McKinney Enquirer 1925

The McKinney Examiner, September 3, 1925, Vol. 39, No. 43

Mrs. A. W. Johnson, 84, Passes Away. Mrs. A. W. Johnson, 83 years, 11 months, and 11 days died at the home of her the Ash Grove community Sunday, August 30. [for complete story, see the Obituary pages at this site.]

Joe W. POWELL of the Foncine community nine miles west was here Saturday having some registration and transfer papers fixed on his fine Jersey cattle.

The two garages at Prosper, owned by NESBITT & WILSON were burglarized Wednesday night of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. CULBERTSON and family have moved to Dallas where they will make their home.

George H. LEMMONS, aged 32 years was shot and instantly killed at his home in Tulsa< Ok. Monday night last. The body arrived here... this Thursday morning and was conveyed to the home of the deceased’s mother, Mrs. Sallie WILLIAMS on South Tennessee street. George is survived by his mother, and by two sisters as follows: Mrs. Sam WELCH of Muleshoe, Texas and by Mrs. Belva OWENS of Springfield, Mo.

C. M. SNIDER was here from Forest Grove Tuesday ....and will again be at the Collin County Fair with his leghorns.

Doyle STACEY of Allen was in McKinney Monday after being confined to his home for the past two weeks with a seriously injured foot caused when a heavy piece of timber fell nearly eight feet on to a concrete floor mashing three of his smaller toes.

J. T. JACKSON, an employee of the Myrick & Biggers grocery and produce house was seriously injured and A. R. CRAFT of Frisco, sustained a broken leg and other injuries as a result of an automobile accident south of Allen, Sunday. Mrs. JACKSON was in the car also but escaped without serious injury.... They were struck by a car driven by a Mr. BALL, who resides near Celina.

Martin W. MOSES, prominent McKinney merchant has returned from St. Louis, Chicago, and New York. He was accompanied by his niece, Miss Inez OLIVER and Miss Nancy J. McGUIRE.

Tip PURNELL arrived home from St. Louis, Saturday where he had been for several weeks looking after business for W. A. PURNELL & Co.

s. W. CHEEVES has returned from the Eastern markets where he went to purchase fall stocks for his store.

C. A. CALLAHAN, substantial farmer and long time friend of the Examiner was here Saturday from Cottage Hill.

J. W. SCALF, a good farmer of near Princeton, was here Monday and renewed for the Examiner.

C. W. GRAVES, secretary of the Retail Merchants Association states that the business houses of the city have agreed to close on tomorrow, Friday afternoon, the first day of the Farm Labor picnic.

Miss Virginia WILEY .... announces the opening of her music studio.

Charlie McBRIDE a white man, received several cuts about the face and neck and a serious stab in the side in an altercation in Farmersville Friday. A negro, Ely McGILL was arrested, charged with the cutting and brought to jail at McKinney by City Marshal Tom MOLCOMB and deputy Sheriff Dan RIKE.

Deputy Sheriff Jim HOLLANDWORTH has gone to Oklahoma City, after a man wanted in this county on a charge of swindling.

Dr. M. E. HUDSON, having returned from a month’s vacation filled his pulpit at the First Baptist church Sunday. Rupert M. CRABB, musical director was in charge of the choir and the renditions were beautiful. Miss Frankie OATES sang.

Dan SCOTT of Anna, president of the Purebred Livestock Association of this county recently visited Dallas and made arrangements for a Collin County booth in the livestock department of our great State Fair again this fall.

McKinney and Collin county people will be interested ... that Dr. and Mrs. Glen L. SNEED of Dallas celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary. Mrs. SNEED was before her marriage, Miss Leta HIGGINBOTHAM, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. HIGGINBOTHAM of Frisco but now of Prosper. Dr. SNEED is a brother of J. H. SNEED of McKinney. Other brothers and sisters are: Mrs. F. A. KLUTTZ of Princeton, T. J. SNEED of Waxahachie, W. B. SNEED of Nashville, Tenn., Mrs. Laura SNIDER of Brady, Mrs. Claude HUNTER of Claude, and Miss Bessie SNEED of San Antonio. They are children of R. S. SNEED and wife, now deceased. The SNEED brothers and sisters were born and reared on the old family homestead in the Lucas community.

Permanent Trustees of the Verona oil test located about eleven miles northeast of McKinney: W. B. MITCHELL, Tom W. PERKINS, George B. KELLER, J. C. ENLOW, W. G. RIKE.

The Hunt County Fair: of its most important attractions will be the historical pageant. McKinney will be represented in this pageant by two of her fairest, most winsome and talented young ladies: Miss Paula McCAIN and Miss Frances HILL.

A. B. BARNES, a thrifty young farmer living a few miles west of McKinney...ordered the Examiner. Mr. Paul INMAN an substantial citizen of Nevada, sends us a ..renewal. R. C. KIMBROUGH, veteran manager o the McKinney Oil Mill...renews his subscription to the Examiner.

J. N. FOSTER, whose farm is located about three miles north of Melissa on the pike has two fine young Rockefeller colts that his friends are urging him to exhibit at the Collin County Fair.

The Rev. Benjamin BEAN, rector of the St. Peter’s Episcopal church of McKinney, his wife, and daughter, Doris, have returned home from a five weeks automobile trip through the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Busy Over at the Court House.
District Court.
Hon. F. E. WILCOX, Judge; Mrs. Alice TAYLOR, Clerk; H. Grady CHANDLER, County Attorney; Clarence DOWDY, Assistant.
New Suits.
Ora SHIELDS vs. James B. SHIELDS, divorce.
Maggie COOK vs. W. T. COOK, divorce and custody of minor children.
Sylvia SEABOURN vs. Aubrey SEABOURN, divorce and restoration of plaintiff’s maiden name.
John W. ORENDUFF et al vs. Jesse L. CLAYCOMB et al, partition.
W. S. STANFORD vs. Patsy STANFORD, divorce.
Iris PAGE vs. E. E. PAGE, divorce injunction, care of minor children and partition.
County Court.
Hon. A. M. WOLFORD, Judge; Miss Minnie BURRAGE, Clerk.
Five cases were tried in county court, Thursday afternoon. — Howard SMITH, colored, was tried on a charge of theft, found guilty and fined. — J. Z. STARNES of McKinney was tried for theft of three automobile shades, found guilty and fined. — Henry M. DUFF, colored, was tried on a charge of swindling, found guilty and fined and given one day in jail. — A. L. GRISSOM of Plano, charged with wife and child desertion was ordered to pending his trial. J. M. COX, a chiropractor of Plano, was found guilty of violating the medical practice act, found guilty, sentenced to one day in jail and fined. The defense was represented by John DOYLE of McKinney and J. A. CARLISLE of Sherman. County Attorney H. Grady CHANDLER was assisted in the prosecution by Lee P. PIERSON of Dallas.
In the case of Jess HAGIN, charged with wife and child desertion, Judge WOLFORD was disqualified from sitting and Judge T. C. ANDREWS was appointed to hear the case. HAGIN was found guilty and given a $200 fine and costs amounting to $270 and 30 days in jail.
The bond of Frank CALAHAN, charged with swindling, was declared forfeited; the bond of O. S. BAILEY, charged with theft was declared forfeited, and the bond of R. C. BELL, charged with swindling was forfeited.
D. M. KELLEY has been appointed temporary administrator of Estate of Nancy J. MORSILL [?], deceased.
Dallas PHARR has filed application to be appointed community administrator of Estate of Susan M. PHARR, deceased. Giles McKINNEY, C. F. COOK and J. K. P. SHRADER have been appointed appraisers of Estate.
Marriage License.
Martin BROWN and Aradelia MILLER.
Lewis MORROW and Thelma IVIE [or LYLE].
Albert SHAW and Opal DRIVER.
W. E. HAWKINS and Willie May RUCKER.
J. E. [or F.] ROLEN and Mrs. Maggie McNOLACE.

