McKinney Examiner Dec 1922

The McKinney Examiner. Dec. 28, 1922, Vol. 37, No. 7.

Mrs. Clifford s. WEAVER left yesterday morning for Springfield, Illinois in response to a telegram received announcing the death of her father.

Mrs. W. B. MITCHELL has returned from Brenham, where she was called to attend the funeral and burial of her aged father, C. A. KRUEGER, who died at his home at that place, Thursday, Dec. 14. Deceased was 82 years 8 months and 14 days old....

Fire at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. WOOD, North Kentucky street Tuesday did slight damage to the steps and porch.

John LACY, the mail carrier of route 1, Melissa, dressed up as Santa Claus and took a sack of fruit and gave every child he met on his route a Christmas present.

We regret to hear that John STIFF of Stiff’s Chapel recently suffered a stroke of paralysis and is in a serious condition. He is the youngest son of Uncle Henry STIFF and a brother of Mrs. W. L. BRASWELL of McKinney.

Miss Lita HORN, who is teaching school at Dump, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. C. HORN at Rhea Mills.

Prof. Jas. T. TEEL of Denton came over and visited his brother, John TEEL of this city Tuesday. We were glad to meet our old time friend whom we first met in 1884.

George B. KINDLE, a well-known McKinney citizen, is reported critically ill with pneumonia at his home on south Chestnut street.

Peter CLARK one of the old settlers of the Little Elm community was here Tuesday. Peter is one of our old time friends and we are always glad to see him.

J. F. BELL and little son, Raymond came up from Allen Saturday.

Tom Shewmake Given A Farm. Talk about luck — but Tom SHEWMAKE who runs a little store about a mile northwest of the city on the pike is one of the luckiest of men. On Christmas day, Tom and his good wife were given a fine rich, black land farm of 56 acres which is located in the Roland community, 7 miles northwest of the city. Uncle Gus WILSON was the Santa Clause in this case. This giving away of farms is a habit with “Uncle Gus,” and one out of which he is getting oodles of happiness. For several years past he has been quietly, but judiciously giving away much property such as land, securities, cash, autos, etc. Many worthy persons have been “remembered” by “Uncle Gus”. He is a pioneer settler of the Roland community. He became possessed of much land in his younger days. Having never married, he has no family to whom to leave his wealth. Like Andrew Carnegie, Uncle Gus believes it a sin to die rich, at least he acts that way, and to us it seems he is using mighty good judgment in his gifts. Those to whom he has given presents...are always worthy people. Some are tenants on his farms. Some had borrowed of him and shown their sincere honesty and manhood. Others he had quietly noticed were “doing their bit” uncomplainingly, and those are the people Uncle Gus likes. In the case of Tom SHEWMAKE, the writer has known Tom since he was a bare-footed boy in this city. Tom’s people were poor, but hard workers and honest. His brother lived on the farm of the writer’s father for many years. We knew him as absolutely honest and loyal. Tom we have known as a friendly, hard worker. He and his good wife have not only reared their own children, but from time to time have cared for and given homes to 8 little orphan children. They are willing to divide their last crust with the homeless. Uncle Gus, we take off our hat to you. Tom, here’s hoping you don’t let your good fortune spoil your good heart.

Enjoyable Dining at Rhea Mills. On Sunday, December 24, the writer was invited to the home of Brother and sister J. M. FURR of Rhea Mills to take Christmas dinner. We were met at the door by Brother FURR and informed that all of his children including eight boys and four girls with their families were present. Those present were: Rufus FURR and family, Jason FURR and family of McKinney; Robert FURR and family, Mrs. Jean BRYANT and family of Walnut Grove, Mrs. Millard JENKINS and family of near McKinney; D. W. FURR of Dallas, John FURR and family, Lee FURR and family, Mrs. Clarence RAGSDALE and family, Fletcher FURR and family, Clarence FURR and Miss Ruby FURR, all of Rhea Mills.
The visitors were: Mr. Herbert MIZE of Clovis, New Mexico; Miss Jessie ROBINSON, Mrs. SNIDER and Rev. J. M. YOUNG and family of Rhea Mills. [written by J. M. YOUNG.]

