELL.[A drawing of Congressman C. B. RANDELL accompanies the article.]
....another election is rolling round. True there are other great men in our district but when it comes to true patriotism, thorough statesmanship and strong party affiliation, none can boast of these qualifications in a higher degree than can this distinguished gentleman.

Dr. W. B. POPE.
...the widely known veterinary surgeon and physician, has been practicing his profession for twentynine [sic] years, the last fifteen of which have been spent in McKinney. Dr. POPE is a full graduate of the famous Veterinary University of Memphis, Tennessee, and this, combined with his long experience, makes him one of the best posted men of his profession in the State of Texas. He makes the lame to walk, the partially blind to see clearly, and the diseased to be rid of the same in short order, in fact, he cures cases, where others fail and which have been given up as hopeless....

Dr. M. S. METZ.
...a graduate of the old school, or Allopathic, and of the Homeopathic, having a thorough knowledge of all methods in each and in his practice, which is very extensive, uses that method. He is a graduate of the Hospital College of Medicine of Louisville, Ky., and of the Hannemarn Hospital and College of Medicine of Chicago, Ill. Dr. METZ has been in McKinney for fifteen or more years and his affable manner, pains-taking care and universal popularity are the envy of all his competitors.

Few young men in Collin county have attained greater mercantile success during the past five years than Joe W. BARNES, who is recognized as one of the leading grocery merchants. It has been Mr. BARNES’ ambition to be the leader in his line, leaving others to follow as best they may...

...the popular and accommodating blacksmith can be found early and late at his place of business next to ATKINSON’s livery stable. Mr. STANLEY has been in McKinney for the past five years working until two and a half years ago for W. G. FORSYTHE, when he went into business for himself.......

For artistic work on your carriage and for a neat sign, you could do no better than go to W. C. GRAY, who is a veteran in this line. Mr. GRAY has been in McKinney for a long time and has practiced his profession for nearly twenty years....

Jesse SHAIN.
...a citizen to whom progress and development [of McKinney and Collin Co.] is so largely due... Mr. SHAIN, after reaching man’s estate preferred to remain among the people with whom he had been reared and in his home town lay broad and deep the foundations upon which he has reared the superstructure of a splendid success which is a credit to himself, a source of pride to his community, and an honor to his state....
Mr. SHAIN embarked in business here about thirty-two years ago, and at the time of disposing of his stock in order to devote his time more largely to his many other interests of importance, had to his credit an enviable record of thirty years continuous mercantile success.... he conducts a private banking business .... is president of the Collin County National Bank .... president of the STIFF Dry Goods Company.... president of the SHAIN Packing Company at the time of its destruction by fire, a leading stockholder in the Collin county Mill and Elevator Company, and president of the New Century Milling Company of Dallas., the McKinney Compress Company, FOX wholesale Grocery Company, treasurer of the McKinney Telephone Company, and has interests in other successful enterprises. He is a member of the Texas World’s Fair Commission...
He is a Knight of Pythias, a Redman and an Elk, being treasurer of the McKinney Redmen and Elks lodges. He has for years been a valued member of the City Council and has served as mayor pro tem. Mr. SHAIN is a genial, whole-souled, big hearted gentleman and public spirited citizen, just in the prime of life, for whom the future seems to hold even more than did the past.

McKinney Business College.[A photograph of Prof. N. R. Stone accompanies this article.]
.....Prof. N. R. STONE, President, is an institution of which McKinney and Collin county may well be proud. The school was founded May 1, 1899 and has achieved notable success. It is a chartered institution...incorporated under the laws of the state of Texas. It is the only business College in America that confers degrees upon its graduates. The Business course includes book-keeping, Commercial Arithmetic, Commercial Law, Business Correspondence, Penmanship, Spelling, and Banking....

Electric Light Comp’y.
....at first owned by Messrs. J. P. NENNEY and D. T. PARDUE, but has since passed into the hands of an incorporated body, composed of the following...L. A. SCOTT, J. L. LOVEJOY, D. T. PARDUE, J. S. HEARD, Wm. WARE. This plant at first occupied a frame structure just east of its present commodious quarters..... From a small capacity ....power has been increased, until now there are installed two powerful engines, one with a capacity of 1200 and the other 2500 candle power. In connection with this plant is operated the ice plant, with two engines.