Constable Jim KIMBRIEL and Deputy D. M. PADGITT have made the following arrests within the past few days: Four charged with disturbance, one with drunkenness and one for violating traffic law.

Hunter BRYANT was in the city Saturday from Walnut Grove.

Will WEBSTER and young daughter, Miss Ruth, were here from near Weston, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gibson CALDWELL and children, Miss Marlon and Bro. Jim, have returned from a delightful automobile trip to Yellowstone Park, Denver, Salt Lake City.

The Melissa Home Demonstration Club of which Mrs. E. O. KNOX is president and Mrs. May OGLIVIE is secretary will co-operate in helping to make that community fair a large success...

Making Final Plans for Big F. L. U. Picnic. Final arrangements are being made.... for the two day Farm Labor Union picnic. Joe McCULLOUGH of this city will act as master of ceremonies.

Rev. Ben SNIDER has cause to feel mighty happy. He has conducted four meetings and has had the joy of seeing 88 persons saved.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. FERGUSON visited their daughter, Mrs. H. P. ELLER in Dallas this past week.

Dr. J. KNIGHT well known McKinney Osteopath suffered three broken ribs Sunday. He attended a family reunion in Commerce and ...while engaged in a friendly scuffle sustained the injury which has caused him much pain.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. ASHLEY and family, left Tuesday for Denton to make their home. Their son, Arthur Eugene will attend the normal school and their daughter, Martha, high school after which she will attend C. I. A.

Ed CHIPMAN, prominent stockman and farmer of the Cottage Hill community, was here Saturday.

J. M. TROWELL, residing south of town on Route 2 is a new subscriber to the Examiner.

District Clerk, Mrs. Alice TAYLOR, and Mrs. Theodore PITCHIOS attended the funeral of Mrs. Will HUCKABEE at Van Alstyne Sunday afternoon.

Supt. J. S. CARLISLE is just about the busiest man in town these days getting ready for the opening of the City Schools.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. RAYBURN are the proud parents of a baby boy, born Wednesday. The mother and baby are doing nicely at their home on South Wilcox street. Mr. RAYBURN is owner of the advertising board which is located on top of the buildings just east of the Commercial Hotel. He recently purchased this business from D. W. JOHNSON, who is at present located in Fort Worth.

Christine, 3 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James MORRIS of the Cottage Hill community, died Saturday evening. Services were held at 2 p.m. Sunday, conducted by Rev. Abner SNIDER of McKinney. Interment took place in Wilson Chapel cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard BURRAGE arrived home Friday from their ranch near Clayton, N. M. where they have been spending the summer.

B. TIDWELL, popular jeweler, has returned from a two weeks’ vacation at Corpus Christi. Mrs. TIDWELL visited her mother at Waxahachie during his absence.

Mrs. Alva Mayes WERNER and son, Fred of Dallas, visited her sister, Mrs. J. C. GREER for a few days here.

Lou JAMISON was over from Prosper on business Wednesday.

14,251 Scholastics in public schools of Collin County; City [McKinney] Leads with 1,862 of School Age.

J. T. GRUBBS, who is a member of the program committee of the Farm Labor Union picnic states that cash prizes will be given...

Geo. W. TAYLOR was here from Melissa, Tuesday. Tells us he spent Friday night with Buck REXRODE at Clifton. Buck formerly lived in McKinney.

Jno. T. WILLIAMS of Wetsel community was here Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. PRUETT andf family motored down to Dallas Sunday where they visited Mrs. Pruett’s aunt, Mrs. G. H. CALLOWAY and family.

John W. MILLER spent the week end in Sherman with his sister, Mrs. Fred CHAFFIN. Mrs. CHAFFIN was formerly Miss Rose MILLER of this city.

Elbert LOVELL and daughter, Miss Lucile have returned from San Antonio where they went to attend the funeral of Mr. LOVELL’s uncle, a world War Veteran who died in the hospital there.

Notice of Sheriff’s Sale: the case of G. J. S. WALKER versus J. R. SIMMONS, I will proceed to sell for cash, within the hours prescribed... on the 16th day of September A. D. 1925, before the Court House door of said Collin County... the following described property, to wit: One black mare mule, about 15 hands brown mare mule about 15 hands high the property of J. R. SIMMONS to satisfy a judgement amounting to $497. [Signed] W. A. KERBY, Sheriff by Ed BLAKEMAN, Deputy.

To the Sheriff...of Collin County... You are hereby commanded to...summon C. E. LOYD, to be and answer a Petition filed ......wherein Pauline LOYD is plaintiff and C. E. LOYD is defendant.... Plaintiff prays [the court] to dissolve the marriage.
Application for Probate of Will...To all persons interested in the Estate of Nancy J. MORRILL, deceased, D. M. KELLEY, has filed application for the Probate of the last will....of Nancy J. MORRILL...

Application for Probate of Will... To all persons interested in the Estate of Catherine T. HERNDON, deceased, J. D. HERNDON has application for the probate of the last will..... of Catherine T. HERNDON...

Application for Probate of Will... To all persons interested in the Estate of G. W. SHELTON, deceased, W. H. SNAVELY has filed ... an application for the probate of the last will... of G. W. SHELTON

Citation on Appointment of Temporary Guardian... To all persons interested in the welfare of Clyde Daniel, a Minor, e. L. BULLOCK was by the County Court ..duly appointed Temporary Guardian of the estate of said Minor which appointment will be made permanent unless the same shall be successfully contested...