Enjoyable Dinings During Christmas. A family reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. HILL was enjoyed by....Mr. And Mrs. A. G. SPECK and two sons, Carl and Jim; Mr. and Mrs. Ishom YOUNGER and little daughter, Mary; Mrs. J. C. GOFORTH, or Anna, a sister of Mrs. J. S. HILL; Mr. and Mrs. George RUSSELL and family; Herman SNIDER and Mr. and Mrs. HILL’s three children, Miss Mary and Van and Sam Hill, and Dr. Y. L. YATES, pastor of the First Baptist church.
A family Christmas dining was given in the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. SCOTT, West Louisiana. Those present were: Mrs. W. M. ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred ALLEN and son, Alfred James, Mr. and Mrs. Lud CROCKETT and baby daughter, Dorris Elaine, Mr. and Mrs. Roy KIRKPATRICK, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. KELLER, and Miss Fannie Allen MITCHELL.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob ADAMS of Dallas ate Christmas dinner with the former’s aunt, Mrs. J. L. TODD and husband, Monday. Mr. ADAMS’ mother was a daughter of Robert PARKER, pioneer settler and large land owner of McKinney. Mr. ADAMS is a brother of Dave ADAMS, Jr., now of Miama, Florida who is well known here.
Mrs. J. E. WILSON, who resides on East Anthony street gave a Christmas dinner Monday. All the children who live here were present as follows: Mrs. Rufus FURR and husband and daughter, Mrs. Otis NELSON, husband and two children, of McKinney, Mrs. Chas. COATNEY and husband of Chambersville, and Johnnie WILSON, this city.
W. H. HUGULEY and wife had all their children at home Sunday. Those present were: Mrs. Jim HOLLANDSWORTH and husband, Compton HUGULEY of McKinney, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill HUGULEY of Dallas.

District Court.
Hon. F. E. WILCOX, judge; Mrs. Alice TAYLOR, Clerk; A. M. WOLFORD, County Attorney.
New Suits:
Maude WILCOX et al vs. C. L. BRADFORD, executor, suit on note.
Fannie WILSON vs. Charles WILSON, divorce.
Jack E. VARDAMAN vs. J. N. A. COCKERHAM, title and damages.
Agnes WHITTEN vs. G. C. WHITTEN, action to set aside judgment.
Eva Elizabeth MANLY vs. R. J. MANLY, divorce.
Ell ROLLINS vs. Pearl ROLLINS, divorce.
Eva BRUCE vs. Everett L. BRUCE, divorce.

County Court.
Hon. T. O. MURRAY, Judge; R. E. HOLSONBAKE, Clerk.
E. HICKS has made application for letters of guardianship of Margaret HICKS, minor.
M. M. MARTIN has made application for letters of guardianship Dorothy MARTIN, minor.
Sinie NEAL has made application for letters testamentary and to probate will of J. B. NEAL, deceased.
Marriage License.
Ed FUNDERBURGH and Bunice Mae ROSSETTER; T. H. MARION and Lily Maud DAY; Jim PIERCE and Mary Eliza TURNER; Taimage LEE and Delmer ANDERSON; Irby MAVIS and Ivy POTTER; Robert DURHAM and Ethel Viola RIDDLE; Houston STANLEY and Mattie BURNET; J. M. RUTHERFORD and Edith Leona POWELL; J. C. SIMS and Nina JEFFERSON; Uda MALONE and Opal BECKNER; J. H. WALTERS and Alma HOLMES; Lee FOSTER and Beatrice COOK; Roy ARCHER and Lillian CARROLL; G. L. SELF and Eula MOUNT; Floyd TURNBOW and Fabrice BYARS; Lewis PRUETT and Esther FARMER; T. E. NASH and Jean RAY; Joe GILBERT and Margie SMITH; Willard HILL and Cleo MOREHEAD; W. R. JORDAN and Mrs. Marie STINCHCOMB; T. C. KENNEDY and Helen Mae TOTTEN; Wayman FARLEY and Celesta PELL; N. D. WALL and Mrs. Jemima WALL; Roy NEILL and Foy [sic] WHITAKER; W. T. ANDERSON and Mrs. Mary LONG.

Firemen’s Banquet Thursday Night; To Honor Firefighters. ...the ladies aid society of the various churches of the city will tender the annual Christmas banquet to the McKinney volunteer firemen, the clergy and members of the press of the city being invited guests. Chief J. S. McKINNEY will be toastmaster. The following [will participate] in the program: Rev. J. Ben SNIDER, Mayor H. C. MILLER, Commissioner M. T. JONES, Commissioner Will J. RHEA, Miss Ruth McKINNEY, F. C. THOMPSON, Walter B. WILSON, Mrs. F. M. WARDEN, Mrs. S. P. COFFEY, Rev. A. O. RUE.

