The McKinney Examiner.

The McKinney Examiner. January 30, 1913, Vol. 27, No. 10

[Much of this issue was devoted to the collapse of the buildings on the McKinney townsquare. Refer to that page at this site for complete stories.]

Death of a Young Mother: Mrs. Lynn Perry [died in the building collapse] Jan. 23, 1913. [For complete story see the Obituary page at this site.]

A few days since when asked the time of day, Uncle Johnnie McKinney replied, "I will tell you the time by a watch that I bought of H. W. ARDINGER 35 years ago, and have carried it continuously ever since." He stated that he had taken it to the repair shop twice in that time. Uncle Johnnie has a mind well stored with useful knowledge. No man in the county can tell more interesting tales of pioneer days in this section.

E. W. KILLIAN, stenographer for BROWNE Grain Co.....renewed for the Examiner for his brother, L. A. KILLIAN of Wylie....There are no more deserving men in the county than the KILLIAN boys.

Bessie, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. WRIGHT, near the high school building, is very sick with pneumonia.

We are glad to note that Uncle Johnnie MARTIN is able to be up in town again. He has been confined to his home for some weeks with a liver complaint.

Death of Mrs. Lem CARTY. [For complete story see the Obituary page at this site].

Mrs. Mary P. Stark, born Jan 26, 1851, died at her home in Plano Tuesday morning. [For complete story see the Obituary page at this site].

Mrs. Lizzie Boggess living near Plano died sunday, Jan. 26th. [For complete story see the Obituary page at this site].

V.B. GALLIGHER and Uncle Bob HOUSEWRIGHT, of Wylie, were pleasant callers at the Examiner office Tuesday.

Four Cases of Smallpox at Celina. Those in town under quarantine are E. R. PHIPPS, Fred GRESHAM, Joe PRESTON and R. T. DALE. Jim STONE and ayoung man, Will THORP are the names of those in the country south of town who have the disease. There is a case on the POWERS farm in Denton county, and the rural mail carrier claims that there are two suspicious cases out toward Weston.

Wallis Chapel News:

Miss Iva WALLIS who teaches in the Ash Grove school, spent Saturday and Sunday with home folk here.
Mr. and Mrs. Mack HIGHT spent sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry WALLIS.
Mr. Lon Dennis and family visited relatives at Melissa Sunday.
Mrs. Joe NICHOLS was shopping in McKinney Tuesday.
Mrs. Jesse NICHOLS of McKinney visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim STIFF Sunday.
Mr. Will R. WALLIS was the guest of his sister, Mrs. Mack HIGHT Sunday the 19th.
Mr. Grover HIGHT of McKinney visited relatives here recently.

Bishop Items:

Mrs. John PITMAN and children of Biggers, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry DUNN Saturday night
Mr. John KLAPPER visited her mother, Mrs. MOORE of Blythe chapel, one day last week.
Mr. Rure EVERHART and Miss Dord KITE and Mr. Shoat ELLAN, of Allen visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dillie KITE Monday night.
Miss Nettie and Flora DAY of McKinney spent Saturday night with the Misses DAVIS of this place.
Mrs. DECKER visited her daughter and family, Mrs. Will FIELDNER of Enloe Saturday.
Mrs. Will KEYS and Mrs. Gardener WALDRENS visited Mrs. T. J. DAVIDSON, Monday evening.
Miss Jettie and Mollie DAVIS spent Monday evening with Miss Rosy KENNEDY of Biggers.
Mrs. Vannie SMITH, of Wilson Chapel, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. DAVIDSON.
Mr. Less HARDIN and Jake DECKER attended the candy breaking at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe EVANS of Biggers, Friday night.