Collin Co. Nat. Bank.
..... It was organized in 1879, as a private institution, with a capital of $35,000. Her directors were: W. L. BOYD, D. J. KERR, G. A. FOOTE, W. L. BOYD, T. B. WILSON, W. A. RHEA, and J. A. ASTON. In 1883 it was reorganized and was created a National bank. The capital was $75,000 and the following [were] ....officers: G. A. FOOTE, W. L. BOYD, J. A. ASTON, T. B. WILSON, W. A. RHEA, Thos. H. MURRY, and E. N. McAULAY. Later officers were G. A. FOOTE, J. L. WHITE, T. C. GOODNER, Henry H. WHITE, E. N. McAULAY, T. C. GOODNER, T. B. WILSON, J. S. HEARD and W. A. RHEA.
The bank at present is under the following management: Jesse SHAIN, W. B. NEWSOME, J. L. WHITE, Henry H. WHITE, T. B. WILSON, J. R. GOUGH, J. S. HEARD, T. C. GOODNER.....

Telephone Co.
...... The officers of the company are: S. O. SCOTT, J. E. FARNSWORTH, of Dallas, Jesse SHAIN, and Mr. BEDLOW of Dallas. The entire system was rebuilt during the past summer, at a cost of $26,000. Three miles of cable were put up, copper wire strung all along the line...

There can be found nowhere a more congenial or accommodating set of men than those who preside over Uncle Sam’s affairs in McKinney. The postmaster, H. E. SMITH, is a gentleman of the old school and his genial good will is only exceeded by his fitness for the position he occupies. His sons, O. E. and Albert are chips off the old block and occupy the positions of assistant postmaster and mailing clerk, respectively. The distributing department of the office is presided over by that affable gentleman, Ely MORTON, whose speed in disposing of the numerous parcels passing through his hands is something wonderful. At the general delivery window one always meets a smile from J. P. THOMAS. .... The two free delivery carriers of the city are E. H. RABUN, Route No. 1 North, and Will CLOYD, Route No. 2, South....

This company began business in McKinney three years ago, succeeding a big dry goods concern and continued two years at the same stand. Last January the company moved to the commodious and splendidly fitted out brick building on the northwest corner of the square... Norman ONEAL is a graduate of one of the leading schools of advertising in the United States. He is a young man of fine business qualifications.

FOX Grocer Co.
The following gentlemen are the officers and stockholders: G. W. FOX, president and general manager, and Jesse SHAIN, J. Perry BURRUS, J. L. WHITE, and J. W. FIELDS. Mr. Geo. W. FOX is a gentleman of great business integrity and honesty.......Long may the FOX Grocery Company continue to prosper is our wish.

First Nat. Bank.
The first National Bank of McKinney is the oldest institution of its kind in Collin county, being founded June 13th 1882 with a capital stock of fifty thousand dollars, by F. EMERSON, his sons, T. H. and T. T. EMERSON and sons-in-law, John L. LOVEJOY and C. H. WELCH..... Before it was created a national bank, this institution flourished as a private bank dating its foundation from 1869. ... The First National Bank is one of the strong institutions of the United States, and one of which Collin county may well feel proud.

G. F. and C. M. BRANNON came to McKinney some four years go from Sherman and have had charge of the McKinney Steam Laundry since... The help employed in this establishment are all experienced and by close assiduity to business have aided very materially in upbuilding the business interests of their employers.


J. W. LESLIE – Depot Lunch Counter, McKinney.

Dr. METZ — X-ray machine, McKinney, Texas.

R. F. DOWELL & Co. — Dealers in Wood Hay and Grain, South Tennessee St., McKinney.

The Wall Street Restaurant, short orders a specialty — Mac WILKERSON, Proprietor, McKinney.

P. L. WHITE — Merchant Tailor, McKinney.

Collin County Barber Shop — RICHARDSON & HIBBITS, Props.

W. T. HOARD — Dentist, McKinney.

White Dry Goods Company — T. F. EVERETT and T. C. PERRY, Managers.