Honoring Mrs. J. M. Young. Wednesday the Rhea Mill Home Demonstration Club members were hostess to the many friends of Mrs. J. M. YOUNG. After the arrival of all, the audience [sang] and an address was given by Mrs. Hortense HORN. Ice cream and cake were served to the following: Mesdames s. A. WILLIAMS and children, Lola FURR and little son, M. F. PEEL of Dallas, L. L. HUDSON, Artie GRIFFIN, Lola OVERALL and baby, Joe GRAVES, Willie SCOTT, Jess SMITH and daughter, Joe SMITH, Sam POWELL, Alta APPELBEE, Ben DAVIS, Fannie NORRIS, Edna FOSTER, J. M. FURR, Mamie FURR and sons. Hortense HORN, J. O. RAGSDALE, and I. R. DOWELL, G. I. PAYSINGER, J. M. DUNGAN, Tommie PAYSINGER, Jessie FURR and baby, Reba GENTLES and baby, L. O. THOMPSON, Mary SHANNON and daughter, J. S. GRIFFIS, Callie STUBBLEFIELD, Clye QUATTLEBAUM and children. Emma BROWN and son, Clarence RGSDALE, Opal PISTOLE, Ella LEACH, Dell DUNCAN, Elmer LITCHFORD, Misses Juanita LEACH, Rubye FURR, Willa Mae HORN, Margrite THOMPSON, Faye WILIAMS, Myrtle STUBBLEFIELD, Messrs Morgan YOUNG, Hersey FREEMAN, Homer YOUNG, and M. L. FLENNIKEN.

Mr. and Mrs. A. N. RICKS and Judge SMITH and family from Slaton are here visiting.
Mrs. Jerry LOVERITT and daughter, returned last week from Slaton.
Mrs. J. C. WALKER and children from Greenville, visited their uncle, Mr. J. C. JOHNSON and family last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. BROWN and daughter from Nevada and Mr. G. L. SHERILL and family from Boyse were at Garza Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman McCUMMENS of Lavon visited friends in Nevada.
Miss Lois BROWN visited her sister at Boyse last week.
Mrs. Evelyn STINEBAUGH visited Miss Mary Brown FREEMAN at Garland last week.
“Grandma” CORRY returned last week from Rockwall, where she had visited her son, Dr. Frank CORRY and family.
Mrs. C. T. SMITH and son, Gilbert, returned last week from Riverside, California where she had been to visit her husband’s father, Mr. Jim SMITH and family.
Miss Thelma EVANS left Friday for Evadale, Texas, where she will teach school the coming term.

Mrs. W. S. HITCHCOCK and children have returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. FARLEY and family at Estelline, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor MEDCALF and baby, Sue Evelyn, motored out to Celina Sunday and spent the day with his parents.
Glen JORDON and family and Mrs. Mary GRAVES and children of Melissa, spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. JORDON.
Messrs Leo BURTON, Floyd WALDEN and Richard ROBISON have arrived from Littlefield, Texas. Mr. ROBISON has accepted a position with Carruth Bros. gin.
Mr. BAILEY and family of Anna have moved to Chambersville.
Mrs. T. L. ANDERSON has recovered from her serious illness of several days duration.
Mrs. W. M. RIVERS and son, Lonie and Misses Mary RIVERS and Pauline SCRIBNER of Lone Elm have returned from Lockney, Texas where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Phil RIVERS.
Miss Jessie WALDEN of McKinney, has been visiting Miss Inez CHAMBERS.
P. M. MUGG and little grandsons, Ted and Harold CAVE of Weston, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. L. CHANDLER.
Mrs. C. S. HARRISON was week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. HARRISON of Wilmeth.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. DRURY [has recent guests from Oklahoma].
Miss Ruby IVY has returned to her home in McKinney after a visit with her sister, Mrs. J. L. MELL and family.
Mr. and Mrs. BERRY of Melissa, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. MELL.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam ROSE and children of Little Elm have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. M. CHAMBERS.
Tommy TOMPKINS of Princeton, was week end guest of Messrs C. L. NIXON and Robert CHAMBERS.
Mr. and Mrs. John MILRAINEY and children of Melissa spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. M. COX.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayman FARLEY have returned home from Estelline.
The old BRYAN homestead occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W. S. HITCHCOCK has been undergoing some repairs which adds much to the appearance of the home.
Mr. and Mrs. Aus COX and son, Abner of Harr Springs, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. T. BEATY.
Mrs. J. S. MIMMO of Dallas has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J. M. COX.

Miss Elizabeth MALLOW who had been attending S. M. U. returned home last week.
Miss Beatrice BUCK of McKinney, spent the week end here with her cousin, Elizabeth MALLOW. Mr. and Mrs. George ROBERTSON and daughters, Grace, Annie B., and Beryl, Dr. and Mrs. J. MALLOW and daughter, Elizabeth, and Mr. Francis MALONE and family attended the reunion of the ROBERTSON family at Denton, Friday.
Mrs. Otis CONNELLY is with her father, Rev. HARRELL who is ill at his home in Farmerville, LA.
Claud DICK and family returned from Wortham where they had been living.
L. C. BYRD and family moved Wednesday into the house built by Mr. DOMINGER. Dr. A. E. ELY and family moved into the house vacated by Mr. BYRD. Bewley MALONE and family moved into the house vacated by Dr. ELY which he purchased from C. W. MONTGOMERY.
Mrs. W. H. BUTTS received a message yesterday evening that her sister was seriously ill at her home at Van Alstyne. Mrs. BUTTS and daughters, Miss Lon and Mrs. C. W. MONTGOMERY left at once to be with her.

T. A. CURTIS, wife and daughter....[unreadable]
Vernon HALL and wife of Princeton were here Sunday evening.
Miss Vera ROBBIRDS spent Friday and Saturday with Mrs. Grace POOR in Princeton.
W. D. CRAWFORD and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives at Rowlett.
Ira YORK and wife and Frank YORK of Maysville, Okla, spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. W. G. ROBBIRDS.
Mrs. Nora YORK and children from near Princeton, visited Mrs. W. C. ROBBIRDS Thursday evening.
Mrs. J. M. DENISON has been sick.
Mr. and Mrs. John BARNET of Royse City, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Calvin WELBORN.
H. T. BRANTLEY and wife of McKinney spent Sunday with relatives here.
Mrs. L. E. LAFON received a message Saturday night that her aunt, Mrs. BURDEN of Coppel had died. Mrs. LAFON and brothers, Mack and Sam McCoy left at once to attend the funeral.
Mrs. Grace POOR of Princeton spent Thursday evening with Mrs. Bessie CRANK.
Mr. Babe McCOY from Oklahoma is here visiting relatives.
Miss Vera JONES of Allen spent Saturday night and Sunday with N??? HALL
Harland BRYCE, wife and baby, arrived here from Dalhard.

