McKinney Examiner 1922

The McKinney Examiner. McKinney, Texas, April 20, 1922, Vol. 36, No. 23

Clint THOMPSON, F. C. THOMPSON, J. Frank SMITH: Editors and Proprietors.
Subscription Rates: One Year $1.50 3 Months $.50

Knights Templar Easter Service. The McKinney Knight Templar Masons went to Denison Sunday afternoon where they held joint Easter services with the Denison Knights Templar..... B. C. COOK was motorman and W. V. LOVELADY was conductor on the interurban that carried [them] to Denison. Sir Knights attending from McKinney were: J. C. SEARS, Bill HERNDON, A. C. ROGERS, W. L. BROWN, J. BROOKS, O. K. SNIDER, G. F. BRANNON, Tom W. PERKINS, W. N. BUSH, E. L. DANIEL, H. J. HARRIS, C. L. MAY, Jas. P. DOWELL, W. P. MAYO, F. F. WIGGS, R. C. STONE, Dr. R. L. CLAYTON, A. M. DOWELL, C. M. ABBOTT, O. Ray BROWN, Leonard W. SEARCY, Walter COCKRELL, W. SMITH, W. N. JACKSON, A. B. WILCOXSON, W. T. BRYAN, Roy CALDWELL, B. F. SKELTON, R. E. HOLSONBAKE, E. BARTHOLOMEW, Will J. RHEA, Gibson CALDWELL, R. J. WALTON, W. T. OGLESBY, C. J. SMITH, W. B. MITCHELL, M. S. METZ, W. S. BOYD, W. L. KEEN, Tom McGARR and W. H. POTTER.

McKinney Girl Edits Baylorian. Miss Anne Lee TRUETT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. TRUETT of McKinney, was elected editor-in-chief of the Baylorian in a recent student election at Baylor College, Belton. Miss TRUETT is a sophomore in the college and expects to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1924.

Odd Fellows’ 103d Anniversary. W. C. BURRUS Lodge, No. 953, I. O. O. F. and McKinney Rebekah Lodge, No. 85, will celebrate the one hundred and third anniversary of the founding of the order in the United States...The program committee composed of Judge T. O. MURRAY, A. M. HILL, Dick DeARMOND, C. A. WILSON, and Hunt BOWLBY are busy making arrangements.

Old Friends Renew.... Mrs. J. N. SANSTROM of Anna, sends us $1.50 to renew for the Examiner... We regret to learn that Mr. SANSTROM’s sight is very poor. Several years ago he received an injury to one of his eyes while at work in his field... After much suffering, the eye was finally lost. Mr. SANSTROM and his good wife are early settlers of North Collin.

Lucas [community].
.....the Lucas Christian Endeavor meets regular with great interest and a general spirit of loving kindness prevailing among the young people, and old people are working and planning....for the future. The following program was rendered Easter Sunday evening by the Lucas c. E. members: Program read ably by Don ARMSTRONG; Music led by Elmer STRATTON; Scripture reading — Leo GRAHAM; Prayer — Gene BIGGS; Piano Solo — Margarette STRATTON; Welcome — Lula Erin COOK; Reading — Tommie Joe HOGGE; Readings — ...Vernon GRAY .... Jessie CLAYTON ....Opal PARKS ... Eugene DEAL ...Velma SNIDER ....Ruby ARMSTRONG ...J. T. CAPERS; Solo — Helen BIGGS.

