African-Americans References in the McKinney Weekly Enquirer 1869-1893

African-Americans References in the McKinney Weekly Enquirer

September 11, 1869 - December 23, 1893.

[These articles were often reprinted by the Enquirer from other Texas newspapers, so the individuals did not necessarily reside in Collin County. To aid the researcher, the Enquirer’s source or location for those items not originating in McKinney are identified. These articles frequently reflect the bias of the southern press and the brutality of the times during which they were written. The “white news” included just as many disreputable acts, including murder, as the “colored news”, but the newspaper’s white coverage also included social and political events whereas “colored news” focused on crime and death alone. Some articles of general interest are included. Omissions of text are indicated by ..... Transcriber’s notes are in brackets.]

1869 - January 12, 1878.

[Microfilm Reel 1320143667 from the University of Texas in Austin includes the dates from September 11, 1869 through December 23, 1893. However, the issues from 1869 through 1877 contain no surname identification of African-Americans in Texas.]

January 12, 1878

As W. P. CONNER was passing along a Fannin county road at night a freedman named Ben FRANKLIN shot off his gun to frighten him. But CONNER then shot off his pistol in earnest and killed. FRANKLIN.

A motion for a new trial in the case of A. W. JONES, the negro Mason condemned to death in Waco, has been overruled by Judge Alexander and the case appealed.

January 19, 1878

There are now.... fifty pupils in attendance upon the Denison colored school.

January 26, 1878

Negroes of the Methodist persuasion will start a paper at Bonham, designed to be the State organ for the colored people of that denomination. About $600 have already been subscribed for that purpose.

An old negro named Anthony WILLIAMS, has just died at Houston at the age of 107.

February 9, 1878

District Court. The State vs. Bill KING, colored, for assault to murder one Bill DAVIS, colored; jury verdict of guilty; punishment assessed at two years and three months in penitentiary.

Lee Co., Giddings. We learn that Rev. James YANCEY, colored, is aspiring to represent Lee county in the next Legislature.

Washington county has a colored lawyer, and his maiden speech is highly commended.


[Very few issues for this year were available on microfilm, and none carried articles pertaining to African-Americans.]

February 7, 1880

District Court. McKinney. Bill GRAVES, (col.) Burglary; verdict of guilty and two years in penitentiary.

Texarkana, Feb. 3. John Cremments, white, and Steve JONES, colored, both in the employ of Russell & Davis, liquor dealers, got into an altercation last night, JONES shooting Cremments through the arm. JONES is in jail awaiting trial.

Brenham. Mose LEE (colored)...from Harris county, has been arrested for alledged [sic] horse stealing.

Brenham. ....a negro named Bob RUSSELL [was shot] near Burton, by Whitney, conductor of a wrecking car....through the fleshy part of the leg.

1881, 1882

[Very few issues for these years were available on microfilm, and none carried articles pertaining to African-Americans.]

January 6, 1883

Navasota, Dec. 30. Another death of hydrophobia from dog-bite has occurred in the person of Wince GIBSON, colored, who was bitten two months ago by his own dog. He died...with the usual symptoms.

Longview. ...a row occurred on Freedman’s ridge, about seven miles north of Longview, between Rufus BLACK and a crowd of other colored persons, when one of them, George WILLIAMS, picked up a club and beat BLACK very badly. He died the following day. WILLIAMS fled and has not been caught.

January 27, 1883

Tyler, Jan. 22. On Sunday morning Narcisis HOUSTON, a colored woman ... while preparing breakfast...her clothes caught fire and in a couple of minutes she was in a blaze, no one being present at the time.... She bethought herself to roll in the snow, which barely covered the ground....She is in a precarious condition, and very little hope is entertained of her recovery.

Waco, Jan. 19. ...a bloody affray occurred at the Georgia house, a noted bangnio [sic] of this city, kept by a woman named Cora McMahon, in which Hugh HOUSTON, a negro musician was instantly killed, and W. G. Wright, white, was severely, and perhaps fatally, wounded..

Grimes co. Navasota. Lizzie TOWNSENT, [sic] the colored woman whose dress caught on fire while cooking for Mr. H. A. Jacob’s family, died with lockjaw, caused by the burn.

