McKinney Gazette

The McKinney Gazette. June 17, 1897, Vol. 10, No. 18

Clinton Thompson, Editor and Propr.

Grandma KERR, mother of J. L. and W. M. KERR, of our community, has been quite feeble for some days, with, perhaps, the chances of recovery against her owing to old age. Her daughter, Mrs. SNEED, of Engleman, is with her, as well as other relatives and friends.

In Engleman, Wm. PETWAY is on the sick list — Glen SNEED has returned from the A. & M. College. — Miss Addie OREM who has been visiting friends returned to Dallas this morning. — Mr. and Mrs. STRATTON gave a musical entertainment to their young friends last night. Miss Joura SNIDER rendered some excellent music on the piano.

Mrs. Leva HENRY and little daughter, Dana, and Miss WINNIE STIFF returned Friday from a visit to relatives in Texarkana, Clarksville, and Pilot Point.

The friends of Mr. Dorse GOLDEN will find him at Uncle Burrel STIFF’s where he will always welcome them.and where they will find the best of whiskies and cigars.

Allen Dots.
W. C. KILLINGSWORTH has a new boarder at his house. He says it is a girl and it weighted 12 pounds.
Mr. and Mrs. JACKON’s [sic] baby is improving fast. It has been sick quite a long time.
The oat crop is badly tangled by the wind and rain of the last few days, but will not be greatly damaged if the weather turns off fair.

Parker Items.
Mr. C. C. GEORGE’s baby is quite sick, a relapse from whooping cough.
Mrs. LAWRENCE, reported quite sick some time ago, died last Saturday and was buried at Maxwell graveyard. A husband, two children, relatives and friends mourn her death.
Messrs. Andy and West McMILLEN are visiting friends and relatives in Coleman county. West is convalescing from malaria fever.
Our subscription school, by Miss Nora JOHNSON, is still in progress.
Bro. JARRELL was prevented from filling his appointment Sunday, we suppose on account of rain.
Prof. RAIZOR of Rock Hill, met with the people last Saturday night and delivered a practical lecture.

Weston Whittlings.
The mail carrier for Weston, Loring CLAYTON, had to swim near Honey Creek, Saturday evening. The rain was so heavy that it resembled a waterspout.
Rev. Mr. JENKINS lectured at the Baptist church the evening of the 9th.
F. M. DOUGLASS went to Dallas with two carloads of beef cattle.
Prof. BARNETT will be conductor of the Hunt county normal.
Mr. James DOUGLASS, of Weston, and his wife and little son left today for Claude on a visit to his brother who resides in that part of Texas.
Mr. E. J. TANSIL’s youngest boy has been sick this week.

Mack OGILVIE came up from McKinney and spent Sunday with relatives.
Jo CAMP received a visit last week from his brother who is operating a ranch near Pecos City.
Jas. SLAUGHTER, who graduated from the Galveston Business University last week, has returned home.
Prof. W. T. BARNETT, wife and child were visiting the family of Prof. ERWIN the first of the week.
All of our weather prophets have ceased to prophesy, so we are liable to have any kind of weather.

City Council Meeting.
The following members were present: Mayor J. M. PEARSON, R. F. DOWELL, Aldermen EMERSON, WILSON, MOORE, SHRADER, NEWSOME and HERNDON. Quince CUMMINGS was appointed engineer to run the new deep well engine and the fire engine and also to serve a snight watchman. Hugh McDONALD was appointed assistant engineer. An account of the costs in the case of Joseph RUNNION against the city of McKinney was referred to committee. The following accounts were allowed: J. P. CROUCH, Phillip JACKSON, Dr. H. H. ROBBINS, F. M. WARDEN, H. E. G. FURR, A. C. VARNER, J. R. PARKER, Quince CUMMINS, GERRISH, FORSYTHE & FORSYTHE, G. E. CARPENTER, W. F. MILLER, G. W. OWENS, W. P. SUTTLE, Chas. BUSH. City Marshal BURKS suggested that a telephone be put in the pump house on the square.....