Prosper [community].
Mr. and Mrs. Claude CROCKETT and baby of Greenville, and Mrs. Couser, of Celina, Mrs. CROCKETT’s mother, visited Mr. and Mrs. Franklie BELL Sunday and Monday.
Miss Jesse Mae McKinney of McKinney is spending a few weeks with relatives east of town.
Mrs. C. M. WELLS was called to Houston to attend the sick child of her son, Bob RUSH.
Miss Georgia CHAPMAN has closed her school and is now at home.
Mr. Tom GOODNIGHT and Mr. C. M. WELLS visited the oil fields last week.
Miss Elma NAUGLE and Miss Lela WOODRUFF, of Gunter, visited the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. NAUGLE for the week-end.
Mrs. T. E. SIMPSON and Mrs. W. B. CHAPMAN and Miss Annie CHAPMAN also Miss Goldaree MITCHELL, motored over to McKinney shopping one evening last week.
Little Miss Lorene PERRY visited her sister, Mrs. Chesley DAVIS, Saturday and Sunday.
Jerry RUTHERFORD has gone to Three Rivers to pitch ball for that place.
Mrs. Eugene SIMPSON suffered a very painful accident Friday while calling on Mrs. CHAPMAN. She started down the front steps and caught the heel of her shoe, throwing her with great force on her right shoulder and head, causing her to be unconscious for more than an hour. She was confined to her bed three or four days from the shock but is now able to be out again.
Mrs. MONTGOMERY is at Fort Worth attending the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Edna SIMPSON who is suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Miss Merle KEMP spent the latter part of last week with Miss Ruby SMOTHERMAN of Pleasant Grove.
Misses Vera WYATT and Emilie SHINDLER spent Sunday with Miss Pearl MURRAY.
Miss Lizzie THOMPSON spent Saturday night and Sunday with Miss Viola THOMPSON.
We hate to see the school close. We have had the best of teachers this year. Mr. C. C. CROSS as principal, Miss May DOVIE and Mrs. Vera McGUFFEY the primary teachers.

Rev. and Mrs. F. L. CARGILE and little son, F. L, Jr., were guests of Mr. and Mrs W. A. LOWDEN Sunday.
Mrs. Edd LEWIS and daughter visited Mr. and Mrs. Clint LEWIS of Bloomdale recently [and also] Mrs. Alex FOWLER of near Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert FURR and little son, Winston, and Mr. J. B. HICKEY visited Mr. and Mrs. J. M. FURR of Rhea Mills, Sunday afternoon.
Mr. T. J. ROBERTSON and family were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie ROBERTSON, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. CHANDLER and son, Beaver, Mr. and Mrs. Medford SMITH, helped to enjoy the big anniversary dinner given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. BEAVER of McKinney, last Wednesday.
Mr. Wash PARRIS who has been sick is able to be up now.
Mr. and Mrs. John FURR and two little sons, of Rhea Mills, spent Saturday night and Sunday with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. O’NEAl.
John ROBERTSON spent Sunday with Benjamin CARTER.
Miss Annie O’NEAL visited her sisters, Mrs. John FURR and Mrs. Willie HAND, of Rhea Mills last week.
Mr. Clarence McGARRAH and family visited relatives in McKinney Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard KERR and two little sons, of Walnut Grove, were visitors in this community Sunday.
Mrs. V. D. MILLER of Walnut Grove, Mr. and Mrs. John and two little sons of Rhea Mills, Miss Daisy CARRELL and Mrs. C. P. ROBERTSON were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert FURR, Monday.
The ladies of the Woodmen Circle will hold a memorial service here in honor of Mrs. J. B. HICKEY, deceased, next Thursday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie ROBERTSON visited the former parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. ROBERTSON, Monday.

North McKinney.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. RANEY a fine girl, the 12th.[probably date]
Mr. and Mrs. Elmont SMITH had as their guests the past week, Mrs. SMITH’s sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy RICE of Van Alstyne.
Mrs. R. L. JOHNSEY visited her aunt, Miss Mary COFFEE of Anna who is seriously ill.
Miss Minnie WILSON’s Sunday school class enjoyed an outing.
Little Miss Frances, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. GILBERT, is recovering from an operation for appendicitis which was performed at the City Hospital the 14th.
Rev. A. J. SEALE, pastor of the North Baptist church, and family are recovering from a few days’ illness.
Mr. Albert SPARLIN and wife are moving to Gorman, his wife’s former home.
Jesse MORELAND and wife have moved from Allen and have rooms on North College street and White avenue with Mrs. MORRIS.
Misses Edna GRANT and Ora TERRELL of Allen, were guests of D. W. CLOYD and family.
Miss Ruby JOHNSEY, Coleman street, a high school pupil, was operated on at the City Hospital Monday for appendicitis.
Miss Mary Lou STROTHERS, West Pearson avenue, has been sick for some weeks.
Earnest REYNOLDS, Josephine street, was absent from high school last week being bedfast with the measles.
Mrs. Jessie TAYLOR has returned from Mineral Wells, much improved in health.
Jesse NICHOLS and family have moved into their new house which they recently purchased on the newly paved Erwin street.
Miss Velma TUCKER’s school has closed and she is at home.