Citation by Publication.
To the Sheriff...of Collin are ...commanded to summon...R. J. appear before the Honorable court... to answer a petition filed in a suit...wherein Eva Elizabeth MANLY is plaintiff and R. J. MANLY is defendant.... Plaintiff prays judgment dissolving the bonds of matrimony heretofore and now existing between plaintiff and defendant.

Citation by Publication.
To the Sheriff ...of Collin County, you are..commanded to summon..... J. N. A. COCKERHAM to appear before the Honorable Court..... to answer a petition filed wherein Jack E. VARDAMAN, Nora LAWRENCE and W. E. LAWRENCE are plaintiffs and J. N. A. COCKERHAM is defendant.... for title and possession of described lands and premises

W. T. and C. O. BEATY of near Roland send the Examiner one year as a Christmas present to Mrs. M. J. BEATY at Denton.

L. R. WALLACE, industrious farmer of the Viney Grove community announced that the congregation of the Baptist church at that place expects to begin erection of a new church.....on a site donated by J. P. A. WALLACE.

Elmer McMURRAY, one of the county’s most worthy young farmers residing near Princeton, was a business visitor in our city yesterday. We regret to learn that the condition of his honored father, Ed E. McMURRY, who lives in Princeton, is not improving. Ed E. McMURRAY has been in frail health for a couple of years.

J. W. BARNES, who has been attending A. & M. College at Bryan is home for the holidays.

C. J. SMITH, the hustling automobile agent and livewire business man of McKinney announces the following sales during the past few days: Jim BARNETT — Blue Ridge, Buick touring car; Boone JOHNSON – McKinney, Buick “Six”; Ed. C. HUDSON — McKinney, Buick “Six”; H. A. ABERNATHY — McKinney, Hudson; Dr. J. C. GREER ---- McKinney, Hudson; and V. E. TUCKER — Allen, Chevrolet.

Sy LUCAS, of the firm of Howell & Lucas is in receipt of a letter from Harry WATERS, formerly of McKinney who is now located at Naravisa, New Mexico. Harry is a native of McKinney, being a son of J. A. WATERS and a grandson of the late Ex-County Treasurer, W. M. BAGLEY.

W. H. STURDIVANT, Jack GLASS and John FOSTER, arrested near Farmersville Tuesday afternoon when officers raided an alleged illicit still, against whom complaints were filed in Justice Willie SUTHERLAND’s court were released on bond Wednesday. The officers participating in the raid were Deputy Sheriffs Tom HOLCOMB, Jim KIMBRIEL, and Pomp McCOLLUM and Constable-elect W. R. WILCOX SON of Farmersville.

Joe LEONARD is having his residence on North Kentucky street remodeled and added to in a modern way. D. P. WILMETH is the carpenter in charge.

Pupils of Prof. J. W. MOSELEY, Mrs. Geo. P. BROWN, Miss Rebecca LOVELL and Miss Faye MALONE, all in the upstair rooms of the South Ward school spread a bountiful dinner in the hall of that school building at 12 o’clock Thursday in honor of Prof. J. W. MOSELEY who for the past ten years has been principal of that school and was retiring on that day from the position preparatory to taking up his new official duty as county superintendent. Among the visitors present were: Mrs. H. A. FINCH, Prof. J. S. CARLISLE, W. S. SMITH, Walter B. WILSON, Prof. J. D. SAMUEL, and the aged parents of Prof MOSELEY. The other teachers in the school are Miss Camille EMERSON, Miss Alta DAVIS, Miss Aline STROTHER and Miss Inez STROTHER.

Upon resignation of Prof. J. W. MOSELEY at the close of the South Ward school, Mrs. George P. BROWN has been designated as principal of the South Ward school.

Rev. and Mrs. Alvin O. RUE went over and spent Christmas day with Rev. RUE’s aged mother at the old home near Parvin, Denton county.

Walter B. HASH of Sherman and Miss Rosa ALLEY of the Blue Ridge community were quietly married Sunday afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George B. HUGHES with Rev. Alvin O. RUE, officiating. They will make their home in the Ida community.

C. A. CROSSWHITE of Weston was here Tuesday.

Fred SKELTON has moved over near Wylie.

Mrs. H. L. WOLFORD sends the Examiner to Miss Frances PARRISH at Cleburne.