Mrs. W. D. SAMPLES who underwent an operation was able to come home Sunday and is doing nicely.
Our community was made sad Saturday morning, when the 3 years old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther REECER was run over by a cotton wagon and almost instantly killed. Mr. PATTERSON had started to the gin when he stopped to talk to some one. The child climbed upon the wagon wheel.
Mr. Ell BOUNDS and son, Dalton, of Apache, Okla., are visiting their sister and aunt, Mrs. W. D. SAMPLES.
Miss Helen GRISHAM is visiting her friend, Miss Leota STANDEFER of near McKinney.
Will WARNER, son and daughter of South Texas, are visiting their brother-in-law and uncle, Will WELLS.
Chester McTEE of McKinney spent the week with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer TILLEY and daughter, Charlsie of Roscoe, Nolan county are visiting their brother, Lester Tilley and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer WEBB and son, Homer Lloyd of Princeton visited their sister and aunt, Mrs. C. S. SAMPLES.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank CAMPBELL and children of Blythe’s Chapel visited their sister and aunt, Mrs. Luther REECER.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter McTEE are entertaining a new baby boy.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Henry MEAD, continues sick at the home of its grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim BUTLER.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob WILLIAMS and daughters, Ferrell and Wilma, spent Sunday with relatives in Blue Ridge.
Lightening set fire to the barn on Louis McTee’s farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert STRONG and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. SAMPLE and family, Lyd SAMPLES and [unreadable given name] STRONG enjoyed a fishing trip on The Elm, Denton county.
Mrs. C. B. WILSON of South Texas is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. DUNN.
Mr. and Mrs. E. GREEN and family, also Mr. and Mrs. George HOPPER of Rockford, Ill, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nate EVANS.

North McKinney.
Mesdames Jesse MORELAND and D. W. CLOYD, called at the City hospital to see their niece, Miss Ora TERRELL, of Allen who was operated on Monday for appendicitis. Miss Ora is doing as well as could be expected.
Mrs. Jim SPARLIN accompanied her son, Hershel, to Ardmore.
Mrs. John THOMPSON, who has been sick has recovered sufficiently to be out at the services which are being conducted by the North Baptist church. The Pastor, Rev. C. Y DOSSEY is doing the preaching. The singing is led by Jack TURNER accompanied on the piano by Mrs. DOSSEY.
Mrs. H. C. POPE, and daughter, Miss Ozella and little granddaughter, Elinor Inge, of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, spent the weekend with Mrs. Rosie INGE and family of the Milligan community and present at the marriage of Mr. John DUGGER and Mrs. Melissa LOWERY in the bride’s home.
Mrs. John SELF, who has been president of W. M. S. of the North Baptist church for many years resigned and Mrs. C. R. GOTCHER was elected for the coming year. Mrs. Otis NELSON, associate president, Mrs. Leonard RAY, recording secretary, Mrs. W. E. LAWRENCE, corresponding secretary; Mrs. John SELF, educational director, Mrs. Bell APPLE, Sunbeam Leader; The following women are chairmen of the committees: Mrs. Elmont SMITH, Mrs. W. A. JACKSON, Mrs. J. A. CARROLL, Mrs. C. Y. DOSSEY, Mrs. John THOMPSON; Mrs. John SELF, Mrs. Clayton HARRIS.
John PRICE and wife, North Bradley street are rejoicing over the birth of a fine son.

C. H. BOWMAN, who has been visiting at Upland, Cal, for about twenty days is expected home soon.
Sim KLINGLESMITH stuck a nail in his foot Saturday and has suffered a good deal of pain, but the wound is not giving him so much trouble now.
Sam MARTIN and family returned Wednesday from a visit to Mrs. MARTIN’s relatives at Lafayette, GA.
James McCLURE, who recently completed a 4-year term in the navy, had gone to California to complete an electrical course.
Bennie O’BRIEN and Jim WILSON, returned Saturday from a two weeks vacation.
Uncle Hughey ROBERTS is at Glen Rose taking treatment but has not been there long enough to tell what the result will be.
J. D. DUNCAN and family who have resided here for the last four years are moving to McKinney.
The barn on the premises of Mrs. M. E. THOMAS, south of the school building was burned down...Monday morning.
Jas. WILSON of Temple, Okla., brother of Mrs. C. P. WILSON of this city, who was thought to have typhoid fever was taken to a hospital Monday and is now said not to have typhoid. His condition is still critical, however.
Mrs. D. B. BLAINE and two children returned to Dallas after spending the week end with Mrs BLAIN’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. RIDDLE. They were accompanied home by Mrs. BLAIN’s sisters, Misses Walker and Aileen RIDDLE.
M. G. ABERNATHY of Farmington, Mo., and daughter, Mrs. A. D. STEGER of El Paso, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. TIDWELL. Mr. ABERNATHY is a brother of Mrs. TIDWELL and this is his first trip to Texas. Mrs. STEGER is Mrs. TIDWELL’s niece.
Claude WARD of Princeton and Amos ROGERS of this city were taken into custody Monday by City Marshal Floyd PERKINS and Night Watchman, Pete HINSLEY, charged with taking a small quantity of gasoline from the tractor at the oil mill. WARD gave the officers a hot chase through cotton fields in the vicinity of Frank BENNETT’s.
The Record stated last week that Haden STONE returned with the party of Celina people who recently visited Celina, Tenn, but he did not. He remained to attend a reunion of the MAXEY kinsfolks. A great reunion of the MAXEY’s was held in 1922 on the old Ned MAXEY farm on Big Sulphur creek.

Prof. N. C. SMART, principal of Farmersville high school was here last week moving his household goods to McKinney where he has accepted the principalship in one of the McKinney schools.
Miss Clara HENSLEE entertained a few of her friends with a slumber party at her beautiful country home.
Ned HALE, employee of HOOPER Lumber Co., stepped on a 40-penny nail last Tuesday and as a result a severe wound was made in his foot. Medical aid was summoned immediately and Mr. HALE was administered the tetanus serum.
Some three weeks ago, Mr. R. L. TOLBERT of Greenville suffered a painful injury to one of his eyes while visiting his son, Frank, here which resulted in the loss of the sight of the member. On last Tuesday it was found necessary to remove the injured eye, and the operation was performed at a Greenville hospital.