Mrs. Georgie STEWART who has had the influenza is now able to be up.
T. A. BROCKMAN lost a fine milch cow.
Mr. A. C. STROUP and wife and Mrs. Mary attended the revival at Blue Ridge.
Charlie CHITTY was in Farmersville, Saturday.
Herbert ANDERSON and family of Altoga, spent Thursday night with D. KING.
Mr. HARBEN was in Altoga Saturday.
Miss Hazel WOMBLE of the Womble community was visiting friends here Sunday.
Miss Mary MILLER was visiting in Blue Ridge Saturday.
Daniel TURNER and sister, Mrs. Mollie KING were shopping in McKinney, Friday.

....Clyde BRAZEAL and family have moved into our community.
Mrs. R. J. STRAUGHAN is improving.
Mrs. E. W. SWEENEY is able to be up after having been confined for the past six weeks.
Frank WHEATLEY was in our midst this week.
Mr. HANEY and son, Jack, of Culleoka, were here one day last week on business.
Miss A?meda WRIGHT of Rhea Mills, visited relatives here Saturday.
Dudley PLANT visited at Tioga Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. LENTZ and daughter, Mrs. Dora MAUPIN of Nashville, Tenn. Returned to their home after a two week’s visit with their daughter, Mrs. SWEENEY.
Mr. and Mrs. Will HARTMAN and children visited in our midst Sunday.
Mack DUNN is on the sick-list this week.
Inez, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter LOONEY is quite sick.

Mr. Tom HERNDON of McKinney was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. QUISENBERRY.
Mr. and Mrs. GREEN and daughter, Miss Alma, have been visiting their daughter and sister, Mrs. Grady MELTON.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar DUNCAN of Dallas were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. CRAMER, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Willie PINKELTON of Denison visited Mr. and Mrs. Sam ALLISON Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Ben TAYLOR and Mrs. Huey HERNDON spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Josh HERNDON of White’s Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim LUCAS of Dallas, visited Mr. and Mrs. James HERNDON.
Mr. and Mrs. SMITHSON of McKinney, spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Sarah Lee GREER.

Mrs. E. T. BALLEW and son, J. G. and Miss Myrtle MORGAN were McKinney visitors...
Mesdames W. T. POOLE, M. F. SIMS, Clifford ERECKSON, and Miss Ethel ERECKSON were shopping in McKinney Thursday.
Miss Anice BOYD has been quite ill this week as a result of having her tonsils removed.
Mrs. A. A. HUMPHREY visited her sister, Mrs. Fred HOLMES at Dallas...
Mrs. W. G. CUNDIFF is sick this week.
Miss Florence SPRADLEY was a business visitor to McKinney Thursday.
Mrs. R. M. EMERSON was shopping in McKinney Thursday.
Mr. J. P. GIDDINGS went to Dallas Monday and had his tonsils removed.
Mrs. L. C. SUMMERS and daughter, Ethel, and Miss Charlotte YEATTS were shopping in McKinney Saturday.
Mrs. H. H. COMPTON and daughter, Miss Vivian, were Dallas visitors Saturday.
Mr. B. C. CARROLL and daughter, Miss Lillian, visited relatives in Dallas the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. John I. BUTLER and Messrs. S. P. and J. N. BUSH are in Oklahoma this week fishing and hunting.
Mr. Willie BROWN spent Sunday in Denison.
Mr. Oscar LYNGE is suffering from tonsilitis this week.
Mrs. L. B. WEAVER and son, Otis, were called to Dallas to attend the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Wes WHISENANT who underwent an operation for appendicitis.
Mrs. R. B. WHISENANT spent several days in Dallas this week. She was accompanied home by her sister, Miss Eva Lou BRANCH.
Mr. Will HOLLY and wife have moved back to Allen from Alvord.
Mr. Roy MORGAN and wife of Plano were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will R. LYNN Sunday.
Sunday will be Rally Day at Allen and everybody who ....[has].. No way to come [should] notify J. A. CLARK, M. WHISENANT, H. G. BUTLER, Luther ANGEL, N. P. LYNGE, Mrs. N. P. LYNGE or Mrs. L. GOEMAN, a way will be provided.
Mrs. G. P. BERRY entertained the Bi-Weekly Club Wednesday.
Mesdames Ed BRIDGES, R. R. LEACH, J. P. GIDDINGS, and Elzer LEACH were shopping in McKinney Thursday.
Mr. Pearl JONES and family, Ira Jones, and mother, and Miss Vera JONES all of Fort Worth, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. JONES Sunday.
Miss Lula CARROLL is spending the week with relatives in Dallas.
The Easter-egg hunt at the home of L. C. SUMMERS Sunday was enjoyed very much by the 32 youngsters present.
Mr. V. TUCKER and family are visiting his father at Pattonville this week.
Mrs. J. N. BUSH was in Dallas Monday.

