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[These names appear in the order of the original printed in the McKinney Weekly Enquirer, May 12, 1883. None of the lists are alphabetical. Transcriber’s notes are in brackets.]

....The time having expired within which the taxes assessed for 1882 should have been paid, I, L. W. OGLESBY, collector of taxes for Collin county, have seized, levied upon and shall proceed to sell at the Court House door on Tuesday, the 5th day of June 1883...... for cash to the highest bidder all and singular each and every tract of said land and town lots situated in Collin county to enforce the payment of taxes assessed against them or so much thereof as will be sufficient to pay the Taxes with cost and penalty accrned [sic] thereon [Signed] L. W. OGLESBY, Tax Collector, Collin County.

List of Delinquent Land Owners including original grantee

ARNOLD, J. Y., original grantee STANDIFER M. ¼ acre tax $3.56
BOWEN, Hoot., original grantee BRADLEY, Ed ¼ acre tax $2.05
BAKER, C., original grantee, DABBS, Wm. 15 acres tax $1.02
BLACK, Chris., original grantee KINCAID, J. M. 60 acres [no tax cited]
COFFMAN, G. W., original grantee OLIVER, B. 18 acres, 20 acres tax $2.88
BURK, J. M., original grantee MELVIN L. 188 acres,
BURK, J. M., original grantee COHILL, Jno. 15 ½ acres, tax $10.23
BYRD, J. J., original grantee THAYER, Ben, 115 acres, original grantee BROWN, J. D., 15 acres, original grantee T & P RR 10 acres, original grantee KEYES, G. T. 29 acres, tax $17.20
BAKER, C. N original grantee KLEPPER, Jo. 1/8 acre tax $2.35
BETTERTON, W. P., original grantee MITCHELL, J. W. 27 acres tax $.47
BRYANT, J. D. & A. WILLIAMS J., 34 2/3 acres and BRYANT, J. D. & A., original grantee OSGOOD J. 206 acres tax $10.08
CAMPBELL J., original grantee BOLES, C. 90 acres and CAMPBELL G. W., grantee BELL, W. W. 15 acres tax $7.57
CAMERON, G. W. Agt for Jno FITZHUGH original grantee Jno FITZHUGH 20 acres and
CAMERON, G. W. Agt. For Jno FITZHUGH, original grantee CLEMENTS, B. 20 acres tax $9.24
CAMERON, F. B., McKinney, 1-3 of blk #48 tax $8.35
CRAIG, K. R., original grantee STRICKLAND, Jo 55 acres tax $2.44
COPELAND, J. C. , original grantee LEEWRIGHT, Jno. 30 acres tax $4.09
CARTWRIGHT, Mrs. EMMA by J. L. Kelly original grantee BURGE, J. C., 1 acre tax $.60
CLARDY, N. P. original grantee RITCHARDSON, W. 50 acres tax $6.37
COEN, T. B.; original grantee McGINNIS, Bays 1 acre tax $2.05
DEWEY, W. W. By W. A. WATTS, original grantee THOMPSON, B. C. 5 acres tax $1.93
DILLOW, J. S.; original grantee PINA F. De La 50 acres and
DILLOW, J. S., original grantee TRUETT, Jas 30 acres and DILLOW, J. S. , original grantee CAMPBELL, J. C. 7 ½ acres taxes $ 7.00
DYE, Thos; original grantee BECK, S. ¾ acre tax $1.50
DAVIS, Mrs. F. B., original grantee JONES, J. H. 58 acres $tax $3.60