Fred BRANNON and wife are happy after the arrival of a fine baby son.

Si ALLEN of Dallas spent Christmas in McKinney with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence ALLEN.

Miss Mary McDONALD of Dallas spent Christmas with her mother, Mrs. H. A. McDONALD.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl GALLAGHER and children, Dorothy MAYSE and Helen Ruth GALLAGHER, spent the Christmas week end with Mrs. GALLAGHER’s mother, Mrs. H. T. MASEN, in Dallas.

Charlie DEDMON, veteran barber who has been sick for several weeks, was down town Tuesday. Charlie has had a hard time of it. He is a fine barber.

Mr. and Mrs. John BURRAGE and children, James and Mamie, came up from Dallas for Christmas.

S. W. CHANEY, a thrifty farmer of near Forest Grove was a pleasant visitor to this office.

Tom L. PALMER of Rock Hill, was here Tuesday and gave us a business call.

Mrs. J. B. RAY, West Louisiana street, enjoyed the company of her children at a dining Christmas day. Among those present were Jno. C. and C. H. RAY and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. GIBBS and their families of the Zion community west of Prosper.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. LATTA, of near Melissa gave us a call.

R. A. COOK of Wylie is a new reader.

Will J. BAXTER of Bloomdale was a welcome visitor to our office.... His son, Floyd BAXTER lives in West Texas.

G. D. ANTWILER and manly young 12 year old son, Dell, were in the city Tuesday from Frisco.

Mrs. L. S. DENNIS who has been residing on Route 1, Anna, gave us a call Saturday.

Ira WILLIAMS, young business man of Sherman was here Tuesday, visiting his mother Mrs. J. G. WILLIAMS.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McDONALD and daughter, Sallie Jo, of Austin, spent Christmas in McKinney the guests of the former’s mother, Mrs. H. A. McDONALD and the latter’s father, Joe D. McKinney.

Bob KILPATRICK returned to his home at Ennis Tuesday after spending Christmas with L. M. McGARRAH and family, North College St.

Attorney W. Clarence DOWDY, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. DOWDY, of this city who will be assistant county attorney for Hon. H. Grady CHANDLER, now living at Groesbeck, will soon arrive and take up his post of duty. Mr. DOWDY was born and raised here.

Mrs. Chas. WALDE and children of Sanger are guests of Mrs. WAIDE’s parents, Gen. And Mrs. E. W. KIRKPATRICK.

Mrs. J. M. KIRBY of Westminster was a visitor in McKinney Tuesday.

Mrs. J. L. TODD for the First Methodist Church Aid Society, sent a nice box of edibles to each one of the county Farm inmates for the holidays.

Homer MARTIN and little son, Homer, Jr., of Ennis returned ...home after spending Christmas with relatives and friends in McKinney. Mrs. MARTIN and son, Van are visiting her sister.

Roy RAPER and wife spent Sunday and Monday with the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. RAPER near Weston.

Pryor MORELAND of Altoga had business in McKinney Tuesday morning.

C. H. THURMAN and wife spent Christmas day with relatives in Celina.

W. T. RUSSELL of Clear Lake was a business visitor in McKinney. He and his family spent Christmas with his wife’s sister, Mrs. John COOK and family.

Dick ALLEN is here after several months spent in Denison. Dick is a popular fellow.

Clint TARVIN, a resident of the New Hope community for the past few years, recently moved with his family back to his farm near Merkel, Texas. Mr. TARVIN was born and reared in the New Hope community, three miles east of McKinney.

Mrs. Sallie GOODENOW and children George and Sallie Earl of Dallas were guests of Mrs. GOODENOW’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. DOWELL.

A. E. SMALLWOOD, cashier of the Weston Guaranty State Bank, spent Christmas in McKinney.

John MALLOW was a business visitor in McKinney Tuesday.

W. G. BLANKENSHIP, former McKinney business man, now of East Texas, is in the city visiting relatives and old friends.

Carl SPECK, a student in Baylor University of Waco, is here to spend the holiday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. SPECK.

Miss Irene HUGHSTON was visiting in Dallas Friday.

Judge and Mrs. H. L. DAVIS went up to Van Alstyne Christmas day. Mrs. DAVIS’ mother, Mrs. J. C. UMPHREES gave a dinner to all her children.