Billie, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. HOUSMAN, is quite sick.
Rev. GRAVES of Celina, lectured at the Methodist church Monday night on the K. K. K.’s.
Mrs. J. J. POSTON and children visited her sisters, Mrs. L. BOYER and Mrs. John DOUGLASS, of Clear Lake.
Mrs. B. D. FAGALA is visiting her son, Ross FAGALA and wife, of Dallas.
John McMURRAY and wife of Greenville spent the weekend here with home folks.
J. W. AKIN was in Austin Saturday.
Mr. Ed WILCOXSON and family, of McKinney, are visiting their sister, Mrs. W. E. WEST.
Mr. and Mrs. Herschel SNIDER, of McKinney visited Mr. and Mrs. J. W. AKIN Sunday.
Miss Donna TAYLOR of McKinney, spend the week-end with Miss Ethelyn WEST.
Misses Julia, Nona, and Willie May WARDLOW of Thompson, visited friends here Sunday.
Homer BURT has opened a barber shop in the building next to the post office.
Alva TOMPKINS who is attending school in Denton, spent the week-end with home folks.
Pearl ADDINGTON, of Clear Lake is spending the week with Mrs. W. C. GAULT.
J. J. POSTON and family, Mrs. MURPHY and children, Mrs. J. W. CHAPPEL and Mrs. Etta ROSS, attended the closing exercises of the Thompson school Friday night.
Little Helen Gale WEST, 2 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. WEST, died last Saturday morning. Little Helen had been sick most of her life, but her death was a shock to her parents for she never seemed any worse until just before she died.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. BAXTER and little son visited Mrs. BAXTER’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. BACCUS, Sunday.
Mrs. Harold McNEESE visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. MAYES at Cleburne Saturday and Sunday.
Miss WEST was able to return to her duties at school Monday after another weeks’ absence.
Miss Sallie JOHNSON visited Miss Nellie GULLEDGE in Dallas Sunday.
Mr. BRYANT has resigned his place in the First National Bank here and Mr. WALLACE has returned to take his place.
Mr. and Mrs. Hunt SMITH are the proud parents of a new son, who arrived Easter morning.
Miss Onal WILLIAMS and her roommates of C. I. A., visited her parents during the Easter holidays.
Misses Izetta SPARKS and Zelma WHITE who attend the Normal at Denton visited home fold during Easter.

Walter BRIDGES and family visited Mr. and Mrs. J. W. DENISON of Sanger.
Misses Irma and Bernice ADAMS visited friends and relatives in Denison.
Miss Myrtie DENISON is visiting Miss Rabye BRIDGES.
Jim BRIDGES and family of Sanger are visiting relatives here.
Charlie SHAFER and family have been visiting relatives here.
Miss Emma HILL of Little Elm, visited her brother, Edward HILL.
Will GREEN, of Allen, visited friends here.
Miss Faye BUTTON visited in Prosper.
Miss Thelma SPALDING visited in Sanger.
Mr. and Mrs. Anell BAKER visited at Celina.
Miss Elsie WRIGHT of Denton spent the week-end here with home folks.