SMITH Brothers & Co., – McKinney’s oldest druggists...

J. D. STIFF Dry Goods Company, McKinney and Collin county.

A Merry Christmas to all our Customers and Friends — Joe W. BARNES, Grocer.

Buy your wood and feed from R. F. DOWELL & Co. McKinney.

J. T. COUCH – Mr. COUCH has gone to the markets to purchase goods and expects to double the capacity of his store and of his stock.

Thank You. Wishing you a Christmas of unalloyed happiness and a year of peace, plenty and prosperity — G. W. OWENS & Co.

MASSIE & DOHONEY — Sellers of Buggies, Saddles, and Harness Goods.

W. S. TERRELL — Attorney, McKinney, Texas.

J. H. FORBES, Grocer — Santa Claus Headquarters for Christmas.

Biggest Sale on Record! ONEAL & Co., McKinney, Texas.

M. T. JONES – sells Fire, Tornado, Rent, Plate Glass, Personal Accident, Burglar, Employers Liability, Steam Boiler, Life, and Health Insurance. McKinney, Texas.

J. F. DANIEL — Xmas Gifts for Men. Gents’ Furnishings, McKinney.

CROUCH-SAIGLING Company – Wholesale and Retail Furniture and Hardware, McKinney.

T. J. CLOYD – McCormick Harvesters, Wagons, Grain Drills, Binding Twine. McKinney, Texas.

GOOSTREE Brothers — Fine Groceries and Wagons are our “Long Suit.”

From Factory to Foot. The Herald Shoe Company — J. A. WATERS, Manager.

Dr. Clifford S. KLEIN — Osteopathic Physician over Collin County Bank. Graduate of Am. School Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo.

T. L. McMULLEN — The Home of Fresh Groceries, second door west from postoffice.

Chas. HEGLEY — Restaurant. Short Orders at All Times at Free Wagon Yard. McKinney, Texas.

O. LEDDY — Roofing, guttering, and repairing done. McKinney, Texas.

W. T. HELMS, Prop. — Elite Restaurant.

W. K. SHAVER & Son — Restaurant.

Dr. O. H. KIRKPATRICK — Physician and Surgeon, over ONEAL’s, McKinney, Texas.

McKinney & HILL — The Buggy Sellers of McKinney.

Should you have and business in the Real Estate line you should see J. A. GARRISON, successor to PERKINS Real Estate Agency.

J. E. (Ed) HINMAN — Hinman’s Hair Helper for Dandruff and Falling Hair. McKinney.

J. D. PAGE — Fire Insurance Agent. McKinney.

J. M. ANDREWS — Everything in good eatables such as fine staple and fancy groceries, apples, oranges, bananas, nuts, fine candies, etc.

I desire to thank the ladies of McKinney and entire Collin county for their exceptionally liberal patronage during this, the most successful year of my business career in the millinery catering in McKinney — Mrs. W. E. MARSHALL.

Dr. Edwin L. BURTON — Practice limited to Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat. McKinney, Texas.

Ed. BOMAR — Gents’ Furnisher.

Dr. J. A. CALDWELL — Practice Limited [to] diseases of Nose, Throat, Women, Skin, Genito Urinary Organs, Rectum, and Nervous System. McKinney.

R. E. BRISTOL — Diamonds, watches, fine jewelry, leather goods, perfumery, and toilet articles. McKinney.

JENKINS & McCLELLAN — Attorneys-at-Law.

W. H. PERKINS, Prop. — Perkins’ Nursery, McKinney, Texas.

MUSE & TRUETT — Money to Loan, Bonds Made.

W. S. KNIGHT — New Belts, Wrist Bags, Side Combs, Skirt Patterns.

J. D. ARMSTRONG — Manager, McKinney Drug Co.

Dear Old Mother or Sister would most assuredly appreciate one of those nice new easy riding Buggies or Surreys of ours. — Collin Co. Implement Co. — R. E. CARPENTER, Mgr.

Dress Up For The Holidays! Up-to-Date Gents Furnisher — Burton L. HUNTER, McKinney, Texas.