Blue Ridge.
Mrs. Hugh HILDRETH has moved to McKinney to place her son in school.
Wesley and Mark MOULTON have returned from school at Denton.
G. M. YOUNG and family visited relatives at Verona Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wylie BAILEY visited Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG here Sunday.
J. O. NELSON and wife have returned from their vacation at Oklahoma...[rest unreadable].
Miss Marylee AKINS has returned from Commerce where she has been going to school
Miss Willie DRAIN has returned from the Sanitarium at McKinney where she underwent an operation for appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob WILLIAMS and daughters visited G. M. YOUNG Sunday.
Virgil A. :HOLT, father of Mrs. Bob WHITE of this place died at a Sanitarium in Dallas Saturday afternoon. He was 77 years of age. His body was brought to Blue Ridge for interment.
Mrs. C. C. AKIN and daughter spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bob LUCAS and family.
Bud WILLIAMS and family went to Dallas Sunday to see his brother who underwent an operation.
Mrs. J. E. YATES who lives near Blue Ridge, is at the City Hospital in McKinney where she underwent an operation.
Mr. Bunyan TALENT continues sick.
Mrs. L?nnie CHITTY who recently returned from Tioga is improving very nicely.
Rev. WILSON and wife and son are visiting relatives this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn HOOPER, attended church and Sunday School at Cottonwood Sunday and Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben KNIGHT and children, of Allen, attended church at Parker Sunday morning.
Mrs. Myrtle STRAIN and children and Miss Opal STARNES attended church at Allen Saturday night.
Mrs. Ida SHULTS of Anna and daughter, Miss Carrex of Prosper, were at church Sunday morning and Sunday night. They were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Buett WILLIAMS and family.
Bro. McGAUGHEY of Walnut Grove was visiting at Parker Friday.
Harding REED, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. REED, is sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis GATLIN and children who have been visiting in West Texas and Roswell, New Mexico have returned.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. DICKERSON and children, were visiting in Denison last week.
There was quite a crowd visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter CURTIS Sunday, as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Joe CURTIS and son, Raymond of Memphis; Mr. and Mrs. Chester ROUTLE of Ladonia; Mr. and Mrs. Theo Ezell; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest KING of Murphy; Mr. and Mrs. Alton BOYD of Allen; Mr. and Mrs. Jack CURTIS of Allen; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar CURTIS of Allen; Mr. Gracy CURTIS of Allen. Mr. Raymond Ru[unreadable name].
B. F. REED was a Parker visitor Sunday. He was visiting his sone Jim and Gene REED and their families.
Forest EDENS of Allen visited in Parker Sunday.
Lonnie ROBBINS of Clear Lake was here Sunday.
Mrs. Myrtle STRAIN and Miss Jewel STARNES were shopping in McKinney Saturday.
Mrs. D. A. STARNES and son, Dewey and family were Plano visitors Saturday night.

Mrs. GRIFFIN had the following guests Sunday. A nephew, Mr. MAJORS, and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Joe JOHNSON and children, son Mr. Ernie GRIFFIN, wife and children of McKinney, a daughter, Mrs. Henry JACKSON and husband of Princeton.
Mr. and Mrs. Will MORELAND and boys, Dwight, Bruce and Jack accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Webster JEFFCOATS of Blue Ridge, went to Dallas Saturday where they visited their brother, Mr. Ernest CARSON.
Ernest CAMERON arrived here from Oklahoma last Wednesday at the home of his nephew, Gambrel CAMERON. Ernest is a son of Mr. and Mrs. L. CAMERON both deceased. Ernest was reared in this community where he has many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. WILCOX and children, Mr. and Mrs. Henry WILCOX and children and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. GERRON went to Climax Sunday where they attended a birthday dinner prepared for their mother, Mrs. WILCOX and Mrs GERRON.
Dewey GRIFFIN who is a young preacher just recently felt the call to the ministry, preached Sunday night.
Our pastor Rev. A. M. HERRINGTON will be with us Saturday night and Sunday.
The following attended the birthday dinner Sunday given for Mr. Homer CATE at their home in McKinney. Mr. and Mrs. S. B. VERMILLION, Joe and Leta, Mr. and Mrs. Odus STIFF and GUINN, Mr. and Mrs. Clint FARLEY and children, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie JOHNSON and children, Mr. and Mrs. Oren VERMILLION and Evelyn Avo, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie MORELAND and Wilford SCOTT, Misses Bonnie Ova and Willie VERMILLION.
Raymond VERMILLION and two sisters of Westminster are spending this week with their uncle J. B. VERMILLION and family.
Dr. and Mrs. J. T. MANTOOTH and Johnnie Marie were guests of their sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. THOMPSON of McKinney Sunday.
Herbert ENSLEY and family and aunt Sue STAPP spent the week end with relatives at Lone Oak. Mrs. STAOPP will spend a few days there with her sister, Mrs. John EUSLEY. [sic]
Sunday afternoon at 4:00 o’clock, the remains of little Sarah Katherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther REECER who live east of Altoga were laid to rest in the Altoga cemetery. After the fatal accident, she lingered about one and a half hours and passed over the river of death. Mr. PETERSON whose wagon ran over the little child, was overcome with grief. Both families have the sympathy and love of the entire community in this hour of grief.

Miss Johnnie NEWMAN was in Dallas one day last week shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. YOUNG were in Dallas Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. GOSSETT, visited their daughter, Mrs. J. C. ABBOTT in Caddo Mills.
Mrs. Tom TACKETT of Farmersville is visiting her mother, Mrs. Rosa BRYANT.
Mrs. Mildred HOUSER, visited in Rayse City the past week.
Joe HUNT is in Forney this week.
Miss Daphne HELMS was in Dallas last week.
H. HOLLOWELL of Caddo Mills was here Monday.
Mrs. J. M. HENSON and Mrs. Lyle COOK were shopping in Greenville.
G. B. YEATTS went to Dallas Tuesday.

Scott STEVENSON and family of New Mexico visited his parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. STEVENSON last week.
Miss Earlene BUTTON spent last week with Miss Bernice ADAMS in Denton.
Mrs. Fred FIELDS who underwent an operation in McKinney Saturday morning is getting along nicely.
Francis SHRADER who has been in Madill Oklahoma for the past few months is at home.
Wilson STANDFORD of Fort Worth spent the week end with home folk.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack RUTHERFORD, returned home last week from Three Rivers where they had been for the past two months.
Mrs. Ralph WALDEN and son returned home last week after spending a week with Mrs. W. B. SMITH.
H. E. BROWN and Ben CHERRY were in Palmer on business Thursday.
Mrs. John WILSON and daughter, Miss Lillie spent last week in Oklahoma with relatives.
Mrs. Lorene WARD and children of Fort Worth, spent last week with her mother, Mrs. M. C. BAKER.
Mrs. June BAKER visited Mr. Tom BAKER and family last week.
All of the children of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. TALKINGTON, with their parents and a few others gathered at Walnut Grove last Thursday and with well filled baskets spread supper under the trees of that lovely old place.

