The Weekly Democrat-Gazette 1917

The Weekly Democrat–Gazette of August 30, 1917

Supt. CARLISLE’s Announcement:
....I have had many inquiries relative to the admission of pupils under 7 years old on the first day of September. If our school is crowded we shall not admit any unders. The tuition this year will be as follows: Below the High school $2.00 per month. In the High School $3.00 per month, invariably in advance.
....I am pleased to be able to give the personnel of our teaching force in the McKinney city schools.

Boyd High School:
Prof. J. H. HEAD, A. B., Prin., Mathematics; Miss Eula HUNTER, Diploma, assistant in Mathematics; Miss Rachel DOGGETT, A. B., English; Miss Jimmie STIFF, Diploma, Assistant in English: Mrs. Bettie BEVERLY, Diploma, History; Mrs. R. R. HARWELL, A. B., German; Miss Miriam FINKS, A. B., Spanish; Prof. R. H. HARDAGE, A. B., Latin; Prof. E. T. THOMPSON, A. B., Science; Miss Ripple FRAZIER, Diploma, domestic Economy; Prof. G. M. MARTIN, Diploma, Manual Training.

J. L. Greer (North Ward) School:
Miss Carrie TINNING, First Grade; Miss Bain WEBB, Second Grade; Miss Mae HILL, Third Grade; Miss Ruth KENDALL, Fourth Grade; Miss Ethel RUSSELL, Fifth Grade; Mrs. I. O. MILLER, Sixth Grade; Mr. J. T. FOSTER, Seventh Grade; Another teacher, Miss Aline STROTHER, will be added as soon as the attendance justifies.

J. H. Hill (Central) School:
Miss Nettie ERWIN, first grade; Miss Nelle BURKS, second grade; Miss Marion THOMPSON, third grade; Miss Alta Van BROWN, fourth grade; Miss Mary JACKSON, fourth grade; Miss Ruth DOWELL, fifth grade; Miss Allie ROGERS, assistant principal, sixth grade; Mr. B. F. SKELTON, principal, seventh grade.

South Side School:
Miss Martha ILER, first grade; Miss Beulah DUNN, second grade; Miss Frances THOMPSON, third grade; Miss Clara LATHAM, fourth grade; Miss Virginia WIGGS, fifth grade; Mrs. Geo. P. BROWN, sixth grade; Mr. J. W. MOSELY, seventh grade; another teacher will be added as soon as the attendance justifies.

East Side School:
Miss Mattie COLLINS, first grade; Miss Eva HUGHSTON, second and third grades; Miss Fannie MARTIN, fourth and fifth grades; Mr. A. E. MAXEY, sixth and seventh grades; Another teacher, Miss Florence Lea HARRIS, will be added when needed.

First Bales of 1917.
Farmersville’s first bale of cotton was raised on the George ANTONE farm about four miles north of Farmersville and was sold by Will ANTONE to ROBINSON & SMITH for 26 cents a pound.
Plano’s first bale of the 1917 cotton crop put on the Plano market came in Wednesday and was sold for 25.50 cents. It was grown by J. A. EUBANKS on the GREGORY farm, five miles northeast of Plano. It sold to R. W. SANDIFER.
Ingram Kelley received first bale honors at Frisco Wednesday Aug. 22. The bale brought 26 ½ cents per pound and was sold to E. D. ROACH.

County Trustees Met Here Tuesday.
Collin county school trustees were in session here Tuesday. Program: 1. Relation of the County School Board to the local School Boards – J. L. ALDRIDGE, Plano; R. C. McLEOD, Farmersville. 2. The relative Estimate of the importance of a Trustee – L. J. TRUETT, McKinney Board; F. A. KLUTTZ, Princeton Board; J. H. SUTHERLAND, Melissa Board. 3. What Constitutes a Successful Teacher? – Dr. Miller, Murphy Board; R. E. L. MILER, Celina Board. 4. Relation of Teacher, School Board and Patrons – S. B. SIVELLS, Celina School; C. M. BRYAN, Chambersville School; Alma WILSON, Princeton School.

The Soy Bean in Collin County.
R. L. WALLACE, tenant on J. H. STINSON’s farm (The old PERKINS’ Nursery) left a soy bean stalk at our office which has about seventy-five pods already formed on it.