Cottage Hill Items:

Hershal BUTTON and wife of Celina, visited Mrs. BUTTON's home folks, J. A. MARKS and family Saturday night and Sunday.
Ulas JOHNSON and family recently sold their place and moved to Celina last week.
Mr. Bill WILLIAMS and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a new daughter at their house on the 27th.
Henry MARKS and wife of Bloomdale community, visited at g. W. Mark's Saturday and Sunday.
Johnnie PHILLIPS was quite sick several days last week at the home of his brother, Henry PHILLIPS, but is much better.
Fred MARKS and Otis MELTON filled their regular appointments at Mr. BAGWILL's Sunday afternoon.
Miss Lenorah MARKS visited Miss Maggie FRANKLIN Saturday night.
Miss Annie Lee GUYNN and Miss Lillie WOODS accompanied by Will RAPER and Clint PHILLIPS attended Sunday school and singing at Bethel Sunday evening.

Ashgrove Items:

Miss Jackie LANIER spent Sunday with Misses Iva and Arly MASSIE.
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey HUNTER entertained the young folks Saturday night.
Miss Sadie COX spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Ola HAYES.
Grandma ALLEN is still very ill.
Messrs Jim HUNTER, Nick HORN, Iry STARKEY spent Sunday with Mr. Jim HAYES.

Farmersville Items:

W. A. Pendleton and family recently of Farmersville have moved to Electra where he has bought a merchandising business.
Arthur YEAGER will begin the erection of a residence building soon on the Carson Rike lot on South Main street.
W. M. RUSSELL who has been ill for some days with pneumonia is able to be out again.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. WESTBROOK will make their home in Austin during the session of the legislature.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison JAMES have had built a brick vault on the lot in the Odd Fellows cemetery in which has been placed the body of their son who died three months ago.
Miss Mable DAVIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. DAVIS who has been ill for some weeks with typhoid fever is convalescent.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. BAUMGARDNER and family returned Sunday last from a visit to their old home in Tennessee.

Lucas Items:

The little infant of Mr. Johnnie AKERS and wife died Friday evening and was buried Saturday at Forest Grove cemetery.
Mr. Jim GALLAGHER and wife, from Denton arrived here Sunday to see Mrs. GALLAGHER's brother, Uncle Rufe MORROW who is very sick with pneumonia.
Mrs. Will DEAL is sick at this writing. Also little Agnes COOK.
Mrs. ACTKISON is able to be up again.

Josephine Items:

J. M. HAVIN has bought the John LEE property paying $700.
Mr. Hulon COFFMAN who has been in the SWANSON dry goods store for some time, has opened up a first-class line of gents furnishings here.
J. C. JAMES has built a nice house on his farm west of town and is now building a barn north of town where Mr. ABBOTT lives.
Mr. John Seaman and family have returned from Greenville.
It looks now as if H. W. HUDSON will have to move his residence as it is on the line of the interurban survey.
Ed SPELL intends to plant 100 acres in oats this season.
Miss Elsie LAWHORN and Mr. JOHNSON stole a march on the old folks and made a flying trip to the home of Rev. G. W. BUSH to make them one. They are still going as the girl's father R. A. LAWHORN with Sheriff D. S. OSWALT are hot on their trail.

Hart Springs Items:

Arb McMAHON and wife of Allen, also Wood SIMMONS and wife of Boid d'Arc was [sic] visiting in this community Sunday.
Grandma Simmons is spending the week with her son, Wood.
Walter SCOTT is building a new addition to his barn.
Eld. R. C. HORN, went to Allen last Saturday where he conducted the funeral of Leslie BUSH who lost his life in the awful accident on Thursday.
Grandma ALLEN continues very sick.
Gus WILSON of Ash Grove was in our community one day last week.
Aus COX and wife and Earl HORN and wife were visiting Walter JENNINGS and family Sunday.
Mrs. Jim STIBBINS of Roland has been sick but is better at this time.
Mrs. Rob ROBERTS of Wilmeth was visiting Grandma ALLEN one day last week.
Mrs. CARTY who resided on the Mart BURRUS farm near Vineland is reported very sick.
Will SURTSELL and wife of Wilmeth, was visiting the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe HINSLEY Sunday.

