The Weekly Enquirer, McKinney, Collin County, Texas, May 6, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 13

The Weekly Enquirer, McKinney, Collin County, Texas, May 6, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 13
J. M. Bingham, Editor and Proprietor.

Transcriber’s Note: Only those articles pertaining to Collin County have been included here - with noted exceptions. Language and spelling are as they appear in the original text, and although some editing has been done in the interest of space, all surnames have been included in each extract. Some articles of little genealogical interest have been included for amusement or general information. Omissions are indicated by .... Transcriber’s notes are in italics.

Elias EDMONDS, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Office on East Side of Square, McKinney, Collin County, Texas. Practices in all the courts of Collin and adjoining counties.
E. F. BROWN, Attorney-At-Law McKinney, Texas. Prompt attention given to all business entrusted to him. Office in the room formerly occupied by W. H. ANDREWS.
R. C. WHITE; Attorney & Counselor at Law, and Notary Public, McKinney, Texas. Will attend promptly to all business entrusted to him. Office in the room formerly occupied by W. H. ANDREWS.
J. W. THROCKMORTON, Thos. J. BROWN, R. DEARMOND. Throckmorton, Brown & Dearmond, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, McKinney, Texas. Will practice in the Seventh Judicial District and the counties of Dallas and Kaufman of the Fifth District, and in the Supreme Court at Austin.
J. H. JENKINS, T. C. GOODNER. Jenkins and Goodner, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, McKinney, Texas. Will give prompt attention to all business entrusted to them in Collin, and adjoining counties, and will also attend to the purchase and sale of Real Estate, Investigation of land titles, paying taxes for non-residents, & c..&c..
W. T. MOORE, Dentist, Having permanently located in McKinney would most respectfully solicit the patronage of Collin and adjoining counties. Executes in the most skillful and perfect manner. Inserts the most beautiful gold fillings by a process which makes a dense, smooth, and permanent filing. Also silver or amalgam fillings which do not turn dark. ...... Dr. MOORE can be found in Dr. SMITH’s office.
R. D. ALLISON, Surgeon Dentist, McKinney, Tex.., (At the store of J. H. ALLISON & Co.). Would respectfully inform the citizens of Collin county that he has just received from the Eastern cities, a full supply of Dental Tools and Material by which he is enabled to do all kinds of work in the latest and most approved style. He is prepared to extract teeth .... without giving the least pain. Dr. J. W. COBB, of Dallas will be associated with me in the practice. Call and examine work and prices.
A. GULLETT, Physician and Surgeon. McKinney, Texas. Having permanently located in McKinney, tenders his professional services to the citizens of town and county. Can be found at his residence in the west part of town. All calls promptly answered. No charge for advice to regular patrons.