February 3, 1883

Marshall, Jan. 27. Martha JOHNSON, colored, died suddenly today. She had been lying down and smoking a pipe. A physician thinks nicotine in her throat caused suffocation. She got up complaining she could not get her breath .... and in a few minutes was dead.

February 10, 1883

Gainesville. On California street, by the Rev. P. C. Archer, marriage was solemnized between Hop Sing Chime and Miss Lou ROGERS. A union of Mongolian and African races.... Texas law is not violated by this marriage. The law prohibits intermarriage of white persons and negroes, but under the laws of the United States, Mongolians are not regarded as whites.

February 17, 1883

Fayette MEYERS was convicted and punishment assessed at two years and three months in the penitentiary for shooting HARRIS, colored, last fall.

Edna, Feb. 12. A negro by the name of Clinton GRIFFIN was accidentally shot and killed yesterday. ...GRIFFIN had arisen early with the intention of .... hunting, and having saddled his horse, rode up to the door, and asked for his gun. His wife.... let the trigger graze against the doorfacing, when [it] discharged .... killing him instantly.

Giddings, Feb. 12. Philip MACLIN (colored) who has been missing from home, in Bastrop county, since the 15th day of November, 1882, was found dead within two miles of his home with a bullet hole through his head....[He] was identified from articles of clothing, hat and a small tin box with money in his wife.

Hearne, Feb. 14. A negro, by the name of Sandy JONES was arrested here to-day for an attempt to burn a wooden block...

March 3, 1883

The colored school at McKinney must be in a flourishing condition as regards attendance. We see crowds going to and from the school house ranging in age from that of the kitten to 25 years.

March 17, 1883

Longview, Tex. March 14. Last evening about 6 o’clock, a negro man, named Charlie BROWN, struck Everett WELLS, a negro boy, with an ax helve, breaking his skull, from the effect of which he can scarcely recover.

March 24, 1883

Paris, Tex. March 19. Saturday night Judge IRVINE and Dave PENNYBACKER had a difficulty in a colored gambling house over five cents, and the former shot the latter, from the effects of which he died in a few hours. Judge IRVINE is now in jail. All the parties are colored.

March 31, 1883

Cass Co. Spencer HALL, a colored man living near Douglasville, went deranged some two weeks since and went armed with a shot gun and pistol and threatened to kill any one that approached him.

April 21, 1883

Navasota, April 17. [At] the colored Odd Fellows celebration ceremonies ..... A vast throng was assembled in MILLER’s hall, enjoying themselves, when a colored man, Gilbert BAKER, raised a disturbance outside, and rapidly fired his pistol shooting Ike AUSTIN in the abdomen, also a man, KINNEY, and John ARRINGTON. The shooting produced .... a stampede from the hall in the upper story. Many were lamed and bruised. BAKER is in the calaboose.

Waco, April 10. Andrew JACKSON, colored, was to-day discovered to be an escaped convict from Brazos county. He has been at liberty since 1876 and has fourteen years more to serve.

April 28, 1883

Cuero, April 9. A difficulty occurred this morning .... between Mr. TORIAN and a colored man named Kit WOODS. WOODS was shot twice ...and is in a dangerous condition. Both parties were attending the herd of cattle of Armstrong & Boyce. Torian gave himself up.

May 5, 1883

A negro, named Bill ANDERSON had his right arm badly lacerated at the gin of W. C. Burris on last Monday.

Corsicana, May 2. The colored Odd Fellows celebrated their anniversary to-day by a grand parade and pic-nic, and have a public installation at the opera-house to-night.

May 12, 1883

Robertson Co., Calvert Courier. ....a difficulty occurred on the plantation of Mrs. Wm. Burnitt, between her son Seth and a negro man named William ARMSTRONG, in which the latter lost his life. The jury of inquest found the deceased...came to his death by a pistol shot wound in self-defense.