EDWARDS, W. A., original grantee WILLIAMS, W. B. ½ acre tax $1.15
ELLIS, G. A. , original grantee SPENDER, C. 95 acres tax $11.65
EVERETT, Earl, 37 ½ acres tax $3.85
FLOYD, J. W., original grantee WETSEL, Daniel 5 acres tax $2.38
FOUST, J. W., original grantee PRICE, Wm. ½ acre town of Allen tax $2.98
FRANKLIN, Tom, original grantee BOLES 50 acres and FRANKLIN, Tom, original grantee DAVIS, Wm 1/3 acre taxes $2.56
FATES, T. J., original grantee CLIFT, C. T., 20 acres tax $.72
GENT & KEENE, original grantee RHODES, T. A. 190 acres tax $8.78
GLEAVES, J. R., original grantee WARDEN, Wm. 16 acres tax $3.76
HANNAH, A. J. ½ blk in Short’s Addition tax 6.37
HARPER, J. W. original grantee GEMINEZ, M. I. 100 acres tax $6.85
HARDIN, Granville, original grantee BOLESC. 29 acres $2, 80
HAMILTON, Mrs. L. By S. PULLIAM, original grantee SEWALL, Rufus 160 acres tax $2.10
HEMENWAY, Geo. Weston, part of lot 2 tax $9.00
HOLLIS, Mrs. M. J., original grantee M. E. P. & P RR 45 acres tax $1.71
HOLMES, W. C., original grantee CHALMERS, Jno 195 acres and
HOLMES, W. C., original grantee WAGNER, Jno. 4 acres and
HOLMES, W. C., original grantee WHITE Jas. 30 acres and
HOLMES, W. C. 210 acres taxes $23.82
JOHNSON, Mrs. Sarah, original grantee DAVIS, Wm. 1 acre tax $.60
JOHNSON, C. C., original grantee, DAVIS, Wm. 2/3 acre tax $4.21
JOHNSON, J. C., original grantee DAVIS, Sm. 1 ¼ acre tax $1.90
JORDAN, F. M., original grantee REED, Jas. L 1 acre tax $7.00
JONES, C. C. By RIKE, original grantee HOYMAN, Wm. 316 acres tax $7.20
JACKSON, Jno. Agt. For HARRINGTON, M. M., original grantee McCANTS, J. 152 acres tax $4.52
JONES, Harrison by J. E. KING, original grantee HOWARD, W. 140 acres tax $5.04
KAY, F. J. & Bro., in Allen lot 17 tax $12.24
KENDALL, Jas, original grantee CLEMENTS, M. 66 acres tax $.99
KING, W. R., original grantee School Land 95 acres tax $6.19
LAWSON, Joe, original grantee BRADLEY, Ed ¼ acre tax $2.05
LEWIS, Bill, original grantee BRADLEY, Ed 1 acre tax $2.05
LOVEJOY, Jas H., original grantee THOMPSON, W. D. 35 ½ acres tax $9.91
LONG, Jno S., original grantee HELMS T. 100 acres tax $6.64
LYEURGUS & D. T. LANE, original grantee McBRIDE, Jno. 200 acres tax $3.00
MACK, J. B., original grantee TUCKER, W. B. 60 acres and
MACK, J. B., original grantee HART, M. 15 acres tax $6.10
MALLOW, O. P., original grantee SMALLY, A. 125 acres and
MALLOW, O. P., original grantee HART, Jno. 55 acres and
MALLOW, O.P., original grantee CLEMENTS, M. 8 ½ acres taxes$15.07
MOORE, Jacob E., original grantee DAVIS, W. 1 acre tax $$4.30
MOORE J. S., original grantee BRADLEY, T. T. 4 acres tax $4.00
MOORE, J. F. , original grantee BABB, D. E. 1 ½ acre and
MOORE, J. F. In Melissa lot in blk and
MOORE, J. F. In Melissa lot taxes $ 11.50
MUSGROVE, W. T., original grantee COFFMAN, J. 50 acres and