Miss Carrie Sue CALDWELL of Sherman visited Allen this week.
Mr. Henry LAIRD made a business trip to Dallas.
Mrs. D. G. MELTON and children visited relatives in Dallas this week.
Miss Robbie Jean CLARKE, has returned from Sulphur, Okla.
Mrs. J. W. W. SMITH and Effie MATHEWS spent the week end at Wylie.
Misses John CROWDER and HARROUN made a trip to Wheeler this week.
Mr. HILL and family of Dallas spent Sunday with J. A. CLARKE and family.
Mrs. Henry LAIRD and children were shopping in McKinney Friday.
Members of Mrs. J. R. BROOKS’ Sunday school class enjoyed a picnic.
The following attended services at the First Baptist church in Dallas Sunday: M. WHISENANT and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. ANGEL, Mrs. W. R. TAYLOR, Mrs. J. T. HOLLAND, Mrs. Ed BRIDGES and Mrs. L. GOEMAN.
Mrs. Alex FERRELL and son, Claude spent Sunday in Dallas.
V. E. TUCKER and family spent Sunday in Richardson.
Mr. Frank YEATTS is moving to the county Farm this week where he will have charge the coming year.
Mr. N. L. TUCKER and family, spent Saturday night with relatives at Lone Oak.
Mr. R. M. EMERSON and wife, Mrs. J. W. BUTLER and Mrs. John BUTLER were shopping in McKinney Tuesday.
Mrs. Frank BROADHEAD was shopping in Dallas, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill LINDSAY of Van Alstyne, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Johnson and son of Leonard, spent Sunday with d. O. KUYRKENDALL and family.
J. E. MITCHELL of Dallas, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McDOUGAL during Westminster picnic.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben ROBERTSON and family of Oklahoma visited Will PINCON and family during Westminster picnic.
Alice SPEARMAN returned home recently from Cushing< Okla where she spent the summer with her sister, Mrs. Leonard FRANCES.
Mrs. Z. T. KINNEY and daughter of Coffysville, Kansas are visiting her mother, Mrs. Will ATTERBERRY.
Mr. and Mrs. Carey WEBB and children of Dallas are spending their vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Billy WEBB.
Miss Cleo JETTON went to Devel’s Den in Oklahoma Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Boyd WEBB left for Beaumont to make their home.
Jim Davis and family have moved to Nevada where he has accepted a position as Superintendent.
Mrs. Jimmie WEBB returned Saturday from a month’s visit with children in Beaumont.
Mozell McDOUGAL of Dallas spent last week here with W. A. McDOUGAL and family.
Lundy (Fat) McHONE, Hildard EUBANKS and Eddie MECKLENBURG spent the week end in Dallas.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy HENDRICKS of McKinney spent Sunday here visiting A. L. JOHNSON and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Si BELLAW have moved to Blue Ridge.
Mrs. J. M. HUNTER and daughter Grace have returned home to Colorado City after an extended visit to their daughter, Mrs. Bill KUYRKENDALL.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. EUBANKS had all their children home for the first time in ten years in a family reunion last Sunday. Those present were Chester BOYER and family of Gunter, Mr. and Mrs. Byrd WEBB of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Loveless EUBANKS and family of Dallas; Hildardy WALWORTH of Wisconsin, Royce and Opal Lee at home.
Grandma KIRBY scalded her foot very severely last week. She is resting nicely now.
Jimmie BRINLEE and family of Van Alstyne, spent Sunday with his brother John BRINLEE and family.
Mrs. Jackson RHODY and daughter, Effie Lee are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Willie HINTON of Sherman.

Mrs. W. J. BURTON, Mrs. STROUP and daughter, Ruth, of Verona, Mrs. McLOUD of Thome, GA, were guests of Mrs. G. D. LOWE last week.
Mrs. John SIMMONS and children of West Texas visited her sister, Mrs. J. W. GODWIN last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Pat NORWOOD are visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. D. NORWOOD.
Mrs. UTLER of Calera, Okla is visiting her brother A. T. LEAKE and family.
Miss Mabel MURPHY spent Saturday night with the Misses BATES of the Thompson community.
Miss Ina SHORT is visiting her friend, Pearl JOHNSON.
Miss Grace BURT is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred Gray of Grandview.
Rev. Erwin MONTGOMERY preached at the Christian church Sunday.
Floyd HUDDLESTON and family went to McKinney Sunday to be present at a reunion of the RENEAU family.
Mrs. Etta ROSS, spent last week with Mrs. H. C. POPE and ?. G. SIMPSON and family of McKinney.
Lacy KITE and family spent last week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter RAINWATER.
Wesley JOHNSON entertained the Senior class of 1922 at home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. g. D. JOHNSON Saturday night.

S. W. DAWSON and children Basil, Minnie, and Mary returned Sunday from a several days’ visit to the former’s brother-in-law, J. M. HOLLEY and children. Mr. DAWSON’s sister Mrs. J. M. HOLLEY, having died three weeks ago. Mr. DAWSON and children enjoyed their visit not only to relatives, but also to that part of the county. They went to see Lake Abilene...
Three more moves were made Wednesday as follows. Mr. BRATTON, the pumper, moved to the John SPARK house east of the gin: Dutch MORRIS moved into the FREEMAN house vacated by Mr. BRATTON; Jasper HILL moved into Mrs. A. B. KERLEY’s house west of Floyd COLLINSWORTH’s which was vacated by Dutch MORRIS. All of this was due to the return of Claud DICK who will occupy the Methodist superannuate home which was vacated by Jasper HILL.
Mrs. Ada STACEY of Dallas visited at the home of A. P. ROGERS the first of the week.
Mrs. C. C. WITT and daughters of Denton , with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. C. PAYNE of Little Elm, visited A. W. MARTIN and family here.
Mrs. Eliza DOUGLASS and little grandson, Robert MACK, attended the annual birthday dinner of Mrs. J. F. BALDRIDGE at Denton.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam CHRISTIE and their grandmother, Mrs. Lula BRUCE of Dallas were here Sunday, Monday in company with Mrs. Jim BRUCE and little daughter, Lela.