Donna Items:

J. L. HENDRICKS has returned from a business trip to Oklahoma.
Will WHITEHEAD of Ector, visited relatives here recently.
Mrs. B. C. SMITH who has been very sick for several days is not better.
C. L. NICHOLS and famly of Blue Ridge visited relatives here Sunday.
J. L. JACKSON was a business visitor at McKinney Saturday.
Mr. Blivar BARNETT visited relatives at Celeste a few days ago.
Elza MILLER of Sedalia spent Sunday with relatives and friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. John MILLER spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives as Cross Roads.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert ABERNATHY accompanied by the former's sister, Miss Mary Lou, visited relatives at Melissa Saturday night.

Pike Items:

Mrs. GAUSNELL is visiting her son, M. C. GAUSNELL of Oklahoma.
Miss Bulah COOPER of Lane visited relatives here last week.
Miss Minnie FREEMAN left last Saturday for Lavon where she was to begin school Monday.
Mr. W. C. LEE happened to the misfortune of cutting his foot very badly with an ax last Thursday, but is getting along very well now.
J. B. FREEMAN and family, of Leonard visited his father J. L. FREEMAN Saturday night.
Bro. RICKERSON filled his regular appointments at the Baptist church Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. HOPPER of Oklahoma has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Winnie GOODMAN at this place.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Nugent READY, the 14th, a fine girl.
Bert SMITH and wife of near Leonard visited relatives here.
P. H. McCORMICK and L. P. HENDERSON made a business trip to McKinney one day last week.
Will McMARRY of Hebron, Texas is visiting his brother, A. R. McMURRY here.
Wallace LITTLE and family arrived Sunday from Oklahoma and will reside here another year.
Bro. ALEXANDER of this place went to Union Hill Saturday to fill his appointment there.

Culleoka Items:

Mrs. Lela HOBBINS of Madiss, Okla, is visiting her sister Mrs. Minnie BARNETT.
Mr. and Mrs. George LEONARD had visitors last Sunday.
Mr. RENFRO of Copeville, visited his sister, Mrs. Emma GRAVES Thursday.
Misses Annie and Hattie HICK visited Miss Alma YOUNG last Friday evening.
Miss LONG of Pilot Point is visiting her sister, Mrs. Kate BENTLEY.
Mrs. Lula HOBBINS of Louis, Texas is visiting her father, J. L. HIGHSAW.
Some one wrote last week that Mrs. Zelphia BELL happened in a serious accident. That was a mistake.
Mr. Sam JUDD has moved down to the Bumpass Saw Mill.
Miss Vertie HIGHSAW is slowly improving.
Miss Nora POWELL visited home folk last Saturday at Anna.
Mrs. Ray DOUGLASS of Wilson Chapel visited her sister, Mrs. ALLEN last Thursday.
The W. O. W. and the W. C. had a joint installation last Saturday. Cake and fruit were served: The W. O. W. officers were, W. E. BOWEN, Manley BELL, George LEONARD, B. T. MORGAN, Will CLEMENT, Pug FLEMMON, J. A. TODD, J. C. JONES. The W. C. officers are: Mrs. Elma FLEMMONS, Mrs. Florence HALL, Mrs. Maggie SNAVELY, Emma TOWNSEND, Mrs. Will CLEMENTS, Mr. W. E. BOWEN, Mrs. Hattie GAMGRELL, Josie HICK, Mrs. May YOUNCE, Mrs. Laura EDMONDS, Mrs. Hallie POTTS.