Home Gatherings.
Capt. SCOTT and L. A. SCOTT, of Melissa, was in the city Monday.
Jno. G. DAVIS is up from a several days’ illness.
Mrs. R. M. BOARD has been quite sick this week.
Charley CROUCH spent last week at Wooten Wells.
Born — to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. HUNT, on the 9th, a boy.
Miss Daisy HARRIS left Monday for a trip to Beeville.
Mrs. J. B. GOTCHER is visiting relatives in Rockwall.
Mrs. P. J. BAILEY has been quite sick for several days.
Miss Kate PAGE left Friday for a visit to Greenville friends.
Miss Maggie LEDDY left Monday for a visit to friends in Waco.
Miss Bessie HOWARD is visiting Denison relatives and friends.
Mrs. Harrison STIFF is visiting her sister, Mrs. HOGUE, near Plano.
Charlie ANDERSON has been on the sick list but is about well again.
Leslie BUSH, of Allen, was among Friday’s visitors to the county seat.
Robert, the little son of Capt. And Mrs. T. F. MANGUM, is up from a few day’s sickness.
Miss Ida PALMER of St. Louis, is visiting as the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Geo. E. FELTON.
We said that Miss Quincy COFFMAN was a niece of Mr. Gabe LUCAS. We should have said cousin.
Mr. H. T. JORDAN, one of Allen’s industrious business men, visited the county capital Tuesday.
Miss Mamie DOWELL returned home Friday from Belton where she has been attending Baylor Female College.
Mart and Jim Lewis of Walnut Grove who have been attending the A. & M. College, have returned home.
Mrs. J. C. UMPHRIES and daughter, Miss Maude, of Van Alstyne, have been visiting the family of H. L. DAVIS, this week.
Noel POND who has been attending Bethel College, Russellville, Ky, during the term just closed, returned home Monday.
Mrs. Dick McWHORTER of Plano is attending the bedside of her father, Mr. J. W. MARTIN, who is still very low with paralysis.
Mrs. Ben HILL and little son, Morand have returned from a visit to Waco. Master Dowell NAYLOR accompanied them home.
Mr. Tom HARRIS and family, of Sherman, spent Sunday with Mrs.[sic] HARRIS’ mother, Mrs. E. HARRIS and other relatives of McKinney.
Mr. J. A. CARTWRIGHT, aged 57, died yesterday at home in the northern part of the city after a five weeks seige of typhoid fever. The remains were interred in Pecan Grove cemetery this morning, Rev. d. J. MARTIN conducting the services.
T. K. BLEWETT, until recently a citizen of this place but now of Denton, was here on business the first of the week.

Miss Bessie BELL, of Farmersville who has been visiting Miss Helon KNIGHTON, returned home Monday accompanied by Miss Helon and Miss Hallie CLOYD.

Mr. W. M. BALL of Greensboro, N.C., and Miss Mary B. TODD, of LaGrange, N. C., were married yesterday. Miss TODD is a daughter of our well known and respected citizen, Mr. J. L. TODD.

Mrs. J. A. WALDEN and daughters, Misses Emma and Lottie, returned Friday from Bowie where they have been visiting relatives and friends.

Mrs. A. B. MAYES and little daughter, Alva, left last Thursday for a visit to relatives in Glasgow, Ky. They were joined in Denton by Mrs. MAYES’ sister, Mrs. WAINSCOTT, and little daughter Pearl. Mr. MAYES will follow in a few weeks.

Mr. Greenberry ADAMS subscribes for the Gazette this week.

Mrs. Jim WILEY returned Friday from a visit to her sister, Mrs. L. A. SCOTT, in Melissa.

Mrs. A. J. BURGER, son Joe, and daughter, Miss Kate, left Tuesday evening for Nace, Va., where they will visit relatives.

Prof. F. G. JONES of Allen was here Tuesday. He will leave in a short time for Chicago, where he will spend the summer reviewing .....Latin at the University.

Mr. T. Jeff McDANIELS, a popular young gentleman of this city, and Miss Jennie RICE, were married last evening at the home of the bride’s parents in Nevada, Mo. And will probably arrive here this evening.

Mrs. W. P. SUTTLE and children and Miss Bobbie SUTTLE left Tuesday for a visit to relatives in Corsicana.

Mr. T. M. HINSLEY and Miss Bessie FROST were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. FROST at Sister Grove, Tuesday evening, Rev. KELLER of Farmersville officiating.

Ex-Sheriff J. L. MOULDEN and Mr. Jim MURPHY of Murphy were among the city’s visitors yesterday.

Marriage Licenses.
The following marriage licenses have been recorded in the County Clerk’s office in McKinney, for the week ending June 11: N. F. MAY and Miss M. J. STEVENS;
W. L. BRINLEE and Miss Mirtie R. WILSON;
W. S. MURPHY and Miss Hallie HALL;
Robert R. WARDEN and Miss Wilmeth GIFFORD.

Real Estate Transfers.
List of transfers filed for record.... during the week ending June 11, 1897.
Walter B. HARRISON and wife to J. P. and H. H. CROUCH, lot in McKinney.
Mrs. N. V. MERRITT et al to J. E. LARGENT, 160 a in Wm SNIDER survey.
G. W. ATKINSON and wife to R. R. SHRE et al, trustees Presbyterian church of Plano, lot in Plano.
R. L. LITTLEPAGE and wife to J. A. EVANS, one-half of block No. 7 in Coleman’s addition to the city of McKinney.
J. B. ENGLEMAN and wife to T. N. TACKETT and Ed. S. ALLEN, 266 78-100 a in the Grunnells, Turner & Grays surveys.
OGILVIE Mercantile Co. to W. D. HARRELL, 70 a in Harden WRIGHT survey.
J. R. GILMORE to F. M. DOUGLASS 21 1-2 acre in Carter BURLAND survey.
Baptist church at Weston, by trustees, to F. M. DOUGLASS, lot in Weston.
A. D. STELZER and wife to F. M. DOUGLASS 10 66-100 acre in Grizzell KENNEDY survey.
D. D. BOYLE and wife to J. E. and W. B. LARGENT, 65 acre in WALKER survey.
State of Texas by sheriff to J. E. and W. B. LARGENT 623 acres in Susanah WALKER survey.
Mrs. E. E. ASTON et al to W. M. WEAVER, 15 acres in Daniel ROWLAND survey.