Miss Lottie Gray of Houston is the visitor of Maurine OSBURN.
Miss Doris NEWTON and Mr. HOLLINWORTH of Dallas were visitors of Miss OSBURN Sunday.
Miss Helen SMITH of McKinney is visiting Anna Lou MILLER.
Miss Emily DOUGLASS is visiting Miss COATNEY in Dallas.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. DAVIS, and daughter, Naomi, of Fort Worth have returned to their home after spending ten days with their friends and relatives. Mrs. J. L. DAVIS gave her son, W. L. DAVIS of Fort Worth, a birthday dinner last Sunday. All of Mrs. DAVIS’ children and grandchildren were present except one son, Byron, who is attending the State University.
Miss Francis DOUGLASS who has been visiting in Denton, was brought home ill last Monday night.
The Methodist meeting conducted by Bro. MORRIS of Plano, assisted by Bro. MANGUM closed last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. OSBURN and daughter, Corrine, went to Dallas Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom BROWN visited in Lucas last week.
Miss Will OSBURN of McKinney visited Clara BROWNING last week.

Mrs. Charlie DARWOOD and daughter, Jeanette,, Mrs. Walter STROTHER and two children, Tom, Billie and Ann JACK left Monday morning on vacation.
Mrs. W. L. ROPER left Monday evening for Houston to attend the funeral of her infant grandson, Rutledge Jr.
Misses Ninnis and Bernice SHELTON, Mrs. W. L. ROPER and two children, Joe and LaVerne, spent Friday with Mrs. Sallie SLAUGHTER of White Rock.
Mrs. Jess KISSLER and Mrs. Tom KNOX are spending the week with Mrs. Will ESTEP.
Misses Gertrude, Isabelle and Lorene SLAUGHTER and Augusta CAPPS, motored to Denton Tuesday.
Mrs. Anna ARINGTON of Sherman is visiting relatives here.
Miss Anna V. PATTON spent Sunday with Misses Nina and Blanche CRABTREE.
Mrs. Roy SHELTON and daughter, Imogene of Dallas spent a few days with Mrs. R. T. SHELTON.
Miss Lena LAIR has returned from Waco where she had been attending school at Baylor University.
Misses Merrill STROTHER and Tillie WYSONG have returned from school.

Rev. RAE will be with us again next Sunday.
Mrs. Luther BRANCH who has been real sick with appendicitis is getting along fine now.
Mrs. Clarence McGARRAH and children of McKinney, spent Saturday with her sister, Mrs. Alger BARNES and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim DUNCAN were guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. DUNCAN, Sunday.
Miss Willa Mae BOWERS of McKinney, was guest of her cousin, Miss Ruth SIMMERLY, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Haven LEMONS and daughter, and Miss Lorena DUNCAN, spent Sunday with their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Edd DUNCAN.
Mr. and Mrs. Edd HINDSLEY and children and Mr. and Mrs. John KISSENGER were Sunday visitors with Mrs. Will SWATSELL.
Mr. Will SWATSELL received a message Saturday morning that his father was very low. He left immediately for East Texas.
Miss Beatrice RUYLE spent Sunday night with her sister, Mrs. Taffie HOCKER.
Rev. and Mrs. SMITH were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Luther BRANCH.
Mr. and Mrs. Medford SMITH and children spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George CHANDLER.

White’s Grove.
Miss Pauline McMahan of Ft. Worth visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. McMAHAN.
Mrs. D. F. MATTINGLY has been very sick.
Our community was saddened by the death of Mrs. Josh HERNDON who was loved by everybody here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. MATTINGLY of Dallas visited Mr. and Mrs. D. F. MATTINGLY Sunday.
Misses Louise BRANDON of Prosper visited her aunt, Mrs. BATES [BALES ?] the past week.
Miss Edna Ruth SHIELDS is quite sick.
Lesen SHIELD and son, W. t., made a business trip to Sulphur Springs Monday.
Master W. D. BRANDON of Prosper spent the past week with his grandmother, Mrs. D. F. MATTINGLY.
W. W. WILLIAM made a business trip to Dallas Tuesday.

W. D. GAULDEN of Bloomdale was severely injured Thursday last when he was struck in the face by flying rock from a dynamite blast which he had set in a well he was digging.

Rev. G. O. KEY and wife are entertaining for a few days, their daughter, Mrs. Ewing AVERA, her three sons and husband of San Angelo.

Mr. B. TIDWELL, the popular busy, hustling jeweler hands us $1.50 to renew for the Examiner to go to his sister Mrs. Edgar WOOTTEN [sic] at Corpus Christi, Texas.

Rev. Burton A. HALL of Westminster and his mother have purchased a home in McKinney and will move here in a few days.

Len CANTWELL, one of McKinney’s most expert painters gave us a call and renewed for the Examiner to go to his sister, Mrs. Matice CANTWELL at Vienna, Ill. Have known Len 30 years. He is a good painter.

Constable USELTON of Plano arrested two negro men last week on charges of stealing chickens from Jim BISHOP, colored, of that city. They took the chickens to a house near the city where they cooked them, then went to the storm house of the negro’s farm home and broke 30 half gallon jars of canned fruit. Each plead guilty.

Mrs. J. J. THOMPSON has returned to her home in this city after a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. GALLAHER at Martin.

Mrs. Betty Lee FAHM of Dallas, formerly of McKinney was in a train crash near Mayne, Colorado and suffered slight bruises according to a message received by Mrs. Ed WEST a cousin of Mrs. FAHM who lives in this city. Mrs. FAHM is a daughter of Mrs. R. L. PARKER both of whom are well known here.

G. J. S. WALKER, proprietor of the Horn Palace and one of our most active horsemen will have a list of horses in our County Fair to be held October 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Family Reunion at Finch Park. Last Sunday a delightful family reunion of the RENEAU family was held at Finch Park. Among those present were: George RENEAU, Miss Clara RENEAU and Arthur RENEAU of Shamrock; Miss Ellen JOHNSON of Bowie; Floyd HUDDLESTON and wife and two sons of Princeton; Albert RAGSDALE, wife and son; T. E. MYRICK, wife and sons; Bob RENEAU, wife and three children of Van Alstyne; Mrs. McMENAMY, Neal ANDERS and wife of near McKinney; Milt CLEVELAND and three girls of this city.

Fire destroyed a small home on the farm of former Mayor, Henry A. FINCH, 1 1/4 miles north of McKinney. The house was occupied by A. A. WOODS who lost all his household effects including wearing apparel. The family is left in rather serious circumstances.

Howell E. SMITH, president of the First National Bank has returned from a trip to Colorado.

Our long time friend, Dr. J. W. CROSSWHITE, for 30 years popular physician of Weston was here yesterday..

Pierce ENGLAND hands us $1.50 to pay for the Examiner going to his sister, Mrs. Gertie ROUNTREE at Clayton, New Mexico. Mrs. ROUNTREE and her husband, Dud ROUNTREE, now deceased were born and reared near Lucas.