Mrs. Willie C. NITCHOLAS, aged about 22 years, died at the family home in the Viney Grove community Tuesday.... [For complete story, see Obituary page at this site.]

Jimmie Lee, 3 year old baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah HALE, died at their home at Altoga Saturday afternoon at 5o’clock after an illness of three weeks. Burial was made in the Altoga cemetery Sunday afternoon. Services were conducted at the grave by the Rev. J. H. HILGER. The pallbearers were four little girls as follows: Edith and Nina WHITSON, Brinda PORTER, and Fannie FARLEY.

Ester KINSER, two-weeks-old baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace KINSER, who reside three and one-half miles southeast of McKinney, died Friday afternoon. Burial was made in Pecan Grove Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Funeral services were conducted at the graveside by the Rev. Abner SNIDER.

Bryan McDONALD of Weston was painfully though not seriously injured Thursday night in an automobile wreck near Lone Elm. He was driving a Ford car and ran off a bridge. The car turned over. There were other occupants in the car but none were badly injured.

Pretty Sunrise Allen Wedding.
At sunrise Tuesday morning Aug. 28th the rites of marriage were solemnized between Mr. Edgar H. BUSH and Miss Edna BACCUS, both of Allen. This event took place at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. BACCUS, in the presence of only the two immediate families. The ceremony was pronounced by the Rev. R. D. SHULTZ of McKinney. The groom is the youngest son of Mrs. L. W. BUSH and of the late L. W. BUSH. He is a grandson of Maj. W. M. BUSH and W. M. FRANKLIN, pioneers of Collin county.


J. R. McCOY who operates a jitney between McKinney and Celina, reports a big rain Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. THOMPSON of Plano have returned from a visit to Illinois.
W. E. McCOY of Celina will soon launch the first issue of the newspaper at Anna.
Prof. And Mrs. J. Tom FOSTER are the proud parents of a pretty little baby daughter.
J. A. CARROLL of Altoga has gone to Oklahoma on business.
W. H. MATTHEWS has returned from the Eastern markets where he has spent some time purchasing the new line of fall and winter merchandise.
Frank CROZIER and family expect to move to Dallas right away in time to enter his children in school there. His talented daughter, Miss Chrystine, who graduated from the McKinney high school last year will enter the Southern Methodist University this fall.
Lieut. Earl WARE is in McKinney for a few days visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. WARE and old friends. His grandfather, S. H. FOX of McKinney was a gallant soldier in the days of ‘61.
James GARZA of San Antonio, but for a number of years an employee of the cotton mill in McKinney has been given a commission as second lieutenant of the Tenth Cavalry at Douglas, Arizona.
Burke CROCKETT, a Collin county native son, is ...achieving a reputation as a civil engineer that is second to none in the state.
The Rev. R. K. MOSELY, of Celina, accompanied by his son, Robert and his daughter, Miss Lillian, have gone on a prospecting trip to the New England states. Mr. MOSELY recently sold his farm of 108 acres to William SHRADER.
C. P. CANTRELL and his daughter, of Frisco were here this week visiting another daughter, Mrs. G. S. BACCUS and family.