Local Gleanings. Little Items of News - Personal and Otherwise:

S. T. HAMMOND will appreciate your trade during 1913.
Thanks to s. J. DAVIS, of Allen for cash to renew.
Mr. J. H. LEWIS, of near Roseland, sends us a dollar to renew.
Mrs. L. D. COMPTON, one of McKinney's fashonable dressmakers renews for the Examiner.
Rm. W. Y. BARNETT of Krum, remits a dollar and has us send the Examiner to J. F. BARNETT, Newcastle.
J. W. BRAZEAL is a good farmer who never goes back on the Big Weekly. He resides near Princeton.
Mr. J. P. SCOTT, a hustling farmer residing out on Allen 1, renews for the Examiner...
D. H. LUSTER was here from Prosper and ...renewed for the Big Weekly.
Thanks to W. T. CARR, another of those good Plano people for cash to renew.
A. T. RAPER of Cottage Hill, called in to renew for the Big Weekly.
Mr. Valentine CUPP, a prominent farmer of the Celina country, renewed.
J. L. DAVIS of Plano renews.
G. W. RIGGINS of one of the good North Collin farmers who gets his mail at Anna, ...renewed for the Examiner.
Dr. E. S. BLYTHE, a popular Allen physician was here to do all he could in case of need for the suffering.
Will HAGGARD ...called in to renew for another year.
We are pleased to add the name of e. D. KINDLE of Princeton to our growing list.
J. G. CRUTCHER ...lives near Bowlby and renewed for the Big Weekly. All the CRUTCHERS are loyal friends of our paper.
Thad PARRIS, was here Friday from Melissa.
We were glad to meet J. V. WADE of near Lebanon...
Lewis GOEMAN [is] a wide awake young farmer of near Allen.
H. F. ROBBINS of near Parker, joins the happy band of new readers of the Examiner.
Glad to enroll our old friend T. H. BOALS of Prosper.
Mr. E. D. BOWLIN, a good farmer and honest man residing at Celina was in to see us...
J. J. FLANNERY of Anna, Route 1 likes the Big Weekly. Good man and good farmer...
Mr. J. D. CAMPBELL of Prosper...has lately returned from his old home at Culleoka, Tennessee.
Mr. Henry BROWN of Allen, called in and had us send him the Examiner...
Mr. I. N. STAGNER, a loyal friend of the Examiner at Celina was here Saturday.
Mr. N. R. SANSTROM, a popular citizen and good farmer of near Anna, was here Saturday.
Mr. Coke MAYES of Frisco remits...renewal. Mr. MAYES is one of West Collin's most successful young stock farmers.
A. M. MIZE, an old time loyal friend residing near roseland was here and renewed...
J. W. PERRY of Prosper and Mr. E. S. GILES a prominent farmer in Anna renewed..
Mr. J. L. OSBURN, an honest, hardworking farmer residing for a long time near Melissa.
Mr. E. D. MEDCALF who has been residing on Route 1, Melissa has moved over to Celina.
J. A. CARROLL who has been suffering with appendicitis is now getting along nicely at the home of his father-in-law Jerry LAWSON in North part of town.
J. C. MILLIGAN and family who reside over West of Celina came in to attend the funeral of Miss Katie MILLIGAN.
Will d. HIGHT, formerly of this city was recently elected assistant cashies of the first National Bank at Mexia. Mr. HIGHT is a brother of our fellow-townsman, Leslie HIGHT, the land man.
J. B. CANNEDY has moved to his farm near Forest Grove. This is a splendid farm, formerly owned by Eld. Jno. McKINNEY.
The Allen enterprise has changed hands. W. W. WEVER has purchased the paper from W. A. BRUNDAGE and is now in charge.
Mr. L. A. ALEXANDER, a prominent farmer residing out on Foute 2, Allen, joins the happy band of readers of the Examiner.
Mr. S. D. HOUSE, one of our old time friends and one of the best men in Collin county, renewed...[he] lives in Vineland.

Frisco Items.

