McKinney Gazette Dec 19 1889

The McKinney Gazette. December 19, 1889, Vol. 1, No. 47

Clinton Thompson, Editor and Propr.

Public Christmas Tree.
At the court House, Tuesday Evening, December 24th. The Committee on Decoration is requested to meet at the court house promptly at 10 o’clock to receive such presents as may be brought to go on the tree and see that they are properly labeled and placed on the tree. [Members of the Committee on Decoration]: Mesdames W. B. HARRISON, R. T. SEAY, J. W. HAMILTON, W. R. POWELL, Bill WILLIAMS, J. B. INGRAM, Misses Mary BAGLEY, Lula DORSEY, Maria SADDLER, Mary DeARMOND, Hallie BOARD, Cora WILSON, Alma ANDERSON, Alice FITZHUGH, Fannie SHIPE, Lula HILL, Sarah BERRY, Mesdames B. W. RHINE, Florence PERKINS, J. W. THOMAS, Misses Lillie MAYES, Mamie DUTHETT, ---- SPENCER, Mrs. Al CHANDLER, Miss FLORENCE Murray, Mesdames Dr. J. E. GIBSON, J. L. TODD, T. H. EMERSON, Miss Marieta COX, Morris ARON, Messrs. Tuck HILL, W. T. BEVERLEY, W. M. BAGLEY, J. M. BALL, Dr. CHEW, J. J. FARRIS, Ed FOOTE, T. H. MANGUM, Tom ANDREWS, Dr. G. D. PARKER, H. S. DAVIS, M. L. COBB, Gabe BECK, Sam WELCH, J. M. MARTIN, Sam FOX, W. B. HARRISON.
The Distribution Committee is requested to meet at the residence of J. w. HAMILTON on Saturday at 2 o’clock p.m. and will there be presented with appropriate badges to wear Christmas eve. Mrs. M. H. GARNETT, chairman. [Members of the Distribution Committee]: Misses Bessie MELTON, Allie MOUNTCASTLE, Allie DOWELL, Alma HILL, Fannie FOOTE, Mary HERNDON, Daisy HAMILTON, Luddie FOOTE, Eulah PLEMMONS, Gradie BOGAN, Florence THROCKMORTON, Ernie STIFF, Verda DOWELL, Maggie BOUNDS, Ruth FOREMAN, Mertie FOX, Annie BROOKS< Effie COX, Hallie SADDLER, Sallie EUBANK, Ella NEWSOM, Annie THROCKMORTON, Annie HILL, Ellen PARVIN, Josie PARKER, Belle HILL, Sophie MOORE, Lizzie DOUTHETT, Mabel Johnson and Daisy COLLINS.
The choir are requested to meet at the court house at 6 o’clock p.m. sharp on Tuesday, the 24th. Miss Sarah Thomas, organist. The choir is composed of the following: Misses Alma ANDERSON, Eva BURGER, Zora SHORT, Alice THOMAS, Tony BURGER, Mamie DOUTHETT, Florence MURRAY, Addie MAYES, Willie WARDEN, Annie PLEMMONS, Lula ALLISON, Lula DORSEY, Cora CUMMINGS, Della ALLISON, Lillie MAYES, Sarah BERRY, Ollie PLEMMONS, Mesdames Lou STOFER, Will BRISTOL, Daisy SIMS, J. R. GOUGH, Nellie COLLINS, Messrs. G. E. DOUTHETT, C. H. LAKE, S. J. B. PLEMMONS, Plummer HARRIS, J. L. HILL, Bob WARWICK, J. B. ROGERS, E. W. OBENSHAIN, William O’GWIN, A. J. ADAMS and R. L. MAY.

A team of big white horses took fright on the square Saturday evening late and started on a wild run, but the timely interference of S. W. THOMPSON and James RICE put a stop to their dangerous trip. These gentlemen deserve credit for their bravery. The team belonged to Mr. RICE.

A. D. JACKSON has opened up a wholesale apple store opposite postoffice, where he will keep apples, confectionery, cigars and tobaccos.

Tuck HILL and Jesse SHAIN shipped five car loads of mules last Friday. These gentlemen are dealing extensively in mules, in fact they are doing a larger business in this line than any other firm in North Texas.

A man got drunk Saturday afternoon, and crawled under a dry goods box on the southeast corner of the square to sleep it off. Officers JONES and BURKE rounded him up and accommodated him with a nice, soft bed at the calaboose.