Franklin, May 7. ...Tom DALLAS, a colored man, about forty years old, was sleeping on the galery [sic] of the house of Mr. VALE... on Bald prairie, sixteen miles northeast of here... during the night some person shot him in the head.... The deceased had been working on the farm of the father of one of the young men [accused of killing him] and had a disagreement with them a few days ago and left the place going over to Vale’s and setting to work for him. Tom DALLAS had the reputation of being a peaceable and hard-working negro.

May 19, 1883

George WASHINGTON, a highly colored and well known citizen of Collin county, returned this week after a somewhat protracted visit to Huntsville.

Indian Territory. .....a month ago, three Indians, Carson and his two sons....shot and killed Old WILLEY, a harmless negro living [near] Delaware bend.... they have received their just desserts.

McKinney Letter List for May 12, 1883. DOWELL, Mary, col.

May 26, 1883

Delinquent Tax Rolls of 1882 [Collin County]: EVERETT, Earl, colored; o. g. Cert. No. 9 University, 37 ½ acres, tax $3.85
HARDIN, Granville, colored; o. g. Boles, C. 29 acres, tax $2.89
JOHNSON, Mrs. Sarah, colored; o.g. DAVIS, Wm., 1-1 [sic] acre, tax $.60
LAWSON, Joe, colored; o.g. Ed Bradley, 1-1 acre [sic], tax $2.05
LEWIS, Bill, colored; o.g. Bradley, Ed, ½ acre, tax $2.05
RHINE, Matilda, colored; o. g. Bradley, E. 1-2 [sic] acre, tax $.18

Bastrop Advertiser. A ...difficulty occurred on Cedar creek, Monday between two colored men – Joseph JACKSON and Richard BURRIS, resulting in the latter being shot through the abdomen, inflicting a serious and probably fatal wound though still alive when last heard from.

June 2, 1883

Sherman, May 28. The klu-klux party who were brought to this city from Ben Franklin, in Delta county.... were The offense was not committed in his jurisdiction. One of the witnesses, a colored man, named T. JONES, took several drinks yesterday, but showed no bad effects. About noon, while standing in the door, he suddenly ... dropped dead. An inquest was held and the verdict was, “Died of appoplexy [sic].”

June 16, 1883

Brenham, June 12. Last Sunday night at 11 o’clock Wash BROWN a negro, of 50, living four miles east of town, was called out of the house and shot by Bob LOVE, a negro. A difficulty had occurred between Frank BROWN, son of Wash, and Bob and his brother, Jesse. Both of the Loves are in jail.

June 23, 1883

Austin, June 19. Emancipation Day was appropriately observed here to-day by the colored folks.

June 30, 1883

Uvalde Co., Hesperian. Andy WELCH, a worthy colored man living on Dalrymple & Patterson’s farm, ten miles below town was bitten by a centipede on Tuesday night.

Hays Co., San Marcos Free Press. Our colored people celebrated emancipation in force by speeches and a barbecue on the Blanco [River]. After speeches by Judge Walters and Judge Kone, of this place, Levi IRVIN, a well-known leading colored man of this county, ascended the stand - a box about three feet in height - to follow. He had spoken but a short time, when he made a violent gesticulation and fell to the ground on his face. It was found that his neck was broken. Congestion of the brain seems to have overtaken him [and caused the fatal fall].

July 7, 1883

Walker Co., Huntsville. An eleven-year old child of George SHEPHERD, colored, died Wednesday from lockjaw, contracted by lodging a small splinter in one of his feet, some two weeks ago.

Caldwell Co., Luling Signal. ...we learn that a negro named Charley HUGHES, who was engaged in digging a well for Mr. Hughes [white farmer], started down in the well Tuesday morning, Mr. Hughes and the negro’s wife, holding the windlass. When within a few feet of the bottom he asked to be drawn up. Those holding the windlass commenced to draw him up rapidly, but when within a few feet of the top, he turned loose his hold and fell to the bottom. It is assumed that deceased was overcome by damp, which caused him to fall, and striking upon the rock was instantly killed.

July 14, 1883

Jasper. About sundown last Sunday evening two negroes, Lige SMITH and Isaiah THOMAS, got into a row,... when Isaiah cut Lige in the back of the neck and somewhere near the temple with a pocket-knife and shot him in the arm with a small 32-calibre pistol. Isaiah left immediately, but was captured that same evening by Sheriff Stone who lodged him in jail.