Curtis ROBERTSOn and wife of Little Elm have moved to Frisco.
Tom MOHON has bought and moved into the house recently vacated by Emmett ROACH.
The many friends of T. J. CAMPBELL will be glad to note that he is able to be out again and attend his business.
Sam ROBINSON and family have moved into their new residence near the school building. This is one of the most attractive residences in Frisco and is desirably located.
Dr. MALLOW was called by wire to Altus, Okla to see the little daughter of Mrs. MELTON's who lives at Kamey. The child became sick with diptheria.
Miss Ella HARRIS who lived on Route 1, died Sunday night of pneumonia. Deceased was sixty years of age. Burial took place at Little Elm. Monday. Eld. Woodridge, pastor of the Christina church of which she was a member conducted the funeral.
Mr. Albert EPLEY is building a nice residence in the South part of town.
Mr. DOUGLASS has added another room to his residence.
Mrs. W. H. BUTTS has been seriously sick.
Mr. Curtis ROBERTSON who recently married Miss Pearl WALKER of near Little Elm has gone to housekeeping in the house recently occupied by T. P. JOHON.
Mr. Charlie BOYD and family and George YOUNG and family visited relatives in Sherman Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. MARTIN of Burleson visited the latter's sister Mrs. I. J. ISBELL Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. John Henry HAWKINS, a pioneer citizen of Zion community died last Thursday night. Uncle John was nearly 90 years old.
Mr. C. P. OGLE visited his brother Dr. J. M. OGLE.
Mr. Lawrence DUNDAN's little boy is on the sick list.
Mrs. W. H. BUTTS went to Sherman Tuesday.
Misses Pauline and Alice WHITE visited Miss Betsy T. BROOKE, of Dallas, Sunday.
Mrs. E. M. RASOR began her class in art Monday.
Mrs. GALE entertained the young people Saturday night with a party.

Chambliss Items:

Rev. NEWSOM filled his appointment here Saturday and Sunday.
Prof ROGERS spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks at Melissa.
Mesdames Taylor BELL and Joel MAPLES are shopping in McKinney today.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. WALLIS visited their daughter, Annie NICHOLS, Sunday.
Mrs. A. J. SCRIBNER spent a few days with her son, W. E. SCRIBNER at Melissa recently.
Forest RODGERS who was operated on for appendicitis several days ago is reported as doing nicely.
J. P. GAINES and wife visited her sister, Mrs. J. H. HILL at Melissa one day last week.

Allen Items:

R. B. WHISENANT has been sick of lagrippe for the past two weeks.
Uncle Lois McMILLEN and sister, Mrs. Minda COLLINS have been quite sick. The latter is reported to be resting better today.
Nannie HAGH has lagrippe.
Walter HUNTER was hurt while playing at school, and has been confined to his room this week.
J. E. GIBSON and wife, of Melissa were guests of relatives here Sunday.
Born to Bart POPPLEWELL and wife, Jan 28th, a boy.
Charley CHRISTI, Jack BUSH and Willie CHANDLER are on a hunting trip below Corpus Christi.
J. W. YOUNG and some other parties from Celina were in our city on business.
Our people lament the sudden death of L. W. BUSH and offer to the bereaved family their sincere sympathy.

Woodlawn Items:

George TAYLOR of this community, was in McKinney on business one day last week.
Sims LITTLEJOHN and Randolph ROEMMELE were in the Wilmeth community last Sunday evening.
Miss Rebecca LOVELL who teaches school at this place, visited home folks at Lucas last Sunday.
Webb BAGWILL of cottage Hill was in this community on business.
Miss Etta ROEMMELE has returned from McKinney where she has been working as saleslady for the Dry Goods Company.
Dale LITTLEJOHN of this place visited his sister, Mrs. Will CUNNINGHAM in the Trinity Community.
Little Clyde BOONE who has been sick is better at this report.
Miss Mary BULL and Mrs. Ike BULL were shopping in McKinney last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. ARNOLD attended the funeral of their cousin, Norman PRESLEY last Saturday.
The many friends of Miss Katie MILLIGAN of this community were very much grieved to learn of her death.
Lee GIST and wife of Mt. Zion visited relatives in this community last week.

Chambersville Items.