Hunter HILL dropped in to see us from Melissa. Hunter is a hustler and is doing lots of business....He has just sold a fine 137 acre farm to Corbin BROWNE, the grain man of McKinney.
Charlie NELSON has bought the A. R. HICKS residence in Celina.
The Rev. C. W. DENNIS, presiding elder will preach at the First Methodist church in this city next Sunday.
The eight sons of A. P. MILLS of Celina all met by prearrangement in McKinney Saturday and had their photograph taken in group. The names of these boys are C. R. (Roscoe) MILLS, Princeton; Walter L. MILLS, Anna; Claud MILLS, Celina; Jeff MILLS, Celina; Hardy C. MILLS of McKinney; Edgar Frank MILLS, Celina; Tully Beverly MILLS, Celina, and Henry Grady MILLS, Celina. These MILLS brothers have three sisters: Mrs. C. S. ROGERS of White’s Grove, Mrs. E. C. MATTHEWS of Denison, and Miss Mamie Ruth MILLS who resides at home with her parents .... near Celina.
A. J. STOGNER, McKinney has returned from a pleasant visit back to his old home in Stansfield, Stanley county, North Carolina.
Mrs. J. A. BELCHER of McKinney is in receipt of a letter from her sister, Mrs. John CANTRELL who lives in California stating that they had about decided to move back to old Collin. They moved away...fifteen or twenty years ago. Mrs. CANTRELL was formerly Miss Lillie ROBINSON.
Prof. D. W. LEIGH and nephew, J. W. LEIGH left Friday for Sulphur Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan WEAVER have returned from the Eastern markets where they spent about three weeks in buying goods for their popular store in McKinney.
This office is in receipt of a card from Paul WILSON, who is a member of Company M, 4th Texas Infantry. Paul is a son of Mrs. T. M. WILSON of this city.
Dr. John GOSSETT arrived home Saturday after a vacation spent in recreation and pleasure seeking at Hot Springs, Arkansas.
W. P. LONG, a prominent farmer of Verona...his wife and three children, Herman, Melvin, and Clarence recently arrived home from an extended visit back to their old home in Tennessee.
C. D. WARD of this city, has finished his duties here and left Sunday for Texarkana where he has accepted a paving inspector position.
Woodville J. ROGERS arrived home Saturday from Austin where he took an active part in the called session of the legislature.
W. E. McCOY of Celina has purchased the printing outfit at Anna and will soon begin publishing a newspaper. Although a young man, yet, he is an experienced newspaper man. For several months after locating at Celina, he drove a jitney between Celina and McKinney. Mr. McCOY is a splendid young man, courteous and obliging and friends will wish for him success with his publication.
R. W. ELLIS of Farmersville...sends in his renewal subscription.
W. E. BARRETT of Farmersville visited his family in McKinney Sunday.
Eldon F. FULLER, son of the Rev. D. F. FULLER, pastor of the Wylie Methodist church, has been notified to report at the second Leon Springs officers training camp....Eldon graduated from the Southern Methodist University at Dallas.
This paper is in receipt of a letter from George SANDIDGE, son of John SANDIDGE, of near Altoga, and a nephew of W. H. SANDIDGE of this city....Mr. SANDIDGE was born and reared in Collin county, near Altoga and says he is coming back soon...
LOCAL NEWS OF COLLIN, gathered by our correspondents:

Rev. GRANGER is holding a meeting at the Holiness shed.
Miss Mary TAYLOR of Celina is spending a few days here with relatives and friends.
Misses Fern and Odessa HENDRICKS of near Routh are spending a week with their cousins, the Misses COMBEST.

R. L. STEWART made a business trip to Dallas one day last week.
Sam CHESNEY of Alpha, Texas spent one night last week with his sister, Mrs. J. M. RENFROW.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. STEWART spent one night last week with their granddaughter, Mrs. Della JONES of near Princeton.
Uncle Marion RENFROW is spending a few days with relatives at Russellville, Arkansas. He was accompanied by his grandson, Howard STEWART.
Lee, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McCORMACK, happened to a serious accident Monday while playing in the lot where the horses were kept. One of them bit him on the face and knocked him down, causing some very bad bruises about his head and face.

Erwin CRAUS and Tom W. PERKINS, Jr. of McKinney were visitors Sunday afternoon.
Oliver HAILE, who was at Marlin Wells two weeks having a cancer treated, has had to back again.
Miss Lena WITHERSPOON, who was confined to her bed five weeks, with typhoid fever has recovered.
Dr. Geo. HORNBUCKLE of Whitewright visited here Friday, accompanied by his little daughter, Dora....

Mrs. Callie BUTLER, visited her sister, Mrs. Campbell, last week.
Misses Velma and Minnie Aycock of Princeton visited relatives here last week.
A. J. AYCOCK and family of Princeton attended church here Sunday.
Miss Opal BAILEY of Farmersville is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. BAILEY.
S. W. BAILEY and wife and daughter, Mrs. Pearl TURNER, visited at Farmersville last Tuesday.
J. C. CHITTY of Water Ridge has purchased Sam WORTHY’s farm and will move on same this fall.
Rev. H. U. KELLER of Farmersville is assisting Rev. S. P. FARLEY in a meeting at the Methodist church.
Royse SAMPLES and Miss Ella CALLOWAY were married Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. HOLLOMAN and daughters, Misses Bettie, Plasette, and Susie and Mrs. E. P. GIFFORD were visitors at M. N. STROUP’s Tuesday.
Mrs. Virgie KING and daughter, Jessie Mae, have returned from a two weeks’ visit with her sister, Mrs. Jewel WEST of Henrietta, Ok.
Miss Nettye STROUP has returned home after spending several weeks in East Texas visiting her brother, Lon STROUP.
D. W. LEIGH’s singing school closed Thursday night.

Miss Robbie SIDES was an Altoga visitor Friday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Seimer GRAY, a girl, Aug. 14.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. STEWART were Altoga visitors Saturday.
Miss Stella STEWART has returned home after visiting friends in Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin MILLER of Princeton were in our midst Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. CARVER of Princeton were visitors here Sunday.
Robert STROUP and sister Ethel of New Life were visitors here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess SHIPMAN of McKinney were visitors here Wednesday.
Miss Irene PHELPS of McKinney was the guest of Jessie KISSINGER Sunday.
Jack and Evard CHAPMAN of Spring Hill were visitors here Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. KITE of New Life attended Sunday school here Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Mattie CAMERON of Princeton spent Sunday with her brother, L. A. STEWART of this place.
Mrs. Eula WARNER has returned to her home at Farmersville after visiting here a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud LONG of Farmersville were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. LONG Sunday.
Miss Willie Lee HOLLAND and brother of McKinney visited their sister, Mrs. Seimer GRAY, Saturday.
Mrs. Bud BOX is attending the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Ira HICKMAN of Henslee Chapel who is very sick.
Mr. and Mrs. R, D. CALDWELL and sons, Sam and Charlie, left last Tuesday for a two weeks’ stay at Mineral Wells.
C. M. MURPHY who has been very sick for several months, died at his home Sunday morning about 7 o’clock. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his death. The funeral services were held at the family residence Monday at 10 a.m. Elder KIDWELL of Ft. Worth conducting the services.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam RENFRO are the proud parents of a baby girl.
Mr. and Mrs. George CORLEY visited in McKinney Saturday night.
Miss Ola RENO of Floyd is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. J. COMMONS.
Miss Minnie STAGNER attended church at Wilson Chapel Sunday.
T. B. ENLOE and wife visited Willie ODLE and wife at McKinney Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley DRAKE visaited Mr. and Mrs. BENTOn of Bishop Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George CORLEY visited Mr. and Mrs. John SCALF of McDonald Monday night.

Tom PHELPS and family are visiting relatives in Marlow, Okla.
Mrs. PLUMICE of Tennessee is visiting at the home of Hugh STONE.
Miss Hattie FRANCES of near Roseland spent last week with her cousin, Miss Vina Mae FRANCES.
Mr. and Mrs. ATKINS and son, Ross, of near Prosper, visited in this community Sunday afternoon.
Miss Neva CHIPMAN has returned home after a few days visit with relatives and friends at Weston.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. O’BRIEN and niece, Miss MITCHELL were McKinney visitors Monday of last week.
Ben LEWIS, wife and baby of west Celina visited at the home of s. A. WILLIAMS Saturday night and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John DARNELL are entertaining a new son who has been stopping with them about two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Lon DENNIS and children of Melissa, spent last Wednesday with the latter’s sister, Mrs. Frank O’BRIEN.
Miss OPAL CANE of Denison is visiting Misses Vina Mae FRANCES and Ermyne MITCHELL. Miss Opal formerly lived in this community.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. GEARHART and son, Perry, returned home from ...a visit among old friends and relatives in Celina, Tennessee.
The FRANCES home place has been sold to Tom GOODNIGHT of near Prosper. We welcome Mr. GOODNIGHT and family into our community, but we hate to lose our good neighbors, Eulah FRANCES and family.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. WILLIAMS went to Grapevine last week to attend the funeral..of the Rev. M. C. HARRIS. The Rev. Mr. HARRIS was pastor of the Walnut Grove church for eight years.