Austin, July 10. The Colored Men Numerously Assemble in Convention. The state colored convention met at the hall of the representatives this morning, being called to order by Rev. A. GRANT, of Austin, who stated the object of the meeting was to consider the moral, social, educational and other interests of the colored people.
The following officers were elected:... A. GRANT, Austin, president; J. B. SCOTT, Houston, Secretary.
Committees were appointed on education, morals, temperance, railroads, land, homestead and labor, orphan asylum, and to formulate an address to the people on Judge turner’s late decision in civil rights cases.
A committee of three was appointed to .....invite the governor, to address the convention, and the governor will speak tomorrow.
A committee was appointed to consider the propriety of sending delegates to the national colored men’s convention, called to meet at Louisville, by Fred DOUGLASS.
During the session, Rev. HENSON, in an address of more than ordinary ability, alluded to the fact that railroads, while charging first-class fares will not permit colored folks to ride in first class cars, but at the same time will permit it if they happen to be servants traveling with white persons. He raked over the hotels for not providing accommodation for colored people, and severely assailed Judge Turner for his decision in a civil rights case several weeks ago.
Rev. A. GRANT.... [said] a charge made by a democratic judge in Austin a few days ago was a hundred-fold more just to the colored race than the charge of Judge Turner’s.

Robertson Co., Calvert Courier. On Saturday night a colored man named Lem BEAVERS was assassinated some two miles west of town. Lem was somewhat of a hard case, but a good worker, and the manner of his death was most atrocious.

Pilot Point. June 6. Mr. Joe Gist...a clerk in Nunn & Hearn’s grocery store, while engaged in his duties, a couple of colored men ...stopped immediately in front [of the store] and commenced swearing and talking loud. Joe told them to stop as such language would not be allowed about the store, when one picked up an axe handle and at that instant Joe seized one. The negro, whose name is King RAY, struck him on the head...making a painful wound. [RAY] was placed under arrest. Joe procured a pistol and walked into the justice’s office and shot RAY. Dr. T. H. N. Wylie proved for the ball and traced three and one-half inches without finding it..

July 21, 1883

Sherman, July 13. About 1 o’clock this afternoon Mr. Annello accidentally shot a colored man, named Bob TAYLOR, at the Cotton Exchange. Annello, thinking the pistol was not loaded, was handling it in a careless way, when it was discharged, the ball taking effect in the groin on the left side. Physicians say the wound is a dangerous one. Recovery is very doubtful.

July 28, 1883

Fort Worth, July 21. At 11 o’clock to-night Joseph Griffis, a barkeeper in the Horse Head saloon got into a difficulty with a negro, William RANDOLPH, and threw an ice pick at him. RANDOLPH threw up his hands when Bonny Campbell, a desperado, deliberately shot RANDOLPH through the right breast. The wound was fatal. The shooting was a cold-blooded murder ....Campbell is lodged in jail.
August 4, 1883

Marlin, Aug. 1. The first bale of cotton of this year’s crop came in this evening. It was raised by Jack ARMISTED, an industrious colored man, and classed strict middling. It was sold at auction and shipped to Galveston.

August 11, 1883

On Saturday night last, an old negro named Jeff BAKER was run over and killed by the north-bound passenger train. The engineer discovered him when within about thirty yards of him, lying across the track, but could not check up in time.

Jack BROWN, a freedman, was lodged in jail for chicken-stealing.

Washington Co. Brenham Banner. Edmund McGARRITY, an old colored man on West Mill creek, picked out a bale of new cotton from Monday evening til Wednesday at noon.

Bastrop. Advertiser. A colored Lodge of the United Brothers of friendship was organized in Bastrop, last Saturday composed of our most respectable colored citizens.. The St. John Baptist association (colored) in session here last week, was...well conducted. The delegates and visitors present, though numbering 2500 or 3000 conducted in a quiet and orderly manner.

Milam Co. Cameron Herald. Last Saturday Pomp HOPKINS, wife and baby (colored) were crossing Little River bridge, when two spans fell in. It was a miracle that all were not killed.