Rev. and Mrs. C. C. CHILDRESS and son of Anna were in our community Saturday.
Misses Julia VERNON, Lena GIBSON, and DAVIS of Melissa visited Sunday school.
Miss Florence NICHOLSON visited her parents at Melissa from Friday until Sunday.
Those who have been sick the past week are: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. COX, Miss Lottie PIERCE, Mrs. Jake BRYAN, Grandma HAYES. All are better except Grandma HAYES who is still very sick and Mrs Cox who is still confined to her bed.
Mr. O. H. ROBISON of Melissa visited here Sunday.
Messrs. Billie HAYES of Honey Grove and Henry HAYES of near Weston, visited their mother, Grandma HAYES the past week.
Miss Ruby IVY has returned to her sister's Mrs. MELL here after a few days visit in McKinney.

Real Estate Transfers: (compiled by Tony McDONALD)

Mrs. C. FAUGHT to L. W. Bush 315 a, J. W. COX et al surs, $25,987.50.
A. B. PEARCE to J. M. COLHOUN lot, M. STANDIFER sur, $400.
J. A. CALDWELL to T. W. WALDEN 100 a S. WILLIAMS sur, $5,000.
J. H. & L. C. ENGLISH to S. McCOY 73 a. S. P. BROWN, sur, $2,190.
[unreadable, but names are:] STANDIFER, John LEEWRIGHT, LARGENT, W. L. BRASWELL
Fran??? PERKINS to L. L. MILLER 134 a LAWSON ? MOORE sur, $11,750.
Jno. H. DONIHOO to A. J. AYCOCK 3-4 a .
[Several transactions are unreadable in full, but names are:] M. L. GEMINEZ, W. H. MOORE, A. A. CARTY, Jim HARRIS, Fred SMITH, W. A. CRESWELL, D. JENKINS J. B. FRANCIS, Samuel McFARLAND, J. L. TINNING, Gus HANSON..
E. HUDSON and wife to P. A. LAMB?? 26 acres in M. C. DUPREY sur. $40.
[Rest of this section is difficult to read because of a tear and folding of the original document. Names in this section which are readable are:] G. HILL, s. G. ANDREWS, W. McDOUGLA, G. W. HILL, T. B. BURNS and wife, J. McKINNEY, J. WOODY, T. H. WOODY, John LEEWRIGHT, Mattie HOUSEWRIGHT, J. W. MITCHELL, M. P. BELL to W. I. DOUGTHERTY, A. G. McADAMS, N. M. YEATTS, J. M. WILLIAMS, T. O. STAPLES, H. R. WINN, W. N. WATERS, Nannie L. GREER, H. S. SKAGGS, B. CLEMENTS, Jas. JACKSON, T. C. BROOKINS.

Thanks to Mrs. G. P. COTTOn of Allen for cash to have her name enrolled on our list of new readers.

Mrs. Paul KLEIN of McKinney and Miss Ada LOVELADY of Westminster visited the Examiner Tuesday.

Mrs. John WELLS of Tecumseh, Ok arrived Sunday to visit her brother L. H. SEARCY and other relatives here.

Mrs. Lenorah FARNSWORTH and daughter, Miss Clara, who live on Route 4, McKinney called at the office Wednesday. Mrs. FARNSWORTH renewed a subscrition to send it to her sister, Mrs. L. J. ANDERSON, Chicago.

Letter List. McKinney, Texas, Jan. 28th 1913.

Ladies: ALLEN, Miss Annie Louise; ALEXANDER, Mrs. Fannie; ANGLEA, Mrs. Mary (2); BARNETT, Froney; BURT, Cora; FARLEY, Mrs. Annie; GOOSTREE, Miss Ethel; HOWELL, Florence; JUSTUS, Mrs. S. J.; NATHAN, Gracie; LOVEJOY, Mrs. L. P.; LOVE, Miss Eva; POMERS, Miss Scottie; TUCKER, Miss G. H.; WILSON, Mrs. BERTHA; WILLIAMS, Miss Merzello.
Gentlemen: ALLEN, J. J.; BAMLEM, Tem; CATO, Edgar; CANTRELL, Bob; CANITCH, J. R.; CURTIS, Jas.; FIELD, L. F.; FLWLER, Ray; GROSSMAN, Fred; HAMMOND, Robert; HOWARD, Harvey; HUNTER, T. W.; LAIR, Tullus; LESLIE, Hon. S. F.; INGRAM, J. H.; PONYTER, Herbert; SELLERS, J. H.; SIMPSON, Frank; SKILLMAN, Amos; STORY, James; WALLACE, Oliver; WILLIAMS, Tom W.