Summer Normal.
The Summer normal for Collin county will begin on Monday, July 5th and will be in session for six weeks. The teachers already employed are Profs. G. P. BROWN of Plano, and C. F. TROTTER, of Blue Ridge. H. G. REED, Conductor.

Miss Grace WALTERS left Tuesday for her home in Fort Worth, her parents having preceeded here several months ago, leaving Miss Grace here until the close of the school.

Mrs. S. A. ANDREWS died at her home on Louisiana street, east of the depot, late yesterday afternoon, after a long illness.

Up-to-Date Movements for Past Week.
Mrs. J. P. CROUCH and daughter, Miss Lizzie are visiting relatives and friends in Leonard, Texas.
Miss Lena WOLFORD, who has been visiting in the social sphere in our city, absented herself for a brief visit to Howe, Texas, the latter part of last week.
Mrs. W. B. NEWSOME and daughter, Miss Ella BURNETT, who is a popular member of the Up-to-DATES, returned Tuesday after a most pleasant visit among friends at Austin.

List of Letters.
Remaining unclaimed in the postoffice at McKinney, June 17, 1897. LADIES: Jennie BOMAR, Laura BUSH, Emma EPPS (2), Ida M. GARRAH, J. L. KIRKPATRIC, L. J. SIMMONS, Mary WILSON, M. J. WILSON.
Mrs. M. A. CAMERON, Postmistress.

Children’s Day Exercises.
The Children’s Day exercises at the Christian church Sunday evening were well attended and greatly enjoyed. The program [participants were]: Lizzie WADDILL, Charley GRAVES, Clarence HILL and Goldie WARDEN, Goldie JONES, Lillie MATTHEWS, Laura BASS, and Hettie WOLCOTT, Leah DIES, Annie GOUGH, Ida DOWELL, Owen SMITH, Pauline FRANKLIN, Ettie McKINNEY, Edith ALLEN, and Mary BASS.

Delightful Dance.
[Much of this article has been torn away. Some names are incomplete.]
The home of Mr. and Mrs. S. QUISENBERRY, in the northwestern portion of the city, was the scene of a very enjoyable gathering of young ladies and gentlemen, Tuesday evening, the occasion being in honor of their daughter, Miss Stanley. Those present were: Jim Merri..... and Miss Florence Melton, Gwyr... THURMOND and Misses Fan... BROOKE and Clare ABERNATHY, ...ley ANDERSON, and Miss Nell ........, Will ABERNATHY and Miss Mar...McDONALD, Com OATES and Miss GERRISH, Charlie CARRINGTON, Miss Florence TALKINGTON, ....HEARD and Miss Estelle Lang...., Joe GOLIDAY and Miss Bertie GRAVES, Lawrence RHEA and Miss Ma... RHEA, John HILL and Miss BEL... MATTHEWS, John Eugank and Miss Maggie CAMERON, Harvey AVERNATHY and Miss Kate DeARMOND,... Mac... CLINE and Miss Rosabel HYNDS, Bessie SLAUGHTER, Ella NEWSOME, Mac MARSHALL... [ The rest of the article is torn away.]

Mr. Eugene KERR who has been teaching in the A. & M. College at Bryan, and brother Jim who was a student in the same school, returned to their home in Vineland Friday.

Monroe HARRIS, who is traveling for a wholesale hat firm in St. Louis, visited his mother, Mrs. E. HARRIS and other relatives here, Sunday.

Attorneys R. C. WHITE and Walter TERRELL went to Wylie Saturday on matters of legal import.

Cemetery Association.
The McKinney Cemetery Association met at the M. E. church. Mrs Jesse SHAIN called the meeting to order. Officers elected were: Mrs. Dr. T. W. WILEY, Mesdames M. A. CAMERON, J. H. WALTON, P. H. SMITH AND M. G. POLLY, Mrs. Maud POWELL and Mrs. W. T. BEVERLY, Mrs. J. S. HEARD and Mrs. A. G. CHANDLER, Mrs. WALTON.

Misses Lula ALLISON, Bessie NELSOL, Josie DAVIS, Josie TALKINGTON, Foncie ROGERS, Midge FERGUSON, and Tot STOUFFER, and Messrs Johntie ROGERS and Scott ALLISON left Tuesday to attend the Epworth League meeting in Dallas.

Mrs. C. S. STERRITT has opened a boarding house on Tennessee street, just north of the Presbyterian church.

Will CLOYD, of Greenville postoffice, came over Saturday and spent a few days with his parents here.

Miss Jessie COMPTON of Allen, visited Mrs. John COOK here, Tuesday.

There will be a concert given by the Junior Endeavor society of the Christian church at the residence of Mr. J. L. WHITE.