August 18, 1883

Brazos Co., Bryan Pilot. Tuesday Perry CAVITT and Louis MARTIN, two freedmen, attempted to haul with their wagon through Mr. Wm. N. Bracknell’s field...and a general fight resulted in which Mr. B. shot MARTIN in the ankle and forced the freedmen to retreat..

Washington Co., Breham Banner. Saturday morning Burton a difficulty occurred between a Chinaman and a negro named Bob SHEPARD, aged eighteen or twenty year. Bob threw a stone at the Chinaman, striking him in the forehead above the eye and fracturing the skull.

August 25, 1883

Jefferson, Tex. Andrew COLUMBUS, a negro boy, was arrested to-day on a charge of rape, committed on the person of Mattie OWENS, who was here in attendance upon the Colored Baptist association which has just adjourned. A prelminary trial will be held on Friday next.

Colorado Co., Tex. A bloody pistol duel occurred at Phoenix Park last night, between Sam SEALS and Wade HUDSON, two colored gamblers, and resulted in the mortal wounding and subsequent death of the former.

September 8, 1883

Willis, Tex. September 5. Jake HARRIS, a colored man, died in great agony, near this place, yesterday, from the effect of a mule-kick in the abdomen.

September 15, 1883

Freestone Co., Tex. From the Fairfield Recorder: Old BARCUS, an old negro....died last week at a very old age thought to be something near 100.... He had a pleasant home at General Moody’s since the war, and when the [Moody] family broke up last year, they provided for his board and maintenance at the old home, which he did not want to leave. Old BARCUS...talked as he pleased, and did as he pleased, and by his own color was regarded with the greatest veneration and awe, some thinking him nearly a super-natural being.

September 29, 1883

A colored man named Warren BINKLY was considerably torn up on Tuesday last, in Mr. Jasper Hand’s gin.

Green PITTS, a colored man of Montgomery, is a celebrated turkey hunter. A few mornings ago he was yelping for turkeys, when a large owl, mistaking him for a turkey swooped down and buried its talons in his face. An owl is not always as wise as he looks.

October 6, 1883

Palestine, Sept. 29. Frank Jackson, an escaped negro convict....half the county is searching for him to-night.

October 13, 1883

Anderson DUPREE, colored, had his hand caught in Burris’ gin last Monday and horribly lacerated, so much so that he will probably lose it. This is the second time this season he has been hurt by the gin.

Pilot Point, Tex. Oct. 10. Quite a sad accident happened this evening at Cooper, Seltz & Co’s gin to a little colored boy, son of Kerrel LAMMET. ...The boy was caught and twisted [in the gin] His recovery is very doubtful. [See article below for Oct. 20th]. October 20, 1883

Denton, Tex. Wednesday evening while Cal. TRAMMEL, a negro man living in this place was busy working at Cooper, Selz & co’s gin, his little boy, about ten years old, by some means got his clothes caught by the line shaft, whirling him around and nearly beating the life out of the little fellow. He was thrown to the ground. Drs. Reed and Lankford were both called, and by means of court-plaster they covered the gaping wounds and had the little sufferer conveyed home. He will probably die.

Seguin, Tex. The old colored man, known as Uncle MILT, who for many years, has been in the employ of J. A. Neill, died last week from the effects of literally eating tobacco, a habit he is said to have been addicted to for the last four years.

Halletsville, Tex. Monday night last, about a mile or so from Miller’s store, near the Navidad, a colored man named Ryas KYLE, was shot. He had just reached the house where he lived and dismounted from his horse when a shot was fired from the bushes. He died the next day.

October 27, 1883

Greenville, Tex. Last Monday, in Hart’s saloon, while Chas. Hart was ‘fooling’ with a pistol, he accidentally shot a negro named Allen JONES. The accident was caused by Mr. Hart letting the pistol drop on the counter...caused its discharge and JONES, who had come in to get a drink, ...received the bullet below the left eye. The doctors say he will recover.

Sherman, Tex. There are twenty-nine prisoners in the Sherman jail, twenty-four whites, two Indians and three negroes.