Samuel PORTER of Melissa was a visitor here Sunday.
Herbert ENSLEY and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Tom BOYER of Culleoka.
Miss Brinda PORTER has returned to her home at Melissa after a visit with her sisters, Mrs. CAMERON and Lacy, and brother, Geo. PORTER.
Mrs. LENEAR and children and mother, Mrs. CAPLINGER, visited their sister and daughter near Culleoka the past week.
Mrs. S. S. STAPP has returned home from a stay with her sister, Mrs. J. H. ENSLEY at Lone Oak.
Henry WILCOX and wife are entertaining a fine baby girl at their home.
Mr. John LAWSON who underwent an operation at the home of his parents, was able to come to his home in Altoga, Wednesday.
The children of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer LAWSON who have been suffering with measles are doing nicely.
Mrs. J. M. THOMPSON and son, Billie, have gone to their home in Allen.
Mrs. Esther SNOW of Greenville was a guest at the homes of her brothers, J. B. and S. B. VERMILLION, recently.
Miss Loveta ANDERSON returned to Denton Monday where she is attending school.
T. D. SIMPSON who recently closed out his school at Clear Lake visited his daughter, Mrs. Albert MANTOOTH.
Willie HALL, wife and children, of near Princeton, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. RAY, Friday.
R. R. ANDERSON and family have moved back home again having lived at Blue Ridge the past year.
Mrs. Oren VERMILLION has been sick the past week.
G. O. PRIEST and family, of Chambersville, were visitors here Sunday.
Gault SIMPSON, wife and children, of McKinney, spent Sunday with relatives here.

Eastland Man Buys Sixteen Pigs Here. B. H. BUSH, county agent of Eastland county has been in Collin county..buying pigs for a pig club in his county. G. Dudley EVERETT, Collin county’s yung...county agent, took the visitor to see any herd that he wished to see. At the farm of Jim CUNNINGHAM at Prosper, Mr. bush bought twelve pigs and at the farm of T. H. (Bud) CUNNINGHAM, a brother to Jim, he bought four pigs.

High School Baseball. Perhaps there was never a game of ball played here that had so many thrills and exciting moments as the game yesterday when McKinney High won from Denison High 7 to 3 on the South Ward grounds. [Players]: McKinney — Hubert WHITE, HARDING, SNIDER, DAVIS, MORGAN, KIMBRIEL, COX, Babe WHITE, Fritz TALBOT. Denison — HODGES, HARRIS, GILLISPIE, VAUGHAN, HASFORD, BECKHAM, CAMERON, PEPKINS, CALDWELL, HANSEY.

Hon. F. E. WILCOX, Judge; Mrs. Alice TAYLOR, Clerk; A. M. WOLFORD, County Attorney.

Grand Jurors for May Term: J. F. COX, Anna; Portman BARKER, Vladasta; Guy RICE, Plano; John HALE, Farmersville; C. J. STINEBAUGH, Nevada; John F. CHANDLER, McKinney; Milt WHISENANT, Allen; T. E. NEILON, Wylie; John w. HAGGARD, Plano; W. J. WAGNER, Frisco; R. S. RIKE, Farmersville; V. L. PATRICK, Celina; T. A. CURTIS, Princeton; Martin MOSES, McKinney; L. COFFMAN, Josephine; Carl WEEKS, McKinney, Route 6.

New Suits. L. D. MARR vs. W. A. SNEATHEN, debt.
Ex Parte Mary HALES, removal of disabilities of minority.
Nora DRIGGERS vs. B. N. DRIGGERS, divorced; custody of minor children; change of name and to set aside homestead.
G. C. WHITTEN vs. Agnes WHITTEN, divorce.
First State Bank of Wylie vs. J. T. LONG and J. R. STONE, debt and foreclosure.
J. R. THAXTON vs. A. T. THOMPSON et al, title and commission.