At W. B. LOGAN’s 101 pieces newest Styles of Prints, 39” .... and a corresponding variety of exquisitely handsome buttons, trimmings, & c.., to match, suit and set off those find dress goods. If you wish the prettiest and cheapest, it’s here. If very tasty, you are suited here. Many of these goods delight the ladies, and not expecting so large a trade, I’ll be out before I can get more. Come soon, quite soon!
James Bradford & Co. Manufacturers of Portable Flour and Corn Mills and French Burr Millstones. WILEY & HARRIS, Agents, McKinney, Texas.
Bradford & Sharp Oak-Tanned, Latent-Stretched cemeted and rived leather belting, gum belting, gum hose, and packing. WILEY & HARRIS, Agents, McKinney, Texas.
New Goods and Low Prices! G. A. & L. A. FOOTE. (North-West Corner Public Square) McKinney, Texas, Wholesale and retail dealers in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. Beg leave to inform their friends and the trade generally, that they have just opened their unrivalled stock of Spring and Summer Goods, embracing a superior lot of gents’ ready-made clothing, hats, boots and shoes, hardware, crockery, glassware, woodenware & c..&c..&c... Also a full assortment of Family Groceries. Cotton, wood, and country produce taken in exchange for Merchandise.
Selling off at COST!! The undersigned wishing to retire from the Dry Goods Business will sell his large and beautiful stock of dry goods, comprising everything that is kept in the Notion, Hat, Boot, Shoe and Hardware Lint, At Cost! This is no Humbug! ..... All goods from this date strictly cash or no trade. T. H. EMERSON.
W. S. CLOYD, Watch-maker, jeweler, Gunsmith, Etc., West Side Public Square, McKinney, Texas...
Livery Stable. (North East Corner of Public Square.) McKinney, Tex., A. J. TUCKER, Proprietor would announce to the citizens of Collin County and the traveling community that he has just completed and opened his new stable.... He will keep constantly on hand an abundance of the best feed this country offers. He will keep on hand for hire, Horses, Buggies, Carriages, &c... And will hold himself in readiness to transport passengers to any part of the county desired.
Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, for Purifying the Blood. FOOTE & HERNDON, McKinney, Texas.
Spring Has Come! And with it the Heaviest Arrival of The Season! Call on B. W. RHINE, at his new Brick Store, South-east Corner Public Square, and see the Latest Styles!
Saddlery and Harness Shop. Jno. T. SKIDMORE, would inform his friends and the public generally that he has opened a first class Saddlery and Harness shop on the east side public square where he will be glad to serve all who need anything in his line. He now has in store and will continue to keep a full stock of saddlery hardware and general furnishing goods which he will sell or make up. He has secured the services of Mr. J. S. STOVALL a finished workman, who will personally superintend all work put up in the shop.
New York State Agricultural Works. Wheeler, Melick & Co. Patentees and Manufacturers of Railway, Chain, and Lever Horse Powers. BROWN & DOWELL, Agents, McKinney, Texas.
“How is your health, my Friend?” -- “Not well, I am suffering with severe toothache. Indeed, ‘tis too bad!” -- “You do wrong to wait until your teeth ache. “Go at once and have Dr. MOORE to fill them, so as to preserve them permanently.”
Clap Boards. A large lot of very superior clapboards now on hand for sale. A. J. WEATHERFORD At. WILEY & HARRIS’ Mill.
Isaac CROUCH, manufacturer and dealer in Furniture. McKinney, Texas West of the Public Square, at the old Cabinet Shop. Takes this method of informing the public that he has on hand the largest and best lot of furniture ever in the market. All kinds of furniture made to order.
McKinney Hotel, (One Block West of the Public Square). McKinney, Texas. James McKINNEY, Proprietor.
PLANTER’s House. McKinney, Texas. E. J. SHORT, Proprietor. Having leased the above named hotel with the view of entertaining transient and day boarders, I respectfully solicit a share of the public patronage. Good clean rooms, good beds, and in fact everything about the house shall be kept in such order as will insure the comfort of my patrons. There is a good stable, well supplied with feed, close by. Meals at all hours between 4 A.M. & 9 P.M.
Black Land Plows! State of Texas Oct. 26, 1870. We, the undersigned citizens of Precinct No. 7, Collin county, do hereby certify that we have tried and thoroughly tested the Jones Plow, a plow manufactured by C. E. JONES, at Millwood, Collin county, and believe it to be the best plow ever used for the black land and would recommend the same to the farming community generally. [Signed] I. D. NAYLOR, Henry HORLESS, C. BOND, R. A. TAYLOR, D. M. KING, H. T. JONES, Jno. W. TOWNSEND, John GARDENHIRE, J. L. MILLS, W. T. BELEW, Thos. J. ESTES, L. B. WRIGHT, J. S. MONTGOMERY, J. M. DEWEES, Wm. BRINKLEY, J. P. HOLLAND, .....(2 names unreadable).... F. G. SHAW, W. C. McNICHELSON, W. ?. MAYFIELD. Farmersville, Oct 26, 1870.
FOOTE and HERNDON. Wholesale and Retail Druggists, north corner front row, McKinney Texas. Drugs, chemicals, patent medicines, paints, oil, dye stuffs, find liquors, books, stationary & notions, surgical instruments, medical bags & C.. Prescriptions accurately filled at all hours.

Democratic Central Committee of Collin County. Col. M. W. ALLEN, Chairman; Col. R. D. ALLISON; Dr. A. GULLETT; Buford HENRY; Dr. T. W. WILEY; Thomas BRADLEY; Jno. W. MURRAY, Sec’y.
Sherman, Texas, April 24th 1871 Messrs PINER & GASS, Bonham, Texas. Gentlemen: I see that the Houston Union, Austin Journal, McKinney Enquirer, etc., charge that I voted against the removal of the political disabilities of certain gentlemen. The charge is untrue. Please correct the error. Respectfully, Jno. C. CONNER
Division of the State: We are under obligations to our representatives, Messrs, LANE and SHELBURNE, for recent information from the capital touching legislative affairs. – Among them we have received the bill which provides for submitting to a vote of the people, at the next general election the proposition for a division of the State...
This article is quoted in full for historical interest to the region. Jack HELM, the notorious Captain of Police passed through town, on last Thursday. We understand that he stated he was on his way to Northern Texas, to stand trial, for some indictment against him. Round Rock Senternal [sic]. If there was righteous law, impartially administered in the State, he would have to answer for a hundred murders committed by him and his partner in crime, C. S. BALL (BULL?). These men publicly boasted of having killed one hundred men in Texas in a few months, and were applaudid [sic] for these acts by the Radical press throughout the State