MUSGROVE, W. T., original grantee OLIVER, B. 12 acres tax $5.53
MASSIE, N., original grantee PRICE, Wm.25 acres tax $3.91
MALCOMSON, W. By Ed NELSON, original grantee SPURGEON, W. 1 acre tax $.90
MERRIFIELD, A. J., original grantee School Land 80 acres tax $2.97
NALE, T. J., original grantee DAVIS, Wm. ½ acre tax $5.05
PATTERSON, H. H., original grantee MURRAY R. P. 10 acres tax $3.91
PEARSON, David, original grantee GUNNELS, G. 100 acres tax $6.01
RHINE, Matilda, original grantee BRADLEY, E. 1 acre tax $.11
RICH, Wesley, original grantee CAPPS, F. W. 60 acres tax $3.79
RITCHARDSON, Eva by J. B. MACK, original grantee TUCKER, W. B. 10 acres tax $2.40
ROBERTS, R. J., original grantee McDONOLD, T. J. 46 acres tax $5.10
ROSS, Wm. by PRICHETT. original grantee FOSTER, M. R. 66 2/3 acres tax $3.00
ROGERS, Claton, original grantee School land 58 acres tax $5.77
SEALF, R., original grantee DUFFAN, F. T. 50 acres and SEALF, R., original grantee PILANT, G. B. 59 acres taxes $10.09
SCOTT, Adam, original grantee LUCAS, P. F. 1 acre tax $.60
SCOTT, Jas A., original grantee THOMPSON, J. S. 108 acres and
SCOTT, Jas A., original grantee TURNLANE, J. J. 10 acres $.14
SCOBY, B. D. , original grantee SPENCER, D 50 acres tax $3.25
SMITH, I. B., original grantee THROCKMORTON, W. E. 47 ½ acres tax $6.34
SMITH, W. A., original grantee HUFFSTETLER, A. 40 acres tax $3. 31
SMITH, G. E. original grantee School land 107 acres tax $15.04
SQUIBB, T. J. , original grantee AUGLIN, D. H. 11 acres tax $4.36
TUCKER, W. L., original grantee BUTTLER, W. W. 103 acres and
TUCKER, W. L. original grantee HART, M. 47 acres taxes $11.56
THOMAS, D. B., original grantee MATTHEWS, J. 30 acres and
THOMAS, D. B., original grantee DABBS, Wm 60 acres tax $7.93
THOMASON, Jos, original grantee HAILE, Ben 40 acres tax $4.42
TURNER, T. P., original grantee MITCHELL, J. W. 110 acres and
TURNER, T. P. original grantee BELL, W. 26 acres and
TURNER, T. P. original grantee CHAMBERS, T. 10 acres taxes $10.00
TUCKER, A. H., original grantee BOHANAN, W. A. 100 acres tax $8.50
WATTS, Mrs. Ruby Geo., original grantee CLEMENTS, B, 100 acres and
WATTS, Mrs. Ruby Geo. Original grantee CHENOWETH, H. T. 11 acres tax $12.21
WESTEL, Mrs. S. J., original grantee CHERRY, D 102 acres tax $2.40
WETSEL, Jas., original grantee WETSEL, H. 150 acres and
WETSEL, J. Original grantee SLOAN, S. 15 acres and WETSEL, J., original grantee BOLES, C. 10 acres taxes $16.84
WILSON, Lindsey, original grantee BRADLEY, Ed. ¼ acre tax $1.87
WILSON, Jas. original grantee PATTON, J. M. 190 acres tax $ $3.87
WARD, B. F., original grantee BECK, S. ¼ acres $ $2.25
WATSON, L. D., original grantee COLE, H. B. 20 acres tax $3.09
WILLIAMS, M. G. original grantee VANCE F. J. 80 acres tax $6.96
WHITFIELD, W. L., original grantee RAINER, S. M. 33 ½ acres tax $2.65.