Hon. T. O. MURRAY, Judge; R. E. HOLSONBAKE, Clerk.

Criminal Docket: State vs. the following defendants: Clarence CRAIG, Clarence E. CRAIG, J. C. COCHRAN, J. C. COCHRAN, Hend. FORSBEE, Know GREER, E. H. HENSLEY, J. KELLEY, Jack LOVERETT, Sims MORRISON, Homer MERRITT, Wes MILLER alias Black Angel; Claud SMITH, Cope BARNETT, Dawson BAILEY, Arthur BARKER, Arthur BARKER, Arthur BARKER, Arthur BARKER [sic], Claud BERRY, Eva Lou CHOATE, Johnnie CARPENTER, Henry FORSHEE, Berry FORD, Akilia GONZALES, Henry JAMES, Elbert LOVELL, Henry McDUFF, Stella McWHIRTER, Bill MARTIN, J. B. MOORE, J. B. MOORE, J. B. MOORE [sic], John MOORE, John MOORE, John MOORE [sic], Eizie ODLE, Wiley RICH, Wiley RICH [sic], F. T. TALLEY, Henry WATSON, Charlie WOLFE, B. C. P. STANDIFER.

New Suits.
Sinclair Refining Co., vs. J. Knox GREER, appealed from J. P. Court No. 1, Collin county.

J. A. B. MILLICAN has been appointed temporary guardian of e. J. WILLIAMS, N. C. M. Bond approved.

Marriage Licenses.
Leslie STONE (col.) And Bertha MAY MADISON.
Clarence RUDOLPH and Josie JAMES
J. A. BROWN and Alice CALLUM
W. C. WELLS and Mrs. Lillian RAY

Liquor Charges Filed.
Wade WOODALL, city marshal and Newt WARDLOW, constable at Farmersville, arrested E. W. COLE and D. L. GARY in that city whom they brought over to McKinney and placed in jail. Charges of transporting intoxicating liquor was filed against each.

85 Year Old Woman Recovers from Measles. Mrs. J. M. BROCK, age 85 who resides with her daughter, Mrs. ? A. HITCHCOCK on North Chestnut street has about recovered from an attack of measles. She was confined to her bed about two weeks. Mrs. BROCK reared four children and each had the measles after becoming grown, but she had never been exposed before as far as she knows. Mrs. BROCK has retained her good health and the use of all her facilities to a remarkable degree. She is a native of South Carolina but has resided in or near McKinney for the last 27 years. Mrs. BROCK is the grandmother of Homer HITCHCOCK, a young fire insurance man in our city.

Ed RUNNION, popular employee of the Smith Drug Company, under [sic] a second but minor surgical operation a few days ago.
Mr. G. W. HENRICH has traded his pretty four room bungalow on Oak street for 20 acres near Denton.

Mrs. Maurine SIMOND and ...daughter, Hattie Julia of Little Rock are guests of Mrs. SIMOND’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. WEISMAN.

J. BENTON has accepted a position in the grocery store of P. R. WESTMORELAND.

W. L. STEPHENS of near Melissa was in the city Saturday. Mr. STEPHENS is one of the many good farmers of the Melissa section.

L. A. ALEXANDER, a substantial young farmer living over in the Parker community east of Allen, was here Saturday.

Mrs. M. A. SEXTON and her son, Toy SEXTON, who reside southwest of McKinney in the Hedgcoxe community were here Saturday.

W. E. SCRIBNER, prominent farmer of near Weston, was in the city Monday.

Prof. S. C. STEPHENS, of Westminster.... is superintendent of the Westminster school. ....[He] has resided in Collin county many years, most of the time at Weston where he was superintendent of the Weston schools.

Jerome Sneed Jr. for District Clerk.... the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. SNEED.

A Ford car kicked Justice of the Peace, Bill SUTHERLAND a day or two ago and broke his wrist. We understand Billie has entered a fine against the Ford for contempt of court.