Texarkana, Tex. Fate HILSON, colored, was shot by Deputy Sheriff Clark last night while attempting to arrest him for assault on his stepson.

November 17, 1883

Van Alstyne [has] a nimble old colored man named Frank Welch HIGON, who was born in 1772 and is consequently 111 years old. He is now enjoying fine health and has made a regular hand at the plow this year and is now picking from 45 to 65 pounds of cotton per day.

November 24, 1883

Terrell, Tex. Jim DAVIS, a colored man, has sued the Terrell oil mill for $4,000 damages for injury to his son, who had his arm crushed in the machinery not long ago.

The colored conference met at this place Sunday last. A large number of delegates came up from the south on the morning train.

Mexia, Tex. Thomas THOMAS, colored, who was tried at Groesbeck this week for the killing of Elijah CHAVIS with a horn a year or two ago, pleaded guilty, and was fined $25.

December 1, 1883

The conference of the colored Methodist met in McKinney last Saturday, adjourned Monday. The bishop preached to a large congregation in the court house on Sunday, among the audience were a large number of whites who speak in high terms of the discourse.

December 8, 1883

Decatur, Tex. Yesterday when the train pulled out from Decatur, there was a negro man on board named Jasper NORTHCUT. Passing by a cotton field, NORTHCUT, who was drinking, pulled his pistol and commenced firing right into the midst of a large number of workmen in the field. The train did not stop, and it is not known whether any one was hurt.

Marshal, Tex. Nov. 30. ...three weeks ago Wm. HENRY, a wealthy mill man of this county, was mysteriously murdered. The grand jury surprised [us] today by returning an indictment against Anthony WALKER, colored, for the murder, and Mrs. Henry, wife of the dead man, as being accessory to the killing. Nothing is known as to what evidence there is in the case.

Sherman, Tex. Dec. 5. Jim WILLIAMS and Browning KING, a couple of colored individuals, got into a fight at the oil mills last night. WILLIAMS stabbed KING in the side, but not dangerous. Both have evaded arrest.

December 15, 1883

Victoria, Tex. ...while Mr. SICHEL of the New York, Texas and Mexican road was out riding accompanied by his wife and infant child he attempted to ford the river...the current swept away the buggy. Mrs. Sichel and child must have been drowned had it not been for George WARE, one of the ...most favorably known colored men in this section, who plunged in and brought the lady safely to land. After he had saved Mrs. Sichel he discovered what was apparently a garment floating in the water. ....he grasped this floating object...the garment was a portion of the child’s raiment and George soon had the satisfaction of placing the child in the arms of the mother. He..was rewarded in a handsome manner.

Victoria, Tex. Thursday afternoon, a colored girl, aged about 15, the daughter of Joe PRICE, who lived several miles below Victoria, went to the river to get a drink. In leaning forward, she grasped a willow shrub, which broke, and she was precipitated into the stream and drowned.

January 5, 1884

Round Rock. Dec. 30. Joe JACKSON, colored, was dangerously wounded last night while burglarizing C. C. BRADFORD’s saloon. He was caught in the act and shot, the ball breaking a thigh bone. The limb will have to be amputated.

Paris, Tex. ...On Christmas eve night a negro lad about thirteen years of age, named Charlie RODGERS, was handling a pistol when the weapon was discharged, the ball striking a little girl, seven years old, and inflicted a wound from which she died in a few minutes. January 19, 1884

The man who has for some time past been smearing the dress of Elmira women with filth, is a negro named Zelmer PHELPS. He has been given three years and three months in the penitentiary.

March 27, 1886

A negro named M. HIGGINS, claiming to be a penitentiary spotter, arrested another negro named Malcolm MORRISON at Denison as an escaped convict. Upon examination MORRISON was released and the spotter bound to answer before the County Court.

April 24, 1886

Sherman Courier. Peter HOWELL, a negro striker, charged with being on of the masked mob that raided the shops at Denison and killed several engines, was brought to jail. It is rumored that Howell has divulged the names of his confederates, and will be safer in jail than out.