Supplemental to above

ADAMS, W. R. 600 acres tax $1.13
BLEDSOE, Mrs. Mabel, original grantee WILSON, L. 80 acres and
BLEDSOE, Mrs. Mabel, original grantee HEFLIEFINGER, J. 10 acres tax $6.22
COPENING, G. M., original grantee JACKSON, Jas. 81 acres tax $1.50
HARRIS, W. P., original grantee DUPREY, M. C. 120 acres 4.50
LANE, W. H., original grantee BLAND, B. 235 acres tax $7.05
McKINNEY, C. J., original grantee ROBERTS, M. R. 88 acres tax $2.63.

Property Currently Owned by Non-Residents of Collin Co.

[Non-resident owners are in lower case]

Beauchamp, C. H., original grantee COLE, H. B. 30 acres, tax and
Beauchamp, C. H., o. g. STRICKLAND, Jo 30 acres $5.40
Bryan, Jno. H., o. g. BROWN, Mary 30 acres, tax $.54
Bumpass, Jno. K. o. g. LEE, Abner 400 acres and
Bumpass, Jno. K. o. g. GEMINEZ, M. I. 50 acres, tax $20.40
Carr, R. B. & M. A., o. g. MOORE, W. H. 640 acres, tax $7.68
Cameron, G. W. agt. For o. g. THOMPSON, W. D. 340 acres, tax $3.06
Cameron, G. W. for Ed Peak, o. g. DANIELS, G. W. 17 acres, tax $.30
Cameron, G. W. for McLeny & White, o. g. BLAND, Ben 290 acres, tax $6.00
Carson & Lewis, o. g. HOWARD, J. 50 acres, tax $.90
Dugan, Miss M. J. by Ed Moore, o. g. THOMPSON, W. D. 200 acres, tax $3.40
Foster, J. E. by Foster, Harral, o. g. TERRY, S. D. 353 acres, tax $3.00
Griffith, J. S., o. g. STANDIFER, M. ½ acre, tax $.60
Greer, Jos., o. g. HEFLIEFINGER, S. 202 acres, tax $7.20
Howe, J. J. heirs by K. R. Craig, o.g. RHODES, T. A. 89 acres and
Howe, J. J. Heirs by K. R. Craig, o.g. STRAUGHAN, J. O. 20 acres and
Howe, J. J. Heirs by K. R. Craig, o.g. BOGART, Sam 92 acres and
Howe, J. J. Heirs by K. R. Craig, o.g. DAVIS, Wm. 20 acres, taxes [for four] $5.34
Jenkins, J. H., for Jones, J. H., o.g. BLAND, B. 784 acres, tax $20.80
Jenkins, J. H. for Brown, G. A., o.g. GEMINEZ, M. I. 77 acres, tax $.93
Jenkins, J. H. for Hunt, Wm., o.g. PERRY, Burrell 133 acres, tax $3.18
Lovengood, N., o.g. DABBS, Wm. 5 acres, tax $.06
Mason & Bro. By W. M. Abernathy, o.g. HOBBS, W. W. 240 acres, tax $4.80
Martin, Mary by L. R. Phillips, o.g. SHAW, G. W. 160 acres, tax $2.40
McCullough, D. R., o.g. KLEPPER, J. 1/8 acre, tax $.60
Miller, Chas, o.g. PILANT, G. B. 8 acres, tax $.15
Nallor, J. D., o.g.AUGLIN, D. 360 acres, tax $17.28
Price & Hart, o.g. RUSSELL, Jno. 160 acres, taxc $2.10
Robinson, Mrs. J. M., o.g. DAVIS, W. ¾ acre and
Robinson, Mrs. J. M., o.g. KAYKENDALL, J. B. 320 acres, taxes $11.40
Russel, A. M., o.g. MOORE, M. 27 acres, tax $00 [sic]
Shulkes, Benton by O. C. McWhorter, o.g. MOWERY, M. 10 acres and
Shulkes, Benton by O. C. McWhorter, o.g. McNEIL, Geo. 80 acres, taxes $3.99
Tilson, T. J., o.g. SPENCER, D. 20 acres, tax $.24
Wallace, S. M. by r. B. Carr, o.g.MOORE, W. H. 550 acres, tax $2.25
Watson, Mrs. F. M., o.g. CLARK, B. 117 acres, tax $3.90
Wilson, H. C., o.g. COCHRAN, Henry, 110 acres, tax $2.52
Fenn, R. A. by J. R. Gray, o.g. MOORE, W. H. 20 acres, $.60