The Examiner was honored by a call from Mrs. Kate BRYANT, Mrs. N. C. SETTLE, and the former’s daughter, Miss Elizabeth BRYANT of Prosper.

Leonard RAY has a letter from his father, R. L. RAY who has been recuperating at Hot Springs, Ark. He has been a great sufferer from rheumatism. His wife and daughter, Miss Jessie, are with him.

J. A. LANE, popular garage man of Prosper, was here Saturday and called to renew....

Henry W. WARDEN, active vice president of the Collin County National Bank, was in Dallas Tuesday.

Ed WESTER, well known farmer of Cottage Hill community, was in McKinney, Tuesday.

Webb NELSON has been kept at his home on account of illness. He is one of Adam BOND’s popular salesmen.

H. E. G. FURR is erecting a new residence on South Church street. It will be one story, and contain eight or nine rooms including bath.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. PERKINS have moved to town.

McKinney Retains School Leadership. The McKinney, Mission and Milford high school baseball teams retain their leadership in the University of Texas Interscholastic League race...... No team that McKinney ever had has created so much enthusiasm among the fans....Fitz TALBOT is the classiest little pitcher who ever faced a batter. In home-runs “Babe” WHITE..and his big bat [are] parking the ball in most every game ...he reminds one of “Sissy” BATEMAN, the idol of the fans here some ten or fifteen years ago. The other members of the team are just as good in their positions. Henry MORGAN at first.....DAVIS at second....Hubert WHITE at third is all that could be desired... HARDING at short is a fine fielding man.... SNIDER, COX, and KIMBRIEL who take care of the outfield are all speed boys and cover the field like a blanket. Coach Fred COBB is making his reputation as a coach and much credit for the success of the team is due him.

Candidates for Office.
For Congress, Fourth District: Sam RAYBURN
For County Attorney: H. Grady CHANDLER; Woodville J. ROGERS, H. H. NEILSON
For Sheriff: Eugene BALDWIN, James (Jim) KIMBRIEL, Harry WHITE, W. A. (Bill) KERBY, Sam A. WELCH
For Commissioner, District No. 1: Charles T. MUNCY, J. L. GIBSON, C. B. MIXON, B. J.(Burl) NICHOLS
For Commissioner, District No. 2: Sherwood SMITH, Homer I. COFFEY
For Commissioner, District No. 4: W. J. ROBBINS, W. A. (Will) DUNCAN
For County Treasurer: T. A. PARRIS, John D. MORROW
For District Clerk: Mrs. Alice TAYLOR, Frank G. WHEATLEY, Jerome SNEED, Jr.
For County Clerk: W. B. MANTOOTH, Miss Minnie BURRAGE
For County Superintendent: Will MOSELEY, W. S. SMITH
For Justice of Peace, Precinct No. 1: E. F. WATSON

Legal Notice.
To the Sheriff ...of Collin are hereby commanded you summon... J. E. BOXLEY, to be and appear before the Honorable District Court... to answer a petition filed wherein O. G. BOW is Plaintiff and D. A. NORMAN, E. J. RILEY, P. M. BRISTOW, F. P. SEMPLE, W. J. CALHOUN, and J. E. BOXLEY are Defendants. [for] action of debt and to foreclose a vendor’s lien on 173 acres of land out of the Lonson MOORE survey....described in a deed from Martha V. TAYLOR to J. L. BOW dated ...1916........ [signed] Alice TAYLOR, Clerk, District Court., by R. E. GEREN, Deputy.

Legal Notice.
To the Sheriff...of Collin are hereby commanded to publish... To all persons interested in the welfare of Larry ROGERS, Minor, Forest ROGERS has filed in the County Court of Collin County, an application for Letters of Guardianship upon the estate of said Minor, which said application will be heard..... [signed] R. E. HOLSONBAKE, Clerk, County Court, Collin County, By W. B. MANTOOTH, Deputy.

For Sale Notices. [Seller and item]. Mrs. Jennie PHELPS — wood and coal range with warming closet
Dink MEADOR — poultry and pet stock
H. N. JOHNSTON — registered Jersey cow