May 1, 1886

Peter Howell, a colored Denison striker and engine-slayer, has been jailed. He has turned state’s evidence, and it is asserted that he is jugged [jailed] to save him from his friends.

June 12, 1886

Gainesville, Tex. June 4. A desperate fight occurred in this city last night between officers of the law...and a negro desperado...whose name is George LIGON. A deputy was shot....LIGON was shot...but continued to snap his pistol.... LIGON is said to be a notorious horse thief.

[Names appearing on the Delinquent Tax Rolls of 1885]
BOEN, Hoot, colored; original grantee, Ed. Bradley, 1/8 acre, tax $1.98
BUCKNER, M. G., colored; o. g., Roberts, M. R., 30 acres, tax $2.68
COLEMAN, Squire, colored; o. g., Roberts, M. R., 90 acres, tax $4.69
TUCKER, Wash, colored; Allen, Texas, lot 2, blk, 8, tax $2.13
LONG, Jno., colored; o. g., Davis, Wm. 1/4 acre, tax $.23
JAGERS, Ellis, colored; o. g., Hart, Merd, 28 acres, tax $1.31
LEWIS, Bill, colored; o. g. , Bradley, Ed., ½ acre, tax $2.13
MORRIS, Doc, colored; o. g. Williams, W. B., 3/8 acre, tax $1.24
RICE And, colored; o. g. Bradley, Ed, 1/4 acre, $1.98
THOMAS, Geo., colored; o. g. Boles, C., 12 acres, tax $1.63
SHELBY, Geo., colored; o. g. Bradley, Ed, ½ acre, tax $1.98
WILSON, Arch., colored; o. g., Bradley, Ed, 1 acre, and original grantee, Hart, John, 50 acres, taxes $7.87
WHITE, Abe, colored, o. g. school land, 84 ½ acres, tax $6.04

August 7, 1886

Cleburne, July 31. Dr. Brooks PAYNE, a negro barber, who has been working at his trade here for some time, was arrested to-day by city Marshal as an escaped convict.

August 14, 1886

Waco, Tex. Aug. 3. Bill HARRIS, a negro,....weakened and broke down completely [after being identified]. Thirty men took him and went into the woods...they carried a stout rope.

August 28, 1886

Victoria, Tex. Aug. 21. Reports indicate that yesterday’s storm was the most destructive ever known in this section. The wind attained a velocity of at least seventy-five miles an hour, and continued for about eight hours. .... The Catholic churches are completely wrecked, the Methodist church was wrenched from its foundation.....Every colored church in the city except one is entirely destroyed....Near Indianola, the bodies of ten colored persons have been found..[ killed in the flood that accompanied the storm]. The colored Odd Fellows of McKinney were out on a dress parade Friday. The picnic at the Fair Grounds was well attended.

At Sherman on Thursday last, Nelson POWELL was placed on preliminary examination for arson at Van Alstyne, and to the astonishment of even the prosecution, a negro Campbellite preacher by the name of BECKWITH, confessed that he and Nelson POWELL, Joe McKINNEY, and Harris McNEY, all preachers, had burned the house. The evidence sent witness and all to jail.

September 4, 1886

Hearne, Tex. Aug. 29. Last night at 1 o’clock, a shooting occurred near the BACON house on the Brazosit farm, which resulted in the killing of Cris CASTLEBURY, and the wounding of Hattie SIMMONS, Nathan SIMMONS, and Steve WILLIAMS by Bob TYLER, Will TYLER, Mose BAKER, Sol BAKER and Cris ADAMS. All the parties are colored. There was a dance and festival at the BACON house.... Bib and Will TYLER got into a fuss with CASTLEBURY and party and pistols were drawn by both sides. The TYLER brothers went home [but] returned reinforced by the BAKERS and ADAMS. They met CASTLEBURY and party in a wagon fifty yards this side of the BACON house and fired into them. TYLER and party are under arrest...

September 11, 1886

Mysterious Killing. On last Saturday night about midnight the sharp report of a pistol was heard, and soon after the lifeless body of a young negro, named Morgan HAMPTON was found. [The defendant’s name is unreadable]. While the evidence elicited was not strong against the defendant, he was held in a bond of $2,000 for his appearance before the district court.