Bud RAY is on the sick list.
Little Francis May WATKINS is sick at this writing.
Mrs. Tom CATE and boys of Spring Hill spent last Friday with Mrs. Beulah LOVELADY.
Ballard BOYER, wife and little Miss Allie Gene of Princeton were in Altoga Sunday.
Wash HALE of Altus, Okla. is here at the home of his brother, Noah HALE.
Hubbord ANDERSON and family spent Sunday with Mrs. ANDERSON’s sister, Mrs TREE, of Trenton.
Wilford LACEY and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl who came Sunday afternoon.
John WATKINS, John LAWSON, Albert MANTOOTH, and W. T. DUNN made a business trip to Tyler Saturday.
J. H. HINTON and wife and Mr. and Mrs. John WILSON and daughter, Miss Lillie MAY, of McKinney were in Altoga Sunday.
Manford CATE, wife and baby have returned from Oklahoma where they visited at the home of Mrs. CATE’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. CONGER.

Second Hand Books.
L. D. BATSON’s book ...stand makes a specialty of second-hand books of all kinds....that he will gladly exchange. He feels that he will be able to save school children a considerable amount of money by this arrangement.

Former McKinney Girl Weds.
.....announcement of the wedding of Bessie Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley ROUNDTREE of Lamesa, Texas which occurred July 25 to Ray Edwin McCARLEY. They are at home at Thomas, New Mexico. The bride was born near Fitzhugh Mills and is a niece of Mrs. S. P. COFFEY and of Mrs. J. W. McKinney of McKinney, and of the late ex-Sheriff Gabe BECK. The groom is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. John S. BRISTOL of this city [McKinney]...

M’Kinney Boy in Signal Corps.
Otto COFFEY of this city, who enlisted in the United States Signal Corps about three months ago has been transferred to Camp Kelly near San Antonio. ....Otto is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. COFFEY of of the county’s oldest and most honored families.

Simon TAYLOR was a visitor in McKinney Wednesday afternoon.

Uncle George BELL and Joe HOWLETT have returned to their homes at Allen after a trip through sections of West Texas...

D. W. KERR, a substantial farmer of the Celina vicinity transacted business in McKinney Tuesday.

W. L. MOORE of the Culleoka neighborhood was a business visitor in the county metropolis Tuesday.

Jonas A. BENTON, Captain of Co. M. Fourth Texas Infantry whose company was first unit to occupy Camp Travis encampment at San Antonio......

Miss Myrtle MAJORS has returned to her home at Alvord after a visit with her sister, Mrs. John B. McKINNEY north of this city.

A. S. HOCKADAY and family of Itasca, have been visiting at the home of his uncle, W. M. KERR in McKinney. They spent Sunday at the home of Mr. HOCKADAY’s aunt, Mrs. M. J. SNEED at Lucas.

J. A. RILEY who resides on route 4 out of Blue Ridge was a business visitor in McKinney.

J. M. MOORE was Dallas...while there he purchased a brand new Crow-Elkhart automobile.

Lee HOWARD, one of Collin’s best farmers, residing northwest from Plano, was here Wednesday, breaking bread with the writer. Lee was born and reared in Collin county on the farm he now lives upon, fifty years ago. His mother lives on the adjoining farm and is 83. They migrated to Texas from Kentucky and the good Lord never let better people live.

Deer crouching on the lawn, deer romping on the green grasses, deer jumping and tossing from mound to mound, will soon be seen on the beautiful lawn of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. SCOTT, 510 East Louisiana street. A high wire fence is nearing completion which separates the flower garden from the main lawn, and ,,two beautiful deer will find a new home....

Dr. J. D. CARPENTER who was raised at Plano but had been making his home at Corpus Christi, has returned to Collin county and will follow his profession at Frisco. He has formed partnership with Dr. I. S. ROGERS with whom he was formerly associated.

Miss Eula HUNTER of Allen has returned from a sight-seeing trip to the Grat Lakes region and Pike’s Peak. She is a sister of Dr. J. E. HUNTER of McKinney and an efficient teacher in the McKinney public schools.

Mrs. Birl ODELL of the Roland community was in McKinney Sunday en route to Sherman to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. COVEY.

Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
To those indebted to and holding claims against the estate of J. H. HUTTON, deceased. The undersigned..... hereby notifies all persons indebted to said estate to come forward and make settlement, and those having claims against said estate to present them to him...[Signed] Chas. T. ROWLAND, Administrator of the Estate of J. H. HUTTON, deceased.

Chas. H. WALLIS died at his home in the Chambliss community Saturday, August 25. [For complete story, see Obituary page at this site.].

Chas. Murphy, aged 56 years, died at his home in the Climax community Sunday morning after a lingering illness of several months. [For complete story, see Obituary page at this site.].

Plano Land Selling.
A deal was consumated at Plano recently whereby C. J. MATHEWS and Ray JASPER sold to S. J. MATHEWS of farm of 100 acres two miles north of Plano, known as the dr. SMOOT farms.
John BRENT and the other heirs of the late James M. BRENT of Plano sold a farm of 120 acres this week to J. A. ALDRIDGE for a little more than $150 per acre. The farm is located three miles west of Plano.

J. S. ALDRIDGE has sold this week to W. P. Aldridge 118 acres of the E. T. MEYERS Survey, three miles southwest of Plano, a part of the J. K. ALDRIDGE old homestead. The purchase price was $150 per acre.

Echo of M’Kinney Building Collapse.
Forty-fourth District Cort. Hon. E. B. MUSE, Judge Hon. W. F. WHITEHURST, acting judge. R. L. HIGHT and wife vs. CHEEVES Brothers & Co. et al, damages dismissed as to all defendants except defendant Lodge: agreed judgment against defendant Lodge for $1,500.

Sixty-Eighth District Court. Hon. W. F. WHITEHURST, Judge. Lydia MILLIGAN vs. CHEEVES Bros. and Co. et al, damages: plaintiff dismisses to all defendants except defendant Lodge. Agreed judgment against defendant Lodge for $1,500.

Pretty Baby Daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. DEAN of Richardson are rejoicing over the arrival of a pretty little baby daughter. Mrs DEAN was formerly Miss Bessie ABBOTT of this city. She is a niece of Drs. C. N. and S. H. ABBOTT of this place [McKinney].

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. DUNCAN and children left Sunday morning in their Overland car for a two weeks outing to Crystal city. They were joined at McKinney by Mr. and Mrs. J. M. ANDREWS who went in the latter’s car.

Mr. GRANDSTAFF, who lives a few miles north of town, sold a bale of cotton here Thursday.

O. A. BRANNON, prominent agent for Overland automobiles here and a regular and valued advertiser in the Daily Courier-Gazette and Weekly Democrat-Gazette reports sales of Overland cars to the following: t. J. GREEN, L. J. HOUSE and L. H. WEAVER, Allen; Mrs. C. L. DUVALL, Princeton.

Miss Ethel PARRIS, postmaster as Melissa recently had some improvements made in the postoffice. She has everything systematically arranged.

Gano HORN of this city had the misfortune of losing a very fine registered Jersey bull at his farm in the Vineland community.

Prof. O. D. CONLEY.....formerly lived at Blue Ridge, but is now residing in Prosper, at which place he has accepted a position as principal of the public school.

[Part of a page was badly blurred on the microfilm and articles could not be read – these names could be deciphered, but not the context in which they appeared. The Wednesday section was clear and is included in full.]

[The Week in Collin County.]

Mrs. S. G. HENDERSON, W. A. MORROW, L. A. GRAVES, Capt. Roy HALL and wife, Mrs. John ROBERTSON, Sam McBRIDE, J. W. and Cloyd FARLEY, Mrs. A. M. KENDRICK, Mrs. J. W. BROWN, James W. SMITH, Bill WILLIAMS, Garfield MARTIN, J. H. SUTHERLAND of Melissa, Prof. T. T. WEBB, Kerby STILES of Weston, Lawrence HORN, Robert McKINNEY, Mrs. A. ?. WHEATLEY, Freeman BERRY, J. M. WILSON, J. A. GARLAND, G. D. LOWE, Frank DUGGINS.