D. L. RUNNION sends the Examiner one year to his aunt, Mrs. A. W. RUNNION one of the early settlers at Weston.

Dr. G. P. MAYNARD of Wylie renews for the Examiner and orders it sent to his daughter, Miss Eva MAYNARD, who is attending the East Texas State Normal at Commerce.

Mrs. Sam BURKS sent a nice box of edible out to the inmates of the County Farm for Christmas.

Christians Meet Here on Friday. The fifth Sunday meeting of the Christian churches of Collin county will be held in McKinney three days beginning ...Friday. [Those participating in the program] are: A. H. SNIDER, Mrs. Jack DALE, Cord SPURGIN, J. M. TALLEY, C. S. WEAVER, Ernest WILSON.

34 Farm Union Members Prepare Widow’s Land. ...recently thirty-four members of the Melissa Farm Labor Union Local with twenty-nine teams, twenty-three turning plows and five busters went to the home of Mrs. Mary Lewis GRAVES, a widow in the Throckmorton community northwest of Melissa and prepared her land for another crop. Mrs. GRAVES has eight children all in school and she had already begun her farm work doing the plowing herself. The Melissa Local has membership of 80. R. B. ADAMSON is president, R. A. LONG, vice president, and A. B. LITTRELL, secretary.

Rotarians Banquet Many Boys. McKinney Rotarians gave the boys of the city a Christmas banquet. Visitors present and their sponsors: Vernon SMITH, guest of E. W. KIRKPATRICK; Clarence DUFF, guest of Dr. BURTON; Louis STERLING, guest of Dr. B. F. LARGENT; Dan NEEL, guest of Tom W. PERKINS; Robert TUCKER, guest of Rev. C. S. WEAVER; David ALLEN, guest of Dr. W. R. HOARD; Paschal HALEY, guest of W. K. WALLER; Edward BENSON, guest of C. F. BURNEY; Bill ODLE, guest of Dr. C. G. COMEGYS; Curtis HURT, guest of E. W. JARNAGAN; George EDDLEMON, guest of J. W. BARNES; J. M. FOSTER, Jr., guest of Henry W. WARDEN; James LINDSEY, guest of A. L. YOUNG; Elton RABORN, guest of F. C. THOMPSON; G. B. JOHNSON, guest of Will J. RHEA; Benjamin TALKINGTON, guest of Walter R. WILSON; Olen HOLLAND, guest of Tom W. PERKINS; Cecil MYRICK, guest of Walter B. WILSON; Carlisle HIGHT, guest of Sam J. MASSIE; Frederick EDNEY, guest of Joe W. BARNES; Charlie HARVEILE, guest of Will MOSHEIM; Walter PRUETT, guest of A. M. SCOTT; Boda CARSON, guest of Tom M. SCOTT; Jessie HEATHERLY, guest of Gibson CALDWELL; James Albert RUNNELS, guest of H. J. HARRIS; Homer SAMUELS, guest of H. J. HARRIS; Johnnie PRUITT, guest of Gus KING; Rogan HURT, guest of J. Ollie SMITH; Johnnie McCANN, guest of Horace DOWELL; Leonard SHEHANE, guest of Add G. WILSON; Dick HOWELL, guest of E. H. PETTUS; Louis ENLOE, guest of J. H. APPERSON; Tom HARVELL, guest of George REINHARDT; Joe STERLIN, guest of Benjamin SMITH; Willie HALL, guest of Giles McKINNEY; Vernon COX, guest of Dr. J. C. ERWIN; Charles C. FRENCH, Jr., guest of J. Ollie SMITH; Durwin LUCY, guest of Howell E. SMITH.

Young People Surprise Friends. Mr. Elbert NASH and Miss Jean RAY stole a march on their home folks and other friends last Saturday and were married at Frisco. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. J. B. RAY of this city. She was educated in our city schools and at Belton Female College. The groom is a son of one of the substantial old settlers west of Frisco. He is a farmer and stock raiser and highly respected by all who know him.

Classified Column.
Found – A fur collar that goes with a ladies coat suit. Found in a radius of 5 miles of court house. Inquire of Eddie GREER, McKinney, Route 1.
Strayed or Stolen – One bay mare, about 14 hands high, left ear split, right fore foot wire cut. Notify Tom TEAGUE, McKinney.