The city council met Tuesday evening. Mayor BALL presided and all councilmen were present. Petition of I. D. NEWSOME was referred to committee. Petition of Mr. TYLER was referred to street committee. Supt. J. T. JOHNSON made his regular monthly report.

Charley HURST of Snow Hill, and Miss Ida RUSSELL, living two miles north of Farmersville, came to McKinney last Thursday with a party of friends and were married at the City hotel.

Mrs. CHAMBERS, who lives at the extreme west end of Howell street, is lying very low with consumption. We understand this lady has several small children, and that the family is in destitute circumstances.

Dolph MAYES has bought A. J. LANE’s interest in the feed store on East Louisiana street.

One day last week while John McKINNEY, living southwest of McKinney, was doing some hauling with a team of mules, one of the animals dropped stone dead – supposed to be a genuine case of heart’s disease.

The Gazette rejoices with Mrs. George WHITE and her many friends over the recovery of her little daughter, Maggie, who has been so near death’s door for several week’s past.

Society News.
A little party took place at the residence of W. M. HYNDS. The occasion was a children’s tea and was given in honor of little Miss Rosabel HYNDS who had just arrived at her seventh year. The following little people participated in the enjoyment of the afternoon: Rosabel HYNDS, Kate McAULEY, Maggie SHAIN, Lesley PEARSON, Bessie EMERSON, Stanly QUISENBERRY, Eva ARON, Mack MARSHALL, Enid PERRY, Ozella PERRY, Benge QUISENBERRY, Carrie EMERSON, Margery LOVEJOY, Florence JOHNSON, Grace MALTBIE, Ola WEBB, Sam HYNDS, Col. Hugh HYNDS.

Wedding Bells at Wylie.
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Andy BURNS at Wylie on the 12 inst., J. H. DAUGHERTY and Miss Eliza McCOLLOUGH were united in the holy bonds of wedlock, Eld. J. B. FAULKNER, officiating. Quite a crowd of friends were in attendance to witness the marriage.

Orange Blossoms.
On the evening of December 11, at the residence of the bride’s father, William KILGORE, W. T. MOULDEN led to the hymenial alter, Miss Magnolia KILGORE, a lovable young lady of South Collin. A supper was given and a merry time had by all present.

Cards are out announcing the marriage of Robert G. LOVE and Miss Lula E. FIELD, on the 24th of this month. Both parties are prominent young society people, and this announcement forshadows an event which has been expected for some time.

Mrs. G. D. CARPENTER and Mrs. Leland FRANKLIN honored us with a pleasant call last Friday.

Henry LEWIS and wife spent Sunday visiting friends in Van Alstyne.

Editor James WILSON of the Examiner, and wife are the happy parents of a fine boy, which arrived at their home a few days since.

The following young society people enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. John CHURCH at their pleasant home on North Tennessee street, last Tuesday evening: Misses Lillie MACK, Mollie KEENE, Bell LEVY, Emma RALSTON, Lorena KEENE, Clara MURRAY and Lille LEVY. Messrs. Arthur STACY, Will LEVY, Bob DOWLIN, Ed KEENE, Dee SCOTT, Ed RUNION, Walter KEENE and John NAIL. The occasion was in honor of Miss RALSTON, a charming young lady who is recently from Tennessee.

County Surveyor Dink CLARDY says business is rushing in his office.

Levy GRAYUM’s team ran away Friday and hurt him very seriously. We understand his back was hurt, and an arm broken in two places.

Messrs. STITELER and CARROLL leave today, in company with their families, for Quanah, which place will be their future home.

A jolly hunting party composed of Hat ANDREWS, Tom COOPER, Emmet LEDBETTER, Bob CASKEY, Chris WOOLWINE, and Harry McDONALD, left for Bottom Lake about 30 miles southeast of here. Bring us a brace of ducks, boys.

It is with sorrow we record the death of little Etoile, baby daughter of Dr. J. B. HILL at the residence of J. B. COX. The little one suffered and died of membranous croup.

Mr. B. A. JENNINGS has taken charge of the Belmont hotel, and hereafter it will be the Jennings Hotel.

The City Hotel is under the management of Joe WILLIS who is proving himself to be a splendid hotel manager.