Albert STELZER had business in McKinney today from Celina.
J. R. THAXTON of Anna was here this afternoon on business.
L. R. WALLACE and son of Ardath were visitors in McKinney today.
J. H. STINSON of Princeton was a business visitor in McKinney today.
Jake DECKER was a business visitor in McKinney this morning from Bishop.
Wade and Taylor JORDAN were visitors in McKinney this morning from Melissa.
John R. BALES of the Bloomdale community was here this morning on business.
Crawford McKNIGHT of Celina was a business visitor in McKinney this morning.
Jack NICHOLS was in McKinney this morning en route to his home at Chambliss from Princeton.
Arthur TRUETT of Princeton was among the out-of-town business visitors in McKinney this morning.
J. B. WILSON and son, Homer, who are visiting here from Wolf Lake, Illinois and sister, Mrs. D. W. BAGWILL and son, Don, of this city left this afternoon for Emory, East Texas for a visit to their brother, W. M. WILSON, and family.
Miss Genevieve DARNALL of cottage Hill was the guest of her uncle, Hon. Geo. P. BROWN and wife today. She is a daughter of John T. DARNALL, a prominent farmer of that section of our county.
Mrs. John POE and son, John of Bosque, Texas returned home ...after a visit to her mother, Mrs. Fannie HATLER, and sisters Mesdames Hattie SCOTT and J. J. WILSON. She has a daughter, Mrs. Johnnie NITCHOLAS and a son, Bennie POE, living a few miles northeast of McKinney.

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Herndon are moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mrs. HERNDON is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. POTTS, of this city.

Effective, Saturday, Sept. 1st, Mr. A. M. HILL who has been manager of the McKinney Realty co., for the past two and three-quarter years mutually retires. The McKinney Realty Co., was composed of Tom W. PERKINS, Walter B. WILSON, and A. M. HILL.

J. F. McLAIN, an honored pioneer citizen of Collin county who lives just south of Anna is a new subscriber to the Daily Courier-Gazette.

Joseph B. WILSON and little eleven year old son, Homer Walter, arrived Thursday from their home at Wolf Lake. This, to visit Mr. William’s sister Mrs. D. W. BAGWILL and brother, Walter b. WILSON both of this city.

Ben A. MALLOW, whose farm is located two miles northeast of McKinney has just returned from a two week’s visit to the home of his mother-in-law, Mrs. B. L. GAITHER of Throckmorton.

W. M. BRAKEBILL and family of Walnut Grove passed through McKinney today enroute to Bonham where they will visit Mrs. BRAKEBILL’s brother, Gilbert CRUTCHER and wife.

Harry HAMMILL has returned from Brownwood where he went to take Ex-County Superintendent W. E. FOSTER and the latter’s parents who will make their home in that city in the future.

Hon. H. H. NEILSON and wife of Pilot Point were in McKinney Wednesday and remained over the guests of the latter’s aunt, Mrs. Glenn STIFF and family. Mr. NEILSON...will enter the officers’ training camp in San Antonio. Mrs. NEILSON was formerly Miss Mavet THOMAS of McKinney.

Lieutenant Louis SCOTT, son of President of the Collin County National Bank, L. A. SCOTT and wife has received orders to report at Camp Travis, San Antonio.
J. M. DRAKE, whose farm is located near Rhea Mills, is erecting a modern home on his property. T. B. DUVALL has charge of the property.

C. A. PETTY is adding to the civic attractiveness of the little city of Allen by constructing substantial cement sidewalks.

J. D. RATTAN of Anna is a late addition to [our subscription list]. Mr. RATTAN is a representative of one of the first pioneer families to settle in Collin county. He owns one of the finest homes in the county located in the town of Anna and several hundred acres of the most valuable black waxy land to be found in the state.

Robert ABERNATHY of [McKinney] is now busily engaged in breaking land which he is cultivating near the city.

J. W. ANDERSON a proprietor of a cash grocery store at Anna and is doing an excellent business.

Miss Hettye BULL of the Woodlawn community has returned from a weeks visit to her friend, Mrs. Clarence FINLEY of Ennis.

D. F. (Frank) CRIM, a well known and respected citizen, [died by suicide] Saturday. [For complete story, see Obituary page at this site.]