Misses Edwyna WEST, Florence HELTON and Emma GODWIN, Wesley JOHNSON, and Vester LOWE who have been in school at Commerce; Ammon SMITH, Noah WRIGHT and Austin ROSS who are attending school at Denton, are at home for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. WARDEN spent Christmas day with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. JONES of McKinney.
Miss Etheline WEST returned home last week from an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. F. L. BAGLEY of Blackwell.
Master Paul POSTON is spending this week with his cousin, Wayman HILLIS of Wylie.
Mr. and Mrs. Ab BOYER spent Christmas with relatives in Sherman.
Mr. Herbert ANDERSON and wife of Denton, Mrs. Minnie THOMASON and son Wayne, of Waxahachie, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim ANDERSON and sister, Mrs. John K. WILSON Xmas [sic] day.
Mabel and Lucile MURPHY are spending this week with their aunt west of McKinney.
Rev. A. H. ETHERIDGE and family of Greenville are spending the week here with friends.
Mrs. C. D. NORWOOD is spending the holidays with her parents at Cumby.
W. D. ADDINGTON and family of Clear Lake visited Mrs. W. C. GAULT and family Sunday.
Mrs. B. D. FAGALA spent last week in Dallas with her children, Mada?res WASHBURN and Blount and Ross FAGALA.
Newt BURTON and family of McKinney ate Xmas [sic] dinner with his sister, Mrs. G. D. JOHNSON and family.
Miss Mary SHERIDAN of McKinney spent the week end with her friend, Miss Charlsie MORROW.
Bradley JORDAN and wife spent Sunday and Monday with their parents, Rev. and Mrs. J. R. JORDAN of Josephine.
Miss Emma GODWIN happened to a very painful accident a few days ago by falling and breaking her arm.
Mrs. J. R. JORDAN and children of Josephine visited Mrs. A. J. LANEY last Friday.
Fred DOBBS, who is attending school in Plano is spending the holidays with his father, Dr. S. J. DOBBS and wife.

Misses Viola and Minnie ROSE were shopping in Dallas Thursday.
Mr. Willie CRAIG of Memphis, Texas is the guest of his aunt, Mrs. W. O. SMITH and family.
Miss Imogene BERRY is home from Trinity College for the holidays.
Misses Amy CHICK and Una Kate BEENE presented their pupils in a splendid program Thursday night at the High School auditorium.
Mrs. W. C. HARRINGTON and Mrs. Arthur BOREN were shopping in McKinney, Thursday.
On Dec. 17, Mrs. J. B. JONES and daughter, Miss Vera gave a surprise dining to a few friends honoring Mr. Jones’ birthday. The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. R. B. WHISENANT, Mr. and Mrs. L. GOEMAN and Mr. Walden JONES and family.
Mesdames Ed BRIDGES and Roscoe LEACH were shopping in McKinney Thursday.
Mr. W. R. TAYLOR and family spent the holidays with relatives in East Texas.
Mrs. J. T. HOLLAND was shopping in McKinney Saturday.
Misses Anna Mae and Rebecca WHISENANT were Plano visitors Wednesday.
Mr. Geo. BELL and wife, Mr. J. P. GIDDINGS and wife and Mrs. Elzer LEACH were shopping in McKinney Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. GOEMAN and Mr. George FORD spent Christmas day with the former’s sister at Sherman.
Mr. Francis MARION and Miss Maude DAY drove to the M. E. parsonage where they were united in marriage by Rev. OSBORNE. They will make their home near Prosper. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will DAY, and the groom is a prosperous young farmer, the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. MARION.
Mr. John BARNES and family have moved to East Texas.
Mr. J. A. CLARKE and family are spending the week at Ennis.
Mrs. M. O. PERRY and children are guests of relatives in Ft. Worth.
Mr. and Mrs. George McNEAL of Kentucky left Tuesday after a visit to the latter’s sister, Mrs. W. H. BELL and family here.
Mr. Russell SMITH and wife were McKinney visitors Tuesday.
Messrs Burl BELL and J. C. YANDLE were business visitors to McKinney Tuesday.
Mr. Clifford ERECKSON and family were in McKinney Tuesday.
Miss Ethel SNIDER of Mt. Olive community is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Hubert SMITH this week.
Miss Lena VINSON of Carrollton is the guest of her sister Mrs. W. R. LYNN.