Original Grantees on Properties Currently Owned by Unknown Parties

AUSTIN, Norris 10 acres
ALDERSIN, R. 80 acres
ALLEN, W. P. 105 acres
ANDERSON, Jas. 10 acres
BOLES C. 103 acres
BARROWS, J. R. 160 acres
BROWN, Mary 20 acres
BUTLER, J. 60 acres
BOGART, Sam 15 acres
BUTLER, Joab 70 acres
BRADLEY, Ed. 60 acres
BRADLEY, T. T. 13 acres
BARROWS, J. C. 55 acres
BRUCE, T. 11 acres
BRADLEY, T. T. 8 acres
BOHANAN, W. A. S. 280 acres and 35 acres
BULLION, M. D. 109 acres and 107 acres
CAHIL, Jno. 20 acres and 10 acres
COPELAND R. 50 acres
CHENOWETH, H. T. 50 acres
CLIFT, C. T. 231 acres
CREAGER, Wm. 60 acres
CRABTREE, T. E. 59 acres
CRUTCHFIELD, Jno. 15 acres
CULWELL, Jno. 120 acres
CUNNINGHAM, Jno. 40 acres
KLEPPER, Sam 140 acres
CROCKER, A. 40 acres
CUMBA, Jas. 50 acres
CANDRILLA, Iron Co. 338 acres
CALHOUN, J. C. 98 acres
DAVIS, Jno. 18 acres
DAVIS, Wm. 199 acres
DAWSON, J. 10 acres
DOUGLAS, Hez 95 acres
DANIELS, G. W. 142 acres
DOUGLAS, H. L. 60 acres
FISHER, Jas. 40 acres
FITZHUGH, Wm. 50 acres
FORD, G. W. 160 acres
FARRIS J. C. 78 acres and 40 acres
FOSTER, M. R. 75 acres
GEMINEZ, M. I. 455 acres
GOODMAN, Geo. 20 acres
GERMAN, EMIG Co. 110 acres
HOWARD, Wm. 25 acres
HART, M. 55 acres
HART, Jno. 40 acres
HAMILTON, E. 35 acres
HILBURN, L 20 acres
HEDGCOXE, O. 30 acres
HOBBS, P. W. 50 acres
HEARNE, Martin 40 acres
HILL, L. B. 140 acres
HOPE, Jno. 21 acres and 56 acres
HOLDER, Prior 50 acres
HUNT, Wm. 50 acres
HORTON, A. 180 acres
HAMILTON, M. C. 100 acres
HAYNES, J. W. 21 acres and 34 acres and 17 acres
INERARITY 70 acres
INGRAM Wm. 160 acres
JACKSON, W. J. 15 acres
KENNEDY, Griz 80 acres and 16 acres
KENNEDY, T. G. 90 acres
KEYS, J. T. 30 acres
KINKAID, J. M. 20 acres
LARIMORE, Jno. 12 acres
LOGAN, Chas. 320 acres
LEDBETTER E. 240 acres
LOVING, O. 70 acres
LUCAS, P. F. 32 acres
LOVEJOY, J. H. 68 acres
MOORE, I. 39 acres
MORRISON, G. 45 acres
McPHERSON, Geo. 320 acres
McNEIL, Wm. 61 acres
McCARTY, L. 55 acres
McNEIL, L. H. 35 acres
MYERS, Jno. W. 54 acres
McCONNELL, Geo. 160 acres
McCLANAHAN, Mrs. A. J. 80 acres
MARSHAL, J. G. 97 acres
OGDEN, A. 490 acres
OUTLAW, I. B. 240 acres
OLIVER, B. 110 acres
ORR, A. D. 60 acres
OHARA, Ed 20 acres and 25 acres
PILANT, G. B. 545 acres
PHALEN, R. 160 acres
PEQUES, G. H. 29 acres
PATTERSON, Wm. 40 acres
REED, E. B. 278 acres
RHODES, T. A. 600 acres
ROBERTS, M. R. 350 acres
ROBERTS, Z. 55 acres
ROGERS, K. 150 acres
RUSSEL, Jo 65 acres and 25 acres
ROWLETT, D. 60 acres
SLOAN, Sam 150 acres
SMITH R. H. 18 acres
SEARCY, C. 40 acres
STAPPS [ SFAPPS ?], Abner, 85 acres
STRICKLAND, D. 9 acres
STALLCUP, Thos. 15 acres
SANDERS, Wm. 23 acres
SLABURN, J. 110 acres and 120 acres
SEWELL, Rufus 130 acres and 80 acres
TRAMMEL C. R. 29 acres
THOMPSON, W. D. 20 acres
THOMASON, W. H. 30 acres
TUCKER, W. B. 6 acres
TWITTY, W. C. 20 acres
TODD, Chas. 265 acres
UPSHER, H. L. 35 acres
VANCE, Thos. 240 acres
WEST, J. 30 acres
WILLIAMS S. 100 acres
WRIGHT, H. 362 acres
WARDEN, Wm. 50 acres
WEST, Aaron 35 acres and 50 acres
WILLIAMS, D. W. 80 acres
WHITTAKER, J. 40 acres
WILHITE, Wm. 15 acres
WHISNANT, R. C. 15 acres
WILCOX, J. H. 35 acres
WILMETH, L. 25 acres
WILSON, G. A. 102 acres
YEATS, Jno. 15 acres
DAVIS, WM 10 acres


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