Judge Walter S. ADAMSON of Snyder, Texas, visited his mother, Mrs. Amelia ADAMSON and sister, Mrs. P. E. DENTON briefly in McKinney. Judge Adamson was reared in this city, at one time being a printer on this paper.

Dr. David S. HAWKINS, who left McKinney about six years ago for Cotoccoa, Ga., where he has since made his home ...has stated that within a very short time he would return to McKinney and again establish a business here.

Marriage Licenses.
Wm. M. KIRBY and Florence D. DICKERSON.
Noah DAUGHERTY and Pocahontas SHAW.
B. H. JEAN and Maggie GLASS.
L. D. CAMERON and Dezzie WARREN.
Abe GUNN and Stella BERRY.
H. C. McGAUGHEY and Mary Emma WALSH.
Robert STEVENS and Nettie HOPKINS.
Sampson CHRISTIE and Ethel WATERS.
J. Edwin KERR and Gertrude CLINE.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond WILSON of Frisco are the proud parents of a fine baby boy.

Secretary C. W. SMITH of the McKinney Business Men’s Association presented H. T. MASON of Wylie who brought the first bale of cotton to McKinney this year with a premium of $33.25, which was contributed by the business men of this city: Mr. SMITH assisted by J. D. WHITE circulated the premium list and obtained the funds within a short while.
Contributors to the premium: Farmers’ Gin Co., First National Bank, MITCHELL Drug Store, Giles McKINNEY, J. P. DOWELL, S. J. MASSIE, Collin County National Bank, J. H. MERRITT, W. R. HILL, J. P. CROUCH & Co., Imperial Café, The Examiner, CHEEVES Bros. & Co., J. F. BONE, Morgan WEAVER, Price STIFF, J. H. SNEED, VAUGHAN’s Drug Store, C. J. HAYDON, No. 2., MATTHEWS Bros. Co., Continental State Bank, DUKE & AYERS, A. T. CHURCH, J. M. ANDREWS, BROWNLEE & NELSON, McKinney’s Market, S. H. ABBOTT, C. N. ABBOTT, W. H. FOOTE.

Capt. Roy HALL has returned home for a visit to his wife and babies. He has been at the officers’ training camp at Leon Springs and...given a commission as captain, this being the highest rank obtained by any Collin county boy attending the camp.

G. J. BARLOW and son, Henry, have just received two very find Hampshiredown ewes from Clover Leaf farm in Mo. The BARLOWs are deeply interested in the sheep industry in Collin County.

The sorghum crop is so shabby I have sold my mill to a man in East Texas. Several small outfits near McKinney and those who were depending on me can haul elsewhere as I will have to do. [Signed] Mate BARNETT.

Mr. and Mrs. E. T. FANT, formerly of this city are the happy parents of a fine baby boy which arrived..August 17. Mrs. FANT’s sister, Mrs. Robert ERWIN is with her sister.

Rev. W. A. STUCKEY, wife and daughter, Miss Chrystine, were guest at the home of Jno. R. BROWN Friday night. Rev. STUCKEY ....was formerly pastor of the First Methodist church in this city for a couple of years. His son, Rev. Louis N. STUCKEY is also a preacher in ....Carrollton which is now in the McKinney district.

R. L. (Lee) HOWARD of Plano has purchased on of the nicest and most productive farms in all Collin county, 64 acres, three miles east of Allen. Mr. HOWARD owns the 200 acres where he lives and bought this dandy little farm for one of his young sons, who will occupy it next year.

R. L. HANKLE, well-known carpenter and contractor formerly of McKinney...[now lives] in Plainview.

Prof. J. L. YARBROUGH of Murphy, who for two terms represented Collin county in the Legislature was among the out-of-town visitors in McKinney Friday afternoon.

Mrs. T. J. MORELAND of near Allen was in McKinney Tuesday on business. Mrs. MORELAND for many years lived in the Ardath community but moved with her husband to Allen three years ago. A short time after they had moved, Mr. MORELAND died. Mrs. MORELAND now owns a nice farm near Allan. She has a family of fine young sons.

Carl YATES, formerly a big dry goods merchant at Celina....[is now] a traveling salesman.

Mrs. M. C. GANTT and children of Princeton are guests at the home of Mrs. T. M. WILSON and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. WILSON in McKinney.