September 18, 1886

Winona, Tex. Sept. 10. ... Twenty-five cotton pickers struck yesterday on James O’Neal’s plantation, eighteen on J. P. Meteal’s and twelve on T. R. Alston’s.... The strikers are all colored people and demand 25 cents per hundred more..... They were getting 60 cents and now want 85 cents....

Waco, Sept. 11. Abe ANDERSON, colored, attempted to fire the gin house at Lorena, this morning...

October 2, 1886

Henrietta, Sept. 24. Aleck IKARD, colored, was given five years for the killing of one LUCAS, a colored soldier , and Geo. WASHINGTON, also colored, at a dance a year ago last winter. Hugh ELLIS is also charged with the same crime...

October 9, 1886

Albany, Texas. Oct. 4. News reached us this evening from Throckmorton of the lynching of Tom FARRAR, colored, the acknowledged perpetrator of a crime committed in Throckmorton county. He had made a full confession to one of the guards Saturday evening.

There are ten street car drivers on the San Jacinto line in Dallas, nine white and one black. The nine demand the discharge of the tenth on account of his color. They are not Knights of Labor.

October 30, 1886

Round Rock, Oct. 23. A negro woman named Hannah DOBBINS was found to-day in a hole of water, one mile from this place, with her throat cut, and a piece of rope around her neck... She has been missing from her place where she had been cooking in town since Monday night. No clue as yet to the murderer.

June 10, 1893

For several weeks or months parties have been taking horses...and buggies from our citizens’ stables, and after using them for hours, return them. [The deputy] learning some facts in...the on the trail of a couple of colored gemmen [sic], who left for Gainesville for their health. One, a young [man] named COOPER was brought back on Monday last. He plead guilty and will be put on the road for a time.

The negroes of Denison, are circulating a petition which will be submitted to the school board at an early day. They pray a reconsideration of the recent appointment of school teachers for that city.

Sealy, Tex., June 1. Three small negroes on D. A. Meyer’s place, near San Felipe, were burned to death on Monday last. They tried to kindle a fire in the cook stove with kerosene oil.

Houston, Tex. June 4. Spanish Camp, in Wharton County about 20 miles from the railroad, was struck by a terrific cyclone on Friday night. Three miles from town, .... Wash JENKINS, a darky over 100 years old, was caught beneath the ruins of his cabin and crushed to death.

September 30, 1893

Last Saturday night, George WILLIAMS, colored, was shot and fatally wounded by Wallace STIFF at the medicine show... He had an examing [sic] trial on Tuesday and was held in a bond of $3,000.

Corley, Tex. Sept. 17. Albert HILL, a negro, was called to his door about 11 o’clock Saturday night and shot down by unknown parties. He was liked by almost every one. The sheriff arrested and jailed a negro, Steve FAUST, as a suspect. The citizens think HILL was killed because he was a witness against white people for stealing. They wanted him to leave, but he refused to go and said they might kill him, but he would die swearing the truth.

November 25, 1893

Queen City, Tex., Nov. 19. About four miles east of this place... a negro named Dan EASTER stole a hog and a keg of molasses from a farm house. A party of twelve with masks on their faces arrested the thief and found the hog and molasses in his house. The thief got away. The next night a party collected at the house of his brother and demanded that he locate Dan. Because he could not do this, he was filled with buckshot. This is very much regretted by the best citizens of this community.

Atlanta, Cass Co., Tex. Nov. 23. Dan EASTERS, colored, was arrested last night. Easters is the man wanted near Queen City for the theft of meat and syrup, who the mob was after when his brother, Dunk EASTERS was killed because he could not tell them where Dan was.

Dallas, Tex. Nov. 21. The trial of John PARIS, negro, charged with murder, is set for the 22nd of next month and a special venire of 250 citizens has been ordered drawn for the case. His father to-day engaged an attorney to defend him.

December 23, 1893

There will be preaching on the public square the coming Lord’s day at 3:30 p. m. by the colored Christian evangelist, P. T. E. HILLSON. Subject, “And the iron did swim.” All friends invited to be present.