The McKinney Morning Gazette. June 2, 1900

The McKinney Morning Gazette. June 2, 1900, Vol. 2, No. 67

Tom W. Perkins, Publisher.
Sumner Lansdale, City Editor.

County Court Proceedings.
The case of J. M. ANDREWS vs. J. W. MORRIS, suit on an account was up before Judge FAULKNER’s court yesterday.
A new trial was asked for and argued in the case of T. S. WOODS vs., the G. C. & S. F. Ry. Co., but was overruled by the court. The defendant gave notice of appeal.

Pleasing Entertainment. The Little Children were Passing Good. Each One Played a Part. The Entertainment Given at the Opera House Last Night was a Success.
An exceedingly bright and pleasing entertainment was given last night at HEARD’s opera house, by pupils from the third to the senior grades of the McKinney Public School, to a large, appreciative and thoroughly satisfied audience. Notwithstanding the excessive and oppressive heat that held sway throughout the evening. The most noteworthy feature of the entertainment was the Fancy Drill rendered by thirty-two little girls. The children did so well in the drill that one was led to believe for the time being that they were what they impersonated – fairies.
The impersonation of an elderly lady by Miss Lenna MOORE, (Grandma) was excellent, especially in the Lullaby song.
The Brownie band scored a decided hit with their songs, funny antics and gyrations, also by filching the picnic lunches and making their get-away safe.

A Bicycle Club.
In an interview with O. A. BRANNON, the cycle dealer, we learned that he would give such an organization as a bicycle club his heartily support and do all in his power to make the club a success.

Meeting of the Y. M. C. A. to be Held at the Court House Sunday Afternoon. Officers to be Elected.
There will be a meeting of the Y. M. C. A. organization at 5:l5 o’clock. ...The exercises will be as follows: Devotional exercises and song services led by Vernon MARSHALL. Address by Hon. W. T. BEVERLY, Report of committee on organization, election of officers of ensuing term.

Democratic Nominees.
United States Senator — J. W. BAILEY
Congress, 5th District — C. B. RANDEL
State Senator, 5th Senatorial District — E. W. HARRIS
Representative — John R. SMITH
County Judge — J. H. FAULKNER
County Clerk — Pat MOULDEN
District Clerk — W. T. COX
County Attorney — Wallace HUGHSTON
County Treasurer — Dan E. NEATHERY
Tax Assessor — Sam H. GRAHAM
Sheriff — J. W. PAFFORD
Tax Collector — Yancy POWELL
County Superintendent Public Schools — J. H. HILL
Commissioner, Dist. No. 1 — Sam FOX
Constable, Precinct No. 1 — Bob BISHOP
Public Weigher — Dick ALLEN

Notice Eastern Star.
All officers and members are requested to be present Saturday, at 7:30 p. m., for initiation refreshment. Lee O. PLEMMONS, W. M.

Summer School.
At the solicitation of many students, we will open a five weeks’ school at Hawthorne college, Monday, June 4. J. C. RYAN, S. H. HORNE.

J. T. LEWIS’ family is visiting in Plano.

J. P. CROUCH will leave this morning for Tennessee.

Very Quiet.
Lon TAYLOR, the night watchman, in conversation with a Gazette reporter last night said that it was distressingly quite [sic] around town at night. That for the last few nights he had not seen a person on the streets after 11 o’clock and that absolutely nothing occurred to mar the said quietness, hence this article.

Short Local Stories. News and Gossip Gathered by Reporters. Condensed for Readers.
The accomplished Miss Mai ALLEN is visiting in Dallas.
A good soda fountain for sale, cheap. See. A. E. DAW, 3d west PO.
S. D. HEARD paid Sherman a business trip yesterday.
Prof. CHAPMAN came in from Farmersville last night.
“Uncle” Bob and L. A. SCOTT returned to their homes at Melissa last night.
All watch work guaranteed. See J. F. SCHUTTEE, with Largent Bros.
D. F. GERRISH went south yesterday on business.
W. S. McDURMITT, the popular barber at the north side barber ship is on the sick list.
Attorney Lynn HAY of Sherman attended court here yesterday.
L. N. JENKINS of Greenville returned home yesterday from a trip to this city.
Hon. J. Nelse GRISHAM, democratic nominee for local representative was among yesterday’s visitors to the city.
Attorney L. C. CLIFTON of Farmersville, who has been attending court here for several days, returned home yesterday.
Dr. KING returned yesterday evening from Leonard, where he made a speech on Pythianism the night before.
G. W. OWENS, the big lumber man was looking after his interest here yesterday.
Rev. REEVES of Arkansas is visiting his brother, City Attorney REEVES.
Rev. J. A. MOORE has gone to Alvarado to conduct a protracted meeting.
The McKinney Business college has turned out another graduate in bookkeeping, Clide FOSTER of Anna.
Hon. Jesse SHAIN went up to Sherman yesterday evening to attend the closing exercises of Kid-Key college. His daughter, Miss Maggie Mae, is attending college there.
Hon. J. Dud COTTRELL of Plano, ex-candidate for representative of Collin county, was hibernating here yesterday. He has just recovered from the unconscious blow, politically, he received May 5.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. CROUCH left yesterday for Johnson City, Tenn., in response to a telegram announcing that Mr. CROUCH’s father, Mr. Jesse CROUCH, who has been quite sick at his home there for some time, was rapidly sinking. J. P. CROUCH will leave this morning to attend his father’s bedside.
Profs. RYAN and HORN will commence a private school at Hawthorne Monday.
Aaron COFFEE, Fire Insurance agent, office with John CHURCH in Morrow Block.
Miss Cora SPRADLEY has returned to her home at Allen after a short visit here to Mrs. T. A. COLEMAN.
Sumner LANSDALE, of the Daily Gazette’s repetorial staff, went to attend the closing exercises of the Dallas High school yesterday. His sister, Miss Estelle, graduates this term.
John LINAHON of Commerce, Horance BARRON and Geo. McCORDLE of Tyler, and Robt. PASKEL of Ft. Worth, all prominent railroad men...were in the city yesterday attending county court as witnesses in a suit against the railroad.

I wish to say to the people of McKinney that my black berries will be ready for the market in a few days, of which I have a good crop. Respectfully. A. F. BEAVER.

Editor F. C. THOMPSON and wife returned yesterday from a ten days’ visit in south Texas.

R. W. LANE, a substantial farmer of Bethany community, was in the city yesterday.

To My Friends.
I have rented part of Mr. WAKELY’s gallery for an ice cream parlor to be opened June 2 at 1 p. m. I solicit a share of your patronage. Very respectfully, Mrs. Annie (TAYLOR) WEDDLE.

Marriage License.
The following marriage licenses have been issued from the county clerk’s office:
A. B. HOLT, Miss Allie THOMAS
W. T. BAILEY, Mrs. Irena L. BOLIN
Godfrey TURNER, Miss Lelia JONES