Mayor J. P. HUDDLESTON of Farmersville, was in the city Friday.

Mr. B. L. WAKEFIELD of Frisco is another good man whom we are pleased to add to our list this week.

Dr. Turner LEWIS and wife came over from Lone Oak to attend the funeral of their cousin, Miss Eva SEARCY.

Olin DORSEY, formerly of Weston, but now at Fort Worth, subscribes...

News Around the Court House:

New Suits Filed: Emma SIMMS vs. J. B. SIMMS, divorce --- E. L. MAYFIELD vs. Estella MAYFIELD, divorce --- Jessie JONES vs. Dallas JONES, divorce.

Criminal Docket: State vs. Sam WILSON, plea of guilty and fine assessed at $16. --- State vs. Claud HESTER, aggrevated assault, plea of guilty and fined $40. --- Stte vs. Jim LOWERY, carrying a pistol, trial by jury and verdict of not guilty. --- Jurors for the week: E. T. SPURGIN, J. W. CLAYTON, G. A. PAYSINGER, Clyde DUNN, F. S. FONDREN, W. C. PHARR, J. W. FUNDERBURG.

Marriage License: Charlie Wilson and Lillian JACKSON --- A. C. POWELL and Jessie LAIR --- Felipe DIAS and Mavia FARRES --- Herman P. HARRIS and Hattie Belle SAMMONS --- Charlie RUTLEDGE and Lenna McCLUSKEY --- E. W. CAMERON and Mrs. E. A. CAMERON.

Thomas-Wilson Wedding. At 12 o'clock Sunday last the wedding bells again range out from the house of Mr. David WILSON, or Marilee, Southwest Collin. Mr. Joe (Bud) THOMAS and Miss Ellen WILSON were united in marriage at the home just as the clock struck the noon hour, Jan. 26.

Welch-Southall Wedding. Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock there was a quiet wedding at the home of Mr. T. S. BATSON in his city uniting Mr. George WELCH and Miss Leona SOUTHALL, two popular young people of the city.

After fifteen or twenty years in the grocery business in McKinney, W. B. KINDLE has sold out to W. D. BROWN and Clarence KINDLE.

Mr. E. M. SHELTON, formerly lived here and is returning to his farm near Bloomdale. We are glad to have him return to Collin.
Mrs. M. E. SLAUGHTER of Melissa came down to be with her daughter Mrs. Mort SH(RLEY, who was so badly injured in the drash of last Thursday.

Lost. Last Friday -- ablack money purse containing three ten dollar bills, one five dollar bill and one dollar in silver and one note for $65.15 payable to Jos. G. WILLIAMS, payable Jan. 10, 1912., Signed by J. C. CUDD and A. M. DUGAN. Finder will please return to the Examiner office and receive a reward.

Tragic Death of Chester Bennett. Mare Island, Calif, Jan 22. William Chester Bennett, fireman, second-class attached to this vessel drowned this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Body not yet recovered. [signed] Commander Maryland.

H. G. DICKINSON, a young man residing South of McKinney says his father, A. B. DICKERSON [sic] died Dec. 28 last, and that he and his brother W. M. DICKINSON are the only ones left of the family, his mother having died about 10 years ago. The interment of his father took place at Forest Grove.

Ex-County Tax Assessor Bob McLARRY and son, Don have moved to near Fayetteville, Ark, where they have purchased land. Mr. Bob McLARRY has lived in Collin for 40 years and his son, Don was born and reared here.