Elder J. P. PINKERTON preached his farewell sermon to the members of the Christian church Sunday morning. During the three years that he has labored among the people of McKinney, he has made many friends. We can truly recommend him to the brethren at Austin.

A stranger named William POLK, who claimed to be from Carthage, Smith county, Tenn, about a month ago came to McKinney and put up at the city Hotel. He was in poor health at the time, and soon after was taken down with typhoid fever. He had the very best of medical attention and the very kindest of treatment during his illness. His days on earth, however, were numbered, and at 6:10 o’clock a.m. on Sunday, the 15th inst., he breathed his last.

Berry BURCH, living near Wylie, presented us with a sample turnip of his raising that measured 22 inches in circumference and weights 5 1/4 pounds. Who says Texas won’t grow turnips?

Worth RAY has gone to Kerrville, in southwest Texas, where he will remain during the winter in the hope of benefitting his health which has been very poor for sometime.

A. M. THOMPSON, Robert JEFFCOAT, and J. M. HAWKINS of Fayburg and J. A. McTEE of Blue Ridge, were welcome callers at the Gazette office last night.

Anna Items.
Dr. BATES expects to move to Van Alstyne in a short while.
A large congregation listened to Rev. DUNN at Highland church Sunday.
Death suddenly visited our community a short while since, and called for Mr. Bud COFFEE. He was near thirty years of age, and had been ill only a few days with typhoid fever.
Anna is to have a paper soon. A. L. SHIRLY will be the editor.

News from White’s Grove.
Mrs. William JONES, who has been sick for several weeks, is slowly recovering.
Jim COLEMAN, our popular gin man, will gin over 500 bales this season.
M. T. JONES’ new rent house will soon be complete. It is to be occupied by Mr. GUNTER, from near Allen.
Miss Rettie BOYD of McKinney has been visiting in the country this week, the guest of Miss Hattie HANCOCK.
Married on last Sunday at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. McDONALD, Robert FISHER to Miss Mamie McDONALD. The ceremony was performed by Rev. R. F. BUTLER.

Rock Hill Notes.
The young folks had a necktie party at the residence of William DAVIDSON a few nights ago. Each young lady had an apron to be hemmed and a necktie made from the same goods, which was placed around the necks of the different gentlemen present and those who wore the colors of the aprons were to hem those certain aprons.
Rev. B. L. HUNTER and wife have our sympathy in the loss of their little babe, which died very suddenly and unexpectedly.
There was a dancing party at the residence of Tom BRANCH on last Thursday night also a social party at the residence of Constable SPRADLING.
On Saturday night the kids had an enjoyable party at the residence of Dr. MOORE.
Married at the Walnut Grove church Dec. 15th, J. W. GOODNIGHT, Jr., to Miss Maggie MONTGOMERY, both of Rock Hill.
Mr. McDOUGALL has built a nice cottage upon his farm, which we suppose will be occupied by William GOODNIGHT.
Elder Wood HARRIS preached to the Richland people on yesterday.
Will ODELL of Celina is visiting friends in this community.
The Misses SNEATHEN are gradually convalescing.
Tom BROWN has been quite sick but is now improving.
Cellus COLEMAN and family have moved to McKinney.
Tisdale SPENCER and wife have been on a visit to their children in Montague county.
George PARVIN is now keeping batch. I guess he won’t try it long.
Sam MONTGOMERY is again left alone in his bachelorhood. Miss Maggie having married.

Melissa Items.
Messrs. McCHESNEY and PARKER of McKinney paid Melissa a flying visit Sunday afternoon.
Last Friday evening Eber and Jimmie MERRITT entertained their little friends and the event was just the one to remind us of “when we were young.”
The social party at the residence of Mr. REED, a mile and a half west of town, Saturday night, was a highly enjoyable affair.

From Little Elm.
M. F. BRASHEARS has just completed his new residence.
There was a social at the residence of Henderson ROBERTSON a few nights since. A large crowd in attendance, and everything went off very nicely indeed.
That night there was a pound party at the residence of Mart SPRADLINGS, in honor of Will JONES which was enjoyed very much by the young ladies and gentlemen.
The Christmas tree at Zion is under the management of Supt. George HAWKINS of the Sunday school and the committee of arrangement is composed of Tom WHITINGBURG and wife, August JAMISON and wife, and Misses Mamie LANDRUM, Julia HAWKINS and Mollie HOLMES.