We find in the “personal” column of the St. Louis Times, of the 29th ult., the following kindly notice of one of our fellow citizens: Col. T. H. MURRAY, formerly clerk of the Missouri House of Representative, and editor of a lively paper in Warsaw, has been on a visit to St. Louis or several days past from his adopted home in McKinney, Texas. The colonel has cast aside the sword and the political baton, and now wields the yardstick with all the grace and ability that characterized him in his more pretentious but not more successful avocations.
By their card in to-day’s paper, it will be seen that our townsmen, Col. Thos. H. Murry, and Thos. Mc.Kinney, have formed a copartnership for the sale of dry goods, groceries &c. These gentlemen are well known in this section as liberale [sic] men and good merchants, and we feel sure they will receive their full share of patronage.
From the Bonham News we learn that the contract for carying [sic] the mail from this place to Bonham twice a week has been let to Jno. W. CLEMENTS.
This article is quoted in full for amusement and historical interest to the region. Sad News from the Frontier. – We learn from parties just down from the frontier, that the people of that unfortunate section are being murdered and robbed by the Indians almost daily. A few days since a man named HEBERSON, was killed and scalped in Parker County. Williams WARDEN, of this county (Collin), who was on the frontieor [sic] collecting beef cattle, was surrounded by a large band, and had to abandon his horses and run the gauntlet. The Indians took his horses but left his cattle unmolested. Capt. Dave STIFF, of this place also (Collin County), was driving his buggy along leisurely, a few miles from Jacksboro, when a band of Indians made their appearance a short distance ahead of him. In attempting an “about face” he upset his buggy, and took shelter behind a tree near by, but was soon relieved by another party making their appearance. It is said the frontier counties are full of Indians who seem to be in no hurry about leaving. Verily an evil day has fallen upon us. Our people are murdered on the frontier by the Indians, and in the interior by the State Police, and no hope for redress. As for the matter of robbery, the Indians are far more lenient than our radical masters.
Lynda Encampment of I.O.O.F. The Lynda Encampment met at McKinney, Texas January 4th, 1871 and was organized by our most worthy District Deputy Grand Patriarch, B. F. CHRISTIAN, when the following officers were elected and installed, to-wit: D. J. TAYLOR, C.P.; J. H. FOSTER, H.P.; H. C. HERNDON, I.W.; Jno. M. LILLARD, Sect’ry; F.D. EMERSON, J.W.; W.D. PARKER, Treasurer; A.J. TAYLOR, Sentinel; and will meet on the first Friday night in each month successively. D.J. TAYLOR, C.P., Jno. M. LILLARD, Secretary.
Photographs. –That excellent artist, N.G. FOWLER, has fitted up in most elegant style, the rooms over the storehouse of J. H. ALLISON & Co., with skylight, and all the appartenances of a first-class Photograph Gallery.... We have seen some of his work which we think is hard to excel, and advise all desiring work in his line to call in at his gallery and examine his specimens.
We return thanks to Mrs. Robt. FITZHUGH for the present of a mess of English Peas, the first we have tasted this season.
Col. Tom H. MURRAY, of our place, accompanied by his relative, Mr. BOLIVAR, from Missouri, returned from a trip North on last Thursday evening. We learn he has purchased a full stock of goods, such as are needed by our people, and will in a few days fling his shingle to the breeze as a dealer in merchandize [sic]. The firm have our best wishes for their success.
W. L. BOYD, at the old stand of MURRAY & BOYD, is now receiving his Spring stock and arranging his goods in a neat and tasteful manner.
The new store-room of HOWELL & ESTES is being farnished [sic] in a style not to be surpassed. Our merchants seem to take great interest in fixing up.
Co-Partnership Notice. The undersigned have formed a co-partnership for the purpose of transacting the business of general merchandise at McKinney, Collin County, Texas, under the firm name and style of Murray & McKinney. Thos. H. MURRAY, Thos. C. McKINNEY, McKinney, Texas, April 15, 1871.
$150 Reward. Stolen from my lot in the town of Plano, on Saturday night of the 6th inst., between 10 o’clock and midnight, a Bright bay Horse. Sixteen hands high, one white foot behind, heavy made, some wind galls and some fresh saddle marks, seven years old and branded S with bar across it on left shoulder. I will pay seventy-five dollars for the delivery of the horse, or one hundred and fifty dollars for the horse and thief or thieves. W. L. MERONEY, Plano, Texas. August 8th 1870.

Taken up on the 1st day of May by C. J. SMITH and posted before R. C. WHITE, J.P., Precinct No. 1, one brown mare, left hind foot white, branded B on the neck, star in the forehead, 9 or 10 years old, valued at $80. Also one brown filly three years old, left hind foot white, valued at $70.
Taken up by John SMITH, and posted before J. A. ( unreadable... Aston, Afton, Abott ??) J.P., Precinct No. 2. April 27th, one sorrel poney mare 10 or 12 years old, valued at $30, both hind feet white, had a bell on, split in the right ear. 14 hands high.