Mr. and Mrs. Royce MADDING and children and Miss Maggie FRAIR returned yesterday from Weston where they have been visiting Mrs. MADDING’s mother, Mrs. Sarah FRAIR.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. ROACH of Denton are visiting Mrs. Roach’s father, C. L. McGOWAN, Sr.
Mr. Oris McCORMICK and sister, Miss Ola left Thursday for Tulia to spend the holidays with relatives.
Misses Erma and Edith FRY who are attending school at Houston are at home for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. CAMBRON and Dr. J. C. TRENTHAM visited Mrs. CAMBROM’s sister, Mrs. Argin JULIAN at Howe Sunday.
Mr. C. L. McGOWAN, Jr., and children left last Tuesday to visit her parents, Rev. and Mrs. ALEXANDER at Tyler.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. APPLEBY and children are visiting in Bonham this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McCURLEY and Mr. and Mrs. Dan GIBSON of Trenton are spending the holiday with relatives in Dallas.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Will GOODMAN left last week for Electra where they will make their home.

Chambliss. J. W. BURKHART and family are visiting relatives at Anna.
Mr. E. B. GIFFORD moved to Geo. GRAVES farm north of Melissa last week and Paul OSBURN moved back to the farm vacated by Mr. GIFFORD.
Mrs. Bessie MOORE and children of Melissa visited relatives here Christmas.
Tommy HARTSELL of Westminster visited his Uncle, Taylor BELL Saturday night.
Mrs. Charlie MOORE and children of Cleburne are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abe BRASWELL.
Mrs. Dexie ANDERSON and children of Denison are spending the holidays with her father, Mr. O. D. VANDERGRIFF.
Jesse NICHOLS and wife of McKinney attended the B. Y. P. U. services here.
Misses Willie May and Eula GRAY and Katie HOSKINS took dinner with Misses Gertie and Quincie BRASWELL Sunday.
C. E. COFFEY and family of Melissa attended the Christmas exercises here Saturday night.
Clarence GIFFORD of Melissa visited Lewis BELL Saturday night.
Jack SCRIBNER and family visited relatives at Desert Sunday and Monday.
J. W. SCRIBNER and family visited relatives at Melissa Sunday night and Monday.
Taylor BELL and family, Lebert WAKEFIELD and family and Carl LANGSTON and family all visited Mr. and Mrs. D. T. BELL at Westminster Christmas day.
Ewel ALEXANDER and wife visited her father and Mother, Mr. and Mrs. TERRELL near Van Alstyne Monday and Tuesday.

Miss Grace HERRON of Stiff’s Chapel spent Thursday night with Mrs. O. S. SCOTT.
The remains of the little infant of Mr. and Mrs. John GRIBBLE of Helms was brought here and interred in the Chambersville cemetery last Tuesday.
Mrs. M. M. CHAMBERS is spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. W. M. GIBSON of Melissa.
Miss Margaret SHOOK, our primary teacher, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. D. SHOOK of Whitesboro.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman MORTON and brother Shumway, motored up from Dallas and are guests of heir sister, Mrs. Maud WELCH and family.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. CHAMBERS and daughter, Inez and son, Robert are spending Christmas in Frisco.
Joseph MELL, a student of Austin College is home for the holidays.
Misses Alma and Velma GILES of McKinney High school are spending the holidays with their parents.
Misses Pauline SCRIBNER, Mary RIVERS and Bula COX, and Messrs, Roy HITCHCOCK, Amos SCRIBNER and Boyd SCRIBNER attended a “42" party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. JORDAN at Melissa.
Mrs. J. J. ALLEN and son, Arthur left Saturday for Caldwell to visit relatives.
L. S. DENNIS and family have moved to the Wilmeth community.
Mr. and Mrs. Oren VERMILLION and sister, Miss Leta VERMILLION of Altoga were guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. PRIEST Sunday.
Mrs. W. S. HITCHCOCK is confined to her bed with bronchitis.
Floyd HITCHCOCK has recovered from his recent illness.
W. T. BEATY and family spent Sunday with W. M. FELTY and wife near Melissa.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence BOWLIN and boys spent Sunday at Warden with the former’s uncle R. E. BOWLIN and family.
Little Miss Ruth PELL is on the sick list.
Mrs. A. L. PRIEST and daughter, Wenonah of Melissa are spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Priest.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. HAYNES had as their dinner guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Dale LITTLEJOHN and children of Woodlawn, Mr. and Mrs. Charley WILSON of Kelly and Messrs, Otha WILSON of Oklahoma and Hubert ELLISON of Sherman.
Mr. W. H. NIXON and family motored to Tioga Sunday and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. McWHIRTER.
Mrs. J. B. HITCHCOCK of McKinney is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ola GEORGE and children.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin HARRISON were week end guests of her father, W. A. DICKENS of McKinney.
Mrs. C. M. DICKERSON and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse OSBURN and children of Melissa were guests of S. R. DICKENSON and children Christmas Eve.
Raymond DICKENSON of Blue Ridge is spending Christmas with home folks.
Miss Clara LOFTICE and brother, Otto were guests of Misses Arbye and Beatrice BOONE of Trinity Sunday.
The following new officers and teachers have been appointed in the Sunday school: Albert CHANDLER; Mrs. Ed HAYES, Miss Betty ANDERSON, Mrs. Rachel FRISBY, W. B. SAUNDERS, J. J. ALLEN, Miss Opal DRURY, Miss Ruth ORGAN, Miss Velma ALLEN, Miss Berthel ANDERSON, Mrs. W. S. HITCHCOCK. The choir with Charley NIXON leader and Miss Pauline SCRIBNER, organist sang appropriate songs [on Sunday].
Those attending the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Joe BURKETT of Trinity Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. S. W. LOFTICE and little daughter [unreadable] Whit; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. CONLEY, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. CLOSE and children of Chambersville. George CARTER and family, Mrs. Gertie SELF and Rev. r. L. LeFEVRE of McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. Pearl MUGG and children of Weston.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. ROBISON had their children and grand children with them for dinner on Christmas day.
S. W. LOFTICE and family attended a family reunion at the home of this parents, Mr. and Mrs. John LOFTICE near Weston Christmas. There were eight children, 22 grand children, 2 great grand children and 3 grand daughters-in-law present.
Misses Mabel and Lucile MURPHY of Princeton are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John MOORE.
Christmas night a large crowd of guests witnessed a display of fireworks in the pasture of D. D. WHITE. They were a donation from R. C. ROBERTS, proprietor of the store at Roberts’ corner and furnished an hour of unlimited pleasure to the youngsters who participated in the evening’s entertainment.
Mr. and Mrs. EDMONDS visited friends at Wi?nningkoff Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McADAMS and daughter, Charlsey of Celina, and Mrs. J. J. McLAIN and children, Olive, Albert and Evelyn of Kelly were Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. DRURY.