Was 80 Years Old August 27.
D. B. LITTLEJOHN, a long time citizen of Collin county and the Woodlawn community just northeast of McKinney was here a few days ago and tells us that he reached his 80th birthday on Thursday, Aug. 27. Mr. LITTLEJOHN served in the confederate army and was in several engagements. He tells us he is proud of the fact that he always voted and never scratched a democratic ticket. He surrendered with Lee’s forces and is also proud of his war record.

Wylie people and vicinity greatly appreciate the work done and that is being done by County Commissioner Fate CAMPBELL and his worthy foreman, Harve NICHOLS in and around Wylie.

Ora BROWN, a negro, was brought here from near Frisco Thursday and a charge of theft under $50 in connection with alleged stealing of about 40 bushels of oats from H. B. BROWN of northwest of Frisco was filed against him. Bond for the negro was set at $200 and the same amount of bond was set for Henry POTTER [PORTER ?], a negro arrested last week on a charge of theft of 44 bushels of oats from the same man. Both were released with H. B. WATSON and W. H. WATSON as sureties.

John E. LAWSON who received his appointment in July as postmaster at Altoga is a member of the General merchandise firm of LAWSON & CHAFIN at that place.

On Greenville street in McKinney, three children have, for the past two years and a half, been saving Buffalo nickels. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. FORTE, have been instilling the virtue of thrift in the youngsters, Rosa, Mary, Rachael and Robert.... they now have more than $200 in the bank or more than 4,000 Buffalo nickels.

A. W. WILMOTH, who lives over east of Allen, was here Friday and renewed.

O. R. HICKEY and wife have returned from a visit to Lockney and White Deer, Texas where they visited Mr. and Mrs. L. L. HAND, northwest of Amarillo and the family of Charles WRIGHT at Lockney. They were accompanied by their sons, Truett, and Wayne Kelly.

We are glad to place on our list of readers, Mr. Z. A. REEDER. He lives south of McKinney.

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R. B. DAVIS, Real estate and fire insurance.
Dr. J. KNIGHT, Osteopath, Fox building, McKinney.
Dr. Jas. A. CALDWELL Sanitarium, 407 S. Tenn. St., McKinney. For the treatment of all kinds of Cancer, Goitre, Ulcer, Old Sores, and Chronic Diseases of Women, without the use of X-Ray, radium or knife.
H. G. GOULD, M. D., Medical and Surgical Treatment, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, 232 N. Ky. St, McKinney.
R. A. VERDIER, M. D. For the past ten years my practice has been and is still limited to diseases and surgery of the eye, ear, nose and throat. Glasses fitted. Fox Building, McKinney.
Dr. E. L. BURTON, practice limited to eye, ear, nose and throat, refraction and glasses. Office and Sanitarium, 210 South Tennessee Street, McKinney.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. N. OSBORNE who reside just east of Vineland church called at the Examiner office Friday to subscribe for the Examiner to be sent to their daughter, Mrs. J. A. KUYRKENDALL in Dallas.

J. R. ANDERSON who lives over southeast of Allen, near Lucas, gave us a call Friday.

W. C. DYSART, who lives between Anna and Melissa was here Wednesday afternoon with a sample of gravel that was found on his place and is thought to be of good quality.

Chicken Thieves are at Work Again. One night recently chicken thieves stole quite a few chickens from M. V. McGEE and A. H. BRISENTINE, farmers living a few miles southeast of Plano.

Princeton Party’s Enjoyable Visit to Oklahoma. Mr. and Mrs. Jess BAXTER of Princeton accompanied by the latter’s brother, Earnest and sister Lizzie LAWSON, have returned from a nine days visit in Oklahoma. The party declare Collin county conditions more prosperous than any section they visited.

Miss Ione CAMERON has accepted a position as buyer in the book department of Sanger Brothers, Fort Worth Department Store. Miss CAMERON was compelled to leave her work in Fort Worth a few months ago and return to her home here on account of inflammatory rheumatism in her hands.

Mrs. Gertrude SMITH of Anna called at the Examiner office Tuesday to have her name entered on our subscription books. Mrs. SMITH is a school teacher. She taught at the Lone Star school two miles north of Weston last year and will teach there again this session. Miss Clara KERR of Tioga is principal of the school.

H. C. SPENCER of Frisco is another good West Collin man to order the Examiner.

WOODS - EDGAR. Last Sunday morning at 9:15 Clyde WOODS and Miss Maxine EDGAR were united in marriage by Rev. A. H. SNIDER at his home on East Greenville. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. F. ?. WOODS, and the bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie EDGAR of McKinney.

Geo MALONEY of near Mt. Olive is a good friend to the Examiner.

Forty-Two Years Ago in McKinney - from The Enquirer, Marcy 31, 1883.
Died at his residence in Plano, Collin county, Texas, March 10th 1883, James S. CHADDICK, aged 31 years.
J. E. CAMERON and Gabe BECK near South East Corner Public Square... would inform their friends, and the public generally, that they have taken charge of the old SHORT Stable and will keep for hire saddle horses, buggies and teams.
Dr. John McCARTY was in the city this week on his return from the North. We still keep a place for him in old Collin.
Mr. J. P. NENNEY...keeps full lines of rough and dressed lumber, sash, and in fact everything needed in this country.
Large flocks of wild geese have passing over our city northward this week, which indicates that we will have no more blizzards this season.
It is stated that Z. E. RANEY will add machinery to the Union Mills and convert them into an Oil Mill.

Former Parishioners Revisit Minister at Greenville Home. On Monday August 24, a large party from the Blythe’s Chapel community tn miles southeast of McKinney formed an auto cavalcade to Greenville where they went to spend a few hours with their former pastor, Rev. N. C. LITTLE, wife and daughter, Rosa Lee. .Mr. LITTLE is on the retired list. They took along their lunch baskets and all went to the pretty Greenville park to spread their dinner and enjoy a real picnic. Those in the party were: Mr. and Mrs. James M. SMITH, Ruth SMITH, Hal SMITH, Asbury SMITH, Alice SNIDER, Velma SNIDER, Leuna SNIDER, Dallas PHARR, Leonard PHARR, and wife, Mrs. Dr. R. E. MORROW, Venita MORROW, Dallas MORROW, I. A. HOLMAN, Morris HOLMAN, Fredia HOLMAN, Dallas Faye HOLMAN, Frank KERBY and wife, Jack KERBY, Rowena KERBY, Mrs. Margaret KERBY, Mrs. Alta GARRETT, Mrs. Zura DICKENS, Lee COOK and wife, Agnes COOK, Dick BURCH and wife, Vera BURCH, Otis MORROW, Beman MORROW, G. M. MARRIOTT and wife, Velda MARRIOTT, Tressie MARRIOTT, Rhea MARRIOTT, Vera SNEED, J. B. SANDIFER, George DALE and wife, Etey DALE.