Lone Elm.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd THOMPSON and children, Margie and Burl Glenn spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Joe MARSHEL and went to the Christmas tree at Helms.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford SHOOK and children spent last week with the latter’s parents Mr. and Mrs. A. L. ANDERSON.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip RIVERS and sons, Warden and Kenneth Wayne are spending Christmas with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. D. SHOOK of Whitesboro.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. THOMPSON and sons spent Sunday with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe BRIMER of Weston. Miss Mildred and Josie BRIMER accompanied them home.
Mr. J. C. HERRON received a telegram stating that his mother was very low. He left at once for Arkansas.
Miss Willie FARNSWORTH, who is teaching at Verona is spending Christmas with her mother, Mrs. Nora FARNSWORTH.
Mr and Mrs. B. C. THOMPSON and daughter, Maebeth, spent Sunday and Monday with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. V. DENNIS of Roseland.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. ANDERSON had as guests Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford SHOOK and children of Ft. Worth, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer RENEAU and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ross BOURLAND and son of Helms, Mr. and Mrs. Tom ANDERSON of Chambersville.
Miss Corene OSBURN of Melissa spent the week end with Pauline SCRIBNER.
Miss BERNICE BEATY spent Monday night and Tuesday with Miss On Mae THOMPSON.
Mr. and Mrs. David FARNSWORTH and children of Dallas spent Christmas with the former’s mother, Mrs. Nora FARNSWORTH.
Miss On Mae THOMPSON entertained the following Sunday afternoon: Misses Gladys ALLEN, Bernice BEATY, Inez CHAMBERS, Alta and Mary HUME, Melba SCRIBNER, Wenonah PRIEST, Thelma ROBINSON, Messrs Harry DRURY, Arthur ALLEN, Bob Taylor COX and Robert CHAMBERS.
Mr. BLACKWELL and daughters of McKinney, Mr. Otis HOWE and wife of Fort worth visited Mr. and Mrs. J. M. HUME Sunday.
Messrs. BURFORD and Floyd THOMPSON sat up at Mr. and Mrs. Horace REDDEN’s Tuesday night with their little son, Charles Walden, who had the misfortune of falling out of the rocker into the fire. He is burned very serious on the back of head, across the back, arm and hand. They reported his resting very well when they left this morning.